Who Killed Isaiah Abraham?

BY: WAN DIT, Former security member, DEC/07/2012, SSN;

South Sudanese political commentator and analyst, Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol, who was from Bor, Jonglei State was terminated on 4 December with one bullet to the head at point blank. Famous Isaiah Abraham, the late was fierce and very brave writer who questioned the government. I don’t know if it is wise or brave but his death has made me leave security and tell this.

As a member of security service, there is no organization of information in the security organ. No secrets, we all know and those people with connections know secret information too. Isaiah’s death come as a shock to many people all over the world but those in security, it was made with deafening silence.

However, for those with knowledge and know it was clear he either shut up or be eliminated. What is responsible for his death is his article in which he wrote saying the president must step down. That was the last straw and it was decided to eliminate him.

Once the decision was approved by the big people, those of us with an idea tried to convince otherwise but was difficult without risking my life. I am a small man.

So how was Isaiah killed? Those who know have gone overseas now but we in the security job usually take a person number from the phone companies, Vivacell or zain or MTN, and then we see who you talk with or to often or every time and then we get that person.

That person is then used by the security to get its victims by telephone call or we go their homes.

In the particular case of Isaiah Abraham, he was killed by members of a special protection of president guard unit, called ‘Tiger.’ It is open secret known to all that they have jails in their compound next to the president’s official residence, J1. They have killed many people and buried them there, even including a guy who used the First Lady’s name for business.

So, on that fatal night, Isaiah Diing was called out from his home and was made to sit down and then shot in the head. Only one bullet. He was killed by another Dinka, his tribe people. The murdering people made sure that national security was not patrolling at night in that particular area of Gudele.

So, my brothers, watch out. Security people say the following people are next because of too much talking against the government and ministers.

So, please, brothers watch out. Mabior Garang, Kuir e Garang, Deng Dekeuk, Mading Ngor, Zachariah Manyok Biar, Elhag Paul, Justin Ambago Ramba and James Okuk.

Former Security Member


  1. mejablue says:

    That’s good info to know, Wandit, whoever you are, although nothing will help to bring back “Brave Isaiah” at this juncture. But think for a second! Where are we heading as a nation with this culture of elimination?
    Dog eat dog, inhuman practices,…..?
    Does the security intelligence own this country? Is there a constitution to begin with? Do you think such practices will protect your president and make his job easier or difficult?
    Do you guys remember those bush days are bye-gone? I am one of people who hate generalization, but these Gogrials are tearing apart this nation gradually if nobody steps in to help. Just keeping silence, you will see what will happen!

  2. sengar says:

    Really it is terrifying as to where this country is heading. I became sure SPLM could lead this country to Somalization of south Sudan. I am asking my self was it wise decision when I voted for independence of south Sudan!

  3. Jebel Boma says:

    Go and seek asylum, Wan Dit, otherwise your life will be in danger, if you are the true former security officer telling the truth.

  4. Deng says:

    Just wait, a big genocide will happen in south Sudan, southerners are believing on what was said by Dr Lam Akol that south Sudan will be a second Somalia. A matter of time and you will see the difference, also more rebels to join Yau Yau.

  5. Tongun says:

    Thank you brother Wan Dit, for the bravery you have shown by writing this article. You have to take care of yourself for they might be coming for you.

  6. Anyieth Arou Maan says:

    So we voted for death row?

  7. Patriot says:

    Wan Dit. I don’t think that you are a former security officer.. you are one of them and you just want to know the reactions of such big men like Abraham.. to your information.. there are many Isaiah’s who prefer to die when they are denied the right to tell the truth.. RIP Great Isaiah Abraham and we will follow your path.

  8. Anna Tabaan says:

    Wan Dit, Thank you for giving us this information. But beware. I hope you are already housed somewhere in one of the embassies seeking asylum or you have written this article out of South Sudan, because they are going to come for you. I hope this is your pseudonym and not your real name, otherwise you are finished. Post this article to other International media houses too.

    No matter how often they kill, they will not finish the brains in this nation.

    Shame on them! Just read on Sudan Tribune that the president has ordered investigations into the murder. We all know – it shall bring no results. With one hand you sing about Justice, Rule of law and Human rights and with the other, you order the murder of your citizens. Real shame indeed!

  9. Ajak Makor says:

    This is bull…..? Since when did this Wandit desert the said job, did he desert yesterday? Then he most be the culprit himself. Isaiah was no coward nor was he an opposition member who is hiding in Khartoum, he was a liberator who opted to criticize what he saw wrong in his own country run by the same movement of his.
    So I say whoever committed that cowardly crime, will be brought to book sooner or later, the blood of innocent is on God’s care.
    I can swear that this man, the so-called Wandit, is the Assassin himself. If he knows that the Killer was another Dinka, why not mention the name of the killer since Wandit is remaining anonymous like any criminal and is even a fugitive? Definitely if he deserted his job yesterday, he will be well known to his bosses and they will get his skin.
    That is why I can smell how this Assassin is intending to bull…. us who are really grieved by the great loss.
    Isaiah was a man of principles, respected by his friends and enemies alike.
    I am not intending to defend any thug, but the make up is cheap in Wandit writings. Some fool may buy it, but for me if I have the means, I would get this Wandit first and let him tell the truth if he knows any, otherwise, he might just be enjoying torturing our already troubled souls.
    Rest in Peace, Comrade Isaiah.

  10. Anyangaliec says:

    I don’t believe him. He himself is part and parcel of the said apparatus. He think he’s clever enough to fool all of us. But, no, he won’t? Instead, he should know that whatever goes around comes around! And in that sense, we’ll get hold of them no matter how long it may take!.

  11. spear Gatmai says:

    Thanks for lying to us, but you shouldn’t fabricate what has no any similarity to be a wise lie for some fools to believe that you were once a member of security and you knew how to trace the tragedy. Please, let me advise you to stop politicizing this issue. It has nothing to do with president’s close protection unit, but might be his enemies from somewhere. Don’t put blame on Mr. President please. You even claimed to be former member but none of you have been a security. Don’t throw dust into our eyes, we are not kids to be easily bewildered and believe a wrong statement from a wrong man who claims to be all-knowing.

  12. Hi, Wandit, if you normally say the truth as you say that those who killed the hero, Abraham, is from Dinka, why you did not mention their names? Stupid man, better to keep silent. Are you from which security list? Don’t joke with the name Gogrial, not everybody in Gogrial who is have emphasis of Kiir. You should know Kiir is a good man, what if it’s somebody like Kuanyin Bol, you could have known him properly….

  13. joe gorge says:

    President Kiir preaches justice during the day and does the opposite at night. What a typical hypocrite!!!

  14. Kelei says:

    This is a good move by Wandit, at least we’re getting some information even though the are not accurate. Fellas countrymen, this is a wake up call for all of us, nobody important in our country whether you are related to the President or not. In our President’s house his own nephew was found dead in 2010 if I am not mistaken of the year, what does that tell us as citizen. Idi Amid Dada came up and started to kill his people, don’t we see the same thing in Salva Kiir government?

  15. Glory says:

    My friends, let us not scare this man. let us ask him to provide the name of that Dinka tribesman. Wan Dit, please, be courageous enough and list the names of the Dinka men who put one bullet in his head. Second, list the names of the big men who agreed that outspoken journalists/writers will be eliminated. Otherwise, we will pray that God puts the blood of Isaiah Abraham on you and your family. Come out with the names, please!

  16. Africano says:

    This guy who called himself Wandit must be from Nuer! Having read the article properly, I have realized that he is trying to use this moment as an opportunity to discredit Kiir and confuse Dinka at large, but with such a situation, all we have to do is to pay our heart feelings to the family of the deceased and stop this cheap accusations against certain tribe or person.
    Fellow countrymen and women, let’s forget of him (Isaiah) and focus in future and wait for the outcome of the police investigation, there might be finding that favors the person whom you are accusing right here. I have a genuine source that updates me on this matter so let’s be wise when commenting.
    Mr. Wandit, no wise person can ever buy this cheap article, believe me or not, Isaiah was not murdered by a person’s opinion as you mentioned but it was rather a joined task by those top government officials including those from greater Bor, Equatoria, Nuer mention them, who want to secure their positions in the government.
    Agree with me or not, NO any person who works in SPLM/A can ever be killed on political motivation in South Sudan without prior knowledge of Dinka Bor politicians, so politicians from Bor must be the ones who assassinated their own brother because they knew his future destination!!! And if they are innocent, then let them prove and tell the world who did it because I know they can find out the assassins as they dominated most significant positions in various forces. Otherwise, R.I.P True hero!

    • Madbai says:

      For those who are joking, it is a matter of time. Let us all be courageous enough to face the situation head on and not to turn around to eliminate our hope , because of baseless ground. Those responsible must be made to face the law or else we Somalized this Country.
      The leadership of this Country must come out and take bold decision in correcting this confused situation.

    • mejablue says:

      Hey Africano, your claim doesn’t hold water and you sound hypocritically in your writing. Since you are anonymous as africano, why don’t you give us your claimed “genuine source” otherwise I wouldn’t able to take what you saying. R.I. P Isaiah!.

  17. monjang says:

    Well, will president stay with that character? He must step down unless he stops corruption.
    Take care, guys from Jonglei, you are hated because of your cleverness.

  18. Jebel torya says:

    Let me tell you my fellow brothers and sister If you wish to make a man look noble, your best course is to kill him. What superiority he may have inherited from his race, what superiority nature may have personally gifted him with, comes out in death.

  19. Abidit says:

    Its my first time to read your article. For indicating that Isaac Abraham killed by his next skin, second point you saided, you have mentioned that the National security is the body implementers for the killing of your lord Isaac Abraham.

    May son let me advice you, Jesus was killed by his owned people and the world is still remain as it is, and the People they are still moving head has not stop for the world christs. because son of God has been killed. nothing like that mentioned in the Bible. In the same article Isaac Abraham can be killed, because of his time has come to die, and South Sudan can continuouse moving head for his development. Nothing bad.

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