Why Equatoria supports an Interim Federal Government & a Federal Constitution

BY: Col. (Rtd). Wani Tombe Lako Lokitari, RSS, MAR/29/29/2014, SSN;

Whether people like it or not, Equatoria is always the political game-changer in the politics of South Sudan (SS). Those who argue that Equatoria must become an innocent and unconcerned spectator while history and the political roadmap of SS are being redone, are gravely mistaken.

Others must not confuse the protection of their constitutional posts, with commensurate financial and other privileges, with the selfless struggle for the comprehensive interests of the downtrodden and poverty ridden peoples of SS.

There are some Equatorians holding constitutional posts and other menial constitutional jobs in the presidency, the states, and other ministries in Juba, who think that because they are happy as individuals and families, and therefore by implication, the rest of Equatoria are also happy.

These detached Equatorian constitutional and other post holders in the Sovereign Republic of South Sudan (SRSS) are but selfish others.

The gallant women, men and youth of Equatoria, in the Diaspora and in the SRSS, must understand that it is grossly misleading to jubilate for being placated by a mere appointment of some inward looking handful of Equatorians into the said constitutional and other posts, in the SRSS.

This placation is then peddled as genuine participation of the peoples of Equatoria in the administration of the SRSS.

When men and women take up constitutional posts and treat them as run-of-the-mill jobs, then society must begin to look for some better men and women who do not treat the said posts as run-of-the-mill regular jobs.

Constitutional posts are service delivery jobs to the masses of the peoples. Constitutional jobs are not for earning a living.

Those who want to treat constitutional jobs as income generating activities must look for other professional jobs, or go into business in the private sector.

The notion and practice of constitutional post holders; looting government assets, and then, conspicuously demonstrating these looted assets, to us, the public, in the form of fancy powerful vehicles, jewelries on their wives bodies, tall buildings that they built in Juba, or brothels, and pubs, or bars, that they built in Juba, or the various fake companies, that they set up, with Somalis, Ethiopians, Ugandans and Kenyans, as symbols of personal success, are some of the reasons why we must have a federal system of governance in the SRSS, so that each region can closely monitor their own political traders.

Federalism shall help us in Equatoria in carrying out political winnowing in order to separate the political chaff from political grain.

Federalism based on the three former regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal, shall give us the chance, in each respective region, to prune the mushrooming of accidental quasi-leaders, who have been rammed down our political throats by various political and social developments of the last three decades in SS.

Genuine federalism shall allow us to keep these quasi leaders in the social and physical spaces where they historically and contemporaneously belong, so that the rest of the peoples of Equatoria in particular and SRSS at large, can get on with the art and science of managing the SRSS for the delivery of the badly needed goods and services, to our gallant and down trodden peoples.

Genuine federalism shall allow us to protect the honour of our daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, aunts and grandmothers.

In Equatoria, these female members of our society have been grossly and routinely emotionally, psychologically, physically, economically, financially, and sexually violated.

The current system does not protect our women, and we are rendered helpless to protect our women against some others who use comprehensive State’s privileges to carry out their culpable intentions and conducts against our women.

We in Equatoria are at the mercy of the current policing services in the SRSS because the majority of the police forces are populated by others who do not emanate from our communities and thus, they behave like an occupying force.

It is commonplace knowledge in the SRSS that the police force doubles as criminals at the same time. This shall not happen when the daughters and sons of Equatoria shall police their towns.

They shall not double as criminals. They shall not kill their own people. This is a just reason for Equatorians to support federalism in the SRSS.

With federalism in place, there shall not be any reason why our daughters and sons, should not be the police commissioners, the prisons force commissioners, and all other security related commissioners.

We shall do away with the current domination of our own local jobs by others from other regions. At the same time, these others also control their own regions as regards the said positions.

What kind of a system is this? What kind of an existence is this? How can you, in Equatoria, say that, you are in fact, and at law, effectively and efficaciously, participating in the administration of the SRSS?

The current administration of justice in the SRSS is utterly defective, partial, and abusive.

We need federalism so that we can administer our own judicial institutions. All level of courts shall be run by our own daughters and sons throughout Equatoria.

These are our own daughters and sons who understand their own customary laws throughout Equatoria. These are our own daughters and sons who know and respect our cultural value systems throughout Equatoria.

These are our own daughters and sons who have no intentions and moral capacities in the administration of a discriminatory judicial system.

We shall save our women and men from being sent to the death row, simply because they are Equatorians in the SRSS.

With federalism, we shall have equitable representation in the army of the SRSS. We shall then, therefore, have our daughters and sons in the military and other intelligence outfits in the SRSS.

This shall put a stop to mysterious disappearances of our medical doctors, engineers and such like. This shall protect our lives and dignity from those others, who do not value humanity in the SRSS.

You Equatorians must fight to death for the establishment of a federal system in the SRSS for your own and other peoples’ dignified living in the SRSS.

Equatoria has the will, the capacity, the knowledge, the skills, the experiences, the attitude and the outlook to produce its own food and produce food for the other regions. In fact, Equatoria can produce food for export.

However, with the current system in place, all these productive characteristics of Equatoria, as land and peoples, are being frustrated and undermined to the detriment of everybody in the SRSS; not just to our own detriment in Equatoria.

Therefore, we need federalism to be able to save ourselves from definite comprehensive underdevelopment.

With the current system in place, Equatoria shall not have the time, the freedom, the right, and the space to use all its prime agricultural lands for the production of badly needed food for all mouths and stomachs in the SRSS.

We in Equatoria have been reduced to constantly protecting our agricultural lands from marauding nomads, armed to the teeth, by the government in Juba.

This is not a life that shall lead us all to prosperity in the SRSS. We need to federate, to even save these marauding nomads from definite future famines.

Our educational system is in tatters. Our higher education is being undermined by unscrupulous policies including the appointment of tribal vice chancellors to run our universities.

Federalism shall allow us to reform our universities in Equatoria for the benefit of all peoples of the SRSS. We need the intellectual space to concentrate on managing these technical institutions.

For God’s sake, presidents all over the world don’t appoint academic secretaries of universities. We need to quickly save the SRSS from these laggards in Juba.

We need federalism to save our young women and men; and youth in general, from being wasted in Equatoria. From 2005 to date, the young women and men, and youth of Equatoria have been systemically marginalised.

If we allow these processes of discrimination against our young women and men and youth to go on unchecked, then we must forget about positive life chances of our posterities.

If we allow these injustices to continue, our young women and men; and youth, shall turn into women and men, who shall be the janitors and street cleaners and workers in menial jobs and various handymen and women in the SRSS.

Is this what these three governors of Equatoria want? Is this the democracy that these three current governors of Equatoria are on about? Is this how they think all is OK in Equatoria?

We in Equatoria need to work together, with those others in the SRSS, to urgently form an interim government and then proceed to write the federal system into our permanent constitution during the period of this interim government.

Therefore, you the young women, men and youth of Equatoria, in Diaspora and in the SRSS, your futures are in your hands, not in the hands of these three governors of Equatoria, who seem to think more about their jobs via the continuity of President Kiir in office rather than about your futures in the SRSS.

Therefore, to bring all of the above changes in place, you need the political and security spaces in the SRSS. The current government in Juba does not care about all of the above issues raised.

The current government plus these three governors of Equatoria think that when we raise these issues as the ones raised above, we commit treason.

How can one be a traitor if one is literally telling the government in Juba to provide security and goods and services to the deserving peoples of the SRSS?

How can our concerns be rubbish according to the governor of Western Equatoria when we are saying all of the above because we love the peoples of Equatoria?

How can what we are saying be rubbish when we are saying that, our women should not be abused?

How can what we are saying be rubbish if we are telling the government that we do not want tribal police to kick in the doors of our peoples at night in Equatoria; because, they want to violently rape our sisters, daughters, wives, mothers, aunts, and even grandmothers?

Or, they kick in these doors because they want to rob what valuables are there to be robbed?

How can all these concerns of mine be akin to the concerns of a traitor? Who is a traitor in fact, and at law?

Juba has been a killing field for years under the watch of the current governor. What did he do to stop this serial killing of Equatorians in Juba and other places and villages in Central Equatoria? He completely did nothing.

Whole Madi villages and towns have been forcibly settled by political settlers from Jonglei and Bahr Al Ghazal. What did the governor of Eastern Equatoria do? He completely did nothing.

Whole Acholi villages and towns have been forcibly occupied by the same groups. What did the governor of Eastern Equatoria do? He completely did nothing.

Same violations have happened in Yambio. What did the governor of Western Equatoria do? He did nothing.

Equatorian Chiefs are hunted and murdered like common criminals. The case of the Madi Chief is one of many sad examples.

What did all these three governors do to stop their citizens being hunted down and murdered? All these current three governors did nothing to protect our peoples from systemic displacements and murder.

Therefore, should we just sit there and wait for whatsoever these other peoples want to do with us and with our land simply because our current governors say that all, is OK and they are behind President Kiir come what may?

Does the mere keeping of President Kiir in power shall return our stolen land and provide legal remedies for hundreds and thousands of law suits which are pending because we have no lawyers of our own to protect our comprehensive interests judicially?

Is this what these three governors want us to do? Just to follow them just because they are they; and nothing more?

These three governors of Equatoria ought to understand that we are not their chattels. We are not their property so that they can have absolute control of use and exchanges values over us.

We are sovereign peoples of the SRSS, and we have sovereign rights to reject peacefully or by use of force; any rulers who cannot protect us; and have turned into tyrants and killing us in cold blood.

These three governors represent themselves not the entire interests of the peoples of Equatoria. They can say what they want to say. After all, they are cronies of President Salva Kiir.

The author is Chairman of Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR)


  1. Eli says:

    Once again Mr. Wani Tombe your article is well received and points taken; what we are ready for now is action, the saying that goes; “you can not teach an old dog new tricks” applies to our three governors and those Equatorians who are blinded by the blood oil money flowing from Nuer land. What Equatoria need is military commanders to lead us into rebellions against Juba, either in conjunction with Dr. Riek Machar or our own forces. We need to force federal system into existence by actions, just as members of SPLA/M and dinkas in particular arrogantly puts it; We Liberate You” now we want to liberate them, both intellectually and physically.

    • bolabokdit says:

      I wondere if you have been in Equatoria all your life or you visit some other countries. In this global system societies are interconected this is the reason you found non Suothern Sudanese living in Juba. The rebellion you wish is not good in a sense because it has so many consequences. The generation who join the war of liberation in 1983 -2005 are without proper educated in Upper Nile, Bhar El Gazal, or Equatoria. Those of you who were lucky to sneake to nieghbouring countries and obtain education they don’t know tolerance.
      My concern is children who wanted to get education and become people after long years of war will again lose thier chance in many things especially education. Women, Children and elderly people are most vulnerable people specially in a war situation and are most victim. Please don’t try to hope for evil because war is evil. Upper Nile chaos started long time ago between Murlei and Nuer and betwwen Nuer and Dinka and between Nuer and Anyuak don’t be blind for so called liberation. Stay safe if you really want Equatoria to be peacefull without rebels which will give government troops a license to interfered with your community.
      Do you think politicians who were detained are not smart because they didn’t join Riak Machar? they see there is no point of losing lives in a simple matter that can be discuss peacefully no matter how long it takes.

      • Eli says:

        Yes I was born and raised in Equatoria and I will not trade any piece of Equatoria for any land in the world. I love Equatoria and you jienges will have to walk over my dead body, never shall we surrender a piece of our soil, I am proud to be an Equatorian and a Ma’di in particular. My father defended our land during Anya nya one until he died and I vowed to do the same. We admit that we made a gross mistake by allowing the dinkas to find safe heaven shelter among us and now they become like a fish born a thorn in our necks, but we will get you out of our ancestral land through federal system or by force and gun barrels if need be. We shall only allow those who love to live in peace to stay and during the federal system under our own terms shall we let those who decide to live in Ma’di land or in the whole of Equatoria. Under the Federal rule, if I as an Equatorian decide to live in Upper Nile or Bahr el Ghazal I will not cause chaos nor disobey your lifestyles and traditional systems but live in peace to develop your land for you.
        For Example; like what Emeritus Bishop Paride Taban a Ma’di by tribe is now actively doing, negotiating peace between the Murles and the government of RSS, he built a complete town called “Kuron village” go ahead and check it out at http://www.kuronvillage.com in Toposa land from scratch, that is what we want to help you people to achieve. We want to help you develop your own ancestral land, not running around and grabbing others land. What credit do you get by claiming what doesn’t belong to you after all? You do not look smart or powerful by corruptions.

        • dengda says:

          I read though wani article enthusiasm. However, I was puzzle by the usedisclosure federal government he calls for is only tackles out our of equatorial land. Ali also stress the same point . what puzzled me, is you well educated as I can tell from writing! And still don’t understand how world function . wow, you didn’t realize equatorial state are prosperity state, because of land God given you, attracts economic activity. Please think before you lift. I agreed with most writers. We need changes kiir failed nation terribly. Therefore, change has to come. But for your advice. You equatorial don’t kneels down to just equatorial only we three brothers two are fighting and standby ought to separate or join side. It sounds good when are hosting idp and claim occupation at the same time please evaluate your self esteem.

      • Boldabokdit
        Though war is abhorent, the life South Sudanese are experiencing will dictate the rebellion of other ethnic groups (not only Equatorians). Dr Riek is a good example. Dr Riek kept on refusing to respond to Kiirler’s (Kiir’s) aggressions since he started recruiting his 15000 melitiamen from Warap and Aweil. Dr Riek however, reiterated his stance as to challenge Kiirler’s leadership through election in the Party Room then the nation election of 2015.

        In the end, Dr Riek is forced to lead a rebellion against Kiirler’s government, the very move he did not anticipate.

        Boldabokdit, tell me what hope South Sudanese have to change this dictatorial, tribalist, visionless government when Kiirler refused to practise democracy within the party to defeat Dr Riek in secret ballot within the SPLM partyroom?

        What is wrong with federal system of governance in a multiethnic society like South Sudan?

        Kiirler has failed. Having no hope of change, then the only resort is to take the worst option (military resistance.) The consequences are clear. Equatoria will get destroyed like Bentiue, Malakal, and Bor. But in the end, South Sudanese will achieve the change they needed.

        Remember, no freedom without a dear price!!!!! Well done Equatoria though the choice is hard but it worths the freedom of south sudanese people. Nuer’s blood is as dear as the Equatorian’s blood.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Col Lokitari,

      Contrary to your wild condemnation of the three Equatorial governors, these gentlemen have done extremely well under the circumstance in which they operate. As mortals, they have had shortcomings yes, but can also be credited for leading their respective entities with commitment to serve and govern. Konga’s election was contested but Lobong and Bakosoro won with overwhelming majorities. By attacking the Peoples’ Governors for whatever personal reasons you may have, you will be falling in the footsteps of Kiir from whom you are trying to distance yourself. From what I understand from your previous writings, the Equatorial Governors are guilty for having not condemned the killings in Juba, are supportive of Kiir and corrupt (who is not). You are about to make yourself irrelevant through unprovoked attacks on people who are only carrying out their electoral mandate in their constituencies. If u are unhappy with their leadership (I am not happy with Wani and to some extent Lobong), wait for the next election. In Equation, we should learn not to shoot our leaders out of office.

      Col. Lokitari, the call to federalism is a noble one. It is not only about taking governments nearest to the people but empowering people to be masters of their own destiny. The state system that we have now was also meant to do exactly that. It is important for you as a politician or political activist (I do not know your position) to find out, to what extent the state system met its intended mandate before adventuring into another untested system of governance. Experimenting models on people’s life and wellbeing for the sake of it, is illegal and unethical. The important thing in governance is not actually models but mechanisms in place to ensure that the system works as intended regardless of who is Governor or President at any given time. If I were you, I would advocate for strengthening the states by giving them more powers than they have today. There is no reason, for example, why the states cannot be in-charge of training, promotion and deployment of the police.

      Lokitari, Whatever happened on Dec. 15 was tragic and unfortunate. But the truth is, Dinka killed Nuer and Nuer killed Dinka. This is nothing new. It happens every other year. Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak are one and the same. A typical Dinka or Nuer leader is bloodthirsty. Dinka and Nuer leaders have over the years convinced their population that they are expendable in the power game. Taban Deng embracing Nhial Deng in Adis and exchanging causal words while thousands of Dinka and Nuer civilians are being mooed down in Bor and Bentiu. What leverage can the condemnation of Konga or Bakosoro have on people who simply do not have respect for the life and dignity of their people? Is charity not suppose to begin at home? Lokitari, there are people like you who want to get Equatoria on board. They will fail. That war will be confined to where they rightly belong. The Governors and the UPDF will ensure that Bor or Malakal is not replicated in Juba or any other settlements in Equatoria. Equatoria remains off limit, a no go zone for militia armies whether from Gogrial or Akobo. Those oppose to this, can appeal to Justice Lucifer’s court in hell. If you have leverage over Dinka and Nuer politicians (It seems u do) elders and the youth, mobilise them to sue for peace instead of calling for vengeance and more destruction. Do not waste time advocating for an interim administration. Call for guarantees for a free political space supervised by IGAD, UN and the Troika leading to a free and fair elections so that, those aspiring to become leaders but sidelined and marginalised in their parties can take their applications to our people (the electorate) to decide on their worthiness for offices instead of being angry on SSN.

      • AW Joseph says:

        Please, you are a foreigner. Just tracing your ancestry to one of the tribes in Greater Equatoria does not qualify you to meddle in our affairs. You are a Ugandan mole planted by Dictator Museveni to serve their so called interest in our country while pretending to be South Sudanese. Go back to Uganda and leave us alone.

    • Gbenya says:

      Don’t stop when you’ve got a good idea. Turn up the heat, go one step further, and then one more

    • Raan Naath says:

      Two governors are supporting Dr. Machar. Only one has not changed his mind because of incompetence.

  2. Elijah Samuel says:

    “With the current system in place, Equatoria shall not have the time, the freedom, the right, and the space to use all its prime agricultural lands for the production of badly needed food for all mouths and stomachs in the SRSS.”

    I agree! Equatoria also does not have the political and physical space to prcatice just being human without the suffocating presence of the Jieng even in the villages where they have no business! They have turned South Sudan into free for all Nomads! Their Nomadic life style is opposed to ours. They think whereever their feet steps that is their land! This is Nomadic and they must respect our ways and ours spaces! We fought in the first true war of separations to preserve these land not to give it to others who do not appreciate our ways of life. The Nuer Started the Anyanya II, and these separatist were eliminated by the Jieng. We need to cooexist in a federral systeems. If any jieng decides to come and live in any our villages and become one of US, He or she is welcome but not to come and enforce their life style on us and robe us of the our ancestral lands! Why did we fight the Arabs if the land has no value?

  3. Jason Pitia says:

    Brother Wani,

    This is not only eloquent and brilliant piece of article but this is the reality, i am glad that you knew what happened in our villages throughout equatoria, the governor of EES is trash and useless, he is in fact capitalizing at the expenses of the disadvantage persons in his state, He has blood on hand and stolen money in his unhealthy big belly, i will be the first person to attack his home when there will be rebellious in Torit, i am closely monitoring him. He was directly involved in the murdered and covered up of Ma’di chief and he has instigated tribal conflicts in EES, and he deliberately failed to solved because the beneficiaries of his escalated violence are non other than his uncles the Dinka. Wani one thing is set up a workable structure and begin to find ways of recruiting if you spend time much time on debating people will lose interest in you, try to link up with uncle Gore to bring the power house back home, I have good experience and i will be willing to give you advice and any sport needed.

  4. AW Joseph says:

    All along it has been a known secret by Equatoria that the DINKA started this war that lead to the division of Sudan because of KOKORA or the decentralization policy of late president RIP Gaafar Numeiri in 1983.
    How could we say to ourselves free at last when the SRSS Dinka lead government has become one of the most brutal, repressive and violent regime the people of South Sudan has ever been ruled by in recent memory?
    How could we be call independent when our DINKA defence minister, Mr JUUK goes to Khartoum our parent country crawling on his knees begging Sudan to come to protect the oil fields? At the same time Foreign Minister Marial was courting president for life Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to do the same and as well those who could bother to listen to their nonsense.
    How could we called ourselves independent when we are not able to produce food and feed our people in the last 10 years just depending on handouts?
    How could we called ourselves independent when the country can’t manufacture the most basic commodity in life that is soap and salt in the last 10 years?
    Where has our good and respected free educational system gone which the so called enemies (ARABS and Khartoum) used to provide to us? What did the JIENGE and DINKA do about it in the last years 10 years apart from sending their children to study abroad and in neighbouring countries using stolen public money?
    Why our Hospital has no life saving free medicines that the ARABS used to provide to us despite the huge sums made from the oil sale? With the gone of our ARAB brothers, we are left with no free medical care.
    When people used not to get paid on time, the excuse given was that the ARABS kept the money for themselves. Come on DINKA SPLA/M, you now print your own money with a dinka image on it, collect taxes from people and make billions of dollars from the sale of the petroleum, what excuse do you dinka make for not paying salaries on time?
    Why…..now? The DINKA and their PUPPETS where given 10 years by the South Sudanese People to deliver on their promises which they made to the people during the 25 years of the liberation.
    WHAT DID we get from the SPLM/A nothing….. absolutely nothing except corruption, greed, tribalism, nepotism and etc…
    WHAT DID the DINKA and their PUPPETS deliver to us; Killing, Murder, Destruction, Death, Disease, Crime, Hunger, Hatred, foreign criminals, poverty, lack of opportunity and etc…….
    Why would we believe SPLA/M and entrust our future and that of our children into their hands when we know they are naked pathetic liars!
    The time to act is now. Not tomorrow or next time. Let us save ourselves from this pandemic disease called Salvatore Kiir Mayardit.
    Thank you Col. (Rtd). Wani Tombe Lako Lokitari for taking on this Dinka savages and standing up for greater Equatoria. You are the voice of the voiceless majority. Keep on!!

  5. Uncle Wani,

    Bravo to all above mentionings. I am glad that we have brave Equatorian leader with high intellect like you. Three Equatorian governors need to rethink their blind support of this murdering Dinka King Salva Kiir Mayardit. What the king did to Nuer will be done to one of us in Equatoria region mark my word. Dinka always treat Equatorians are inteligent, but Coward and they can not match their numbers militarily might.

    I would like to say this to ignorants Jiengers if our grand parents fought Munduhuru for the last seventeen years war without help from other regions then we can liberate ourselve from them for relatively few months. Born to rule is just amyth. Little tribe of Murle defeat Dinka and ran away and what about three Equatorian regions with multitribes:


  6. It’s with frustration that this article was wrote and the same things applied to how it will/have been received not only by Equatorians sons and daughters but also, by most if not all, those who are looking for peaceful settlement and social, economical and political transparency and prosperity.

    I would like to again reiterate my disagreement with your generalization terminological, its not every Dinka man or women who is in support of the hidden political marginalization and domination of the Republic of South Sudan. Force to lead or “leading by forces” is a stupidity and selfishness in this century. I like the way you have been boldly expressing the concern and openly opposing the system which is put in place by Kirr and his likes who are not all Dinka but also from all our tribes and regions including the current three governors of Greater Equatoria.

    We are not/should not fight Dinka, or should it be possible that we can fight Nuer or equatorians, I am say this because our issue now is not all about that, we are opposing the regime because they have turned opposite to their mandates in governing the Country. I think that is all. Equarians, Bahr El Gazalians and people of Upper Nile are all welcome to the opposition movement, politically and militarily. I know we have lots of grievances in one way or the other. Lets fight and we will fine a quick solution to this!

    It’s not every Nuer son who support the opposition as well as its not every Dinka son who support Kirr’s regime/leadership. That will also applied to Equatoria, you will definitely divided I believes. whether they like or not, peace will prevail in South Sudan, forcefully or peacefully.

  7. Dmajak says:

    Wani Tombe , I think you went to the same school as Paul Alhag whereby they teach you-all how to make lies after lies. No nobody in Greater Equartoria is going to listen to your propaganda at this time . People in South Sudan are tired of war and nobody will follow your rebel movement under Dr Murder aka Riek. If wani want to joint the rebel, let him go and leave alone lovely people of Equartoria in peace. I think wani is lonely wolf and nobody is going to listen to him. He should be like that professor from Jubal university who had joint the thugs of Dr Murder ,but now he want to come back because there is no money to support his family in Kampala .

    • Dmajak
      Your policies of divide to rule is dead already!!!! It only works with those who are money hungry. Equatorians have heard it clearly that Kiirler will never listen unless you use the language of a gun. This is the language he listens to. Dr Riek tried his best to avoid fighting but Kiirler thinks that Dr Riek is cowardly.

      Equatoria understands that no free freedom, liberty and peace.

      Dmajak, Dr Riek is not a murderer. I will tell you who is Dr Riek:
      Dr Riek is a liberator. He liberated you from the yoke of arabs unlike Garang who wanted to unite you with the arabs.
      Dr Riek is a freedom fighter. He enjoys to see South Sudanese free in their own country.
      Dr Riek is a democratic leader who wants to teach Kiirler to practise democracy in the SPLM partroom first before implementing in the whole country
      Dr Riek is an egalitarian leader. He believes in every individual effort to persuit happiness and good life. Everyone has their intrinsic and extrinsic rights to criticise him.

      This is Riek. And there are more good qualities in him which your murderer Kiirler lacks e.g.: intelectual ability to debate and convince your rivalery.

  8. Tyson says:

    Whoever support this rotten government is insane! There is nothing to beg in this dead system. The country is already in the dustbin. It is better to pull it now rather than bargaining with the mad cows!!! Majority of Equatorians are not primitive, mad, looters, killers, etc, except those dinning with Kiir in their kingdom of destruction and death. May God forgive them because they are blind and ignorant!
    We just need organized mass strikes and sit-in to accelerate the collapse of this government. Using arms should not be the only strategy. We don’t many of our innocent people to experience another yoke of burden.
    Those who occupy our lands by force, unleash into them the spirits of our great ancestors. Let the snakes swallow them, let the bees eat them, let the leopards feast on them, let their children and grand children share the sins of their parents, …….

  9. Long Ranger says:

    Thank u Eli for ur brilliant comment.

    We are already hearing desertion by our boys from the army. We must raise and yes, Geniune Federalism is the way to go

  10. TITIKECI says:

    HI Lado Tombe
    go ahead people are behind you. no room for Dinkacracy

  11. Kwickkwajo says:

    Dear Col. (r) Wani Tombe
    It is a strong oratory piece. However, I would advise you to convince South Sudanese about this federalism you are chanting about. There are many models in the world today starting from USA to Switzerland to India to Nigeria. Federalism is not a blank cheque. It could be a Trajan horse of the worst kind. I for one will not go for three regions. I would accept the model just signed in Addis Ababa between GRSS and the Murke people under David Yau Yau. Pibor becomes a self governing entity. In this context all the former districts of southern Sudan become self governing entities. The headache will be how to constitute the central authority representing the soverety of the republic. This would be the greatest demonstration of how south Sudanese hate themselves after decades of fighting to free themselves from Arab dominated northern political elite. It is clear indication that nothing unites us, so what he’ll of federalism? We should talk about three sovereign states and let us convince the world about it.
    My take has always been that we are living in the real world. In this context when there is something wrong with the system we gave established, we shoul work hard to change it. The requires all those who agree that it must be changed without differentiating ourselves along ethnic or regional because that would create divisions within us and that cause our failure. We will not achieve our objective. As such as you speak of equatorians being the “political game changers in south Sudan” you put off those not from equatoria and you lose your case. This kind of populist talk works against the interests of the Dow trodden. I believe there is no contradiction between the Dow trodden Dinka, Nuer etc and the down trodden Equatoria. The real people who work for the down trodden will not differentiate between them.
    Have a nice day/night

  12. Ret.Colonel Wani Tombe Lako Lokitari:

    The South Sudanese people were previously have divided themselves alone on politics into three regions Equatoria,Upper Nile,and Bahr El Ghazal in the year 1983 on Kokora Politics in the Local Government Autonomy of 1972.There was no any development ever done at those regions including Equatoria Region alone thereafter the Redivision Policies,were implemnted.Their beneficiaries for the redivision politics,they were the very one,who were happy most to themselves and their entire families and blood relatives as well.While the commoners people in the South population,they were left out in oblivion! I am an Equatorian. And you too an Equatorian. STOP NONSENSE OF YOURS RIGHT NOW!! Stop agitating Equatorians in your cheap politics of yours! Federalism system in the government,has a problems too as well bear in mind!

    The ongoing fighting in the country,in the government,is political.It will be settle down amicably when God has given to them to time to sort out their dissessions that were happened in the party SPLM before Thank you.Back to you in the audience in discussion board!

  13. Chiang Kuek says:

    SPLM Nebraska Chapter Impeaches its Chairman, Endorses Party Reforms

    New Leadership of the Sudan People’s Liberatiom Movement (SPLM) Nebraska Chapter. Photo: File
    Press Release
    SPLM/A Nebraska Chapter Supports the Reforms in the SPLM

    Nebraska, United States, March 24, 2014 (SSNA) — To all fellow SPLM/A cadres, comrades, countrymen and women, we in the SPLM/A Nebraska chapter condemned in the strongest possible term the December 15, 2013 Juba massacre that took place in the Republic of South Sudan. We wish to make it publicly clear that we, the SPLM/A Nebraska chapter will no no longer support the SPLM/A Chairman. We no longer support the genocidal regime led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba. Today, we would like to make it official that the SPLM/A Nebraska chapter through general assembly pays it full allegiances behind the SPLM/A- that supports the “Reform”. We are throwing our support to the freedom fighters that are fighting to bring about substantial democratic transformation in the country.
    Its obvious beyond reasonable doubt to all watchful eye that since day one when president Salva Kiir Mayardit ascend to the helm of the SPLM/A party after the untimely demise of our late charismatic leader and founder Dr John Garang de Mabior on July 30, 2005. Salva Kiir has utterly failed to fulfill the aspiration of the people of South Sudan. Since that time, President Salva Kiir and his like-minded cronies took it upon themselves to reverse all the meaningful again SPLM/A had champion during our armed struggle up to the CPA reneging on Abyei provision. SPLM/A under his watchful eye has lost vision and direction straying away from its core principle. Ever since after the signing of the CPA then to the flag hoisting, his tenure us South Sudan President is characterize by corruptions, nepotism, and tribalism. The decision making process in conducting our governmental daily business are entrusted into the hand of very selected ethnic group mostly from greater Barh el Ghazal region hence marginalizing other regional citizens of greater Upper Nile and greater Equatoria regions.

    This kind of malpractice has created a huge civil discontented within the general public, because our civil population know fully well this is not the well meaningful result of our long bitter struggle in trying to attain justice, equality, and prosperity us enshrine in national anthem. President Salva Kiir utterly fail leadership style pushed the whole country and the historical SPLM/A party into abyss in all ten states of South Sudan including the Diasporas as well. We the SPLM/A in Nebraska Chapter being the most heavily populated state by South Sudanese residing in Diaspora and the stronghold of SPLM/A in the United State of America, we refused to just sit back and watch the disintegration of South Sudan unfold before our eye from the sideline. We are duly obliged to state our position as per the rule and regulation of the party.

    President Slava Kiir had created huge paralysis within the party by stifling any cheers initiative with the intention of trying to initiate democratic transformation process within the party. Every since he ascended into the helm under his watch the party has lost vision and direction anyone who dare question the direction of things or his one men totalitarian show is perceives as a threat rather then a citizen trying to exercise his citizenry right. He has lost the legitimacy to rule the country. His actions are hurting the SPLM party in the country. He must step down as a chairman of the party and as the President of the Country. We in the SPLM/A Nebraska Chapter duly decided to pledge our full allegiances with those that supported the reforms within the SPLM/A. These are the one fighting Salva Kiir regime in Juba today.

    All in all SPLM/A party under Salva Kiir leadership is no longer the party of the people for the people and by the people it has lost its luck luster. We urge all citizens and well wisher of this historical party to join hand in hand with us in Nebraska Chapter and rest of the United States to continue on the work of spearheading the SPLM reform that will brings the democratic change in the country.


    Makuel Wie
    Acting Chairman
    Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM/SPLA)
    Nebraska Chapter-USA

    • Majongdit says:

      Where is Nabraska SPLM Chapter? USA. We always finish our things here, not in the USA.
      It will come down to what we want, not what you semi-Americans, semi- Arabs, semi- Europians want. When Riek returns you will come back with him. He will simply repeat the same words, “it was a mistake. Forgive me. I am ready to serve even as a watch man if at all it satisfies what South Sudanese wants”.

      Wani Igga was convinced to step down for Riek. This time there is no Wani Igga stepping down for Dr Riek again.

      Anybody who asks Wani to step down shall meet a national resistance. We hold the key. Those of Wani Tombe must just get medical certificate declaring them insane. To have people of his kind share a podium with us is a total shame. Wani Tombe must remain where he belongs. He has wasted his goos education. Now he is mentally derailed. And he is also blind. He just happens to bump on anything in his way just like a small kid who is learning to walk.

      Wani does not what really is the problem of South Sudan. How I wish he sits down and have a lecture from my youngest brother in Bahr el Ghazal University.

      • Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:


        Keep hoping that your dream comes true. It was you who came back to Dr. Riek Machar’s idea of Self-Determination that you did not heed to in the first place. Dr. Machar came back only because his idea he was fighting for became the subject and the invalid idea of Secular United Sudan become useless.

        Where is the Secular United Sudan you were fighting for? It has gone with the wind and became a thing of the past, isn’t it? Dr. Machar’s vision remains alive. South Sudan independence was achieved through his idea of Self-determination.

        Furthermore, while he was the Vice President to Salva Kiir, he came up with another brilliant idea of National Reconciliation. If your daughter is two years old, she will remember this better than you. When Dr. Machar was ready to implement the idea, your Kiir snatched it away from him. He gave the task to another failure from your community who never done a thing except to sit on it.

        Interestingly enough, Kiir is now running back to this idea just like he and Garang did in 2005. What will you do without Dr. Machar that you perceive to be the bad guy? Where will you get workable ideas? Kiir can try to implement that National Reconciliation but it will not succeed. For it to bear fruit, Dr. Machar, the originator of the idea must be in it just like it was for self determination.

        Please know that Wani Tombe is entitled to his own opinion just like your stooges of Wani Igga, Wani Konga and so on. After all, why would you worry about Wani Tombe when you have abundant of supporters, such as Uganda, JEM, SPLM-N, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and other 62 tribes who are fighting alongside you. How many more countries do you really need to defeat Nuer?

        • Majongdit says:

          Dear Nuer,

          You a Nuer proper. In fact through your reasoning we know you are a Nuer. Let me dismiss what is attached to your name that you are another Israel in East Africa. That is complete absurdity. You have been clinging on false hopes.

          History is there and the whole world knows that the Nuer are only good at betrayal and mutinies. This is Ngundeng had to worry and I quote, “As I leave the world, I worry about my people Nuer. They will suffer too much because they don’t wait to exhaust any explanation. They only grab the first sentence and off they run away”.
          Because you are a young man who has not yet researched fully on Sudan/S Sudan I don’t blame you so much. If Dr. Garang had spelt it out that we were fighting for separation of South Sudan. Do you think Nuba, Funj, Beja would have supported us? The 1st Anyanya war was meant to separate South Sudan we ended up being in a united Sudan. The second Garang war was based on full liberation of the whole Sudan, but we ended up a separated country…Now do you know why? You don’t know….

          Lastly, the National Reconciliation policy was a good idea but it was again used by Riek to enhance his own political mission.

          At the moment only 2% of Dinka have participated in war. You call war yet? The Nuer fought alongside Arabs for many years and yet they were defeated both. Now the Nuer are fighting alongside UN, USA, UK, EU but it is still the same. You know why the Dinka still ignore this war? It is because there is a certain button that you have not yet touched. I will not tell you what is it. But once that button is touched, vehicles and boats will not be enough to ferry the Dinka fighters. Here now the schools/universities are busy. Life is normal.

          Do you know what Riek wants? The blood of the innocent Nuer to negotiate him back into power so as to make wealth. Now he is never thinking of moving to Juba and unseat Kiir. He is simply planning to go close the oil fields located in the Dinka areas. Do you know why he wants to do that? It is to force Kiir to accept his demands at Addis. His demands are his demands, not your demands. Please have a good day!

          • Bol Akuol says:

            Dear Majongdit:

            Your family and I should be very proud of you for stating all the facts on this forum. I regret the fact that our Nuer Cousins do not want to hear or tell the truth on this forum. My Father used to tell me that the difference between Jieng and Nuer is “Wen athin” (Let us go in) and “Kong kooc”(Stop and Listen first). Our Nuer Cousins take the action first, then reason later and that is what they precisly mean by the word “Wen Athin” while the Jieng would stop,listen and reason before they take an action and that is what they precisely mean by “Kong Kooc” or Madang”. Lies and propaganda is regarded as Pelpel or smartness in the Nuer Community. Who will claim among the 64 tribes in South Sudan to be an Israel in East Africa if not Nuer?

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


            I truly respect your age. According to Nuer tradition, you suppose to respect your elderly be that elder from Nuer, Dinka, Zandi, Madi, and so on. We were and continue to be trained in that manner. But it is absurd for an elderly to evade telling the truth when they should take on the task of being a role model for the youngsters. You fail me in this regard, my elder.

            You almost convince me to some extent, but you exposed your ulterior motive unknowingly.

            Here are two things you shot yourself in the foot on:

            1). When you said only 2% of Dinka have participated in War. I might be young, but I can’t fall into this illogical claim. This would tell me it is the Upper Nile Dinka who are fighting Nuer in various fronts. The 98% that would be from Bhar El Ghazel are not in war according to your claim. Sir, if it is only 2% percent fighting Nuer, I do not think Kiir would hire mercenary to protect him and Dinka. You would simply defeat Nuer with ease. I dismiss this claim in its entirety. You disappointed me if you are indeed an elderly person. I would expect this claim from someone else, but not you. In fact, I would rather hear this from Micheal Makuei Lueth, the egregious liar from your community, but not from you. I was expecting something different and sincere from a person of your caliber.

            2). Another juvenile claim of yours and I quote, “Nuer are now fighting alongside UN, USA, UK, EU but it is still the same”. It is very unfortunate to claim that you can defeat the Supper Power of the world leave alone the very Nuer. There is nothing much I can tell you with regard to this child-like claim, but let it be your claim and I will leave it at that.

            Based on these two unconvincing remarks from your comment, I think something is terribly wrong with you. The only known participants in this war are Uganda, JEM, SPLM-N, who are fighting alone side you. Plus, half of the Nuer are fighting alongside you as well.

            Mr. Majongdit, nothing in your claim I can take seriously since you become another Salva Kiir or Michael Makuei Lueth who has no sincerity in them.

            Nevertheless, there is no beginning without an end. There will be an end to this. Nuer standard is to revenge if you do wrong to them and nothing else. You know why Nuer mutiny.

    • Makuel Wie,

      Your piece of writing should have been posted as an article but not response or comment.

  14. Thomas Wakow Yak says:

    Well, for that point of federal which you all talks about is not bad is not like your Kokora which you have done but who you do not wanted to fight for it you just talks about it. Do you thinks you may get it without fighting like the way it is now? I hoped not please be wised enough to say openly to P.Kiir who murdered Nuer and keeping killing your people in war with Nuer and some of the Bari tribes who knows the truth. I wish the federal will liberated you from your slaver of Dinka even they changed your city names by calling it Jabel Dinka , what a shame is it, do Dinkas have Jabel from the beginning even in their place where they came from? I went to Juba twice but what I seen there is not good the Dinkas missed used your Juba like their home and makes the bad things that no one from whole South Sudanese could do. Be in a good way of saying than keeping silence. Nuer will bring it to you ,you wait for ready food until it come to you.

  15. Ladu says:

    Dear,Brothers and sisters…everything is clear now,the Tsunami Flood of change started already and nobody can stop it

  16. Majongdit says:

    Equatorians are in Equatoria. Wani Tombe is a Jalaba who opposed the separation of South Sudan. If it is a matter of being called Wani then we already very industrious ones like Wani Igga, Wani Kongo etc. Other great Equatroians are there: Bakosoro, Luis Lobong, Nunu Kumba etc.

    Don’t listen to Wani Tombe he is a mad man. When my two year old daughter messes things around quite so unknowingly, I also think about Wani Tombe.

  17. Diplo Guest says:

    If I can quote the last sunday’s readings, Jesus himself who is God challenged the leaders of wrong leadership they impossed to the people. The smoke cannot come out of nothing unless there is fire. In our case of south sudan, there is problem already with the leadership of this young nation particularly with president salva kiir who is a dictator. I would like to assure salva kiir that, you will die like a dog similar to the death of Mamar Gadafi of Libya who resisted the call of the people of Libya. If you (kiir) step down peacefully, all people of south sudan will appreciate you and you will be remembered throughout the years to come and there will be “salva kiir day”. You will not enjoy your leadership if part of your body is paining and you should take note of that. If the wind blows from direction to direction, the smoke will follow and all people will be toxicated exactly like what is happening in our country; the fighing will go to all directions.

  18. TheIgwe. says:

    Wani,you have right to air your concern out but you don’t know how to put the wrong thing in a right position.Amongst those who have commented on your article:I can see the real S.Sudanese and the fake ones.Wani get to know that two wrong things make no right. We may keep saying the names of all 64 tribes or so but that wouldn’t help us at all in this mess.Peace! one country,One People,One love.

  19. Ladu says:

    Brother…Majondit,what wrong Dr.Wani Tombe did?.This is a reality bro.., all people of south sudan understood what is going there and Dr.Wani Tombe tell us the truth.Don’t say Jalaba again because your goverment beging Jalaba for help even Dr.John Garang called for unity,and what is wrong here because of the name called Wani or what????.

    • Majongdit says:


      I have no problem with the name Wani. I love the name called Wani but I hate the views and personality so someone called Dr. Wani Tombe. I don’t hate him because he is an Equatorian nor because he is called Wani. Look, I am a Dinka from Lakes State but I love and support Cde WANI IGGA. He is an Equatorian, he is short, he is called Wani, but I always go for him. Wani Tombe is sick. If you really love him then please take him to a good hospital specialized in psychic disorders. Thank you.

  20. Bol Akuol. says:

    Dear Dr. Wani Tombe:

    I’m as confused and bitter as a retired,poor Military man in a foreign land. Sir, What do you want us, the Equatorians and South Sudanese to do for you? When the SPLA/M took arms to fight for our independence, you allied yourself with Jalaba and fought against us. When we stopped the war and negotiated peace with Jalaba, you came in and told us that we should not get our independence from Jalaba. On our behalf, the true South Sudanese and Son of Equatoria, Hon.Peter Bashir Gbanda defeated you and left you wounded, confused and humiliated in Khartoum while celebrating our independence in South Sudan.

    Now that you have run out of the retirement pension money in Khartoum, you thought of the Country which you once had betrayed and fought to keep it in Jalaba’s hand for your own personal benefit. Sir, we are not as stupid and naive as you and your Jalaba friends think of us in Khartoum. You and your partner in betrayal, Riek Machar, were sent to create chaos in the South so that you can take us back into slavery in Khartoum. Sir, A traitors have no loyalty and/or allegiance to their own people and they can strike any time they see the window of opportunity to implement their wicked thoughts and political ideologies. Matat/Sir, Wani Tombe, I think Dr. Riek Machar does not need another internet warriors at this time as he has gotten sufficient of them online. He seriously needs people who are ready and willing to die for his leadership. He is in need of real people with real guns, fighting on the ground in South Sudan.

    Matat/Sir, I will not take you seriously until I see you in the Military attire and limping on the Soil of South Sudan. Why are you asking for the federation now when it was you opposing the independence of South Sudan? The true son of Equatoria and South Sudan, Hon. Peter Bashir Gbanda is still alive and active politically. He will meet you and debate with you wherever you go in exile or you will meet and negotiate with the SPLA’s Mathiang Anyor, the Lion Battalions should you want to experience the life of AK47 in South Sudan. Uncle Wani, the choice is absolutely yours.

    • Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:

      Bol Akuol:

      You are forgetting that it is not Dr. Wani Tombe alone who want us not to separate from Jalaba. The very SPLM/A was programmed to fight for Secular United Sudan, not independence South Sudan as you want Dr. Wani Tombe to believe.

      It was on Dr. Machar who want us to fight for independence South Sudan to be gained through self-determination. Hence do not depict yourself as the guy and others as the bad ones. Your Secular United Sudan idea was watered down and nowhere to be found. The strong wind of self-determination has blown it away.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Bol Akuol:

      Do you really understand what you are talking about? Isn’t it the same Dr. Riek Machar who wants us to separate from Jallaba in the first place? Do you even know what SPLM/A was fighting for?

      Bol, SPLM/A was fighting for United Secular Sudan if you do not. Read my brother. SPLM/A – Nasir faction under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar was the one fighting for separate South Sudan for that matter. The strategy placed forth was to gain a separate nation through self-determination. For your information since you seem to be behind in South Sudan’s affairs, Dr. John Garang Mabior did not want to fight for separate nation. He wants the whole Sudan. Between the duo, who is now your savior and whose vision still alive, Sir? The ideology differences were what led to the 1991 split.

      Indeed, Dr. John Garang and Salva Kiir realized at last that Dr. Riek Machar was right and begin to accept the idea of self-determination, which in turns led to South Sudan independence.
      Also, Salva Kiir did not warn to endorse Abyei’s referendum results. You still have nostalgia for slavery, don’t you? Why want your kinsmen remain in slavery in Khartoum. Only Dr.Riek Machar fought for the endorsement of Abyei referendum so that Ngok Dinka can come back to South Sudan.

      • Shamga says:

        The united Sudan vision was bigger than you understand here. It was ” an aim the star to reach the moon strategy.” Stop taking things at the face value and get help with critical analysis.

      • Bol Akuol. says:


        Late Dr.John Garang and president Kiir Mayardit fought for the liberation of South Sudan in Anyanya1 under the leadership of General Joseph Lagu. Am I Right? Dr. Riek Machar did not participate in Anyanya1 war nor did he advise Lagu, Garang and Kiir to fight for the self determination. Am I Right? Late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, William Nyuon Bany, Dr.John Garang, Arok Thon Arok etc formed the SPLA/M movement before Dr.Riek Machar joined it in 1986.

        There is a saying by Mr. Les Brown that “aim high and shoot for the moon and you would land on the stars should you miss the moon”. In fact, Dr. John Garang made it very clear to his SPLA soldiers that he highly aimed to shoot for the Sudan he would land on South Sudan should he missed it. He said that he and General Lagu had fought and asked for the self determination of South Sudan but they landed on the regional autonomy.He told south Sudanese during the formation of the SPLA in 1983 that he would use the SPLA in order to attract and win the heart and support of all the Marginalized people of Sudan. Do you know who fought alongside the Dinka and other South Sudanese when Dr.Riek Machar defected from the SPLA and took Nuer Militias to Khartoum after the Massacre of Bor in 1992? It was Nuba and the people of Blue Nile and Ingesna. Are those people South Sudanese? If not, Why were they fighting in South Sudan?

        In 1991, Dr. Riek Machar defected from the SPLA and renamed his movement as SPLA United, Nasir faction. Why did he rename his movement SPLA United while he claimed to be fighting for the independence of South Sudan? In 1992, Dr. Riek attacked Bor and massacred innocent Civilians. Why did he massacre South Sudanese if he was really fighting for the independence of South Sudan? The independence of South Sudan had to be obtained from the Jalaba in Khartoum and not from the Dinka or SPLA. Right? Why did Dr.Riek Machar Massacred the Dinkas/South Sudanese and fled to Khartoum if he was really fighting for the self Determination?
        Was he given the self determination when he allied his forces with Jalaba to fight the SPLA? Brother, something is very fishy here and I can not get it at all. Was the independence of South Sudan accomplished because of Riek Machar’s request for self determination? or Was it because Dr.John Garang and the SPLA put up the fight for it? What was the result of Riek Machar’s1997 peace Accord with the Khartoum Regime? What City or Town did Dr.Riek Machar and his White Army capture from Jalaba in South Sudan if he was really fighting for the self determination of South Sudan?

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Bol Akuol and Shamga:

          First, thanks for your responses.

          If your assertion that “Aim high and shoot for the star and you would land on the moon should you miss the star” is indeed the intention of Dr. John Garang, don’t you think he should convey this to his inner circle so as to avoid misunderstanding?

          Let me put us in the two gentlemen places. I will let you be Dr. John Garang and let me be Dr. Riek Machar. Suppose, I, Dr. Riek Machar does not understand the intention behind why we are fighting for whole Sudan instead of South Sudan Independence… Let us say I have been thinking about it for awhile.

          One day, I decided to approach my boss, Dr. John Garang. As I begin to explain my reasoning to him, as Dr. Riek Machar. I stated something along this line. Boss, there is something I would like to talk to you about. I am not sure why we are fighting for Sudan instead of South Sudan… Is there a logical explanation for it that I am not aware of?

          I would assume Dr. John Garang would say something along this line. Brother, Dr. Riek Machar, there is indeed an explanation for it and why I and those who started the mutiny came up with this (SPLM/A). We are indeed fighting for separate South Sudan, but indirectly. If we ask for South Sudan, we will not get the support from Nuba and other places of importance. We are “aiming for the star and hopefully we will land on the moon should we fail to reach the star”. There is no secret to hide since we are fighting for the same cause. Why Dr. John Garang didn’t explain this to Dr. Riek Machar before their split in 1991? Are you telling me that Dr. John Garang wanted the two to split anyway? The split of 1991 could have been prevented if Dr. John Garang was indeed aiming higher as you claim. What is the logical explanation here? Something is fishy here. The thing does not add up.

          Bol Kuol and Shamga, I both appreciated your responses, though. But it just doesn’t add up to me; otherwise, I see clearly where you are coming from.

          NB: Bol Akuol, if you have the script of Dr. John Garang’s letter to Joseph Langu, please point me in the right direction so I can read it and clear my doubt. Or post it here for us all to see.

          Thanks you..

        • Majongdit says:

          Bol Akuol

          Good analysis really. The question is: but can these people understand anything?

        • J.Chin Jacob says:

          Bravo Bol Akuol!
          It is good and educative analysis indeed as you had clearly explains everything to these Wan-athin followers but my worry is that these true believers of Dr. Traitor Riek will not understand your important message unless you can convey your message through the so called Dr. Traitor Riek Machar and from there, your message will be heard and well taken because it is communicated to them by Guandiit or Kuarmidiit.

        • Domac says:

          Mr Bol Akuol, you get it right Bro. Nuer don’t understand Dr John Garang’s aim for High. They believe in short cut, like 1997 peace agreement in Khartoum. My question, did Mr Riek achieved Self determination due 2001. If no why not? Why he rejoined SPLA/M in 2002? Mr Gatcharwearbol and his entire community have lack of something believe me. Mr Bol, “Wen athin de Nuer and Kong koc de Jieng” story told in every Dinka family. It’s funny story.

  21. Tyson the curse already reached drunk family in Nairobi fighting his family very confuse leader.

  22. sparrow says:

    Dear fellow son and daughter’s of Great Equatoria, this Wani Tombe, he has nothing to do, that is why he is creating this all confusion among Equatorian. first of all this Tombe was the same person who was campanying during our referendum for the unity of sudan. Now he is talking about supporting this crazy Dr Riek

  23. David Debu says:

    Wani Tombe you are a fool. You were useful idiot under Sudan and Mr. Bashir government before Sudan split into two. Today you are using the name Equatorian to falsify your stupid ideas for self-gained purpose. Enough. Equatorian are not fools to be misled by idiots like you who never had a pinched of nightmare of attrocities encountered by South Sudanese during the 21 years of war against mighty Sudan.

    I’m not worried or bothered by your negativity of Republic of South Sudan because you are confused and stupid beyond your circle. You know, illusion is the biggest spoiler of overrated ambitions. For your information, you must like creating conflict in Equatoria because most of the people who like war in South Sudan today were the same people who never participated or averagely participated in 21 years civil war with Sudan government. Why would anybody get carried away by our imaginations. You must be a self exiled individual who never went through what other Equatorian have experienced. Don’t use the name to incite war for your personal interest. Equatoria is a tribe such that they can be pulled by simple guys like you.

    I assure you, if you try to incite war, you are going to reap its fruits bitterly. Idiot.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Dear Wani Tombe,
      Don’t mind these cattle keepers. The only way you can know that you are right is when they rise up in arms against your views. Don’t give in to intimidation. So what if you were with the Jallaba? How many of them were Jallaba Vice Presidents in Khartoum throughout the civil war until 2005 and also from 2005 to 2011? To add salt to injury all the Jieng who faithfully served consecutive Khartoum regimes, and voted against independence were speedily absorbed into the dinkocratic regime in Juba? Now Kiir is courting Beshir to support him. How comes the Jallaba is bad when non-jieng’s want them but are good when it is the Jieng who are desperate for them. The Jallaba can’t be both good and bad at the same time. It must be the chronic hypocrisy of these unprincipled dinkocrats and their blind followers.

      • AW Joseph says:

        That is the point JOANA ADAMS! The Double standards and Hypocrisy of the SPLA/SPLM, DINKA & their PUPPETS. The Jalaba or ARABS according to the South Sudanese is the enemy. Its a taboo/forbidden to even say anything good about your previous Arab neighbour or friend.
        Why would then the SPLM/SPLA ask its enemy to come and protect the oil fields?
        The SPLM/SPLA were and continued to be the problem. They never implemented the CPA in good faith.
        We Southern Sudanese were better in United Sudan than in Independent South Sudan because the SPLA act more like occupational forces than liberators something the Sudan armed forces didn’t do.
        What do we expect from illiterate generals and incompetent politicians. Jienge will always be Jienge. Savages will always remain savages. That’s what DINKA are…..

    • AW Joseph says:

      David Debu
      I am 100% Equatorian. On reading your comments, I came to the conclusion that you are one of those imports Either from Kenya or Uganda, the so called mentors/skilled civil service servants.
      Unfortunately for all of you, your time for ripping us is up. No dirty, thieving and dishonest East Africans will be allowed to roam our streets freely. We will clean our country of undesired burden and determined who comes to our country and circumstances in which they come. Rest assured…!!!!

  24. Lado says:

    Am of no view in this struggle for power but a patriotic person who advocate for peace and harmony of South Sudanese poeple.

  25. TITIKECI says:

    Dinkacracy must go we need a country that everybody is inclusive in nation building whole of citizen had loose interest in Kiir governorment

  26. Redivision says:

    why the writer never asked for federal status when the two Sudan were one?

  27. Wololo says:

    Why do you fear federal system you the Jenge? You are never satisfy with yourselves and continue to inconvenient the equatorian and move all over the world doing the same.

    And for you Majongdid, I hate you and what you are saying with passion because you seem to be proud of war still in this 21 century which is typical of you the nomadic and yet we equatorians keeps on hosting your s…. Dinkas running away from this mess they have caused.

    What are you talking about here when your Dinkas are running away from this conflict to a neighboring countries day and night. Then tell me, are you not running from the Nuer whom you have tempered with since the 15th?

    You people have spoil the image of this country world wide and now the world knows that the smartest people in south Sudan are the equatorian in general and the Ma’dis in particular. So keep quiet.

  28. Abo says:

    Great! Majongdit. You’re ma man. Quick facts to the faces of these self-interest seeking idiots is the only solution to their madness. If I were a lady (possibly from Equatoria), I would just trace you, find you, go to bed, strip naked and bambam me to bear a baby that would be just like you.

  29. Equatoria should stand and send these hostile Jengers to their luaak in their respected states. There is no point to live with un reasonable primitive Salva Kiir Mayardit tribe. We better chose who we want to live not Kind of this garbage Dinka behaviours..

  30. Omang Rollo says:

    Equatorians never disappoint when it com to war of words.

  31. alex says:


    Stupid aimless people will join a movement with no objectives and a vision. In 1991 the same mad man misled his own tribe men and again this time. Riek and his group did not know what they want in this world. They are confused elements. If one is tired of living then you can go and join them to assist yourself in committing a suicide. A group who does not need development, progress and prosperity. Where is the Institute or University build in honour of our late hero Dr John Grang in Bor? Who destroyed it? Are these people for change? Are these civilized group? If you claim you are fighting for change, sign peace agreement so that people can vote and see if Riek will ever win. It is not a secret you even it you will not win in a free and fair elections. People who want to sell South Sudan. Who will entrust you with that responsibility of ruling South Sudan. What you want is only power but not our country.


  32. arabbmoi says:

    Alex, It is too late for Kiir supporter to think he is still a leader. Salva Kiir Mayardit with his one eye spokeperson Ateny Wek Ateny panicking like expecting mother ready to deliver in the wildness with too much pain in stomach chasing by white army, Kiir must resign now and hand himself up icc and no more Dinkocrasy.

  33. alex says:

    That is a delusion brother.
    What a shame after killing you own people in confronting a mordern army

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