Wise up, Isaiah Abraham: Riek Machar can’t get a Democratic Nomination

BY: L.L. Reuben, CANADA
SEP. 24/2012. SSN; Let’s remind ourselves of what democracy is and make sense of its impact and how it affects the process of choosing of a leader in this case. Let’s refrain from a presumptuous wishful thinking driven by the perception that those who have higher education (PhD) will somehow make good leaders if ever they get chance to lead.

We should also be very mindful that democracy is mostly about a freedom to choose what each of us desires for ourselves freely without any interference or intimidation from anybody else.

I see democracy as a menace when talking about a country like the Republic of South Sudan not because I am an anti-democracy but an enormous illiterate population like the South Sudan has allowed democracy to operate from the opposite side – it has been perceived wrong by semi-illiterates and as a result democracy help created rebellion, a path that true democracy cannot not lead to. Those who revolt do so because they had thought about democracy from a different perspective.

The militias calling themselves rebels in the jungles of the Republic of South Sudan see democracy as a tool of fudging their own way to leadership, they don’t view it as fair system of governance that everyone should abide by. So when they lost elections during the 2010 Election they failed to understand that in democracy no one is exempt from loss.

In another word, they should have embraced the loss and wait for the next wrestle match. But because they were not prepared in case of a lost – this is what prompted them to pick up their riffles and begin to negotiate using their riffles to achieve what they think can still be considered democratic had they succeeded.

There is so much to democracy these days even those who know better bluntly chose to ignore the true meaning of the word (system) itself and instead hide behind by punching a hole through it in order to carry out their interest.

Isaiah Abraham has done this right out-of-the get-go from the inception days of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS). He’s desperately doing this to cleanse his idol, Riek Machar (vice-president), from the sins he shares with his colleagues (the corruption boys) in the SPLM.

An example of how democracy is misrepresented and its meaning gravely distorted for the purpose of achieving a concealed interest.

In a true democracy, Riek Machar has zero chance of winning a democratically-held election. Riek has a better chance if he is appointed by his President Salva Kiir; a scenario Mr. Abraham had written articles shedding tears for the possibility of its occurrence but nothing guaranteed that from Kiir’s deportment himself and to his credit Isaiah knows that very well which explains why he constantly preach an imaginary capability possessed by Riek that not very many know of except Mr. Isaiah Abraham himself.

Both Machar and Kiir are allegedly at the top of the network of organisms that had embezzled the infamous “4 billions” dollar that even Isaiah talked about sometimes in his articles. It is a complete nonsense that Abraham detached his godfather (Riek) from Kiir. Whilst in the eyes of all South Sudanese both are money embezzlers at worst; no lesser evil between the two in that regard.

Riek himself has minimal credentials to preach to Southerners other than his own doctorate (PhD), nothing more than that. Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) was a sham and in no approach did that bogus agreement had brought the so-called Self-determination.

The Comprehensives Peace Agreement (CPA) brought the independence of Republic of South Sudan without any doubt from the sane – so again no credit to Riek on there. Salva has a signature in the Naivasha Peace Accord, Riek can share the pride of that with his President Salva.

When I looked at the demographic of the Republic of South Sudan I see chances of Kiir triumphing on another election higher than Machar’s or anyone else in that matter but only unless Kiir handed his throne to his deputy. We have a huge rural population with less or no education. This population votes based on who they know – their tribesmen/women. Convince me how Kiirdit will not win that vote.

This style of voting fits perfectly within the principles of democracy- by the way, it is not tribalism because a person chose who they want—- simple democracy. Now how do you like this kind of democracy-or- isn’t? Those who think they know democracy better than others will have tough times accepting this side of it.

Riek, on the other hand, if he wants to go head to head with his boss President Salva Kiir Mayardit, he has to convince millions of Southerners he offended during the liberation war. His association with Omar Bashier as he too deputized Bashir after the signing of his KPA also will diminish his chances.

I should‘ve forgotten this but true democracy can be achieved by electing clean leaders. In the end, a pretentious democracy will still be the same to a belligerent type of governance we have currently.

Leader without achievements to present and campaign for cannot pass the democratic election either. Singing along to the tune of western democracy is not good enough. He has to have something to show for, that something is missing from VP Riek Machar himself.

The Republic of South Sudan is not an experiment where murderous and human rights violators are given second chances to be seen if they can redeemed themselves. We have thousands of PhD holders in South Sudan of which some don’t even have jobs. We should start the experiment of choosing right a leader if this is all we have to do to bring true democracy. Those who have never broken human laws and obviously not part of the self-serving gang in Juba and Khartoum (regarding Lam Akol) should be first in line.

LL Reuben is a concerned South Sudanese in Canada reached him at lokinei@hotmail.com


  1. Wani George says:

    Mr. Reuben, this is the only way we can achieve to have a better South Sudan. I am so disturbed when I hear people only talking of Riek and Salva Kiir. I want to tell the rest that we have more capable people than the two. Don’t you think the likes of Hon Wani can unite South Sudanese and rule better as a President of this country? I believe even Salva should this time give way to true democracy. We must change the face of this country.

  2. William says:

    Raik Machar stands no chance because his coup attempt in 1991 totally failed against Garang and the killing of south-western Dinkas in the clans of twic, bor and much more. Dinkas are the largest tribe in south Sudan and they will not vote for Reik Machar or Lam Akol, they will vote for a Dinka themselves like Salva kiir.

  3. 4justice says:

    Salva Kiir, his deputy Riak Machar and their unqualified tribesmen are vandalizing South Sudan. What is happening in South Sudan is beyond idiocy, it is almost impossible to describe what Salva and his cohorts are doing in humanly terms.

  4. Dear Readers.

    This critism of tribes rather than individual records will not help, look at William’s comment. Are we here to debate between Dinka to rule the south forever and Riek to run for next election? Am seeing most of South Sudanese confused of Riek and Salva Kiir Goverment, these two have got common objective leave alone the conspiracy policy being used by Bor to mislead other Dinka for the sake of their own interest.
    Look here when Bor attempted the coup early this year, what happened? Have you seen Riek’s tribe involved or other Dinka? These are the indicators of unity rather than electing another person out of the two.

  5. Biliew says:

    Who do you think if not Dr Riek Machar? He’s the right leader who will build institutions and promote respect for human rights in the South Sudan, something that your current corrupt lord will never do. Riek Machar (PhD) is the champion of democracy and the father of self-determination which you are now enjoying. We thank God for giving us this bright leader as south Sudanese in general, may God bless him for this generation and our future generations. Stop the nonsense and appreciate him for saving you from Arabs and he made you who you are now. Death to those who hate him and those slave-hearted.

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