Who is the real prophet of doom?

By: Dr. Deng Bol Kuol, KENYA, FEB/04/2014, SSN;

The unfolding truth behind the tragic events, which erupted in Juba on 15th December 2013, is gradually becoming clearer and clearer. As it is reported by reliable sources those terrible events were triggered by a clash between the soldiers of the Presidential Guard, when their commander (a Dinka) decided to disarm the whole force and rearm a group of Dinka soldiers at that night.

This story indicates beyond reasonable doubts that it was the Dinka soldiers among the presidential guards who had a mysterious plan and the Nuer soldiers were only reacting to their suspicious activities.

With these revelations, the people of South of Sudan and many of their friends in the world have discovered and realized that the alleged coup was nothing but a premeditated ploy orchestrated by President Salva kiir and his group to eliminate Dr. Riek Machar and the other political opponents.

In this respect, if we want to verify the real coup plotters, let us compare the demeanour of the exuberant Gen. Salva Kiir in the press conference of 15/12/2013 and the depressed Gen. Salva Kiir in the other appearances after he learned that Dr. Riek Machar has escaped safely from the plot of his assassination.

Who would have imagined that President Salva Kiir would be intoxicated by power and greed to the extent of planning to kill his own comrades? What a horrible disgrace?

Miraculously, on that terrible night, our Almighty God sent his angels to rescue Dr. Riek Machar and his companions from the devil and the demons in Juba (the word angels here refers to the unknown heroes, who bravely succeeded to take Dr. Riek Machar out from Juba safely).

This miracle is a sign that Dr. Riek Machar Teny is a prophet of hope, who will save our new country and change it into a democratic place of freedom, equality, justice and prosperity.

At this juncture, it is imperative to throw one question to Mr. Michael Makuei (ElSahaf of South Sudan) and those people who are vehemently defending Gen. Salva Kiir as a democratically elected president: The simple question for the pretenders in Juba will be: Is fabricating a coup to kill political opponents a constitutional democratic right?

The answer is definitely a big ‘No’. In fact, such action is an act of high treason, which strips the constitutional legitimacy from any elected president. In this context, President Salva kiir is a cruel dictator, who is supposed to be impeached by the Parliament.

Ironically, the terrified chickens of the rubber-stamp Parliament welcomed the brutal tyrant with a standing ovation, when he addressed them in the aftermath of the fabricated coup!

Also, to add insult to injury, President Salva Kiir did not show little sympathy or sorrow to those honorable members of the Parliament, who might have lost their loved ones in the massacre of Juba.

Instead, he accused some members of the Parliament of being part of the coup and insulted our brave mother Rebecca Nyandeng. Yet, supporters of the paranoid dictator were clapping!

Of Course, some of our honourable members are not cowards, but in the domain of a dictator, people are usually squeezed between the rock and the hard place. They have to make the difficult choice to either join the team of sycophants and opportunists or risk being labelled enemies.

It boggles one’s mind that the senseless liars in Juba, namely Gen. Salva Kiir, Mr. Wani Igga, Mr. Martin Elia, Mr. Kual Manyang, Mr. Michael Makuei, Mr. Riak Gai, Mr. Bashir Bandi, Mr. Barnaba Mariel and others, are still unscrupulously spreading lies to deceive the people of South Sudan about the real coup plotters.

However, the dictator and his group ought to be told that sooner or later truth will eventually prevail, because people of South Sudan and their friends in the international community are not fools.

One example is the statement by Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the crisis in South Sudan, when she officially stated: “We have not seen any evidence that there was a coup attempt”.

Hence, it is hypocritical for Gen. Salva Kiir and his group to continue defying the regional and international mounting pressure to release the innocent political detainees since there was no coup attempt.

In the same manner, the desperate action by Gen. Salva Kiir and his group to implicate and prosecute innocent political detainees will constitute another crime against humanity and may undermine the regional and international efforts to solve the crisis through peaceful negotiations.

Certainly, Dr. Riak Machar is absolutely justified to insist on his demand for the release of the political detainees before signing any cease fire agreement, because President Salva Kiir and his group are murderers, who cannot be trusted.

Furthermore, it is ridiculous for Mr. Ateny Wek Ateny to continue “beating the drums of lies” about the alleged coup and the genocide, because the President himself has explicitly confessed the atrocities, which were committed in Juba by the Dinka presidential guards, when he said: “Anybody that goes to residential areas to kill people or to loot the property of others and hoping that he’s doing it to support me must know that person is not supporting me. Instead, you are destroying me”.

All in all, President Salva Kiir and his group should be made responsible and accountable for fabricating the coup and for the heinous crimes, which were committed by the soldiers in Juba and everywhere in South Sudan. This argument can be substantiated by the following points:

First, Gen. Salva Kiir started his dubious plans to maintain the political and economic power through tribalism and Dinka hegemony by looting millions of dollars from the coppers of the Government of South Sudan.

Examples of the looting include the Dura Saga, the loan of 4.5 billion Dollars during the austerity measures and the four billion American Dollars, which were allegedly stolen by 75 government officials.

According to the letters written by President kiir to the officials; this amount is currently being refunded to a secret account known by President Kiir and one of his friends.

Second, President Salva Kiir formed his tribal army (predominantly from the Dinka of Warrap and Aweil) under the disguise of the presidential guards to strengthen his military grip and terrify his political adversaries.

It is also obvious that the Militias were armed and sent by Khartoum to support President Salva Kiir in his secret military plans.

Third, President Salva Kiir was the one who designed and declared the current ethnic war in South Sudan, when he announced that the alleged coup was led by Dr. Riek Machar.

This announcement was an order to unleash his tribal militia (the so-called presidential guards) on the suspected enemies.

As a result, Dinka Soldiers went on rampage in Juba wreaking havoc and targeting Nuer people from door to door. This carnage is a genocide and ethnic cleansing by all measures in the world of the 21st century.

In this regard, it is hypocrisy that President Salva Kiir was reported saying: ‘I will not release the political detainees; unless I am told who would be held responsible for the atrocities committed against the people’.

This statement is a continuation of the denial campaign, which reveals that Gen. Salva Kiir and his group are still daydreaming about their blame game and deception propaganda.

However, the great people of South Sudan know very well that Dr. Riek Machar, Mr. Pagan Amum, Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, Mr. Deng Alor, Mr. Kosti Manibe, Justice John Luk, Gen. Oyay Deng Ajak, Mr. Gier Chuang, Mr. Taban Deng, Dr. Cirilo Utang, Dr. Adwok Nyaba, Mr. Lado Gore, Eng. Tong Mayay, Mr. Biar Dut, Dr. Majak Agoth, Amb. Ezikel Gatkuoth and others are falsely accused by Gen. Kiir, because they courageously rejected his dictatorial decisions and tendencies.

As a result, it seems that these heroes and heroines are once again destined by their patriotic and national spirit, which was driving them during the liberation struggle to lead the war of freedom and democracy in our beloved land South Sudan.

Now, who is the real prophet of doom in the Republic of South Sudan? This question does not need someone to be a rocket scientist to answer it.

In a nutshell, President Salva Kiir is the real prophet of doom in South Sudan. He has categorically abused his constitutional powers, when he decided to rule by autocratic decrees and not by democratic norms.

He has betrayed the SPLM Party and the people of South Sudan, when he misused the people’s trust to commit genocide and plunge our new country into a disastrous ethnic war.

Therefore, the right place for Gen. Salva Kiir will be the prison of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague and not the Presidential Palace in Juba.

In other words, the new African dictator Gen. Salva Kiir has unconsciously opened the Pandora Box to book his seat near his friend and mentor the ICC fugitive Omer El Bashir.

Dr. Deng Bol Kuol is a concerned South Sudanese. He can be reached through deng.bokuol@yahoo.com


  1. Msema Kweli says:

    Come back home and build your country,

  2. Grang says:

    Kiir is the must stupid Dinka on earth. He will hunge, but what wil happen to his warrap Dinka after his death. Kirr shuold quite before is too late.

  3. Arabbmoi says:

    Kiir must profess his behaviours toward other tribes. He is not fitting to rule us all but only his Dinka home land from Warrap state which his militias are descended from. He uses his warrap warriors to fight and kill for what he thinks his enemies. The man is too dumb to continue to be a president anymore we have to isolate him to retire. Kiir must go people.


  4. AW joseph says:

    Dear Dr Kuol
    I read your article with tears on my eyes. The SPLA since its inception in 1983-2005 promised us that the day we liberated ourselves from the tyrannical regime in Khartoum the following would occur:
    1-That there will be democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, Equality, Security, justice, no fear or favour.
    2- Free education
    3- Free medical care
    4- No discrimination due to your gender, race or tribe
    5- The sky is the limit of all the promises…………….
    After 2005 to date what benefit did the citizens get from King Salva Kiir of the Gellweng Nation apart from the following:
    1- Greed and corruption from top to bottom
    2- No justice
    3- Nepotism
    4- Insecurity
    5- Crime
    6- No free education
    7- No free Medical Care
    8- Indiscipline tribal Army, police and security personnel
    9- Allowing undocumented poor foreigners and criminals in the name of investors.
    10- Wide spread unemployment
    11- Hunger
    12- Disease
    13- Tribalism
    14 Dictatorship
    What we are experiencing today was unheard of in the History of United Sudan or if it did happen it has never reached to the level we are witnessing today. Someone help me out there; in which City, Town or village where the government lead by the Arabs or Jallaba organised a mass killing of a particular tribe in South Sudan since 1983-2005?
    I am ashamed of Salva Kiir being my president and of our Country. I have never voted for the SPLM, and I will never ever in my life vote Salva Kiir.

  5. malith Alier says:

    Two wrongs cannot make a right. False name and false claims. No single person among the group you mentioned is not been accused of theft, no one.

    • Pan says:

      Malith Alier, you and I seem to be the only people here who want former cabinet members to be seen for who they are and what they were for the last 8+ years. Karma is a bitch. These guys have created untold misery while in office and I personally will not turn myself into a jackal trying to bite at the heels of their Karma. What goes around comes around.

      The definition of treason must include theft of national resources.

  6. Very well organise evidences of the roots cause of the pre-planned coup, by unwanted/illegal of South Sudan….. The intention of this falsed designed coup, was aimed to disarm Dr Machar body-guards which will then be easy for Kiir to him alive, or dead…. But that’s planned failed, because GOD knows that’ s Dr Machar is simply an innocent person….

  7. Kidepo says:

    -Question “who is the real prophet of doom”?

    -My answer is “Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dinkas”

  8. Nikalongo says:


    Dinka and Nuer are all one and the same. Given the opportunity, they do this kind of thing (killing) to each other. Kiir and his militia gang had that chance in Juba while Riak and his bad boys were busy doing just that in Bor. Blaming Kiir alone, characteristic of Riak supporters is not going to offer a just solution to the crisis. There was probably never a coup but why did Riak side with the mutineering commanders in Bor, Bentui and Malakal? He had an opportunity to call from his hideout for a UN sanctioned investigation into the killings of civilians in Juba and other towns. Had he done that, Kiir would’nt be in office today. He instead took ownership of the rebellion. By doing that, Riak gave Kiir the reason to declare a coup had indeed taken place. Those languishing in custody should be released. Their only crime is calling for reform in their party. By keeping them jailed, Kiir is bestowing on them a martyrdom status.

    Kuol, Kiir the monster is our creation. The events of Dec.15 were premedidated by all those involved. The recruitment and training of the unofficial presidential guard was part of the project. Our national army the SPLA has three factions. The neutral one led by Chief of Staff Mai, and the two tribal ones led by Kiir and Riak. Kiir’s was outnumbered and needed more fire power. How was he going to do that if not from Warap and the sorroundings? Kuol, did u want him to recruit them from Torit and Morobo? Only Mai can recruit does that. Because 15th Dec. came earlier than expected, UPDF had to come in to help Kiir’s part of the SPLA. But thanks to the UPDF, the war was contained and kept away from Equatoria, the only region without much input (only in Mai’s) in the national army.

    Kuol, there is no patroitism in the actions of Riak and all the elites in the SPLM. The power to remove elected governors in our constitution was unanimously endorsed by the elites in the SPLM. Resentment to Kiir’s misuse of constitutional powers came when he used it to flex his muscles on the the warlords. Citizens should not be misled into thinking that those now shedding crocodile tears in the bushes of Greater Upper Nile and around the peace table in Adis are any better than Kiir in the Presidential Palace in Juba. 2015 is around the corner. All those interested in elective positions including the presidency can take their applications to the electorate. SPLM in power and SPLM in opposition should lay down their arms and give the people of South Sudan the opportunity to decide who can govern them. Shooting our ways to the presidency and calls to violent change of government must be avoided.

    • Pan says:

      Reform in the party, NIkalong? Really? Why didn’t they publicly declare their assets if they wished to see reform? Those losers have gotten off too easy. Looting is treason.

      • Stephen Lham says:

        Pan, you need to make sense out of your comments buddy. Question, have you seen SPL/A soldiers carrying UNICEF’s school supplies when they were heading to Bor (Mathiang)? If you did, who are the real looters here brother?

        • Pan says:

          Stephen Lham, have you seen UNICEF backpacks in Riak Machar’s unhidden bush camp, buddy? The photos online and it is FUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNY. They are all looters, brother. Your Angel of Democracy and his family was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the national looting spree. Did you know that his son Teng enjoyed contracts with his white friends that were single source directly from his father’s office and that he never had to wait in line when he went to the Ministry of Finance to get paid? Did you know that his wife Angelina partnered with an American socalled NGO and wanted to charge million to miraculously reconcile South Sudan overnight, which was essentially a ploy by that family to get others to pay for their own election campaign in the guise of reconciliation. Brother, I’m not going to interrupt the Karma heading toward any of your heros or anyone else’s heros like thunderbolt. I’ve got better work to do.

        • Pan says:

          Stephen Lham, here are the photos. They are tragic and funny. Morbidly so. Apparently your Messiah also like little blue UNICEF toys.


    • Pan says:

      Apologies, Nikalongo, my post was premature. Your comment is spot on! Keep it up!

    • AW joseph says:

      There is a saying that an enemy of my enemy is my friend. I do not know why you are going on about Riek Machar’s shared responsibility of the political crisis. Why blame Riek for standing up to this bully and Dictator Kiir? What Crime did Riek do apart from standing up for a fair go, justice, equality, freedom and democracy?
      The forced rebellion is not about Riek machar or Nuer people, Its a fight for the survival of the very existence of the Nuer people as a tribe, Its about our children in future South Sudan, Its about the oppression of Equatorians in greater Equatoria region and other minorities throughout the country by the unruly Dinka from Warraap & Northern Bahr El Ghazal states, Its about foreigners’ from Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia…..etc….invading our country and taking control of our economy and being employed in jobs that are strictly for South Sudanese citizens.
      Please Nikalongo, if your uncle/aunty or relatives are some of those greedy, corrupt and puppet Equatorians of Kiir’s dictatorial regime, just shut up and help your relatives enjoy your ill gotten riches quietly. Otherwise, leave our Prophet, hero, saviour and messiah Riek Machar alone.

      • Jimmy says:

        AW Joseph
        is not a shame for for someone who callec himself intellectual to mobilized and lead his own tribe to rebellion against government. who will except to join even wise Nuers are against this melitiuos act of Riak Machar.
        Regarding Equatorians, Equatorian are complaining of their land beig settled Dinkasleaving local inhabitnt without good places to build their houses, and it is the same Riak who was the cause.
        On ther hand foreigners are skill workers who are employed to train our people for a short period of time. Do you think White Army who are cattle raiders can do that comp;icated modern network? absolutely not
        There will be a time when Nuer will sit and ask Riak a question of why they die because of his interest, and they will demand compensation of the lives lost.
        Last Riak is guilty for masscaring Bor population twice in 1991 and 2013 without justifying reason for killing.

        • AW Joseph says:

          What short period of time should be given to your so called skilled immigrants? Have these skilled immigrants not been around in South Sudan for nearly ten years and what difference did they make?
          Its our country, we should be able to run it the way we want with our own values. Why do we want to copy and adapt foreign alien cultures?

      • Kidepo says:

        Nikalongo and Lokilachong are both from Toposa based from his names. It is also possible that anyone can name any name irregardless of his/her ethnicity. Our EES Governor a puppet of Kiir is from Toposa, he has no cent of dinka blood as articulated by some people here but his wife Hon Semira is a jenge from bor

        This is for your information to help you in analyses

  9. Gor Makooi says:

    this author must be stupid writer ever and tribalist i done know how you get your information but you make sense at all, you are helping but fuelling up, where in this world have you ever hear people admitting a fail coup attempt, you only accepted went you succeed that’s it

  10. Sheikh Adam says:

    Nikalongo, thank you for your analysis. I don’t know if you have been following the events in the SPLM. No body wanted to remove President Kiir from his position before the 2015 elections. In any democratic excersice, there has to be room for competition. These citizents were excersicing their rights to compete in the coming election. This made Mr. Kiir very furious. Kiir doesn’t entertain a challenger. What does this mean? Obviously, it means he would like to be the president of the RSS for life as his mentor (MUSEVENI ).
    Secondly for your information, the generals in Bor and Bentiu’s rebellion had nothing to do with Riack Machar. It was a spontaneous response to killing of innocent people in Juba by Kiir’s tribal militia.
    Thirdly, involving foreign mercineries in local dispute indicates that our president has chosen to cling to power by all means or destroy the country. Of course, Kiir and cohort have accumulated wealth abroad and won’t bother if this country sinks into hell or not.

  11. Coldit says:

    Thanks for precisely articulated piece of evidence against the tyranny regime. South Sudan and the world deserve the truth. And the real prophet of doom must be told evidentially as you did.

  12. Kidepo says:

    Sheikh Adam-

    ” A true sheikh you are”.Keep it up!.

    You left my mouth widely opened when you wrote precise fact surrounding SPLM. You have said it all indeed!

  13. Lwate says:

    If you have ever been beaten by a snake,and you see a Lizard,Definitely,you have to take a precaution.We should not blame President Kiir,The so called Dr.Machar has never been a honest JUNUB right from the word go.He is like a “DESERT ASP” Before biting you he has to coil on you and confuse your mind to say that he is embracing you, while killing you.However, history is very clear about Dr.Machar He changes time to time like “Universal Charger”today Machar is with SPLA/M tomorrow he is with JALABA.He is used to that political prostitution.
    However,its high time for all of us in JUNUB to forget all the current variation which is trading along sentiment line.After all we have next year election,we shall remove them through the ballot box.We should not behave like fish in lake feeding on one another in the name of Nuer and Dinka.Machar must stop confusing the mind of the innocent Nuer youth into baseless and self style rebellion.

  14. machar koul says:

    The liberation which was taken place on 16 may 1983 lead by Late Hero Dr John Grang it was against Jalaba not Nuer Tribe or Dinka therefore let us to join our clean hands for National reconciliation for south Sudanese
    Long live for south sudanese.

  15. Mack says:

    Dr. Deng Kuol

    Your source you have relied upon is like you.He has clues of what happened on December 15th. Seek another substantiated source again.
    Yes, there is a need to tell the truth and not otherwise. The December 6th press conference was a window dressing by Riek to show that he has a support of the so called ‘historical leaders of the SPLM’. If you can you see the resolutions of that conference which bears no manes and signatories of those leaders, you can tell something was being planned. Remember, they gave the president an ultimatum to reverse himself or else the country would be in engulf in chaos and thrown into abyss.

    On disarmament of Nuer soldiers in the Presidential Guards, it’s completely a pure white lie.
    Firstly, all the guns are kept in stores except for those who can be on duty.
    Secondly, there is no way you can carryout the disarmament at night while all the guns are already locked up in stores and 90% of the soldiers sleep in their homes except for those on duty.
    Thirdly, the deputy commander of presidential Guards is Nuer. 8 out of 11 Lt.Cols who are commanding the Presidential Guards forces are Nuer. Therefore, do you think and believe that it’s logical for these commanders to listen to President Kiir or Presidential Guards Commannder, Gen. Marial Chanuaong Yol to disarm their people? The number of Presidential Guards is 4,500 personnel. 3000 of this force are Nuers. It’s not true that orders were given to disarm Nuer soldiers which triggered the current crisis. Riek has been planning this since July when he was sacked.

    This is the truth and you can draw your conclusion as equated by which side one supports. On my side, I condemn all the SPLM leadership for their failures which lead this to destructive crisis. Go to Upper Nile and see whether you could be spared by the person you are blindly supporting simply because you hate Dinka of Bhar el Ghazal and not the leadership.

  16. Yielkuei De Thondit says:

    Dr Kuol, Every intellectual and a mindful none intellectual South Sudan loyalist knows that the current leadership has failed the country no doubt. People could go around beating around the Bush about this disaster, but the case is real. Good luck to all of you.

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