Who’s the right candidate to be Speaker of South Sudan Parliament?

BY: Gordon Buay, SOUTH SUDAN, AUG/26/2013, SSN;

Now that the Vice-president has been appointed without any protest from the SPLM Caucus in the National Legislative Assembly (Parliament) — unlike the cabinet reshuffle where there were criticisms labelled against Telar Ring Deng — one can say that President Kiir has taken over the reign of power and he is now in control of the SPLM Party.

The next task is to select the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly after former Speaker became the new Vice-president. Appointing a new Speaker must fulfill two conditions such as regional inclusivity and strong personality, who could control the August House given the attempts of the SPLM rebels (the supporters of former Vice-president) to destabilize the Assembly to fail President Kiir.

Being conscious of the fact that the President is from Greater Bhar-el-Ghazal and Wani Igga is from Greater Equatoria, the choice for the next Speaker is left to MPs of the Greater Upper Nile of the SPLM Caucus. The SPLM Caucus of Greater Upper Nile met on August, 24, to nominate a candidate that would be taken to the August House for confirmation as the Speaker.

However, they failed to agree on one candidate and the list of five characters was submitted to the Chairman of the SPLM to choose from. When the Chairman of the SPLM chooses one, the name of that person would be taken to the Assembly for approval.

To have a personality that would always bring pressure to bear on the SPLM rebels to adhere to the rules and disciplines of the party, one may argue that the President will have to take many factors into consideration in order to select the right candidate out of five.

The President has to find a strong personality among the five candidates of the Greater Upper Nile region who could manage the House infested by the SPLM rebels who are more rebellious that the Republican Tea Party in the United States.

Perhaps the President should try to have an audience with the five candidates of the Greater Upper Nile region by inviting them individually to give him more insight into how any of them who would be chosen will control the Assembly given the current turbulent situation created by the SPLM rebels who were reshuffled out from the government and they hold grudges against the President.

Selecting a strong personality who would be able to control the party’s rebels is significant for President Kiir to ensure the smooth functioning of the August House.

Among the five candidates of the Greater Upper Nile region, there are strong personalities with talent and experience who are competent enough to control the Assembly. Having been MPs, some of whom chaired committees, majority of them have shown the intellectual capacity to control the Assembly and ensure that the SPLM rebels in the House don’t paralyse the legislative organ.

Now that majority of the candidates are from Nuer tribe, it would be desirable for the President to critically examine their credentials, integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness and dedication to the SPLM’s goals and objectives.

With this in mind, it would not bring the President a lot of trouble to find out who the suitable candidate is after examining the political backgrounds of the five candidates since 1983. There is no doubt that the President shall pick a candidate who is both a strong personality and his loyalist who has never taken a cup of tea together with SPLM rebels.

Given the fact that the political agenda of the SPLM rebels is to destabilize the Assembly, the President needs a strong Speaker who shall deal with the party’s rebels in the Assembly in order to safeguard the smooth functioning of the August House.

The country is now faced with serious developmental challenges and therefore would need a very dedicated and strong personality that works as a team with the President and the Vice-president so that they can concentrate on tackling formidable problems facing the people of South Sudan.

The solidarity of the trio is the only salvation for the country to move forward and ward off all unnecessary criticism and rebellious attitudes of the SPLM tribalists.

Since 2005, President Kiir has never had a loyal and wise Vice-president who could assist him in resolving the developmental challenges facing the country. With the appointment of Rt. Hon. Wani Igga as the Vice-president, the people of South Sudan would soon realize the cooperation between the President and the new Vice-president.

No executive branch could function properly and carry out its duties if the President and his Vice are always at loggerheads on policy direction.

It should be made abundantly clear that President Kiir is competently managing the transition from former Vice-president to the new one very well. Those who erroneously thought before that South Sudan would collapse because the former Vice-president was removed are now feeling ashamed because all the negative stereotypes about the people of South Sudan are proven wrong. No single Nuer protested because Riek Machar was removed.

Instead the Nuer celebrated his firing because it is an opportunity for the Nuer elites to develop young politicians as future leaders of South Sudan. The Nuer older politicians who have skeletons in their closets have been obstacles to build young nationalist Nuer leaders.

Being conscious of the evil intentions of the SPLM rebels, it is important that the Vice-president Wani Igga and the Speaker who shall be selected should be fully conversing with principles of crisis management, i.e., playing an instrumental role alongside the President to immediately resolve and arrest problems that may interfere with the developmental goals and try to avoid any external influences that may frustrate the efforts of the President, particularly in bringing about nation-building and acceleration of developmental programs.

Coming back to the main issue of this article, which is about the right candidate that could control the Assembly, I would appeal to the President to consult with the Vice-president and some leading statesmen and retired politicians to advise him on the right candidate who may become the Speaker.

By so doing, he will have gathered an overview about who should be the right candidate to become the Speaker. It should be noted that the National Assembly is for all South Sudanese and it represents the aspirations and expectations of the people of this country.

Our people need a Speaker who reflects their wisdom and aspirations but also loyal to the President to ensure cooperation between the executive and legislative branches of government.

Given the divisions created by the former Vice-president, the people of South Sudan want a Speaker who will not encourage controversies, but who should only promote constructive criticism that ensure the democratic values and principles of the SPLM.

The people of South Sudan applaud the firmness of the President in forming a lean government after the reshuffling. There is no doubt that whoever he chooses will be unanimously endorsed by the August House as it was done to Vice-president Wani Igga.

We hope that the embarrassing situation which was caused by the SPLM rebels who subjected Telar Ring Deng to unnecessary vetting process will not arise. However, even if the SPLM rebels attempt to obstruct the confirmation of the new Speaker, it is now numerically clear that the SPLM rebels are the minority in the Assembly because the jobbists and the Lakes State’s politicians of fortune abandoned their alliance with the SPLM rebels after realizing that the people of South Sudan are behind President Kiir.

In conclusion, the President should choose a right candidate from the list of five submitted to him by the SPLM Caucus of the Greater Upper Nile region.

Despite the impeccable credentials of the five candidates, there are individuals who may not be accepted by the MPs from Greater Equatoria and Greater Bhar-el-Ghazal.

Therefore, the President must choose a candidate that he knows will be appealing to all members of the SPLM in three regions—a candidate who is also a strong personality to manage SPLM rebels in the Assembly. END


  1. Joanna Adams says:

    What nonsense is this? Why don’t you just go to president Kiir and ask for a job? Perhaps he will recruit you as his body guard. It is high time we put tribal rivalries aside when we are dealing with national issues. Bravo to all those Nuers nominees who rejected the malicious divide and rule tactics of Salva Kiir and told the president to stuff his post. More general widespread civil disobedience may be required to route out the tribally engineered system of Salva Kiir that is rotten to the core.

    And one more point, Wani Igga doesn’t represent the people of Equatoria but himself and the disgraced SPLm party. Has Salva Kiir withdrawn his statement in 2010 after the referendum that now that ” we ” have got rid of the jellaba, our next targets are the Equatorians. Shame on Wani Igga and shame on his supporters.

    J. Adams, RSS

  2. Gordan Buay,

    I think you will make a good wife to president Kiir because everything you said qualified you to become president Kiir’s wife or you can even become good girlfriend to Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang. I know you are a Nuer man who want to be a Dinka’s wife.

    Let me tell you this little story. In 1991, there were two Nuer men by the names (Kueth and Kam) in Ikotos, a small town in Eastern Equatoria about 10 hours on foot west of CHukudum and 9 hrs South of Kiala. After Dr. Machar and Dr. Lam Makol defected from the SPLA, Kueth, became a Dinka man by choice because he knew Dinka language very well and he wanted to be saved. Kueth was a chief warrant officer 3 (Regivawal). Kam, made himself to be a real Nuer man who loved SPLA more than other Nuer. Kam, was a second lieutenant (Maladhim tane).
    Kam, who considered himself loyal to SPLA betrayed Nuer who were in Ikotos severely to Captain Makoi, that the Nuer who had ranks wanted to sneak to SPLA-Nasir faction. Kam did this because he thought Dinka would like him. Captain Makoi, a Dinka Bor man who was the head of Ikotos at that time arrested 19 Nuer men who had ranks from second lieutenant to lieutenant commander. After Captain Makoi had arrested all 19 ranked Nuer men in Ikotos and then he eventually arrested Kam and allegedly killed all 20 of them including Kam, the Nuer traitor. Their bodies were thrown away in a canal near Jama Imitong because they did not want other Nuer to find them.

    Kueth, the man who naturalized himself to be Dinka by choice refused to interact with Nuer and become Dinka’s best friend but never betrayed any Nuer. However, he was eventually arrested and died in jail.

    My advise to you, Mr. Gordan Buay, making yourself a Dinka friend at tough time will not save your life at all, instead you are risking your life. Lest said, if all Nuer leaders, brigadier generals including Dr. Machar, who were relieved by president kiir from their jobs because of their ethnic group get arrested or killed, then you, Mr. Gordan Buay, you will be drinking Dinka’s urine for your tea and eat their poops for your lunch and dinner.

    Keep up your publications running. Maybe Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang will fall in love with you and become your future husband.

  3. Bol Thon says:

    Danel Awet Akot should be promoted in accordance with SPLM hierarchy. he is a speaker by default.

  4. X malish says:

    what are you saying here in your article, is the article presented to Kiir or the public? speaker is selected by Assembly, no matter he/she is loyal to president but some one who makes sure the right thing is done for the benefit of the nation as a whole.


  5. Yango says:

    This article is full of nonsense. first of all, there are no rebels in the Parliament. These parliamentarian are representative of their constituencies. How can an splm rebel get to the NLA? I think we need to use the right terms. There nothing call Nuer Leaders. Just because Riek hails from the Nuer it doesn’t mean he is a Nuer leader. Likewise Wani doesn’t represent Equatorians. Personally, I think the president is incompetent and doesn’t know how to lead a nation.

  6. Bul mayom says:

    who is this barking dog called gordon bouy pretending to be the Nuer?

  7. Bol Deng says:

    Lack of guidance leads to stray

    Dear brother, your erratic behaviour and disrespectable character prompted me to write this humble piece to highlight some of your depressing shortcomings. I took it upon myself to read your articles and posts to understand and ascertain your true character and what you stand for. Unfortunately, and to my dismay, the more I immersed in your (written) thoughts and analysis the more I find no credible assessments, well thought opinion or researched conclusions that could qualify you to discuss pivotal governing issues or strategic political calculations. You always represent provocative arguments coupled with poor judgement.

    I don’t know who you are or your credentials but I am now very familiar with your colourful character, lack of discipline and astonishingly unethical political affiliations that reduced you to a desperate goon.

    Contesting or aspiring for political aggrandisement is a legitimate right of every South Sudanese; just don’t climb your way up illegitimately or on the back of a highly disciplined and forgiving campaigners who sacrificed so much for South Sudan. The higher you climb indiscriminately, remember, the harder the fall.

    Therefore, don’t endeavour to absurdly waste your political existence on criticism to gain favours or on political and intellectual servitude to be noticed, those tactics were very rewarding and profitable before independence. Here is my advise to you, please use your resourceful mind positively to usher in unity and harmony amongst our people, for this is the only prerequisite we really need at this difficult and challenging time. Make no mistake; we have no rebels in the parliament but honourable representatives who are tirelessly working in extreme circumstances to improve our democratic ideals and establishments.

    I will conclude here with a quote from Dr. John Garang, “Yet in terms of power-sharing in southern Sudan, I want to assure all that there will be enough room for everybody, including those who have not been associated with the SPLM/SPLA. Even those who for one reason or another were opposed or against the SPLM, there will be room for everybody”.

  8. Nyong-nyal says:

    i hope Gordon Buay is running after his food, he wants to praise the president kiir to get position from kiir government that is why he talks like that.

  9. GatCharwearbol says:

    Is this my Cousin, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang posing under the fictitious name of Gordon Buay or it is just another pay agent of Kiir Mayardit? If this so-called Gordon Buay is Nuer, he has reached his insanity zenith. Someone please advise him to seek professional help.
    God, please rescue my people from indulging in Alcoholic beverages which causes them to write without thinking first. What was Gordon Buay drinking when he wrote this piece? It got to be Johnny Walker!

  10. Buay, i know your a bastard guy who is after food, kiir will never hear your cry and no position will be given to you due to your submissiveness to the totalitarianism. what kind of loyalty are you talking about if you are really caring for the welfare of this nation? i have guessed your intention to bow down before kiir will never make you popular than a gossiper who has no future rather than the food you are crying for .
    salva kiir was not even loyal to splm by then if you are following ups and downs of splm political and leadership crisis. but i will blame you because your knowledge of govt is too little, some ideological aspects behind the split were self determination for free south Sudan and its political destiny. as for your information about system, govt is composed of 3 different institutions , executive, legislation and judiciary. so if you are persuading the president or mps to nominate person who will be loyal to president, it means you are an incompetent and inconsistent politician who is making noise without headway, what will you get if all mps will give in to every decision taken by president?
    so your father salva will never make it through. though, he trying to impose dictatorship in the system, you are really a monster and tyrant who has no idea about politics.

  11. Mankien town western Nuer says:

    first understood that he was rebel spokesperson called ssla and they were rebelling against kirr government because they knew that kirr was weak leader according to their agenda, and so why today become kirr’s friend? this is real confusion guy who only look after food and i believe he can be Nuer society who respect theirs value reputation.

  12. Leader says:

    Dear Bentiu Ramaran,
    Don’t wish for war between Nuer and Dinka otherwise it will be disastrous to your people. It is not true that some Nuer leaders refused the position of the vice president, the truth is that the SPLM chose to follow the SPLM hierarchy over ethnic appeasement. If they refused the position of VP why then do they crumble for the position of Speaker. If you allow the whole Nuer tribe to be driven by interest of Riek, you will surely regret it.

  13. Leader,

    Thank you for comments. However, I do not think you understand what I said in my comments. Please read it again.

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