Will South Sudanese accept foreign Tutelage government?

By: Ater Garang Ariath, JUL/20/2016, SSN;

As South Sudan struggles to gain its own ground as a sovereign state, foreign tutelage is on rise in different forms and fronts with an intention of robbing South Sudanese people in broad daylight. What Unrealistic world led by imperial and capitalist elite states?

The United Nations (UN) led by elite states intention to invade South Sudan sovereignty and integrity is not about South Sudan leadership crisis but about South Sudanese resources, of which super power capitalist states set their eyes on.

The focus of capitalists since political crisis upsurge in our country is on how to mobilize other states under United Nations springboard as ready ground to drive their own agenda of robbing South Sudanese resources, which are the hearts of the ongoing foreign tutelage violent in South Sudan.

This is critical time for all South Sudanese people to rise above their tribal cocoons and protect national integrity by all possible means, if unrealistic call to bring in foreign troops without prior knowledge of the South Sudanese people materialize.

The spirit of nationalism that inspired million South Sudanese dead and alive to fought for independence struggle must be revisited by all of us, despite which group, we, you and I belong in this senseless conflict.
It’s enough and enough for us to let national cohesion drive us together as South Sudanese people against foreign tutelage government or interference.

The national cohesiveness should be embraced in order to takes hold in the consciousness of our people, especially foreign-bought South Sudanese nationals should reconsider their positions and wrong path that they have taken against their own country sovereignty and territorial integrity.

However, the cajolement, the wheedling, the seduction and Trojan horses of neocolonialism activities in South Sudan advocated by capitalist global institution like of (UN) must be stoutly resisted.

At personal level, I strongly agree with one of Pan African founding leaders, who said “neocolonialism is a latter-day harpy, a monster which entices its victims with sweet music”.

The capitalist or imperialist states far face serious economic and social difficulties too compared to us, which they are interested to loot our resources under the ticket of UN trustee flagship.

The political action plans designed by UN members of capitalist states are aimed to supplement agenda of regime change in our country, which is a red-line to jump over by foreign forces.

The leadership in South Sudan was brought to power by South Sudanese people, and will only be changed by South Sudanese people without influence of foreign states.

The ongoing war since inception in South Sudan was designed by foreign nations and use shallow -headed South Sudanese nationals to execute it for them.

Nevertheless, if God is with us as South Sudanese people, supporting our integrity and sovereignty then, we together will turn the UN stumbling block into a stepping stone.

The war wage by South Sudanese enemies of peace and progress can soon be an opportunity for us to committed for excellence, as we struggle to bound into single unit as South Sudanese people.

Our determination to build standing institutions, army, communication network and articulated educational system in our country, will only be realized if we rise above our personal ambition and abandon uncalled for rebellion.

The current war in our country is deeply influenced by the foreign presence in different forms, while carrying activities that definitely undermine national characters of the nation.

In order to be able to carry out this resistance to neo-colonialism at every point, Positive action requires to be armed with an ideology of South Sudanization, an ideology which, vitalizing it, and operating through a mass party with a regenerative concept of do it ourselves.

The leadership under SPLM should forge for it a strong continuing link with our past and offer to it an assured bond with our future. Under the searchlight of an ideology, every fact affecting the life of a people can be assessed and judged, and neo-colonialism’s detrimental aspirations and sleights of hand will constantly stand.

In order that this ideology should be comprehensive, in order that it should light up every aspect of the life of our people, in order that it should affect the total interest of our society, establishing continuity with our past, it must be socialist in form and in content, which meet our interest as African people.

South Sudan is a country of contradictions, many believed, full of promise for growth, modernity and progress, yet shrouded by political, social and cultural matters that undermine its quest for identity and integrity fueled by foreign hands behind its scene of conflict, which is so dangerous to our future as
sovereign state.

This is time for the leadership under SPLM to provide cohesive ideology to command the loyalty of all South Sudanese against unwanted influence of foreign nationals in country political affairs.

We, as nation have potential Generals within ranks and files of our national army and other organized forces to inspire the majority of South Sudanese people against UN quest of power in South Sudan.

Hence, emancipation of South Sudan is equally emancipation of other African resources rich nations, from imperial western countries, which always create mayhem wherever they chooses in order to give them chance to loot underneath minerals.

Our politicians who support intervention of UN forces lacked deep analytical mind, which so vital in political game and the current crisis in our country needed political ruminative thinkers.

Albeit, intervention of UN forces is an affront to our pride and sovereignty, as country, which cannot go unchecked.

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his/her country against foreign influence that jeopardize national characters and pride.”


  1. Onigo says:

    African Proverb: He who will swallow ‘udala’ (apple) seed must consider the size of his anus – To every action, you must consider the consequence. (An apple seed does not digest in the stomach.)

  2. Bol Khan says:

    Ater Garang,

    What about the forces which recently came from Uganda: Are they South Sudanese or foreign forces? Or you like only the forces that can come in through your (Council) request? You don’t need foreign forces requested by downtrodden South Sudanese people? Do you want to continue killing South Sudanese people as you wish? Tell me ya one of Salva Kiir’s tribal and deadly leadership mouthpieces! Come up!

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Great question. The traitorous Dinka have already invited foreigners(UPDF, JEM, SPLA-N) in South Sudan. The deployment of more UNMISS troops is non-negotiable period
      USA elite troops are already on the ground in Juba–secretly clearing the way for the imminent deployments of the UN troops. By murdering peacekeeping forces(Chinese, Indians, UK journalists, and Ugandans, the jenges council of Evils, Malong, and killer nyankiir have unknowingly invited the world’s superpower–United States of America, into their tribal war.

  3. koke says:

    The time the hungry Dinkas get satisfied, liberated from their GREED and lawlessness is when peace will prevail in s/Sudan. Unfortunately this time is still decades or so away as they are yet to evolve into full civilized and socialized human beings with positive moral and social values that can reflected on others

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