Why Pres. Kirr Needs to Reverse His Actions Before It Is Too Late!

BY: Dr. Gatluak Ter Thach, USA, AUG/04/2016, SSN;

Pres. Kirr and his First Vice-Pres. Taban have to decide faster before it is too late what they wanted the world to act on –either with them or against them– it is their choice. The actions they have taken violated the peace they claimed still holds.

If they meant a temporary replacement of FVP position and nothing else, which is obvious now that it was not the case, they should have atoned the provisions that are core components for the survival of the peace agreement.

Saying they still wanted to implement the peace while at the same time are strongly violating the provisions of the agreement is hypocrisy.

Vice-Pres. Taban also said he would not allow the nation to remain retaining two separate armies during the transitional period. This, by itself, is a huge violation of the security arrangement of the August peace agreement which he personally negotiated because it would undermine and weaken the smooth integration of unfriendly forces to a trusted and unified national army.

This would exploit and prolong the instability in the country since unfriendly forces would not feel comfortable and safer with such an action as it would emasculate and compromise their security.

Mr. Salva and Mr. Taban “illegally” removed members of the transitional government ministers of IO and members of Legislative Assembly of whom they deemed are not in the same club with and appointed their club members. This is also an enormous violation because these people left out or are not returning to the city for their safety, and they should not be released even if they disagreed with the move.

Mr. Kirr already handpicked a speaker of the parliament within a week and a deputy, a move that does not apply to the provision within the signed agreement.

The consensus is that the peace in South Sudan is dead and if there is anything left or has to be reborn it will be differently reinforced than how it had been implemented in Juba. Already now, the region and the international community has disagreed with Mr. Kirr actions and have already de-recognized Mr. Taban as FVP and wanted Mr. Kirr to reverse the action or else, I guess.

Will Mr. Kirr and Mr. Taban continue to deafen the calls and perpetual rejections of their inhospitable actions or will they notice the calls and reverse their violations?

How about those tricked to accept static positions—will they wait until it is too late with Mr. Kirr and Mr. Taban or will they show leadership and say they are better than the positions?

As I stated previously on my timeline, “It is during a time of crises” that a real person’s conscience is known. I thank those who have shown principles of doing the “right things.”

It is not one’s word that counts but their actions! At a time like this, everyone’s deeds will be noticed, come day or night. Can you, God, please protect innocent people in South Sudan?

Dr. Gatluak Ter Thach lives and works in Nashville Tennessee. Email: gatluakt@yahoo.com

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