Will South Sudanese also pray for Justice for the innocent victims of both Kiir’s & Machar’s war crimes?


QUOTE: “This war has been hell for the people of South Sudan, but it has also been very lucrative for their leaders. War crimes pay has been the message…..when there are no limits to the hijacking of state resources or consequences for the use of violence.” John Prendergast, Enough Project, 2015.

As we get to the Christian season of Christmas, most South Sudanese Christians and even some of their Muslims fellow countrymen and women, will fervently be indulging in serious prayers for the peace that has for long eluded them as war and death became the most common tragedies in the last two years.

Yes, there’ll also be prayers for the hundreds of thousands of those who needlessly fell victims and were murdered in a senseless war fought between two sides of the criminal and soul-less SPLM/SPLA, an organization of unrepentant murderers who are utterly fearless of God.

Truly, these so-called leaders of this autocratic, atavistic, clannish and tribal system of SPLM/SPLA governance have betrayed and wasted the opportunity for our people that the independence had provided after decades of fighting for liberation.

No question, there will be more prayers for forgiveness for the leaders-cum-killers and for their unimaginable crimes against humanity they overtly and covertly committed especially first when Kiir and his jieeng tribal commanders premeditated, commissioned and committed the murders on December 15, 2013 without remorse or repentance.

As sure as the Sun will rise every morning, murderer/president Kiir, Machar, Wani Igga, Kuol Manyang and Paul Malong, Pieng and the many SPLM/SPLA killers of their fellow Christians will surely go to their respective tribal churches and devoutly proclaim their faith as ‘good’ Christians.

However, and most poignantly, would our people and our pastors/priests also pray for real justice for the tens of thousands of the innocent victims and survivors of this war that wrecked our the nation?

The prolific American writer, Guy H. King wrote that, “No one is a firmer believer in the power of prayers than the devil, not that he practices it, but suffers for it.”

As our nation supposedly is coming back together, that’s with the return of the so-called ‘rebel’ SPLM/A-IO, we must first exert greater exhortation for God’s revenge on those who started the war in 2015 that led to the subsequent murders that followed before we rush to call for forgiveness.

The Obasanjo Report just released abundantly exposed the unimaginable magnitude of the atrocities that our so-called SPLM/SPLA national leaders committed which even included unimaginable acts of cannibalism, rape, castration and burning our young boys and girls alive.

Historically, South Sudanese have had the misfortune of never ever seeing any justice and accountability for egregious crimes that predated the December 15/2013 Kiir-Machar war, and this goes back to the very genesis of the SPLM/A in 1983, followed by the 1991 First Jieeng-Nuer internecine war.

In both previous instances and just like in the current predicament, instead for seeking justice first followed by forgiveness and reconciliation, the powers-that-be had chosen to conspiratorially circumvent any justice and accountability.

Unlike the Europeans or Americans, where if a leader commits such horrendous crimes in office or in his command, he or she automatically steps down on his or her own volition from that office and is ready for any legal course against him or her.

More poignantly, if such leader were a Japanese or Korean, he would simply commit suicide as an atonement and a repentance for his crimes.

One thing specifically stands out and cries loudly about us, South Sudanese, never has any single person in the current SPLM/SPLA leadership, from John Garang to Kiir and Machar, has ever publicly expressed or showed contrition about the killings they commissioned or effected.

If we do negate those killings done during the bush war on the grounds that then it was a just war, how about those since the SPLM/SPLA predators took power over a peaceful Juba since 2005?

By some credible experts’ estimation, the SPLM/SPLA war killed more South Sudanese than the enemy Arab North Sudanese killed during the same period.

Returning to our current predicament, it’s absolutely unacceptable that we can tolerate the blatant disregard for the rule of law by those entrusted by the people to lead the country. Inside the SPLM/SPLA, there are proven murderers walking absolutely free as they’re somewhat emboldened by the ineffective lack of due justice and accountability.

During the outbreak of the Kiir-Machar war in December 2013, the nation’s Inspector General of Police, Gen. Pieng, for instance, threw out his police uniform and the law, and hurriedly put on the murder insignia of the SPLA as he dashed to the war front-lines in Bor to abet in the killings of the Nuer.

Gen. Pieng was live on BBC at that time then, vowing seriously to kill the Nuer who at that time were supposedly marching to ‘capture’ the Capital, Juba. No wonder, now that he is back as Police Chief, Juba is now the top Murder Capital of Africa, where killings are breaking records daily and without accountability!

Peace, especially a lasting peace in South Sudan, is untenable unless there is absolute justice whereby those known perpetrators of the egregious crimes of killing innocent citizens, whether the victims are Dinka, Nuer, Azande, Madi or Pojulu in Wonduruba, must be brought and tried by the court of law.

In an ironical twist of tribal retributive justice, the jieeng worshipers recently drove ‘rebel’ Madame Rebecca Nyandeng, the widow of late SPLM/SPLA founder himself, John Garang, from their church for allegedly ‘betraying’ the tribe by her supposed family support to rebel Machar.

However, instead of desecrating their tribal church in such a lawless way, what those jieeng worshipers should have done was to file a case in the courts of law against Rebecca Nyandeng and family for any war crimes allegedly commissioned or committed by this once-First-Family in the nation.

Anyway, since the real people who executed the Dinka-Nuer War of 2013 are already in Juba and more are soon arriving into town, perhaps this will be a propitious moment for citizens to take to the rule of law by filing lawsuits against some of the commanders and soldiers whom they suspected to have carried out the murders of their relatives.

Once again, as the Archbishops, priests and pastors conduct the prayers on these holy days of December, they must, as an obligation, vocalize the urgency for justice before rushing with the call for forgiveness.

Incidentally as alluded to above, these blood-stained and conscience-damaged SPLM/SPLA leaders on both sides of the party, like the ‘devils’ that they practically are, fervently believe in the power of prayers as shown by their habitual public manifestations of their various faiths in their respective churches.

But deep down in their souls, they are terribly scared of the power of justice and retribution. It’s time to bring more heavyweight pressure on them, positively for the churches foremost so as to make them accountable in spite of their misplaced sense of invincibility.

Finally, let’s just put in the backs of our minds that this new Dinka-Nuer or better still, this new Kiir-Machar coalition governance being soon put into place is another marriage from hell…..sooner rather than later, it will unravel and splinter once again!

Though on paper the agreement deceptively appears as absolutely comprehensive, it is just as fragile and untenable because it is dependent on the good cooperation and commitment between Kiir and Machar, but those things seem to be lacking as the two protagonists have little incentives to do so.

In short, nothing has changed very much, no transformative institutions have been set up first and those that are there are utterly inadequate.

Furthermore, the SPLM and the SPLA are two faces of the same coin, when the first gets the flu, the other one sneezes!

At the present moment, to reassert the experts’ deductions, Kiir can ‘never be the principal political vehicle for peace and reconciliation, just as neither the SPLM nor the SPLA, in their present form or in recreated “unified” forms, can ever act as unifying institutions in the country.

In the meantime, in this supposedly joyous season of birth of Christ, let’s all tell them that nobody is above the law and that all lives are sacred. This is my New Year message!



  1. Gatdarwich says:


    You’ve written highly commendable article. I hope and wholeheartedly pray that this Christmas Seasons brings hell to all the SPLA/SPLM leaders.

    They all direly deserved to slowly burns in excruciating inextinguishable fires.

    God bless, and wishing You a very Merry Christmas, Editor.

  2. Brilliant Editorial!! says:

    What goes around comes around for unrepentant thugs! Take a front seat and watch.
    M. Akulia

  3. Bol says:

    Mr Editor,
    Congratulations for this notable change of tune….Is this Christmas spirit or a permanent change of heart? ……Yes you can bash them, or even hang them, as leaders of malfunctioning system….I am with you in this ….So, let’s pray…. GOD ….Please help us keep our tongues from abusing other tribes ..strengthen our hands to do the right thing…..Please fill our hearts with love as we had enough hatred …Amen …..Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  4. Elhag Paul says:


  5. Alier Gai says:

    Dear editor,
    Although we don’t see our eyes to eyes on many issues, our differences are finally united in this piece of writing. First and formost, the warring parties are liable for the crimes without who to be favored in their crimes’ doings. That is where the problem is when we always defend the falsehood other than liberating ourselves, and thanks for the never late clear mind. Second, don’t stand with your minority’s feelings when you are serving your people. Tell the truth to all of us and the truth will set you free.
    Let us start open dialogue among ourselves so that a peace is well sustained. Let us start telling people the war is senseless and should be disregarded through condemnations. All these would require unwavering commitement to achieve them. But let hope that this peace is authentic to the people of south sudan. And as your soul is longing for spiritual blessings and faith renewal, like all of us, for the birth of Chirst and for a new year; Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Thanks for the services you render to the people of south sudan for free, and be always blessed. AG

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Dear Alier Gai,
      Just to remind you, I am a fully fledged South Sudanese and this is where you have to accept and live with the fact that we can concur as well as differ on issues pertaining to the country in the peaceful way as we’re doing.
      Thanks for your honest appreciation and I personally wish you also a merry Christmas and New Year. Likewise, I also greatly appreciate your support for the website and your often interesting engagement on many issues.
      My best wishes to you and the other supporters.

  6. Survivor says:

    May this Christmas spirit flow amongst the ordinary citizens, and instead of jumping on each other throats; rightly point their fingers at the real perpetrators and pray that God’s wrath reigns upon those that brought this upon the citizenry. regardless of the tribe or SPLM/A faction.

  7. Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

    Dear Editor,
    Bravo for this excellent piece! I concur with you that the families of the victims should file charges against the named commanders and anyone deemed responsible for the killings. This should happen as soon as the Hybrid Court of South Sudan is formed. The bottom line is that no one should be above the law. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

  8. Peacemaker says:

    The Editor,

    Please accept my best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year, and through you I extend the same message to all South Sudanese where ever they maybe.
    I had an instinct before the arrival of opposition advance team to Juba that Mr. Kiir and his JCE ares not sincere to implement peace. Look at his decree for appointment of illegal State Governors and its timing which is meant to trigger another ethnic conflict over land.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Merry Christmas and happy New year to you, too.
      Some years ago, Prof. Taban Loliyong, gave an interview in Nairobi, in which he said, “kiir is not intellectually poor as people might think as he is a graduate of military intelligence.”
      Taban went on to say that Kiir opted to sow divisions to cover up his own incompetence and strengthen his hold on power.
      Personally, I am more afraid that kiir might easily outsmart Dr. Machar politically sooner than most of us might think. The Murle and some Equatorians might now begin to ‘like’ him for giving them their own states.

  9. Alier Gai says:

    Thanks Editor for your swift comment. It is true that we disagree to find ways to agree on issues.
    However, I can go as far to wish my foes of Justin Ramba and Ethag Paul a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. To Gatwitch, Hoiloom and to every body, Merry Christmas to you all. I look forward to hearing new year’s resolutions from you, for this passing year has been in languish and unproductive although minimal progress has been made regarding peace. The pervious year spent without ideal reasonings from the center was a wasteful year. Peace has finally come and we thanks God Almighty for it. I hope we embrace peace than any other streneous task to achieve. Let us pray for the calmness to return back to us and to our loving country South Sudan. I am hoping that this the new begginning to come back together, as a nation. People’s suffering is very prodigious and it should end with this war’s drama. Let us pray for a real peace.

  10. Tyson says:

    A good summary for the year!

  11. Toria says:

    What peace?

  12. Gatdarwich says:


    I think you’re unjustifiably attempting to blames Dr. Riek and VP Wani for all the deadly actions of the indisputable Jenges’ killing machine-organization, SPLA/SPLM. I believe you know or should have known that SPLA is undeniably a Jenges organization which is, and has been secretly managed-run by the Jiengs from tops to bottoms since it inception in 1983.
    So, all the carnage SPLA caused, and still actively causing in South Sudan, are tribally and devilishly planned and executed by the Jenges without inputs from Dr. Riek, VP Wani, and non-Jenges in the files and ranks of the SPLA.
    In reality, Kiir, Malong, Kuol, and others prominent Jenges within the files and ranks of the SPLA, are all squarely responsible for their devilish deeds period!

  13. Alier Gai says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year without more ado drama in politics. Please, please, you pause for a moment. Thanks!

  14. False Millionaire says:

    “Some years ago,Prof.Taban Loliyang,gave an interview in Nairobi,in which he said,”Kiir is not intellectually poor as people might think as he is a graduate of miliary intelligence”.
    You are correct.I read that interview too in the kenyan weekly some time between August and september 2013 on an occassion in which the professor was defending Chinua Achibe for the Nobel price of literature at the expense of the kenyan writer Wa Thiongo.
    The kenyan intellectuals were outraged and provoked him into commenting on Kiir’s education.
    He could have added during another interview which I haven’t read that which u accredit to him as,”Kiir opted to sow divisions to cover up his incompetence and strengthen his hold on power”.
    The only doubt is,that could have been an element of incitement to disrupt conditions of peace in the then most fragile new born nation which he had indicated to wholeheartedly support in the interviwe that I read.

    .One shouldn’t shorten to say that Professor Taban is among most intelligent,responsible and matured univarsal intellectuals on earth and one can never imagine such assertion coming of him.
    But nonetheless the events he had farsighted with the phrase in the interview that I read are now running their course.
    By the way,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to u sir.

  15. Bol says:

    Dear FM,
    The Editor has came up with a rare admission…… The Cowboy is not what he appear to be …..With Dr Machar Things Fall Apart, the mad-dog “Peter Gatdet & his his likes in cage, every tribe in control via Self-Rule {tarmac Road} and less-competent Kiir saying GOODBYE-to- POLITICS shortly afterwards ….What else does someone wants to say Happy New Year?

  16. Bentiu Ramaran says:


    Your general criticism to SPLM leaders without acknowledging the factors that triggers the conflicts is baseless. You are not far from Riek, Kiir, Malong, and Wani that you believe to be troublemakers. Bystanders are more foolish than participants. The reason the SPLA leaders fight among themselves is because some people want to correct the corrupt system while others resist the change. If all the SPLM leaders are yes people, then there should be no fight today and things would go far wrong than where they are today.

    Wise judges have never say defenders and plaintiffs are equally wrong or wrong right. They always dig deep into the ground to find the root cause of problem and take decision from there. Even the most idiot judge has never say both defender and plaintiff are equal wrong or equal right. If you are a wise person, you should have condemned the SPLM leaders based on the causes of conflicts. All South Sudan problems are caused by one person. You failed miserably to condemned perpetuators of wars and blindly condemned the people who responded to arrogant act of Kiir. Your blind criticism to SPLM leaders regardless of who is right or wrong, make others judge you as a naïve writer.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,
      As you wrote in your criticism, I quote, “If you are a wise person, you should have condemned the SPLM leaders based on the causes of conflicts,” meaning that SPLM are the people causing the problems in the nation.
      If you read my piece again, I totally condemned all SPLM and SPLA leaders from Garang to those still suckling the corruption breasts of this monster called the SPLM/A.
      Your problem is Machar, why must he always come back to rejoin the very organization that he fought against? This only shows or proves that Machar and his supporters are just duplicitous people who only sacrifice the lives of their supporters for a ‘few more dollars,’ as proven in 1991 and again in 2013.
      Again, Machar condemns Kiir’s corruption but he isn’t himself a Mother Teresa of South Sudan.
      Also, why doesn’t Machar have his own party and come back as a leader of a different party in a coalition government with Kiir? Why doesn’t he stand on his own legs instead of subserviently returning back to have Kiir once again sitting on his head. Surely, this time the blood of the Nuer innocent victims of Kiir’s genocide will never forgive Machar, especially as you can already notice, Kiir just wants Machar to come back without having the points of the Agreement being holistically implemented. Taban Gai apparently looks like he has surrendered himself and I am afraid many more will be easily enticed to follow suit.
      Any, happy New year and peace, hopefully, to the people of South Sudan.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        Thanks, I agree with you at this point Editor. In addition to your points, in 2013 and 2014 Nuer alone fought successfully against Kiir’s government. In 2015, Shilluk joined the rebellion in huge number. Likewise, this year rebellion has been increasing in Western Bar El Gazal, Western Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, Central Equatoria, and Lakes states. Instead of taking the advantage of these rebellion to change the government, Machar and his group still want to come back to be ruled by same dictator who wanted to assassinate them.

        Imagine, the rebels in Western Equatoria alone are doing great jobs by closing many supplies routes to Greater Bar El Gazal regions. Rebels in Central and Eastern Equatoria have already closed some major supplies routes to South Sudan from Kenya, Uganda, and Congo and they are on the brinks of closing some more, yet their leaders want to comeback to Juba while Kiir’s government is nearly collapse. Now, the return of Riek and his group, would make Kiir government become strong again and become bully more than ever before to other tribes.

        Thanks so much Editor. You have convinced me beyond doubt.

        Happy New Year to you.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        You said Gen. Taban looks surrendered, and Kiir is waiting on Riek’s returns to Juba!

        Gatdarwich have nothing to add, but I hope you and I live long to witnesses Kiir’s triumphant in successfully building Jiengs kingdom with golds and diamonds in South Sudan.

        Wishing you a very happy and productive new year, 2016!

        • info@southsudannation says:

          A happy new year to you, too.
          Incidentally, today, 29/December, I watched on SSTV, Juba, kiir in his address to the new 28 governors, stated that, I quote, “I hope me and my brother here, Taban, will resolve this problem here in Juba.” Kiir was talking about his unilateral creation of 28 states and appointment of the 28 governors, which to him, Kiir, he doesn’t see any problem for the SPLm-IO.
          So, it seems Taban Gai is already on board with the decree and it seems the IO will silently acquiesce to Kiir’s decree. In fact, Kiir even made it clear that since the August Agreement under IGAD was not done with their consultation in comparison to the CPA where he said both SPLM and Khartoum negotiated it themselves.
          So, to Kiir’s assertion today, this agreement with Machar is not binding and that is why he thinks those of Taban and Machar should simply accept his 28 states and things just continue as normal. In fact, Kiir even called those in the IO as brothers.
          So, Gatdarwich, perhaps me and you will soon also be marching back to Juba under the orders and music of this dangerous psychopath you call “Killer NyanKiir.”
          Let’s in the meantime take care of ourselves, brother,

          • Gatdarwich says:


            Gatdarwich doesn’t support Taban, Riek, or SPLA-IO.
            In fact, Gatdarwich see these individuals as absolutely nothing, but pure Jenges pawns who stupidily work hard to resurrects or revives the Jenges’ killing machine, SPLA.
            So, get your AK-47 cocked and fully loaded if you voluntarily wish to accompany Gatdarwich to the sins-evils city, Juba. LOL!

    • Nikalongo says:

      Like Kiir, Machar is a war criminal, thug and ruthless tribal bigot who do not deserve the position he will wrongly occupy. The root causes of this conflict is nothing other than, the centuries of mistrust and suspicion between you and your Dinka cousins. If you know something else, why is it taking you time to tell us? Who shot the first bullet and why or whether there was a coup or not not is a song that is has gone out of tune. There is also this nonsense being proclaimed loudly by supporters of the SPLM/As fraternities that their leaders have solutions to our social, economics and political ills. They do not. Riak and Kiir are both ruthless tribal bigots pursuing tribal agendas that are designed to subjugate and dominate others. Look at the 21 vs 28 states controversy and the recently signed agreement, for example. While the 28 states gave Dinka more land mass and states they disproportionately deserve, Riaks 21 states also gives his Nuer tribesmen more land than they actually deserve. Do you know that AU Hybrid Court is not designed to try sitting govt. leaders? It is for chicken thieves pointed out by neighbours and victims. Kiir and Riak are not expected to resign their positions so as to be investigated.
      Ramaran, suggesting that only Riak or Kiir alone is responsible for the conflict is ridiculous. Both sides are perpetrators of violence against our people. Look here, your leaders are incompetent and idiots. To prove my point, you have a Dinka President is not only incapable of bringing peace in Dinkaland, but is not also able to give protection to fellow Dinkas in Dinkaland. Dinkaland is a disaster. Dinka herdsmen in Equatoria are escaping harassment and child abduction by fellow Dinka. Like their Dinka cousins, most of the war atrocities after Juba against the Nuer is committed by other fellow Nuer. Senior field commanders in the war zones of Upper Nile and Unity states are Nuer. The victorious and well fed sections of Nuer are killing, displacing and raiding the weak and the war vanquished other sections of Nuer for their animals and properties. Riak, like Kiir is not able to convince feuding Nuer clans from sweeping Nuerland clean of her Nuer inhabitants and properties. Given the incompetencies of the two gentlemen (Riak and Kiir) in resolving issues in their backyards, how on earth do you expect them to resolve South Sudan’s problems? Is charity not suppose to begin at home?
      Instead of blaming and pulling your hair off because of what Mr. Editor wrote, convince your people to sue for peace and end the stupidity. You can be sure that if Dinka and Nuer leaders, politicians, elders and the youths unclenched their fists today, there will be peace tomorrow for them and for us all. It is that simple.
      Edfitor, Equatorian Wani Igga and all other Equatorians in the SPLM fraternities cannot be blamed for Nuer and Dinka killing each other. Wani may be a comedian, careless or whatever adjective you may bestow on him, but he is not a violent warmonger. If Kiir and Riak had just an iota of Wani in them, thousands of our citizens now dead, would be alive and contributing in nation building. In Equatoria, neighbours cannot be blamed when a wild and hungry cat takes the chicken of a villages Chief.

      • Alier Gai says:

        You rest the verdict on the right spot. Sorry that I forgot to give you my Christmas wishes afore. But let me check you in this way: Happy new year and stay blessed with your family.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Who the hell called “Riak” ?

        Do you mean Riek jaangni-Jenges or what ?

        You need to practice spelling people names correctly, ok!

        • Bentiu Ramaran says:


          Thank you man for educating this man so call “Nikalongo” with frozen brain. I have been telling him 100 times that Riek is not the same as Riak but he does not listen. I told him many times that Nuer do not call their sons “Riak”. Riak is a Dink name. Riek and Riak do not even have similar meaning either. I just don’t know how “Nikalongo” came up with the name Riak instead of Riek.
          Riak in Dinka language means problem.
          Riek is a Nuer name means tall thin Pole for hanging up spears and containers for milk.

          Happy New Year to you gat ramiran.

  17. Lavina Lual says:

    Editor-Merry Christmass!

    You wrote a good article, but only that I disagree with you on this quote “One thing specifically stands out and cries loudly about us, South Sudanese, never has any single person in the current SPLM/SPLA leadership, from John Garang to Kiir and Machar, has ever publicly expressed or showed contrition about the killings they commissioned or effected”.

    Dr Riak Machar had already appologised for Bor Massacre of 1991/92 right here in JUba in a funeral although the Bor and Jieng people declined to do the same on issue of Nuer-Gajaak Massacre…


    • info@southsudannation says:

      Dear Lavina Lual,
      Thank you as always for being a dedicated commentator on this website and your criticism here is absolutely correct. I missed that point, however, Machar’s apology/act of contrition was almost something that was like being forced out of his throat. I mean he, Machar, waited just too long to express that contrition.
      Secondly, as I seriously expressed in the article, there must be justice first; South Sudanese people should not just sit back and accept apologies in the place of justice as the priority.
      Furthermore, if you watched the Christmas mass services in Juba, there was never any mention by church leaders like Archbishop Lukudu or Episcopal Archbishop Deng. They just emphasized on peace but not justice. That to me is the biggest disappointment to the entire people of South Sudan. God forbid, but this just gives both Kiir and Machar to repeat another killing of South Sudanese sooner rather than later.
      Happy New Year to you.

      • Bol says:

        Mr Editor,
        It’s good to have justice for the victims of our civil wars, starting from 1955 to 1972 where thousands were killed by South Sudanese and much more by the Sudanese forces. Same happened again between 1983 right up to date more people get killed and the killers never made accountable. The reason is these killers are more powerful than our institutions. For example, can NLA (parliament) impeach the president breaking laws or failing to perform his duties? Can our Organised Forces bring Security or an end to rebellions?
        Religious leaders know this fact and that’s why they call for do-able thing which will lead to reduction of victim’s number in 2016 after.

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