Why Deng Alor must not be allowed to be appointed as a Minister in TGONU

From: Peter Makuach , South Sudan, JAN/29/2016, SSN;

The Former Detainees (FDs) have nominated Deng Alor, John Luk Jok and Cirino Hiteng as Ministers in the proposed TGONU as per the (ARCISS).

If one is nominated for any constitutional post in the Republic of South Sudan as per the constitution and for that matter ARCISS, there is a criteria that must be fulfilled in order to qualify for that position. Below are some of the traits that are expected:
1. One must be of Good Moral Character;
2. Have not been dismissed due to incompetence;
3. Have never been convicted of any offence involving Fraud and Dishonesty.

Deng Alor obviously fails the qualification test miserably if the above mentioned criterion is strictly enforced. Deng was dismissed from his position as the Minister of Cabinet Affairs due to fraud and dishonesty. He was complicit in the corrupt purchase of Fire Extinguishing equipment that cost the nation more than 9 million dollars.

If it wasn’t for the intervention of the Kenyan government who froze the account which only had part of the money; this monies would have been lost forever. The stolen money was eventually fully repaid back to the government by Deng and his cronies.

Deng awarded hefty contracts to his Ethiopian wife and her cronies without following any government procurement processes, and these companies didn’t have the capabilities to be awarded the contracts had they followed the right procurement procedures.

Deng built one of the most expensive apartment estates in South Sudan close to Jebel Kujur and he is rumored to have numerous houses in California, Ethiopia and Kenya; this begs the million dollar question: where did he get the money from???

Those of JMEC, IGADD, Troika et al are fully aware of these transgressions committed by Deng Alor yet they have decided to turn a blind eye, this clearly demonstrates their hypocrisy and further shows to the people of South Sudan that the international community has a hidden agenda for South Sudan that is definitely not for the interest of the masses.

I would like to call on the ministerial vetting committee in the National Legislative Assembly to do the needful and prevent this corrupt individual from getting any constitutional post in the TGONU.

To the FDs, please nominate someone else in his place.

Peter Makuac
Concerned South Sudanese living in Juba


  1. Beek says:

    I am sorry mentioned that the Defections of Abyei sons to SPLM.N is not going to change anything about problem of Abyei,it is Abyei leaders themselves who have destroyed their case ,they were between John Garang and Khartoum,while John Garang was playing those who are now in the government. It is very stupid and i think they should defected to Khartoum instead that,but it is still not easy. They should think very wisely.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Peter Makuac-

      You are not fair by trying to crucify Mr Deng Alor while knowingly aware that there are notorious people who are royally still been kept as Ministers when they were listed among the top 75 Corrupt officials of this country.

      Eg David Deng Athorbei who is nicked name as Mr 10% (per the bribe he is taking from people) has been re-appointed as Minster of Finance when the whole nation and neighboring countries know that he is much richer than President Salva Kirr because of the money he is embezeling.


  2. Beek says:

    John Garang’s minorities and now those groups who were suffered and neglected by John Garang and you have now unite to destroyed you or ignored Abyei because they were treated so badly.Abyei sons were the one who know route for Misseriya to attack innocent people in twic,but people of Abyei have to join South Sudan and we have to give them another chance in our society.

  3. Gatdarwich says:

    All the Jenges in killer NyanKiir’s kleptocratic regime are thieves–not only honorable Deng Alor is thief. So, if the criteria mentioned in this article disqualifies one to hold ministerial posts, then all Jenges in killer NyanKiir’s genocidal regime, must all be legally barred from holding such posts period

  4. Chol Deng Anyieth says:

    Mr. Peter Makuach,
    I think you based your point on mere allegations. If Deng Alor was prosecuted for the alleged malpractice and found guilty by a competent court, then your objection would be in place. Thus, Mr. Alor is presumed innocent until the contrary is proved. Mere allegations cannot bar him from taking the position.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Chol Deng Anyieth,
      In the case of thievery, Deng Alor along with then finance minister, Kosti Manibe, both accepted their role in the fake contract to deliver bogus fire extinguishers. The millions of dollars were paid to the contractor and the fake goods were allegedly delivered.
      In short, pres. kiir fired the finance minister and Deng Alor reportedly returned his part of the stolen money.
      The fact that both Kosti and Alor and even pres. kiir were not taken to court is of course obvious. Kiir for sure will never prosecute any of the million thieves of the SPLM because of course he is one of them, they call themselves comrades.

      • Chol Deng Anyieth says:

        Dear info@southsudannation,
        Do you know that an accused is innocent until proven guilty. The two ministers(Deng Alor and Kosti) were accused of theft but not proved guilty. Thus a right thinker like presumes that they are innocent.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Chol Deng Anyieth,
          Having been accused of theft, the only way to prove them guilty or not was pass the case to the court of law.
          Then the courts would have tried these suspects.
          Of course, we are all aware of the criminal conspiracy of pres. Kiir who also tactically shields all his SPLM/A thieves from the legal system, e.g. minister Arthur Akwein, Athorbei, Kosti, Deng Alor, and so on….
          Case closed, a la kiir.

          • Chol Deng,
            In South Sudan, it is very difficult to proof that a person is a thief and guilty. The judiciary system we have does not allow rendering of justice possible because guns still rules. But you can see corruption lives in Juba and in all part of south Sudan. For example people like Paul Malong, Makwei Luith, Athorbei, lady Awut Deng, and others in the government should have been fired. These guys are not only thieves but corrupts official, war mongers, and in competent to serve our fledgling nation. But since they are close to the president, they are still there and probably, they will be in the government as long as Salva Kiir survive. Good people who wants to straighten the government has been shown exit door. Deng Alor, may be corrupt but his presence in the government helps us keep Abyei. Abyei boys such as Luka Biong , Deng Alor and others have been mishandled. If Abyei people can defect, it is because the government in Juba treated their situation badly and their boys castrated. What you should know is that the government in Juba does not always handle any situation correctly. Deng Alor is your victim of choice not because I don’t think he is more corrupt than the others.

  5. Chan says:

    Hello mr Peter.
    You fail too by starting on the last person. You should have started with his boss Kiir who took $100000 USA dollars in 2005 and give it to Kenya for no reason,while his Dinka tribe still walking nicked and begging in every city,towns and villages in Sudan ,and then he bought 1000 farm tractors from his pocket.Where he got that money from? How much he makes per month to get that money so he can buy 1000 tractors at one time? Also,Author Akuen who bought 100 SUV cars for $60 millions USA dollars.just do the math then you will know where you should have started. If they put him in that position,that is okay because there is nothing you can change about corruption unless we change the nut on the bolt first.

  6. Isaac Deng says:

    Peter Makuac, I have seen Deng Alor’s big mansion built by Chinese workers at Jebel Kujur. Deng Alor 10 years salary cannot build him a big mansion like that and another luxury hotel he owned in Juba. You right Deng Alor looted millions from the government through dubious contracts he awarded to his Ethiopian wife.
    Deng Alor is disgraceful and immoral corrupt person way back when Dr. John Garang was alive. He has to face corruption charges and should not be given another chance to steal millions from the government of South Sudan. President Kiir needs not to let Deng Alor off hook because of the corruption charges that involves the fake purchase of anti-fire cabins that were never delivered.
    This makes the decision by the FDs to nominate Deng Alor an insult to supporters of FDs who are calling for reforms.

  7. Eastern says:

    Dear Peter Makuac,

    This is called responsible citizenship. People who offer themselves for public leaderships should not have skulls tucked away in their closets.

    Thank you

  8. Nikalongo says:

    Why use Alor as a barometer for honesty? The whole pack from the president in Juba to Rebel Leader Riek are all thieves. There is no space for honesty in that country. Herders are rustlers and rustlers are thieves. That is what the leadership of the SPLM/As is all about.

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Brother Peter,
      I truly agreed with u some body like Deng Alor does not have qualification to hold the foreign affair ministry.He is a really thief and opportunist known by all the p,ple of S.Sudan.A case example of 8 millions USD he stole from the ministry of Cabinet Affair disqualified him to hold any public domain office.Secondly,the death and displacement of thousands of our South Sudanese p,ple must be blame on Stupid G 10,the beat a drum of war and after seeing the fire the make themselves neutral not being part of I O and SPLM in G.Today they claim top position it is not acceptable both the SPLM must united and reject this stupid P,ple.Thirdly,Deng Alor is Speechless he can not convince any white man i don know why do p,ple purpose him to such position.He should have joint Pagan Amuom who has already feel guilty for crime he has committed.

  9. Eastern says:

    Let those who castigate Peter Makuac for only picking on Ahmed Deng Alor but not the other members of the kleptocrats use the resources, time and opportunities available at their disposal to do the needful. It’s not patriotic in any way to stifle the efforts of the messenger.

    If you know what Kiir, Mamur, Kuol Manyang, etc have stashed away, use the opportunity and resources at your disposal to inform people on this forum. Peter Makuac has done a great job.


  10. Peter Makuach says:

    The bottom line here is Deng was caught with his pants down “lol” and he has to face the music for his past transgression. Are there other corrupt individuals definitely yes, but that doesn’t absolve Deng from his past crime, besides, the FDs have been preaching the holier than though sermons about reforms, accountability, transparency, corruption etc when they have actually lost the moral authority to do that. They need to start practicing what they preach. The people of South Sudan are very smart and they have figured out that these FDs are a bunch of delusional and disgruntled hypocrites who have sold the country to the International community just to satisfy their insatiable egos.

  11. Peacemaker says:

    Mr. Makuach, You can really speak your mind freely, that is what is needed if we wanted change for the better.

  12. Peacemaker says:

    Sorry, I meant to concur with Nyikalongo views and not Makuach’s.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Chan,
    Thank u so much for hiting the core of the truth!!!

  14. Lako Lukudu says:

    All the 75 officials that were sent letters by the government to return the millions of dollars that were stolen should not be allowed to hold any public offices. Deng Alor is one of many thieves who have turned the country into a family business of wealth sharing more than what the Khartoum government have done since 1983. Truth be told!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Lako Lukudu,
      Just one question: But who are those 75 officials you want not to hold any office in that mysterious and unknown list of 75?

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Editor,

        Some people want to lump the issue of the allege 75 corrupt government officials and the financial impropriety involving Ahmed Deng Alor of ministry of cabinet affairs and Kosti Manibe of finance ministry in respect of bogus fire extinguishers. In this case the two ministers owned to their misdeed.

        How much do people on this forum know about the 75 corrupt individuals; how much each has squandered, who are they, etc .

        To discuss the 75 people now is just being diversionary and missing the point. Here Peter Makuac is talking about Ahmed Deng Alor, the man from Abyei and not the fictitious 75 alleged corrupt people probably known only to Kiir and his inner circles.

        Great job, Peter!

    • Lavina Lual says:


      Just a correction the money was in billion USD not million (4.5 billions of USD). Among the 75 was an innocent woman Ms Awut Deng been genderise to tarnish us women. She was accussed of 3 million USD.


  15. The entire government is corrupt not Alor only

  16. taban lowani says:

    Makuach, I think yor have personal grievances or hatred toward Deng Alor. I’m not defending Alor, but if you want to talk about corruption. First,You have to talk about the four billions dollars that gone missing another word have been embezzled by this government when the current finance , David Deng acherbe, was the country finance minister and again Mr president brought him back to corrupt more. Did David acherbe had a moral character or did your president kiir had moral character. Kiir hvae own many big houses in Australia, Uganda,Kenya and Juba. In addition to thousands of cows and many companies. Where did Mr president kiir got this amount money. It’s good to investigate who get what in four billions US dollars. In addition to the taxes that had been collected from 2005 until 2011, than expose all those corrupt individuals, not only one person.

  17. Beek says:

    (MONEY). It was a shock when a daughter of the president became like that. Wow a daughter of the president.

  18. Deng Deng says:

    Mr. Makuach,
    Why should this be a surprise news to you. From the president,up to the rest of cabinet ministers and other constitutional post holders in the RSS, all are corrupt to the core and contaminated. If the NLA- PAC tries to vet them seriously, believe me all will be disqualified because they will not pass integrity and ethical values tests.

  19. Emmanuel Deng says:

    Stupid post

  20. Emmanuel Deng says:

    What kind of country is this no rights for abyei citizens. I wish we join the north sudan our life will be better

    • Beek says:

      There is no Leftover meals in South Sudan for the so.called SERVANT because we eat together. You thank for helping my family and for working in my house,but we have to eat together whether you are a servant or not.

  21. Bol says:

    Dear SSN readers,
    Our editor has responded to our request for accepting donation in order to keep our Newspaper running and do other more stuff necessary for Freedom of Speech. Being a very shy man, he puts up a very small link on top right hand side of the home page….It is hard to notice! I have taken it upon myself to spread the word, on pro pono basis …..Please donate what you can….Money….Honey or bush meat it will all help…..Thanks for your generosity

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Thanks for your support. Honey, yes, but bush meat, though I would eagerly enjoy it, might be legally untenable.

  22. Bol says:

    Mr Editor,
    You welcome… Just dream…. Go to your Happy Land.. ..

  23. I think Deng Alor might not be the only one to be vetted and barred from holding public office due to corruption if we are to be honest to ourselves. All SPLM’s former and current officials (IO and FDs included) are corrupt.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Peter M.M Deng,
      That is the irrefutable truth, all the SPLM’s are fatally and forever tainted with corruption.

  24. False Millionaire says:

    Wht’s the point of rejecting one rottened onion and keeping the rest of the 74 onions which are also rottened?!!!

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      It’s not about a point. Ahmed Deng Alor and Kosti Manibe owned to their mischief after the whole saga was laid bare.

      If you have list of the alleged 75 corrupt government official why can’t you make it public for some of us to know who is included. As far as I am concerned, it’s an allegation. The amount in question misappropriated remains a figment of your imagination. I challenge you to produce list including bank transactions leading up to the siphoning of the amount of money in question. False Millionaire, what’s difficult in making the list public? Kiir is a very powerful man; why is he keeping the list including the allege account details for recovered funds hidden?

      I don’t deal trivialities. Your analogy of the 75 alleged corrupt officials/individuals (a bag of onions) and the two individuals being crucified now (the rotten onions) doesn’t quite tally. Try something better next time.

      The Eastern Rock

  25. Lako Lukudu says:

    Mr. Editor,
    There is nothing mysterious about accounting for what the government listed as stolen money that need to be brought to book..

    What divisional aspect of thieves are you talking about? Summing all the money that was stolen does not even come close to the billions of money missing while the majority of people are suffering. Of all the implicated officials that are suspected of looting the money, all worked the government ministries, non is innocent until an inquiry is completely done…as of now some have returned the stolen money and the government have a list of who is who and responsible for what portion they have misappropriated.

    • Eastern says:


      Then for people on this forum not to depend on hearsay, please share the list of the alleged thieves. Let’s leave trivialities for the past.

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