Who is waiting for who —- Arusha Agreement or Addis Ababa Agreement!

By: Justin Ambago Ramba, U.K., JAN/25/2015, SSN;

Let the obvious not be twisted to mean another thing. It is a known fact that the reason SPLM/SPLA is now a fractured movement and Army respectively is because of an internal power struggle. This much is well known to all, although of course lately there are voices trying to make it sound otherwise.

On the other hand people also know that South Sudan is now at war with itself because the SPLM/SPLA leadership decided to take its internal power struggle into residential areas in Juba, other towns and villages claiming over 100,000 innocent lives.

All those murdered men, women, children in this crazy war were people who would have otherwise gone on with their lives in a normal way even if the SPLM were to completely vanish from the political scene given its rotten records or corruption, impunity, embezzlement ………etc.

Arusha unification Agreement is only one of the many fake resorts the fractured SPLM will knowingly use to give the world audience a false impression about its own inborn contradictions.

Many SPLM members and the leadership alike have for a long time received contradicting indoctrinations throughout the history of this party to the extent that there are no more existing a single interpretation to any of its declared mission statements and programmes.

The SPLM/SPLA veterans seem to be convinced that they have to loot the country dry before they can pass the leadership to its second tier cadres. For I am aware that many brilliant young people are being held hostages inside this slowly decaying SPLM/SPLA political party.

They [young SPLM/SPLA members] can either choose to rid South Sudan of this menace and take over leadership of SPLM/SPLA and transform it into a purely political party without any military off-shots or they equally risk rotting and sinking in the inevitably sinking SPLM/SPLA militaristic political party.

When the Arusha Agreement was signed, it was signed not to be implemented until certain conditions (albeit undeclared) are achieved. For SPLM-In-Opposition, that condition is to see President Salva Kiir step down from the SPLM Chairmanship and never runs for presidency again.

SPLM-in-Juba too, is not without an undeclared condition of its own for the implementation of the Arusha Deal. It hopes that the opposition endorses Salva Kiir as the chairperson of the reunified SPLM party minus/plus other things.

These two contradicting positions are equally known to the public. So who is fooling who?

Back to Addis Ababa where things were left unsealed awaiting the outcome of the various consultations held by the warring factions and their grassroots.

“You can take a horse to the river, but you can’t force it to drink”, a simple but important idiom for both IGAD and the Troika as they go around trying to impose a settlement in what is already a complex situation even by South Sudanese’s own standards!

Dr Justin Ambago Ramba. Member of the Political Parties Delegation to the IGAD mediated Peace Settlement for South Sudan and a voice for the voice millions.


  1. AGUMUT says:

    I think Riek Machar will be like Jonas Savimbi, sure he is in LIMBO.

  2. AGUMUT says:

    Something had being exchanged over here or maybe they fool people.

  3. survivor says:

    Very refreshing to see this type of critique. Finally someone has discovered the ever elusive best that is the SPLM/A. The political party that once held and hope and aspiration of the people of South Sudan, that dashed those hope and dreams as soon as tis achieved the objective. Given the simple mindedness of our people. This party (SPLM) has managed to divide our people along tribal lines, while the elites are enriching themselves at the expense of the very people they are using to defend them. Truly, a sad and pathetic situation.
    Though it is obvious to us all, not one has enough courage to except the fat that the leadership of this party has failed and none of the leaders have anything else left to give the people. Infusion of next generation of leaders is the only way forward. These old tired leader that know nothing about nation building or leading a diverse population has got to go.

  4. Aken Kuol says:

    Attacking SPLM is not a wise thing. We’ve. Fought this war helpless against all enemies and ill wishers. God answers prayersprayers. South Sudan is my home. My father fought for it and i been praying for it. All enemies of South Sudan, die slow.

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