Why Foreigners must go to pave for Employment of South Sudanese Nationals.

BY: KENYI ALEX KENYI, South Sudanese Economist, SEP/19/2014, SSN;

Time has come for the young baby to walk. Raise left leg or right and fall, but get up and continue. As one of philosophers noted; “There is nothing more powerful than an Idea whose time has come.”

If Ngor Kulang Ngor is to wait for the labor bill to be passed into law first, it would be too late to begin the economic repair of South Sudan. All babies cry trans-night the first day they are removed from the breast feeding but, gradually they accept the reality and changes and then life goes on. We cannot be good neighbors if our decisions do not affect East African Community or other neighbors.

Although they bring in a lot of expertise indeed; it is time to say thank you. This will ultimately give us Economic bargaining power once they feel hardship of us not being in the Community.

South Sudanese know all their problems; and the solutions as well. When Hon. James Wani Igga was sworn in as South Sudan’s VP, he said: unemployment by itself is insecurity. Therefore, by implementing the circular 007/2014 many economic problems will be solved; we would solve economic insecurity (unemployment), Tax margin would increase tremendously, Human resources development will have meaning; and Reduce capital outflow.

Most NGOS if not all do not pay Personal Income tax PIT to the government on grounds that the foreign employees are expats. Many NGOS do not have the names of their foreign employees on payroll as they are paid from Head Quarters HQ and the government do not know this or; has no basis for asking the remittance of PIT.

So as Daily Nation a Kenyan Newspaper puts, Kenyans employed in south Sudan to be 13,000. Assuming we go ahead and implement the circular; we would employ 13,000 South Sudanese whose can pay PIT not least then 15,000,000 SSP to our government. This will reduce capital outflow and hence we can lay the foundation for building our economy.

In capacity building and Human resources development, we can now acquire the skills and competencies that the Country need from us.

Most NGOS do not have South Sudanese at managerial positions that makes up the Senior Management Team SMT the supreme decision making body. When training opportunity arises they send the managers to represent the NGO.

This means they will never attain the so called capacity building of nationals forever instead they build their own. Most expats come with the same qualifications like South Sudanese. So they get trained by or make us do a donkey work for them.

But, the Ministry of Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development should watch out, the foreigners are having a sleepless night because of the circular. They are the decision making body in all NGOS, and other institutions, can think of the following methods;

1. Misinterpret the circular. All over East Africa where the order is felt the hardest; the news headings read; “South Sudan government has ordered all foreigners out” or “All foreigners are expelled from South Sudan”.

This is deliberately to cause public resentment so that South Sudanese living in East African Countries EAC can be threatened and call off the Circular. However, even there is no single South Sudanese working EAC. The EAC are worse than us when it comes to protecting jobs.

Rwandan Immigration Stamp reads, “Employment Prohibited”. Economically, should the EAC go for beg my neighbor policy; (Copy and Paste of other Countries Policy). The EAC will face worst economic collapse of the 21st Century. When the foreign Minister denied there was no order evicting foreign workers; they quickly wrote an article with this title; “Foreign workers in South Sudan can stay after all: Kiir rescinds Order.”

2. Using complicated job titles to remain working in South Sudan. There is need for Labor Office to see the Job description of the person before issuing the work permit. For example, the cook will be called Guest House Manager; Cleaner is called Sanitation specialist or sanitation engineer…

In accounting section a Cashier is given a job tittle of Finance Administrator; Finance Controller, Accountant will be called Finance Manager; Finance Director, Finance Associate or Finance Specialist… And therefore, the job titles above are unaffected by the circular.

But the implementers for the circular should generalize job titles to be advertised as; Managerial, Officer Level, Assistants, Coordinators and Administrators… Otherwise they can still remain working on ground that the position is not affected by the circular.

3. East African Understanding Method. EAUM here they will resort to bribe those will follow up. I wish people eat that money as it is ours and tell them kindly by force, it is a government policy.

4. The last of all but most dangerous is the forging of nationality Identification documents. You will see endless queue of South Sudanese converts who will give all reasons to justify their nationality. But that is just a lust for our resources.

In conclusion, “it is better to try and fail then failing to try”. Every Economy takes a decision to correct, sharpen and repair its economy. Any economic stage is guided through economic policies that are correct at the time.

That is Amin Dada of Uganda one day woke up and said; all Asians out. All economy protect the interest of its people why not South Sudan Government?

Kenyi Alex Kenyi,
The Author is an Economist. You can reach him kenyialexk@gmai.com

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  1. Willy says:

    Ha ha ha ha the Ugandan cooks and Kenyan cooks,wants to remain in South Sudan simply to send messages back home to their girl friends concubines wives, that they are managers abroad, where as they are cooking chapatti and eggs along Juba airport road. well continue with your job w,ll graduate you with degree from faculty of eggs and chapatti to qualify you to be Chief managers from International universality abroad, so that your people may not feel that you have been fired.they might retaliate negatively,

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