Why Dr. Riek Machar is an unacceptable alternative

BY: Jay Johnson, JUN/4/2013, SSN;

According to Sudan Tribune report (May 31 2013), South Sudan security service is reported to have ordered SSTV management to refrain from covering Vice President’s political activities despite the fact that he is the acting president and commander in chief of south Sudan armed forces, including the security services.

Security personnel are also reported to have warned the manager of Citizen TV, Mr. Nhial Bol Akeen to desist from publicizing Dr. Riek public functions. Intimidation and harassment of journalists by security agents is very unfortunate indeed. Mr. Nhial Bol have faced similar threats in the past and so does SSTV journalists based in Wau who were arrested last December 2012 for allegedly refusing to cover the President speech in Wau during the riot incident.

Another SSTV presenter, John Garang, was also arrested last year by security agents for his indifference and willingness to have the footage of president broadcast while he appears to have been in a gloomy mood. The murder of Isaiah Abraham allegedly by security agents indicate the risky of journalism as a profession and the heavy price paid by advocates of free press. Our journalist and media personnel deserve better than what they have been experiencing at the hands of security services.

On the hand, our vice president should have been accorded full respect and courtesy by security personnel. Political intimidation and harassment of opponents should have no place in our society. I am not a supporter of the vice president, but he has right as a government figure and as a citizen of the republic of South Sudan to exercise his freedom of speech regardless of the message he wants or intends to convey. Speech does not become objectionable because of their contents but rather when they contravene a national security and ethical statues and regulations.

On the hand, there is genuine fear within the president’s circle regarding Dr. Riek, given his reputation as a coup plotter. Though he had publicly declared his desire to challenge the president in 2015 as the SPLM party candidate or as an independent candidate, the right thing to do is to keep close eyes on him at a distant. He has literally been fired when the President withdrew the powers he delegated to him.

Most of the coups in Africa occur when the incumbent president is on a foreign visit. But the president allies need not to panic because a coup cannot take place in the absence of military involvement, something the SPLA men and women in uniform cannot envision under the wise leadership of Lt. Gen. John Kong Nyoun, Oath Mai and Oyai Deng Ajak.

These men were appointed by the president to safeguard and defend the infant democracy the nation have gained under the leadership of Lt. Gen. President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Their ultimate responsibility is to ensure peaceful and smooth transition of political power.

Arguably, the Vice president is not happy with the direction the country is taking, a position shared by the country’s elites as well as by the public. But the substantial question to be asked is whether Dr. Riek is the visionary politician and the leader the nation has been yearning for?

Does the vice president have the courage and political ingredients to develop our resource rich nation? What is Dr. Riek waiting when he was in fact publicly humiliated by the president following his decision to strip him of the powers he previously delegated to him?

It would be a blessing in disguise if the vice president breaks away and forms his own political party and then competes with the president in 2015 presidential election. This will create a competitive political environment in the country given the fact that the SPLM-DC party Luo political mobilization strategy has failed miserably.

My opposition to Dr. Riek to take over from president Kiir is solely based on his 1991 decision to split from SPLM/A movement. The panic President Kiir’s supporters have shown recently cannot be dismissed outright because when the vice president is not happy, as he was in 1991, there is a genuine fear that he may attempt another bloodless coup.

The reason Dr. Riek and Dr. Lam broke away from SPLM/A in 1991 was in part because they were not happy with Dr. Garang’s new Sudan vision and regime change strategy. Dr. Riek in particular was critical of how Dr. Garang was managing and running the affairs of the movement. Another grievance was poor human rights records and lack of democratic principles within the movement for which he held Dr. Garang responsible.

So the SPLM/A Nasir was formed to fight for the separation of South from Sudan so that Southerners could determine their political future through the right of self determination in a referendum. Dr. Riek vision was to fight the SPLM in order to removed Garang from power with his New Sudan ideology. After that Southerners were to fight for separation and total liberation of the South. The principles of democracy, including human rights were going to be promoted. It sounds wonderful and possible to most Southerners, especially the separatist elements.

As we all know, the first action by SPLA/M Nasir was the unfortunate and regrettable summary execution of Dinka officers who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To add another salt to the wounds, the next political blunder by SPLA/M Nasir under the leadership of Dr. Riek was the decision to unleash the Nuer dominated Anya Nya II and Lou white army as well as thousands of well armed Nuer civilians to invade the South Western region of Jonglei state.

The combined forces of Anya Nya II, Lou Nuer white army and armed civilians went willingly to settle some old grievances against their natural and sworn enemy, the Jieng and to show Dr. Garang their determination to remove him from power. Dr. Riek clearly knew where John Garang SPLA forces were but he instead authorized his forces to go south in the direction of Bor town.

So the combined forces descended mercilessly on innocents Dinka civilian of Duk, Twic East and Bor counties like hungry vultures. Hundreds of thousands of elderly, women and children lost their lives in the melee that lasted for about 3 years. The cruelty and savagery was unimaginable. Children, Women and elderly people were burned alive to death.

An eye witness interviewed by amnesty international recount having seen beautiful Dinka girls shot to death in the head when the captors were unable to agree. Thousands of girls were captured and taken as wives never to return home after the war was over. Hundreds of thousands of head of cattle were raid and taken. So this was another action by Dr. Riek, the champion of human rights values which in part motivated him to break away from SPLA in August 1991.

The reason I brought back this painful memory is to evaluated Dr. Riek’s creditability on human rights issues which he continually used to criticize the president performance. Though human rights record has been poor under Kiir administration, I am not convinced that Dr. Riek will provide the needed human rights protection in the country. He may if he becomes president in 2015 wipe out the little human right principles gain under the leadership of his Excellency, Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit as he did in 1991.

It is likely that the Vice president has matured politically, but that is a wishful thinking which I am unable to substantiate. There is genuine unease and uncertainty as to what exactly he would do if he becomes a president. We can forgive but we cannot forget the past. However, individual past actions are part of his or her resumes which are critical for making an informed decision when it comes to voting.

As a citizen and member of Torit faction within SPLM party, I am not convinced with Dr. Riek’s political rhetoric on vision, good governance, democracy and human rights he often cited as the reason for challenging our president. Does he have creditability and clean human righst records?

As a member and supporter of SPLM party, I am not pleased with the overall performance of the president. I would rather support someone from SPLM Torit faction as opposed to Dr. Riek.

The Khartoum peace Agreement of 1997 signed by Dr. Riek’s SSIM party under the banner of United South Sudan Democratic Front (USSDF) was a visionless and short sighted political action which Dr. Riek cannot reasonably defend. It was indeed an embarrassment because it failed to achieve the objectives of the right to self determination. He was politically tricked by GoS into signing the agreement which contained open-ended, vague and ambiguous promises on self determination. Khartoum eventually reneged on the agreement by refusing to implement most of its provisions.

His own Juba government was intentionally starved of funding. The SAF and NIF politicians imposed Southern regional government ministers on him. Meanwhile, the GoS sponsored South Sudan Defense Forces militia was infiltrated and largely controlled by Sudan security services of Salah Gosh, which renders it ineffective as a guarantor of the Khartoum peace agreement.

Understandably, Dr. Riek quit out of frustration and disappointment. He was circumstantially forced to swallow his personal pride and decided to join the SPLM/A Torit faction of Dr. Garang which he helped undermined and back-stab for 11 years.

Admittedly, our dear and lovely president, Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, lacks clear vision for the country. This is where my criticism and concern has been. The cry about corruption though valid has been taken out of context. Corruption does happen all over the world, including the United States of America which the opponents of the government used as a yard stick by which to judge the performance of the SPLM led government.

The objective question should have been about the government strategy to address the rampant corruption in the next 5 to 15 years instead of why it is happening. Lack of strategic vision is a valid argument and criticism for which the government deserves scrutiny and accountability. Human nature clearly tells us that regardless of severity of anti corruption statues, including even the death penalty, people will continue to steal.

Theft and unethical practices, which I do not endorse but for which I have great in-depth understanding are part of human beings and culture since evolution or creation time depending on what theory you believe to be true.

Dr. Machar lacks the needed vision to take the nation forward. Reluctantly, I wish to bring to light his post 1991 decisions as the leader of SPLM/A Nasir, SSIM, SSDF, SSDP and as a signatory of 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) in order to support my argument. Unquestionably, Dr. Riek, like Anya Nya II was a separatist and a strong advocate of right to self determination. Absent was the military and political strategic vision which would have enabled southerners to realize their aspirations of an independent South Sudan nation.

Mere pronouncing of political right as was the case with “the right to self determination” does not oblige us as citizens to credit him with the independence of South Sudan as it has been propagated by the separatists and collaborators. In fact he did not contribute anything because his own Khartoum peace agreement was thrown into the garbage can by Khartoum regime.

He came empty handed to the SPLM/A Torit in 2002 without his thousands of soldiers he took with him in 1991 due to fear of reprisal from SPLM/A Torit. Like the 1972 Addis Ababa peace agreement which was abrogated and dishonored by Nimeri and his Kokora allies’ politicians from the Equatoria region, Dr. Riek’s Khartoum peace agreement which was lacking safe guard and implementation timelines was discarded into the same dustbin.

The divisive nature of Kokora, which haunted Southerners during the liberation struggle, continues to divide our nation today as call for federalism intensifies despite the fact that our nation is already a federal democratic republic.

Unlike 2005 CPA, the 1997 KPA was not a genuine peace but a Khartoum government strategy to buy time and weaken the SPLA Torit by dividing Southerners. Feeling Humiliated, powerless and defeated, Dr. Riek called it quits and decided painfully to join the dictator, the unionist and the undemocratic John Garang SPLM/A Torit faction from which he broke away 11 years earlier.

So when he joined the SPLM/A Torit, he knew well in advance that the very vision of new Sudan for which he previously rebelled against was still the effective strategy for attaining Southern independence. And indeed the New Sudan vision was an effective political and military strategy which eventually forced the Khartoum government to the negotiating table.

Convinced that the war was not winnable on the battle field because of mighty SPLA, the NIF decided to negotiate with SPLM leadership in good faith. And so the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed granting the South the right to self determination through an internationally monitored referendum to be held in 2011. The safe guards were in place and implementation schedule was specific.

The New Sudan vision was a realistic, appealing and effective political, military and diplomatic strategy. The Ethiopian government under the leadership of his Excellency, Mengistu HaileMariam was able to support SPLA forces by providing weapons and training camps in Gambela region. The SPLM/A was to act as a proxy of Ethiopian government against Sudan for their support of Ethiopian and Eritrean rebels.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers from Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue region who served honorably and fought courageously alongside SPLA forces were able to join the movement en mass. They stand firm with SPLM/A mainstream because of New Sudan vision and ideology during the 1991 split.

And indeed South Sudan political aspirations for an independent Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan was eventually realized in part because of New Sudan vision, military victory by SPLA forces in the battle fields and unwavering support for the SPLM/A by our president, Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The New Sudan vision of United Democratic Sudan have inspired hundreds of thousands of citizens from Nuba, Blue Nile and Darfur as they struggle for political freedom under the brutal regime of president Bashir. Can you imagine how many nations will support the SPLA –N if their goal was to fight for separation of Darfur, Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile region instead of regime change strategy?

That was the Question the SPLM/A leadership was faced with in 1984. And of course the people of Blue Nile, Nuba mountains and Darfur would not be disappointed with the SRF if they could negotiate a similar peace agreement like CPA in the event of military stalemate. They would be thrilled to secede from Khartoum regime which had consistently imposed Arabism and Islamism on them for almost a century.

Disappointingly, the recent report by World Tribune indicates the political ambition of our Vice president. The vice president is reported to have secretly formed a fund raising committee headed by his wife, Angelina Teny and Ezekiel Lul Gatkuoth. So far, Ms Angelina and Mr. Lul had managed to raise US$5 million from wealthy Arabs Middle Eastern businessmen. The Vice presidents, as the citizen of federal democratic republic of South Sudan has right under the interim constitution to run for any office of his choice. He also does have right to raise funds to finance his political campaign.

The concern however, is why the Vice president chooses Arabs businessmen who have ties with President Omer Bashir? Is the vice president still maintaining his friendship with Mr. Bashir? Or is it just a desperate political measure? And why should wealthy Arabs businessmen finance our political campaign when in fact the vice president can raise money within the country? Are we as citizens comfortable with foreigners determining and dictating the outcome of our political elections? Is that not in itself a violation of our sovereignty?

In conclusion, the president has no political vision to take the country forward. But if we give him another chance in 2015 for 5 more years, which I am confident we will, he will turn things around. Alternatively, we have some capable and fine members of Torit faction within SPLM party who can take the country to a brighter future should the president decide to change his mind not to run in 2015.

I would have supported comrade Pagan Amum but am afraid that he may lose to Dr. Riek in a general election because of his close relationship with late Dr. Garang, our founding father who is not popular with separatist elements within SPLM party and some members of the public.

Comrade Wani Igga who stood firmly with the movement is also a fine man and a hero. His chance of beating Dr. Riek like comrade Pagan are also too slim in my humble opinion. This is so because he lacks wide support among Equatoria elites and intellectual because they viewed him as a Dinka operative and in part because he is a staunch opponent of Kokora politics. He would come under severe attack from pro Kokora Equatoria politicians and elites should he decide to run in 2015 presidential election.

I can forgive Dr. Riek past mistakes but I cannot forget his political decisions which nearly brought down the movement. Political decisions good or bad are the mirror through which we can envision the future of our nation should he become our president in 2015 general elections.

South Sudan needs a visionary politician and it is my view that Dr. Riek has neither shown political vision in the past nor he is likely to mysteriously have one in the future.

Am not pleased with our president but I will stick with him come 2015 if he ends up competing with Dr. Riek for the presidency. The gains South Sudan made under the leadership of our dear lovely president, Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit should be acknowledged and appreciated by the people of South Sudan. Our president deserves a second chance to continue with the nation building he have started 7 years ago. South Sudan Oyee! SPLM Oyee!

Jay Johnson is a former liberation fighter and a staunch supporter of SPLM party
He can be reached @jayjohnson053@gmail.com


  1. Chol Wek Wek says:


    I guess you are not bias in your article, however the point for Dr Riek to be unacceptable candidate is very clear and the whole world knows. Dr Riek will not be voted in by Dinka simply because the fear similar to what happened in Kenya when Kikuyu feared to give chance to the most African top politician Eng. Raila Oginga Odinga, because of their fear for Raila to reform the deformed country by kikuyu and their associate.
    But Luo are too vulnerable compared to Nuer in South Sudan or Murle on other hand and thus will lead the country into very bad war which of course be feel by minority like Dinka Bor in the east of the Nile and Ruweng in the west of the Nile.

    Anyway let’s pray for our country not to go back to War.

  2. Gatdeet Lul says:

    You are right in few points but there will be nothing that will prevent Dr. Riek to be the next president of Republic of South Sudan. There no doubt that you are from Bor community, all Bor have a low opinion for Dr. Riek.

  3. The national security service is right to abstain their activity from Riak when they see coup attempt after president.

  4. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Jay Johnson,

    You unleashed your poisonous hatred against Dr. Riek Machar based on 1991 split. We all know what happened during those days and nobody in his or her right state of mind can deny that. It was war and war does not favor any side. Would you be happy if it were Nuer people being killed like you have been happier with Gaajaak killing? Based on your writings, I think you would be happy.

    Dr. John Garang massacred Nuer of Gaajaak ruthlessly and no one ever dared to bring it up here and your Prophet Garang was never questioned for this heinous action and he ruled SPLM notwithstanding this crime. What makes that different from Dr. Riek’s Crime? What kind of justice are you trying to practice? If your people are killed, you are sad and when your people killed other groups, you are happy. That is not what reasonable people do.

    You talked endlessly about vision, what kind of vision does your Uncle Kiir have? It is must bribe money talking in you. How many did you receive for you to write this piece? People of your likes who are self seeking should stop pretending as if the world revolves around them. “You first remove the speck in your eyes so that you can be able to see what is in other people’s eyes” (‘Jesus”).

    Your Uncle Kiir has been in power for ten good years now; what did he accomplish to make him seek re-election into the office? If you think giving him another 5 years will change anything, you are critically lying to yourself and I suggest you seek professional help.

  5. Viper says:

    The writer of this idea about Dr Riak is known as Dinka dominated SPLM/A in Sudan tribune website. To be specific, the man is immature politically and is tribally oriented. A hate against the VP for reasons known to Dinka dominated SPLM and his family has nothing to do with our politics. He is very short in memory and is more misinformed. Those types of blind supporters can throw the nation into ABYSS if good care is not taken.

  6. diktor agarab says:

    Jay Johnson,
    Dr. Riak Machar is the better option than the current disaster, Mr. Salva Kiir, who has no clue about governing or government. Without Dr. Machar, Dr. Garang won’t have included SELF-DETERMINATION as one of the core demands of the SPLM. Without Dr. Machar, Dr. Garang won’t have moved to de-tribalise the movement. Without Dr. Machar, the little reforms in the SPLM/A won’t have been there. And, certainly without Dr. Machar, there won’t have been a South Sudan because Dr. Garang was a unionist who tried to eradicate secessionists from the movement wherever he found them.

    • Diktor Agarab:

      Dear RaanNaath:

      Dr.John Garang and General Kiir Mayardit fought in Anyanya1 as young people under the leadership of General Joseph Lagu for the separation of South Sudan for 17 years. Your Uncle Riek Machar was in Khartoum by that time and had never thought of Self determination. Late General Kerubino Kuanyin Bol fought in Anyanya 1 too and started the SPLA movement with late Commander.William Nyuon Bany, Dr. John Garang, General Salva Kiir Mayardit and many others in 1983. Your Uncle Riek Machar was in Khartoum when they started the SPLA movement. Riek Machar joined the SPLA movement for the first time in 1985 and split from the SPLA in 1991. How many years did he spend in the SPLA movement? I suspected that he was sent to spoil and break up the SPLA movement by Jallaba, Arabs.

      Dr.Good for nothing, serial Killer, Riek Machar Teny Dhur-Jang,returned to General Kiir Mayardit and Dr.John Garang’s SPLA after 5 years of his insanity treatment in Khartoum and after failing to achieve his false dream of self determination. Kiir and Garang forgave him and allowed him to rejoin the SPLA movement in 2000. RamRaan, what you said here is not true, therefore I personally advise you not to drink and write on the SSN as you may crash to death or becom insane and dangerous like Dr.GatMachar Dhur-Jang. If you,Nuer people call Riek Machar a champion of Self Determination, How would the people of South Sudan call General Joseph Lagu, General Kiir Mayardit, Dr.John Garang and many others who fought and lost their lives for the independence of South Sudan for 17 years?

      How would we call Dr.John Garang, General Kiir Mayardit Pagan Amum, Deng Alor Kuol, James Wani Igga and many others who negotiated and signed the CPA for self determination which resulted in referendum and eventually the independence of South Sudan? Nuer, RamRaan, What is wrong with your logical thinking and reasoning, my Cousins? Smart up people and think logically and reasonably like other people in South South Sudan otherwise South Sudan would not be peaceful and prosper at all.

      • Ajak Makuach says:

        You are still bias, your reasons are already defeated.

      • The Truth says:

        If we are saying the truth than honor is to those who deserve it, whether an Equatorian, Shulluk, Nuer Or Dinka.
        Each of everyone should start his/her composition giving thanks to GOD, Pastor Saturnino, Joseph Lagu, Kerubino Kuanyin, Nyuon Bany, Lam Akuol, John Garang, Riek Machar and many more who assisted these men.
        We youngsters need to study our history well before we speak, we are Southern Sudanese not supporters of politicians.

    • Do You know now days the difference between Dinka/SPLM/GOSS is more there? C what they are putting down as SPLM Constitution! That Chairman is voted by show of hands (meaning those who want Kiir as Chairman SPLM raise up your hands) This monarch wants to live forever! We must support Riek Machar! We are not against Dinka who are our own brothers but most of them do not want right things to others. We can still have them in the system even if Riek, wani, Bakosoro, Obuto …. becomes the president, so why worry?

  7. Tyson says:

    This sheer campaign will lead us nowhere. Your uncle Kiir and Dr Hitler are the same and none of them deserves the creidt to rule RSS. They have looted enough they must leave otherwise ICC is waiting for them patiently.
    Good luck for marketing Kiir but I am sure you have eyes but don’t see, ears but don’t hear because he your source of looted bread.

  8. president eye says:

    He came back from Khartoum empty-handed and surrendered to me. 1992 our movement nearly died because of him when we tried to fight. we made CPA agreement with Dr John. where is his agreement? That’s why l should not give my leadership to him. he got chicken Brain.

  9. jay johnson says:

    I stated in my article that i am not please with Kiir overall performance as a president. But Dr. Riek is not the alternative leader to take the country forward. I based my criticism of Dr. Riek based on his ability to make strategic decisions and his apparent lack of vision.His decision to break away from SPLM/A in 1991, the invasion of Bor area, the 1997 Khartoum peace agreement , his subsequent return to the SPLM/A mainstream without a single soldier in 2002 and his recent outrageous decision to fraised campaign moeny for Arabs businessmen are all relevance matrix on which we can evaluate him for the presidency.

    my criticism of Dr. Riek was not motivated by hatred nor by his nuer ethnicity. it was solely based on his decision making ability.I have forgiven him for 1991 incident, but i will not forget it nor should i be intimidated to not talk about it. As people, we have to live with the consequences of the decisions we make regardless how long ago they took place.I condemn the Gaajak incident but i can not make a commend since i do not know the circumstances sorrouding it occurence. Leaders do not have to take revenge if the Bor area invasion was because of Gaajak incident.

    I will vote for president Kiir in 2015 if he end up competing with Dr. Riek.


    • Dear Mr. Jay Johnson:

      I have given you two thumps up and a brotherly kiss on your brilliant head for this article. It was well written, well presented, well detailed, well documented and it is full of factual information. Brother, You have laid a wreath on the grave of the victims of the so called National leader and presidential candidate, Lunatic Dr.Riek Machar Teny Dhur-Jang. The innocent Souls of the victims of Moron Riek Machar would bless you and protect your precious life from those primitive and blind supporters of Riek Machar Teny Dhur-Jang.

      I strongly supported your call for those two confused leaders, Riek and Kiir, to step down in 2015. However, if worst comes to the worst that Kiir, Riek and Lam Akol are the only candidates competing for the presidency of South Sudan, I will vote for Kiir because his political and military records are much better than that of serial Killer Riek Machar and Traitor Lam Akol.

      Great Article! Keep up the good work. You are a true, living voice of the innocent victims of Dr. Moron, Riek Machar Dhur-Jang’s insanity.

      • jay johnson says:

        Brother Gatkuoth,

        thank you for your kind words. they are very encouraging. I wrote the article to honor the innocent dinka civilians slaughtered under the orders of Dr. Riek. We should not reward him this time. the man is lucky to even serve as vice president of our country. Incompetent, naive, and visionless politicians in the world do not get that kind of sympathy, luck and forgiveness. Dr. Riek supporters should appreciate south sudanese people for their forgiveness. the office of vice presidency is the maximum position he is allowed to hold.

        Life is short and there is no second chance for those who make life changing, visionless and deadly decisions. If Dr. riek is not satisfied with vice president position he should go home and become a paramount chief of Nuer nation. that is the position he deserves given his past. We are better off with Kiir than riek. It is unwise to let the wolf be a shepherd of goats. that would be unacceptable.

        If Dr. Riek supporters need a nuer president, then they should endorse James hoath Mai to take over from Kiir. that would be acceptable to southerners. we should not hand over our country to incompetent rebel.

        thank you

        • Majongdit says:

          my two uncles who were officers in Dr Riek’s camp included.
          it has left our family devastated. only one of my uncles was married; the other one died single.
          imagine, two brothers from one mother and the only sons of that woman butchered in one day.
          it may be simple in anyone’s heart, but not in the minds of the affected family.

        • diktor agarab says:

          What about those innocent Equatorians the Dinkas and especially Dr. Garang and Salva Kiir killed? If killing people can prevent someone from ascending to power, why not equally oppose Kiir? You’re transparent in your tribal hatred of Dr. Machar. However, despite your tribal hatred, Dr. Machar will become president and then save South Sudan from breaking into pieces. And, stop opposing because of tribal ties.

    • Jay Johnson,
      No fear of Dr. Riak now he is our brother like any other politician. If he had not got to Khartoum, he would be one of martyrs by Now. Thank God for that wisdom that has made him alive today and a presidential candidate come 2015. You’re free to vote for Kiir and leave others free to vote for Riak. Where are those who disagreed with Garang and remained around thinking He (Garang ) was a true brother? Martin Kegivora, William Nyuon, Karibino Kony Bol, Samuel Gai Tut……..Where are they?

      Brother do not base your argument on past but on future. Riek of today is not the same of 20 years ago.
      Anyway we need change.

  10. Gatkuoth says:

    you know what Southern Sudanese need unstained hands with blood this time, unlike Dr. Riak who committed Bor genocide in 1991 in Bor.

    • Para says:

      Evil eye, where do you come with shallower facts, there is clear evidence that Kiir is no longer to be the president after 2015. to mr. Jay, the things that you claimed to be the weakness of dr. Riek are in fact the reason he deserved to be president.
      what did Kiir do?

    • Deng Bol says:

      to Mr. jay johnson

      At the beginning i was to agree with you in some article that you mentioned about Nasir, at the end i came know that you don’t know what you are talking about.
      About Riek machar’s candidacy is not something to be secretly because for him to stand as president in South sudan is known nationwide, no matter who you are. Dr. Riek machar will be south sudan president in 2015 General Election whether you will vote for him or not.
      To 1991 war in jongiel Bor, it is not Dr. riek machar alone who killed south Sudanese people, ok, so put in your mind that all our current leaders killed southerners during the war time. For this example, Dr. john garang in 1992 sent Koul manyang (Jonglei governor) and Pieng deng kuol (Police chief) to go and kill lou nuer in Yuai which I think they did. Why don’t we cry always about this or you think we don’t even know that?

      So please stop crying about 1991 and come back to our current country’s problems we face at the hands of Salva kiir mayardiit.

      • Yes, Deng Bol, you touch my heart. Dr Riek Machar will be the next president of South Sudan. He was Supposedly to be the second man after Dr Garang, but Kiir opposed it and was about to defect. Am voting for Riek for many reasons am reluctant of. We will see in 2015.

    • Ajak Makuach says:

      Talking of Bor incident as number one, Riek failure will automatically contaminate your article. The SPLM/A genocide of civilians in cold blood started with Gajaak in early 1984 under Dr. Garang and Kiir leadership. If any one needs to be held accountable for killing innocent people it would be Kiir by now instead of praising him.

  11. president eye says:

    Thanks Jay.
    Well articulated. None of them can bring changes we need between president Kiir and Dr Riek.

    To know Dr Riek is just a machine-laughing or shallow minded. why did he sign agreement without SEPARATE ARMY to protect that agreement?! While he was in the house of lions, can anyone fight a lion using your teeth instead of sharp objects in its den?
    To the FACTS :
    Dr Riek vs KIIR
    Riek in equatorian areas with 80%-Kiir with 20%
    Riek in dinka areas with 25%-Kiir with 75%
    Riek in nuer areas with 95%-Kiir with 5%
    Riek in others with 40%-Kiir with 60% others are :Shulluk, Anuak, all Murlei and small tribes in Bhar el gazel region.

    Pagan Amum vs Riek .
    Amum in equatoria States with 40%-Riek 60%
    Dinka areas Pagan70%-Riek 30%
    Nuer areas Pagan 10%-Riek 90%
    Others pagan 60%-Riek 40%

    Wani vs Riek
    Equatoria states Wani 40%-Riek 60%
    Dinka areas wani 80%-Riek 20%
    Nuer areas Wani 5%-Riek 95%
    Others areas Wani 40%-Riek 60%

    Joseph Bakosoro vs Riek.
    Dinka areas Joseph70%-Riek 30%
    Equatoria areas 70%-Riek 30%
    Nuer areas Joseph 1%-Riek 99%
    Others Joseph 30%-Riek 70%.

    It’s not accurate but not far from truth according to private surveys.
    Dinka population is approximately 4.7millions while South Sudan is range from 8-10millions.
    Whoever will be supported by dinka and western equatoria with 3.6 millions will be a president!!

  12. AW joseph says:

    Dear Jay Johnson,
    It’s disappointing to read your opinion. As a Christian let us read the teaching of Jesus Christ. In one of the stories a woman was caught red handed in adultery. She was brought before Jesus by the Jews who told him according to the laws Moses left to them the crime the woman committed was punishable by stoning to death. Jesus reportedly told the crowd if you yourselves know in you hearts that you have not committed any crime or did not do what the woman did you should be the first to stone her. Guess what, according to the bible no one touched the woman because they were equally guilty of having committed sins.

    You are a typical Dinka Who despite the injustices committed against fellow citizens, the massive corruption, Tribalism which has never been seen any where in human history, gross human rights violations, lack of freedom and opportunity and justice for all still gives qualified support to his tribes men no matter what the situation is.

    Ask yourself what nearly caused the split of the movement in 2004 when Dr. Grang tried to replace Salva with Nyial Deng.

    Ask What made Salva to say in 2004 in Yei that Equatorians should not complain about being marginalised in the movement because SPLA is Dinka and Dinka is SPLA.

    How can we as citizens not make any claim in regard to the right of fair and equal representation in the decisions that affect our lives?

    Please if you are not happy about KoKora, fair enough, you can choose to go back to where you come from and live happily in your part of the country which I do not want to know. I am Equatorian for ever.

    • Nyong Kir says:

      AW Joseph,

      Save your precious breath. We are dealing with animals in the form of human beings. The likes of Jay Johnson and his uncles are disgrace to humanity. However, history is full of instances whence people like them subsequently pay dearly for their collective crimes. It will happen, it is just a matter of time.

  13. dmajak says:

    Thank for your article, well written but we voters in south Sudan should decide who between the president and his vice is better than another. As an individual, I have no good candidate between those two because they have run same government since 2005, but there is no good result, just repeat empty promise. I think it is time kiir and riek to go. Enough is enough.

  14. Eastern says:

    Dr. Riak THE RIGHT PERSON for presidency of South Sudan come 2015! The Jay Johnsons of this world should not use the 1991 incidence as a stumbling block to Riak’s political career. Dr. Riak and his group were forced to retaliate against the heartless Dinka onslaught on innocent Nuer people led by Dr. Garang. This is the truth but the Dinkas to this day continue to hold Riak accountable to an action which was a result of provocation!

    Dr. Riak is my MOST FAVORITE PRESIDENTIAL candidate for the 2015 poll. If hoodlums temper with the poles by delaying it or employing other underhand methods – the future generation will blame us for recklessness. We all love South Sudan and must further avoid bloodshed. Let there be transparent and peaceful power transfer from one leader to another through popular choice rather than coercions. Long live Dr. Riak Macher! Long live South Sudan!

    • Eastern and South Mole:

      I have concluded my research on your regional and tribal identity and I have learned from a very credible source that both of you (Eastern and South Mole) are not Equatorians although you pretend to be Equatorians online. Both of you are Nuer from Gajaak, Gambella/Ethiopia, however you have been disguising yourselves as Equatorians just to confuse people while campaigning to earn a political support for your S… and serial Killer Dr. M…., Riek Machar Dhur-Jang.
      In this regard I would like to render my sincere apology to the people of Greater Equatoria for addressing you as Equatorians. As from now on, I would be addressing you as Nuer of Gajaak, the food lovers of Gambella-Ethiopia rather than Equatorians. Your serial Killer, Uncle Riek Machar Dhur-Jang will never put his dirty and bloody feet in the Presidential Palace as president of South Sudan in 2015 whether by Ballots or Bullets.

      • Eastern says:

        Go away you pathetic fellow going by those obnoxious synonym Lukudu (correct version is Lokudu) Gatkuoth Garang. This fellow believes that if one does not ascribe to Dinka hegemony in South Sudan, one is a foreigner! Why do you deride Nuers the way you now do? Nuers have contributed selflessly to the building of this country right from the colonial times.

        Continue your recklessness of wanting to coerce people to accept a leader other than of their choice, the future generation will blame you and your likes for the outcome. I have always told you to see the writings on the wall.
        Long live Federalism! Long live Riak Macher for presidency!

        • Eastern:

          Dear Food Lovers of Gajaak:

          Correcting my name”Lukudu” by adding letter O to replace letter U does not make you an Equatorian or a member of Karo tribe where the name Lokudu originated from. You are typical Nuer of Gajaak and a food lover who wants to be a South Sudanese and Ethiopian at the same time.

          The writing on the wall which you and your Uncle Riek Machar Teny Dhur-Jang wrote on the muddy wall of LUAK in Nasir in 1991 had faded away and outdated. It is quite blurred and invisible now. You and your Uncle Riek Machar need to do another writing on the wall somewhere in South Sudan and this will be the end of your writing on the wall.

          Cowards, you got way with the writing on the wall in Nasir which resulted in the massacre of innocent civilians in Bor. This time you will regret the writing on the wall and you will be forced to eras the writing by yourselves. You must start the war which you have been preaching and threatening Jieng with for so long. The mighty Jieng will finish the war for you. I’m glad that there will be no Arabs between you and Jieng this time. Due to his past history, Riek Machar will never be a president of South Sudan in 2015 PERIOD!

          • Eastern says:

            Continue with your empty rhetoric on Equatorians and the Nuer; I am not certain what you’re comfortable working with.

        • diktor agarab says:

          Gatkuoth Garang, you’re nothing but a LOST BOY still in search of your identity. Guess the scaring in your face cut the wires to your brain that is why you can’t think straight. Equatorians and Nuers are brothers united for a common cause – and that is you.

          Today you cry you liberated Equatoria but when the going was tough, weren’t you in Kakuma liberating food from the UN?

  15. garang madut says:

    Hello Jay Johnson:
    I don’t quite know the kind of audience you are writing, but my assumption is that it is the south Sudanese audience! Gentleman, if I can call you so, your story is full of shit of lies of magnitude. All the southern Sudanese know their history of the struggle and how the comprehensive peace agreement came about. It is the US government under the leadership of George W. Bush that forced the agreement between SPLA and the Sudan Government. And as for the clause for the self-determination, it was the will of the Southern Sudanese included in the peace agreement as championed by Dr. Riek as his key reason to forge unity with Dr. Garang following the 1991 split.

    As for the SPLA/M government is South Sudan, it has survived and got some little credibility due to Dr. Riek’s presence in that government. Salva Kirr is garbage and an embarrassment to the people of South Sudan. The man knows only how to murder but has no clue how a government works. Right on the start following the demise of Garang, he personally admitted to Ugandan News Network that he is President by default. Anyway the rotten system of Salva and his clan has reached a dead end, and I hope that they will retire to their luaks in peace, with no more bloodshed. The patience is over, 2015 is the D. Day!!!!!!!!

    Salva has surpassed Mobuto of Congo in terms of corruption and theft of public funds!!!. The level of theft by Salva and his SPLM qualifies as a crime against humanity… the billions of dollars stolen could have saved millions of lives is South Sudan. Salva is criminal and he should leave immediately.

  16. Interesting words from our comrade, but should have included warnings to the Rats that it is now our turn to leash you off simple if you talk much and walk in front.

  17. Yaak Dau says:

    Jay Johnson didn’t unleash any poisonous hatred towards Riek Machar but only brought his past to the public attention in regards to why the v.p. shouldn’t be elected as the country’s top leader. If Dr Riek’s past atrocities are too poisonous to point out, then why are you, his supporters, so intransigent on wanting to impose him on victims of his past political blunders?
    The horrific crimes committed by Dr Riek’s forces (Anyanya ll, Lou Nuer white army and SPLA-Nasir) on innocent Dinka civilians are still vivid in peoples’ minds.
    Don’t you think that these victims have genuine concerns about a leader who ordered such mass killings and displacement unrivalled in South Sudan history?

    What has Gajaak killings to do with Riek crimes? Are you Riek supporters suggesting that the mayhem meted on the innocent Dinka civilians was a revenge act rather than a national call for separation and democracy in the SPLM/A as always claimed by some quarters of the base? Which is which, Gatchawerbol? Whatever version suits you Riek’s guys, the wishful thinking of your man ascending into power without his past being scrutinized or talked about is just a mere dream.
    Politicians aspiring for any political office in the world are scrutinized on their past records, why should your man be any different or accorded any special treatment? Threats of violence are not going to work too as the people you are threatening have experienced it from Dr Riek’s forces at the worst times and as recent as 2009.
    Let people talk freely about president Kiir failures and vp Riek Machar past, and then citizens of RSS will decide which of the two evils is worth putting up with if no another better candidate throw his/her head in the ring.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. Yaak Dau,

      After the signing of CPA, a new chapter was opened; giving us the opportunity to start afresh. If we are going to be talking about the past, then it is what brought Gaajaak massacred in. Why won’t this issue be brought up while it is ok for 1991 issue to be brought back to light? Aren’t these two issues from the past or do you think that Gaajaak massacred was done early and does not need to be made known? Or do you think your people’s lives are better than the lives of the other people whom you have massacred? Do you think it is not vivid in Nuers’ mind too? Please revisit your thought and try to make sense of yourself.

      If you Salva Kiir supporters think that we on the other side of the fence could just mum, than you have thought wrong.

      But any logical human would not hesitant to condemn what took place in 1991 and for your information; I am one of these logical human beings. But I cannot just only condemn on tribal lines, all southern Sudanese deserve to be accorded justice across the aisle. From my standpoint, what you gentlemen from Dinkas community are doing is selective justice and I do not buy it at all.

      As far as who is lesser of the two evils between Dr. Riek and Salva, I think we are better of electing Dr. Riek. People learn from mistakes and I truly think Dr. Riek has learned his lesson. In addition, he is more capable than Salva and not greedy.
      The rampant corruption that our brothers in Bar el Ghazel have plunged into will not take place under Dr. Riek leadership. Thievery activities that seem to be ubiquitous in South Sudan will be eradicated. If you think re-electing Salva Kiir into the office will make thing better, you must not be following what is taking place in Juba.

      • Yaak Dau-benypieth says:

        Riek Machar is the worst of the two evils based not only on his treacherous and despicable past but even of his present. He is among the top SPLM officials that have embezzled public funds. I heard he owns large plots of land in Juba and surely there is no way he would have acquired it legally. He was removed and replaced with Pagan Amum as the lead negotiator SPLM after giving in cheaply to the Arabs demand on referendum numbers. All of The issues clearly illustrates why irrespective of his past is not a suitable successor to President Kiir.

        Now back to his past, Riek is not the right man to replace Kiir because he failed to assert his authority over the Nuer nation after he unshamefully led them out of the fight against the Southerners common enemy, the Jellaba. His community broke down into clans based militias that fought vicious battles among themselves. Honest Nuers will admit this undeniable fact. Can you imagine how lawless RSS will become
        if the imbecile steps his bloody feet into the presidential palace?

        The current state of lawlessness will be amplified to say 100 times. You must know where you came from to know where you’re going to and hence talking of avoiding mentioning of the past is naive and characteristic of someone ashamed of his past. CPA was a document and to believe that people’s grievances had been swept away by it is idiotic.

        The clergy people should convince both Kiir and Riek to let new leadership take over as they are both a liability to the progress of the nation. They are polarizing figures and you, Riek supporters, employ double standards, criticising Kiir heavily but do not want the same favour returned on your man, what a shameless hypocrites.

  18. Kamilo Mayn says:

    well, am one of Dr Riek supporters, but if Dr is still with his 1991 vision, am sorry, South Sudan looking for someone to lead development not destruction, sorry Dr.

    • Shamga says:

      This piece is about Dr. Risk Masochist Taunt Devil (Nuer call him Dr. Riek Machar Teny dhurgon, whatever it means).
      And by the way, nuer in old dinka language means shabby or sporadically dirty, hence, in dinka when one has a dirty face we say, “yengo cin nyin ben lon nuer-nuer ke leng).”, which literally stands for, “how come your face is so dirty like this?” Therefore, nuer in old dinka is simply dirty!
      Anyway, for how long can nuer Dr. Risk Masochist Taunt Devil pretends to be good?
      It generally depends how bad he is, be in the past or presently and how much of power he possesses presently. Dr. Masochist is a natural criminal, highly talented in committing crimes, he could get away with the murders he has committed for years. Natural criminals like him can even die with their dastardly deeds, they can go to the grave with them. But at the end of the day their crimes are accounted for. But it is always better when people like him are caught out quickly and publicly humiliated. Otherwise, they would integrate into the community, camouflaged in contemporary anonymity and start being active again, like he is now doing- he now acting like a real politician when he simply deserve death penalty. They can inconspicuously get to churches for Sunday prayers, and move about or wander stealthily in search of more preys. So, dress him in a suit to look like ten other men, but he is just a masochist.

      Dr. Masochist, like all his fellow predators evolved, knows how to stalk his victims by gaining their trust, pretentiously taking advantage of misdeeds by the right people. Sadist like him at grass root, do not wear their hearts on their sleeves. Instead, they hide behind a carefully constructed facade of normalcy.

      Because of his psychopathic nature, a killer like him do not know how to feel sympathy for others, or even make relationships after worst he has caused to others, for example, his recent pretentious apology to those whose loved ones he killed. Masochist does not deserve any chance, he can only sit on the fence, and learn to simulate normal behavior by observing others. All his current promises are just manipulative acts, designed to entice people into his killer trap.

  19. president eye says:

    Dr Riek did not smell CPA let alone seeing it.
    Dr Garang in Rumbek in 2005 said “I and people who joined me in bush have brought you CPA in golden plate,” now it’s chance when it comes to referendum, “if you want to be second class citizens in your own land it’s absolutely your choice.”
    What did Dr Garang mean by being a second citizen when you voted for what? Separation or Unity?
    “ONE Word is enough for wise man/men.”

    Dr Garang was a unique person. He said that, “you can stone two birds with one stone if you got brains.”
    He used new Sudan as a project to get help from unhappy Northern Sudanese according to what he told to Akot Atem Mayen and Gai Tut 27/81983 that Uncle if we go for South Sudan alone as you say then all the Northern Sudanese, Eastern Sudanese and Western Sudanese will unite and fight against us, so we would not win that war.
    Dr Garang was for separation as a smart man.
    “he said NO SHORTCUT to freedom”

    • diktor agarab says:

      Dr. Garang was nothing but a liar. Without Dr. Machar, there won’t have been SELF-DETERMINATION. You can try your revisionist history only on the naive who doesn’t know about the struggle but we who have been in the movement know that Dr. Garang was nothing but a sellout. In the end it was the vision of Dr. Machar of South Sudan that succeeded not Dr. Garang’s much vaunted NEW SUDAN that was going nowhere.

  20. simon peter says:

    You sound like Dinka idiot who always defends one side, why you didn’t mention the Nuer those murdered by Torit side. how many Nuer have been kills by Panga???, Where are those 75 corruptists? Do you know that your uncle got chance because of Garang’s death, he has no moral ability to be president.
    You guys always talks about Bor Massacre, Bor Massacre. How many peoples died of Dinka leadership? It was a vision for visionary man who was signed in Khartoum and Kenya. there no way out, we are south sudan, you can not abuse power and later blame others for it. How many peoples who died because they don’t have any thing to eat? No justice , no education, no school, no road, no hospital, while 21 billion was received from Khartoum. what changes do you think your uncle criminal of criminals will bring?

  21. jay johnson says:

    If we really care about human rights regardless of which tribe we come from, then we have an obligation and duty not to reward human rights violators by allowing them to ascend the most powerful and highest office in the land. In fact we will be disrespecting thousands of innocent lives that were lost because of Dr. Riek decisions after breaking away from the splm/a in 1991. And if we care about the affairs of the our country, then it will be a great mistake to vote for Dr. Riek because he has no vision to take the country forward.

    Accusing me of tribalism is unfounded and cannot be taken seriously. I based my argument on what Dr. Riek did as the leader of the SPLM/A Nasir faction. And it is my belief that if given a chance to become a president, it is likely that he will repeat the same atrocities he committed back in 1991. So my fear and criticism is not unfounded but it is well supported by the evidences i lay out in my article.

    Guess what, my article was not published by South Sudan news agency and south sudan net simply because i criticize Dr. Riek. is that not a double standard from these Nuer control websites. If they can freely criticize salva because they do not see him as a good leader, why then can i have the same right and freedom to publish an article critical of Dr. Riek?

    The threat of war is counter productive and an intimidation by Dr. Riek supporters. We will not benefit from violence as mean of settling our differences. It is easy to start a war but difficult to have peace afterward. So we need to be careful about we say in our defense of Riek and Kiir. I will not condone violence even the candidate i support be it Kiir, Wani, Pagan or joseph Bakosoro lost the election fairly or unfairly. We have the right as citizen to express our views freely.

    in the final analysis, every one have right to support any candidate of his or her choice comes 2015. But that decision should be an inform one which is why i wrote my article. I beleive Salva Kiir is the best alternative to continue with the nation. building The stakes are high for us to hand over our nation to an amatueric, naive and incompentence politician like Dr. Riek

    We do not need to take desperate measures. there is light at the end of the tunnel. let us be patience. London was not built overnight.Our needs are numerous and overwhelming to be satisfy and fulfil within 7 years. Let us be realistic and let us try to manage our high expectations about what the SPLM led government can do given limited resources we have.

    thank all

    • Nyong Kir says:

      Jay Johnson,

      You appear to just rumble on without any sense of mental direction. How can Salva Kirr be an alternative to himself you political idiot. How can one and the same human being be an alternative to himself? You seem to think in your underdeveloped culture and then write in your equally unstructured and unrefined raw English. How on earth can you possibly compare the intellectual abilities of Dr. Riek with those of your cattle herder called Salva Kiir. You seem to think that putting on military fatigues turn your hitherto nomadic uncles into statesmen overnight. I have never seen a dumbhead like you. Surely development takes time, but, it needs thinkers and positive players not a bunch of tribal criminal gangs supported by tribal lunatics like you.

  22. jay johnson says:

    And if the Equatorians, the fertit, the Dinka, the Nuer and the Luo groups people care but human rights. if there is genuine non politically motivated strong belief in human rights principles. If El hag paul means what he says about human rights violation by splm led government, then we should not vote for Dr. Riek come 2015.

    We can send a strong message to human rights violators that there is no second chance in our political discourse. We will have to tell the prospectives human rights violators that it is unacceptable to authorize the mass killing of innocent civilians. this is going to be a litmus test for our commitment to human rights values. It will mean that we mean what we say through our collective actions at the voting boost.

  23. On my side as my name appears on comment is not that i don’t want nuer to rule! If they bring rite person at rite time i can vote but if they will not, south Sudan will be the same from 1983-2005 and believe me. If Riek is a good leader why he signed kpa and failed to implement it if he was strong?
    Which protocol did Riek sign in CPA?
    Riek is now the one supporting yau yau because he is not happy with govt of visionary Kiir. Bring another Nuer. I will vote for him but not Riek Machar. Maybe u bring Riek Gai to win election. If u need name call Riek to win.

  24. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Jay Johnson,

    If we are all about human rights abuses, both Salva Kiir, Pagan Amum, Kuol Manyang, Salva Mathok, and Dr. Machar have committed human rights violations alike.

    Do you know how many lives have been lost in Juba in the hands of Salva Kiir and Salva Mathok? Isaiah Abraham is one prime example. What do you call this? Isn’t this human rights violation? How many innocent writers have your Uncle Kiir imprisoned (Dr. James Okuk is one good example who was arrested for no apparent reason whatsoever).

    If we are to round them up to ICC, I am sure it won’t be Dr. Machar alone. Your King, Salva Kiir would be explaining himself in The Hague as well.

    In my humble opinion, if Dr. Machar is not enough, we will have to bring in new faces and let Dr. Machar and Kiir go back to their luaks.

  25. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Guys Contributors: Nuer and Dinka

    I heard enough of your voices! Your voices are alarming! They cause INTERNECINE in people in the South in general! Distance your discussions from touching old scars on bodies! What happened in 1991, among two leaders John Garang and Riak Machar, it was because of power abuse in the movement system. That was done in Kenya during reconciliation effort! Stop dwelling on things done in the past in the movement in time of army struggle! Both John Garang and Riak Machar, they did not have a clear vision! This is despite of being Ph.Ds holders.

    He John Garang, architect of all Sudan, he was a big liar! Sudan is still in fighting until today! There has been nothing ever done for his Sudan unity! South is now in SELF DETERMINATION, but yet still facing huge troubles both at home and north in Sudan government.

    For Riak Machar, he is sometime doing all right since he has regained some LITTLE POLITICAL SKILLS! BUT HE IS STILL VERY FAR FROM POLITICKING POLITICS WHICH IS WHO IS WHO!!!! My brothers,let us show respect to our leaders. Their time will come to end one day! Young generation will come in peacefully! The government is for whole people in the South in general! Let us leave together without tribalism and caste system of government! We are all one people in the land in the government!

    For President Salva Kirr, let us all rally behind his leadership for good cause,and common good! Although he is very weak in his governments both GOSS and SSR ,but not bad! Let him finish his time peacefully on ballot democratically without causing blood in ourselves for nothing! Time for war with our common enemies, still not yet over at this point!

    • Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

      Spoken like a wise man, Chief Abiko. Two tribes cannot hold the remaining many and varied South Sudanese tribes hostages by dwelling on the past and seeking to drag the country into the abyss of violent carnage. South Sudanese martyrs of the liberation struggles would be turning in their graves, if they know that their death would be cheaply used in presidential power struggle in such an immoral way.
      The curse is on the one who opens up the past wounds in such a divisive and treacherous manner that cannot be explained in any other way than a quest to seek personal gain at the expense of collective stability and peace in this country, particularly in a time when many are tirelessly working to promote reconciliation. I salute you Chief.

  26. kuoldeng2013 says:

    I don’t think that supporting our leaders of who they are will take us any where at all. let us support a leader who is capable to rule this young nation no matter where he/she comes from. I do disagree with some folk who are so abusive to our leaders.

  27. John Hayang says:

    Yes Mr. Wek Wek

    I read your letter regarding the position of South Sudan under Kiir and fears you have should Riek takeover. You stressed so much on your fears of Riek and blamed him grossly on the 1991 manslaughter which I think is unfair. Riek’s actions were to make him survive Garang’s heinous and cruel way of killing intellectuals within the SPLA whom he believed posed opposition to his tribalistic way of leaderships. Garang had organised several meeting in the kind he invited those of Riek and Lam Akol to Torit actually in a trick to arrest and kill them like he did with those of Dr. Benjamin Bol, Akuot Atem, Martin majer, Samuel Gai tut and many others.

    Wek, you also did not mention the Nuer killed during the time that initiated Riek to take a revenge against the Bor Dinka who massacred many Nuer officers including those twenty eight officers killed at the junction to Isoke in 1992; John jok killed by Nicknorq Magar Aciek at Morobo in cold blood.

    Wek, I want to remind you that there is now no government in South Sudan as long as Your Kiir remain the king. Kiir is not fit to be a president not even as a tribal chief the picture he seems to pose. It is only in Kiir government in the entire period that theft can be reported in the president’s office, a sign the his office has poor security and therefore suggesting his unfitness to provide security to the nation. You can prove this by the way insecurity is in juba, just where his seat is. Please let’s have shame when we want to defend.

  28. Taban says:

    There is now one close to power than the two (Riek and Kirr), we can go round and round, the fact remains that we have to make a painful choice based on the past or present. the past being Riek’s regrettable split from SPLA and present is kirr’s leadership that’s widely seen to be wanting.

  29. Teargas Gatluak says:

    @ president eye: You make me wanna laugh when you say dinka population is 4.7 million, that means more than half the population of the country. You must be outa your little mind full of tribalism. And you must also be informed, if you don’t know, that Dr. John was wrong in his statement that says, ‘I and those who joined me in the bush …..’ because there were people who were already in the bush and those of John Garang joined them. I like John Garang in fact. He was a great leader even though he was wrong in some things. I owe him a lot of respect. But you guys must stop saying nonsense here.

    • Gatluak,
      they counted both cattle and humans. The difference between Dinka and Cattle is the similarity. Both are can be called Maboir, Manyok, Aluel, Amer, Makur, Mayen, Majok, Ayen………

  30. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    Many thanks Mr. Jay; for the article which is a clear manifestation of your own opinion, methinks right that the substance is categorically plain to mitigate any candidate who is not from Dinka Nation to a lower level possible. Such truth of fact is epitomized by Hon. Iga and Amum candidacy disqualified by no one rather than you; preparing your tribesman for any post leave alone presidency. This is seen by all though not necessarily you, we can do anything without you.
    It is agonizing to have seen you calling us to embark on bad politics where it is possible to brood over our past loses of lives.
    It is clear that you opt for chaos which is not acceptable all citizens so to say. And to be sincere we are able to read the situation in which we are whether you confuse it with irrational excuses yet we tell you what you are talking about is tantamount to say no to non-dinka, which is dangerous and expensive.
    Your article is one-sided, nonsensical and absurd, contradictory in regard to your denial of the fact that Machar is the only one who fought for self-determination-Independence of this Republic and its corollaries notably democracy, rule of law, accountability, all of which embody justice for all citizens.
    To make it undoubtable to Jay that you will find no one earth from South Sudan, who fought for the country Independence and signed any peace embodying self-determination for the people of South Sudan apart from Dr Riek Machar Teny who alone deserves the name founding father of the Republic since he smartly made it possible for South Sudanese to choose freely between unity; Garang goal became less attractive, hence left to Arman and Agar in the North and secession; Machar goal became our optimal choice ever since in translation of 98.84% as referendum on self-determination results showed.
    Dear Jay, it was 2002 that Nairobi Declaration was signed between the two great Drs. Machar for secession of South Sudan from Sudan and Garang for unity of Sudan that emerged the CPA language that it is up to South Sudanese to opt for unity if unity is attractive and the reverse is true.
    We are aware of anything we do in the country, for this reason I call upon any thinking human person among you prove me wrong scientifically rather than superficially.

  31. Chief Abiko! says:

    TO: Gatkouth Lok

    Come on man! Do not give credit to Riak while he doesn’t deserve it! Self-Determination was spoken before he Riak Machar was born. There were old veteran politicians in Sudan Africa National Union (SANU) and SOUTH FRONT(SF).They were pioneers for self determination in the South.

    Before, when Riak Machar broke away from SPLM-SPLA mainstream, he formed his own movement South Sudan Independence Movement(SSIM) He signed the peace with Islamic National Front(NIF) before they split the party into two National Congress Party led by President Omer El Beshir and Popular Congress Party(PCP) led by Dr. Hassan Abdullah El Turabi. He was given to rule South Sudan for 4-years then later declared for South Sudan Independence. That promise word in Khartoum in agreement, was DEAD without any fruit came from peace agreement in Khartoum.

    The South Sudan regained SELF-RULE through Dr. John Garang De Mabior with a help of TROIKA– United States, Norway and United Kingdom( BRITAIN). I do not hate Riak Machar. I do not have any problem with him in my life! But I am judging from the TRUTH alone! THE TRUTH KILLS ANGER! Dr. John Garang De Mabior, deserve a credit!

  32. MALOU JOK DENG says:


  33. julia says:

    wek wek.
    Bro, u deceive the credit of the visionary. Kiir mayardit like John Garang is a curse rather than a blessing in ever being the spectators of Dinka massacre by Riek political ambitions, Riek thought the innocent lives are the main obstacles to his bid of leadership, which don’t bear concrete evidence. Kiir is paying deaf ear to Riek’s new development but he would one day taste the bitterness of Riek’s new plan insurgency against Government of s.sudan.
    Mr.Jay Johnson, thumbs up, guy. Riek isn’t the alternative.

  34. Sad, Dinka mentions Bor Incident 100 times while never touching Marxist Lennist Garang Survivors (Gaajak).
    The author of this post is too tribalistic and lacking clear information about Country affairs.
    It’s that attitude that will take South Sudan in the right way? Dr Right Machar will dethrone this cowboy soon, if he doesn’t change from Gogrialism to S. Sudanism

    Mr.Jay Johnson
    how long would it take for you guy to stop that accussation/dirty shit against our Future Leader?

  35. Kuot says:

    @Gatcharwearbol his supporters,
    For those who keep comparing the massacre of Dinka Bor civilians and the so-called Gajaak massacre. No comparison at all. For your information, majority of Gajaak youth were the militias (Anyanya Two) of Gai Tut, Abdalla Chuol Deng, and William Kong Chol. This militia groups have inflicted severe suffering to the SPLA recruits on their way to Bilfam. And they repeated the same hostilities against the SPLA soldiers when the SPLA attacked Jokow. There was no intentional authorization from Dr. Garang or the SPLM/A to attack Nuer Gajaak. SPLA as a movement was always acting in self-defense. Nuer Gajaak as a community made a blunder to allow their villages and sons to be used by militia leaders who had no objective of liberating S. Sudan. The SPLA soldiers were only targeting militias who made their camps among the Gajaak’s villages. The civilians were likely to be hit by fire from either the SPLA and Anyanya 2 militias side. Nuer Gajaak themselves were accountable for the atrocities.

    Most of these operations that are being termed as massacres were commanded by some sons from the Nuer. William Nyuon Bany was an overall commander of the SPLA forces. Those of John Koang Nyuon, and late Peter Panom Banypiny were active participants in those wars. John koang Himself was wounded when he led Raad Battalion against the Gajaak militias or Anyanya 2. No sounded minded son of Nuer will order his soldiers to massacre the civilians of his own community. It is also important to know that Gajaak militias under Gai Tut were acquiring arms from Arab forces deployed in Malakal, Nasir, Ulang & Jokow and used them to fight the SPLA. these actions were opposite to their claim that they wanted to fight for the separation of S. Sudan. After acquiring arms from the Arabs, Gajaak militias attacked and killed one of the SPLA high ranking officers called Francis Ngor Maciec with his bodyguards after he directed his battalion to attacked Jokow that was occupied by Arabs soldiers. Keep comparing these two atrocities but remember, Gajaak will never win these case in the court of law no matter what. It is also important to know that Dinka Bor will win the case against Dr. Riek Machar if they take him to court of law.

    • Kuot:

      Although I disagreed with you some times in the past and considered you as one of my SSN political foes, I applauded you for this comment. This is a great explanation, however our Nuer Cousins don’t have a clue of what happened in Gajaak. They attempt to compare the Massacre of Bor to the SPLA and Nyagts/Militias war in Gajaak and this is not true. I’m glad that you have mentioned the killing of the SPLA Commander Francis Ngor in Gajaak. I believe that Francis Ngor is one of the Bhar El Ghazal, Warrap State SPLA Commanders in the early 1980’s. Are you still denying the participation and contribution of the people of Bhar El Ghazal in the SPLA Liberation Movement between 1983 and 1998 as you stated in your previous article? If you still in denial, then How did Commander Francis Ngor who is from Warrap State got Killed in Gajaak?

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Kout and Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

        Why do you two like to distort history? Gaajaak Massacre did not happen the way you distorted it. It was SPLA soldiers who were robbing them of their cows and corns. Those who refused their cattle to be taken were killed and tortured. Some were forced to carry guns and ammunitions against their will. That greed of 1983 is now continuing hitherto that we have a nation we call our own. It is the same greed of taking Gaajaak cattle by force that is now tearing Juba apart.

        I understand per your argument that you want Gaajaak to sit helplessly and watch their cows be taken by force. You can believe what you want to believe but Gaajaak did not hesitate to defend themselves against the Marxism Lenient forces of Dr. John Garang. It was self defend that led to their massacred and you are distorting that history to your advantage.

        Stop distorting real issue that happen under your leadership. A true leader is one who accepts his mistakes and correct them rather than denying them. Why are you indulging in denying the facts that are known to vast majority? There are sons and daughters of Gaajaak who have fought wholeheartedly during our hard times in bushes of South Sudan. Why didn’t they just continue their brute manner of killing your SPLA soldiers that you are claiming to be the cause of their killing?

        I wish we would all just condemn anyone who has wronged someone equally rather than on tribal line. Dr. John Garang has undeniably massacred Gaajaak and you are egregiously denying it. How would you feel if we deny the killing of Bor outright?

        You have been blaming the issue of Dinka Bor slaughtering on Dr. Machar. It is for you to understand that Dr. Machar did not order any soldier to go kill Dinka Bor. It was Luo Nuer and Dinka Bor clashing as usual. Because your Dinka Bor was overpowered by Luo Nuer, you went crazy and start blaming it on Dr. Machar. This is normal civilian’s problem and stop making a mountain out of molehill. You have mentioned Dinka Bor’s massacred gazillion times and we have all understood it and it is getting boring.

  36. Kuot says:

    In addition, sons from Dinka Bor became the second majority after the sons from Bhar el Ghazal throughout the civil war. Currently, Bhar el Ghazal is 4 states and Dinka Bor is 3 counties. Look, the level of contribution from Dinka Bor is competing with the contribution of greater Bhar el ghazal. The contribution of Dr. John Garang was terrific and superb. The way he armed the SPLM/A. the diplomatic relationship he brought between the SPLM/A and the outside world. The way he framed the CPA and the referendum that led to independent. Even a displaced old aged, children, and women from Dinka Bor could contribute his portion of food to the SPLA soldier something that was never done by other displaced or refugees from other part of Sudan. These are the types of bravery, patriotism, nationalism you can not ignore unless you are not a true nationalist. The most serious battles that threaten Khartuom regime were fought in Equatoria and Jonglei State. It is because the both SPLM/A and SAF wanted to control the borders of Sudan on the side toward Eastern Africa. Civil war intensified in Bhar el Ghazal only from 1999-2001.

    • laaralike says:

      Dinka Bor is the clan in jonglei state and there are several dinka in jonglei also there are some from bor in bhar el ghazal
      just talk something different, leave dinka alone, brother
      agut magic

  37. Kuot says:

    i would like my readers from other parts of South Sudan not to take me wrong on my elaboration to Gatkuoth Garang from Bhar el Ghazal. My explanation was only meant to compare between Dinka from Bar el Ghazal and Dinka from Bor. I fully recognized the contributions from other tribes of South Sudan during the time of the past civil war.

  38. Arang says:

    Dr Riek is not a kind of guy to lead this country even if he has divine understanding to make things happen in south Sudan. we need to give riek 20 good years to know and learn because this guy has been a rebel since and throughout the movement. how should we trust him leadership of our nation?

  39. andrew poth says:

    I’ve personally dismissed criticism from Mr smart who is criticising a socialist who has done so much n fought tirelessly for self determination of south sudan. let me tell you mr anti-nuer we are pretty much aware of what Dinka got for nuer people is to kill mr machar so that they will run the country and change the name of movement (Dinka party movement). let me tell you all anti nuer, your good to survive is machar otherwise we would get rid of Dinka. if it happened that you guys assassinate him that will be the end of south sudan. there will be peace again in our young nation because i have learnt that mr machar is a peace lover n treats dinka like his children.

  40. Andrew Poth:

    Please be informed that Dinka have no plan or intention to assassinate Riek Machar otherwise they would have killed him when he returned to Jieng/SPLA from Khartoum in 2000. It was Jieng who appointed him Vice President and made him fat like a pig. He will either die of heart attack or commit suicide in the near future.

  41. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

    Please refrain from lies fabrication. Dr. Riek was never appointed by Dinka. Both Dr. Garang and Dr. Machar were joining forces as a result of pressure from the international community. Thus, the two gentlemen had to decide who is going to lead and who is going to be the second most powerful man.

    If you do not know, Dr. Machar and Dr. Garang are both from Upper Nile region. During their meeting in Nairobi, the duo agreed that Dr. Garang will still be the leader of the movement and Dr. Machar to be the vice. This idea did not go well with Salva. Kiir disagreed with them and accused them of unfairness that they should not hold both powerful positions when they both come from Upper Nile region. What about the others regions? said Kiir.

    At that juncture, and after careful consideration, Dr. Riek understood that Kiir had a point there and with reasonable cause, he told Dr. Garang to let Salva Kiir be the second man and he will be the third since they are both from Upper Nile region. If someone from Equatorian region would have made a fuss on the same line, Dr. Machar would have also given his position to the Equatoria Region for sake of fairness.

    Please do not reduce yourself to manufacturing lies. You are very level-headed gentleman and I admire your position even though I sometimes disagree with you. Dividing ourselves on tribal lines will not do any good to our nation. But working hand in hand will indeed lead us to build a strong nation on planet earth.

    Stay blessed Cousin.

  42. Eastern says:

    Dear GatCharwearbol,
    the Honourable Dr. has spoken his mind; he has shown his leadership ability by engaging the enemy in the most diplomatic way (seen recently when he visited Khartoum to negotiate with the Sudan) and many other encounters with other world leaders. The current president of South Sudan is surrounded by a bunch of reactionary sycophants who are drinking from the pot of authoritarianism, tribalism, corruption, arrogance and deceit.

    They pinch the innocent South Sudanese in one corner and run to announce it in yet another corner that it was the jallaba (Sudan)! The lie which was the norm of communication during the war has been left with our former gallant commanders. Kiir made a grand lie to Obama recently. He did not have to lie but to tell the truth regardless of its outcome; after all he is a head of an independent state.

    Dr. Macher is my favorable and capable candidate for the president of South Sudan. I may be called names; but that’s what I have decided. I am confident that my like-minded share the same thoughts and feelings. We need leaders who are able to engage their adversaries rather than those who are poised to lead the country into a senseless war. Sudan is not a permanent enemy of South Sudan just as USA may not remain a permanent friend to the country. Our leaders need to approach issues with caution.

    In South Sudan today, those who have better formal education are being sidelined to the detriment of the country; the country continues to be seen as one being led by morons and savages. Once you enter South Sudan through its numerous ports you can attest to this fact: Juba airport is manned by arrogant immigration officials who mishandle other South Sudanese without ‘the typical features of a South Sudanese’. In Nimule, Kaya, Nadapal and other ports, the officers will ask you to read your name so that they can write it using its pronunciation! They will almost always write your name wrongly.

    The custom officials are no better; they will always write some details of the goods being imported such the chassis and engine numbers of motor vehicles wrong. They will not give you the required forms to fill.

    We want Dr. Riek to become the president so that the value having gone to school to attain some formal education is appreciated. The current government considers the AK47 as the only yardstick to self actualization and hence the only road to lead this country.

    Thank you GatCharwearbol, I always enjoy reading your articles to the last word!

  43. MR.MAL says:


  44. Constant'DC says:


    Please stay informed brother, Riek is nothing but a portrait of a lucifer himself. You wrote he was sent to negotiate recently with Khartoum. Yes, he was, but do you know what he came with? …. A big letter labelled 7 August 2013 is the official closing day of the oil flow. Can you call that a success? You have guys talking of his self determination success. Was self determination from South Sudanese or from Sudan? Why must he kill his fellow citizens in order to be a separatist?

    Riek is nothing but a lucifer, he played this game now twice. The game of backstabbing. Where in right senses of a man to challenge a system that he is in charge of, it’s just like what lucifer did to almighty father which led to his being thrown into the abyss and locked inside for thousands of years, and apparently this is likely going to happen to Riek. Riek and his wife are not clean from innocent bloods and souls. Riek cannot lead this nation because he is a failure and nothing about him or of him has any success. People should stop day dreaming of him as upcoming president, but we should concentrate on choosing a rightful candidate for the seat.

  45. Nyang Touch says:

    Thanks Mr. Jay Johnson for your clear article in the light of illustrating the current power struggle within the SPLM-leadership, am upset indeed for this scenario.
    first of all, it disclosed to many observers on the ground here that SPLM fought for self gain ambition which demonstrated strongly to many this year 2013 in which truth disappeared completely between leaders of this great moment………..again there is a call here and there by South Sudan friends across the globe for speeding-up the sense of services delivery to the desperate South Sudanese in the remote areas. Abuse of power is Shaking the pillars of the foundation of governance system in this land…………..”.
    Educated people are human capital “in many bottom country like South Sudan were majority of normal citizen accept the first class politicians are facing hunger, lack of health services, access to quality Education and mush more……..
    Above all hungry thirty politicians are waging war rather than giving peace a chance……………Many thanks for thy article……….

  46. Kalso tourdit says:

    My idea goes to leaders of S Sudan– do not make more corruption, let us rule our nation together, it is ours.

  47. Aluel says:

    Very insightful article!
    I’d just like to add how indeed history repeats itself (referring to Aug 1991 and Dec 2013). Given your analysis above, I’m curious to hear your thoughts or reactions, if any, to the events that have recently transpired in the ROSS. Are you still critical of H.E. Salva Kiir’s strategies against corruption and what do you make of the actions of Dr. Riek Machar and his allies with this coup attempt. Could the GoS be involved and what implications does it have for fiture stability in the new nation. Even though this wasn’t initially a tribal issue there are people perpetuating the notion of a dinka vs. Nuer issue and the discission has been opened. What are your thoughts on tribalism and how do you propose we as South Sudanese can develop a collective identity, and refute tribalistic tendencies? Perhaps you have already addressed these things, but if not it would be great to hear from you.

    If anyone else would like to contribute to this discussion, please do not hesitate to do so. I’m passionate about the edification of our beloved nation and I’m curious to learn from you all.

    Thanks for your time.
    Eagerly awaiting dialogue between the President and the ex-VP

  48. khor johnson says:

    i am not half minded sure about what is going on in my motherland, if it’s devolepment or the beginning

  49. joseph deng says:

    my sincerely greetings to you ,fellow brothers and sisters of south Sudanese .however my general advise to you is that ,we need to be visionary towards our resources but if you wanted to be like the current president Kiri then south Sudan will not develop due stupid idea of president Kiri .what we need is to stand with the idea of Dr Rieak

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