Worrying signs of usage of divisive words in South Sudan portends serious repercussions

BY: Dr. Ireneaus Sebit, Nairobi, Kenya, APR/08/2013, SSN;

Thinking about patriotism is like thinking about creating heaven in the homeland where people reap the abundant fruits of liberation, where children are guaranteed their future, where health services are for all free of charge or nearly so. Thinking about patriotism is like thinking about a home that has modern roads, bridges, railway lines, modern airlines, good communication system. Thinking about patriotism is like thinking about abundant food grown within the country not the catastrophic daily import from Uganda and Kenya.

Thinking about patriotism is like thinking about dedication to creating peace, tranquility and unity among the people of South Sudan. Thinking about patriotism is like thinking about non-existence of corruption, nepotism, tribalism, hegemony, oppression and subjugation. Thinking about patriotism is like thinking about absolute respect for public and individual property and working for one another as brothers and sisters in one country.

Thinking about patriotism is like thinking about existence of rule of law where human sanctity and rights are upheld. Thinking about patriotism is like thinking about existence of independent judiciary, parliament and executive that complement each other. I would go on thinking about patriotism endlessly but I have to end because the patriotism being preached in South Sudan has different interpretation from the dictionary patriotism.

What is being preached is a translocation of words from Nyagat and liberators. I will expound on this connection later but I would like to start by saying that of recent some of our brothers have started questioning South Sudanese whether they are patriots or not. This means there are patriotic South Sudanese and Non-patriotic South Sudanese.

Before going to urge on this point I want to recall that during the referendum, it was announced to the whole world that 98% of South Sudanese voted yes for the independence of South Sudan. If this is the case I wonder whether what some people are calling non-patriotic South Sundanese are the 2% who voted no or there is a new connotation to the use of the word patriotism.

My crystal ball tell me that there is a new connotation to the usage of patriotism. My strong feeing is that this is yet another invention to discriminate or divide South Sudanese into two groups: patriotic and non-patriotic and this is coming up because words like Nyagat and liberators have lost taste and indeed become un-sellable even to the proponents of being liberators and non-Nyagat.

Ladies and gentlemen, rather let me say my countrymen, nothing can be hidden but the fact is that all these three words are being used in one context; we are not collaborators with the enemy (not Nyagat), we are liberators thus have right to everything and we are patriots and thus can be corrupt, tribalistic, oppressive, hegemonic and dictatorial. Let me not be misunderstood at this stage but follow the issues, countrymen.

The word Nyagat was coined in 1983 by the newly-formed SPLM/SPLA to refer to the Anya Anya two who Garang had forced out in the initially unified movement when the fighters met for the first time in Bonga, Ethiopia, after various groups including Garang and Keribino joined the group led by Abdalla Chol, Gaitut and Atem.

During this democratic exercise Garang was elected to lead the army but this did not go down well with him because he wanted to lead the unified movement. Secondly Garang and his group objected to the goal of the movement which was to fight for independence of South Sudan. Backed by Ethiopia, Garang dropped away Abdalla Chol’s group resulting in a protracted war that led to defeat of Anya Nya two.

During this period of feud the word Nyagat was coined to describe Anya Nya II as collaborators with the enemy. So the connotation was you’re a collaborator with the enemy. Once you are said to be a Nyagat you deserved to die the way the founders of Anya Nya II were hunted down and killed in shameful manner.

It was stated that Garang ordered one of the bodies of the Anya Nya II leaders to be flocked by a cane made from cow skin. Therefore this word was coined to divide South Sudanese to non-collaborators and collaborators who were enemies of the movement.

However, what was the crime Anya Nya II really committed? The crime was to fight for the liberation of South Sudan and as Garang proudly said that his first bullet was to kill separatists.

The paradox of this is that millions of lives were wasted on creating united democratic secular Sudan with no success but at the end the separatists prevailed and South Sudan was born albeit with persistent asthma which the current doctors (leaders) are not only to able to treat but in fact not able to diagnose.

When the movement split in 1991, the word Nyagat was immediately translocated to refer to Riak’s group because they dared to oppose the principle of united secular democratic Sudan. I dare to say this because this term was applied to Riak’s group long before he signed the Khartoum agreement with the Sudan Government.

The idea here was also to divide the South Sudanese into two groups of non-collaborators and collaborators who are enemies of the liberation. Thus the so-called collaborators were deemed enemies of the “New Sudanese” and must be liquidated.

If my history serves me well, the so-called Bor massacre came about as a result of Garang sending forces to attack Riak’s position in Upper Nile. This attack was led by none other than Willian Nyoun. When this force was defeated and retreated to Bor, the Nuer took advantage to try and annihilate Bor. What followed is a black spot in the history of South Sudan.

The use of this discriminating word only vanished when the CPA was signed bringing together both the non-Nyagat and Nyagat into the Government of South South (popularly referred to as Government of Self Service). However, Nyagat as a word disappeared because there was no one to be referred to as Nyagat, a new word came; the liberator.

This was meant to not only divide the people of South Sudan into those who were in the bush fighting and those who remained in the non liberated areas but it was actually meant to demonize those who did not go to the bush. It was meant to call them Nyagat who deserve nothing in South Sudan because they did not fight for it.

It was intended to raise the profiles of those who were in the bush to be the deserving sons of South Sudan. This fact underlined the so-called liberators attitude towards other South Sudanese whereby taking somebody’s property including taking over people’s lands was accepted.

This concept created impunity in the government. It created nepotism, favoritism and the attitude of everything is mine because I liberated it.

On the hand the non-liberators were looked upon with contempt. They were made to be inferior and almost second class to the liberators. They were considered undeserving, not worthy of participating in the development of South Sudan.

This mistaken attitude created the rampant corruption in South Sudan because the so-called liberators did not consider taking government money as corruption but a right and benefit of fighting. The behavior of the so-called liberators in the past seven and half years have depicted them as people who did not go to the bush to liberate country and its entire masses.

What is the use of going to fight if there are no oppressed, subjugated or downtrodden people to liberate?

In fact one cannot go to the bush to liberate himself or herself as an individual if there are no other human beings to liberate. However, the mockery of our situation in South Sudan is that the liberators have become the oppressors, the masters and bourgeois of South Sudan.

Therefore the creation of the word liberator was meant to create a master and servant relationship in South Sudan while on the other hand empowering the liberators with impunity to an extent that taking away a life, property or belongings of a non liberator does no count in any law in the country.

Because of intensive criticisms that many level-minded South Sudanese raised against the word liberator resulting from its negative connotation, the masters of South Sudan have come up with yet another emotional but divisive word. The word is patriot.

As I said in the introduction, patriotism is being created yet to divide the people creating a class of patriots and non patriots. Certainly it is the same game being played over and over so that the non patriots are subjugated and relegated to the level of undeserving second class South Sudanese.

However, my understanding of patriots like Fidel Castro, Barack Obama, Chavez, Mandela and others is that they dedicate their whole lives to not only the country but also to improve the lives of their citizenry without personal gains. These leaders consider their country and countrymen first before they consider themselves.

In fact this week Obama announced that he was going to give back 5% of his salary to the Government because some deserving American needed it. The paradox in South Sudan is that the patriots are the first to become millionaires from looted government coffers. They are the ones who have institutionalized impunity, corruption, nepotism, tribalism and name it… in the world.

They have made South Sudan a failed state. They continue to use dictatorship by ruling by decrees instead of using democratic means. They continue to subjugate, oppress and subject the masses into a state of despair and uncertainty.

South Sudan is on the crossroads because the so-called patriots cannot think of how to render services to the people.

Therefore, my greatest worry is that the people are being continuously divided using intellectual chauvinism yet those who are creating this situation do not know that human elasticity is not indefinite. Science has educated us that this elasticity will one day give up and nobody knows what can happened.

History has thought us that even the downtrodden, the helpless and the beggars will one day say enough is enough, and this is my advise to the government and the so-called non-Nyagat, liberators and patriots.

Please wake up from the delusions of non-nyagatism, liberation and patriotism and face the realities facing our people. The people need services not your selfish grandiose mentality.

God bless South Sudan

Ireneaus Sebit; Nairobi; Kenya


  1. Andrew Jienge says:

    Dr Sebit, you have nailed it on its head. It is very clear to every South Sudanese now, what this group is upto. If you see the way this country is being run, is exactly the way their culture is. This group is destroying our social fabric. Let’s wait for these savages to comment negatively on this well written piece.

  2. Tongun Lo loyuong says:

    Wonderful piece, composed, direct, seamless and compelling; you have raised the bar to another level. Excellent thank you, Dr. Sebit.

  3. Dinka land says:

    Please, stop writing and look for the gun with the people you said are not non-nyagat to liberate yourself from nyagat and real liberators of South Sudan.
    Hahahahahahahhaa, what a big and unable dream although people take 100 years. Be it, god will help you.

  4. Abei Peter says:


  5. Tyson says:

    Dr Sindani

    The ruling clique has no shame. They live a rotten world cemented with denial, corruption, killing. nepotism. etc… but their days are numbered. Some of these should face international justice. It may take long but it will happen.

  6. nyaputa says:

    Dinka Land,
    I think you’re behind the news. war have already started and guns are rocking jonglei on daily basis and that is part of liberation.
    Stop bull-shitting around, we will get you soon. sebit is just giving advice while you are still sleeping in your dram land. get it dummy?

  7. True. John Garang De Mabior violated democratic process at the infancy of the movement. And this was because of John Garang’s greed, thirst for leadership. SPLA/SPLM never recovered from violating south sudanese unity and its people democratic culture from the get-go. Anything that happened afterward was a domino theory. The movement was therefore cursed with dictatorship, lies, coup and counter-coup. The parallel vision and Garang’s calculated, strategic confusion all in the name of greed.

    So, Dr. Sebit correctly diagnosed the real disease in the SPLM. Nyagats, non-liberators, non-patriots were/are just the symptoms. The way SPLM/A tries to make itself feel better. In reality, SPLM/A was/is a sick movement operating on delusions ad non-democratic means. Why did Garang, Kiir, Keribino, William Nyuon, Arok Thon Arok, Majier Gai, plus others fire their first bullets against the separatists? And then turned against themselves with Keribino & Arok jailed and William Nyuon defecting from Garang? And John Garang brutally Killing Majier, Gai? And Kiir trying to defect from Garang in 2004? Can anyone see the “idiots rotten…to the core” from the very beginning of the movement?

  8. dmajak says:

    It is naive to call Dinka Land as behind news. You don’t know him that much, Nyuputa. He is now defending the Dinka land fighting David yy in jonglei. He will kill yau yau immediately and Jonglei will be free from this criminal yy and his supporters from Equatoria.
    To sebit, I don’t believe you as Dr because you are telling lies after lies. One of these lies you said that Riak’s forces came to Bor area when they defeated Nyuon Bany forces which is not true. Our hero, Nyuon Bany was fighting around Juba at that time. I could not blame you because you are one of the kenyans that claim citizenship in the name of Equatoria. You should know that history. If you’re a real South Sudanese, you could help our people in Juba not in Nairobi or are you one of coward Drs that feared kiir government?
    Come back, he will not kill you if you follow the laws of Republic of South Sudan.

    To Dmajak: So, by your simplistic logic, Kiir will kill him or anyone for that matter, if any person “doesn’t follow the law.” How pathetic are your or kiir’s laws, or why do you or Kiir always are obsessed of kill, kill, kill…? Editor

    • Aj says:

      Am sorry dmajak,
      you are just not getting it eh! You can try to defend your gov’t but the time is catching up and what Sebit wrote will proved it. If I were you, I will be wise to think twice before you utter on the net. I have a dinka friend who admits wrong doing in Juba and he might only be one i know but may be many have the same feeling. Let us wait SPLM/A convention. I am sure Riek will run against Kirr and that will be another setback.

      Don’t blame Jonglei war on Equatorians, blame a triangle of Dinka, Nuer and Murle.
      Good luck

  9. nyaputa says:

    I know your friend dinkaland through his talk and everybody who reads his posting will definitely conclude that he is not aware of what is going on in jonglei state and that is why i said to him he is behind the news. if your friend were to be fighting yau yau, he should have not missed who is/was holding the guns in the fight.
    Dmajak, there is nothing naive in my posting but you’re the one. did you call Equatorians David’s Yau Yau supporters?
    My friend, you and dinkaland stop dreaming. we’re not supporters BUT WE ARE PART OF YAU FIGHTING FORCE, get it or no. Murle land and its people are part and parcel of Equatoria.
    Dmajak, what do both of you know about fighting in jonglei? do you know that Yau Yau killed 305 spla on the first day of attack and 26 were taken prisoners and rest fled to Ethiopia and walked their way days and nights to kapoeta by foot?
    Dmajak, both of you must be milking a cow at salva kir LUWAK ((office) that is why you guys become too blind to see what is wrong and right? Dmajak, am sure your’e in 6m project that was stolen in kiir office.
    anyway take care and enjoy your loot. murle and Equatorains will get you soon because we have what it takes to undo your tribalism practices.

    Dmajak, giving advice is not a crime .

  10. J Gombu says:

    To dmajak, please note that Dr. Sebit is not from your backward jonglei county. His postulation and analysis is in place. Dr. Sebit is not a self-pro-claimed Dr or Phd as your Kirr. dmajak, if you had gone to high classes of education, you would have seen Dr. Sebit’s point. However, it seems that you could not comprehend what Dr. Sebit is putting forward. You and the likes are those who worked hard to make South Sudan a failed state. I would like to advice you to take some time off from your warehouse or cleaning work to ask prudent questions about the history of South Sudan (The land of South Sudan, The People of Southern Sudan, Race and Ethnicity North of the Tenth Parallel, The Torit Munity of 1955, The Anya-Nya, SPLA, etc) before writing on a public forum. Have a nice day mzee, J. Gombu, DiP, Acct, Hon. B.Com, CGA, CIA. J. Gombu is a seniro auditor with the government of Canada.

    • Aj says:

      Exactly J.Gombu! this guy doesn’t get the point and that is how Juba governs its people.

    • Dear J.Gombu:
      Jonglei is indeed a backward County. yet it produces intellectuals such as Dr. John Garang who finished his high classes of education in the United States of America and returned home to liberate his people from the slavery. When are you coming home from Canada to liberate your people or be a senior auditor with the government of South Sudan? Are you gearing up to replace Mrs.Sheila Fraser, the Auditor general of Canada?

      • J. Gombu says:

        Mr. Lukudu (Karo) Galkuoth Garang (Nuer or Dinka), you are too behind about Mrs. Sheila Fraser. For your information, Mrs. Sheila Fraser has left Auditor General Office as her term was over. Since you are already on the ground (South Sudan), I encourage you to set up liberation movement to liberate South Sudanese from dysfunctional government in Juba. What liberation are you calling about. I am sure you are one of those who ask many South Sudanese who went home to contribute their share towards the development of South Sudan that they never liberated South Sudan, therefore, no jobs for them. It is not hard to become Auditor General of Canada, Mr. Lukudu Galkuot Garang. There are no uncles, nephews, kins, etc. in Canadian government system. Your papers, skills and experience matters. I hope it is the same in South Sudan.

  11. kikisik says:

    Dr. Sebit, I commend you for your nice piece. To our brothers or die heart supporters of the SPLM who still do not believe the corruption, nepotism, insecurity, tribalism etc that are taking place in a daylight in our country to name some few, soon Moses is coming to rescue us all from this reign of terror including you the die-hearted. Some of you die hearted are just supporting this government for the sake, otherwise all of us are in the same boat.
    Remember, People like Dr Sebit, Al Hag Paul , Mr. Mapour Malual , Mr. Juma Mabor, to name same few are not against any individual in the SPLM or the GOSS, they are against what is taking place in this beautiful young nation in regard to Corruption, insecurity etc as I have mentioned in the beginning. These individuals are not paid to write this, but because of their love of the country, they took their time out of their schedules, as such, we are supposed to be thankful for their effort.

    My country men, the war of liberation is over, the war that we are facing is worse. This war that we are facing is the nation building that required participation of all South Sudanese regardless of their political affiliation. That is why some of our brothers are fighting, not with guns, but with pens. Let us unite in this fight and not let this country get destroyed by the few who still consider themselves liberators, the time of liberation is gone.

    Instead, let us ask ourselves these question, what are we to do come 2015? Those in the SPLM thought that South Sudan belong to them. Nobody should own this nation, South Sudan belongs to us all. In conclusion, join me in saluting our heroes, those who keep on writing beautiful articles not out of hatred, but for the love of this nation. My God bless you, and the people of this beautiful nation.

  12. Anok Maketh says:

    Dr. Sebit,
    the theme of your article, “PATRIOTISM” is legitimately worth debating. However, I disagreed with most of your statements which are really misleading. I would like to give you some information in case of future article, as mentioned by Dmajak that William Nyoun was fighting jalaba around Juba with other commanders like Koul, James Hoth, John Koung along with Dr. John’s special force called bright stars campaign.
    Dr. Riek announced his coup on August 28, 1991, two days later he started to kill non-nuer SPLA officers who were actually part of his force who captured towns in Upper Nile including Nassir where Riek was residing as head of commander of his zone before the coup, more than 300 officers perished. People thought after he cleared out his suspicious elements, he will then start fighting to capture Malakal. Noop!
    His enemies became civilians in Bor area in October 1991, then civilians in Adoung area & Dhougol in summer of 1992. Then william defected in late 1992. I will stop here for if I continue it will take me whole day becz I was there, people of South Sudan knows better than that manipulative information you just coined to confuse the youngster who might had been breastfeeding or not even born at a time.

    • Dear Anok Maketh:

      Thank you for correcting the false information presented here by Dr.Sebit. It is quite apparent that some of our online PHD holders attempt to distort or rewrite the history of our struggle for freedom from 1955 to 2005. Your correction is indeed informative and accurate. Many lives were innocently lost in cold blood murder in that insanity Coup of Dr. Riek Machar in 1991. They were disarmed and slaughtered just because they were not Nuer and they supported the SPLA. However, in 2000, Dr. Riek Machar returned to the same SPLA in which he killed the innocent officers for it’s support and allegiance. What a waste of human lives by PHD holder? Will the South Sudan really learn or benefit from our PHD holders?

  13. To dmajak
    it’s really a pity for God to create such irrational animal of your kind and if God were to retrieve from his decision he could have created you a donkey rather than a human being. it’s really mind boggling to find a human being in our generation who keeps on persisting in defending a government that is totally feeble and barren, a government that’s occupied by people who are mentally corrupted, tribalistic and the worst warlords. i understand your basis of argument, why you don’t like the dinka government to collapse because you guys are parasites who can’t live without your relatives looting from the public institutions You want this rotten government to remain so that you continue with your corrupt practices and rampant insecurity, because your culture encourages and legalizes stealing and killing as can be attested to by you cattle raiding practices.
    But don’t be convinced of your current control of government apparatus plus your metaphysical mechanical majority, this will never save you when the zero hour comes.

  14. Choromke Jas says:

    Dear Daktari and All:
    An academic I met some years ago had told me the following story: Two professors were walking along a road when they spotted an egg. One of them said, “This was an egg of snake. The other vehemently disputed saying it was not. Then they carried the egg to their lab where they watched it closely. Then, it hatched! It was indeed a small snake. The disbelieving professor dismissed it as a small snake that was harmless. But his colleague insisted that it might one day grow into a big snake. So, he took off and stayed away from the lab.
    With time the small snake grew into its full size. Then the doubting professor had to run for his dear life when the snake wanted to bite him. Away in exile from their lab, the first professor was surprised to see his friend and proceeded to inquire as to why he had left the lab. Now chastised, the doubting professor admitted that indeed, the egg was that of snake and that the small snake had grown into a monster which nearly killed him. He had to Hussein bolt.

    Yes, the SPLA was an innocent looking egg. Some people had warned that the SPLA was the son of a snake, but others disputed this. Now the SPLA/SPLM/Government of Self-service has grown int an Ogre that even eats its own children. Who will help us against this monster unashamedly calling itself “patriotic”?!!

    • Aj says:

      Choromke Jas,
      your narrative cracked my ribs. I like the way you put it. snake or not lab proved the deal. As of Uhsain Bolt, it will be like trying to catch up juba bridge before one got stuck on other side of the bank and cannot swim. So take off like bolt for your life.

  15. Danide says:

    Dear All!
    It is becoming clear that the editor is bias! With absolute confidence, the moderator of this website is promoting a divisive agenda in South Sudan! Though others are trying to rewrite the history of our liberation, it will do no good at all! They will be proven wrong! This article by the so-called Dr. Sebit serves as an incitement to enable him and the co. advance a secret agenda! It is true, these rhetoric of Nyagat and so forth were common during war time, but now as a person living in Juba, I have never heard anybody calling or somebody being called so! So there is no basis for this article!
    To prove that the editor was bias read his remark after Dmajak’s comment!

    Danide: You are entitled to your opinion or view about this article by Dr. Sebit or anyone else. My comment to Dmajak was to rebuke this idea of ‘killing’ always in some people thoughts.
    Can we talk and disagree among ourselves without thinking about killing the other who you don’t agree with? Tell me, am I already a target for ‘killing’ because of my moderator job of this forum/website???

  16. They said “don’t argue with a fool because the fool will not know the difference in the argument,” but again it is good to inform or the fool know that he is a fool no matter however much he/she wants to deny it because if a pig puts on a lipstick trying to be a human being, it is still a pig.
    So, what Dr. Sindani is doing, is a last warning to the pig to put his/her act together before it is too late. Anything, after this warning, will always be something of the past. Let those who’ve ears listen carefully.

  17. riek says:

    Equatorian cowards going gaga over cheap shots aimed at Dinka and Nuer…. You Sindani and other Congo-faced midgets should find another way of articulating your frustrations with LRA and M23. Mighty Dinka is here to stay in South Sudan and in Equatoria!

  18. Dear Editors:

    It seems that you have sided with certain groups and particularly those who have chosen to throw their political punches on Jieng/ Nuer and this is not fair at all. It appears that the debate has become one sided and that is the Equatorians side. You only allow or published the articles of those who attack and insult Jieng/Nuer and intentionally block the reply from Jieng and Nuer’s debaters.

    Please let the people debate themselves freely and equally otherwise you should censor or block all the debaters online. Also I would like to remind the honourable members of the SSN Parliament that the Republic of South Sudan was not liberated online. It was physically liberated by guns and Ballots. Therefore we shouldn’t be making threats or war declarations online. Also there is no a single tribe running the government in Juba. It is run by the people from a tribe and not by a tribe, thus we should be attacking the people and not their respective tribes. If you want to fight for your own rights and liberty, please come and do it physically in South Sudan and not online. I have recently written some articles but they were not published for a reason not known to me. Is there any reason why some articles are published and some aren’t? Please keep the debate open and fair for all South Sudanese without bias or prejudice.

    Editorial reply: Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang: As one of our strong supporter of the website, we’re surprised of your contentions about the editorial policies. You are assured of the editorial decisions fairness. What might be causing your agitation is that we tend to limit the number of comments by the same person on each article. We never sanction or bar any comment or person from participation on the SSN since it’s our supreme policy to agitate for and support freedom of speech. You’re also most welcome. Editor

  19. Dan says:

    You can take all the Murles that may want to join you, but no piece of Jonglei land will be conceded to anyone.

  20. Why are you guys wasting your times with Dr. in Nairobi? He is not coming back to lead his rebels against the South Sudan government like Dr. John Garang did against the Sudan. I am sure Dr. has been in the same position since the war began between South Sudan and Sudan. He has nothing to offer for improvement as he claims today by criticizing Dr. John Garang work.

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