Will David Yau Yau-Pres. Kiir Peace hold water in Jonglei State?

BY: John Adoor Deng, Australia, MAY/23/2014, SSN;

This week in Juba, the city was sharply divided in receiving former half-trained clergy, General David Yau Yau, who received a prestigious state welcome in the world newest capital, Juba. A man who was a state enemy for a couple of years was received with open arms by President Kiir and his government, an assurance that he is fully accepted and forgiven for a second time.

Analysts speculate that too much in the agreement has been given to David Yau in the recent signed agreement. The areas of the Murle, Anyuak (Pochalla), Jie and Kacipo shall for the first time in the history of Sudan in general and South Sudan in particular, become separate Greater Pibor Area Administration (GPAA).

The chief Administrator who shall champion this portion of governance shall be appointed and shall exercise powers as equal to that of the state governor.

In other words, Greater Pibor Area is a state in the making. The questions then becomes, did this Cobra faction deserve this much? Is it the best model to award the rebels by dividing the State?

Was this agreement debated in Jonglei state parliament? Were communities that had conflicts with Murle tribe through Yau Yau been consulted for this peace?

Did David Yauyau take up arms because he wanted a state or simply because he lost an state election?

Any different between David Yauyau and late rebel George Athor?

Was GPAA a popular demand of the citizens in Pibor, Pochalla, and Boma? If yes was there any petition presented in the state parliament?

Although these questions may seem to interrogate the intellect and rationale of our respected religious leaders who mediated this peace, it is equally crucial for us the consumers of this peace to understand it better.

However, to the Murle tribal communities and individuals around the world, this peace agreement, though it was narrowly championed by David, it has met their expectations, they feel that their dreamt-up world has materialized.

David Yau Yau in their eyes is a messiah, a savior who has brought freedom, development and prosperity to their land. In fact, songs have been composed to appreciate, appease and edified David.

Politically, Yau Yau in as far as the Murle is concerned, is a king in the making and all other political aspirants must learn how to kneel down to David Yau Yau for their political survival and illumination.

Realistically, not all people in Juba and elsewhere were happy to see David Yau Yau glorified, especially the communities that have been experiencing merciless atrocities for centuries in the forms of child abduction, cattle raiding, loss of properties and killing of innocent civilians, committed by former Murle militiamen and recently David Yau Yau men in uniform.

These communities (Dinka & Nuer) were reminded of their dead ones when seeing David Yau Yau in national Broadcasting television (SSTV) proudly speaking of his so called achievement.

These communities feel that the blood of their loved ones, has unfortunately, cemented the acceleration and elevation of Yau Yau.

As much as Yau Yau is happy celebrating his joyous second come back to Juba, the people of Dinka and Nuer communities are bleeding the pain of the obnoxious uninvited atrocities committed by Cobra faction in recent years.

Conversely, it is now the chance of people upon which the atrocities were committed to file legal proceeding against Yau Yau or take him as the prodigal son, although he has not demonstrated his prodigality.

It is now chance for General David to demonstrate his seeking of forgiveness. As the former pastor in the ministry of God, David must show remorse for his baseless war that has killed thousands of people and displaced many.

David has a chance too, to stop the criminal business of child abduction, cattle raiding and he must work hard to cement broken relations between Murle and neighboring communities. If General David will be strong enough to do these, then this peace, although disbelieved, shall hold water.

The Author is John Adoor Deng, BA, BTH, MPRL (MPP –current), Director of South Sudan Support Foundation (SSSF). He can be reached at johnadoordeng@yahoo.com.au


  1. Eli says:

    Dear Readers,
    I have some questions, please answer me if you have a sincere answer. So, is this how everybody in South Sudan supposed to get what they want from the centralized government? By picking up arms? By sheding innocent blood? By violence? By intimidation? By mass killings? By committing genocide?
    This is truly lawlessness. Whatever happened to saintly, has our society lost direction? Forever? Should every ethnic group start declaration of self governance or independence? Especially those marginalized tribes, those living along the borders or those so called minority tribes?
    What a curse to be born in such a society?
    Eli Wani

  2. Hi Mr, Adoor,

    Obama one day said during UN summit of 2012 “Those who love freedom for themselves must ask; by how much must they endure for freedom of others” I want you to equally imagine the pain you our brothers inflict on other tribes, Will you ever appologize for them?

  3. Ogalam says:

    God knows how long will this peace agreement last. The government enter into this because to lessen heat on its side.

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