Wrong solution can give wrong results

By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, UGANDA, MAR/11/2015, SSN;

It is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that the prospect of achieving peace to end the current conflict in South Sudan is dwindling. This is not because warring parties do not want peace to come to South Sudan but because there is a lot of external influence and interferences from different groups that have personal interests in South Sudan.

The examples of the groups that want to achieve their own interests as their conducts show are the USA, the UNMISS and IGAD. The USA, the UNMISS and IGAD want to see that their interests in peace talks are met, and if not met, the peace will never be achieved in South Sudan, despite the fact that thousands and thousands of South Sudanese will keep on dying or suffering under cruel war.

I have made an accusation against the above bodies although I do not have any personal evidence to show that the USA, the UNMISS and the IGAD have interests in South Sudan but their behavior in regard to peace talks and war in general have proved them beyond any shadow of doubts that they have interests in seeing the government of South Sudan overthrown, and hence, substituting with their puppet government of Riek Machar or any other person who will serve their interests that they want to achieve through the current war.

As I have made an assertion, there is a need to prove it. The truth is that the USA and the UNMISS have been active in the field supporting rebels while the IGAD has been active in seeing that peace talks is signed in favour of rebels. This is the fact as it is known by the majority of South Sudanese.

For instance, the UNMISS has done two things during this war that made it to stand out and clearly show that it is supporting rebels.

The first dangerous thing the UNMISS did was when it was about to deliver assortments of guns and ammunitions to rebels, fortunately, South Sudanese’s God was working hard since those guns and ammunitions were detected in Rumbek and stopped before falling in the hands of rebels.

That incident alone shows that the UNMISS did badly and barbarically because it did violate the rule of law that governs international community and civilization.

The rule of law of the independence of nations, national sovereignty and respect of territorial integrity are the basis of the modern international law and sources of civilization but were violated by the UNMISS as shown by that single incidence.

Another thing the UNMISS did that showed it that it was supporting rebels against the government was what happened recently when it transported the government officials to rebel areas where they were about to be murdered in cold blood thanks to the concerted efforts by the government and threat to the UNMISS base in Bor by mighty Jonglei youth.

The incidence I am talking about here is that of Chol Aruai and his colleagues who were transported and handed over to rebels by the UNMISS earlier this year.

Besides the destructive role of the UNMISS in South Sudanese conflict as explained in the above paragraphs, the USA has been accused of supporting rebels against the government and majority of South Sudanese are aware of such facts as many rebel members here in Kampala have been boasting that they are being supported by the USA and that they are likely to win the war against the government.

Finally, the IGAD has been active in peace talk’s process as it tries to influence the result of peace talks in favour of rebels. In fact it can be summed up that the USA, the UNMISS and IGAD are using rebels as their proxies to achieve what they planned when the coup that was initially attempted failed miserably.

Of course, many people who have limited understanding of the intricacies involved in the current raging South Sudanese war as it is marred with divergent personal interests may dispute this statement especially when I mentioned the term “attempted coup” and the USA, the UNMISS and IGAD interests in South Sudan.

However, as a matter of fact, all these three parties are supporting rebels but have been keeping incognito to avoid being viewed as parties to the conflicts and attract more enemies criticisms and also to avoid being accused of bias since they pretend to be “neutral” in attempting to negotiate peace for South Sudanese.

Nevertheless after the collapse of peace talks, they have now come out openly and at full-scale ready to execute their plan of destroying South Sudan if they fail to overthrow the legitimate government of South Sudan.

I have used the term legitimacy objectively in this context as it is based on the concept of national laws of South Sudan and international law in general and whoever claims that the current government of South Sudan is illegitimate has misplaced, misconceived concept and he or she is laboring under the deficit of international law concept of legitimate government.

What makes the government legitimate under the international law is a matter of facts and law. According to the international law, a legitimate government is defined by the fact that it is by the general acknowledgement as being in control of a nation and deserving formal recognition from other nations, which is symbolized by the exchange of diplomats between that government and the governments of other countries. This is exactly what the government of South Sudan is, and therefore, it is a legitimate government.

Coming back to the point as I have already made, after the USA, the UNMISS and the IGAD have failed to overthrow the government of South Sudan militarily through their proxy Riek Machar, they are now out to destroy South Sudan in totality by trying to reduce her full independence to the status of trusteeship. It is despicable plan that should never be condoned if proved to be true by time.

Such a plan to reduce the independence status of South Sudan to trusteeship has been discovered in the recent leaked report from the African Union (AU), which revealed it in its one of the recommendations that South Sudan should be put under the AU administration.

Of course, this a leak report and its content is not yet fully disclosed, which is against the fair hearing if it is just condemned out-rightly.

However, has it has been observed through the old adage that there is no smoke without a fire, there is a likelihood that what that leak report carried may be the true content of the document.

If that is going to be true, then, I must point out that the USA, the UNMISS and the IGAD have misfired in trying to bring peace in South Sudan. This is because wrong solution can give wrong results.

Instead of bringing peace through the people of South Sudan, the USA, the AU, the IGAD and the UNMISS are creating other problems as they are digging a hole to fill a hole. The country or the state cannot be destroyed as a means of achieving lasting peace.

No South Sudanese can accept to lose their citizenship simply because there is a peace to be achieved.

Where will one enjoy such peace? It’s tantamount to slavery and indirect colonialism since South Sudanese will again in the near future have to struggle to achieve their independence.

The way I feel strongly against such a plan is the same way other majority of South Sudanese feels about it and it will automatically cause a serious war against AU or any other body that will take charge of South Sudan.

The question the recommendation given by the AU invoked in our minds are many, and particularly, the main question is: How many countries have been engaged in the war like that of South Sudan or even worse than that but they have never been recommended to put under either the AU or the UN or European Union or SEATO or ASEAN or SAARC?

For example, Somalia was a failed state until 2012, Rwanda witnessed a deadly genocide, Bosnia saw a lot of massacres against Muslims, Central African Republic saw a deadly conflict between Muslims and Christians in which the hatred had reached the deadly level of which human beings ate other human beings, DR. Congo was in conflict for so many years, Libya and Syria has been in conflict since 2011 but none of these countries has ever been recommended to put under the international or the regional bodies.

However when it comes to South Sudan, it is treated as an exception. What is so special about South Sudan? I believe there must be something wrong with South Sudan as viewed by the AU and the USA.

Therefore, it is imperative to remind the regional bodies like the AU and IGAD and the international body like the UN that South Sudan is an independent country inhabited by the independent people and independent government under the international law.

It is somehow disappointing to see IGAD behaving as if it is a dictatorial government and as if it does not know what it is doing.

The way the IGAD is trying to bring peace in South Sudan is wrong and I will see how it will be successful as the time will tell. Nonetheless, the fact is that wrong solution can give wrong results.

The IGAD does not have an excuse of deciding to take the direction it has planned to take. If it is the violation of human rights that took place or ethnic cleansing that occurred as some people termed is the cause of destroying South Sudan, then, the approach of destroying the whole country in order to bring justice to the victims is not the correct one.

In fact, the majority of South Sudanese are not happy with South Sudanese leaders for killing their own citizens but they are not even happier with the AU for recommending to destroy South Sudan and they are ready to face the AU if need be.

In summary, all South Sudanese should be ready to fight against the AU if it comes in to take over South Sudan. The last word is that South Sudan should only be taken over our dead bodies.

The Author is a South Sudanese in Uganda and he can be reached via:
Email: juoldaniel@yahoo.com; +256783579256


  1. Daniel says:


    What take you to you Uganda? Was it lawful for ligetimate government to killed it own citizens? Both Kiir and Riek must go if you want peace in South Sudan. In case you continue being partial supporters you will remain refugees in other countries. If you want the war to continue please come back to the South and go to frontline to test the fire of gun. When you failed to resolve your problem, the third party may come in whether you like it or not, and all people have there sick interest in this war including the nation you live in at moment. Let try to be objective in our approach in matter of our bleeding nation caused by legetimate government OF SPLM which you are hardline supporter. You compare what happened in South Sudan to others nations, you want to qualify that this government should continue killing its own citizens so that they may remain legetimate, what is backward position.

    • Daniel,

      I like your advice to Daniel Juol. In fact, Daniel Juol is a Nuer man who looks for an employment in Kiir goverment. Most Nuer who seek job or who keep their job in Kiir administration always criticize Riek Machar so Salva Kiir can keep them if they already have job or will hire them if they do not have jobs. This is how Buay Malek and Nguen Manytuil got their and governor of Upper Nile uses the same tactic to keep his job. It has been like that since 2005. Any Nuer who does not criticize Riek Machar, but has nothing to do with Riek usually do not get job in the government will be left out in the presidential reshuffling. Salva Kiir has been hiring Nuer who criticize Riek simply because they do not like Riek or simply because they criticize Riek publicly, but not because they qualify for the job. Therefore, if Daniel Juol turn in his resume to Kiir without saying Riek is a bad man, he will not definitely get a job. Every Nuer who seeks government job always betray Riek to be considered strong candidate.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Daniel. The issue of fight is a matter of fact to be proven physically. I do not refuse that Riek and Kiir must account for the crime but I am not ready to see South Sudan being quashed and returned into pre-independence. I have ever fought in that war and I am ready to go if anybody comes to destroy South Sudan. May God bless South Sudan forever.

      • Daniel Juol Nhomngek,

        “I have ever fought in that war and I am ready to go if anybody comes to destroy South Sudan”. What side would you fight for? Since you are a beneficiary of corrupted Government, I know you will fight in the government side which murdered your relatives in thousands. You are useless Nuer sell out. You have nothing to argue about? Now the whole world and all South Sudanese know that Kiir instigated the violate.

        Although majority of Dinka are still siding with Kiir, they know that Kiir has committed untold crimes. Report from international community and Au indicate that Kiir government committed crimes in a large scale. Other South Sudanese such as majority of Equatorians and other South Sudanese had witness the massacre of Nuer in Juba and else where. However, you Nuer sell out in the government you keep on denying Nuer massacre in Juba, instead you argue that Nuer civilians were killed in cross fire in Juba. What kind of crossfire is killing only one tribe in the South Sudanese capital for more than one year?

        One of the doctors in Juba Teaching Hospital who treats wounded Nuer soldiers from the government side, told a Dinka doctor that there are still more Nuer in the government. The Dinka doctor replied, yeah there are some more Nuer fighting for the government, but those are “Nuer ke wew”. The doctor added that the Nuer who are fighting in the government side are for money and majority of them had never participated in the struggle for independent. However, the Dinka doctor added that the Nuer who are currently fighting with government are the one who have been in the SPLA since the very beginning of struggle, but were disappointed by massacre of Nuer civilians in Juba.

        Daniel Juol Nhomngek, I hope you are aware that Dinka call “Nuer Nyigat” or “Anyigat”. In January 2015, Malong Awan, told his supporters in Aweil the government is using “Nyigat” to fight another “Nyigat”. Basically, what Malong Awan is saying is that the government is using Nuer to fight another Nuer. This is a fact that could not be refuted. Nuer in the government are being used excessively more than any South Sudanese.

        After learning that the Kiir instigated the violate in Juba, some South Sudanese soldiers quitted fighting with Nuer including some Dinka. For example, some Dinka Bar El Gazal deserted their positions in Ayod, Gadiang, Mayom, Bentiu and many places in Upper Nile State. In the same way, many Equatorians soldiers frequently refuse to be developed in Greater Upper Nile to fight against Nuer although they sided with the government because they believe that It was not a just war because the war was cooked in the president’s house back yard. Now Murle are in the line with the Equatorians so they do not want to fight for the government which instigated the massacre of civilians in Juba against Nuer.

        However, you Nuer in the government are the ones fighting with Nuer rebels in multiple frontlines. For instance you are the one fighting the rebels in Unity State, Upper Nile States, and in Ayod along with some Dinka who hate Nuer to death. Malong Awan is very correct. He is using Nyigat to fight Nyigat. According to Malong Awan, the Nuer in the government have no different with Nuer rebels.

        Daniel Juol Nhomngek, since you are a Nuer, tell me what the Nuer in the government are fighting for? Do Nuer have a voice in the government or they are voiceless? If you are voiceless I will just say sorry, but if you do have a voice, then why whenever, the government captured a town from Nuer, the government would burn the town to ash? For example, the government burn Bentiu to ground, burn Nasir to ash, burn the largest hospital built in Leer by Norwegians to the core. Why do you allow the Dinka soldiers do that to your cities?

  2. Tutbol says:

    Mr. Daniel Juol,

    The AU is a joke, you know it and the AU knows it. When the US and EU invaded Libya a few years ago, what did the AU do? Cower like a threaten dog! For the US though, it considered itself to have created the South Sudan and the South Sudanese people hence South Sudan was to be a US oversea’s territory and the South Sudanese people to be the US’s subjects and when it turns out that South Sudanese people are independence thinking people who do not like to be remotely controled by trashes and nobodies from the distant lands, the US turned to its usual puppet’s Riek Machar to take power by force and when the whole game failed and the government of South Sudan’s fought back.

    The US then revert to bullying the government of South Sudan to make compromises to welcome back Riek Machar and his Nuer hencemen who are addicted to armed rebellions into the so called transitional government, little does the US knows that there will be no way under the sun will Riek Machar and his Nuer mad-men be allowed back again into the government of South Sudan, never ever.

    The US only wants the South Sudanese people’s oil fields and the US is using the Nuers as its proxy to get the South Sudanese people’s oil fields, something that is not going to happen as far as South Sudanese people are concerned.

    As for the AU and the UN to take over the South Sudan and the South Sudanese people and to bring in an alien arny forces and police forces to come and defence and police the South Sudan and the South Sudanese people! That is a pure fantacy brother, but let them try though. The government of South Sudan should demand the peace talks be brought back to Juba and if the US and the Nuers don’t want it, then the government of South Sudan should stop any further negotiations with the Nuers and prepare for war.

    No one wants the evil US and its Riek Machar puppet in South Sudan and Salva Kiir is not going to go anywhere with those evil intrigues and threats. China which the US is fighting through the Nuers’ proxy isn’t going to go anywhere either. Corporate America has bungled it relationship with the South Sudan and it will never be wanted in South Sudan, never, with Kiir as a president or without Kiir as a president.

  3. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Tutbol,
    Assume we agree to your assertion of,”no one wants the evil US and it’s puppet Riak Machar…and Salva Kiir is not going to go any where…”,but what is very special about this assertion when in reality it’s the prevailing order of things?

    I am responding to your comments becouse your personality is very strange to me.Fyi I was in Juba in February n had lodged in a small expensive poor quality hotel in haya thura.It cost 50 US dollars a day n it was a painful sacrifice for me as I was obliged to stay there for 35 days.I had stayed there for three weeks last year n the year before the last year.During those periods I had met co-residents whom by politeness I treat them to be fellow acquaintents.For over three years now,they are staying in the hotel paying 50 US dollars a day.In fact in my observations,one of them is married to two women.It could be out of precautions in favor of their good management that he lodges one of his two wives in an adjacent hotel paying thesame cost a day.Applying a simple multiplication by 360 days,the hotel costs 18000 Us dollars a year.That’s 36000 US dollars for the man with two wives.At the end,I was able to understand that those individuals are government officials and they are many who are housed under such financial arrangements with the government paying the bill.

    But giving the raging war n it’s economic cost;
    In consideration of the facts of the reduction of the exported oil quantity
    And in respect to the drop of the prices of the oil value per barrel worldwide,
    I was informed by reliable insiders that the government is broke with the national coffers empty dry.But if it’s paying the hotel bills,it’s becouse of loans it gets from the oil companies who are yet to take the oil they are advancing the loans for.That the infra structure projects like the new juba bridge,juba airport enlargement n the rehabilitation of the road linking Juba n Wau for example among mahave bee

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Tutbol,
    …among many projects have been frozen.But giving the gravity of the situation,it’s easy to say that those projects will never see the light under Kiir’s government.That’s without the US n Riak Machar,”the us puppet”,to put it your way n with China in the US economic place.The fate of RSS n it’s society can be predicted to mean a failed state which is distened to collapse in any near future if it has not collapsed already.
    The question is:is it for this dead corps that you are lashing out against Riak Machar n the US n in Support of Salva Kiir?

    I have no intention to show you n your likes any lack of respect,but are you not one of the officials Kiir is housing in the hotels?But when would you come to your senses to be able to understand that you have failed the country n that the roof is collapsing upon you?!!!

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