Will VP Wani Igga follow the footsteps of former VP Machar?

BY: Weirial Gatyiel Puok Baluang, JUBA, SEPT/01/2013, SSN;

Comrade James wani igga is a peace loving south Sudanese leader and a man of all times as well as entertainment, therefore, he deserve to be given the position of the vice presidency, the “2nd person in the country,” based on his seniority in the government as well as the ruling Sudan people liberation movement {SPLM}.

He was the man who was a great leader of the parliament and he has done lots. He has shown us his leadership since when he joined the SPLA and he was elected as the speaker of the Parliament because of his loyalty to the President.

But the question being asked is, “WILL HE (IGGA) FOLLOW THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE FORMER VP DR RIEK MACHAR TENY? The answer according to me is simply NO because Igga is an expert in compromising with the wrong doers of the government that negatively affect the innocent citizens unlike Dr Riek Machar who won’t compromised to the extent of losing his post for the sake of the people of south Sudan.

It is quite true that comrade Igga may run away from the truth but Dr Riek has never and will never run away of the truth as happened when he democratically criticized the Government without fear of losing his very important post.

Dr Riek credited himself with many positive attitudes especially during his eight year term as the vice president of the then autonomous government of southern Sudan and then of the Republic of South Sudan under president Kiir Mayardit.

Dr Machar is known all over the world for being a charismatic leader especially in mediating peace between many African governments.

Furthermore, Dr Macahar is known for his bravery, this happened when he marched to Heglig [panthoari] last year of 2012 together with the mighty Strong SPLA.

It was a first time in Africa and the world for a vice president to go to the frontline where Gunships and Antinov planes were randomly throwing bombs unto the people on the ground as done by our former vice president.

I do not think that the new vice president of South Sudan James Wani Igga will follow the footsteps of the former vice president Machar, however, he may imitate Machar in the mannerism of smiling since this is as simple as taking a cup of milk.

Importantly, Igga will do nothing to Abyei issue or the current insecurity in Juba city which takes the lives of at least 5 innocent people per night, or even the current conflict of Jonglei where Dr Machar used to go to the field and address the entire rural people of south Sudan physically.

It is quite clear that in every country a vice president has a certain constitutional mandate which he owes democratically, but many people across the country have been making argument since the appointment of the respective vice president Igga on the national issues where he is believed to have no positive comment due to the fact that the president would understand him negatively and to the extent of relieving him from the vice presidency.

It would be awful if the new vice president would keep on commenting with YES even if the agenda may affect the south Sudanese people from different walks of life negatively because it has been said that two heads are better than one.

Many people also describe comrade Wani as a weak man who has no qualification to get him elected into that fantastic position, the 2nd powerful position in the country, but his loyalty to the president and not to the country made him to get that post.

Being loyal to the president is good but not enough; for it is enough that a successful leader may both be loyal to the president as well as the country.

I am saying this because all the south Sudanese leaders will run out of the leadership while south Sudan will keep on remaining there forever for generations to come.

Therefore, we need not to remain committed on the personalities of the leaders but to remain committed on our esteemed motherland SOUTH SUDAN.

The author {Weirial} is not aware the appointment of VP Comrade Wani Igga will be for Development or the 2015 elections, so as to get rid of the Equatorians.

If Igga was appointed for the sake of Development then he [Igga] will do less in terms of development. Many hardworking Equatorians are there on the ground, for instance the current deputy governor of CES Mr. Manaseh Lomole, Bakosoro of Western Equatoria state as well as Lado Gore.

Nonetheless, if he was appointed for the sake of 2015 campaign then he is not the person most liked by the Equatorians, there are other most popular Equatorians that can bring the whole of Equatoria to vote for a one nominated candidate.

Those popular leaders of Equatoria are Lado Gore, Bakasoro and the current editor in chief of the Juba Monitor, Mr. Alfred Taban, to mention but a few, unlike VP Igga.

Reportedly, Igga is as most unwanted as the Eastern Equatoria State, Governor Luis Lojore, according to those on the ground. I am a friend to many Eastern Equatorian Youths and they tell me that Gov. Lojore cannot win any single Payam again in the upcoming Elections of 2015 that was the reason Lojore claims supporting the president.

Furthermore, Gov. Louis Lojore is known for his negative criticism during the time Dr Machar was relieved in a presidential decree by our president Kiir on 23rd of July 2013, when he as EES governor, along with Western BS governor and the NBGS governor sent the kids of their respective states on the streets to show support for the removal of vice president Machar.

It was their cynical strategy so that they gain the president’s confidence since they lack supporters on the ground in their respective states. They would only survive in power through Decrees by the president but they would not survive in the elections.

Although VP Wani Igga cannot be compared with these three governors as he has a bit of supporters and he loves south Sudan so much as the patriotic Governors of Western Equatoria, Upper Nile, Unity, Warrap and Central Equatoria states, it’s a shame he’s narrowly committed to supporting a certain leader more than the country, just for the sake of an everlasting post.

The most important is your CV and not the wages or whatever those unpatriotic leaders are practising.

In conclusion, if VP Igga was brought in for the sake of the forth coming 2015 elections so that President Kiir [independent], Dr Riek [SPLM ticket] and the opposition parties will get 30%, 40% and 30% of the Equatorian vote respectively.

Likewise, the three candidates will get 5%, 90% and 5% respectively in Greater Upper Nile States. Meanwhile they will get 40%, 40%, and 20% respectively in Greater Bhar elgazal State.

Therefore, the winner of 40% in Greater Equatoria and 90% in Greater Upper Nile and 40% in Greater Bhar elgazal will be declare as the overall winner of the National elections of 2015 peacefully with the recognition of the rest.

Henceforth, and hopefully, from there on, the Government will be transparent, free and fair based on the democratic system. I hopefully shall expect a peaceful life for the south Sudanese throughout.

The author would like to seriously appeal to the south Sudanese citizens that people must not follow the failed politicians based on tribe.

Weirial Gatyiel is a concerned citizen of south Sudan, and he can be reached on makakopaul@gmail.com or 0956992323


  1. William Deng says:


    It is true that the new vice president will serve Mr. Kirr, nothing difference from what every person in South Sudan foretold. He is brought to proxy power to share the cake of sitting still. Kirr-Wani government is a dream South Sudanese had never dreamt for. It would be tough few years for all South Sudanese and their friends to go through.

    Great article!


  2. kikisik says:

    Your analysis is in place. I know VP JWI, and he is a honest man. He also loves South Sudan very much and want it to succeed. Only His appointment came at the wrong time when the country was in political choas.
    It would have been better if he was to turn the offer down, because if the president was really interested in giving James Wani Igga the post – why it took him that long?
    Was it that because the Nuer turned him down that was the reason the VP was given to Wani?
    The other reason is that if the president couldn’t fix the country’s problems in 8 years, what miracles would convince him that he would do so in one year?

    I like the president, he has a good heart but he has bad policies that is why bad policies made bad politics. And if the president think that by appointing Wani Igga he will appease the Equatorians to vote for Him- I think the President got it wrong.
    Equatorians are like any other South Sudanese who are not satisfied with the direction of the country as such would like to see a leader who would bring changes in their lives in terms of insecurity, land grabbing, nepotism, tribalism.
    A leader who would unite all South Sudanese not divide, and it does not matter whether that leader comes from Equatoria or from the other tribes come 2015.
    Unless the president has a plan to dissolve the current government and a appoint a care taker government that is inclusive of all political parties. This care taker government will be entrusted in writing a new constitution that involved all people of South Sudan i.e. civil society, religious leaders, all political parties, people from Diaspora.
    I know people would not like this- but by doing so the president would have saved his legacy as well as the country. But if the president would insist to run come 2015- then He should be prepare for embarrassment.

  3. Wani’s appointment will not improve the current political stand off in the country, he was appointed for development fake representation to confuse Equatorians.
    changes are imminent in 2015, the entire system will automatically change. Wani igga is not popular because of his submissiveness and weak contribution. Kiir’s plan of getting Equatorians will not work unless he gets another option of bringing peoples’ confidence back.

  4. Mawang Makuei says:

    Question for you Weirial, How can you convince me that and I quote “the Government will be transparent, free and fair based on the democratic system,” if and I quote, “The winner of … 90% in Greater Upper Nile… will be declared as the overall winner of the National elections of 2015 peacefully with the recognition of the rest.”
    If that will be the case then expect Greater Upper Nile to do exactly what greater Gogrial has done and I can assure you that corruption, nepotism, tribalism and the likes will continue unless otherwise.

    2nd question, your opinionated statistics/percentages are just but misleading because they lack credibility and transparency. When was the last time personal opinions become statistics/percentages? Otherwise, you ought to inform somebody about the source of your statistics/percentages!

  5. STRONG TRIBE says:

    you are right great author WEIRIAL, Riek Machar will win the 2015 elections for sure, for example in my state Lake state 99 percent will vote for Riek only governor Matur will vote for kiir alone.

  6. STRONG TRIBE says:

    40% of Riek votes in greater bharelgazal are less, Riek will get more than 40% percent excluding the votes of Malong, Matur and governor Rizik Z Hassen

  7. Ustazyak says:

    Dear Nuer, ur hopelessness is coming to an end. How many people did Riak kill in 1991? What will Riak tell the orphans whom he killed their parents, what will he tell widows, south sudan at large? Lam Akol’s failure of 2010 will be better than Riak failure when he will get 2%

  8. STRONG TRIBE says:

    dear ustaz yak

    i am a pure dinka aliab of lakes state but i am not a tribalist like you, Riek is not a killer, the coward Bor were killed by crossfire in 1991. your primitive mind will not let south sudan stay together, let us respect Riek, Chol Tong, Deng Athorbeiy and many more competent leaders.

  9. Lare Justice says:

    I can’t believe my fellow Southern sudanese keep talking about the 1991 incident. Folks, our late leader Dr. John Garang did the same killing to our Jikany Nuer in 1985. Can we not keep reminding ourselves about the past and move on please. Now the upcoming 2015, will be very interesting because if you think that our beloved President Salva Kiir will make it back then you might want to think again because his eight years in power is enough. Whether the blind Warrap State man like it or not, he must Go and Go NOW. Dr. Machar Teny for 2015!

  10. Mankien town says:

    Dear Strong Tribe, you have said it all, you are a real good Citizen, Dr. Riek Machar is not a killer but a visionary leader, who will build the youths of in this Nation.

    Mankien Town.

  11. Nobody would deny the success of Dr Riek Machar in 2015, Machar stroke away from late fatherJohn and many people from my sub tribe of Dinka Bor lost their lives because of him but he was not the causative, it was south sudan struggling.
    but Kiir killed my father for the sake of leadership, can every one differentiate between the two leviathans?

    • bolabokdit says:

      there is a proverbs which says “sometimes a person doesn’t bring a sibling which is the same as himself.” Sincerely if people died and come out to live again your father will disown you. The reason is that your father would have died earlier in 1990s in the hand of Riak Machar if he was not protected by SPLM/A soldiers and his open heart in struggle.
      Secondly, Bor population who lost their lives will not come back after death but the spirit of unarmed civilians killed whom you referred they lost in struggle would any time question you.
      Kiir lost his legitimacy to lead but Riak is not a good choice. The reason we have thousands of women and children Riak left widows and orphans. These people are not cared by Riak nor is he advocating on their behalf. Are we really fighting to eliminate ourselves or fighting for injustice and have our own country?
      People say this are the thing of the past but why don’t he correct them if he want to move ahead. Is apology is enough while children and widows lost thier love one who will raise them to build their expectation of future.

  12. leer adok yiandaymakiir says:

    Mabior Garang, you are a true patriotic citizen like your late father Garang. it really convinced me that Riek Machar is a true leader unlike the cowboy kiir who has no vision and hope except going to the bar. may God finish him in this time before the christmas.

  13. anti-kiir n - wani says:

    it becomes very interesting to me to comment on what our brothers are discussing for the sake of truth. South sudan is not a footstep of a newborn dictator in Africa. We fought more than five decades not be ruled by kingship, we will resist until change comes. I don’t care who will be president in upcoming elections but it won’t be the sultan of Warrap, kiirdit and his messenger, sultan Wani.
    Those who are supporting him will end up using violence and then will be arrested by south sudan intelligence.
    Big NO for corruption n its supporters

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