Why the SPLM must be dismantled?

By: Peter Gai Manyuon, NOV/25/2015, SSN;

Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) is a party that was formed in 1983 where Dr. John Garang became the head of the party after eliminating senior comrades within the movement those days.

Moreover, when the death of Dr. John Garang came accidentally in July 2005, President Kiir took the leadership of the party and eventually, the mission and vision of the party became the looting of resources, manipulating the rule of law, killing professional Journalists in the Country on daily basis, abusing human rights, lack of democratization processes in the country, raping, torturing, cannibalism, mass killing and genocide in the Juba city and eliminating any one who objects dictatorial Leadership existence in South Sudan.

Killing civilians on 16th, 17th and 18th of December 2013 in Juba was because of belonging to a certain ethnicity. Those are genuine points to dismantle the party for good in South Sudan for civilian’s safety unless those who have psychological disorder might dispute the reality.

The question might come, is it the SPLM or President Kiir wh’s the curse? The answer is, both the SPLM and President Kiir Kuethpiny are the curse to the nation.

Why God created Kiir Mayardit in South Sudan? Why God took away the lives of good people during the liberation struggle and left this current President in Juba?

More interestingly, audiences/masses might ask for the definition of the SPLM as the Party in South Sudan.

According to my own observation, SPLM can be defined in various ways but first it can be refer as the party that was formed by killers, hooligans, thieves and tribalist leaders in 1983 and is continuing killing the civilians on basis of ethnicity and political affiliation and the leadership structures are controlled by one ethnicity that calls itself rulers of the Nation.

In other words, it can be defined as the “Red bag” that contains rotten thieves, tribalists that always work on what each individual gets and puts aside the interest of civilians in the Country.

It could as well be defined as the “black house” where you could get prostitutes, thieves, tribalists, illiterates, cowboys and village boys combine together in order to loot the resources of the country using the slogan of “SPLM oyeee, SPLM akuma bi tana,” and divisive language characterized by primitiveness, hooliganism, sectarianism and nepotism.

In fact, its formation in 1983 was basically to fight for the rights and aspirations of South Sudanese from North Sudan, which was eventually changed after the Independence of South Sudan in 2011 to looting and dictatorship tendencies in the Country up to this particular period of time, where there is a council of elders that always determine the future of the Country.

What a disgrace and shame?

Subsequently, after the departure of Dr. John Garang in 2005, the current dictator President Salva Kiir Mayardit was endorsed by the group of SPLM Oyees to lead the people of South Sudan up to this particular period of time where South Sudanese divided themselves based on ethnicities and communities across the country.

Newsite meeting of 2005 that proposed Kiir to be the leader in South Sudan is what has lead to the massacre of the civilians in Juba 2013.

Anyone who endorsed this illiterate incumbent President in Juba has fully contributed to the killings of the civil population as well.

Hence, since the inception of the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan in 2011 up to date, SPLM has been known as the party that is being lead by hooligans and professional thieves that aim at looting the resources of the South Sudanese that could be used instead for developing infrastructures, hospitals and schools that citizens should benefits from.

SPLM is known as the party that always killed innocent civilians on basis of ethnicity. How can such a useless party exist in South Sudan?

Most of the civilians were killed in December 2013 in Juba due to the crisis that emerged within the party that had no connection with civilians in the Country.

If SPLM is the party of Ethnicity not for a Country, then this is the right time to dismantle it for good in order for civilians to stay peacefully across the Country.

The safety of civilians across the country should be the major concern rather than the stomach gains and riches of the SPLM.

Most of the SPLM leaders are tribalists, corrupts, illiterates that is why most of them don’t value human lives and suffering across the Country.

Tribalism is being practiced by the leaders within the SPLM as the ruling party.

Most of the civilians were killed on the basis of ethnicities and madness that is among the South Sudanese who claimed to be politicians while their upstairs is empty educationally and they lack maturity in thinking as well.

SPLM leadership has failed the Country and therefore should be dismantled immediately.

This party is problematic to everybody and has now turned to a tribal party that is mandated to castrate boys, rape girls and women and carryout genocide across the Country specifically in the Southern Unity State of Leer, Koch, Mayendit.

The current killing that is going on in Southern Unity State is motivated by the leaders who called themselves SPLM leaders.

People assume that all the civilians in Southern Unity State should be killed in order to reduce votes of Dr. Machar in 2018 coming elections. That is absolutely a childish thinking.

Moreover, Corruption within the SPLM members is something known internationally, regionally and locally.

Most of the top fifteen (15) members who are part of the disappearance of 4.5 million dollars are SPLM Leaders.

Anyone who supports SPLM party to exist in South Sudan is a curse to the country and therefore I call upon the living God of the universe and of South Sudan to deal with such persons properly.

Anyone who is celebrating the unification of the SPLM members is primitive and doesn’t project the suffering of South Sudanese in time to come.

Author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on Human Rights and Democratization. He could be contact on southsudanjournalist@gmail.com


  1. alex says:

    Peter I think you are not a journalist and independent thinkers will just
    not waste their time to read a tribal news or reporting .
    I f you can remember most big parties want to associate their names to SPLM. What will you say of Lam Akol and Riack Machar are they also primitive. SPLM has done big thing that we cannot forget. The looting of the money involves all the members all the parties which have saved in running our country including some members from diaspora. So if you think you are able form your own party and see what support you will get.. what we need is to reject tribalism and learn to exercise politics based on political ideology and electing people who are for the people. We saw during the elections some independent candidates won. Our problem is the intellectual like you who want to stick to your tribal politics. You are the curse to the S.Sudanse people

  2. Beek says:

    An believable when old SPLM went aboard to play everybody with out knowing what they were doing was wrong before GOD. Very very painful and danger.

  3. BILL KUCH says:

    Yes, you could be right because Dr. John Garang introduced the systems of corruption. Garang had killed almost his rivals for his leadership style. The only reason President Kiir was left behind is because he was obedient to him. Now, the blame must be on Garang for Kiir is just here to continue his boss mission. So, I have disagreed with you brother for putting all blames on Kiir administration when he was one of Garang’s contrivances. Garang was an instigator of all south Sudanese hectics while he was uncertain about the future. But he was only good in maintaining his foreign relation than Kiir’s position today and that’s the big different.

    • Chol Deng Anyieth says:

      Mr. Gai,
      You are trying to put the blame on the SPLM and you forgot to appreciate the freedom brought to you by the very party(SPLM). SPLM deserves honour and praise. You demand for dismantling of SPLM and fail to give the alternative. What a fiasco!

      • Southdn says:

        Mr Deng Anyieth
        You’re right, that is a good debate telling journalist Manyoun Peter, quote “you talk about dismentaling SPLA, and you don’t have have alternative”. Yes there is alternative, if SPLA were to be Abrogate. Let’s accept the truth, truth is like a light, we can not do anything in darkness same if one, always clinging on lies and not telling truth he/she one day will lose the case in court. In fact Mr. Nanyun have said all, and I have agreed, SPLA is a killing device, it was formed by a whom embeds tribalism ideology… Pleases forgive my (Kingly).

        I just, want to spell out my opinion. Mr Deng Anyieth, I would not blame you by saying to Mayoun Peter, that he should appreciate SPLA, because it has brought a freedom. In this cas, you are right to follow, what the Joung elders are saying to blindfold people, that SPLA has brought freedom to South Sudan. But to me, freedom of South Sudan came through self determinant which was championed by Dr. Riek Machar.

        Thus Mr Manyun peter, you said all, and you are right. I agreed with you SPLA was form 1983, it started as a revengeful organization, see “kocora, or cokora”. To day, SPLA remains a triba l organ guards, by three motto, or slogans:
        1.Equality, and Justices=Revenge, killing of civilians
        2.unity=Dictatorship, Kiir, Kual, Makui and Malong Awan
        3.prosperity=corruption, stolen $4.4.

        Truly, SPLA doe’s not meet aspirations, for ordinary south Sudanese and it ought to be abrogated. Since the country got independent, the SPLA case has lost. To me, SPLA has no vision believe it, or not. The international community knows, that the SPLA vision, and dreams were ethnicity division, as it happened in case of 28 States goes to Dinka ethnic favorite, however,the relocation or taking of city to village means people are to be displaced to refugees camp thise are dreams of (the Funder)

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Chol Deng Anyieth,

        SPLM may have contributed to bringing independence to South Sudan and South Sudanese people, but SPLM has not brought any iota of freedom to the country and its people.

        Look no further than the curtailment of free speech which has forced Nhial Bol Aken to abandon his trade which he was free to run in Bashir’s Sudan under the then National Islamic Front (NIF) regime; SPLM now under Kiir in cohort with the JCE is far worse than NIF under Bashir in the late 90s!!! We have all seen and compared these situations.

        Make a better case for why SPLM must not be made to implode under its own weight of incompetence!

  4. Eastern says:

    I thank myself for never having been a member of this monstrous party in name of SPLM. A party that has splintered into many rival groups and still counting…..SPLM has never brought happiness to the people both in South Sudan and the Sudan.

    I could buy the views of those who argued that SPLM died with Dr. Garang; the two Sudans remaining united because folks in SPLM cannot govern in a civilised way – the 20 plus years they spent in the bush has made them into what they are: killers and looters!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You are surely not alone among many of South Sudanese (count me in) who have never and will never be members of this monstrosity called the SPLM in all its devious manifestations or mutations, IO, FD, DC, IG, and so on….as it continues to implode and disintegrate and finally degenerate and decompose.

    • alex says:

      If you are fed up the old Sudan is still there. You are
      more than welcome to go and be with them or as I told you try to form your own party and see how many people will follow you.

  5. Malouda says:

    Mr. Gai Manyuon, rubbish, you are not an independent journalist, you are SPLM IO and these four (4) SPLM factions IG,IO,DC and FD are the killers and corrupts as well as your leader Machar is the most killer who taught others about the killing of the innocent South Sudanese citizens, so the only way to rid from this deadly disease (SPLM) is to unite as South Sudanese citizens regardless who is Nuer, Dinka, Bari etc., and elect someone who will concern about the interests of all people so you are also curse to this country because you are among who support part of these factions as you are IO.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Peter,
    The truth is,SPLM is Dr Riak and Kiir and Kiir and Dr Riak are SPLM.
    U have the two faces of the same coin in your hand.
    So no need to beat around the bush.
    Just go get them!!!

  7. Gatdarwich says:

    Gai Manyuony,

    Your are absolutely right bro for suggesting the total dismantlement of SPLA because SPLA was indisputably formed out of Dinka tribalism ideology in mind. The movement brought more anguishes than joys to the non-Dinka tribes since it inception in 1983. Through this tribally-secretly- managed-terrorist organization named, SPLA, Dinka undeniably achieved, among other things, the massacred of Gajaak Nuer in 1987-1988, Toposa massacred of 1988-1989, Lou Nuer massacred of 2006, Chollo massacred of 2010, Jur/Wau massacred of 2012,Bul Nuer massacred of 1987-1991, the continuous lands grabbing/annexation policy in Madiland/Equatoria, Mundari massacred of last month, and the Nuer genocide in Juba in 2013.
    SPLA under Jieng leadership, have undoubtedly mastered the gross art of deceptions and manipulations, and has been selectively committing massacres on non-Dinka tribes in South Sudan since its formation in 1983. Fact ! Despites, SPLA’s horrendous-historical-factual records, most non-Dinka politicians or military leaders naïvely still believe that SPLA can magically be transformed into people oriented organization under non-Jieng leadership—wishful thinking and completely non-implementable task-indeed !
    In a nutshell, SPLA/SPLM, as an organization-military or political, simply symbolizes deaths and terrors to all the non-Dinka tribes in South Sudan period
    Like Germany’s state sponsored terrorist organization, Nazi, SPLA deserves total dismantlement in order to revives the South Sudanese nationals’ cohesiveness period.

    • survior says:

      point of correction; SPLM/A machines kills everyone regardless of tribe. the security apparatus kills anyone they deem to be a threat to the status-quo. SPLM/A in Juba and all of its splinter groups, the IO, FD, DC and what-have-you are all party in the destruction of South Sudan. again, while it may seem as though SPLM/A is run by the JCE, the facts is, it is not representative of the tribe. instead, they have manipulated the simple mind in thinking as such.
      instead of side-tracking and heaving much of the blame on the innocent-who are suffering as much as anyone in the south Sudanese- people. lets instead focus on the real culprits. the Fat Cats who are manipulating their societies to gain wealth and power. the SPLM/A IG,, IO, FD and DC have successfully mastered this art of manipulations. as such, they have all individually gained considerable wealth, while at the same time pitted us against one another
      For once, we need to take off the tribal lenses through which we see things and instead put on our objective lenses; whereby we scrutinize individuals apart from the society from which the individual hails.
      FYI, SPLM/A during the war times terrorized the Dinka as well, arbitrary arrest, forced conscription and out right murdering of innocent and looting of property where common place. SPLM/A extreme acts of violence were not exclusive to non-Dinka enclaves.

  8. Alier Gai says:

    The article is very enigmatic and I cannot read it any further. It is a shame to send a rough draft out to be read by public while the article never went thorough proof reading. It is below the readers’ expectation. Otherwise, the writer has to do some readings so that he polishes his language and writes a very understandable articles. Posted comments are stronger than the article itself. Editor, you help the process of editing any major article such as that one above which has underscored our reading flavor. Most of the times we disagree with writers who write good articles, but we do enjoy the writings and readings because of the language used. However, let me answer the title of the article this way: splm is not the problem but the people who are running it with different agendas are the problem. For example, riek-lam vs. Kiir-garang in 91. Riek-lam needed to overthrow kiir-garang by force and they failed. Splm remained intact. Riek and kiir-garang reunited in 2003, they said spla/m oyee. Garang died and splem remained. Riek and kiir ran the party. Riek became power thriller as usual, he staged failed coup and ran to the bush. He is killing people because of the power he is seeking. The people who are costing bloods must be dismantled so that the syatem start flowing without obstacles. Spla/m is not the problem than your thinking.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Alier Gai,
      Most times, the editor only edits the language but otherwise one has to publish the article as it is to reflect the points of the author.
      Now, the author has abundantly intimated the gist of his article and that IT IS THE SPLM WHICH IS THE PROBLEM AND IT MUST BE DISMANTLED.
      If you have lived in the village, you will know that a farmer’s prominent concern is the ant hill in his field and not the creatures emanating from inside, so the best solution if he wants a better crop is to totally flatten the entire anthill.
      Today, the problem in South Sudan is that the SPLM party has clearly and shamefully become a dangerous magnate that attracts and then empowers all within it to kill, loot and misrule with absolute impunity. It’s the organization that is the problem, like the Mafia, Al-Qeda and ISIL.
      Brother, just take a minute to clear the dust in your eyes and then see the point of writer Mr. Peter Gai Manyuon.

    • Southdn says:

      Alier Gai
      Probably you’re from Dinka Bor that why you sticking to 1991 O’God every day. I would like to tell you something you don’t know when SPLA started dismantling itself, and thses are coefficient, or the catalyze, which had had triggered 1991 SPLA fractional:
      1. Dr. Garang dictator leadership
      2. fall of communist in Eastern Europe, fall of Berlin Wall and Soviet union
      3. Fall of Ethiopian communist dictator, Mangisto Hail Maryam
      4. CIA wanted South Sudanese independent officers who could lead south Sudanese National movement, accordingly to democracy values.
      5. Dr. Machar Teny, and Dr. Lam Akoul were handpicked by CIA to lead the movement. Since that time no single SPLA officer fron Dinka tribe, who was not following Dr.Garang Communist ideology, so what was wrong, if CIA handpicked non Dinka officers to lead the movement.

      • alex says:

        I am really sorry if intellectuals would allow themselves to be hand picked
        as fools. Why follow the same trap when many leaders like those of Mabutu Sesrko whom were hand picked where later on dumped by the same CIA.
        We will not allow leaders who are choice of foreigners to rule us. These kind of leaders will only serve the interest of their masters. The new Pan Africanism spirit today is working to deny such leaders to cheat our people. We need leaders chosen by the people. I hope we will deny such saler of people chance to rule for life so that others can learn from the experience

  9. wau nar says:

    your article is fantastic full of realities and very educative, those DINKAs they just don’t like truth their culture is they are happy when they see others suffering, as I am talking to you they are fighting those old kingdom in history Nuer kingdom,Cholo kingdom and Zande kingdom in order to stablish dinka kingdom and that is what people of south Sudan don’t understand…….we are looking for a democratic country,and they are looking for dinka kingdom which will be base on slave and master relationship. Please e-mail me so that I send to you these document so that you read them.
    (fedraldemocraticfront@gmail.com ) -dinka as a tribe they have another programs which is different then our programs.
    (a society are in danger when those who have not learn how to obey are given the right to command) I am praying so that people must unite and fight dinka and this is the only solution. You are a good professor.

  10. mohamed says:

    I do agree with you partly because splm has played a central role in freeing south Sudan but I think it failed in the course of moving to become civil political party I think we have to address the causes rather than the consequences so I think we have to find solution to reorganize a new national defense forces in the place of spla that represent all the people of the country

  11. Alier Gai says:

    Dear Editor,
    Point of correctiion: no trepidation in anything but the truth that answers the voice of reasoning. No centralized theme the above article is standing for, and ‘gist’ is a dysfunctional word that should not be used in that contact . As the splm is the problem and it must be dismantled, is a language employed that usually falls into the common language of riek machar he uses for over two decades now. It is a language of interest. It is a language of rebellion. It is a language of hatred exposed and used for fighting the dinka. It is a period in no extension. The real problems are those who impose their interest against majority’s interest within the splm and then disown the splem when their interest is rejected. Splm is a name given and never been to khartoum on its own, but those wrong elements did. They were wrong in their guilt pleasures and returned to the name splm and wrecked the system again. One person was against the seperation, and the other was against his own boss in order to hijack the throne before the competing rest. Those power thrillers like lam akol and riek machar are the problems minus the name. Any party that would be formed with each one of them looking for the presidency, will surely fall under the same systematic choas unless Jesus Christ gives them a divine hand of heaven. Being greedy has insatiable ending.
    Thanks for answering my request. I am fine with the idea that any correction made pertaining a written article would rather undermine writer’s point of view in the writing and that is why you leave everything in the hand of author. There are good ones out there who have mastered their writings and there is no need for you to help them in editing their papers. I agree with you to the fact that they are mature enough to handle. their mistakes in the writings with ease. However, a high school writing such as this of Gai Mayuon has to go through your editing so that it reaches a quality readings for the class. And therefore, I will repeat myself to ask you again for reconsideration. The grammer and ideas are not clicking together, they are just like oil and water grouping themselves in one container. His personal hatred on jieng causes him to succide his brain without a choice of hidding his group copccat. Again, should there be any article coming up, please you help him by editing it. Thanks

  12. Peace maker says:

    The SPLM/A is not to blame. It is the people who run the party who have lost vision. If you buy a brand new Toyota Car and don’t know how to maintain it or wracked the car, you don’t blame the manufacturer. Please whatever parties we may form, got to follow the party principles to lead.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Your analysis is the most plausible theory possible.
    It corresponds well to the line of which the USA supported RSS’s independence from khartoum and the immediate mysterious assasination of Dr Garang.
    The events of 15th December 2013 couldn’t be ruled out from being part of the CIA’s efforts for the interests of US political and economic plans for RSS.
    Now we have the compromise peace agreement but Dr Riak seems to no longer have organized forces to come to Juba with.Say he is in his weakest military position.
    But guess what?
    Some time not so long ago,hundreds of armed men among the IDP’s in Juba UNIMISS camp lead by certain generals broke away and headed towards Munderi area.
    Just immagine who could have been behind all that?
    It’s said that logistically they were well equipped with 4×4 landcruisers mounted with machine guns.
    But the media only gave them attention when Kiir’s forces attacked and kilt two generals among them some where around Munderi area.
    That’s the incident which u ought to have allready learned about it in the media and it’s said that the force in question was preparing to assemble in a designated area as prescribed by the compromise peace agreement.
    So what impression do u get of a rebel force accommodated inside a UNIMISS camp?

    Me personally I don’t dislike the idea of american influence in RSS.
    Their economic development know how can help us move forward faster.But I hope they should devise another ways to come in without sacrificing our innocent masses.
    The worst scenario is,bringing Riak to power is just as the same as living Kiir in power.
    The two represent the two faces of the same coin that is the evil that will never facilitate progress and peace among our masses.

    • Southdn says:

      False millinaires and Alex
      I’m glad with you, and I like the way you respond to my posting a good debate, when someone tells his/her fellow citizens something in a nice tune. you have shown a true patriotism towards our country, my advice, never forget we are one nation deposit we are 64tbs.

      Let me reminds you, the world is roubd as ball, which means some we were yesterday, same tomorrow South Sudanese will be same. South Sudan have had struggling north for 50yrs. Why do we have to. Kill each other?. Also don’t forget our leaders has established themselves as tribal leaders, so let correct them and to come to understanding who was route cause of current war? But, if we failed to understand the reality. For this reason, what nade salva Kiir brought mercenaries to the county, Sudan will be living under influence of foreign countries for years.

  14. alex says:

    Dear Southdn, for you comment. As you say we are one people
    and we need to respect each other and more importantly we need now to embrace peace.
    We all know unfortunate situation has befallen our country. We lost brother and sisters, mothers and fathers including children but we should work to overcome this painful moments in our lives. We should not work to sacrifice our hard won independent country. We have seen the Palestines by then have a nation but because the ignored to foresee the importance of having a nation, they were mislead by the believe that together with thr Arab world they are going to destroy Is real. When things turned hot, the Arabs abandon them as a result, now they are dying everyday fighting for a nationhood. We are living in unstable world and we may end up losing this precious country. Many intellectuals believe that can not happen but brother we are playing with the future of our children. Things happen it’s not the first time to happen in our country but people go over it and start to look to the future. It has happened in Europe, America, South Africa, China, Australia, India, and most recently in Rwanda.
    Let us leave the issue of finding the truth to the African Hybrid court and the truth and reconciliation commission because the more we argued you will find that, I am either siding with the government or opposition. So for the seek of our country and children let us try to overcome this painful situation. Foreigners with only work to exploit us by touching this wound. Brother, there will be no peace if we want to sideline one of the 64 tribe. So let us avoid hate speeches about certain tribe. Instead let us work to avoid the same incident from repeating itself in future and this is only possible through love for each other. Secondly, let us avoid lairs because this can create mistrust between people and tribes. The intellectuals knows these dangers but they continue to tell lairs to tear us apart and we do not learn from this evil plan and continue to follow them blindly. Let us wake up so that they can not use us to fight each other.

  15. Southdn says:

    Dear Alex,
    I really appreciate what you saying is true, however pleas don’t be mad, if I say something you don’t agree with. I’m so sorry when I think about our country, and the current civil war. I have come in conclusion, our country was founded base on weakness, our SPLA leaders specially Dinka leaders are weak. Forgave my Kingly language. Why do I say so?.Dinka leaders SPLA have created a language code but they never realized the code had been decipher by international community. Alex, i always disagree with terms recently been created by SPLA jeing leaders such as (unfortunate Nuer kill, reble leader, rebellion, 1991, coup, Rwanda massacre, Liberia, and sierraleon atrocities, Palestinian segregation, Israel occupation). as you already have mentioned all these names of countries that was at war, and have killed millions. why do jeing spla leaders should copy same scenario in South Sudan?. Watch yutube BBC interviewed with president Kiir. “They told him mr. you should not copy killings of millions that had happened else where into your country. For this reason, I new every things jeing SPLA leaders had planned against Nuer people has already been discovered by international community.
    1. To me, Jieng spla leaders , intentionally killing Nuer people, and terms it (unfortunate killing), this a ridiculous and superficial code that can be deciphered by third grade kids
    2. To me, Dinka leaders drove Dr. Riek Machar outside from government in Juba makes the war looks like Israel’s Palestinian war, funny right! that means Dinka has exposed their weakness to the world.
    3. To me, Dinka leaders want to copy Rwanda masecare very comic or laughable something disclosed by international community.
    4. My understanding is that SPLA being leaders planned Nuers killing in Juba inoder to coins term (unfortunate to Nuer and lucky to Dinkas)

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