Why the SPLM must be dismantled?

BY: DENGDIT AYOK, Egypt, SEP/04/2014, SSN;

QUOTE: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Holy Bible, King James Version, (Proverbs 29: 2).

I am writing under a severe pain, after surviving a deadly attack carried out against me by South Sudanese thugs in Cairo, three weeks ago, which left my left leg’s bone completely fractured, but with hope of walking again in the nearest future. There are other serious wounds in different parts of my body.

I will remain here in bed and on wheelchair for three months or so until all the wounds are healed. The attackers intended to kill me, but the will of the life giver has overcome their evil plan. Praise God and may His name be extolled forever!

I am writing in reaction to the views of some readers, commentators and friends on my last piece published on this website under the title: “SPLM: A Party that is Awaiting Horrible and Clumsy Political Burial”.

Over the past five weeks, many persons have questioned me about the wisdom of my path in calling for dismantling of the SPLM, a party that they admire so much to the extent of referring to it as “The mighty SPLM, the liberator of the people of South Sudan”, and “founder of South Sudan nation”.

At the heart of their concerns, their inquiries have been loud: Why are you speaking against the SPLM and calling on South Sudanese for its dismantling and your father was an SPLM member? “Why are you joining the voices of dissents?” “Aren’t you damaging your father’s legacy,” they asked?

And when I hear them asking such questions, I am nevertheless greatly saddened, though I often understand the gist of their concerns, for such questions mean that the inquirers have not really known me and what I propose for the well-being of our beloved nation. Indeed their questions suggest that they do not know the world of ignorance in which they live.

In the light of such tragic misunderstanding, I deem it of significant importance to try to state clearly and precisely why do I propose that the SPLM should be dismantled, sent to the dustbin of history and made a thing of the past.

Life and history give eloquent testimony to the fact that inept, corrupt and dangerous political entities like the SPLM were dismantled by the people, for not fulfilling the ambitions and aspirations of their masses.

It is true that my late father Hon. Ayok Deng Agor, a veterinarian by profession; was a prominent member of the SPLM since 1986, when he decided to join the people’s liberation army to fight together with his comrades and fellow South Sudanese for the liberation of this land, ‘land of great abundance’, from Jallaba’s marginalization and suppression.

He remained loyal to the SPLM and the objectives of the revolution. Although he was a man in authority and bearing the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the SPLA and with numerous soldiers under his command, he never robbed anything from his poor fellow South Sudanese at gun point, as it was the case with other disloyal and dishonest SPLA commanders during the war of liberation.

He became the first Speaker of Warrap state Legislative Assembly after the signing of the CPA and he delivered to the people of Warrap their first ever legal document, the interim state constitution, with his colleagues and fellow law makers, on a golden plate.

He died in February 2011 after he had sensitized his people and mobilized them to vote for independence at the referendum. He became very glad like all South Sudanese when the results came out in favor of the independence.

Hitherto, I can say that he was a loyal SPLM member and a real patriot who didn’t like the current mismanagement of the affairs championed by the SPLM and its corrupt elite. His party has betrayed South Sudan and if he was alive, he would not have accepted this.

May those who ask me why Am I calling for the dismantling of the SPLM and my father was an SPLM member, be hereby kindly informed that the fact that my father was an SPLM member does not prevent me from calling for its dismantling and getting rid of this party that has become a source of pain and tragedy to the nation.

For those who think that the SPLM should be reformed, I say the SPLM is too deformed beyond repair, and we are deeply in need of a new way beyond this thick darkness that is surrounding us.

The SPLM leadership has resisted all the calls made by its members for reformation four years ago and the result of that resistance created internal differences that has dragged the nation into this senseless war.


1. When the greatest soldiers of our nation ignited the second armed revolution at Bor and Ayod garrisons respectively in May 1983, which later on resulted into the inception of the SPLM/A; they were led by patriotism and loyalty to their homeland and their people. Loyalty to the people of South Sudan was the engine of the revolution.

The SPLM gradually begun to lose loyalty to the cause of its people after the war was ended by the signing of the CPA and the death of its leader John Garang. By losing loyalty to the people of South Sudan whom the war was fought in their name, the SPLM has greatly betrayed them.

The SPLM has betrayed our people for not remaining loyal to the objectives of the revolution which are supposed to serve the interests of our people as articulated in its first manifesto.

2. After gradually losing loyalty to the people of South Sudan, the SPLM became very much engaged in a very dirty and detrimental business; embezzlement of public money and sending them into special bank accounts in foreign lands.

We are all aware of the SPLM major corruption cases such as the scandal of $60 million that had disappeared between the SPLM leaders when it was just coming from the bush to the city, after the conclusion of the CPA, the grain scandal, the letters written by the President to (75) officials urging them to return the stolen funds, theft at the presidency, the scandal of the transferred money from Juba to Nairobi to Dabbi Group for purchasing fire extinguishers to be used in government’s institutions. This is only at the level of the national government led by the SPLM, leave alone the state governments.

On the other hand, the SPLM-led government has since 2005 up to 2011, received very huge sums of money from the donor countries and from the 50% share of the oil revenues designated for South Sudan in the CPA. All this money was not used for delivering services to the people of South Sudan.

All these monies have gone to the SPLM’s belly that’s never satisfied. The SPLM–led government is soaked in rampant corruption that has left the nation poor, barren and underdeveloped. The SPLM-led government has drastically failed to connect the ten states with network of tarmac roads.

Dr. John Garang de Mabior once said at the signing ceremony of the CPA that South Sudan has never witnessed the presence of tarmac roads since the days of Adam and Eve.

This happened due to foreign colonization and monopoly of power by the intruders in the former unified Sudan in post independence era under the successive governments of Khartoum; and it is the same thing happening today. South Sudan has never witnessed the presence of tarmac roads since the SPLM assumed power.

There is only one tarmac road in the entire country, the Juba-Nimule road, but it was not constructed by the SPLM-led government. It was done by the US government.

Up to here, one can say that we haven’t yet seen the SPLM tarmac roads, and if we wait, we will never see them because we had waited enough since 2005 up to 2014.

The SPLM government has failed beyond reasonable doubt to deliver basic services to the people of South Sudan. It could have built numerous schools, good modern health facilities, construct at least one huge dam in Fula area in Nimule to generate electric power for the entire country, but the monies that were supposed to be used for providing such services, have gone into the SPLM’s belly for good!

The SPLM has good strategic plans for delivering services to the civil population, but it did not implement them for being disloyal to the people and becoming self-centered.

There is a small booklet titled: “SPLM Strategic Framework for War to Peace” that was prepared by the SPLM leadership in 2004, which is the SPLM’s vision on development programs for the post war era in South Sudan.

It includes all the programs that the civilian population needs in South Sudan. It includes: developing institutional infrastructure for better governance, road transport, railway, air transport, telecommunication, town planning and public utilities, dykes in flood prone areas and water harvesting in water scarce areas, micro-dams for small scale hydro-electric generation for rural electrification, windmills for water at the sustainable homestead level, prioritizing agriculture as the engine of economic growth and poverty eradication and many more social programs.

The SPLM has abandoned all these programs and it became engaged in looting the resources of the nation.
Instead of embarking on the program of nation building, the SPLM established and entrenched a kleptocratic regime in the country. Kleptocracy means ‘rule by thieves’ and it is also defined as a form of corrupt political power, where the government exists to increase personal wealth and political power of its officials or the ruling class at the expense of the wider population.

Free encyclopedia, Wikipedia, says the following about the effect of the kleptocratic regime on a nation:
The effects of a kleptocratic regime or government on a nation are typically adverse in regards to the faring of the state’s economy, political affairs and civil rights.

Kleptocracy in government often vitiates prospects of foreign investment and drastically weakens the domestic market and cross-border trade.

As the kleptocracy normally embezzles money from its citizens by misusing funds derived from tax payments, or money laundering schemes, a kleptocratically structured political system tends to degrade nearly everyone’s quality of life.

In addition, the money that kleptocrats steal is often taken from funds that were earmarked for public amenities, such as the building of hospitals, schools, roads, parks and the like – which has further adverse effects on the quality of life of the citizens living under a kleptocracy.

The quasi-oligarchy that results from kleptocratic elite also subverts democracy or any other political format the state is ostensibly under.

This is now the real state of affairs in South Sudan.

3. The SPLM lacks good governance, democracy and art of dialogue. This is evident by its recent political differences over the issue of secret and open vote that had sparked armed confrontation in Juba between President Salva Kiir’s and Riek Machar’s supporters on the 15th of December 2013, and which has developed into a full scale tribal and atrocious war, that has devastating the whole Upper Nile region.

4. The SPLM has failed to transform itself from a gorilla movement to a political party that operates on institutionalism. Since its emergence from the bush in 2005 up to now, it has remained a group of army generals that combine politics with militarism and mix up party affairs with state affairs, a thing which has made the SPLM above the country.

Authentically and indisputably speaking, the SPLM since 2005 up to date has remained a politico-military party contrary to the international political norms and the spirit of the transitional constitution; hence it became catastrophic to the nation.

For many arrogant SPLM members, SPLM is South Sudan and South Sudan is SPLM, no difference between the two in their view! South Sudan under the SPLM rule is the only nation on earth where a party is above the entire nation. South Sudan must be above all parties and all institutions.

5. The SPLM is comprehensively responsible for the mass murder of Nuer tribesmen and women in Juba in the wake of the December 2013 political differences between its leaders, and the murder of Dinka tribesmen and women in Bor, Akobo, and Unity state as well as in the oil fields.

Lack of free democratic dialogue within the SPLM hierarchy led to a crisis that had divided our people along tribal lines. In fact, it is the SPLM’s tribal mind that has paved the way for tribal war and the killing of our beautiful diversity.

The presence of Nuer, Dinka, Acholi, Bari, Didinga, Balanda, Taposa, Kachipo, Murle, Nyangwara and all our various tribes together is what makes South Sudan South Sudan. Targeting one these tribes means targeting South Sudan.

The SPLM has killed and it is stilling killing the nation by dividing South Sudanese along ethnic lines. It is fully responsible of this war regardless of the obvious different the two of its warring factions. They were one before the split. They are both accountable for the status quo.

This makes the dismantling of the SPLM a must for all ‘great patriots’ of South Sudan.

6. The SPLM is also responsible for massive internal displacement of the civil population into UNMISS camps in Juba and in the three states of Upper Nile region. It is fully responsible for the terrible humanitarian conditions faced by the internally displaced peoples and those other displaced peoples taking refuge in the neighboring countries.

All these things happened as a direct result of the SPLM internal differences that its leaders have failed to handle wisely and peacefully.

7. By resorting to solving its differences through the barrel of the gun, the SPLM has given credibility to Khartoum analysts’ views before the independence that had claimed that, “South Sudanese cannot rule themselves; they will divide themselves along tribal lines and butcher themselves as soon as they get the independence”. It should have proved them wrong.

A party that gives credibility to prophets of doom and enemies of the nation and prove them right, though they are wrong, must be dismantled.

SPLM’s bad governance has made us a laughingstock to the world. Khartoum had laughed at us when our people started to quit the country they voted for its independence back to Sudan, the very country we separated from.
The northerners yelled at us: ‘did we not tell you that you will not rule yourselves and that you have no ability to run an independent state?’

Their writers and their newspapers have been confirming to the general public there in Sudan how far they have been true in saying that South Sudanese cannot rule themselves.

Some of our people who ran to Khartoum have even confessed our alleged inability to rule ourselves to Khartoum’s mass media. This happened due to SPLM bad governance, lack of political maturity and blind power struggle.

8. The SPLM lacks clear vision of how the program of nation building should be carried on. How the people of South Sudan should be united to become indeed one people and one nation and to have South Sudanism as their common identity and strongly embraced it.

9. The SPLM has failed to maintained security and stability of the nation. Since 2005 up to now there have been campaigns for cattle raiding and murder of civil population by criminals. We have Lakes, Warrap, and Unity and Jonglei states as good example in this regard.

The SPLM-led government has been unable to put an end to this lawlessness, deter crimes and criminals and restore law and order. The country has always remained fragile and unstable under the SPLM rule. Security has never improved over the past eight years or so.

This permanent insecurity across the country has scared the investors and prevented them from coming to invest and help revive the national economy.

10. The SPLM-led government has let down the people of South Sudan when their army liberated Panthou. The withdrawal of troops from the area was a terrible mistake that has betrayed our people.

The government of Sudan won Panthou through diplomatic campaigns in the international circles, while the SPLM diplomacy and its diplomats were deeply asleep. We then lost Panthou for good when the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon ordered President Salva Kiir to withdraw the army from the area. Noticeably, this shows that the SPLM lacks clear formulated foreign policy that serve our national interests in the international political sphere.


A new strong political movement must emerge and appear in our political arena to peacefully compete with the SPLM. This new movement must bear a clear program for nation building; it must used peaceful political mechanisms for dismantling this tragedy called SPLM.

Among the tools and mechanisms that it should use is political mobilization. It must reach out to the people of South Sudan wherever they are in and abroad to explain to them how bad the SPLM has been mismanaging the country, looting their resources, and finally dragging their country into a useless war and prepare them to participate in dismantling it.

This new political movement must be the champion of national salvation from the current terrible rule of the SPLM that has very much hurt the nation.

You and I must be members of this movement for change so that we get rid of the SPLM mess and save our people from this dangerous kleptocratic SPLM rule.

We must conduct political rallies, symposiums and seminars aimed at enlightening the people of South Sudan to see how bad the SPLM has been running the country they loved so much and paid for it dearly.

Our people must see how bad the SPLM is so that they vote it out of the office in free, fair and transparent elections which shall surely usher in a new political dispensation that will serve the people of South Sudan and keep peace and stability and turn the country into an oasis of justice and prosperity.


This new movement must be true and righteous. The Holy Bible says in the above quote that when the righteous (those who do what is right for their people) are in authority, the people rejoice. It also says that when the wicked (those who do evil things) bear the rule; the people mourn.

SPLM is a wicked party that did not make our people rejoice, it has made them mourn. SPLM is an evildoer. South Sudan is now mourning under the wicked rule of the SPLM as this senseless war rages day after day, killing tens of thousands of innocent.

This is a call for righteousness for South Sudan. This is a call for a righteous government that will make our people rejoice and prosper and live in a lasting peace.

Together, let us get rid of the SPLM and all its factions; be it SPLM-Juba, SPLM-IO, SPLM-DC, SPLM-federalism, SPLM-decentralization or any other type of SPLM.

Mr. Ayok is reachable at dengdit_a@yahoo.com


  1. info@southsudannation says:

    Please accept my sincere sympathy for your terrible ordeal and watch out, the SPLM might next aim at eliminating you, so take the greatest care.
    The day will come sooner when the SPLM will simply and dishonorably disappear like Obote’s UPC, Jomo Kenyatta’s KANU, like Mobutu’s MPR, Mubarak’s NDP and many more now long-forgotten so-called political parties.
    I wish you a quick recovery.
    Our struggle against this monstrosity called the SPLM continues, A lutta continua.

  2. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Dengdit Ayok
    I am shocked to hear about the attack on you. May the Almighty God bring healing and protection to you. Wish you speedy recovery and please exercise utmost care. May God send his Archangel to be near you.

  3. Defender says:


    The thugs have broken your limbs but they have not broken your spirit. Keep on educating those who see SPLM as infallible. As you said, time and effort of people like you, who take this dangerous stance in the face of the callous regime to tell it like it is, will at the end succeed. And I agree with you wholeheartedly that SPLM is cancer that is eating away at what is beautiful about South Sudan–its diversity, richness and history. They cannot take the people and their rights for granted. Those who see themselves above the law, will pay for it, sooner or later. There is kingdom in South Sudan and there are no kings. Those who will continue to expose the elites who are eating away at our hearts will be victorious one day.

  4. MAJONGDIT says:

    KANU disappear! KANU rules Kenya today. TNA and URP of the Jubilee coalition are the new KANU.

    • info@southsudannation says:


      • Nikalongo says:


        We like chasing the wind. Don’t we? I mean all of us including the author. The SPLM is an impersonal entity that takes character only through the many hooligans that brand it around. For your information SPLM as it is now, is a hot brand in the market of politics. I stand to be contradicted. There is SPLM-Lam, SPLM-Riak, SPLM-Kiir, SPLM-Nikalongo, SPLM-Monydit, SPLM-Alhag, soon SPLM-Ambago, SPLM-False M, etc. The monster in our room is not the party SPLM, it is Dinka Kiir, Nuer Riak and their supporters in between. SPLM Dinka killed SPLM Nuer and SPLM Nuer Killed SPLM Dinka. That is our reality. Let us stop pretending we do not know the root causes of out problems. Charity begins at home they say. Dinka and Nuer peace lovers should take their messages of peace and harmony back home to the valleys and hilltops of Warrap,Gogrial, Aweil, Bentui, Akobo, Bor, Nassir and above all to the Dinka and Nuer politicians, elders, chiefs and the youths. Peace and harmony will only be restored the day the two communities choose life over death and minimal prosperity over destruction.

        It is time we take the bull by the horn instead of advocating the destruction or call it dismantling of the SPLM. The KANU that you are referring to as dead is actually alive and kicking. Kenyans were hypnotised and send away to deep sleep their frustrations while KANU stalwarts gave themselves new names. You know what! Kenyans woke up to a rude political landscape. Nothing had changed beside the Jubilee coalition, Amani coalition and this other Raila one – call Code or whatever it is. Kenyans are back where they started. This time around, they have run out of ideas. How do you remove the Railas, Uhurus and Rutos from the political scene when they keep on becoming things other than themselves all the time? It is the same in Uganda. UPC and DP of the 60s and 80s simply melted into NRM. Museveni was UPC and his former and current vices DPs. Those advocating the destruction of SPLM instead should come up with a credible opposition party that can challenge the status quo.

        You know what I would have done as an opposition party sitting around that peacetable in Adis? Chasing after any position in government is a waste of time. I would simply negotiate for a free political space supervised and monitored by the UN, the Troika and IGAD leading to a free and fair elections. As it is now, that free space is being monopolised by Kiir with the slogan of one people one nation. But because the warmongers around the peacetable are also thieves, the quest for position is overriding the need for peace and stability. This quest for position is also harboured by forces without arms on the ground. It is no longer about democratic reforms, security, peace or ending the killings, it is about creating and filling up positions. Well, it was always about positions and not our roads, schools and hospitals.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          MR. NIKALONGO,

          • Nikalongo says:


            How Editor? Any clue? Kenyans failed and failed miserably. Ordinary Wanainchi {muatenien) there died in thousands in front of TV cameras. But today, the Gambian prosecutor (Benasouda) lady at the ICC in the Hague is unable to get a single witness among the 40millions or so Kenyans. That is to say no one in Kenya saw any citizen being murdered. Sad, but that is the reality.

  5. General Thoon -Anyar Aywien says:

    Brother Dengdit

    My heartfelt sympathy to your ordeal, wish you a quick recovery, by the way what you have just written is what many South Sudanese intellect were thinking about. Why not get rid of the so called SPLM.
    For me the abbreviation SPLM – (Numerous sect), was just attach to greediness, corruption, arrogance, falsehoods, opportunism, womanizers, and irresponsible cluster of persons.
    Therefore why not entomb such an annoying & misused term SPLM.

    Let all our youth groups, woman groups, church groups and intellects stand-up for the formation of this new suggested party, to be strong, visionary and participatory party to all South Sudanese, to be named anything but not & never SPLM again.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Dengdit Ayok:

    First:I would like to wish u a quick re-establishment of your good health.Nothing should b too tempting to compel u into activity when your health conditions do not permit u.So your good health comes first.It will never b too late to take care of other important things when you should have been healthy.

    Secondly:You are so appreciated in our struggle.Everything u propose as a step to formation of a national movement that could replace the SPLM at the end corresponds very well to the idea in the thinking of many of us.If you could start it’s conceptual framework with your close comrads,you can count on our support.I hope your reduced health conditions may permit u.

    Lastly:But u make me laugh to inform us that your father was an honest SPLM/SPLA member.That is very rare:exceptional.Killing,raping,looting n oppressing are the coins of the life of the SPLM/SPLA members from their first hour to this very day.That are the true facts we all know.But u are u and one hopes to deal with u as u.No ill thinking behind my writing please!!!

    Wishing u a very best weekend,False Millionaire.

  7. Choromke Jas says:

    You must be a determined guy writing from your sick bed suc ha lucid account of of the SPLM’s failures. Like many of its sectors, SPLM never respected professionalism. They have this crazy idea that anyone can drive a plane bind-folded. Once Garang was out of the way, nothing mattered. Anybody can be a general in the Army. The results: ping-pong takeover of garrison towns in this war. The generals do not really plan battles. They just pour young people in the battlefield to be killed. In any good army, the deaths of reasonable number of the soldiers is a matter of Court Martial for the Commanding Officer. Day in day out, the unschooled generals on both sides (symmetrical as Eric Reeves says) send young people to their death, because of SPLM philosophy that education does not matter. At their HQ’s, Secretariats are headed by semi-literate people, including chiefs. Even their female Deputy head, had never shown any interest in party politics until she was appointed SPLM Deputy Secretary General! So what do you expect? Unschooled people in politics from top to bottom pretending to understand statecraft and designing a system of nation-building for which they have no shred of schooling to do.

    Until the SPLM is reborn, if that is possible, they must follow the old parties of Africa as the Editor has indicated. Sad day for the suffering people of South Sudan.

  8. Dear Mr.Dengdit Ayok:

    Be informed that the tarmac road that was done Juba-Nimule,was not done by USA government money.The
    tarmac road Juba -Nimule,was done by South Sudanese money.America do not do things for free! They do things
    for money.Bear in yourmind hard! You pay them the money,they will do the work! This is the bottomline! You do not pay a money,they do not do a work period! The South Sudan government owing them the money for the tarmac road Juba-Nimule a lump sum of money!

    What you said,they true.But sometime try to realize that who are owning the machinery in the world!They are the very people,who are making troubles in the world! They predominating the world of today where we are right now economically,and politically!They do no care at all!

    Remember that President of Cuba Fidel Castro.chased the foreign contractors in the country after he took power from President Vicensio Batista who was a tool! He called them the vultures! They hate Fidel Castro like nothing! And Fidel Castro again hate them too like nothing! He does not give a shit for them at all until today! Thank you! Do not waste your important time for SPLM! SPLM will go sometime with their rulers which will begin from President Salva Kirr himself from top all way down! Back to you to the audience.


  9. Tangata Riri says:

    With all respect, Chief Abiko. Please do not try to pull away from Mr. Dengdit Ayok’s powerful message. South Sudanese are the reason for South Sudan’s troubles and we must stop looking to blame everyone but ourselves for our failures.

    Why continue to serve and protect a party that no longer serves and protects you?

    I know it must be difficult for those who have invested their formative years and aspirations to SPLM but the failure of the current leadership does not mean a failure for you or for those who gave their lives in the struggle.

    THAT SPLM has achieved its purpose. South Sudanese now have the capacity to be first class citizens in their own country. But, THIS SPLM has underachieved and is in danger of permanently destroying the social fabric of our nation. It has become, through incompetence and wilful obstinacy, a real danger to the very nation it professes to serve.

    Let it not tarnish the name of those who gave everything any longer. Similarly, let it not obstruct the future prosperity of the youth whom we prayed would face less hardship than us.

  10. Isaac Deng says:

    Dear Dengdit Ayok,
    What happened to you was a assassination attempt by those wishing dead. God is great and we thank him for keeping you alive to this day so that you expose those evil forces destroying our country.
    Your article speaks for itself, only the food lovers will not make sense out of it. Your article is a testimony to youth that the future belongs to them not those unpatriotic SPLM thieves surrounding President Kiir who failed flat to transform SPLM from a guerrilla outfit into a modern political party and the SPLA into disciplined military force. On the contrary, the SPLA of today has been converted into tribal militias run by tribal warlords with President Kiir their Commander-in-Chief. It sad to see no clear-cut difference between the SPLA as the national army and its corrupted political wing the ruling SPLM party. Case in point, under Kiir’s monotonous decrees, many corrupt warlords were made generals without undergoing any modern warfare training regardless of their age or educational background taken into consideration. Semi-literate Gen. Johnson Olony, Gen. David Yauyau, the current Chief of Staff Gen. Paul Malong Awan to mention few are classic examples of deformed SPLM rule.
    It is open secret that those agitating for the political reform and oppose the SPLM misrule, time and again find themselves being harassed, beaten up and tortured or murdered by ill-informed thugs of Presidential guards.
    Those greedy SPLM thugs stealing oil money in sucks have hijacked the nation’s future and validating their misrule of the country through the barrel of the gun as you said. Don’t get me wrong, we all know that Dr. John Garang de Mabior has a clear sound vision and good intention when he led the SPLM/A struggle successfully for two decades, but the visionless and pathetic President Kiir and his corrupt herds failed our people and the country. Your proposed solution
    This makes one wonder if the SPLM of today is different from their former foes which is the very autocratic NCP regime your late father and many others fought against and sacrificed their lives for.
    Undeniably, it is common knowledge that President Kiir wanted to cling to power under one-party SPLM dictatorship, but he should know that his “Kleptocoratic” regime will soon be relegated to the history book shelves by the resilient progressive South Sudanese youth who are fed up with the corrupt SPLM ruling clique.
    God bless your late father’s soul.

  11. Lavina Lual says:

    Cousine Ayok-please accept my sincere sympathy

    Nothing will happend to you in Jesus Name!

    I am not worried any more of the time kiir and his cronies will sieze from power because Kiir’s health is a big issue right now he may not live up to 5-7 years to come and he knows this very much because he was told by his doctors.

    He will die soon and live you a life, nor can his money rescue him anymore-refusing peace for blood bath cannot rescue him either!

  12. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Mr.Tangalat Riri:

    I like your thesis statement! South Sudanese are the reason for South Sudan’s troubles and we must stop looking to blame everyone but ourselves for our failure.Explain.Introduce.Develop further! Give a good reason why you think South Sudanese are the reason for the South troubles!!!

    Politics:Now,I come to you.I do not agree with you when said Southerners have fought the wars with north people northerners who are living in north in central government based in Khartoum for being a second class citizens in Sudan in the country. Funny indeed! Do you know the meaning of being a citizen??

    You know,be told.God creates humans out of nothing.But it is the humans themselves who makes themselves first class people from others based according to the individual basis,But from God anymore!.

    In north,they are not all in the fist class citizens! There are people who are eating good things in life.This is base on their great endeavour efforts on self ambitions! There are people who are eating bad bad food in life.This is base on their failures! South Sudanese politicians,themselseves they are blaming northerners the fellow citizens Arabs living in north in Khartoum just for nothing!!!! Have a nice day! Thank you! Back to you to the audience to the forum!


  13. AGUMUT says:

    SPLM needs to ease itself. South Sudan should have already gone if Garang still alive today and continue playing and Hackering people.I think SPLM should have been dismantled after Peace agreement and form a Party that trust people and people trust them.SPLM is a human being who reached another stage.They can’t even go out to hunt,they sleep within because they don’t trust nobody because of their wrong,even they did those in Juba.

  14. General Thoon -Anyar Aywien says:

    The so called Chief Abiko is one of the SPLM freebooter, and half-baked SPLM follower in Missouri. plse don’t beat around the bush, the available offer is one of the two choice, either with us or against us, no neutral, middle or undecided fellow in the coming campaign. So stop baffling around with your unplanned chaotic writings.

  15. Dear General Thoon Anyar Aywien:

    True! I am one of the ardent supporter of SPLM before during on those days of armed in struggle!But I have not been yet got burned at all! I still I am who I am!! I am not a wheat floor to bake into a loaf bread! Never and ever!!!!!

    Be told first,and foremost,I am no longer interesting in politics! I left SPLM/SPLA ever since long time ago!!! I continue to do as long as I am well alive in front of God!!! I want to stay a lay person!!

    SPLM/SPLA,was good when Dr.the late John Garang De Mabior, was well alive! He was a vocalist! He was a stateman! He was a democratic person in nature! I dislike his successor President Salva Kirr Mayardit at all! He is enemy of freedom emanating from democracy! He rends the country off! Thanks to you! Do have a nice one! Get yourself ready for one punch for the road on SUDAN!!!!!

    Back to you to the audience in the forum SSN!

    Kansas City Missouir,USA

  16. Mr Dengdit Ayok,
    Like father,like son.
    i and your father were in one battalion when we were recruits and as result of your father old age he was taken away from us and got trained in bilpam. Dengdit Sincerely speaking,you are a betrayer like your father who joined kerubino Kuanyin Bol when he reveal against the movement without proper of objective.those who hate SPLM will miserly failed to achieved any political gain.

  17. False Millionaire says:

    Dear Professor Nikalongo:

    Thank u so much for the dispatch.The air was too thick.The brain too congested to the point of explosion.Even the idea of some probable long life ahead appeared to b an irrelevant illusion.All out of the terrifying idea that with peace or no peace no thing would change in our country.Your dispatch is a relief n very enlightening.It’s a master piece that will help us view things from a different angle instead of putting our eggs in thesame basket for the mere objective of overthrowing the SPLM/SPLA n nothing more.

    I know Kenya n Uganda by way of work experiences.If somebody from developed countries like North America,Europe or Australia sees a tourism publicity about Kenya,he would b so misled into believing that Kenya is as prosperous as it appears.But I always have the impression that,economic fortunes n everything that is good about Kenya belongs to the minority that are the power elite with their families n their collaborators that are the business elite of asian origin.The rest of the population are in severe misery.Like drawning victims,they struggle in every way to make the ends meet.Thanks to the money from tourists,south sudanese,ugandans,rwandans n other nationals who r forced to depend on Mombassa for transiting goods.Prostitution,theft n extortion by police n people of authority are the fantastic daily coins practiced by our fellow kenyans every where in Kenya.Even the words of good God preached by self claimed evangels are commercial goods for sale.Just take a highway from Mombassa via Nairobi down to Malaba n u would risk falling victim of physical aggression after which you would b robbed to the underwear if u ignore to observe strict security measures.So that is the republic of KANU or KANU camouflaged leadership.I get the impression it would collapse at one point of time in the future.I do not believe it is a model for our situation.

    As for Uganda:the first time I went there was in 2005 by road from Malaba via,Tororo,jinja n Kampala.I have travelled 4 times on thesame road after.In fact if my judgment is’nt failing me,socially,economically n in terms of progress on development,Uganda n it’s citizens appear to b far well off than Kenya n the Kenyans.Ugandans appeared to b well nourished,well dressed n enjoy more good level of human moral than the Kenyans.Observe the quality of the highway Malaba,Tororo,jinja n Kampala:if u compare it to that of Mombassa,Nairobi n Malaba,You would see that the Kenyan highway is of a very poor quality.It means the funds from the world bank for the construction ought to have disappeared some where.Say stolen.Also there are many of us who are educating childern in Uganda.That costs us a lot of money giving our sincere situation of living by way of professional efforts.But the quality of education there is very good.The childern we are educating in Uganda show such promising potentials that one predicts they could b as good as Nikalongo,Joana Adams,Alhag Paul,Eli,Dengit Ayok n the rest of our fellow intellectuals n scholars,in the future.That is if conditions of good health could permit us to continue our professional practices to b able to maintain them in schools for as long as possible.This sense of stability in Uganda even under the bloody dictatorship appears impressive.But I am not saying that it is a model for our country.

    But u speak truth.We are all for changes but everyone of us has his own personal objectives for wanting changes.That validates your assertion of SPLM-Nikalongo,SPLM-Joana Adams,SPLM-Alhag Paul,SPLM-Dengdit Ayok,SPLM-Eli,SPLM-Shamga,SPLM-editor ext.The workers like us:we are so exhausted.The progress of years on our life reduces our physical capacity to work.Say in fact:we would b very lucky if some of us manage to live for the next 20 years.But our presence has been very crucial for the childern we are educating.Our sacrifices are the best luck that could ever happen in human needs for them.But ofcourse as we all know,these are exceptional cases.The majority of the childern back home manage either semi or total iliteracy with the government of the day having no plan for education.It’s not me to tell you that the future of any country and of any society now as it has been on earth is education.This alone among many other good causes is the motivation that pushes me n my close friends into believing that the government in place must be replaced by a government that would create conducive conditions that would permit the conduct of education for all our citizens home.We are not motivated by the need to have jobs inorder to steal public money in the government of south sudan.We are more than happy with our jobs n the clean good money that we get without headache.Our SPLM must unite with Nikalongo’s SPLM,Joana Adam’s SPLM,Alhag Paul’s SPLM,Denddit Ayok’s SPLM,Eli’s SPLM,Shamga’s SPLM,Bol’s SPLM n with everyone’s SPLM.That is if we could all togather have the conviction of struggling for causes like education,health care,infrostructure,justice n the general development of our country.That is but never for the need of acquiring positions in the government.

    In fact the general impression is such that struggling for positions in the goverment is the easy way of planting the poison that will kill our society n the country in any near future.Our end has started already with the war that is raging.The strategy to get positions in the government is begun with the play of tribal sentiments leading to violence.All this we reject in favor of dialoque,understanding n peace.A nuer who shoes understanding is welcomed.A dinka who shows understanding is welcomed.A dor who shows understanding is welcomed.Everyone from our 64 tribes who shows understanding is welcomed.This way even in inferior numbers we could come to have a meaningful illusion of the basis of a good national movement.

  18. Dear Mr.Toney Toney Matot:

    SPLM/SPLA,did not have any objectives!!!!! Please be told!! The movement was fought based on publicity which was based on propaganda! It was too ILLUSIVE UNTIL IN THIS DAY!! Stop attacking Mr.Dengdit Ayok!

  19. DengDit Ayok says:

    Mr. Toney Toney Matot,
    My father never joined late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol. This is not true at all. They fell into an ambush of Kerubino’s soldiers and he was captured at Ajiep of Kuac area in Gogrial in September 1996 and was taken to Kerubino in Gogrial where he was put under strict observation and from there, he was taken to Khartoum. When they were back to Wau in 1998, Kerubino got into political differences with the Khartoum regime and he ignited another war in Wau. There, my father got a chance of going back to his movement. He was almost captured but his well trained soldiers managed to get out of the town after they killed thousands of Mujahideen and destroyed their tanks and went away victorious. There is a big difference between someone who has joined the rebellion at will and someone who was captured wagging war against the rebels and taken against his will. You can’t refute all I said above.


  20. General Thoon -Anyar Aywien says:

    Quote “those who hate SPLM will miserly fail to achieved any Political gain” end of Quote
    Another coward SPLM carpetbagger cancel behind a name TONEY TONEY MOTOT, alleged to be SPLA veteran, who is still day dreaming of SPLM THE MIGHTY, sorry brother!! The days of free ride on that corrupt horse called SPLM is over. See for yourself how it started a self-destruction and disintegration from within.
    Therefore stop talking about the distorted falsehood of liberators past, and think about what trap lay for you in the near future, time of nepotism greediness, impunity, self-enrichment, deception, arrogance and lies are over.
    You the so called SPLM Cancer will soon be cut-off from South Sudan that is why these days almost all your greedy thieves are busy furnishing their accounts with that wild dollars distribution Forex.

  21. General Thon or whatever your called yourself,i’m not a coward brother,i fought many battles to liberate such retarded boys of your likes. if it was not those whom you thinks today that are out dated, you would have been still a salve under your Khartoum Masters.we who reused to be slave took arms and fought bitterly till we achieved the country you want to hijack from us. i will repeat my self that your campaign against the mighty SPLM/A will miserably failed because some inept politician tried this but it was not successful.go ahead but you will one day come back to me with all the efforts exerted to disgrace the Mighty SPLM/A.

  22. Mr Editor,
    i can’t be surprised to your ill intention against Mighty SPLM/A who liberated you from slavery.if not me whom you regarded as a corrupt SPLM,you would have not had chance to complete your education and became editor today.none of us is please of the corruption being practice in the government but you have no right to generalize the whole SPLM/A as failed party. there are some individual who are failures and corrupts but you also look at their positive parts they had achieved during revolutionary struggle.we are here to correct ourselves not hate each other.


  23. Mr Editor, i,m one of the victims of South Sudan liberation in many fields.
    1. i joined the movement as young as 18 years old and left my school un completed.
    2. i had been in front line from the day i was graduated in Bonga unified training centre and had no chance to pay visit to refugee camps or other locality where there are civil population so that i look for a girl of my choice and get marriage to.
    3.why i suffered all these because of the people of South Sudan.

  24. General Thon or whatever your called yourself, I’m not a coward brother, I fought many battles to liberate such retarded boys of your likes. if it was not those whom you think today that are out dated, you would have been still a slave under your Khartoum Masters. We who refused to be slave took arms and fought bitterly till we achieved the country you want to hijack from us. I will repeat myself that your campaign against the mighty SPLM/A will miserably failed because some inept politician tried this but it was not successful. Go ahead but you will one day come back to me with all the efforts exerted to disgrace the Mighty SPLM/A.

  25. Dear Mr.Toney Toney Matot:

    How did you become slave of Khartoum master?!!?There have been no slavery rule in Khartoum by Sudan government based in north in central in Khartoum! Dinka and Baggara problem,is a local issue! It is has nothing to do with national poiitics!!They fought over water right based on we and they in the territorial right on River Kirr which is named now Bahr El Arab. The fight was not political on national politics! Stop lying on SPLM/SPLA POLITICS in the war! Thank you.Back to you to audience in the forum discussion board SSN.HONESTY KILLS ANGER!!!!

    Kansas City Missouri,USA

  26. False Millionaire says:

    Toney Toney Matot:

    Sincerely brother,before the war broke out in 1983,we were 9 brothers in my family n our living standard was very good.But with the war,we lost 5 brothers fighting among the SPLA ranks.Much of our vast means of living went for the feeding n supporting of the SPLM/SPLA.As a result we became poor.That forced us to work so hard for our living.But we do not have regrets for the people we have lost in the civil war as we are having an independant south sudan today.One should b very clear that we are not unhappy about those of you who have managed to survive.So when condemning the SPLM/SPLA/it’s not a mean denonounciation out of jealousy inorder to take your place.

    On the contrary,there are major responsibilities the SPLM/SPLA leadership has failed to achieved.Consider education,healthcare n infrostructure:these are the basic projects for any viable country on earth.could you tell us how many schools,roads,water,electricity and telecommunication structures the SPLM administration has built in our country?Please think about it.If all these are not done,the country you have sacrificed everything in your life to liberate will collapse.The power of your klachnikov will not prevent it.

    The causes of failure from the part of your leadership are practices of corruption,nepotism,incompetence,lack of application of the principles of law and order and the general lack of good will to make our country a successful country among nations.Looting for the maigre means from the oil revenues is the cause that provoked the power struggle within the SPLM/SPLA leadership that is the reason for the civil war that is raging in our country.Think about the innocent citizens that have been murdered in Juba,Bor,Malakal,Bentieu n every where in our country;think about those who have been reduced to extreme poverty as their means of living have been looted;think about those who have been displaced into the UNMISS camps and far beyond:Are you happy upon this point of circumstances?

    I am writing to you as a fellow brother but not your enemy.I want us to reason togather.We must find a way of understanding each other so that we should agree on a formula that will help us,our fellow citizens and our country to move forward.Our country must not stay like this without any step of progress as it has been since the day of the CPA and that of the independence.You are an intellectual and we read your exchanges with great appreciation.So there is no reason why you should’nt reason with us.The majority of the people in this website forum believe that it is the SPLM/SPLA leadership that is incompetent to govern our country.Do you say no?If you do,what is the problem?If you say yes,what is the solution?

    If you are a dinka,a nuer,a dor or someone from our 64 tribes,it does’nt make a difference.We are here togather as one family:members of one single tribe that is named south sudanese society.So put yourself in the place of someone who has a responsibility to contribute a best solution to our problems at a national level.Say a conceptual president of the republic of south sudan for all south sudanese.We expect your judgment to be honest and that will honor your great level of education as well as the good experiences that have helped you to survive in the civil war.

    Wishing you a very best evening,thank you.

  27. Duop Nhial says:

    We should be brave enough to say no these wild rats-that never favor any thing,but devouring it to cling into power;-SPLM is dead and cursed is any one dreaming of it resurrection!!

  28. General South says:

    Thanks DENGDIT AYOK,

    Only The Truth Shall Make You Free!!!

    Freedom is a most precious possession. Every creature desires and enjoys its freedom. Place a worm or an insect in a jar and it will work to get free. Put a dog on a leash and restrain him in one place and he will howl and bark to be set free. We humans are no different. We do not want our liberties tampered with. Wish you speedy recovery and take care.

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