Who can be blamed for alleged killings of Kenyans in South Sudan?

BY: Ayuen Akuot Atem, JUBA, NOV. 12/2012, SSN;
Since the Republic of South Sudan attained her independence on the 9th of July 2011, there have been numerous reports and complaints of human rights abuses, robbing and killing from the various African citizens who are aliens in the newest nation of South Sudan. On top of list of complainers are the brothers and sisters from East African countries mostly the Kenyan citizens who are residing as foreign nationals based on their mixture of business deals and a variety of reasons best known to them. The Kenyans population is huge in South Sudan since the signing of peace accord compared to other African countries populations in South Sudan

Those Kenyans came for instance for personal business or as investors while a majority came without skills and survive through “Jukally life,” the illicit life of scandal, meanwhile numerous Kenyans work with nongovernmental organizations within South Sudan and indeed the government of South Sudan contracted most of Kenyans as computers [IT] and consultants in public service sector plus their preponderance in the field of hospitality business like hotels and bars which has been dominated by Kenyans and Ethiopians.

Despite the accessibility of diverse businesses which attract different people to the newest republic of South Sudan, the local media in Kenya continuously alleges that at least fifteen [15] Kenyan nationals has been killed and 50 Kenyans are languishing in prisons of South Sudan for the last six years since the comprehensive peace agreement [CPA].

As these reports are not officially confirmed by either Kenya embassy in South Sudan or the governments of both countries, this is black propaganda without clear source.

The killing of Kenyans nationwide has been alleged and put as the daily leads or top stories in Kenya media both Newspapers, Radios, televisions and social media like facebook, which Kenyan journalists believed to be carried out by South Sudanese people. Kenya media always blames government of south Sudan and it people in general for the daily deaths of their people in the soil of South Sudan.

To me nobody can be blamed for the death of Kenyans citizens, but the death occurrence can be blamed on the fragility of security situation in South Sudan which contributes to the assumed murders.

The Kenyan media and its journalists are not acting out of professionalism and in addition they are practicing media irresponsibility which is out of ethics in journalism; why and how? First, whatever has been reported by media in Kenya reflects negativity of South Sudan and it ignores positivity and denies goodness of South Sudan civilization of inclusivity and pan-Africa vision.

Sometime back the coffin of a Kenyan citizen who was alleged as killed in South Sudan by unknowns ‘gunmen was shown or broadcast in Citizen Television of Kenya, CTV, the leading broadcasting independent company in Kenya with millions of clients across the borders. The story lead was “another Kenya citizen shot dead in South Sudan.”

Actually there were no details of the story either from the journalist or the news anchor nor the follow-up to the story as the running news to explain the full details about how the person got killed in South Sudan. Professionally that was out of moral code and it’s the incitement lead which is accountable of capriciousness message. Because if the story is without proper details such tales are not allowed for broadcast or to be run in any media, simply the question is what are you going to tell the clients?

Because media is the ear and eye of people. Such stories which are run by Kenya media reflects opposite side of the real story other than abhorrent speech, defamation, slander with the intention of spoiling a country’s and people’s reputations.

Today, the media slogan is “one world, one voice”. Does it mean Kenya media is not the part of world media which works exclusively for people’s interest than boundaries interest? Journalists also work in the context of three responsibilities such Social, Legal and professional responsibilities. Does it mean these three responsibilities are not known by Medias in Kenya?

Indeed death in South Sudan is the daily issue at countryside and anybody who knows the inside security situation in the fragile state of this country can judge me either wrong or right, unless they are Kenyans who are thugs and who are in the category of people who’re always committing deadly crimes and still protesting in the name of East Africans being mistreated so that they can be freed without trials.

The fact remains that every night in Juba and other major towns of South Sudan there are reports about dozens of peoples being killed by unknown gunmen, who are citizens and aliens and the victims of such acts are blaming the security organs, organized forces like police and government for the reason of not protecting people country wide.

This should not be narrowly taken by Kenyans as the means of implementing their hidden agenda of preaching hatred and badly inform the masses and the world through media that South Sudan is a failed state. South Sudan is not the failed country.

Kenyans, Ugandan, Tanzanians ,Sudanese, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Congolese, Arabs, West Africans and the rest of the world who are in the country must acknowledge the reality of security situation in South Sudan. I believe those Kenyan journalists have never been to South Sudan, they know nothing.

What is special about the killing of innocent Kenyans who are struggling to make a better life for themselves in newest state of African? Why to target or discriminating kill Kenyan peoples, what for? It’s exceptional practice to the real South Sudanese who feel as the indigenous African in Africa land to murder his or her fellow black African intentionally without reason.

Actually South Sudan has created a new economic image in Africa as the new Dubai in the region where various criminals including the most wanted criminals of various countries have routed to South Sudan. Majority of aliens are the ones committing crimes these days in South Sudan because they have no sense of patriotism.

After all it’s not their country and this being a new nation without proper system of immigration and aliens control.

Majority of criminals from Kenya are here in South Sudan, therefore they are the most dangerous than other Africa nationals in criminality, as Kenyans are known for looting, stealing, robbery and human trafficking and including hijacking and kidnapping of tourists and non-Kenyans, mostly the then Sudanese peoples who were dispatched by the war and took refugee in Kenya.

As the matter of fact Kenya today has greatly changed and it’s the new paradise without news of crimes because thugs and deadly criminals have migrated to South Sudan, so Kenya became free of criminals. Today 99% of crimes in South Sudan are committed by Kenyans, West Africans, Darfur and peoples of Arua district in northern Uganda plus unlicensed boda boda riders who snatch women’s hand bags, most of whom are from Buganda community of Uganda.

As the matter of facts and reality East Africa criminals hunts and kills their fellow citizens who are rich in South Sudan, knowing that it will be alleged that South Sudanese murdered them, a new tactic which they are using at the moment.

Kenyans are also practicing “tit for tat” whenever a Kenyan person dies in South Sudan, they also kill a South Sudanese in Kenya as a revenge. Like when the Kenyan teacher was shot dead in Juba, a south Sudanese university student in Nairobi university from the college of engineering was slaughtered by alleged gangsters in broad daylight.

All in all, the current security situation stimulated by Kenyan media might escalate into hatred which may result in numerous deaths of innocent South Sudanese living in Kenya or Kenyans domiciling in South Sudan because Kenya media is well known for its bad record of fueling ethnic conflicts like the Kenya 2008 post election violence in which one journalist was indicted by International Criminal Court of Justice [ICC].

These allegations circulating in Kenya media need diplomatic attention from the two countries of South Sudan and Kenya before it reaches level four or diplomatic tension.

This year Kenya leading television carry out the opinion poll survey about the security situation in South Sudan where 99% of Kenyans voted South Sudan as a “No-go nation,” meaning that it’s not a safer place for Kenyans. I think those who cast their votes in the electronic polls knew nothing about South Sudan. Then why are they still living in large numbers in an unsafe place?

The regional analysts considered the survey as the business tactic by Kenyans to deter investors who are interested to came and invest in South Sudan by amplifying insecurity situation and accelerating the fragility and hostility of peoples of South Sudan to the outsiders.

However people of South Sudan are not stupid to turn against their neighbors in whom they depend on them for imported food and basic needs. Kenya is well known for its positive offer to South Sudanese during their years of revolution.

South Sudanese cannot make stupid U-turns because South Sudan is not yet strong like some of African states to depend and stand on its own without neighboring countries help. This is a total intentional blemish, abomination and disregard of South Sudan. It’s premeditated Kenya media campaign.

Admittedly, South Sudan is unsecured because several people still keep illegal arms plus ongoing militias activities and numerous thugs who ambush people at gun point along the travelling routes. To be sincere, the death toll among the South Sudanese citizens is beyond the death claims by Kenyans and the rest of African citizens.

In this context, whom can south Sudanese people blame for their daily death tolls? They can blame their government and the acts of insecurity cause by militias in the country. Likewise, Kenyans should not take the rampant deaths and daily killings by unknown gun men as the intended acts either by the government or the people of South Sudan.

Last but least, the Kenyan Media and its people should put in mind that the time of mistreating South Sudanese is gone. And South Sudanese people who were refugees yesterday in Kenya are now free citizens of their own nation.

The views expressed in this column belong to the writer; the author can be reached for comment at demayen@gmail.com


  1. Death is natural and can not be escaped, comrade Ayuen. Those Kenyans who have died are dying from an accident or personal dispute with someone. Government is there to carry out proper probe on the perpetrators. Coming back to those who are in prisons, no one can be arrested without any crimes he had committed. Or did you mean that any foreigner who is suspected shall not be asked by the government? Being a foreigner who doesn’t respect the rules and laws of a particular country you are in, will lead to your arrest or killing. Remember the Kenyan citizen who was killed in Juba during the lowering the flag. She/he is guilty of violating the rules not to stop when asked to stop for while. So no any intended plan of killing of Kenyan. As you know, most of Kenyans are the major thieves and if the government doesn’t deal with them closely, they will bring destruction to the young nation.

  2. Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba says:

    My dear Ayuen Akuot Atem,
    Everybody who complains about the threats of rampant killings in the new state of South Sudan has the right to do so. You have just stated that even South Sudanese are killed more than any other foreign nationalities. This is true, but then what does it reflect? Is it not a sign of weak governance when the state cannot take care of those who reside in it territory(citizens or foreigners)? Those killed foreigners even if they were to have been killed by their own community members, still under the international law it is the republic of South Sudan who should bear the blame as it failed to safe-guard the security of those who reside within its territory.
    Leave these Kenyans alone or any other foreigners for that matter to bereave their loved ones the way they want to. As for us in South Sudan, we too do complain on daily basis about the same rampant loss of lives within our communities and we have to hold our government responsible for having failed in its duty.
    Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba

  3. Bol Pur says:

    Justin, I think you are not understanding what Mayen is talking about. He is not saying killing is good but Kenyan media should not just brand South Sudan as the nation targeting Kenyans. Justin, did you really know how Kenyan media badly abused our Country? Let me tell you people are dying every where even in Kenya, people die everyday in the hands of criminals.
    Did we write one day they are a failed state?
    When our people, South Sudanese being killed in Kenya, did we report one day Kenya is targeting South Sudanese? We must be proud of our Country and protect it from anyone who wants to wrongly brand it.
    Kenyans are taking us as fools, many Kenyans working in the government in South Sudan, who is working in their Country? Look in the learning higher institutions they are charging people with international percentage. Kenya did not help South Sudan at all, because Refugees in Turkana districts UNHCR was paying and giving them all jobs. CPA was founded by USA, UK and other Countries, so it was bringing them money. What did they do?
    Remember how they have mistreated us in their Country and up to now we haven’t said anything. In 2003 how many people they killed in Kakuma? Let us be honest and don’t let us be mislead by another country that we are bad. If you are not careful South Sudanese, Kenya will become another problem to South Sudan. Look what has taken place in Eastern Equatoria where they have taken South Sudan land, the Elemi triangle and calling it theirs. There are more.

    • Sosa Mole says:

      Bol Pur, Who employed those Kenyans in the government of South Sudan? Was it not Kiir and his henchmen? Why, then, blame Kenyans for stating the obvious that South Sudanese are fools? Are southerners not fools for employing foreigners in the government? Did you ever come across a South Sudanese in the Kenyan government? You deserve to be treated like a fool till you repent.

  4. JOHN SIXFOX says:


  5. Yes sir, you are right.

  6. Julie says:

    The day will come when South Sudanese will apologize to the whole World because they take long to understand and that’s why south Sudanese are already complaining of tribalism in their own new country.

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