Who was behind the killing of 145 and 275 wounded Civilians in Bor?

QUOTE: “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” from unknown author.

By: Peter Gai Manyuon, RSS, APR/21/2014, SSN;

According to what had happened in Jonglei State Capital Bor on the 17th of April 2014 where one hundred and forty five (145) Nuer civilians were massacred in United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNIMISS) Compound and two hundred and seventy five (275) people wounded, justify that someone like Michael Makuei Lueth who is the Minister of Information and Broadcasting in the Government of South Sudan is behind the scene.

Why do I say this? On Friday 18th of April 2014, Comrade Makuei stated on both electronic and print media that “the people killed in the attack on the UN compound in Bor the previous day were ‘rebels’ who committed the ‘intolerable’ act of celebrating the fall of Bentiu, which was captured from government forces last Tuesday”.

He also as well said, “The genesis of the problems goes back to the recapture of Bentiu town by the rebels.”

Logically, what can you analyze as an individual citizen of South Sudan in this scenario where the Minster is inciting the violence?

Based on my own intelligentsia and curative thinking, I think Makuei is very wrong to come out verbally with that statement and moreover, he is a National Minister for all representing the entire Republic of South Sudan.

He is not the Minister for Bor South or whatever the case may be. Due to high level of disorganization or Lack of Public relations within him (Makuei), he aired out a word that might bring a very big problem to himself in the nearer future, if am not mistaken.

However, according to my own observation about Comrade Makuei, he is the one who instructed the soldiers to go and attack the UNIMISS Compound in Bor basing on what he had said during the time he addressed the Press conference last Friday in Juba after the massacre happened already.

Therefore the International Communities and South Sudanese should know that, Makuei Lueth is a criminal number one who deserves firing from the President of the Republic of South Sudan because; he is the very person who is spoiling the government of Maryardit in Juba at this particular period of time.

Most of the people within the government of South Sudan thoughts that, this current crisis will not come to an end very soon but mind you; in every crisis, there is a beginning and ending; therefore those who did wrong things to the people of South Sudan especially on the tribal agenda, should be discipline afterward, so that other people should learn from the experiences.

Some people might ask themselves why I come with this article today. For your information, someone who has no boundaries in talking is good to be hanged like what happened to the former President of Iraq or given a life imprisonment for some time.

More so, if the option of hanging should not work, then he (Makuei) deserves to be indicted for the war crime against humanity because killing one hundred and forty five (145) civilians who have no arms.

Moreover the United Nations need a good investigation otherwise UNMISS might be regarded as an Institution which is biased.

Someone like Mr. Makuei Lueth, he has gone beyond the jurisdictions of communications ethics and laws. Every profession has got its ethics and laws that should be respected.

Well, some people said that Makuei Lueth is a graduate of the University of Khartoum in faculty of Law but am not sure whether he (Lueth) really understood what he was doing at that time.

I think he is among the people who like choosing courses because they have a good name due to my surprise, he does not deserve the title as the Lawyer.

For those who are informed up stairs know that Lawyers are people who can be evaluated from the way they talk, think and react toward certain things in society but for someone like Makuei, should go back and study Law very well again because right now he is spoiling the Legal Professional Internationally.

Since the crisis occurred last December 2013 in Juba, Makuei have been in forefront propagating and telling lies to the huge audiences across the globe.

Makuei incited the crisis by speaking words that do not carry meaning, moreover meaningless in the sense. He had been abusing western diplomats and governments without good approaches, he always talk any how without proper communication skills and techniques.

Makuei committed a very big crime when he tried to go to Jonglei state UNMISS compound early this year, therefore; he deserves punishment after the war ends, because what he did was really unacceptable and unbelievable in the human history Internationally.

All the messes he advocated for, shows he is a number one criminal in Kiir’s regime in Juba and deserves to be given individual sanctions and indictment in The Hague for the War Crimes against humanity.

Keys recommendations
International Communities especially the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) should question Makuei for the incident that had happened in the Jonglei State Capital Bor.

Innocent Civilians were killed resulted from Makuei Lueth influence and you will justify my statement due to the fact that, early this year he (Makuei) attempted to enter into UNMISS Compound in Bor with guns but he was denied the chance to do what he was supposed not to do at that time against United Nation soldiers in Bor.

The President of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit, should dismiss, Makuei Lueth if he really wants to be in the leadership or gain a momentum from western diplomats, otherwise this is the very person who have destroyed and will remove Mayardit from the leadership.

Author is the Independent Journalist and Columnist who had written extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan. You can follow him on twitter@Peter Gai Manyuon or petergai2006@gmail.com


  1. arabbmoi says:

    Salvatore Killer Kiir Mayardit, Makuei Lueth and Ateny Wek Ateny are Criminal Dinkocrats who suppose to be taken to the hague in future. Equatoria governors should now declare self rule as Somalialand did during their war now in peace and Killer Kiir should relocate his Dinkocrat to Warrap state to rule his people over there

    • concerned Kenyan says:

      self rule ruins the county that we have all fought for . We care …….Respect the contitution . that is the core of democracy. If you dont like Kirr , VOTE him out

  2. K. Kuol says:

    You mentioned nonsense and put it on the webside without any evidence or reasoning whatsoever, and think that you are a democratic writer. You blaming Makuei for not doing his job right but check out what you wrote and point out any truth to it. You are another war inciting idiot.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      I agree with you Arabmoi.

      In fact Makuei Lueth and Atem Wek are the most primitive jieng junks in kiir’s Govt of the day I have ever come across that are probably still living in 12 Century savagery mentality thus far.

      The last time I heard about the arrogance of Makuei was when he threw his specks on someone during the Adis talk with Dr Riek group which was meant to bring peace not fight to this country. Second, I heard Makuei had wanted to enter UNMISS compound with his armed militias to go and kill the Nuer civilians after the recaptured of bor town by the Govt. Another third time is the issue of money belonging to RSS Makuei lured Kiir in for purpose of Demonising the rebel leader Dr Riek and now that money issue truth is now catching up like fire as the fabricated coup de tat story.Few days ago which the writer wrote now is when I also heard the same Makuei inciting bor dinka army to attack nuer civilians at UNMISS camp that resulted to death of 145 Nuer Civilians taking refuge in UNMISS camps at Bor and over 200 wounded.

      Every time I hear and see wrong things are either done by Makuei Lueth or Atem Wek and yet President kiir keeps silent instead of sucking out these jieng terrorist damaging our reputations as people and dinka in particular

  3. Defender says:

    The Minister of Defamation (aKa Minister of Information) of South Sudan is a person corrupted by hate and lack of understanding or reasoning. Reading his reasoning for killing the innocent Nuers in Bor tells you that the guy lost all human facility to reason that South Sudan, as they claim, is democratic, can disregard their own claims of understanding the rule of law.

    If any one is suspicious about the role of government in killing Nuer people in Juba, here you got your evidence. Crimes against humanity has clearly been committed that the minister through his own words, is a testament to what the government has been doing since December last year. The United Nations Mission in South Sudan and the world community must not let this massacre be used by the government to hinder their work in protecting the innocents from all walks of lives in South Sudan. It has now become clear that the government is trying by all means to push the UN out so that they continue to commit crimes against any group that opposes its current brutal war. Those who still want to prop up this government should be put on notice, as Obama mentioned. This notice should not only be economic sanctions, but prison by prison terms.

  4. Michael Abu says:

    Mr. Peter Gai,
    It is good that there are people like you who can be used later as witnesses to testify against the leaders like Makuei whom you believed to be the one who was ordering the killing of Nuer civilian in UNMISS compound in Bortown. The evidence that you have labeled against Makuei is a good one and you can be use as a sources of information/informant when the war is over and when fact findings take it course to bring the perpetuators of war to book. Since the civil unrest started in juba on December 15, 2013. There is no one every came out with the evidence of who ordered the killing of Nuer civilians. However, You came out as someone with alibi that bear the evidence of who order all the killings of civilian. As you are someone who took the ethics of professionalism during your school studies. The international criminal court will be happy for you to reveal more names as you know who did what in South Sudan. Let hope that you will not be hesitant to point out who order the killing of Dinka civilians at UNMISS compound in Akobo, Bentiu, Bor civilian in church and in hospital as well as in Malakal.
    Hypothetically, to support your ethics of professionalism without bias. Can you tell us how did Makuei ordered the killing of Nuer civilian? Where you were there when he ordered the killing? Remember opinion is not allow to be use as evident in most of international courts and you can be liable if you are lying under oath. I will rest my opinion here and hope that you will published more names. Or Makuei Lueth will be only South Sudanese with blood in his hand and need to be indicted by the international criminal court because he ordered the killing of civilians in Upper Nile region.

  5. John Maleak says:

    Dear all southsudanese peoples around the world, Bor it like juba there is many tribes live in bor town if the Uganda president and is wife Nyakirr Mayar decides to killed nuer peoples like what they did in Juba last year it not a problem to us as nuer community. The bor community must leave the state before Gatwech duel the old nuer woriers come to bor before june this time . To kill nuer from southsudan it cheap than one dollar bill and nuer general and governor sell all community for thier own oil money. Those general must be kill by kirr and his husband the president of Uganada who come to take our children money to feed the uganadaes children all southsudanese you need to workup this time as all as fight for kiir and his husband to leave this country soon.
    The uganada bring four war to as war for money, the war for food, the war of HIV aids to our communities in southsudan and the warfaire uganada us a chuster bomb on nuer white army for sevens days in bor was cover with dead nuer white army during four month and six counties of bor state from nuer community until now the number of dead where 7,000 white army was killed.

  6. AJ says:

    This Lueth is really idiot. How can this man is given title of being a lawyer and yet he can’t picked moderate words to a void him being link with Bor killers.

    Also, these Bor Dinkas asked UN to relocate IDPs out of Bor and yet they are running a way and taking refuse to places that don’t belong to them in the names of IDPs. Now here come eviction soon from greater Equatorian and let Jenge walk to Bor. They alway say we are all citizen and we can leave anywhere. Now we know how short and minded these people are. I have never seen refugee running with cows to camps only in dinkas brain.


    • Dmajak says:

      To AJ, you just said that Makuei is behind Bor incident. Can you give us the evidence that connected him to Bor incident?
      If you have any charge to Makuei, please to him to court and he will answer them. Remember AJ, Makuei is professional by laws and he can make strong defense in any court.
      I have seen you many time try harm Dinka interest especially Bor. Dinka Bor has right to live in any part in south Sudan. The innocent civilians are the same people who lost their love one while defense Nimule so it is their homeland and they are IDPs as some claim it.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Dmajak,

        Calm down. You see because of the anger with which you are attacking AJ, you nearly failed to be understood.

        Well, as you mentioned that Makuei is a lawyer by profession and therefore he can make a strocng defense in court is something an independent and copeten court will determine. Remember when Makuei is taken to court, he will have to hire lawyer(s) to do the legal defense for him.

        I am not sure of the innocent dinka Bor civilians you are alluding to as the once who lost their loved ones in defense of Nimule. There was no war fought over Nimule. Nimule was vacated by the SAF and their militias way before Bright Star Campaign soldiers entered the town.

        When you talk of the war arround Aswa bridge, that is a different story altogether.
        An in all these, the dinka Bor do not have the automatic rights to occupy other people’s homes, villages, properties, etc under the guise of ‘we liberated you’ , ‘we lost dear ones in defense of this town’ etc.

        The real battle in defense of towns should be raging in Duk, Poktap, Mareng and other dinka Bor hinterlands. You should not be heading to Uganda in droves as it is happening now.

        When you try to communicate, be calm.

        Stay well,

        The Eastern rock

        • Dmajak says:

          To Eastern, I am glad that you mentioned Aswa battle. The most of soldiers that fought war were from Dinka and I have two dear uncles and some friends from Dinka Bor. They were told by Dr Garang and current president Salva kiir that Nimule is their homeland and they should defend it. After the war of liberation, some of the people that claimed to be Ugandans during war are now claim Nimule to their homeland. Eastern, you should defend your home during the war with Arabs. Now, you will share the homeland with Dinka because they sacrificed while liberated this town.
          You should remember that Dinka Bor are on right side of history as we speak our youths have overrun Ayod and surrounding areas. We are more strongly than 1991, but we did defeat Riek forces with his Arab alliances.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear LGG, Jay Johnson, Majongdit, Dmajak:

        Do not hit the panicking button yet. Looting Warrap’s markets isn’t going to solve your problem. Destroying Abiemnom’s Bridge is neither the panacea. I suggest you intensify your feet licking skill. You need UPDF dearly at this crucial time. Freedom fighters are not going to stop short of anything. Killing innocent Nuer civilians will not go unpunished my friend. Crying for what took place in Bentiu is just the tip of iceberg. There is more in store for you.
        LGG, are you still in position of wanting UPDF to leave South Sudan? I do not think so. Where would you find a slave master. You were enslaved by Arabs and you are getting another slave master. We, Nuer, will not allow that to happen. Uganda is not going to colonize us. We will never be slave to anybody. We are who we are and we are proud of what make us to be who we are.

        My Countrymen, is the constitution you claimed to be protecting in Warrap’s Markets? Or you are robbing civilians cooking utensils for you to perform your cooking job for UPDF efficiently and effectively? The later must be the reason why are you robbing Markets in Warrap. Aren’t you going to wait for freedom fighters?

        • BILL KUCH says:

          There is no such a thing as panicking! Once you take your fight to Warrap, then that would mark an end to your movement. You guys know how to fight but not smart enough to win the war at the end. Dr. Machar’s war strategies are similar with those of Hitler and that is the way I am looking at it. If you gave late Dr. Garang brain to Riek, then he could have win this war. Dr. Garang did force civilians through killing in order to gain support. Also, it was not a problem whether Garang was present in frontline or elsewhere because his commanders were still obeying orders. Now, does it look like Riek is in control of his forces? That’s absolutely not! And of course, they have already killed their supporters.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Bill KUCH:

            When did JEM and SPLM-N become Dr. Riek Machar’s supporters? You cannot distance yourself from your friends righ now. This is what you did to Abyei people. Salva Kiir handed Abeyi over to Jallaba cowardly. Is this what you call winning war? And did you ever win war at the end, Bill Kuch? Which war?

            Mind you, South Sudan was acquired through self – determination with help of American People, particularly George W. Bush. I wasn’t born yesterday my friend. History of South Sudan can’t be twisted for your selfish interest. You never win any war unless it is a war of stealing that you won with no question when you loot South Sudan’s coffer dry. Perhaps it is a war between you and Marialnyang.

        • jay johnson says:


          Winning battle is one thing but winning the war is another thing. You can celebrate the victories of your rebels and anarchist. This is a rare moment you ought to enjoy to the fullest. Just a month ago the rebels were confined to eastern upper nile state. Congratulation for your victories.

          The Dinka have finally accept the war the Nuer had been imposing on them for long. It have officially been accept and embrace by the Dinka. Mark my words!!!. Yesterday, the president of the republic of south sudan have finally replaced the ineffective SPLA chief of General staff, Gen. Hoth Mai and replace him with Gen. Malong Awan Anei.

          The fall of Bentiu, Mayom and Duk to the rebels forces was a final nail on the coffin for gen. Hoth Mai. He had proven to be useless and ineffective general that warrant replacement. I personally acknowledge and appreciate his contribution to this country. But military leadership should be base on merit not merely on loyalty.

          The SPLA and ROSS is determine to fight the rebels and take the war to their backyard this time around. In the coming weeks and months, this war will be fought in Lou, Gawaar and Jikany land so that they can appreciate the consequences of war.

          The way thing are today is how they were during the 1990s when Riek rebels went as far as Mongalla. And when Dr. Garang ordered the SPLA around Juba to march to Jonglei state, Dr. Riek forces were defeated until they find themselves in Khartoum. The history is about to repeat itself now. Mark my word.

          The massacred of innocent civilians in Bentiu by rebels forces is a turning point in this war. the slogan of democracy have been replaced by revenge killing. Every community in south sudan whose sons are in the government is an enemy according to Nuer rebels and anarchist.

          The Shilluk, the Bul Nuer, The Bor, Duk and Rek Dinka are enemies. Even the Darfur civilians are enemies. The fight for democracy if it was genuine in the first place have been discarded and replace with ethnic massacres.

          The Rebels have lost creditability and the government is now justified to fight them to the last man. And surely, the rebels destination is going to be Khartoum or Ethiopia. Please mark my words. The Dinka have now accepted the war that have been imposed on them by Nuer anarchist and war lords

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Jay Johnson:

            I do not want to hear about your stooge, James Hoth Mai. You can kill him if you want to and I would care less. The war has been on for 4 months right now and it is still the same whinning and bitching. Majority of SPLA fighters who are stationed in Bor and Malakal are UPDF and Bhar El Ghazelians, JEM, SPLM-N, and the 62 tribes. Did you reach to Nuer land in Upper Nile and Jonglei, hell no. Despite the air force support and Uganda army, you are still too weak.

            When the whole fiasco began, your Master, Museveni had this to say. I will defeat Dr. Riek Machar and his White Army in 4 days. How long has it been since. Four months! Your Master regret this claim. Who are you going to bring in next, Jay Johnson since Uganda army became useless?

            Salva Kiir Mayardit, the dictator and Nuer innocent women and children murderer had this to say. I will defeat Nuer and Dr. Riek Machar by the end of March. This has come to past. It is now April. What happens to your vow?

            The new chief of staff, Paul Malong Awan had this to say: I will defeat Nuer and Dr. Riek Machar in 30 days. We shall see… I hope you brought back all the looted money so you can buy more Mercenaries. Uganda alone is not sufficient.

            Who is going to be next to through his punch on Nuer? Your God, Museveni fail his 4 days deadline. Kiir has failed on his 3 months deadline. I am cocksure Paul Malong is going to fail on his 30 days promise. I bet you are going to replace Malong Awan with your hero, Micheal Makuei Lueth next… Ha Ha Ha… You are pathetic my online, friend!

          • Lavina Lual says:

            What a monster dincocratic!
            Every person in Juba and in Equatorian including bahr el-gazal know very much that kiir pricked the war as means to demonise and kill his opponent dr riek from challenging him from presidency but this backfired kiir and instead forced the Nuer to fight dinka when the nuer were and up to now killed on daily bases because of their ethnicity in juba, mapel, ayod, wau town, bor unmiss camp and all the camps hosting nuer refugees in the face of kiir the so call president of the RSS. What can you say about this if the president cannot even give protection over his own people in his own city and yet wants to continue be the president?

            Jut for your advice kiir will not make it and we are seeing his days counted on the day the UPDF will be out which I heard will be the main agenda after the recent release of the 4 political detainees who were jailed for kiir farbriacted coup de tat. Now there is no evidence for executing the 4- what can you say about this?

            You can go to Lou, Gawaar and Jikany and finish all the Nuer civilians but mark me their Ennocent blood as it was shade in Juba will haunt you jieng monsters and your generations forever like the late dr Garang spirit disturbing kiir right now forever, what can you say about this?

            Dincokrats need to accept that the Nuer are the ones who have now accepted the war that have been imposed on them by kiir, gelweng malitias and all dincorats anarchist and war lords like you not the other way around

        • Dmajak says:

          GatcharWear, you should be careful about the war in Bhar Ghana azalea region. It will be causely in term of humans lives. The majority of Dinka are in Bhar el ghazal and they waiting for your white army. If white army don’t attack Warrap state within a week. Gelweng will attack you in your hiding out . We were for peace when a war started, but the nuer want war, which they will not win.

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            Thokjiok Bentiu had been in Bhar El Ghazel before. It is not going to be the first time. If you do not embrace democracy, it is not going to be the last for us to be in Bhar El Ghazel.

            Peter Gatdet Yaka and Chap Majuan had been in Bhar El Ghazel in the past. They are heading there again and they do it again if you do not learn from this one. You cannot initimidate; we know them very well. They are our neighbor. There weaknesses and strengthens are there and we know them. Our only setback will be UPDF air force, but not people of Bhar El Ghazel.

        • Shamga says:

          It is unfortunate indeed that we cross paths with people like you who are stuck on themselves, intolerant of people different from them – this is rude or downright arrogant. People like you are a great source of potential pain.
          Your behavior is a reflection of limited life experience, and feeling concerned that those with greater life experience “have got something over you”. People like you feel jealous of other people’s achievements or their seeming lifestyle would have cause you to feel smug or arrogant about something you do not even do better – war. Wars are fought to be won and with purpose achieved. However, when they are fought in order to occupy and destroy and later you lose heavily and run like rats when countered then it is no reason to fight for.
          We are aware arrogant people of your kind have an extremely strong pretentious need to look winners. And when they are defeated and made to look bad- even if it is the slightest lost-they will usually be very mad; will always fantasize. Therefore, we will always provoke you and if you get upset or angry at us we will hit with an iron rode. You are animals and we simply want to turn you into real humans.
          At some point or another, you will realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you. We know your stupidity always make you create an atmosphere that revolves around you, and when you are reminded of the real world you get angry. We will counteract this by embarrassing you more and more.
          It is obvious that ambiguity frightens arrogant people such as you because it suggests imperfection, change and lack of certainty (realities you all must contend with as best you can). As such, instead of accepting that the world behaves randomly and at times totally averse to your preferences, you seek to control everything and everyone, which of course, is an impossible mission on our side as Jieng.
          Reality hurts when it intrudes; as such, your kinds are less likely than other people to self-reflect or analyze, thereby not seeing your own imperfections. You give yourselves undue credit for positive achievements of others instead of acknowledging your failures and accept the input of others or of circumstances.
          In another word you are stupid. And for your reminder a stupid man frequently boasts of his little success, meanwhile the clever one never does (he keeps to the saying-the brighter you are the more you’ll have to learn. This is the virtue for which we Jieng live). You are simply empty vessels and you just make more noise, or you have zero knowledge or a very little knowledge of everything and you try to speak a lot in order to show off or to cover up the demerits and lack of success in everything including war, but we are wise and knowledgeable on that and we will simply keep calm. Those little wins of yours don mean much. We have the iron rod and will respond with it.

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            If you are wise, let other people see it in you and let them praise you for it instead of you praising yourself. I was going to reply to the whole nonsense you put down here, but because you expose your stupidity. I decided to decline to only pointing this fact out for you. If you have a little left up stairs, you will reflect on this advice on your free time and when your head cool down.

            Secondly, if you think what I wrote doesn’t contain an iota of reality, you would have ignored it and let it slide. The reason you went on endlessly is because you have sensed the reality in my writings. I have pressed the right button that tick you. Do not think that you will intimidate me like what your master is doing in Juba, I am not an easy being to be discouraged and bullied.

          • Lavina Lual says:

            From the behaviours of kiir and gelweng and from the behaviours of dr riek and the white army none will win the war. This country needs a neutral person from other community to bring peace not dinka the kileers of ennocent people nor Nuer who are already demonised on the faced of this earth

            Kiir will not get way with these killings he is still waging in the country than talking peace

        • BILL KUCH says:

          You are exactly right, by saying none of people you killed are not supporting Nuer’s Riek government. Of course, you are making only Nuers’ government, and that’s the reason why people would not want to sideline with you guys. A tribal militia can not be supported over the national government, period! Also, I was not begging you not to kill, but you will never force people to back greediness. We should not be in this argumentation because you can prove us wrong later whenever you get control over four states of Bhar el ghazal leave alone going to Juba. Thanks!

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            BILL KUCH:

            The only power talking in you is Museveni. I can confidently assure you that had it not been for Museveni, Juba would have already fallen. Bhar El Ghazel is nothing sir. We have been in Bhar El Ghazel before. For your information, there is only two completely states of Bhar El Ghazel. The other two you share with non-Dinka. Warrap and Lake are the only two States that are predominately Bhar El Ghazel Dinka. Northern and Western are not your states. We have been to these 4 states before when we watered down your Secular United Sudan that you are now distancing yourself from.

            The Chemical Weapons of UGANDA and their cluster bombs is what you rely on. Without them, you won’t even say a word my friend. We, Nuer, would have been in Juba leave alone Bhar El Ghazel.

      • AJ says:

        you are no different from makuei and what jungle law he know? running to UN with mic calling people to go home, trying to force himself into UN compound? does he know that UN base is not juba govt? He can defend idiot like you not me.

        Tell your idot dinkas to leave and go protect your land and don’t run away from facing really man.

      • Lavina Lual says:


        The bor dinbka are people who do not give any of their portion of lands to Nuer nor Murle in Bor town leave alone to the dor Equats and I am wondering which land do the dinka bor wants to occupy in Nimule or rather Equatoria. You guys-Equatorians need to take advangtage of this current situation to ressovle these kind of issues otherwise you will regret to the rest of your lives

        The so called dinka bor in Nimule were group of dinka who were forcefully chased by Dr Riek during the 1991/2 raid and the bor dinka choose Nimule among all towns in the RSS to be closer to Uganda incase Dr Riek army followed them.

        They did not liberate Nimule as prematurely uttered by some of my freak jienge brothers.

        Part of reasons they choose Nimule is to learn some manners from peaceful Madi unfortunately they are going to turn the Madi to be rather wild with due time unless the bor dinka are taken back to other peaceful dinka towns like Warap, Aweil, Rumbek, etc. They should not nessesarily be in Equatoria as hide outs and at the same time causing havoc to the locals

    • southdaan says:

      Yes you are right brother, those Dinka Bor are a big problem to our country south sudan, what is the reason for giving 72 hours dadline for IDP Nuer to leave Bor twon meam while, BOr IDPare occupying Nimuli. in this case, they bon’t even want to implment their privet specially written consitution which stated every citizin of south sudan has a right to live any where. Please, brothers and siters Equatorians wake up and join Dr. Riek Machar, so let us joi together to uproot Pesident Kiir, so Bor will return where they come.. i appeal to the people of Nimuli, please help Dr. Riek Machar by a democracy rules, if Bor don’t want to leave the occupying Nimuli they will be voted out, like we get our independent by refrendoom they should leave Nimuli by refrendom.

  7. DENG Gai says:

    My Author, lying shamelessly makes your hardwork of writing this letter/report nothing worth than a toilet paper. It is reported by the UNMISS that 54 ppl loss their life and not 145 as you put it. Lying in the first paragraph means your story is not worthy of a reader’s time.

  8. Gatkuoth Bankoi says:

    Please this deadly Makuei Lueth to die alone since he overdrunk all the times and he does not know that the world is watching him live! The ICC catch over all these issues very soon and he is like dying horse!
    God Bless you.

  9. mindra says:

    makuei lueth,you have got what you want by using unprofessional words as if you are someone who has no gone to school,today proof has shown that you are the people deceiving mr kiir,so you call yourself minister,shame on you.your words qualify you to face the reality.
    you wanted to force your way to UN compound forcefully, after having failed, you resorted in to mobilizing the dinka youths and the combination of armies to shoot the I DPs, How can you call someone in the protection units a rebels,under UN custody, to me the writer is correct,makuei lueth,ateny wek,and marial Benjamin,are the culprits to be tried in ICC,Hague
    Oh God saves southsudan from this evils deeds,
    Mindra from loalocal-pageri payam madi corridor

  10. Thomas says:

    If you got nothing to write at all you better to stay and read other people’s fruitful articles.

  11. BILL KUCH says:

    Peter Gai Manyuon,
    Where do you get your information on number of people got killed in Bor? I am asking this, because victims were inside UN compound and that means report of UN or people on the ground should be accurate for fact that they were not over the whole or in the bushes. Also, for information, what is the evident ascertaining that Information minister was behind it? Well, you need to tell us who was the one responsible the same killing which took place in Akobo UN compound as well. Thanks!

  12. Alier Gai says:

    I am waiting for the clues from mr. Mayuon’s claims that led him to take a critical path of bargaining indictment against the minister. But what he is listening carefully is his own inner voice which is full of personal interest. All the writings of his, to say it right, are just covering up the crimes taban, riek, gore and gatdet have grossly committed. If this guy is very ethical in his writings, why he doesn’t come out right condemning the 200 civilains killed by Riek macher five days ago in binteau? Mayuon is a quantity of the class messing up south sudan. If riek, gore, taban are rewarded for their sinners, then who should the writer be indicted on the internet? This is a complete trash thinking.

    • Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:

      Alier Gai:

      When are you going to Condemn the 17,613 Nuer civilians kill in Juba by your tribal government? Death is death, you kill Nuer civilians and you expect the same. You just rush to accusing Riek, Taban, Gore, and Gatdet and leave out your Dinka’s President, Salva Kiir Mayardit who started the War.

      Each is entitled to his opinion, but all these messes must be blamed on Salva Kiir for hijacking South Sudanese. Dr. Riek Machar and his group simply escaped assassination. The war is for innocent Nuer civilians who were murdered senselessly in Juba. The rest are the result of what took place in Juba. Had your Bishop of doom went after Dr. Riek Machar only, none of this would not have had happened. Hence, the worse it yet to come. Keep licking UPDF feet and preparing their beds, we will still come to Bor. It is just a matter of time. The revenge killing of those innocent children and women you murdered is on it ways. I hope you haven’t already left for Nimule and Uganda.

      • Alier Gai says:

        Just come and tour the town, and make sure when you go back to nuerland do not overpass your village and called ethiopia your real home. No 17,613 nuers killed by dinka, they are in refugee camps in ethiopia. You go and look for them. You killed dinkas without repayment of that crime for sin committed. But be honest that dinka is equal to nuer’s suffering. You have to draw a line between lying and telling the truth when one is dealing with complicated issues, such as current war we are all sensitive. Otherwise, one homeless is calling other homeless a homeless.

  13. Okot Pal says:

    This video speaks volumes South Sudan Savages!

  14. Jalaba says:

    Well, we are very happy to see dogs killing each others in Khartoum. You people do not understand anything at all except driniking and playing sexes with your own useless and dirty wives.Just kill yourself as much as you can and then we will come and get the land empty without any single human life in place and started our own new ways of life in South Sudan.Dinka and Nuer are foolish and the very last people in this world who completely don’t behave like human beings rather than being wild animals.These group of people are the one causing troubles in everywhere around the globes whether it has to be in South Sudan or any where they live.I hope you people finished and vanished all before we come to South Sudan !!

    • Beek says:

      @Jalaba,Most of us never ever slept with your Khartoum muslim wives nor girls,you should be ashamed of your North Sudan.Greedy Northerners trades who wanted to control everything.There is no other sexual human being on earth than you do.My MUM never slept with you.I am sorry to mentioned that you are fake arab and …..but you deny that.

    • Beek says:

      FREEDOM in the SOUTH,you missed that for ever.

  15. Beek says:

    Is Nuer in Limbo?

  16. southdaan says:

    Dear Mr. Peter. I like your writng it may happy always when i read your article you allways make a clear focusing one issue. I agreed, Makuei Lueth and Koul Manyang are the one ordered the SPLA to Nuer civilians in UNMISS compound, why does people keep blaming President Kiir?.To my undrestanding, president Kiir is held hostage by Dinka Bor to kill inneconce Nuer civilians. I want every body ought to know this war is a Dinka Bor war, it was designed and planed by a former vice president Mr. Able Aleir the father of (New Sudan Vison). It was same that cause t1982-1987 war between Mr. Samuel Gai Tut and Dr. Johon Garang

  17. Rubi says:

    Mr manguon
    You are the one propaganding pushing the total death from 54 to 145 what kind of journalism did you do base on your selfish article, infact Riek should be the one to face justice or hanged for the massacre of Dinka, Chollo in all areas of Upper nile, don’t cry yet this is something you have cooked and you must feel its taste because there’s no point of causing havoc in the country when actually you were the majority in the army by 75% and well presented in the cabinet there’s no point of marginalisation, the nuers will regret this barbaric act of killing almost every creature they found alive in the places they controled even the dogs in dinkas’ residentals. tribalism will bury this country.

    • Nuer - Another Israel in East Frica says:


      Go to hell. Mr. Gai Manyuon did not exaggerate but told the truth. Nuers not are crying; we are coming for you and your husband, Museveni. And of course, we will kill any bird or dogs of which you are one of them in our way. Your fail government will not exist anymore. We watered down your Secular United Sudan vision long ago and we ready to reverse your dictatorship tendency. It is understood now that you are distancing yourself from the Secular United Sudan vision. You are despicting yourselves as separatist when you never been. The barbaric act you accused us of start in Juba when you killed our people shamelessly. You can now taste the dosage of your own medicine and see how it feels.

  18. Nyesi Ta says:

    Combo Majanin graduates are here.

  19. Francis Mangok says:

    Dear all,

    It is difficult to support the killing, but I have question to those rebels who are fighting in the name of democracy: why do they kill people in the churches and hospitals? Is this the way how to fight for democracy? It is against God and I do not see there is the bless for doing this kind of brutal mass killing in the churches. Church is a house of God where everybody can go to worship why do you kill people in the house of God. Those leaders who are in this movement why they do not preach to those who keep doing these stupid killing in the churches. The leaders of this movement should have to correct their objectives otherwise God Himself will not be happy for what they are doing in their revolutionary.

  20. GatCharwearbol says:

    Francis Mangok:

    The government you are protecting mass murdered innocent Nuer women and children in Juba. Your private army searched them door to door and I do not think, but I do know that mass killing innocent people simply because they happen to be from certain ethnic group is not good in the eye of God. Hence, do not blame the freedom fighters, they are just defending themselves from your brutal government. Why did the government went on killing spree of Nuer women and children in Bor’s UNMISS compound? Is that good to you since you did not condemn it? The primary inciter of this war is Salva Kiir. There is no reason to point finger to wrong person. Are you afraid of Kiir? Yes you are and we know. But we are not afraid of him. We will never stop questioning what is not true and what needs to be questioned. That is our nature. God will not be happy with what your Bishop of doom has done as well. God does not take side. He is not tribalist like you. Thus, do not call God’s name in vain.

    • Ww says:

      Mr. Gatcharwearbol,

      The brilliant of Dr evil, riek machar is that he understands his people Nuer very well. They are emotional, uneducated, irrational beings. He knows he can lie to them and they can run into it like rats that smelled a rotten meat. If more than 17,0000 Nuers were killed in juba you wouldn’t have to even mention it, UN bodies would have done for you. IT was a lie designed to get you dumb Nuers to die so blood sucking Dr. can become president. But you wouldn’t see that for riek machar is controlling the very essence you; your thoughts and believes. And for what I can see so far he will do that until young nuer men are finished while his sons and daughters are studying abroad and f….. white men and women.
      What democracy are you fighting for? Are you the smartest tribe out of the 64 tribes in the south Sudan? Or did your stupidity and the brilliant of the dark hearted Dr machar made you believed that you will capture the whole city within one hour ? I am sorry but you idiots will not put riek and taban to power by force. You have not learned your lessons in 1991 but now you will.

  21. Jalaba says:

    You should believe with me that both Dinka and Nuer are not human beings rather than wild animals created in this planet earth purposely to bring destruction and hatred around the globes from the very beginning of human history and up to date. They are said to be wolves and nothing more than that. Let them kill themselves who cares?

  22. Lavina Lual says:

    May be you are right but I pray that you meet good ones one day one time becaus not all can dinkas fall under the category you are saying. There are good ones but they are very few and are outnumbered by bad ones and the other jieng look into their polite brothers and sisters as cowards the name they canonize with the Equatorians and people of Wau excluding Nuer

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