Who’s actually being ruled in South Sudan?

BY: Kuir ë Garang, Author and Critic, FEB/06/2917, SSN;

There are many South Sudanese who talk of ‘public opinion’ or ‘popular view’; but how do you gauge that such a view is actually an unsolicited opinion which people hold without fear of retribution?

In a nation where holding a contrary opinion is considered a national security threat, it’s dishonest to say that there’s such a thing as a public opinion because the available ‘public opinion’ is conditioned into existence by the vicious political class.

Those who oppose some of the government’s ridiculous, aimless decrees and actions on civilians, have either been silenced, killed or threatened quotidian.

This leads me to this unsavory question: In whose interest the government of South Sudan governs?

Admittedly, the government isn’t governing in the interest of the people and we still wonder why there’s so much inter-tribal hatred and rampant rebellion. When will SPLM and the government actually listen to the people? Apparently, never!

In June and August of 2012, the SPLM and government of South Sudan carried out a study (survey) to gauge ‘public opinion’. It was no surprise that, while the people were somehow hopeful about the future, they were categorically dissatisfied with how SPLM was running the country.

This should have been a wake-up call for the SPLM leadership to start listening to the people.

SPLM ignored this honest and valuable ‘voice of the people.’ The 2011-2013 South Sudan Development Plan was also a good development document that could have addressed all the grassroots grievances. Again, it was ignored!

There’s nowhere in the world where people can rise up against a government, which listens to the people and addresses their concern.
Are Nuer, who support SPLM-IO, fighting the government because they love to fight? Are folks in Equatoria fighting the government because they love to kill people? Are Shilluk fighting the government because they love to kill president Kiir’s tribesmen?

The answer is obviously NO!

These people are fighting because of the failure of the government to address their grievances. SPLM, coming from a militarized governance mentality, feels that force is the appropriate manner in which such grievances should be addressed.

Another flawless method is to appease some people by offering jobs without actually addressing the underlying causes of the problem.
Molding opinion by coercion or appeasement is dangerous in the long run.

Rebellion, insecurity and inter-tribal feuds will continue in South Sudan unless the government actually talks to the people and addresses their grievances in an honest and comprehensive manner.

For instance, a fact-finding mission to the Fertit would find out their grievances and then the government can work closely with them to come up with a method to address their grievances for the long-term. Offering their leaders jobs without actually making sure that the people are ‘happy’ with the fashioned solution is a myopic leadership fancy.

Conditioning people to sing government praises in Juba doesn’t get rid of the actual sentiment people hold. You can militarily force people to surrender but you can’t militarily force them to like, with emotive honesty, a government that’s oppressing them.

If there are things that make it hard for the government to perform some duties, then it needs to be honest with the people so that people don’t assume things.

Juba is not the only South Sudan and the residents of Juba are not the only population of South Sudan. The zombified (knowingly or unknowingly) people of Juba can’t be used to gauge the actual ‘public opinion’.

South Sudanese have fled to Sudan, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda; and some are living in displaced camps inside South Sudan. Yet, some of us have the audacity to say that there’s an overwhelming, positive public opinion of the government!

GET UP! WALK THE COUNTRYSIDE AND TALK TO THE PEOPLE! Without that, we’ll be in a perpetual state of war, insecurity and inter-tribal bloodbath! LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE! This is our only way out!

Kuir ë Garang is the author of ‘South Sudan Ideologically.’ For contact, visit www.kuirthiy.com


  1. marie says:

    Kudos to you Kuir, your articles are always to the point. Keeping hammering this truth fervently, it will sink in their minds eventually.

  2. Eastern says:

    Thanks Kuir, I wish those pretending to lead South Sudan get to read and internalise your honest piece….

  3. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear: Kuir e Garang

    Happy Newly Year 2017! Good to know your present in South Sudan Nation(SSN) I read your article you wrote and posted in the forum (SSN) Discussion Board. I understood very well some of your ideas!

    Sir,the problem in the South Sudan government,is not about IDEOLOGY you were talking about! God creates black people in general on earth,in different way from others!

    You know,to govern black people,it is not always easy task to endure! Jealousy,covet,envy,gossip,tribalism,enthnicity favoritism.They will not make a good peace and harmony among others! The South Sudanese will never and ever enjoy peace at all! There going killing in continue in the South Sudanese people! Even though somebody take over from Kirr! There will no change for the better!



  4. Lual Garang De Lual says:

    Dear Kuir e Garang
    It is good my brother that you write with an open mind but some Dinka have been force by the circumstances that Equatorians generalize any Dinka to be government supporter. All Dinkas are not supporting the government but they had been forced to support because they are the MTN in Equatoria. How can you slaughter a Dinka who know not the government or had not even received 1 pound from Kiir adminstration. That is being ignorant about politics, hence those like minded people will have no option but to support Kiir and their kins for survival. You find that those who are not happy with Kiir Administration could have supported the rebels with ideas even manpower if need be but how could Dinka do that since they are the target for the Nuer and Equatoria. It beat my understanding to support your killer. Better live in the bad case than being a victim of your supporter. Leave hatred people and play politics.


    Lual Garang De Lual

  5. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr de Lual,
    See how they are out of their minds to call for those in the govrnment to,”internalize”,what the gentile named Kuir has written in his article?
    The fellow in question is so naive and irresponsable in pretending to have nothing to do with MTN project by which Mr Kuir is also a trajet.
    Too much harm has been Done.There is only one hope and that’s if God exists to show mercy rather than falsely counting on any one’s sense of leadership because people of goodwill no longer exist in RSS.

  6. abai okwahu says:

    I would rephrase the title as: ‘Who is being oppressed in South Sudan?’. Being ruled implies that there is a legitimate government who earned the right through a mandate from the people (free and fair elections). The present setup is not a government but a tyranny made up of men in uniform purporting to work for the oppressed masses.

  7. Peacemaker says:

    Bravo Kuir, I’ve nothing to say than to share your op-ed with others. God bless you.

  8. mading says:

    People like Kuir are the likes of Mabior Garang and his Mama, some of their actions are containing jealousy to the point they don’t watch their backs.

    • Eastern says:


      Your types is the reason South Sudanese will continue to remain divided and at war with each other. Your Dinka blind collective responsibility is what has blindfolded you by not seeing with your outward looking dinkas like Kuir, Mabior de Garang, Rebecca, Majak d’Agot and other exposed dinkas.

      For people like me to stop lumping Kiir’s government with dinkas as one and the same, you need to come out of your tribal cocoons like Kuir and those you lambasted here.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    why do u want to fool around when u know all too well that the same,”outward looking dinkas like Kuir,Mabior de Garang,Rebbeca and Majak D’Agoot”,are also targets in the MTN project and that u would be more than happy to murder them if u ever get a hand on them under compromized security circumstances like those u have already targeted in equatorian roads?
    Just admit it will take ages before any climate of communal mutual trust to ever prevail in RSS instead of dwelling on misleading comments.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      I have never fooled around. Let me hasten to assure you that the feindish project of dinkanising South Sudan has been nabbed in its bud. The rest, as they say, is now history.

      When have you acknowledged now that there are Equatorian roads? Did you just mention communal mutual trust? Does that concept exist in Dinka lifestyle?

      Ahoy, try something else instead of belabouring yourself in advising me on matters pertaining on national cohesion. Monytuil and Thomas Cirilo are two Kiir’s leutanants who have left the tribal regime citing tribal agenda as the reason behind their decamping. False Millionaire, if you are not in town, please come to Juba and bear witness to the mess….

  10. GatCharwearbol says:


    To respond to the extremist is to validate his claim. He lives in his own bubble. How the world operates is foreign to him. When time comes, they will be able to see what we are putting across. Until then, don’t waste your precious time.

  11. Malouda says:

    Yes, Kuir, but these Nuer and Equatorians do not understand that point they turned this conflict as caused by Dinkas because the president Kiir hailed from Dinka but the issue is with in the SPLM party which has failed to address the public interests.

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