Why South Sudanese can hardly wait for 2015!

BY: Simon M. Deng, JUBA, SEPT/09/2013, SSN;

It is obvious now that if nothing changes preferably to alter the hearts and minds of “the Benydiit” and his surrogates, the dream of the South Sudanese to be a free democratic nation in the hub of Africa would be a dead dream. Whoever still thinks democracy would happen in South Sudan just because we say it would, he might be fooling himself.

South Sudanese President, Salva Kiir (the Benydiit) does not want to see South Sudan differ from North Sudan because it would not make sense to him. Who are the South Sudanese to think Benydiit can build a nation from “ground” that diverges from neither her mother nation nor her “adopted mentor, Uganda’s father!”

For your information, South Sudan led by “the Benydiit” would not be any different from her mother nation nor her adopted mentor-father if this Benydiit remains an executive executer of the nation.

There are several examples that could convey to you this fact if you doubt it. However, I have no time to enlist them all, but among them though was the appointment of the Vice President and the new Speaker of the South Sudan Legislative Assembly and his deputies.

Let’s take the new Speaker of the South Sudan Legislative Assembly, for example. Though I do not know him and I hope he is a decent man, the selecting process for him and his deputies was done in a violation of the same Constitutional provisions that enabled this president to affront by his rampant decrees.

“No voting was conducted during the endorsement. A member of the assembly said Kiir on Monday clearly told them to elect Mr. Rundial and two deputies of his choice, reiterating his earlier intimidation of parliament to support his actions and choices or risk being dissolved…” (sudantribune.com, September 2, 2013).

Think about it a minute. This is the South Sudan that sacrificed millions of human lives to establish a government that should reflect her diversities and respect human rights and democratic principles, which were denied by the former motherland and her system for many years!

Think about your colleague comrades, who died for sake of this nation but their children, mothers, and widowed wives still beg on the populated city streets of Juba and other towns in South Sudan. Think about it for a second!

Why not “risk being dissolved” if what you and your comrades fought for is being destroyed and reversed? It is a shame that you, the South Sudanese politicians, forget why most of you took arms in the first place. Shame on you, my friends!

You can’t belly your better selves at the expense of your comrades blood that are sealed in the same land you are drinking her bloody oil money.

A country is blessed or cursed because of her leaders. What can this South Sudan gain from her leaders? Leaders are role models. Take Former South African President, Mandela who transitioned power to another leader after he held it for only four years, and this set a precedence now for South African’s political leadership.

One person can make a huge difference. Mandela encouraged the people of South Africa to live and share resources together despite their political, racial, and tribal differences.

He had developed a political culture that transfers power according to democratic principles which is what we need in South Sudan. He managed to reform governmental organizations in South African and their country is peaceful now as a growing, developing nation today because of his investment in it. Therefore, one leader can unveil a foundation.

I posted an article last week: “The August 28th, 1991 brought us independence!” BY: Simon M. Deng, JUBA, South Sudan, AUG/29/2013, SSN. I did not aim to rift apart the already fragmented communities in South Sudan. I wanted to ensure, despite our tribal politics, a lasting document that always needs to be told as even though it pains sometimes.

South Sudanese fought colonies to have their sovereign state, South Sudan.
It was a long journey with losses and significant sacrifices. South Sudanese fought wars with British regimes and other occupiers including the North Sudan for sovereignty of the South Sudanese.

Anya I and II had the same principles. The KPA and CPA sealed the ambitions for millions of South Sudanese before July 9, 2011. The expectations of South Sudanese to have a meaningful government is extraordinary high, hoping their nation would address their past grievances with former colonies.

People of the South Sudan want a country of their choice, a state that embraces all people regardless of their regions or tribal contexts. It is also true to mention that South Sudanese love their communities and country. This was shown during the wars in 80s and in 90s.

Communities shared what they had with rebels, included their precious “wives” and “daughters” who were victims of the wars. Soldiers depended on local communities for food and other supported items in order to fight the wars.

I had personally witnessed this service being provided by a local community when I left Itang to a frontline in late 80s as a young soldier. I would have lost my life if I did not receive the help I needed from the local South Sudanese community in Eastern Nuer area. Many former soldier colleagues can attest to this fact.

These past sacrifices meant our people “expect” their current leaders to return nothing less than an anticipated government, a fair government, “a government of people by people and for people.” Unfortunately, we don’t have this government now in South Sudan, and it is so sad!

People of the South Sudan wish to have a regime that represents their interest as a democratic nation in the hub of Africa. With every blessing, South Sudanese are eager to guarantee South Sudanese nation as state of peace and prosperity. South Sudan does not want to replicate some of those dreaded African trends.

Proper change is essential if people of the South Sudan could think deeper and understand where they are centered in the continent. Our bordering states lack resources that our nation has and they would prefer to stay friendly with us than otherwise because they can benefit economically with us.

We also have challenges including gaps in our technical capacity to deliver quick and effective services, as well as transportation seaport for our oil which could be overcome by effective partnerships of good neighboring states.

I also believe it is imperative for South Sudan to develop a political system that embraces our culture and cultural norms in order for us to remain as a meaningful state in middle of Africa and as a new nation in the global community.

We cannot live in fear as it is constantly here in Juba and assume other community states would come and invest with us or welcome us as a thoughtful partner to their communities.

South Sudan cannot be a vibrant economical state if every oil dollar we receive either falls into Benydiit pockets or hidden for a future anticipated internal civil war in 2015 or before.

South Sudan cannot develop with this war mentality. It is evil to live like this. We must have to change our minds and our political leaders must consent to relinquish their political powers democratically if we are going to be the country we have hoped to be.

It is correct Dr. Kiir does not wish to see a day in his life where someone else could take his a seat either as the chairperson of SPLM or as the ruler of South Sudan government. He has attempted to intimidate those that desire his seat, include Dr. Riek, Pagan, and Rebecca Mabior.

Dr. Kiir plans to move the meeting of SPLM’s Political Bureau to Yei these coming weeks, because he wants his untrained army to surface him in order to gross his impulses.

He tricks the blind and criminalizes the innocent, such as Deng Alor because he told him enough is enough, and since history always likes to repeat itself, I believe this is another Yei Meeting after the first one that failed 22 years ago. Watch out!

But this time, though, it will differ because South Sudanese people have already smelt what they needed in Africa and in the global community!

South Sudanese have waited for so long, wishing to see their leaders reverse their misrule and return services to their people. This diverse nation needs a leader with a diverse heart and thinking skills which the country does not possess at this moment.

Our country needs a leader who does not care much about his tribe but all tribes, someone with vision and respect for human rights and democratic principles for the country.

This country needs a leader who cares not only for his children, but children whose fathers and mothers died because of this land.

South Sudan needs a leader with quality of partnership building, economic and political development, a role model leader for good leadership and character of democratic governing including but not limited to, fighting against tribalism, corruption, nepotism, insecurity, and lawlessness.

South Sudan does not have such a leader at the bench now, and to prosper and have a meaningful peace and development, the country needs a leader with democratic leadership qualities.

As such, President Kirr should be advisedly requested to plan a good political transition for a new leadership in 2015, so he would retire peacefully and be honored for the achievements of his last 10 year on seat!

Simon M. Deng is a South Sudanese activist. He lives in Juba Sudan and can be reached: simonm.deng@yahoo.com


  1. Mankien town says:

    thanks you, Simon M. Deng,
    you are a real good citizen who has shown the concern. Nelson Mandela exactly said in 1999, “I am going to my farm, let anyone else carry the stick and take the country forward,” when he led from 1994-1999.
    Unfortunately for south Sudan, dictator Museveni of Uganda advised the unthinkable president Kiir who think leadership is only important than the people of south Sudan. Which is shameful because south Sudanese are not like Ugandans who are just cowards by being led by one man for more then 30 years.
    Therefore to build the dictatorship you need to think twice because tomorrow it may be shameful depending on the outcome.
    Mankien Town.

  2. bolabokdit says:

    Mr. Simon
    let me correct you. Don’t say why southern Sudanese can hardly wait for 2015. Say why I can hardly wait for 2015. it is a mistake to generalize and speculate the opinion of others. It is clear now that you are Anya-nya two veteran of Akuot Atem and Gai Tot/ I respect these people they come clearly with there agenda that they need separation. There vision was good but SPLM/A found that there will be no allies inside Sudan and we will lack support from neighbors countries.
    The difference now is this. Riak declared coup on SPLM/A chairmanship in 1991 instead of advocating for South Sudan Independent Movement (SSIM). The agreement he signed with Khartoum ruin his reputation and shame him in the face of most southern Sudanese people. There are problems but there is a way to solve them not by instigating other.
    Don’t think we will have leadership who was ally with Khartoum that will never happen. If it happened then we would have open ourselves to a new whole set of problems that would not be limited to the border of South Sudan. Riak still has a chance but everything need time not now.

    • Bolabokdit,

      Simon is correct to say Southern Sudanese can hardly wait for 2015 because every Southern Sudanese is depressed, exhausted, and sick of president kiir administration and double blind supporters who are deaf to hear the Southern Sudanese voices and blind to see the suffering of South Sudanese. Kiir was not part of separation but he was forced by overwhelming South Sudanese who were in favour of separation that is why kiir is firing politicians and military commanders who were supporting separation with their own hearts. Kiir does this because he wants to reunite the Sudanese.

      You are still rushing to 1991 to cover the corruption and stealing of public money by your uncle kiir and the likes. Don’t you know that John Garang and Salva Kiir fired their first gunshots on Southerners. What were they looking for when they attacked Anyanya two in Biel Pam and Bogo in 1984? The Southerners where fighting for freedom from Arabs government while John Garang and Salva Kiir were fighting for leadership and tried to block Southerners from achieving their vision for South Sudan.

      Thank God for coming back to Gai Tut and Dr. Machar vision for South Sudan and self-determination.

    • AJ says:

      I guess you are just blind like Kiir. Did you really read and understand Deng articles or you just jumped into your own conclusion? Its embarrassing for you to grasp history of 1990s with Riak. Simon is in the new era and looking forward while you remain blind like your leader whom will lead you into deep pit. Watch out! Read between the lineS if you can.

      A J

  3. Leader says:

    Simon M. Deng,
    KPA was not part of CPA. It was discarded and thrown to the dustbin in 2012. The quest for self-determination was officially adopted by the SPLM in1994 and from thereon it became part and parcel of its agenda at every Peace talks. Please check the Declaration of Principles (DOP) adopted by the SPLM in 1994 for any future peace negotiations.

    Anyway, I appreciate your article and every criticism on the failure of government of the day. We really need a change in the way the gov’t is ran and certainly a change in the top leadership but Riek is not a solution; if anything, he adds more problems to our already troubled society.

    But who told you that Deng Alor is innocent of a corrupt deal involving 8 million USD? Let us not be critical to the point that we absolve from wrong doings whoever disagrees with Kiir and victimize whoever works with him.

  4. Leader says:

    I mean it was discarded and thrown into the dustbin in 2002.

  5. bolabokdit says:

    It is a very interesting thing to have our own government which we criticize or complement openly although there is fear of intimidation. However let’s remember that harmful lies are the product of fear, malice and act of desperation. Human nature is very complicated as some of you are very well aware of it. We can bring someone into the office today and tomorrow we will find something wrong with him. it is like dropping one into a tiger’s cage.

  6. Kiir’s thinking centre is already affected, he doesn’t care about the future of this country. I can’t blame him because his academic background is very weak. A professional leader likes his motherland most and its people, and retire with honor. Kiir leadership style of dictatorship reached its climax. No reverse for that because his mindset is like an outdated engine, but this kind of trick will not help him maintain the presidency.
    He should instead focus on peaceful exit that will bring honor and respect in this country. his days in the presidency are already numbered and faces forceful resistance from the corners of this country.
    Poor service delivery, corruption, tribalism, insecurity and poor road network signified his failure in the office and considered as unfit for the job. Kiir should go home in 2015 through ballot or …..

  7. Bhanyker says:

    This is a very good article written by somebody who knew what is going to happen the day after tomorrow. He clearly indicated that South Sudan should be as it had been the day before yesterday.
    Initially the president was ill advised, as a result he thinks naively that he will actually manage to control the people of South Sudan. Simply by taking wrong advice from Uganda president and doing the exact, as you mentioned in your article. However, given his low situation reading, he will never realize the mistakes he made until it’s too late for him and his administration.

    For those who still think that there will be general election in South Sudan come 2015, my message to every South Sudanese who might not yet realize the attitude of president, you should now take my words. There will be no election whatsoever.

    This president is working hard day and night with his team to make sure that the elections won’t take place.Now the president is halfway happy because he knew he can intimidate the MPs like his small kids and no one dares to say no. He sacked the entire cabinet and no body questions his action…. the list goes on.

    Only the army is not yet fully under his control. Once he has control over the army, he will just issue a decree cancelling the elections. That is why they are working hard with his new defence minister to sack non-Dinka officers and replace them with Dinka loyalist officers. As a consequence, any body who’s still optimistic that the elections will take place in presence of Mr kiir is simply naive.

  8. Bhanyker,

    I agree with you; man. Our president is foolish, greedy, dictator, and tribalist. You see now everyone respects his decisions no matter how bad they are but he (Kiir) pays no respect to anyone in South Sudan. He treats the true citizens of this young nation like refugees. However, it is our responsibility we the citizens of South Sudan to liberate ourselves from this tribalist and idiotic leader.

    • MAJOK BOL. says:

      Bentiu, what respect do you demand from President when you don’t do as well. You’re too much disrespecting and disobeying…is there no any other way you can express your dislike of the rule of the president than insulting your leader…assuming that you are a leader today insulted the way you, how do you feel about. There is a very very misunderstand of the two things here in South Sudan in regards to media policy: Freedom of speech/freedom of expression and freedom of media
      Our individual youths are mistaken the real meaning by abusing the freedoms stipulated in our the constitution of SS Republic. These freedoms don’t mean insulting and abusing of ourselves and or leaders. Freedom of media too is not meant to incite conflicts amongst communities, individuals and leaders. It is being misused by the so called journelists who just gather unvarified informations and post them on the webs, which later on cause great confusion. There is a great need to understand these freedoms, usage and giving correct and varified informations about events. (Media ethics)

  9. kikisik says:

    As my tradition, before I start to comment, I would like to thank, you Simon M.Deng, Yoana, Alhag, Kiur, Dr. Ramba, Karlo Akol, Gabreil Bol Yak, Deng Riak Dhaal Mapour, Jay Johnson plus other that I did not mentioned-you guys deserved alot of thanks and appreciation because you are the true heroes and heroine of the people of South Sudan. One day when the dust settle, the people of South Sudan will remember your tireless effort you have put in writting this beautiful article, I hope the editor could help in keeping all these articles until that time comes and be published.

    The people of South Sudan will not forget your effort, because you are not writting these articles out of hatred of the government, but your writing because you have seen and experience the suffering of the people of South Sudan- the orphan, widows, the hungry and the marginalized. One thing I would like you to help the readers is the solution, what can the people of South Sudan do given all that you guys have written in all your articles? Because even at this juncture, we don’t know whether there is going to be an election- and if by the Grace of God there is, What can the people of South Sudan do? Are we suppose to wait until that time , what are the strategies? To be very frank, let us not waste time by thinking that we have an opposition party that is going to challenged the president comes 2015.
    My suggestion; we have to come up with one political party that unite all the masses of South Sudan and all of us- the “people power” agree to support it, it could be call United South Sudan Political Party (USSPP) I know it looks impossible but it could be done. The fact is that, if the whole South Sudan could unite and vote 97% in 2011 for independence, why not unite to defeat this tyrant government.
    Anyway this is my personal suggestion others can weigh or give their suggestions. I know some will start to say, where will this political party survive given the insecurity in the country, but my brothers and sisters, if we begin to think negatively like that- the president is going to rule for life.
    Who would have believed that SPLA/M was going to survive given the mighty power of the Khartoum government?
    This is a homework for the people of South Sudan. God Bless the people of South Sudan (leaders comes and leaders goes, but South Sudan is going to remain for ever)

  10. Lare Justice says:

    My fellow Countryman, Warrap State blind leader Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual his himself the problem in his own State let alone South Sudan. This so called blind man leading the blind people must go and go now. This shameful man who is in bed with the Uganda Rebel leader Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a real shame to our nation.

  11. AJ says:

    Dear compatriot,
    You all have said valid notions and should consider contributions to our ailing nation. All I would like to agree that election to be conducted in 2015 is dying and there is no sign election will be held. At this moment, there are some of our fellow countrymen who think that, Kiir should be allowed to be a president for long time because he is a right leader. Trust me, I have heard people say such opinions. These groups of people do not care as why they want that to be the case. I, personally can’t blame them for they have not seen any other viable option out there.

    The same supporters also went further to suggest that, if Kiir to be toasted, Arabs or Al beshit (Al barshir) will come back and rule us. Again, I don’t blame these supporters because this is only a song Kirr sings to them and they are brain washed, believing him.

    On the other hand, there is a natural bias support from home -boys base (tribes support). This one, very difficult to convince since they want their son to lead so that they feels they are on top of the hill while others are stuck at the bottom. This very true as you can witness in current government.

    Another situation is Kiir himself and his cohorts. It’s gonna be hard for Kiir to be ousted or retire as he sees himself young and want to lead this nation to where he thinks is his dream of the people. Therefore, Kiir is another problem in having timely elections and he can do anything to prolong convention and election as long as it works in his favor.
    In addition to that, all opposition parties are scared to death by security agents who act silently on behalf of the government, plus, lack of strong party leaders to challenge SPLM and Kiir.

    My conclusion is, Kiir will not retire easily, all forces I mentioned above will fight against any body opposing the leader (Kiir) particularly the those supporters from his base home town will just create chaos and then that is when democracy in making will start.

    My prediction, Kiir will rule for another 15 to 20 years. When we start fighting each other rather than blaming Arabs, that’s time we realize we, the people of South Sudan are in charge and we, the people of South Sudan decide whom to hire and fire at our own will to the top job in nation. right now, we, the people of South Sudan are not in charge and that’s why we are powerless, been lied to about services delivery, public money pocketed by 0.95% of population.

    Democracy will eventually come and practice by future politicians in 15 to 20 years after Kiir belly and his cohorts cannot hold more.

    Peace to all you and cry louder and our voice will be heard. All current generations in government will no longer able to see far for their eyes are destroyed for staring and counting stolen public money. The current leaders will no longer be able to sit in their SUV Land cruisers for their backs could no longer take it as they have spent time sitting and neglect exercising their body. They current leaders will no longer be able to hire their private security for all southern people no longer be a gun carrier but well educated and toast the gun into river Nile for Hippos and Crocodiles to take over and protect their own habitat.


  12. Dos says:

    Aj, u make a vital point but Kiir will rule until 2020

  13. My general advise to you citizens of this nation, leave kiir alone, president has right because he doesn`t know any thing about democracy, he thought that people are still in bush. to be honest dinka are not correcting our selves that why kiir messing and no one till him the way he lead the nation. I am very sure that if you ask him what is CIVIC?
    will never explain to you,
    Hopefully Dr. Machar will be a president of Republic of South Sudan in 2015.
    President Dr. Machar will take 8 years in power after, will handover without threatening like what Mr. Alchol done.

  14. Lare Justice says:

    Well, dictator coward Salva Kiir has two choices to make here either the upcoming 2015 be held on time or else. We the people of this young nation will put blind kiir where you really belong which is your cattle camp in that tiny ugly Bahr El Ghazal or that Gogrial of Warrap State. Take it or leave.

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