Why seeking an alliance when Machar’s SPLM/A-IO is well armed, big and self-sufficient, Mr. Faruok?

FROM: Deng Vanang, Spokesperson of FDP/SSAF, Nairobi, MAY/15/2018, SSN;

In his interview with one Edward Andrew Ashiek on a live video link from abroad and later published on Nyamilepedia website, Honorable Faruok Gatkuoth was so emotionally charged as he mouthed out venomous tirades around which are full of ironies against the personality of Honorable Changson Chang, Chairman and Commander-in-chief of FDP/SSAF.

According to him, he fingered Hon. Changson as one having no soldiers on the ground among several opposition groups he and others termed as opportunistic briefcase parties to lead opposition alliance.

While continuously insinuating that somebody you welcomed into your house {SPLM/A-IO], could not end up taking over your own house, in reference to Changson whom Machar previously accused of trying to snatch leadership of SPLM/A-IO, while he recently came to join the latter’s own movement.

To set the otherwise deliberately distorted records straight, first of all SPLM/A-IO he, Faruok, termed as Riek Machar’s personal movement supposed to have different name since its membership is drawn from the Nuer people and other ethnic nationalities fleeing indiscriminate mass killings and originally from different political parties before conflict erupted on December, 15th, 2013.

It is the same political usurpation by a handful individuals pursuing self-interest that SPLM/A-IO assumed such a weird name not consistent with realpolitik playing out on the ground.

Secondly, alliances are not forced on those with whom one wants to ally. They are mutual agreements parties to them reached in their common interests.

Thirdly, one doesn’t need to align with anyone he deems useless if he feels sufficient enough.
There must always something lacking to be complemented by somebody one wants to work together with.

And fourthly, when an alliance is already formed and there are others interested to join in, the incoming members must accept already laid down basic rules and regulations.

Once accepted, they are allowed in and be ready to join leadership queue until their different turns come to lead the alliance either via popular consensus or competitive election.

Flaunting being politically big with gallant army to boot that failed to solve the problem chronically facing people, is an act of bullying bereft of an iota of common sense at far with intellectual argument.

Because it is unfortunate for one in person of Riek Machar to give condition that he should join an alliance if only given the leadership of an institution that is already formed by others.

A line which Machar cited against Changson while still in the SPLM/A-IO, but now he, Machar, wants not to be applied in his case to join South Sudan Opposition Alliance, SSOA.

Hence, from where does Dr. Riek Machar get such a natural entitlement and why should he always be the one to lead others?

Over to you big brother Faruok to answer.

Deng Vanang
Secretary for Information, Public Relations and Spokesperson for Federal Democratic Party/South Sudan Armed Forces, FDP/SSAF. He is cordially reachable at: dvanang@gmail.com

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