Yes….. Kiir is ‘STUPID’….. and that’s our problem

JUN/17/2014, SSN;

EDITORIAL ANALYSIS: Absolutely, the calling of president Salva Kiir ‘stupid’ signifies the obvious political and diplomatic frustration by IGAD’s Secretary-general, Mahboub Maalim, especially when the same Kiir puts his selfish interest foremost than the terrible predicament he has now brought on the millions of South Sudanese.

Exacerbating his supposed ‘stupidity’ further, our supposedly stupid president has subsequently and in a typically primitive knee-jerk reaction, cancelled his government’s further attendance of the peace negotiations in Addis Ababa for his self-interest again because, as his information minister, Makuei, reiterated, ‘Kiir deserves an apology.’

What a selfish president! Does Kiir seriously care about the millions of South Sudanese citizens dying from the unnecessary war and the impeding famine he has created?

As further elaborated by the Ugandan Member of Parliament, Dr. Kenneth Omona, “the disagreement between Kiir and Machar didn’t warrant war but if they’re insisting on war they become STUPID. War is always the last resort… many fertile grounds of maturity were ignored. The entire political and military class should embrace dialogue… if not, then it’s STUPIDITY.”

Nothing wrong here with the criticism of the Ugandan politician which echoed what IGAD’s Mahboub Maalim first rationalized, after all, IGAD has already wasted 17 million US dollars on the seemingly futile and endless peace talks in Addis.

What’s really more important at this critical time in our nation– the political calamity South Sudanese are enduring because of Kiir’s blunders or, to put it bluntly, the protection of his obviously well-publicized ‘stupidity?’

However, what’d worry citizens of South Sudan more is the unstoppable and rapid political metamorphosis of Kiir into a typical murderous and genocidal dictator, a buffoon and an idiot, the likes of Gadafi, Bokassa and the Pol Pots.

It can’t be any more disputed now is the fact that Kiir had carefully premeditated, planned and executed the mortal annihilation of Dr. Riek Machar and his Nuer tribes-people by his creation and use of a predominately Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazel Dinka militia just as the then Hutu president Habalyimana created the ‘Interahamwe’ paramilitary milita that massacred a million Rwandese in 1994.

In all frankness, most South Sudanese unanimously and quietly applaud the critical observation of IGAD’s Mahboub Maalim on Kiir’s mental status when he called Kiir as stupid.

To contextualize the alleged characterization of Kiir as ‘stupid,’ perhaps Mr. Mahboub Maalim meant either one or all of the following definitions:
1- A stupid person as one tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes;
2- Lacking intelligence or care;
3- Having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things or
4- Not able to think normally because you are drunk.

Even though Mr. Mahboub Maalim’s so-called insult was meant for both Kiir and his nemesis, Riak Machar, it’s unarguably apparent that Kiir is the prime target since his is the most important player and the one surely impacted by all of the above qualifications as far as our current emotions are concerned.

What kind of leader is Kiir really? As a more diplomatic and civilized person, Mr. Mahboub Maalim even came to Juba recently and probably wanted to meet Kiir and iron out the problem, but, not surprisingly for most South Sudanese, Kiir flatly avoided meeting his so-called ‘insulter.’

That’s just another blatant diplomatic ‘stupidity’ by Kiir as Mr. Maalim would have most probably directly expressed his ‘apology’ as demanded by Kiir and the issue permanently resolved.

The great civil rights leader, Martin Luther is quoted having said the following: “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Exactly, these are the two most important drawbacks of president Kiir, his stunted formal education only serves to exacerbate his utterly shameful manifestations of ‘stupidity’ in all facets of his deplorable leadership.

Since ascending to power by default after Garang’s sudden death, Kiir has been a pawn easily and persistently manipulated by his Dinka tribesmen for their particular interest and to the fatal detriment of the nation.

From the likes of Bona Malwal against Garang during the liberation to the Arthur Akuein, Athorbei, Athian, Telar and the Paul Malong, billions allegedly stolen by these tribes-people and the country utterly now devastated, obviously with Kiir’s implicit connivance.

Going back to our current predicament, how many times has Kiir publicly promised the nation that he will ‘never take us back to war?’

According to Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, now permanently incarcerated by Kiir in Juba, in his letter of resignation from the SPLM to Kiir, aptly opined that, “the struggle for democratic reforms in the SPLM has resulted in the death of tens of thousands of our innocent citizens betrays an inner tendency to dictatorship the very antithesis of liberation, which united us in the SPLM.”

In his latest book also, ‘South Sudan: The state we aspire,’ Dr. Peter A. Nyaba further opined that “the leadership of Gen. Salva Kiir is such that it can permit perpetual political instability and squabbling, which indeed could spell the dismemberment of the SPLM and South Sudan.’

Since assuming the SPLM leadership and presidency, he stupidly averted tackling and resolving the simmering internal contradictions within the SPLM, and true to his poor leadership, he blatantly resorted to his one-man or one-clan rule/dictatorship.

True, not only has the SPLM and its SPLA disintegrated but South Sudan is now breaking apart as witnessed in the renewed call for federalism and possibly who knows, a federal Equatoria or Upper Nile state might in future break off and become two sovereign nations. Why not?

Furthermore, Kiir became a habitual liar, promising the people a million promises but delivering absolutely nothing except more death and more disaster.

Kiir persistently vowed to curtail the rampant corruption perpetuated by those in his inner circle including the J-ONE tribal aides who just opened the cash safes there and marched away with millions of dollars in their pockets while the president watched.

With sheer stupidity, Kiir publicly revealed those unnamed 75 thieves in his government who stole 4 billion US dollars and up to date, not a single suspect has ever been apprehended.

Just recently after returning from signing the Cessation of Hostilities with Machar in Addis Ababa, Kiir while addressing his supporters at Juba Airport, pointed with his hands at the mushrooming high rise buildings around, said the following: “These hotels are built by those people who stole money from Malakal and Bentiu.”

What a show of sheer stupidity by Kiir on SSTV! So he knows where the money was stolen from and who stole that money and built those towering hotels and yet he’s totally incapable to apprehend those people.

Many a times, Kiir promised to build a hundred schools periodically across the nation, nothing happened and education basically has collapsed.

How often has he promised to build hospitals in all states and improve service delivery and yet the people across the nation desperately lack basic necessities of life.

Security was promised and yet tens of headless bodies are constantly delivered openly at the Juba Morgue. The citizens across the country are forever living in fear. Even foreign embassies have advised their citizens to either leave the country or not even to come into the country.

Only under president Kiir has South Sudan, a country rich with oil revenues and other resources, but where billions of dollars disappear from the national coffers with no one held to account; a country where going into politics is synonymous with absolute sycophancy and with illicitly acquiring vast wealth with the cynical blessing of the president, a country where the expression of views against the ineptitude of the president or against the corruption and insecurity leads to sudden death in the hands of Kiir’s village henchmen.

Unfortunately and finally, our nation, that was once the beloved darling of the world as the newest nation, is now a shameful laughing stock of the world.

Compounding our situation further is the “current moral deficit and decay” in the SPLM. As Dr Lual Deng noted in his book, some of these leaders go to church every Sunday and tell lies to the innocent congregation.

That fateful Sunday of December 15, 2013, Pres. Kiir postponed the closing session of the SPLM politburo to allow him and others to go pray in their respective churches (he went to Kator Cathedral of Archbishop Paulino Lukudu) and guess what, it was the very fateful night he executed the incredulous massacre of innocent fellow citizens.

This is clinically a man of split personality, a psychopathic and genocidal leader where Kator Catholic Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro’s many, many years of prayers and benediction have had no divine effect on Kiir.

Clearly, Kiir is not accepting the IGAD proposed Transitional government without him as leader as it’s looks ominous that a peaceful resolution to our national crisis is nearly unattainable and only war remains the only option.

South Sudan has failed, will continue to fail and stay at the bottom of all nations for the foreseeable future, thanks to Kiir’s now internationally acknowledged ‘stupidity.” END


  1. Martin L. says:

    President Kiir is not only stupid, he is mentally sick, arrogant and inconsiderate individual. He is the manifestation of retardation and ignorance.

    • Omang Rollo says:

      The only thing stupid about Kiir is his long beard, he may become smarter if he have it shave off. I hope he will not end up disarmed of his trickery like Samson from the bible.

  2. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Well written article. Salvatore Kiir has proven to the whole world that he is NERD, STUPID, REDICULOUS, SELFISH, VISIONLESS, TRIBALIST, CURROPT, ILLITERATE, OPPRESSIVE, etc…. His days are numbered. It may take sometime, but eventually, he will be killed like Gadhaffi and Saddam.

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    Dear Editor
    All I can say is thanks for this bitter truth! We must save ourselves from this destruction called Kiir!

  4. Dear editor,

    I like your editoral comment about dictator Salva Kirr stupidity as had been described by Ethiopian leader. Indeed, the man is so stupid and damn to an extent that he want to abondan attend peace process needed badly in the country due to a simply word such as stupid which’s typical of his personality. The man can easily be screwed with small thing which doesn’t matter at all. Kirr is done, am sorry for him.

  5. Mr editor, i wish that kiir could have an ample time to read this conforming article but it’s unfortunate this guy wastes most of his time on drinking.what’s been insulted compare with thousands of people died and thousands on an utter poverty.Kiir wants to remain in power to safeguards and strengthen the establishment of jieng kingdom in south sudan but what he failed to understand is that such intention or thoughts are wishful thinking in this contemporary world, where people are talking about democracy and republic while the notion of subduing and dominating others has become an impossibility.most of jieng thought that they have to maintain the bush or jungle lifestyle in order to strengthen their corrupt and genocidal government that rewards them since 2005 upto now with whatso call liberation benefits. The end of the game

  6. Alier Gai says:

    Kiir is stupid. Macher is devil, and you are the most devil’s angel in south sudan. There is no difference between bad and wrong, and so is the satan and devil in character.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      [Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
      The devils are those who concocted a lie called coup and sung by ‘stupid’ ‘idiots….rotten to the core’ leading to the death of over fifty thousand innocent people, quarantining of over ninety thousand people in UN Protection Camps around the country, fleeing of over three hundred thousand people into refuge in the neighbouring countries and displacement of over a million people.
      The devils are those who have introduced the slaughter of human being such as in the case of Banyjoth Matoat Tap.
      The devils are those who………………………………………. and the list is endless. Is the editor of SSN not an angle when compared with actions of the destroyers??????????

  7. Andrew Jenge says:

    Stupidity for Kiir the killer is an understatement! Thanks but no thank you for cooking up a coup against yourself, president of idiots!

  8. Crythebelovedcountry says:

    This is by far your best ever editorial piece! I absolutely concur with your facts.

  9. Hurry Robert says:

    Dear Editor,
    Well Written Editorial. Kiir is more than stupid as now internationally recognised!
    Dear Countrymen, so immoral South Sudan is in the hands of selfish, heartless, immoral and stupid clique of looters whose main goal is to hang on to power at all cost at the expense of the poor.
    If Kiir does not want to talk peace let us go to the bush to remove him from power. Kiir has not learnt any lesson from Sadam, Mubarak, Kadafi and many many more dictators who stood against the will and aspiration of masses and they ended where they are today. They re-wrote their once glorious achievements and history simply by refusing and standing on the way of change and thus they were overcome by change!! Kiir must go!!

  10. GatCharwearbol says:

    Way to go, Mr. Editor! Even though we are wasting our time trying advice the unadvisable, it is worth doing anyway.
    Kiir is outright stupid. Even his mentor has hinted that to him, but he failed to see because he doesn’t have the ability to reason like a leader, which is in a way the definition of stupidity.

    Will Kiir ever take a time off to think on his own and stand on his two feet? I would be thrown off balance.
    What does Museveni meant he said “I would rather hang myself if Uganda is like South Sudan”. He was literally calling Kiir stupid and incapable to run a viable nation.

    Tanzania’s President said something along this line, which suggests that Kiir is stupid.
    Now the IGAD secretary general told him bluntly how stupid he is. I guess the Honorable secretary insinuated that Kiir is unable to read between the lines, thus, it is best to tell him how stupid he is bluntly.

    Sadly to say, there is nothing we could do to reverse his stupidity. In other words, there is no cure for stupidity. It is another incurable disease like AIDS.

    • Dear All:

      I concurred with you that President Kiir Mayardit is indeed stupid for fighting for over 39 years to liberate the cowards. He would be too stupid if he allow the cowards and traitors to take over his leadership. He must fight the cowards and traitors in order to be more accepted, respected and treated with stupidity. You are our hero Kiir despite being stupid. What did the smart people do in South Sudan anyway?

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Power and money are what matter in South Sudan and south Sudan and it’s society are hostages to SPLM/SPLA from the date of it’s foundation up today.See regardless of the oil money,no single good thing has been done neither to the country nor to the society.U can bet without any slight risk of being wrong that things will stay this way forever.

    consider the power struggle that led to the events of 15 December 2013,it was not for the love of our country and the society.It was meant for the control of power and the wealth full stop.But look how it turned out:death of innocant people every where in the country.In fact soldiers in government and opposition are allso victims becouse they have not understood the cause of the war they are fighting.

    Power and money:If one says it is said that millions and millions of dollars of oil mony is gone missing,where would u think it is gone?one could’nt be wrong to suggest that it went to the SPLM/SPLA leadership pockets.It represented an elephant too big but too good to be shared and that is exactly the basis of the power struggle that brought us to the situation our country and the society are in.Stop blaming our poor fellow citizens.Ordenary dinka,nuer and all members of our 64 tribes have nothing to do with it.In fact they are victims of misleading and mistreatment and we have obligation to show them sympathy,solidarity and brotherhood.

    To be aware that the dark age has come home to stay over our country and the society,the peace that is being negotiated now is between SPLM/SPLA comarads in government and in opposition.Good for them if it works.But bad for our country and the society becouse it will not change the order of things.One time professor Tongun Lo Lyoung advised our elder professor dr Francis Mading Deng to step down from representing South Sudan in the UN,in his ground shaking article:why dr Francis Mading Deng is naked.For those who criticised professor Lo Lyoung,it was for nothing becouse there is nothing that can justify human killings on earth.Even worst than anything:if defended by someone of highest intellectual qualities as our uncle professor Francis Mading Deng.It’s unfortunate if he had not foreseen falling victim to SPLM/SPLA blackmailing.Professor Lo Lyoung in this context meant to save him.

    Considering the order of things at a personal level,I prefer to remain South Sudanese for better and for worst.For me:our country and the society assume the first place in the space of love to my region,my town,my village,my tribe,my clan and my familly.It is my profound conviction that we will do well if we stay united as a country and as a society.I hope there are a few individuals out there who would agree.If this could be the case,the bad events must not force us into temptation of divisions among us.We know the enemy of our country and the society being SPLM/SPLA.But to be able to constitute a front,I hope we could begin with a few little things:killing of innocant people must be viewed as wrong.We must think of forgiveness,reconciliation and never rancour or revenge.That the confirmed professionals among us should think in the personage of the people who can sit to administer,in any capacity,south sudan and the society of tomorrow(meaning after the hell of SPLM/SPLA).

    In fact as of today,we are in a debate on federalism in our country.I hope I will not be misunderstood in any way if I say that,if you favour federalism,it is good to consider if you have the conviction that you would government south Sudan and the society better than the SPLM/SPLA.But if you are against it,do thesame thing.When you should have formulated your conviction,it becomes imperative to be mindful that,south Sudan and it’s society of tomorrow will be better if pure of tribalism,nepoticism,corruption,injustice,incompetance and irresponsable behaviours.But first,I begin with me applying these principles for me and my neighbours.I hope u would do thesame thing.

    • Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

      Dear False Millionaire,
      This is a balanced and sober response to the editorial. Indeed South Sudanese, including the army are victims of this meaningless violent carnage as you rightly pointed out. Your views resonate with Gerard Prunier’s. Here is what he had to say in a private correspondence about the incongruity of South Sudan’s political leadership: “Dear Tongun ,
      congratulations for your clearly-argued position on the South Sudanese Government’s demagogic use of pseudo “anti-colonial” feelings against the UN. I am no great fan of the UN , Ms Hilde Johnson has done quite a poor job at UNMISS and the whole UN approach to the Sudan(s) is terribly bad (the worst is probably Darfur). But to go from that condamnation to accusing the UN of “plotting” and western countries of “neo-colonialism” is an interesting sign of how a small self-nominated elite (the SPLM top layers who support Salva Kiir) can recycle the old slogans of real wars of liberation in order to protect their recently acquired benefits. I liked the way you contrasted the comfortable social standing of the protesters in Australia with their “anti-imperialist” slogans : “let’s go to the demo in our chauffeured Limousine” would be the most honest slogan!
      “I was at the front three times during the war (1992 , 1995 and 1998) and my experiences of SPLA behaviour were quite mixed , to say the least. So it is not so surprising that the people who gained their entitlement through the blood of often illiterate soldiers are still trying to manipulate these same poor fellows today in order to solidify their acquired entitlements. That is the real deep cause of the present war, not some imaginary coup….” In other words, that is the real stupidity!

  12. Thomas Loku JP says:

    Kiir is messed up and mind confused. Behaves like childish, never let such donkey to rule. Choice is yours, chance is yours again.

  13. wani losake says:

    About KIIR being stupid comments: KIIR represents the people of south sudan and the sovereignty of that Land but for any Foreigner to called him stupid and for any citizen of south sudan calling him the same, it explains lack of knowledge in knowing the price we paid to have that nation and lack of love and patriotism.
    If KIIR is stupid who is that wise man who helped us get independence despite provocations from the arabs, who is that wise man who bought all the Jalaba militias to keep peace so that jalaba don’t use them to spoil independence?


    • Martin L. says:

      At Wani:
      ” KIIR represents the people of south Sudan and the sovereignty of that Land but for any foreigner to call him stupid and for any citizen of south Sudan calling him the same….”

      Get a grip and stop blaming others! Kiir and his leadership deserve everything coming to them and more.

  14. Rial Nyang says:

    Kiir is the most stupid President in Africa. He is being misled by Malong and Tellar.He is aware that the Transional gobernment has already been instituted with him and waiting to sign himself out.The international community and IGAD are counting down the 60 days for the formation of the government.

  15. Kizito Panther says:

    Dear Editor,
    This is the best editorial comment I have come across and read in my life on earth. I like the way you brought issues of South Sudan to limelight by describing exactly the root causes of South Sudanese plight and backwardness, which is the sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity of our leaders especially the likes of Salva , the killer not only of the Nuer people but also the killer of Balandas, Baris, Kakwa, the Bongos in Tonj, Lakes States citizens via the iron hand of Matur Chut Dhuol and even the generator(Kiir himself) of hatred and more conflicts in other states like Northern Bahr el ghazal State, Western Bahr el ghazal state, Eastern Equatoria State, Jonglei State, Unity State and even in Warrap and Lakes State. Kiir simply must Go even if it means the marginalized and oppressed people of South Sudan join hands together with The God who loves South Sudan to depose him and his henchmen from the Village. If you notice in Juba, villagers are now the ones having huge US. Dollars in Juba in their hands which have become modern Forex Bureaus on the Street of Juba. This is sad for our Nation. It simply shows clearly the stupidity of Salva kills.

  16. dictor wang says:

    This is the end of dinka in presidency seat of South Sudan for rest of coming generation becuz their support for Kiir and their believe in dinka Kingdom was of much slavery to the rest of the tribes in Southsudan, what kiir and his cronies had created to the people of South Sudan shall be written in history of this country, he is corrupt, greedy tribalist and killer since 2005 upto date today.
    my advice to dinka at large, you should ask president salva kiir to step down peaceful otherwise he will end up castrated and shot like Gadaffi of Libya.

  17. jess tobi says:

    yes, kiir is more than stupid to be honest with, the way he handle the country from 2005-2014. the way he had killed Nure people in JUBA is the evidence of his stupidity. H e must go and rest at home cuz he’s is unable to rule the country anymore. we south sudan people don’t want kiir and Riek for good, they have failed people of south sudan in many ways. They are busy to fight for the chair but failed to delivered services to the public, rather than looting the money but their end his come and thanks be to GOD. They started to fight them selves n God exposed them to the world. The whole world have seen their behaviour, kiir, Riek, Telar, Tor. They have destroyed south sudan for no reason. They deserved to be called stupid by the way.

  18. Dell says:

    Threatening political opponents, waging a war, and fleeing Juba to mobilize the White Army put both leaders into category of STUPIDITY!
    This is what every Southern Sudanese from all walks of live say about both leaders; war is the last option that our country needs at the moment.

    But for a mediator who is working hard to resolve the problem peacefully, mediator who is trying to convince the warring parties that TWO WRONGS does not make RIGHT, a mediator who will get a credit if at all a peace deal is reach. It is not fair for a mediator to say something like that, and just get away with it. This put him (the mediator) in a position of: “Meddling into other people business.”
    Moses the mediator fall from the grace of entering the Promised Land for his harsh- rush words. Recently, (FIFA) decided to exclude the assistant referee the Colombian Humberto Clavijo for his mistakes in the match of Mexico and Cameroon (1-0) in the first round of group (A) for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. According to (FIFA), Ecuadorian Christian Lescano replaces Clavijo.

  19. Loguca says:

    In some of my articles, I have stated that Dinka’s should be banned from Politics like Muslim brothers in Egypt. South Sudanese should now understand true colour of Kirr and the like. He does not care about the suffering of South Sudanese who died, and many who fled the home a result of senseless war caused by Kirr’s regime.

  20. Monyetet Amankeret says:

    Supporting the defaming statement or insult is not a solution to our problem . If at all you disliked his rule as manifested by the comment of alphag and this editorial piece.elections r around the corner , wait for them and stop defaming an old man further. We all know all the weaknesses thatour nation is going thru

  21. Deng says:

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for a well written editorial comment. Without any doubt Kiir has confirm his own stupidity once again by allowing the likes of Makuei Lueth, Lomuro … you name them to fooled him in believing that the IGAD secretary general’s statement was indeed an insult to him.

    The man was very clear in his sincere advice to the two leaders in this senseless war to choose political resolution as the only best option to restore peace and stability in their country or else the world would regard their failure to bring peace to their long suffering people as stupidity. However, his self-serving advisers fail to tell him the statement was not an insult in anyway at all but a positive statement to encourage the two leaders to deliver peace to their people instead of war.

    If not stupidity, what does Kiir & his advisers really want to achieve by sending protest letter the IGAD among other things believing that they have something worth fighting for? When will Kiir learn that his so called-advisers aren’t doing any good to him anymore and are the one responsible for this senseless war. Kiir & his self-serving advisers are good and quick in making unpopular decisions that has pushed our country into its current state.

    Not only that, they are good at saying things in media when they know very well they have no means to defend them. We tend to believe him then that he meant his words when he use to say he will never return back this country to war, who would also believe it that Kiir would be succumbed to international pressure to withdraw SPLA from Panthou when he sarcastically turned down UN Secretary General’s request to do so, who would believe that Kiir will accept the formation of transitional government when he came out openly early this year opposing the very concept he is now proposing himself to lead? And many similar examples.

    In conclusion, as a wise leader at this stage in the history of our country the only thing President Kiir can do right now to salvage some of his legacies is to advocating for inclusive transitional government without him full stop. Our people need peace & stability, they need it now than later and so there is no room for buying time on things that are not important to our suffering people.

  22. Okeny Lojuron says:

    Dear Editor,
    Kiir has struggled all his life for the liberation of the people of South Sudan. He has never sided with the mundukurus to kille his own people. one field commander from Equatoria lamented that it was a difficult war of liberation because while you are fighting the Sudan govt. forces, you must have another eye wartching the Dinkas and Nuer who are killing each other because kettle problem back home. He said he lost good soldiers because of their tribal revenge killing. this issue of Dinka killing nuer and vice versa didn’t start last December. Reconciliation in the South should have started with the two tribes.

    Another thing, if Riek really cared for the people, he should not have assumed the leadership of the rebellion–which has damaged his reputation for good. Leaders are put in place their place by the Almighty. Love your enemy and pray for your leaders then God will cause him to be removed. Violence will only harden things and more of our innocent people will continue to die because selfish politician want to retain or regain their positions. God save our people.

  23. Eli says:

    Mr Editor,
    Your article has clearly shown the status of mind in which president Kirr is in, as many of the commenters also agreed with your analysis we all are convinced that indeed President Kirr without doubt has proven himself to be the lowest standard of all sitting presidents.
    However, Kirr was elected by the majority of South Sudanese, and so they the voters also must share in the name calling. Especially when an elected leader is called stupid, this insult goes deeper than just Kirr. I mean let’s just take this opportunity to bring to light the situation surrounding our society, it shouldn’t take much to figure out what kind of people we are? We are just as some of the names we gave to our citizens such as “the lost boys of South Sudan”, “the animists”, “the percentage of illiteracy is as high as it could ever get”, tribalism, hatreds, underdevelopment, we cannot feed our own peoples, no schools, no hospitals, no running water, people die from cholera a disease caused by lack of hygiene basically fecal ingestion something people all over the world know it is linked to poverty, if our people could only be shown to wash hands or anything before eating, or boil water before drinking, or avoid flies landing on food by covering foods, or use toilets, simply please “at least,” DON’T TAKE SH*T IN OPEN, MY PEOPLE”. Now if this isn’t stupidity I don’t know what else?
    I could go on and on but it’s utterly embarrassing. We can keep blgaming our leaders but in this case I think all of us the southerners need to share in these insults. president Kirr is a son of South Sudan and he is just as anyone of us, although this insult was directed to both President Salvatore Kirr and his arch rival Dr Riek Machar, these insults were in actual fact directed at all of us the southerners. We must accept our responsibilities and admit we as a nation failed miserably.
    This can be seen everywhere the southerners are found, we see all around us our neighbours are working hard and creative, creating businesses, inventing new products, starting companies. But instead what do we do? We go around begging for jobs from the very people whom we cry are enslaving us. We see other people make good relationships with banks so they can get loans, they obey the laws and respect the authorities, but we fight with the police, we refuse advice and close our ears to wisdom and knowledge, majority of us call ourselves Christians but rarely even read the Bible for insights nor go to churches.

    The Nation is moaning and we are running out of tears, oh CUSH, why has your maker forsaken you? Oh Cush, oh Cush until when shall you stay asleep and not wake up to breastfeed you baby, oh Cush, you are like a drunken mother who can not hear the cry of your children in days or nights and you roll over them crushing your children’s bones and licking up all their blood drops.

    • Nikalongo says:


      I do agree with u on this. We have learnt a lesson and we have done it the hard way. Next time around we should be wiser in choosing our leaders. War mongers, looters and bloodthirsty killers should never sit in the Presidential Palace.

      • Eli says:

        Thanks for agreeing with me Nikalongo, please welcome aboard the new grassroots revolution which is going to bring true and real solutions to our people, this is a new beginning and it is for all the peoples of south Sudan. I have seen the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone is welcome to join. Together we shall win one mind at a time until ALL our peoples find true meaning of peace, liberty in pursuit of lasting happiness.
        Once again welcome to NLF/ NLM UNITED, here comes the light, no one is left out, together let’s march to that light.
        My name is Eli Wani
        Founder of
        NLF/M UNITED

  24. Dear All:
    Having a PhD degree can not make somebody smart. So please don’t attempt to modify the insult of Mr. Mahboub Maalim. Both Kiir and Riek are stupid and their stupidity is killing our people. What have Riek done differently to make him smarter than Kiir? At least Kiir has not ever betrayed the SPLA/M movement to Jalaba?

    Mr. Editor, What have you done better to your Country or compatriots to make you the smartest person in our Country? Please list them here so that I can add my voice to your call on Kiir’s stupidity?


    • Manoon Thonchol says:

      “Both Kiir and Riek are stupid and their stupidity is killing our people.”

      I am very surprised LGG realized the stupidity of Kiir Kuethpiny Lual he left frontline in complain of salaries delay. We should know longtime that everything by Kiir would turn out to be false and faked.

      “At least Kiir has not ever betrayed the SPLA/M movement to Jalaba?”

      No, not true. Kiir betrayed South Sudan. Think of 2004 Rembek Crisis. If not the genius of the late John Garang, things would be like they are happening.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Dear LGG,
      He is ashamed of his achievements and I can step in to tell you some of his achievements;
      they includes inciting other tribes with Dinka, denying and alterating SPLA/M historic achievements, campaigned for the installation of his equatorian fellow to be the next Head of State, seconding and appreciating any rubbish written by his equatorians, describing and insults Kiir and Dinka using every term possible in his so called biased editorial analysis, leaving none Dinka’s comments unblocked and blocks most of Dinka comments and responds until majority of Dinka intellectuals got frustrated and left their Equatorian Website, Succeed in sowing hatred or jealousy between equatorians and Dinka and above all he has succeed to be a member, editor, analyst of this tribal or equatorians website while he ‘d accepted to stays & treated in a foreign countries as a third class citizen and so forth.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear LGG AKA Cook:

      I am flabbergasted. Who would have thought that LGG would confess Kiir’s stupidity? I would never have guessed in a million years. At least we are on the same page with regard to Kiir’s stupidity. That’s one step in forging an understanding.

      LGG, have your partner in crime, Jay Johnson heard about this? What is his input? I am assuming that his silence mean his acknowledgement of Kiir’s stupidity. If he is not aware, please bring him up to speed in regard to this news. I would like to know his reaction. Perhaps he is mourning after discovering the news of Kiir’s stupidity. I wonder if all Dinka products are like Kiir. Shameful indeed if this is the only smart Dinka.

  25. kikisik says:

    Mr. Editor, thank you very much for your excellent article. You have been very articulate and to the point. President “Innu” is not stupid, but idiot arrogant and damn. There is nowhere in the world the elected president turned on his people and still talk of legitimacy. If it was not because of the stupid parliament, president “INNU” should have been impeach.
    To Mr. Mahboub Maalim, your description of our idiot president as stupid is in place, the only thing you miss is to include Mr. Museveni in the list because he was been lied to by our stupid president that there was a coup as such Museveni is idiot and stupid too.
    Now that he has drawn a red line for been call stupid and threatening to boycott the peace talk as according to him any interim government without him (INNU) is unacceptable , but Mr. president “INNU” the people of South Sudan are tired about you, the IGAD are tired about you, and the world community are tired about you. Whether you like it or not whether by force or through peace the interim government will be form without you, period! For the parliamentarian who were singing “we shall never, never we shall never, never surrender surrender! the people of South Sudan are watching you.
    Once again, to Mr. Mahboub Maalim, don’t ever make a mistake of apologizing to this stupid, buffoon president, instate he “INNU” should be the one to apologized to the people of South Sudan after faking the coup that had killed more than 50.000 lives. I think Mr. president “INNU”, there is no need to apologized to the people of South Sudan as ICC is waiting for you
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  26. Chief Abiko! says:



    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Chief Abiko:

      The word is indeed harmful. It is for you to know that there was a reason why the insulter used this simple word. Kiir has no capacity to understand other words than this. Thus, the insulter has put it well and bluntly for the STUPID KIIR to understand it. I hope this help clarify your wondering.

  27. Makoi Mayen says:

    The most stupid people in South Sudan are Equatorians and that was the reason why Kiir insulted them publicly in the parliament. I Makoi am for federalism because I can’t share a country with cowards and dirty equatorians, better Nuer. These food lovers only support the stronger side and we shall be your masters throughout if you don’t change your mentality of slavery. Just because riek recaptured Bentiu and other towns last month, then you fools thought he would capture Juba and you thought it wise that you back up his demands to spare you if he wins. Playing double standards. Konga is an outcast and that was why he was voted out by you fools in 2010. He must remember that Lado is out because of his job and who is that bakosoro to speak out like that? He only came when heard there is plenty of food in S. SUDAN. Where were he in those bitter days of struggle? Fools! Which food lover is wiser than Kiir in the whole of Equatoria? Starting from the thick head editor to your highest politician Wani Igga. That remark alone has stalled your dreams of federal state. Let your husband take you to hell. Do you think we have forgotten what you did to us, when were busy fighting for your liberation? I am for three countries out of South Sudan. Cowards republic of equatoria, primitive republic of naath and People’s Republic of River Gazzelles. I can’t share a country with idiots like el hag p a ul and joanas adam who are toilet cleaners of whites and other dirty and ugly equatorians

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Makoi Mayen
      Although you hate our guts, at least you agree and share with us the vision of federalism. Is that not a great thing?

    • Martin L. says:

      Brother Makoi, calling Equatorians cowards and idiots tells a great deal about your character! Why can we agree to disagree without resorting to name calling? Let’s discuss what type of government we want for all of us South Sudanese.

      • Joana Adams says:

        Makoi Mayen,
        Why is it so painful to be on the receiving end? When you sow evil, you reap evil, right? And that at least is fair.

    • simba says:

      A coward is one who hires foreign mercenaries to protect him from his own people…paying Ugandan forces billions while his own soldiers are starving.

  28. dmajak says:

    Chief Abiko ,you are like third grade because you don’t the meaning of being citizen of South Sudan if you supporting the one that insult our president and former vice president . Kiir is not stupid , but we people of South Sudan who elected him so we are more stupid than both men. We will not go to Ethiopia unless the IGAD has released him from the job and also give us an apology as the nation .
    To editorial in chief , you have written one of the worst article since you started this newspaper. I think you have mental break down or somebody hacked the account in your name. You know better this. We as the consumers of south sudannation demand an apology from you if you are the one who wrote above article.


  29. False Millionaire says:

    With greatest degree of humility dearest honorable professor dr Lo lyuong:

    Me ordinary citizen,not attention seeker and a simple worker from birth,the status long long way behind your highest intellectual,social and professional places,I am in a deep surprise that my comments caught your attention and that you sacrificed your most precious time to acknowledge the reasonability of the content.

    As words of thanks and appreciation from a common man like me would’nt constitute anything of value to a person of your status,I am only satisfied to hope that God and good luck will pay you back for what you have fought for throughout your teaching and intellectual life.Meaning the world of peace,justice and prosperity.

    Hoping from the depth of my heart that we would manage good exchanges again on other occassions in the future,False Millionair.

  30. Alier Gai says:

    Nothing that you are liberating yourself from: for you are having your own mental crisis than southern’s problem you are trying to be part of a solution. Don’t drag me into that useless debate of a coup we all witnessed on decemeber 15. If it is because of this and that reason to spend time on, then why it is hard not to stop fighting? It is because your earthly twin brother is mentally obessed with earthly materials for glory, and not clearly seeing other implications in his political wish hunt for power that involved human desaster like the recurrent one. It is true that many people have been killed and protection centers are created and camps are filled up because riek macher is always attacked defendless civilians. And the angels of the same soil of breed are making things even more choatic, as their mission for life on earth just took off. To make you feel good, you are not angel of a devil or either your friends, but I have ran out of the name better than devil itself. Sorry. Devil is anything intended to shortchange human greatness and abridge moral concept which often corrupts moral reasoning from a man. You get that from today onward that devil is a harm.

  31. Makoi Mayen says:

    Kiir Must Go! Kiir Must Go! Kiir Must Go!
    Singing Kiir must go with your foul smelling mouths everyday but not doing anything will not help anything guys!
    Demanding federalism with your loud mouths every now and then but not doing anything tangible will not also help guys.
    Do you think he will go just because you people sing it here on South Sudan Nation? No!!! Remember that he does not know of the existent of this website. Why don’t you make it more smart by demonstrating against him and ask him to step down here in Juba? It is your constitutional right. It also need Elhag Paul to stop washing dogs in US (or wherever he is) and come home to sensitize the populace on the importance of federalism. Upto now your(Elhag’s )mum and dad here don’t know what the hell it is and would not entertain to hear of it lest they die. I will be there to welcome you at the airport. South Sudan and South Sudanese need you more than the dogs in US do. It needs Joanas Adams to pick up Ak 47 to attack and kill him in the Presidential Palace. This is what it takes for Salva Kiir to go.
    It is not blah, blah , blah from very far countries where one is enjoying the mercies of a white woman.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Singling out one or two individuals seems to give you immense pleasure over a popular demand for federalism. I wonder who is actually barking here. I do not see why I should discourse with someone who deliberately misspells my name. Is it a reflection of your character? You see Kiir is my president so I can insult him anytime and anywhere I want. That’s because when he chose to contest for presidency and campaigned for my vote, he sold his freedom to me and to all the 93% of the population that voted for him. In return he got to live in a palace which he never built. In addition, he has and continues to abuse our national generosity. May be you need to realize that in this world, nothing comes free.
      As regards to picking up a weapon to kill individuals, I still have to migrate to your cattle camp to learn the art of killing people for pleasure. Until then, as far as I am concerned, Kiir is a dead man who is not only stupid but a zombie, hence there is no need to waste any bullet on him. Just get ready to bury him may be I can join you in the funeral procession. The only thing is that this time I will make sure he is not buried in Juba. You seem to be so heartbroken that I am not in Juba, I wonder how you have come to that conclusion. Is it because you are supervising the “death list” of your village boy Kiir Mayar? You need to look a lot harder if that is what you are paid to do. Remember the Bible says, the “wicked shall not go unpunished”.
      Please do not divert attention. Who ever is man enough should direct their anger or frustration to the author of this great article, our beloved editor Dr. Peter Wankomo. If you think I am a soft target that you can kick around like a football, think again. Actually the editor, has been too diplomatic Kiir is worst than stupid, those who think he is stupid are actually doing him a great deal of favour. Got it? Read all the great comments and you can soon built a picture of the man you are hurting to defend.

  32. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Makoi Mayen
    Thank you for your message. I hear you loud and clear. I know that you and your tribesmen are violent and unfortunately believe that you can silence people with violence. The holy Bible states that violence begets violence. Sadam, Gaddafi, Bokasa and many others like you believed in violence. What happened to them? Violence caught up with them and they got the taste of their own medicine. I hope you and your tribesmen learn from this social lesson. Nothing lasts for ever.

    • Dut Tong says:

      Elhag, talking of taste of your own medicine; this website is a perfect example of the taste of one’s own medicine!!!

  33. Itiqwili says:

    let us contextualize the circumstances under which the word “stupid” was used and try as much as possible to isolate the issue from the person. in a world awash with diplomacy, there cannot be such thing as high caliber in the shoe of IGAD’s Secretary-general, Mahboub Maalim would call a president stupid in a high level meeting. It was a moral anger, a spiritual anger for that matter similar to Jesus whipping money changers and overturning tables for turning his Father’s house into a market place! the central issue here is the more you deviate from the context and continue to ask for apology the more stupid you become.

  34. Defender says:

    Kiir is a village Chief, not a president. All that stems from him or his cronies indicates that. You do not need to go far. Just look at all of his inner circle and you will come to the conclusion that there is nothing presidential about him. The world is talking to him just because he is there as a representation of what South Sudan is, but of the hope that will come when he is gone. The editor has done a great service and captivated in words and sentiment the anger and anguish of all peace loving South Sudanese in this great piece of art. Word spoken will not really explain the completeness of the editorial.

    For those who still hold the village chief in high regard are only his kin and kith and those who are benefiting from this train rack. Mahboub Maalim has actually underscored the reality that many has been trying to sugar-coat for the last few years. The level of STUPITY, dare I say, is unbelievable. Today, the president has come out and asked that the people of Equatoria should not speak about federalism. Who in the hell is he to tell people not to talk about their rights? It is the continuation of this stupidity that perplex any sound mind to wonder, is the village chief really in control of critical functions? I guess, no. Every day, the village chief comes out with outrageous claims and statements that contradicts everything that South Sudanese stood for–freedom from all forms of coercion. But the village chief seems to think that he is holier than thou and his fiefdom exist in a vacuum that is called Awan Kingdom.

  35. Alierthiy says:

    I thought South Sudanese will not buy into that “stupidity” insult! Kiir, like most of us, has his own personal weakness but, among the ruthless bench in the SPLM, Kiir is very humble. Kiir use his personality to unite former Arabs-backed- militias with the main stream SPLA/M. Yes, under his rule, SPLMers looted the country but his attention was so much focused on independent. And after independent, Kiir turned his ears and eyes to corruption and he expelled most of the big, corrupt SPLMers. He brought into government ‘new comers and new faces’ from Khartoum; the likes of Elias Lomoro to steer the cabinet; Magok Randiall to chair the parliament, Aggrey Tisa to control finance, just to name but the few. In fact his entire cabinet has only four former high ranking SPLMers: Kiir, Wani Igga, Kuol Manyang and Makuei. This cabinet has not been given a chance to deliver. Dr Riek and his colleagues who lost seats with him felt challenged and they tried by all means to either oust Kiir or to force Kiir to invite them back to government. Dr Riek and his colleagues convened press conference on Dec 6 and they badmouthed Kiir with his cabinet. They went as far as calling Dr Elia Lomoro, Dr Riek Gai, Magok Randial and others as al Qaeda!!! This was very unfortunate indeed. South Sudan belong to all South Sudanese not just to the so-called liberators. In reality South Sudan is chaos today just because President Kiir has listened to people voices by purging SPLMers from government. Had these G11 been in government we would have not witnessed chaos.

  36. jijury says:

    Kiir is not stepping down any time soon for South Sudanese who still thinking he may step down. Also forget May 9th Agreement, it doesn’t mean anything to Salva. If you have a gut to fight just come and join us in the frontlines or start war in Juba. Bullet is the only language that this stupid president understands. Short message to Equatorians please if you are planning to go on rally, make sure you are caring your guns with you. For neither support of federalism nor peace agreements will end Kiir’s dictatorship in South Sudan, only barrel of a gun.

  37. martin. L says:

    “Kiir turned his ears and eyes to corruption and he expelled most of the big.”

    Really! I hope you are not serious. Because I’ve not seen any corrupted individual behind bars. I’ve not seen or heard a return of the stolen 4 billions US dollars . Kiir does not care about corruption or innocent and poor south Sudanese. He cares about himself and his rule…

  38. Leader says:

    So you are coming to Juba to fight LGG and his Jieng tribe mates just because Kiir has refused the demand of rebels and their Equatorian backers for federalism. Come on, let taste how it is to fight real war in one’s own backyard and not in the internet or somewhere in Upper Nile.


  39. False Millionaire says:

    In brief my cher Honorable Alierthiy,Our country and the society r hostages to the SPLM/SPLA leadership!!!could u help us with what u may judge to b the best solution out of this gravity?I say this becouse I am very worried.The destruction that has been inflicted on our country and the society could b irreverasble.Land of millions of lives lost for independance.Land of oil,waters,fertile lands,countless wild n domestic animals:name the rest if u can.All for a population size of a few millions.We r just too blind to see.Americans r jealous of us.So r the europeans,the chines n our fellow africans.But they don’t like us as human beings:only our wealth.We should never like them to like us.We r just too unwise to assume our proper place as masters of our destiny.Most unfortunate!!!

    We r childern of the surivors of the slavery,the terror of marginalistion by our fellow northern brothers and the two civil wars.All this has been forgotten.U the educated elite among our fellow countrymen,did u get ur education by way of easy road?But the mothers and fathers who parented us have either died allready or suffering to die the most painful death in immediate future.Our chidern’s fate is just thesame.We r a tree losing the leaves and the roots,judge it urselves what we have become.Just becouse of struggle for power and wealth.

    I ask these questions for all of us:If u have pocketed stollen money allready,if u have worked to b well off by way of effort or if u r educated therefore assured to b unneedy forever,does this replace the greatest feeling of love and of belonging to one’s mother’s country and to one’s own society and people?These r what we r loosing:our country and the society.

    False Millionaire.

  40. Joana Adams says:

    In a typical act of intimidating Equatorians for speaking up for federalism, Kiir condemned Equatorians and claimed that Equatorians, were not the only communities that demanded federation in 1947. Nothing to quarrel over here Mr. President. However the president went further as reported on Sudantribune, to assert that federalism, as he understood it, was exclusively meant to regulate the relationship between the South and the then offending partner Khartoum. However, Kiir, did not explained that the reason behind the call for federation from the north was because of the fear that the north would use its control of government to politically marginalise and oppress the South. Successive Khartoum governments from 1956-2005, did just that.
    Under the leadership of Kiir from 2005-2013, the majority of South Sudanese were denied equitable distribution of power, wealth and participation in the military and security organs of the nation. This directly led to the eruption of military confrontation in Dec2013, followed by his premeditated genocide and far reaching atrocities being committed under instruction of the commander in chief of the south Sudan army SPLA. It is an understatement to say that Kiir has also destroyed the social fabrics of our society and has caused monumental destruction of trust among the populace. Rebuilding trust, peace and reconciliation will not come cheap. Contrary to the fear of our new oppressors, federalism will go a long way towards rebuilding trust and peaceful co-existence. By taking the country to war, after repeated lies, the president destroyed any semblance of unity that might have existed prior to Dec 2013.
    To demand that Equatorians should abandon the debate on federalism is a political joke. The unity which the president has now realised he needs to keep his faltering grip on power, can only be achieved in a new federated South Sudan. Because unity does not exist in a vacuum. Any leader who wants to enjoy the benefits of unity of widely diverse communities in a country, must first invest in a national programme that fosters equality as the basic premise of good governance. It is fundamentally important to treat all your citizens, equally regardless of their ethnicities and whether or not they are your blood or ethnic relatives. Without equality of persons and equality of opportunities, there can be no unity.
    That, I must say, is a prerequisite for restructuring the chronic problems of power and wealth imbalance instituted in the by Kiir and cohorts in our new nation. What better system can bring about the much needed political transformation other than federalism?
    Equatorians do not own the political processes in the country, neither are they effective participants in the peace talks in Addis. In other words, their political future is yet again being decided by others. If they cannot freely participate in simple discussions pertaining to their political destiny in a dignified and civilised way as thy are doing now -on the net or on the ground, in their own native Juba- where if I may ask are Equatorians suppose to exercise their constitutional and human rights to determine their own political destiny?
    Finally, if government sponsored civil societies and SPLM supporters and Youth are regularly granted permission to demonstrate in the capital Juba, with full police and security protection, its mind boggling that Equatorians cannot apparently hold peaceful demonstration in their native capital Juba, which is also their state capital. Does it meant that when central Equatorians in particular want to have a peaceful demonstration, which ought to be their constitutional right, should they go to do so in Bor, Kwajok or Rumbek?
    It is truly worthless, to have an elected governor in Juba, who is not in control of security in his own state, nor can oversees peaceful demonstrations in his own territory. Federalism will give back our governors their dignities and our people their political and human rights. The earlier, these anomalies and contradictions are addressed and resolved in a new federal political dispensation, the better for everybody.

  41. Naath Jikany says:

    Stupid,Idiot,Paranoid,retarded,foolish,dump preisident is what signfied him.WE DON”T NEED SUCH A STUPID BORNED TO LOOT AND KILL!!

  42. Editor,

    Salva Kiir is the only smart and fair person in Dinka communities, so it is painful and heartbreaking to loose him.

  43. lual says:

    I don,t think Riak Machar really doctor, If was really doctor, he should recalled back what he done 1991.

  44. nyaluk says:


  45. nyaluk says:

    Salva kiir is really stupid and retarted even a so called village Chief is smarter then Salva Kirr,because a village Chief will never kill his own people.Selva planed a fake coup witch have never happened in the whole intire world, except with leadership of Salva Kiir. And that is why he is called stupid. by the international community.Killing Nuar people in Juba in the eye of the international community. this is a very stupid thing that Kiir has done in his leadership role. I personal have no problem with a person being president like Salva Kiir, but I am allergic to murders especially when it involves my own people. In this case when I get allergic I have a stomach as for right now I have a equivalent of twelve stomach aches. He must step down or forced down.

  46. Agok Takpiny says:

    Everything in this article is true. The only problem is that many of us including me don’t see Riek Machar as alternative. I just hope another good party emerge.

  47. Elhag Paul says:

    I beg to differ. I believe Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit is not stupid. I repeat Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit is not stupid because his thinking and actions are limited to his capacity. He obviously can not perform beyond his capacity.
    It is the people of South Sudan and in particular the SPLM who are stupid, stupid, stupid to allow someone without capacity to be president.
    Let us not shift the blame. We are the culprits who allowed Mayardit to lead us with his limited capacity.
    Can we blame a pig for behaving in a piggish manner?

  48. False Millionaire says:

    dearest honorables ELI & NIKALONGO:I just got the time to read ur exchanges in ur comments of June 21st 2014.In fact I could’nt help to express greatest joy on the highest qualities of ur performances.

    To u ELI:u have summarized our ills to an extend no single drop left out.I would vote for u to b the president of our republic if the vote was held today.And u monsieur NIKALONGO,I had followed ur comments before this one.But did u know u have built a greatest image of a peace maker?I hope good luck if not God will pay u back with the results of the causes of ur struggle.

    It’s needles to mention that we r among the most rich n well off nations in this world judging by the way of our massive natural resorces ,fresh waters,vast farmlands,domestic n wild animals.Many people from countless countries r not very lucky like us.All this for our population size of only a few millions.Thanks so profoundly to the good God for the generosity!!!

    As for the commotion n the disorder that is raging in our home,we must not give way to dispair.God works mysteriously to cite the usual words of the honorable professor dr Lo Loyung.One day we will b the beneficients of peace n prosperity as in the words of NIKOLONGO.In fact,I promise we will work togather even though we have never seen each other.

    One red line we must not cross is use of violance.I should hope to say that we must b peaceful throughout.Those were thesame tactics of Mandela and the ANC in south Africa.If peaceful tactics had not failed them,naturally they will not fail us.So It’s too normal to judge that the responsabilities for good governance of south sudan n our society will fall into our hands,without a waste of single bullet,sooner.Not after one hundred years,the age it took for the ANC’s struggle to defeat the aparathied.

    But we need to build a united front.We are only a few millions for such a vast rich country.Tribalism,nepotism,corruption n lawlessness practice by the SPLM/SPLA r the causes that set us in conflicts.Forgive me if I am wrong to say that all this would b corrected with vigorous application of the law n order n this is the priority to b achieved among our objectives of the struggle.

    In particular for example:our neighbouring state of central african republic has collapsed with it’s society.Only France tries to put it back:an impossible dream.Our unity is the sacred precondition that will help us develop our vast resources.We r false millionaires today but we will b genuine millionaires in the future that is within our reach.The dinkas n nuers will b well off allready in their homelands.So they can come back to Juba only to watch thier teams playing sport matches.Baria ,latuka,zandé n others can go for marriages in dinka n nuer lands,out of their will.After some hundred years of this existance,the barriers we see dividing us will no longer exist.I will not b there to see but I am not jealous.

    But forgive me if I have disappointed u.

    False Millionaire

  49. Makuei says:

    Failing to think is what our leaders have really done!!

  50. Dear Editor,

    I am very much surprised of this article articulation. Is it advisable to insult the nation President as this even if we feel as we think as such!!!!?????
    I am yet to come back on this piece. May be the government lacks lawyers to take this matter up with website. This is a court case straight away without negotiation or favor to prove the argument!

    I’ve no idea if presidents of other nations are insulted and abused as this of South Sudan!!!??? He represents everyone including this editor. He is a national symbol. At least a better language should have been used to criticized him, but not extreme as this piece!!!???


  51. Lare Justice says:

    Dear Mr. Editor, thank you so much for the job well done sir! [Truth hurts indeed but it is also liberating] Salva Kiir Kuethpiny is not only Stupid but also Retards and coward who only know how to kill innocent kids and women. The only way out for this Gogrial cattle keeper thief is the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein ways. Folks, the Gogrial coward is a dead man walking.

  52. Faith says:

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  53. osman D S D says:

    Please, please stop the wore b/c our country is a new Nation.

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