Worrying signs that may lead to another call for self determination by Equatorians: Advice to government

BY: DR. SINDANI SEBIT, Kenya, MAR/01/2013, SSN;

It appears Equatoria is being forced to call for the right to self-determination in South Sudan. I have this strong feeling because it appears the Government in Juba seems not to listen to what the people in Equatoria are complaining about. There are many writings abound from different intellectuals and intelligentsia from Equatoria for pointing out the failures of the government in Juba to realize that it is behaving like the Arab regime in then Sudan.

However, the Government has either kept mumb or is encouraging their supporters to unfortunately describe these complaints to be hatred against Dinkas or mere call for federalism which is not accepted by the ruling party in Juba.

The question here is whether Equatorians have the legal basis for calling for self-determination in South Sudan, a country that has just exercised its right to self-determination that resulted in its independence.

First, before I can urge on the right of Equatorians to self determination, it would be prudent to briefly outline what are the major pitfalls in the country that could drive Equatorians to take such a major decision. Apparently, the Equatorians have been forced to consider themselves as minorities in South Sudan and rightly so because the Government in Juba is indeed exercising the deformed concept of majority-have-the-right-to-rule, and thus the Dinka and Nuer being the major tribes in South Sudan have the right to rule regardless.

Secondly, the two tribes have arrogated themselves the title of liberators so as to usurp power in South Sudan for domination of other tribes, exploitation of their resources and acquisition of land in Equatoria by force. If one looks at the Government in Juba critically it is not lost to the observer to discover that nearly 70% of the government is in the hands of these two tribes. The rest are either decoys or friends put there to disguise the plan.

They are not only the majority in the government but they also hold the critical arms of government in order to subjugate the people using the force of arms. The employment in the government is not really based on merit but on tribal basis regardless of educational standards of the individuals involved.

The army and police are a monopoly of the two tribes and these institutions have become the arms of oppression and subjugation. This is evident in land grabbing, destruction of crops in Equatoria by cows driven from Dinka lands and the forceful resettlement of Dinkas in Equatoria. The policy of settlement of Dinkas in Equatoria is ethnic dilution of the population of Equatoria so as to enable Dinkas become the majority. This is the same policy the Arabs are using in Darfur and would like to use in Abyei.

The discrimination in scholarship and payment of students by the Government in countries such as Uganda and Kenya are calculated moves to deny minorities the chance to education while on the other hand ensuring that the majority acquires the necessary skills so as to propagate the discriminatory policies of the majority.

The condemnation of the recent Equatoria conference in Juba by lawyers and politicians drawn from these tribes as a propaganda aimed at dividing South Sudan is yet another proof that the government of South Sudan and its tribal supporters do not believe in the freedom of expression.

In fact this conference was actually aimed at pointing out the ills in South Sudan society with a view to finding amicable solutions to them. This uncalled for outright condemnation further illustrates the Government’s repugnant attitudes and its belligerent contempt towards open discussions about the problems facing the people of South Sudan.

This is just because the government is comfortable enough to maintain the status quo for the benefit of perceived majority in South Sudan. The looting of South Sudan resources for the sake of the majority is certainly another policy aimed at consolidating the power of the majority to oppress the minority in the country.

Having said this, let me turn to the concept of the self determination. The principle of right to self-determination is a fundamental principle of human rights law. It is indeed an individual and collective right for the people to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

There are two important concepts about the right to self determination. These concepts are the perfect de-colonization in which the colonial power leaves and restores full sovereignty to the people in the territory as may be the case that has happened in South Sudan and the imperfect de-colonization which occurs when there is an absence of restoration of full governance to a people having the right to self-determination.

Although there are several types of imperfect de-colonization, I will take the fourth scenario which I quote here. “There may be a situation where a small component part of a colonially-created “unitary” state agreed to continue the unitary State but with no particular “opt-out” agreements signed. Rather, there were either verbal or negotiated, written agreements about how the rights of the smaller (or in some situations, weaker) group would be protected in the combined State. However, the smaller or weaker group then experiences severe curtailments of their rights over a long period of time by the dominant group and may lose the ability to protect its rights by peaceful means.”

Does this scenario pertain in South Sudan? Other than the absence of opt-out agreements, verbal or not, and the length of existence of an independent South Sudan, signs are already there that Equatorians feel dominated and in the long run may lose the ability to protect its rights.

However, does this constitute any legal right for the people in Equatoria to self determination? Certainly it is feasible and much probable because the “obligation to respect the principle of self-determination is a prominent feature of the UN Charter of 1945, appearing, inter alia, in both Preamble to the Charter and in Article 1.”

Secondly, “the International Court of Justice refers to the right to self-determination as a right held by people rather than a right held by governments alone.”

Thirdly, “The two important United Nations studies on the right to self-determination set out factors of a people that give rise to possession of right to self-determination: a history of independence or self-rule in an identifiable territory, a distinct culture, and a will and capability to regain self-governance.”

In this sense, Equatorians have identifiable territory called Equatoria, have distinct culture from the dominant groups in South Sudan and a will and capability to self governance.

Fourthly, “the right to self-determination is indisputably a norm of jus cogens. Jus cogens norms are the highest rules of international law and they must be strictly obeyed at all times.”

And lastly, “Both the International Court of Justice and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States have ruled on cases in a way that supports the view that the principle of self-determination also has the legal status of erga omnes.” This means “when a principle achieves the status of erga omnes the rest of the international community is under a mandatory duty to respect it in all circumstances in their relations with each other.”

This part certainly gives the Eqautorians the legitimate right to be supported by the international community if they deem so to seek the right to self determination within or as separate state. Right to self determination could be for the type of governance within a state such as federalism, confederation or self rule.

Currently there are loud voices coming out from Equatoria calling for federal system of governance in South Sudan but this seems to be falling on deaf ears of the rulers in Juba. Sadly the same rulers are oblivious to the fact that this is a right of the people that cannot be suppressed by force or otherwise.

However, how could Equatoria raise the issue of its right to self determination? Equatoria is considered as a minority in South Sudan but they are indigenous people of a territory called Equatoria. They were brought into a Country called Sudan by colonialists that included the Belgians, English and French. Being indigenous, they have right to self determination under international law.

The Special Rapporteur of the UN Sub-Commission, José Martinez Cobo, on Study of the Problem of Discrimination against Indigenous Populations defined Indigenous communities as, “peoples and nations are those which, having a historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that developed on their territories, consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing in those territories, or parts of them. They form at present non-dominant sectors of society and are determined to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations their ancestral territories, and their ethnic identity, as the basis of their continued existence as peoples, in accordance with their own cultural patterns, social institutions and legal systems.”

Interestingly enough, Equatoria has several tribes but has since before independence of Sudan in 1956, regarded itself as one region with a common belief, shared diverse traditions and cultures that they continue to preserve for the prosperity of their future generation. The people have sedentary customs and practices distinct from the rest of the people in South Sudan. It is these traditions, cultures, common beliefs and customs that are being threatened by ethnic dilution and systematic policy of land grabbing.

The land and resource of Equatoria are being systematically and unjustly taken away, mainly by governments, multinational companies, and business groups. Equatorians have limits to the democratic space, and political participation. Most political systems are dominated if not controlled by the majority.

National party, the SPLM, does not represent the interests of indigenous peoples but are only interested in getting their votes. The Party is practicing policies based on personalities and social and political influence.

The Equatoria lands are invaded by their so called masters or settled on by force in order to create ethnic dilution. This kind of situation is not only worrying but is actually a precipitant to call for self determination.

In fact ethnic dilution contravenes Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention while settling people in indigenous people land also goes against the International Court of Justice ruling on Western Sahara in 1975, which it ruled that “if there is land that in fact no one has ever claimed, it is opened for grabs. Such land is called “terra nullius” – empty land. But if any land has had a population on it, that land belonged to that population and is not open for grabs”.

The recent proposal to amend Chapter 11, Article 170, and Sub-section 5 of the South Sudan transitional constitution aims to rob the communities in Equatoria of their ancestral communal land to enable the Government freely settle their own people or displace the Equatorian communities legally.

In conclusion, I would like to draw the attention of the government in Juba to this intricate situation in South Sudan. Marginalization, discrimination, deprivation and intrusion into peoples’ lands and destruction of resources and denial of the people the right to freedom of expression and political participation are elements that can lead the Equatorians to peaceful call for self determination and the world will be left with no option but to accept.

Secondly, the government can only avoid this by listening to the people, accept some, if not, all their views, act on some of the excesses committed by them or their protégés in order to create equality, equity and freedoms for all. The government must realize and become vigilant that some of their actions are detrimental to the peaceful co-existence of the country.

The warning signs are there and we are all alerting them to this ominous signs so that changes can be initiated now and not in future.

On the other hand if such a scenario of call to self determination arises let the government not blame anybody other than itself because of its failure to prevent it or to accept advice from those who have volunteered to do so.

Ireneaus Sebit


  1. Viper says:

    This is very unfortunate and a foolish article written by a fool. Which fake university that gave you this great academic title that your little brain is not able to match with? Are you really a south sudanese? Were you here when the true men were struggling to achieve the independence of this nation? Who do you think will listen to you? Are you representing Equatoria? Is Equatoria different from other pple in south sudan interm of what? Separating the country is not like hand to mouth dude.

    • Muntu says:

      Cool down Viper. And learn the basic tenets of respect. Sebit has his universal rights to air his opinion whether a South Sudanese or otherwise. Borrow a leaf from your neighbour Uganda. A few days ago the Acholi MPs floated openly an option to break away from Uganda as a protest for sustained neglect from the body politics. Because Museveni cares about the unity of Uganda, he invited these MPs for a discourse.

      I am appealing to you to use your energy to caution the president and his team to read the writings on the wall carefully and act to avert the inevitable. Insults and criticism for the sake of it does not help.

      To give you a point of reference, Dr. Sebit is among the first batch of medical graduants from the University of Juba. I leave you to judge whether Juba University is a “fake university” as you would like to call it.

    • Eastern says:

      The poisonous viper, Dr. Sindani, was in the bushes of South Sudan during the war treating soldiers. You don’t know who you are talking about. He is expressing his views and you need to respect that.

    • Thiang Geka says:

      This is not the way that shouldn’t let Equatorians to opt for Self-Determination. Rather, the work and ways we manage or govern our affairs, if it is good for everybody then it will by itself speak, but not to kill big characters for nothing as I can see. If we could humiliate others on daily basis, as had been doing to us by Khartoum, thus it would be their right. Otherwise, let’s convince the world that we are not doing this and the opposite.

    • Joseph says:

      Viper, Malith Alier, Dandit, Achol, Deng, Dinka aland, Bom Pet, Yaak Dau, Monyluak and others,
      I really do not understand how old are you? which schools have you been to? All your comments need a lot of stupidity to be answered or reconstructed. I think you are the most greed minded people in your communities. I said this because you do not understand what is war? you only believed in Majorities and power of the GUN period but if you have studied about strategies for war or fighting then you refute my comment.

      One of your colleagues mentioned about the issue of Peter Adrahaman Sule. First you have to understand that Peter was not captured by either Dinka or Nuer, the way you claimed. He was captured by the sons of equatorians who do not want any rebellion for personal interest. The only Nuer major who opened fire of them despite they having been already arrested by the NS, dedicated all the procedures and every thing for himself. Be warned that equatorians will not carry arms like what you think but will use all possible ways for self-determination if you have not CHANGED you behaviors.

      We are all one but please do not try other people like they’re your second class citizens and this is true in all our writings like we “liberated you” without understanding what liberation means.

      Please Dr. Sindani, collect many evidences as you can and we can present to international community and human rights as soon as possible. Thanks Joseph!

  2. Dear Dr. Sindani Sebit,
    Equatorian people or intellectuals must stop their bias or vicious warmongering of bombardment words, instead they should directly launch into the “bushy” for declaration of internal war. How many times they have been complaining about this South Sudan’s government? Evenly, before we got to be pronounced an independent Country we all have right to talk about its habits to be changed. In fact, for a real revelation of the facts there is nowhere else in South Sudan as whole, in which people have been benefiting from the same government they had been running their mouths against compared to other places which were firstly hit by the post civil war, but those people don’t even bother themselves to treason against their government. Yet, what do we need to provide for those Equatorian people who pretend themselves as if they are the only well educated people in South Sudan, while they don’t either have a patriotism for their own Country. Hell no! God, can you adjust these people”s habitual because of their vicious criticism against their own government which has done most of the lifestyle a better one than it was back in the past. Imagine, there was a platoon from Equatorian people who enlisted themselves in SSP, but they dispersed before receiving their graduate ceremony after they have heard of the contest volatile Abyei’s vicinity was fallen to the SAF. So, how can an intellectualism of these people will be meant if they have such unquestion fears? To me, they need to be mouth tapping first of all, otherwise, they would be left criticizing their own government until their mouths should be speechless. Look!, how they have been complaining for land grabbing in Juba, while they are sneakingly unvalidated the presidential decree of relocating the Country’s capital city into Ramciel in Lakes State despite of their an imaginery complains they have labeled against their own government, which likely provides them with the social services rather than else 7 states of South Sudan at large. Their places have not been badly devastated by the post civil war, I don’t like their citing against the South Sudan’s government while everything that comes for the name of our Country being felt by them first before it will be taken to other 7 states.

  3. Yaak Dau says:

    Mr Sebit,
    Pick up the guns and fight your oppressors like Clement Wani Konga and Galerrio Modi of the Equatoria People’s Defence Forces, Isaiah Paul of the SAF and other militia groups from Equatoria did during the last war of liberation. Maybe after losing millions of lives fighting for your self-determination the International community will come to the rescue of the people of greater Equatoria. Good luck with your self-determination war or rhetoric, sir.
    I wonder whether the representatives of the Equatorian constituencies in the national parliament were not elected by their people. Shouldn’t they be making their people’s concerns known to the national assembly rather than the fools writing these divisive articles of which I personally have no respect for?

    Dear editor
    This website has become a garbage dumping ground. Many readers who love South Sudan will shun your website if this nonsense of propagating tribally loaded messages continue. I bet well respected South Sudanese websites like Gurtong will never publish articles of this nature. Your website is promoting and exacerbating discord among our people.

    EDITOR: Mr. Yaak Dau,
    What has exactly hurt and ruptured your pride about the subject? The discussion of Equatorian grievances and marginalization were publicly expunged by the three SPLM/A Equatoria governors recently in Juba attended by the Vice, Machar and top SPLM/A cadres-cum-leaders. Killing the messenger……. pray, that’s not your trait, Oh Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. BOM PET says:

    DR. Sidani Sebit,
    let me just enlighten you a bit about the situation in our Country. I have been to Juba before and after the Independence-( 2010, 2011; 2012). I have found out that the local chiefs in Juba are fully involved in selling the land to all tribes of s.Sudan ( including: Shilluk, Murle, Anyuak, Balanda, etc…) not only to Dinkas & Nuer. This is in regard to your claim that the land is being grabbed by only” Dinkas& Nuer”. I do not deny that some of these two major tribes are part of this in s.Sudan.

    MY friend, let me assure you that Corruption does not have a tribe- it is just a group of people who organize themselves to carry out that dirty job. It has nothing to do with tribalism in s.Sudan. Please, put your house in order & alert your chiefs in juba or elsewhere to refrain from the alleged corruption first- otherwise you will be like the Palestinians who claimed that their land was being grabbed by the Israeli while they were selling it to the enemies. After settling the issue, than come back and claim for federalism, confederation or self-rule ( self-determination) which I think will take you some years if not decades to obtain! Be reminded that the majority of the Dinkas & Nuer are innocent and not involved in what has taken place in S. Sudan and are victims of your claims- you the educated elite of Equatoria!!!!

  5. Aj says:

    Hey Sebit, we are tired what Juba has done. The juba government doesn`t provide what people wanted in entire south but only to accommodate those who live and such other blood south. «««««««««««««««««««equatoria do not have to call for self determination, there is possibility that we can declare self determination without anyone opposing it. who will say no us? So far Dinkas do not want to go to their home towns but pour to Equatotria and call themselves IDPs. The question, who displaced them now? We are a nation and Arabs are long gone.


  6. Eastern says:

    What Dr. Sindani is putting forth is the CLEAR WRITINGS ON THE WALL. The much hyped majority tribes have failed to heed the call for inclusivity in managing the territory known as South Sudan. Equatoria will have to pursue its destiny through modern and internationally recognized means!!

  7. Dinka land says:

    The way Equatorian intellectuals talk is worst to all. Even unborn child of Dinka and Nuer can not talk like that. Equatorians don’t have shame completely, it is something in their blood and will never change unless they are treated like the way Arabs forces did to them during war time. Those forces congratulated Dinkas for paying and offering their blood to liberate out the coward and militias of South Sudan who jump up and down from South to North. They said you Dinkas be careful the so called Equatorians are worst people on the whole world even God knows. They said this people don’t accept or appreciate you for doing something good to them. They will betray you to the whole world if you are not careful and this is what we have experienced. But we will teach them a good and unforgettable lesson if they don’t stop talking childishly. I am disappointed.

    • You talk as if you are from another world and the only people who fought for the liberation of this country. Do you know the subject called history? Go back to your books and find out where this so called the liberation war of south Sudan first started and by whom? This will liberate you from thinking irrationally.

      The Arabs are gone with their colonial ideology, we all fought for the liberation of this country and deserve the freedom we fought for period. No more neo-colonialism period.

  8. Mr truth says:

    Thanks uncle Sebit,
    the clock is surely ticking, let these fools think Equatorians can’t do anything; they will wake up one day and see.

  9. Wole Jur says:

    I hate people who rush to conclusions without reflection. South Sudanese who comment on articles are real iliterate beings. Kindly leave comments for intellectuals who should contribute to constructive debates. How long shall you people learn? You are the ones letting Arabs and Whites laugh at us with your poor English mixed with mother tongues!

  10. Deng says:

    Dr Sebit,
    the worrying signs that you are instigating? Will the Euatorians have the will in executing that war? Unfortunately, it will not be in the minds of most Equatorians.

    • ALPHONSE Kenyi says:

      Mr. Deng,
      you should praise God that despite what Equatorians are experiencing from the same Arabs policies that let to the disintegration of the old Sudan, you are still enjoying total peace compared to the chaos in your ancestral lands. Equatorians taught you and enlightened you that Arabs are colonials. We Equatorians fought the cornerstone war of liberation with bare hands, arrows and spears. It was the Equatorians and in Equatoria land, that the Movement survived its last stroke after your inter-tribal war of stupidity.
      Remember, you are land-locked, when the time comes you have only Ethiopia to look to for refuge if Nuers and Shilluk allow you to cross their territories.
      If you are taking Equatoria’s welcoming personality for cowardice, then bring it on.

  11. malith alier says:

    Dear Dr.
    Remember Tamil tigers of Sri Lanka. They won their war in 2o12. Words of mouth will not help you. Take up the guns and fight a hundred year war. I hope you’re not cowards.

    • Achol says:

      Brother Sebit is right in his statement.
      The truth has turned out bitter like quinine for the Dinkas and the Nuers, but to be honest, you will one day see what you have not believed your eyes seeing from the people you call cowards. Diplomacy is the weapon we have but not guns as you think because we are not cattle raiders. No equatorians have been pushed by the 22 year civil war to any other part of south sudan unlike the cowards from their indigenous home to Equatoria and up to now claiming to be IDPs when there is no war in the country.
      Equatorians love their indigenous land and are patriotic, stable doing developmental activities unlike the confused power hungry uneducated men form other states for greed of money betraying their own people to Khartoum Government which no equatorians bear a name in.
      Please resolve your tribal issues instead of asking equatorians to take arms against you. This issue was adressed to the Government but not individuals. don’t take it as your personal issue.

    • Kenyi Alex says:

      Malith Alier
      We are not Idiots to fight like Dogs among ourselves or with our brothers and neighbors. Instead of rebelling to fight for Independence, we could simply call for Equatoria conference in Nyokuron Cultural Center and declare our Independence therein. Who on earth can Stop us from declaring our Independence? Who? Just you continue to close your ADANAS (ears) from listening to the call for equality, justice, and freedom and you will see.
      How many Equatorians were appointed by Justice Chan Reec out of 78 Legal Assistants appointed recently? Tell me and ask whether separation is still unattractive to date?
      You say freedom of Speech, expression, Gathering, association and whenever it is done you complain! Why?

  12. Dandit says:

    Brother Sebit or whoever you called yourself,
    Self-determination is easier propagating it but very expensive in actualizing it. If you are true Southern Sudanese who have participated or understood the cost of independence we have just got two years ago, You would not even think of writing this pathetic article that lacks basis of legitimacy of your claims.
    My advice to you is to take the gun like Peter Abdelraham Sule and we will catch up with you in the jungle of South Sudan. My worry is that you are not South Sudanese but an element who want to create division among ourselves.

  13. malith alier says:

    Second, equatoria must start from within so that they serve as example to the rest.

  14. Wole Jur says:

    Come on folks, are you too young to not have heard of Equatoria Liberation Front that was initiated before 1983? Eqautorians fought the Arabs alone from 1955 to 1972 with limited involvement from other tribes. Please do not make threats, it is too early folks. But who among South Sudanese is having PhD in arts of war? Equatorians, people from Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal all paid dearly for liberation.

    By calling others cowards, you are encouraging the cowards to decide for the worse. Can someone show us remains of war apart from those that littered Juba-Nimule, Juba-Yei-Kaya roads? Traces of north-south war is only visible in Equatoria not elsewhere of that magnitude. Reason with the writer, do not threaten him and his people, the sleeping giants, experts of liberation struggle in Africa!

  15. ALPHONSE Kenyi says:

    I don’t know what is wrong with some Southern Sudanese communities?! We in Equatoria, like any other world peace loving communities, believe in freedom of speech as indisputable right. That is why Equatoria has a unique culture of relative peaceful co-existent amongst its diverse tribes compared to other communities of South Sudan where by nature the spirit of intolerance and bigotry rule.
    In Equatoria, we air our views freely and undoubtedly like the air you breathe and water you drink without offending any one.
    To those who felt offended by Dr. Sindani’s personal views, please pack up from the land of the free alone. We are not in an animal farm.

  16. William says:

    My fellows citizens,
    I think Dr. Sindani Sebit does not deserve your intelligence & intellectual point views. The best way to respond to him is to think he does not exist. The man, as he professed, had studied; jus cogens norms, status of erga omnes, terra nullius and his name is ireneaussebit!!!
    On Saturday evening February 23, 2013 he went to his favorite joint in Kenyatta market and after nyama choma and six bottles of tusker beers, he thinks it was right for Equatorial self-determination. If his utopia dream succeeded, he would ask for Azende to have own country because Morro are violent, and Acholi must be separated from Otuho (Lotuko) because they are pastoralists and Toposa must be fought because they are bothering Boya.
    You see? This is jus cogens norms and about erga omnes which translated into terra nullius meaning. Cheers to Dr. Sindani Sebit and Kenyatta market beers.
    William live in London.

  17. Ajak Makor says:

    Dear Dr Sindani, allow me to dialogue with you a little bit on the issues you have raised, but before that allow me to express my great respect to you as a patriotic South Sudanese medical doctor, and above all, my own senior colleague. I have heard about you many times, may be it is you who doesn’t know me. This introduction is important, because some of the commentators have voiced out ugly replies which I refrain to follow, although I disagree in totality with what you have written this time round, but definitely, I can’t strip patriotism out from you as many are trying to do, because simply you have done your part in the liberation too, through many different ways.
    Concerning my differences with your call for a possible Referendum of Equatorians that may lead to formation of a country of their own, devoid of Dinkas and Nuers, let me disagree with your definition about what you termed “Equatorians” because to the best of my knowledge, It is very hard to hold a political consensus among Equatorians, if you mean those inhabiting the area expanding from Tumbora in the West, up to Jebel Raad in The East, and from Kajokeji in the south up to Kalthok in the north of the region used to be called Equatoria, or fondly called greater Equatoria.
    Because my dear colleague, these area is inhabited by more than 33 tribes with very little common ethnographic background as the case of South Sudan itself. These tribes are neither Bantus nor they are Nilotics or Sudanic groups, they are just a mixture of all of these groups.
    There are 15 tribes in Central Equatoria, 8 tribes in Western Equatoria and more than 10 tribes in Eastern Equatoria, which means that Equatoria region has around 54% of the tribes of South Sudan which is 63 tribes, with 28 tribes in Western Bahr el Ghazal (Fertits) alone =44% of the tribes of South Sudan, hence these two regions alone make about 98% of the tribes of South Sudan, then the remaining percentage is left for the other 6 states of Greater Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal.(2%).
    My point that I am driving at is that South Sudan is still primitive, and the politics revolves around tribes which is very unfortunate, but it is a reality, and my belief is that what is uniting us now is the SPLM, Yes this very bad movement carry with it the cement of South Sudan plus the common course of our struggle against the Arabs, and what we need is not holding referenda in our respective areas, but building strong political parties with national identities, especially opposition parties that have the gut to challenge the SPLM if it is not leading as expected.
    You may think that Jieng or Dinka and Nuer are dominating government institutions, but I can challenge your projection with figures that your claim is unscientific and it is just an arbitrary imagination based on illusions and not on facts.
    My argument is that your article was based on a fallacy that since there is what you called Dinka tribe, of which the president hails from, then Dinkas are dominating the current government. If that suggestion was from a villager, then I could pardon his/her ignorance, but when it is spelt out by a renowned medical Doctor, then something must be wrong in the way that Doctor articulates his thoughts, because you know very well, that Jieng or Nuer is not one tribe, they are just like what you called in Central Equatoria as Bari speakers, instead of calling them Bari tribe, because for instance.
    Lakes state is inhabited by just two tribes (Jieng and Jurbele) yet those Dinkas are in continuous sectional wars that kill not less than a 100 person every year, which means that what unite them is as small as what unites the remaining part of South Sudan.
    Imagine if that number was being killed from Equatoria region, what would have been your reaction? would you have called it a government organized genocide? may be.
    Have you heard of the Murle and the Lou Nuer (not all Nuer) who don’t see an eye to eye/ and one day the Murle killed 700 people from Lou Nuer. which could be the whole Mondu tribe in Western Equatoria!, yet the solution for them is not a referendum, but development and creation of more bonds.
    Dr Sindani, pleases let us accept the reality that South Sudan is a very primitive Country, which has not reached the stage of it being called a nation, due to the long time suppression by the Arabs, and our population believe in the words of their elites, of which you stand as a prominent figure in your area, so sincerely, do you believe your patriotic conscious when you air out these ideas?
    May be SPLM is not governing the country as it is supposed to be run, but why you do not differentiate between SPLM and Dinka/ Nuer?
    Any area in South Sudan which is thinking of breaking away is doomed for failure, because the same conditions that are leading to the break away, shall continue in that new region even if it is inhabited by a homogeneous tribe, because the sections will differ again on who is supposed to lead. And for your information, nine out of ten of our states have international boundaries which can qualify each of them to seek a referendum on secession, and two states are extremely rich with minerals which can make them independent economically.
    But, is breaking away the solution to power struggle? because I believe that what you called for has nothing to do with real population demands, but a call from an intellectual who was intoxicated at the weekend. when you are sober enough, you will regret what you have just uttered and documented.

    • Eastern says:

      Ajak Makor!
      Be brief please. You see the more you try to beat around the bush instead of making a point, you end up coming with a messy analysis full of fallacious findings. Those who think Dr. Sindani penned this piece under the influence of the bitter do not know who Sindani is. He is a man of his words. Let the Dinka and Nuer dominated government know that Equatorians have been largely left out of the current government save for the few SYCOPHANTS dinning and winning with those in the power. The three Equatoria states share borders with DR Congo, CAR, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. The states bordering these African states share COMMON ETHNICIIES across the border meaning that there are next of kin across the other sides. Equatorians will not take up arms but resort to very civilized way of addressing its problems with the current regime. Equatoria already showed this in the recent past during SPLA-led war.

    • Odongo says:

      We are united to the teeth. You are lying too big man

    • Aj says:

      Dear Ajak Makor,
      as long as you try hard to convince equatoria should not call for their own nation in the near future and you also try to paint equatoria as with many tribes which i agree with but equatoria has their collective God-given ability to live with each other without argument.
      Look Ajak, we are just different from one another and it was bad that we share a nation together. Dinka and Nuer have their similarities while entire equatoria you described have similar norms that are different from dinka and nuer norms, period.
      You never hear equatorians go to Bentiu, Bor, Upper Nile and grab land by force. There never be one evidence but you see these things happening in Yei, Nimule, Juba and other places and government is sitting put and could not do anything to stop it. It’s these reasons that will lead for another referendum.
      If i may ask you, why did we fight for? was it to develop neighborhood and cities and not to loot and oppress each other?
      Dinkas are most IDPs and no more war with Arabs and everyone should go except those who are parliamentarians. Start moving and forget crying and let reality bit.

  18. General Miin Kuol says:

    Fighting for self-determining is very important for Equatoria if they feel neglected in south sudan. They were busy fighting southerners when people of south sudan were fighting for self-determination. Wani Konga, Lado Gore and Louis Lobong can lead Equatoria Self-determination war.

  19. Choromke Jas says:


    When you see frogs jumping during the day, there is something hurting. The problem with Jieng (including those in government), they lack vicarious historical experience. We have just emerged from a war, which many people thought we would not win. The Arabs had everything: money, guns, fanatic mujaheddin etc but they got defeated. How about our new Jieng oppressors? They have nothing. Soon, because of the official violence, you might not get official guns import. What will you do? Can your fragile population withstand a protracted war with Equatorians, really? Do not bluster. Either you reform or you are in for a rude shock. I know thieves normally do not think of the consequences of their action. They continue to plunder until one day the law catches up with them. In Kenya, South Africa etc more powerful and organized oppressors than the new pretenders in the South, thought they would defeat the Mau Mau and Umkonto we Sizwe, but in the end, they had to give way. Learn your history and do not invite a war you will never win. I can assure you of that. “Mene Mene Tekel u-Pharsin” (The Bible: Daniel 5: 25-28)

  20. Deng Dut says:

    I am not supporting self-determination for Equatorians to break away from South, but they have rights to say whether we like it or not is a warning for us, my Dear brother. I am Dinka too. We should have to worry about tomorrow not now, yes we do have our country recently, but we still have challenges of borders with Sudan, even our brothers Ngok Dinka from Abyei did not achieve their goal yet. Please we should not be like ostriches by burying our heads in sand without realizing the danger around us. You have to realize that Equatorians are people who are associated and have common languages with other foreign tribes including Congolese, Ugandan and Kenyan. Imagine if you want to fight them, how are you going to survive, I say this because it may happen from now if one of these tribes could be successfully in power in those foreigners country. In this way, how are we going to fight them.

    Remember that Sudan has already put us in the list as their enemies, even others African countries were against us to break away from Sudan. We really need to be careful when we are doing things, you need to remember also that the foods we are consuming are coming from Uganda, Kenya, Congo, what do you think if these people are going to rebel against you? There will not be any foods coming from those countries, even we going to lose those brothers Ngok Dinka from Abyei and they will not achieve their goals. We should also know that during the Civil war we used Equatorian lands us our army base. I think those who’re against Equatorians, you weren’t even there. Just fill your stomachs and be quiet.

    • Aj says:

      Deng Dut,
      you are the kind of leader we want. Nobody from equatoria said they do not want dinkas but it’s the kind of culture in government to cater all people and try as much as possible to minimize issues that could lead to war, no matter what kind of war, be it a small conflict or large. But the government is sleeping and doing nothing. You are right, Why do we even retire people like Mamur who dedicated his life to go and fight in Heglic while we still have Arab wanting to take our land?

      As you said if indeed equatoria rebels, remember Murles will be joining equatoria and our military will break up and fight along regional lines. I cannot even think how many lives will be lost to Dinkas and Nuer. Arab will take advantage and that will be killing each other like hell. But I cannot tell you who will suffer more life. Where will food come for dinkas and nuer get to feed themselves?

  21. WOL says:

    Self determination is not an easy step. South Sudan, to get its independence, it’d to fight for more than 5 decades. South lost 30% of its population. Are Equatorians ready to fight other two regions to get its independence? Are Equatorians able to loose its 50% population to be free from South? Equatoria is not marginalized, they hold big positions in the government. Why they kept quiet in Juba during the war when Jalaba army raped their men like wives? Why they didn’t resist land grab in Juba in Jalaba times?

  22. I don’t know why these jieng guys are over-reacting to Dr Sindani’s article? Dr sindani is addressing his advice to the government of south Sudan not to the jieng community. when the other tribes claim that the Juba government is a jieng government some of you guys turn to deny this claim but on many occasions you do prove that the claim is true. then if that is the case, please try to tell us clearly so that we may know where to address our grievances as citizens of this country.

    what is known universally is that whoever has any problem as a citizen or community in a given a country should address it to his government or its apparatus but not to take the law into his/her hand, and that’s why we have governments. so those jieng thugs who are writing nonsense here try to get used to living as a civilized and rational human being than to stick to your blood thirsty mentality. You can’t underestimate the strength of any community or tribe due to your tribal superiority conflict. please try to give good example of governance, so that one day if other tribes come up on leadership seat they may follow than to keep on supporting ignorantly your corrupt and inefficient government of jieng satisfaction.

  23. vivian says:

    Dr Sindani,
    Thanks for raising your concerns to the public. Unfortunately, South Sudan is flooded by deafness and stupidity like no where else in the world such that even the supposedly educated few turn blind eyes towards injustice and all kinds of evil happening in the country.

    I do agree with some of the issues in this article but there are others that I tend to disagree with. Don’t forget even the three states of Eqautoria do not get equal and fair treatment. Central Equatoria always gets the better treatment as compared to Eastern and Western Equatoria. Some Equatorians are always called into action when it is time for war and resistance but others wait to reap the benefits of the struggle.

    In the unlikely event that Equatoria becomes independent, those marginalized will also seek to secede. So forget about independence for there is no justification for it at the moment.

    Whatever the differences in opinion, one fact is constant; that those who think the government belongs to them will never listen to good advise even if it is meant to help them manage the country better. If you go to many counties of South Sudan you will see real poverty and suffering. Yet the very guys in power come from those Counties, and even ordinary citizens from those impoverished communities are the very ones desperately defending the same incapacitated leaders who cannot and will not address their predicaments.
    What pains the rest of us is the fact that our desire to progress and develop irrespective of government support is being stippled by poor management of the country.

    It is quite evident now in South Sudan that there are some states which manage their affairs better than the central government.
    I would strongly opt for a federal system of government other than independence of Equatoria. The federal system has lots of advantages that lessens the tension often associated with power struggle at the center. Besides, citizens from that particular state will be empowered in their own state yet co-exist with others peacefully. Those states with less resources will be prompted to work hard to make ends meet other than waiting for oil revenues all the time.

    To the rest of my country mates, don’t defend wrongs just because those who commit such wrongs come from the same community as you. There are many from those same communities who are languishing in depth of poverty, disease, lack of education, etc. as a result of poor leadership.

    If you are defending the current government in South Sudan just because you think other people hate you community, think again.

  24. kamba says:

    Dear all, the situation in Juba remains a time-bomb. Who is to blame? Of course the SPLM led government which is insensitive to citizen’s views and opinions. Somebody talked about services being rendered to equatorians, which services? in Juba no running water except in government quarters, no power except in the same area, to date no salary, the killing of innocent equatorians by SPLM forces on daily basis in Juba, etc, etc. the list is long.
    So let’s be objective to promote justice and peace instead of criticizing somebody who tells the truth by calling spade a spade.

  25. Wani George says:

    Truth is always bitter. But of course there is no smoke without fire. What he has written is right. I happened to come across a list of students studying in Kenya under government support grant. when I tallied the numbers, equatorians were less than 40 students out of 1,823 students in 2010. I am sorry if a country we all fought for is now owned by the self acclaimed liberators. Surely something will terribly happen before it is late. Truth must be said if we want to co-exist.

  26. Fabiano says:

    South Sudan is not only equatoria. The government should advise all the ten leaders of their states to start development strategy so that their citizens can enjoy the fruits of their independence. If all of us sit down and use our funds wisely instead of taking it back to Australia, Kenya, Uganda, America, we would have moved an inch by now. It is true the country is still two years old but let us start long term investment 30-40 years first by bringing companies that can link the whole South with good roads, building Fula falls so that electrical power reach to all, engage in agriculture and construct cement and steel companies so that the country can pick up. Open good schools for your future generation, connect all states with good water system instead of some minds asking Dr. Sindani and equatorians to go back to the bush. Do you think that the Jalaba will come and develop your land, when will you wake up?

  27. Kuot says:

    I disagreed with people who responded by insulting Sebit, the author of the article. the man has observed something he has a right to express what he believes will cause animosity among our people. those of us who like South Sudan to stay united under one government can use Sebit to convince the rest of equatorians not to dream for self-determination.

    I will begin by telling my brothers from Equatoria that there is no marginalization in the government of South Sudan. What is existing in the RSS is corruption and mismanagement of national resources n these vices are practiced by all South Sudanese politicians including prominent people from Greater Equatoria. For example Equatorians have the following powerful politicians in the government of RSS. James Wani Igga, Kosti Manibe, Alison Magaya, Emmanuel Lowila, Isaac Mamur, Thomas Cirilo, and many other cabinet members. they are capable to impart recognizable changes if they are better than the rest of Southern politicians.

    The only positions that are not occupied by equatorians are the president and the V.president. No person or tribe is an obstacle if people from Equatoria choose to be the president and v. President. So there is no justifiable reason for Equatorians to fight for self-determination when government belong to them. No international community will listen to complainants and whiners who are not satisfied even after they are appointed to lead a National Legislative Assembly, Ministry of National Economic and Planning, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, ministry of Interior, Ministry of Agriculture, etc

    land grabbing started due to failure of Central Equat. state to allocate plots to people of South Sudan. Some people choose to go and buy from local chief. you blame your CES and chiefs for land grabbing. Those who blame the rest of south Sudanese for coming to Juba do not know that capital city belongs to all the citizens of the country. so go to school to understand who are the residents of the capital city.

  28. upiu says:

    Whereas on literal aspect we seem to be divided on Equatoria vs. rest of of South Sudan (mediaval, per Lupai) but on another level it is ‘owners’ of truth vs ‘denials’ of truth. These dichotomies are as useless as those who are perpetuating them. They do NOT define us and they are not going to help our nation!
    Are there serious crimes happening in our country? undoubtfully yes, Are they isolated? No. Corruption (tribalism, nepotism, land grabing, looting of public resources) is at its max. These corrupted leaders comes from all over S.Sudan. Consider this. Recently, the speaker of Juba national assembly was in Canada with an entourage of only 3 members, thanks to austerity measures in place. The crew included himself (speaker), an advisor (his uncle) and a security ( his nephew). Well, this third most ranking government official didn’t come from the mediaval rest of s. Sudan. He is a S. Sudanese doing what they all do in the government. Fundamental change is needed as called for by some far-sight thinkers in and outside Juba.
    Partitioning hasn’t helped us and more of it won’t be a silver bullet solution either.
    Think BIG, fight BIG and we will win BIG.

    • Dennis says:

      You are very observing! The Same is happening among the Dinka themselves. The Dinka Big men in power are dong all they can to only enrich and employ their closest relatives. Where does that leave Dinkas with no relatives in the government like myself? My family and I are suffering just like “Some” Equatorians are despite the fact that I lost many of my close relatives as battlefield fighters.

  29. kikisik says:

    I have read all of your postings whether you’re Dinka, Nuer or Equatorian, and I have come to a conclusion that there is really a very wide difference between our brothers at the other side.
    Brothers and sisters it is a good thing to have a debate knowing that it is a method of interactive argument, and in it we built a better ideas, establishing and maintaining an environment that supports an open exchange of ideas not insult.
    Our country is going through a difficult period since coming out of war after its independence two years ago. Who on earth would believe before independence that this new country can undergo such a difficult situation some of which are caused by our own weakness and greed (RSS).
    Examples of which are insecurity, corruption, nepotism, tribalism to mention some few. It seem, we did not learn from the past. Some of the above problems are not found in Equatoria alone. So what is happening in Equatoria, the Equatorian has right to express themselves there is no need to call Equatorian names.What is taking place in Bahr el ghazal or in Upper Nile, the people of these states have rights to their opinions and Equatorian have no rights to call them names. This notion of who fought the war, who is brave and who is coward will not help us built this fragile nation that we are see sleeping away. How many wars has been fought in different part of the world, take for example the American war of independence do some American say to fellow American that they should not express their feeling when something is not right? Leave alone that how many people who are not American are now enjoying the same privilege did they fought the war? Leave alone that, how many Somalian are now enjoying in RSS did they fought the war?
    I am an Equatorian, I believe in peace mutual respect for all human being, for all are created equal in the eyes of God whether you are Dinka or Nuer and that does not means that I am coward.
    Let us not provoke the situation and let us respect peoples’ opinions like that of Dr. Sebit because he has seen what is not good in Equatoria and being an Equatorian, he is entitled to expressing his views and if you are Dr. Tut or Dr. Maper Garang your opinion also should be respected. This is how we can let our government listen to our complaints.
    In conclusion, brother and sisters, our people have suffered enough, it is time to hold our government responsible to some of our suffering as a result weak government, let us hold them responsible to the principle that they fought for during the liberation struggle.

  30. Kenyi Alex says:

    WOL and Others,
    This call will be peaceful unless you want it violently which you will not manage; Because “there is nothing more powerful then an Idea whose time has come.” Those people died not because they were killed by the enemies but, by their own leaders, hunger and diseases…
    For sure how many South Sudanese were killed by Riak Machar, Kuol Manyang, Karbino Kony………….
    The title is “the Worrying Signs that may lead Equatoria to demand separation.” Meaning Doctor Sindani is ringing an alarm first if our Government heeds to his call we shall continue in United South Sudan. But if not then you know the answer.
    “Do you think Equatorians would accept to be second class Citizens in their own Country?
    “Those who love freedom for themselves should ask themselves by how much must they endure for the freedom of others” US President Barack Obama during UN Convention 2012.

  31. Dan says:

    Dear Kikisik,
    I like the way you put your points across. I just don’t agree with the examples you give like the case of USA because no migrants go there and claim part of their country to belong to them and try to exclude the rest of the citizens. And for the Somalians in South Sudan at least they don’t blame tribes for things they experience from South Sudan. They know the difference between the government and the tribes. And do not forget that the USA fought the bloodiest war when some States started their “Kokora” and the kokora group lost the war. And when you identified yourself as an equatorian and referred to others as Dinka and Nuer, don’t you think they have regions to be identified with if we want this regionalism thing to anchor its roots in our shallow brains? We are either South Sudanese or members of our various tribes and not regions.

  32. Roto Nice says:

    Thanks a lot Mr. Monyluak,
    Sorry for so-called Dr. Sendani Sebit, he is out of his mind. i wondered how someone holding big title doctor behaves like a kid? your personal hatred with Dinka/Nuer should not be turned as equatorians of hatred. when you talk of two tribes domination, do you know that Dinka community exists in 7 states out of 10 states of SS? they are right to dominate because they represent their respective states not equatoria as your short thinking views it. there is no way you can see Dinka and equatorians are equal in parliament or in ministerial posts.
    secondly: when these two tribes fought the liberation war, equatorians were in hiding watching from outside the country, they did it and they must enjoy it whether you like or not.
    Lastely: self determination is not given on a golden plate, go to the bush come and get it after you paid dearly for it.
    all articles you have posted should be ignored because you are not a man just a coward, shame on you.

  33. Taban says:

    Opinions should be respected instead of calling Mr. Sebit all kinds of names. This is not right; freedom of speech does not mean someone has to use profane language. Only those who are incapable of reasoning can do that in order to justify their ignorance.

  34. King Nyamlel says:

    HHHHHHHHHAAA.Is he crying or lamenting!!!

  35. kampala says:

    My fellow citizen,

    What Dr. Sidani, pleading to our government, should not be a time bomb, that exposes our real inside heart which can poison other innocent citizens. May God help the leadership of our Government to response to his pleading and gives The Equatorians hope to see their future in this baby beloved country.

  36. You go on! What are you waiting for? You are wasting your time here!

  37. Rasta says:

    I do agree with Sebit, SPLA/M is to be blamed by all these sorts of things going on in our country. Equatorians think they are the ones that’s being wrong alone, but everyone is suffering in South Sudan.

  38. Abei Peter says:

    Big up, Dr Sebit.

  39. J Aggrey says:

    Why do we in Equatoria argue with the Dinka? There is an old saying which says that if you argue with a fool, you become a fool yourself. We did not need guns when we kicked the Dinkas out of Equatoria back then in 1983. The Dinka know our gun very well. When it’s fired it’s loud and clear. That is KOKORA!! Only wait and see time will TELL…

  40. Ishakho says:

    Success to you J Aggrey, I have never known a brave Equatorian, you are worse than a woman.

  41. wad wau says:

    Dear Brothers & Sisters of Greater Equatoria:
    take care that what happened in Western Bahr El Ghazal under the direct supervision of the STOOGE, TRAITOR & IDIOT: Rizik Zakariah Hassan Dogoogoo doesn’t happen to you! God bless you & we do support you by whatever means we have: Long live the Vision of Our Late Leader and Father: Dr. John Garang De Mabior.

  42. Andrew poth says:

    I’m appalled by some of comments here in the response to Sebit Sindani’s article. i think everyone is entitled to their opinion and they have right to express what they think about their country. it’s not fair on people of Equatoria to be dictated like that every time they tried to express their concerns about the current rule or leadership. I’m Nuer myself but i wouldn’t support a policy that segregates people of south Sudan because that’s just wrong to support it. so are Nuer or Dinka, please back off to tell mr sebit off. he is allowed to have his say in the country. Obviously it’s bad government that segregates it citizens with awful policies. my perspective is south Sudan needs change not tomorrow but now.

  43. Mawa Deno Andunga says:

    I do agree Dr sebit. The situation in south sudan will one day lead to self determination of Equatorians and it seems is already in pipeline. May our leaders change their greedy attitudes and focus on the development of south sudan before we pronounce our Leaders have same culture with arabs. The best leader who has the spirit of nationalism is President Joseph Lagu. He does not segregate and looks south sudanese as same family unlike the current government. Although his Addis Ababa agreement failed due to weak support of churches instead of International community, intellectuals were not many that time and so forth. He can be credited for what he has done during the transition period. God forbid, what is happening in our south sudanese current government.

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