Why TROIKA Can’t Assassinate Gen. Malong: A Case Study of Late Gen. Rene

By Simon Yel Yel, South Sudanese, JAN/21/2017, SSN;

Today the subject of my pen which Western sympathizers may call it vitriolic is the inscrutable TROIKA. I have written before about it and I am still continuing until TRIOKA stops all its ill plans against South Sudan.

The self-anointed role that the United States, Norway and the United Kingdom have given themselves as “Masters of our destiny” and the way they had drafted the Compromised Peace Agreement, CPA, are two reasons among several others that I have trouble with in recognizing the TROIKA as a force for the good in this ongoing crisis in South Sudan.

In my book, TROIKA is an Unholy Trinity working every second of a minute to topple Salva Kiir’s regime under the pretext of bringing peace. There is no other hard evidence to prove it rather than the current audio clip (in the custody of South Sudan’s Military intelligence and others security organs) of TROIKA’s recent meeting in Nairobi on 3rd January allegedly plotting the assassination strategy on how to kill Gen. Paul Malong.

As usual, the U.S. with its ungoverned mouth has chutzpah to impudently dismiss the existence of the assassination scheme and brand the gathered intelligence evidences as “reckless allegation.”

Indeed it is not a surprise to see United States denying this assassination plot because the fact is that the United States never ever accepted its involvement in all its sponsored assassination plots and coups though it was caught red-handed like in Cuba and Venezuela. The U.SA always has chutzpah to hypocritically dismiss everything and brand concrete evidences as “reckless allegations.”

What is surprising so much is how they always crudely try to make everything suit their interest, calling the same thing black today and white tomorrow. They act as they want; here and there, plotting assassinations and overthrowing democratically elected governments and remaining unchallenged. It is primitive and misanthropic.

The last time I checked in December 2016, Washington has expelled thirty five (35) Russian diplomats based on reports of the CIA and other security organs which charged the diplomats of having influenced the election of Donald Trump; this month I checked, the Washington is branding the intelligence evidences gathered by South Sudan security organs on TROIKA’s assassination plot to kill Gen. Malong as “reckless allegation.”

However, history is always the best guider of the future and there is no doubt that the U.S is in a stern plot to assassinate Gen. Paul Malong and topple Kiir’s government given the current auguries.

Understandably, the recent examination result in CIA’s laboratory for foreign regimes change on how to topple Kiir has indicated that Gen. Malong is a great stumbling block for Kiir’s downfall, and therefore his death is preconditional to kiir’s downfall.

This result indubitably corresponds with the results that the CIA had once obtained when plotting to topple Allende in Chile in 1970.

In Chile, the Chilean Army Chief of General Staff Gen. Rene Schneider was seen as a greater barrier for military officers willing to accept the Washington’s plan to overthrow Allende. In their quest to topple Allende’s regime, Washington organized his successful assassination and Allende’s regime was easily overthrown three years later.

Like Gen. Paul Malong, late Gen. Rene was a staunch constitutionalist. He was known of his doctrine called “Schneider Doctrine.”

In his doctrine, he enunciated that “the armed forces are not a road to political power nor an alternative to that power; they exist to guarantee the regular work of the political system and the use of force for any purpose than the country’s defense constitute high treason.”

You can make plenty cheap connections between Gen. Paul Malong and late Gen. Rene Schneider. Both Generals can be defined by their firm constitutionalism stance whose beliefs of power belong to the people and the primary responsibility of the army is to protect the constitution, country and the citizens, suitably fit the demands of their people.

Before the election of Allende, the U.S. President Richard Nixon was worried that he may win the upcoming Presidential election given the position taken by the army to distance itself from politics. Imperially, Secretary Henry Kissinger had audacity to interfere in Chileans’ affairs and brazenly say “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.”

To Washington’s dismay, Chilean voters ignored Washington demonization of Allende and consequences of his election and overwhelmingly voted to elect him on September 4th 1970.

The innocent Rene didn’t know that his refusal to stage a military coup against Allende is an affront to the Washington and the price for it would be his own dear life. Exactly, in less than six months later, CIA and other two Chilean Army Commanders ganged up to plot his assassination and they succeeded in killing him.

As it was expected by the Washington, his successor Gen. Augusto Jose became a cheap simpleton and the Washington easily got ride on him and staged a coup against President Allende three years later.

To relate this case to the alleged assassination plot by TROIKA to kill Gen. Malong, it is incontrovertible truth that Gen. Malong doesn’t have a lust for power to be the President through a military coup nor election and that is why the TRIOKA is planning to kill him with expectation that his successor will be like Augusto Jose to oust Kiir because the SPLA-IO (Riek faction) has spectacularly failed to do it.

Comparatively, Gen. Paul Malong shares the same constitutionalism stance with late Gen. Rene as he assured the public several times that he will never misuse SPLA to further his own interest, Washington, or whoever it is.

He is on record uttering that “The responsibility and duty of SPLA is to protect the sovereignty and integrity of South Sudan from external and internal aggression; protect the constitution and more importantly protect the lives and properties of all South Sudanese from harmful groups; Power is in the hands of the people and SPLA is determined to protect the Constitution from any danger and will never allow the transfer of power by bullet but only by ballot.”

In conclusion, the truth is that to anyone willing to think with noggin, this assassination plot by TROIKA is true and it is a last fraught plan to achieve their desired goal of regime change after the salient failure of an imperialized Compromised Peace Agreement to achieve it.

This plan is prompted by unexpected exit of Riek coupled with SPLA-IO maladroitness to overthrow Kiir and miraculous ascendance of Taban Deng uniting all the files and ranks of SPLA-IO under him.

Because of these unfolded events, the TRIOKA has realized that their trap is almost missing the targeted catch and hence to salvage the desired goal of regime change from dying, they came up with this plan B of assassinating Gen. Malong with a hope that his successor will be of Gen. Augusto type to cooperate with them and overthrow Salva Kiir’s government. Therefore, dismiss it at your own ignorance!

However, with the help of God, Gen. Malong will defy all their ill plans against him like the late Fidel Castro of Cuba and it will be wiser enough if TROIKA can go to Somalia, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen and wait there till Gen. Malong and Kiir die of Typhoid or Malaria.

Simon Yel Yel can be reached via maandeng2017@gmail.com


  1. Eastern says:

    Sycophants don’t cease to amaze me! Simon Yel Yel, young as you are, I would expect objectivity from you.

    The Trioka and the so-called friends of South Sudan contributed enormously to see SPLM/A where it’s now. Without the inputs of these aforementioned groups, mostly in the global west, SPLA would have been obliterated or it would still be fighting a war of attrition in the bushes of South Sudan.

    The Troika and those who midwifed South Sudan wouldn’t sit on their lourels and see the country they contributed in its founding go to the dogs. There’s no doubt that United States of America contributed and still continue to contribute for wellbeing of South Sudan. There’s no way a group of tribal kleptocrats emerging from SPLA/M supported by Americans can be allowed to hold South Sudan at ransome, no way!

    South Sudan is what it is today thanks to the enormous support from its supporters in the west but not because of the Russians and the Chinese. This is a fact. With no change in Kiir’s leadership style in sight, the regime change agenda looms high!

  2. Ghol Chot says:

    Mr. Yel Yel,

    Our Riek Machar supporters do not know the greatest sinister project their US, the UK, Norway, their sleazy NGOs and some of criminals in between conspired against our country and against our people. Our Riek Machar supporters are just bunch of brain washed individuals by the idea of US democracy and the West and too much of their movies.

    Some of these fellows, are just some of the products of Barack Obama’s so-called “Young African Leader Initiatives (YALI), https://yali.state.gov/yali-africa/ This project was created by Barack Obama and the US state department, in which some young Africans were surreptitiously selected all over sub-Saharan African countries by NGOs and CIA and Shipped to US for brain Washing in some selected American colleges for six months and then sent back to come and *regime change*( their governments in the name of their elusive) democracy.

    The so-called Arab spring that destroyed Libya, Syria, and Iraq and almost destroyed Tunisia is the same game, but different name. You realized how our Riek Machar supporters often called *themselves freedom* fighters, like the way the then so-called Libyans and Syrians criminals used to called themselves ‘freedom fighters’??

    Riek Machar supporters are just bunch of clueless lots who do not know what they are really fighting for. They were fighting to hand over our country to corporate America and Europe. But they have been playing very dangerous games.

    The US, Europe and some of their criminals in between like Japan, South Korea, the gulf Arab states and some of their allies in between want to play the recon quest (scramble) for Africa and some other countries (part two). On the pretext of their so-called humanitarian aid, donations and their peace keeping business nonsense.

    They (the US, Europe and some of their allies in between) have failed in countries like Iran, Russia and even China to some extend to regime change their countries. And even here in our own Africa, they have failed to regime change our own North Sudan, Kenya and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa governments. Because the Kenyans didn’t buy Barrack Obama with his British Raila Odinga, Morgan Tsingara. In Egypt though, the Egyptians tasted the water with their Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Moussi; but clawed back immediately after they saw where their country was being taken to, and got their strong man and their army under their current president.

    But the US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their juus and some of their allies in between dirty project almost succeeded in our country. Because we have some lowly informed politicians like Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom or Majak Agoot and even our populace.

    A fellow like Pagan Amuom even took residency in Barack Obama’s white house and has been vociferous about handing our country over to the UN to rule South Sudan and the South Sudanese people. The same thing has been toyed around by the likes of Majak Agoot and some of their other thieves in foreign capitals, that our country must be ruled by foreigners!!

    And there are some of their followers who warm up to this outrageous idea. It has now becoming apparent the old aged sayings don’t lie. The saying goes that “little education is a disease”. Our esteemed leaders who think, they are alternative to the current bad government in which they were part and parcel of; but when their foolish snouts were weaned off the South Sudanese people trough for corruptions and incompetent. Then they want to sell our country to their corporate America, Europe and some of their sleazy allies in between masters!!! Good luck to the criminals.

    Salva Kiir should bring in the SPLM/A fire squat way of dealing with traitors. These criminals should know better, during our liberation war with North Sudan. During our war with North Sudan, even if you wanted to be relocated to a zone or a division that you thought was going to be good for you, then you were considered to be a rebel and a traitor and people were fire squatted. And many of these criminals betraying our country were the same criminals who were in authority then.

    Fellows, criminals like Pagan Amuom, Riek Machar, Lam Akol and Majak Agoot are just bunch of big losers. By the way, Pagan Amuom was part of “tong Anyidii, in 1982 in Bor” in which he fought our people with the Murles. Tong Anyidii, Amou Meeth and Paluer, were the wars that made the whole Bor community from Chuei-Keer to Chuei-Thon went to ethiopia and took up arms and joined the liberation of South Sudan. We know all these, but our detractors with their brained washed heads think we are playing games with them.

    We keep telling our Riek Machar followers to just man-up, swallow the bitter pills and move on. The world doesn’t rotate according to them and their Riek Machar (Ngundeng) re-incarnates. South Sudanese people would want to do other things than to always be fighting their aimless and useless rebellions.

    Their Riek Machar demigod is a big embarrassment to Nuers, South Sudanese people and the whole humanity at large. They have been always informed time and time again that their Riek Machar is a sociopath who just wants to lead South Sudanese people at all costs, when he doesn’t have goods to lead us.

    There are some people in the US, the UK and their UN who have been using their Riek Machar as their puppet/stooge and them as their pawns or proxies to kill our people; because those people from the US, the UK and their UN who are using Riek Machar as their puppet/stooge and some of them as their pawns or proxies and are gleefully these days laughing at us through their armpits at how foolish or stupid we are.
    Have a look at this link:


    This Joseph Conrad fellow was a Polish-British racist who wrote this racy book [the heart of darkness] about the Africans in Congo 19th century. The ways Riek Machar and some Nuers have been behaving always try to cement Joseph Conrad about Africans. It is not even Nuers these days, it seems all of us, the South Sudanese people are just what this Joseph Conrad was writing about and not even Belgium Congo.

    Some of Riek Machar supporters are always told that our country will be like Congo if they keep playing games pandering. The US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their juus and some of their allies in between are just after riches and nothing to do with Nuers and some Equatorians so-called democracy.

    Some of our Nuers and some of our Equatorians do not even know their US is not even a democracy, but a republican. In the US, the corporations and multinationals decide who can rule the US and that was why their Barack Obama even called our country his “US national interest”. The idiot was in the pocket of Wall Street and their banking cartels that are sponsoring the current mess in our country.

    Anyway, Mr. Yel Yel, our Riek Machar supporters are have to be continuously inform to grow up and go to schools to learn how the real world operate than what they watch in movies emanated out of our America’s so-called democracy. We took up arms to liberate out country and no any piece of rubbish from any country will come and play balls with our country and our people.

    These days, the Nuers and their Riek Machar demigod are demanding that foreign forces be brought into our country to come and enthrone him (Riek Machar) into power in our country. Good luck to them and their Riek Machar or any of their puppet/stooges though, but that is not going to happen under the sun.

    As for the assassination of another of our leaders like what they (the US, the UK and Norway) did to Dr. John Garang in 2005. Let them (the US, the UK and Norway) try again and we are not playing with the criminals these days. We keep informing our elders to let us bomb the damn UN, UNIMISS and everything to do with the evil corporate America, the UK, their sleazy NGOs, agencies, their sleazy juus and some of their criminals in between. But our elders keep saying that they are going to remove out of our by diplomacy, what diplomacy?

    What people are like Arabs, they listen through their eyes. We want to play Geo-politically football play our country like their 1950th Korea, their 1960th Eastern Congo, Angola, Mozambique and other countries. Mr, Yel Yel, the US, the UK, their sleazy juus and some of their allies in between are desperately shopping for a war.

    Chinese companies are wanted out of our country, this all UN, UNIMISS and peacekeeping farce in our country is just a veneer. But the real game is to use even countries in our own region to fight the corporate America, the UK, their evil juus and some of their criminals in between in our country.

    Sharpen your spear chap; we are going to bomb the evils. Their love affair with our country and our people has gone too far and we must put a fool stop to it.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Ghot Chot,
      You could have written an article out of your vitriolic response, as it’s just too long.
      Anyway, your opinions are really archaic, tribalistic and shows you as a ruthless murderer in the making or in fact.
      Shooting, killing and murdering seems like your trade. How will South Sudan look like with your genocide-prone thinking?
      Oooh, Cry our beloved country. You are no different from the murderous Kiir Mayardit and corporal Paul Malong!!!!

      Worried Editor.


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