Why Gov. Kuol Manyang should resign to save innocent lives in Jonglei State

By: John Akech, UGANDA, FEB/27/2013, SSN;

The republic of South Sudan attained her independence on the 9th of July 2011, the independence came as the result of referendum which granted south Sudanese the option to vote for self determination in which south Sudanese overwhelmingly chose for their independent country with over ninety eighty percent vote in favor.

In the tense, larger and troubled Jonglei state, there has ever been a stronghold of the militias activities which has been the main cause of insurgency to the government of South Sudan as well as the ruling party of Sudan people’s liberation movement in the South.

Pertaining to the 2010 April election in which Governor Manyang was democratically elected as state governor and in the same way a flag bearer of the SPLM. As a result of election, the renegade general George Athor Deng Dut launched a rebellion in his home town of Pigi county which was fighting the incumbent government of governor Manyang and the whole country of South Sudan.

The author thought Governor Manyang must resign to save the lives of the innocent civilians of Jonglei state, this is because, the Jonglei state government has fully failed to protect its citizens and their properties within Jonglei state.

Civil population of Jonglei state since the signing of the comprehensive agreement [CPA] which ended the long civil war between South Sudan and the then Sudan, that yielded the prevailing peace and stability and allowed the population of South Sudan to enjoy peaceful fruits of CPA except for the people of Jonglei state who continued shedding blood.

And this is because of the weak system of governance. All these because of the poor governance and lack of clear strategy from the government to disarm the civil population of South Sudan in general and Jonglei state in particular.

Therefore the personal weakness of Governor Manyang or may be because of the fragility of the state of Jonglei and it civil population thereof, it’s imperative that the incumbent Governor must resign to pave way for the peaceful co-existence of civil population of Jonglei state.

Peoples of Jonglei state at first suffered under the atrocities of then militias and rebels of late George Athor in which inhuman atrocities and human rights were totally abused by the rebels and its Khartoum alliance militias. And as per that only a small peace prevailed after untimely death of renegade Athor.

But the ongoing peace was again disturbed by the insurgency of David Yau Yau, who rebelled against the government of South Sudan after he lost his legislative consistency contest of Gumrua payam of Pibor county to his SPLM challenger.

The murle community is another threat to the government of South Sudan and in particular to the state of Jonglei and mostly to the communities of Dinka Bor and Lou-Nuer. The murle militias are on timely committing numerous atrocities. However the government of Jonglei state failed to disarm its civil population in which several lives has been lost every day as the result of inter-communal fighting in between the tribes.

In flashback, the former and the first governor of Jonglei state, Philiph Thon Leek Deng, was questioned by the communities of Lou-Nuer, Dinka Bor and the legislative assembly of Jonglei state plus the state intellectuals, however then governor surrendered his position to Kuol Manyang in February 2007 in which they exchanged their various positions in which Manyang assumed the position of governorship and Thon became national minister of Roads in the government of National unity in Khartoum Sudan.

This move was done because Manyang pledged to maintain insecurity and curb down cattle raiding and inter-communal fighting among the communities plus the activities of militias which where hosted by Pibor Community.

In 2012 and 2013 the death toll has really increased in Jonglei state in which David Yau Yau militias and his own tribe of Murle are killing Lou-Nuer and Dinka Bor on daily basis because those communities were disarmed and murle were not disarmed or either rearmed by Yau Yau.

My personal advice, if the Governor Manyang is not able to contain and maintain the security of Jonglei then he should resign the same way the then Governor Philip Thon allowed him to take over should be done by him. Let Manyang allow an able person who will contain the security and disarm the local population of Jonglei state.

There is no need whereby civilians should die on daily basis because of cattle raiding, militias killing and Yau Yau activities like the recent massacres of over hundred peoples in Akobo and raiding of more than ten thousand heads of cattle in PJkeer payam and jale payam plus unmentioned events or incidents which are occurring always.

Governor Manyang’s personality and his positive contribution during the south-north Sudan war of twenty one years are fundamental and unforgettable to all South Sudanese who were the part of liberation struggle, but today his administration has failed to curtail the insurgency of militias and murle tribe which always launch meaningless attacks on numerous peace-loving tribes of jonglei state plus their continuous hosting of Khartoum militias before and after the war.

The author is a South Sudanese lives in Uganda, he can be reached for comments at akech.marol@yahoo.com


  1. James Lual Garang says:

    Kuol Manyang has other places to fit, so let him resign for the sake our state…… you very well put it, Akech, that he will and forever be remembered for the liberation war between the north and south Sudan. When one resigns or relinquishes his/her position, it doesn’t mean you are weak but trying someone else ability, perhaps things will work better in the direction of a new person.

    Why don’t we try someone from Murle to be the governor of Jonglei state?

  2. Dan says:

    Mr John Akec,
    I do not understand what you are trying to say. In your article you are calling for Jonglei governor to resign because he failed to disarm communities in his state and in the same article you are saying that Murles are killing Dinka and Nuer because they have been disarmed. Jonglei violence has nothing to do with the governor but more to do with violent culture of some tribes in the state.

  3. Diing Chol says:

    I do not understand why you people call for governor to resign is that’s because of disarmament that unmiss and spla were there during disarmament processe and killing still going on in the state and also remmber there is fighting every where in south sudan in the area of cattle. stop calling for resgnation of gov.

  4. Aj says:

    the solution to me is to allow Pibor to be its own State. Or the best way to put is introduction of federalism that will allow a state to decentralize power to suit all corners.


  5. Deng De Kueth says:

    Great lie, Mr. Dan

    Mr. Manyang Juuk has really failed it out brother, without prejudices to your free right of expression. you know what, that is what is killing the people of Jonglei, people know the truth that Kuol have really failed and we don’t want to accept to live with that fact.
    It is a reality, call heaven and earth, Kuol have proved beyond doubt that he is incompetent and perhaps as Akec has put it, maybe he would fit into another position and he should rather give up or give in whatever.

    With my respect to veteran Kuol, the man lacks vision, he is just a guerrilla and has served his great skill to liberate us, no doubt, but in this he should need to go home peacefully. I have no way to help why do we need to bury the truth. Kuol needs to think or allocate any funds for peace initiatives, leave alone development. He just wanted to be adored like those small gods……ha ha let us free this state from down fall, my friend.

  6. Dear Discussants
    you’re judgmental against Jonglei State, Gov. Kuol Manyang Juuk won’t save the people of his State unless he would be impeached by the State’s legislature body and the civil populations than criticizing him, because the SPLM itself as a ruling party knows why they had him there since the veracity this Jonglei State is currently inconsistency. There are so many irrelevant things that make Jonglei State as a consist trouble place, lacks equatable leadership has caused many dire things because of the exclusion of minority rights. Also, talks of tribal pride is the current fusion making living hard there. If it keeps going on to handle carefully, then in a few years now it will likely be very inevitable to tolerate and compromise. Therefore, it will take us further to curb its crises down as we are actually aware with some of its ongoing insecurity since up to now.

  7. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    u tried hard, though superficial.

  8. nhail ruot says:

    I hope when we selected some one from Murle there will be no Lou Nuer in Jonglie state.

  9. BOM PET says:

    KOUL MANYANG, the governor of Jonlei state has done nothing wrong in regard to the Mutiny of Murles in the state. This question of Jonglei has exceeded the governor’s powers.The Republic of S Sudan has to act responsibly in order to stop this disturbing conflict!!

  10. Alier says:

    Your comments are very interesting folks to read and analyze them. I do agree with some of you who stated Kuol as a governor with state parliament have not put forward clear blueprint for sloving problems instead they complain for roads and disarmament. For state to be peaceful there should a strategic plan to tackle insecurity from the grassroots and to get rid of hunger in its entirety.
    Insecurity in the state is caused by the allocation of resources, lack of knowledge, concentration resources in the state by MPs, county commissioners, lack of transparency in budgetary spending, and unclear prioritization of resources.

  11. You are wasting time on wrong target because the problem which is going on in Jonglei State was not caused by Gov. Kuol. Are you guys telling us that Northern Sudan is supporting Yau Yau because of Kuol? What has the governor done wrong? Well, the issue there in the state was caused by the independence of South Sudan.

    • anok maketh says:

      More likely negligent as well, Jonglei as large state as it is with a huge population compared to some states should have been funded a little more. However, the central Government did the opposite, been giving Jonglei tith of 16% which was been share among 10 states. According to USA report released last year on corruption in South Sudan, confirmed that 84% of oil revenues was been spent in Juba alone in last 6 years, leaving citizens nationwide out in term of services yet turning against each other. As Mr. Kuch put it that the carnage which has been going on in the country has nothing to do with Lt. Koul or other Governors in other states but everything to do with national strategies & planning. Also election of 2010 has nothing to do with killing of 2006, 07, 08 & 09. So if you have to point a fingure Mr. Jonh Akech, better direct it to Juba coz it will make sense. Kiir government is the one which has failed.

  12. AYor says:

    Dear Brothers,
    Many of you touched many parts of the problem of Jonglei State. But we need to be focused on why we have all insecurities across the 11 counties in Jonglei. It might not be physical contact but emotionally since of all us in these counties don’t like the current state of our State. Having said that, what are the Governor’s Powers? can he/she disarms militias or Tribes? Should he resign because Somebody lost election and took Arms in order to get to Power through the back door? Some Politicians from Juba are inciting people within the state to undermine government of the state to push their agenda of Division of Jonglei into two states? Governor has no Such Powers in our Constitution and has not done anything wrong to resign.
    I’m not defending him on Road map strategy but without security, everything else will be on hold for security clearance which is the job of the Government in Juba. Jonglei problem is complicated than what Mr. Akech superficially wrote about. If people just quit because somebody carrying arms and start Killing people for selfish agenda or tribal motive, we would have not got what we call a country today. Who give arms to Yau Yau? and What are his aims for this insurgency? Think twice before you jump into the conclusion. Kuol Departure will not save lives. Thanks.

  13. Michael Abu says:

    The writer had raised a good question but no one will digest it. Governor Kuol rules the State as his own property where he threatens some of the State representatives who questioned his authority. Governor can be credited for the war that he fought with some of his colleagues that he even forget that they were his juniors in the SPLA during the war between the North-South. However, there is time for everything as the Bible says, now is a time for someone with ideas of how to run the state needs to be given an opportunity to turn the Jonglei situation of killing to development. Mr. governor also can be blamed for his inability to call for accountability and to bring the criminals to justice. His inability shows itself, for example when the murles kill villagers in Jalle in 2012 and he never even visited that area as a leader. What kind of a leader that his own people are murdered and not visit them? Therefore, the author of this article deserved a credit for being strong and stated what he thinks to be the only way forward.

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