Where the Machar-led SPLM/A (IO) faltered: Latest Serious Criticism from Inside

South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA)

By: Peter Adwok Nyaba, MAR/05/2018, SSN;

On 1st March 2018, the eight-member South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) released a press statement on the launch of the opposition alliance. It was unbelievable that the SPLM/A (IO) was not among the signatories.

I made an inquiry on the PolitBureau forum and the Chairman, Dr. Riek Machar, responded thus, “There are differences in the draft charter. They have a vision and we have another. They decided to go ahead. We agreed. Still we will continue cooperating meanwhile discussing those differences.”

I did not agree with the Chairman response. A colleague in the PB posted the SPLM/A (IO) response to the draft alliance charter. I was shocked that it was a dialogue between the Chairman and the deputy Chairman as can be gleaned from the quote below.

“… [After] sharing the Charter with the Leadership of my Organization (IO), I would like to give a summary of the changes (minor and major). You may question why major change after we agreed. Well, as I did explain on that Friday, I did not have the direct authority to make the ultimate decision, so I had to share the content of the draft Charter. The fact that an attempt is made to enrich the draft, it shows the seriousness IO has placed on SSOA. Please look at the changes as genuine concerns instead of taking the idea that IO does not want SSOA playing some delaying tactics.”

I thought it was out of order for the deputy chairman to tell the leaders of the other opposition groups that he did not have direct authority to make ultimate decision and so had to share the content of the draft, although that really goes without saying.

It makes him more of a puppet rather than SPLM/A (IO) deputy Chairman; worst, when it becomes public knowledge by his own admission.

I am hearing that Dr. Lam Akol circulated this response. This episode creates serious leadership crisis in the SPLM/A (IO) suggesting that the focal point is not up to the task and that explains the admission by the deputy Chairman of not having direct authority to make the ultimate decision.

The ultimate decision lies with the SPLM/A (IO) Political Bureau, which he and the Chairman short-circuited in what appears like an operation of Limited Liability Company dealings.

There are two or three things involved here.

First, the question of building alliance with other opposition groups. On 11 January, I circulated a paper where I discussed the necessity of forging a working relationship with the groups opposed to the ethnocentric totalitarian regime.

Nobody in the Political Bureau had the courtesy of either agreeing or disagreeing with it. Not even any in the so-called focal point discussed although they knew that they would come face to face with some of the issues I raised.

Secondly, the issue of internal democracy in the SPLM/A (IO). It is obvious the Chairman, the deputy Chairman and Dr. Riek’s appointed Secretary-General (because he unconstitutionally appointed Tingo Peter – the Chairman could have only tasked him in an acting capacity) have no knowledge and/or experience with democratic practice.

This explains why they quickly reached a deadlock, which the Chairman categorizes as ‘difference’.

Differences in an alliance are to be expected but cannot be cause for isolation, unless we admit that we have run out of ideas and what remained in our heads is only power.

I believe once the focal point presented the draft charter, the Chairman should have triggered a discussion on the Political Bureau forum for those not in the focal point to ventilate and make suggestions.

This did not happen and became a two-persons dialogue, in which they acted subjectively occasioning the break.

Thirdly, the issue of SPLM/A (IO) operating in isolation of other political groups whether outside or inside the country.

I could understand the position of the SPLM Political Leaders (FPDs) but their refusal to join the alliance will definitely compound their dilemma of being in and out of government at the same time, which is the falsehood of SPLM reunification and attending various forums on that issue drive.

I am convinced that the SPLM/A (IO) action of boycotting the signing of the SSOA charter on grounds not known by many members of the PB will have resounding negative effect on our standing as people who want to transform the current situation in the country.

We faltered in this and I do not know how we’d mitigate this damage.

In the paper I circulated on 11 January, I said clearly that the opposition group leaders were members of the SPLM/A at one time or the other.

We were all in the national liberation struggle therefore we know each other, which should have been a rallying point to negotiate an alliance.

We in the SPLM/A (IO) seemed to have not learned a lesson. The eruption of violence in July 2016 and the return to war created a dynamically new and different political situation in the country, which required a strategic analysis and a different political thinking.

We assumed that people would just join us in a leadership structure ante. That is why some comrades castigated me when I accepted and committed the SPLM/A (IO) to the Consultative Meeting called by Dr. Lam in August 2016.

I believed and still believe it was the correct line of action. The outcome of that meeting is available for perusal. Whatever happened after that was not my responsibility.

The PB deliberated on it in Khartoum but nothing substantial came out. We were then the only known armed opposition.

However, as I said that a new and very different political situation arose and consequent to the oppressive policies of the regime, other opposition groups…armed or not, sprouted onto the political stage.

This was their inalienable right to be independent and to oppose the oppressive regime.

However, as the dominant armed group, we should have offered cooperation and agreed on how this cooperation would play out in terms of general principles, strategies, tactics and geographic domain of this cooperation.

I thought that was the essence of the Consultative Meeting in Nairobi in August 2016. A politician conversant with multiparty political engineering would quickly capture this evolving political environment and turn it to the advantage of his party and/or movement.

Nevertheless, to hope that others opposed to the regime would come running to join us would be the height of naivety or a demonstration of jejune character not appropriate in complex socio-political situations as obtaining in South Sudan.

The SPLM/A (IO) has failed to capture the political situation on account of the absence of clear political objectives. Whether it was regime change or reform that dominated the debate in the SPLM/A (IO) since its inception in 2014; however the reform agenda driven by Taban’s personal ambition to capture the petroleum portfolio in the TGoNU won the day.

This came to be because of the triangular socio-political relationship [Dr. Riek Machar – comrade Angelina Teny – Gen. Taban Deng (SPLM/A (IO) Chief Negotiator)] had always played the harbinger of SPLM/A (IO) lack of clarity, which Dr. Riek exacerbated through naivety, indecision and/or cowardice to break this triangular socio-political relationship until the disaster stroke in July 2016.

Do we in the SPLM/A (IO) believe others do not see this political/leadership weakness? Why would they follow a person who does not listen or treats his colleagues like pawns?

The SPLM/A (IO) lack of clear political objectives stems from Dr. Riek’s complete ignorance and lack of clear ideological underpinnings of South Sudan socio-economic and political context.

His ambition for power is completely detached from any ideology linked to the socio-economic and cultural underdevelopment of South Sudan and its people.

He believes he has ideas, which he can only implement when in power.

That explains for eight years as first vice Chairman of the SPLM and vice President of GOSS (2005 -2011) and deputy vice president of the republic of South Sudan (2011 – 2013), he remained dormant under Salva Kiir; neither departing to give room to those who would honestly and loyally work under Salva Kiir to make the country move forward.

Nor did his show dissatisfaction with the ongoings in South Sudan for eight years but was deeply involved as minister of housing overseeing the rehabilitation of dilapidated Southern Regional Government infrastructure instead of building new one with the huge budget he managed.

It is not enough to have ambition for power; one must have the ideological and strategic political clout to managed that ambition.

The SPLM/A (IO) started in 2013/2014 with nearly sixty thousand armed combatants [SPLA, Police, Prison warder, Wildlife wardens and Civil Defence officers].

In 2015, the Agwelek Forces under Gen. Johnson Olony joined the SPLM/A (IO), captured Malakal, Akoka, and Melut. They were poised on attacking in order to capture the oil fields in Adar and Paloich, when the Dr. Riek and Taban conspired to sabotage the operation by ordering the withdrawal of other forces from Lou and Jikany eventually leading to the government recapture of Malakal and Melut with the loss of life and the gunboat.

Now, how would Dr. Riek dream of capturing power from Salva Kiir when he lacked the strategic planning of denying Salva Kiir the financial and economic resources for prosecuting the war?

How would Dr. Riek win military victory without organizing and sourcing a combat-capable army but preferring to rely on the Nuer white army who do not subscribe to the laws of war or to the political objective of war?

What next after refusing to sign the charter on account of ‘difference’ with the other political groups?

This is my take on our dilemma, which is different from FPDs dilemma in that we are still the largest political military movement in the opposition but with diminished political and military clout.

Let me warn us here; what we have now is only potential political and military power, which also is diminishing at an exponential rate due to the obvious mistakes we make.

It is not true that the US administration sanctioned us because of the decision in the PB to pursue armed struggle. The US administration sanctioned us because we acted nuerly (announcing publicly our intention to war.

The very idea of publicly circulating classified SPLM/A (IO) documents is not only naïve but also a security risk.

No political party operates with its doors and windows opened to the public and expects to win genuine and actual political victories; perhaps may be only imaginary victories triggered by wishful thinking.

We could transform this potential power by acting strategically within the opposition looking not at the power sharing in the transition period but the long-term socio-economic and political engineering of South Sudan.

This should be the starting point with the opposition groups when the HLRF (IGAD-sponsored talks) resumes.

It is not the short-term gains the parties will collect from the revitalized agreement but rather the long-term impact of the agreement on South Sudan context, which should drive the relations among the opposition groups.

This requires looking at the issues or what the Chairman categorized as ‘differences’ from an objective and patriotic prospective.

The condescending and paternalistic attitude we display towards other compatriots has no basis and should cease henceforth.

We must accept that the Chairman and the deputy Chairman have faltered in deciding to let go the alliance on account of minor and non-fundamental ‘differences’ with the other opposition groups.

It puts the SPLM/A (IO) at par with president Kiir’s SPLM (IG) focused only on power and not the concern for the suffering people of South Sudan.

Kind regards

Peter Adwok Nyaba

2nd March 2018


  1. info@southsudannation says:

    Dr. Peter Nyaba,
    God bless and may He give you more energy to be the ‘eye’ for this politically blind, capricious and incapable Dr. Riek Machar.
    It’s painfully shocking, treacherous and criminal that Machar would rather oversee the deaths of thousands of his subservient Nuer tribesmen just for a few dollars more.
    This is treason, period! I just wonder if Machar and wife Angelina, along with the bastard and accomplice Taban Deng are worth all the sacrifices, sufferings and deaths of all those compatriots fighting for these ‘criminals’ to accede to power once again.
    Your analysis and the shocking revelations about what’s unfolding in the so-called SPLM/A-IO ‘liberation’ war are painful and incredulous. They can only be described as treasonous and a betrayal.
    Once again, Dr. Peter Nyaba, may the good Lord give you more energy in the renewed struggle.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Editor and Nyaba.

      Go ahead and join the so-called opposition alliance without us. We are not fools to easily make alliance with people who don’t have military power. Immediately halt trying to play dumb opportunistic gambling game with us.
      Peace and good luck with your opposition alliance group.

  2. Okuc says:

    Dr Nyaba

    Thank you for revealing what some of us have been saying all long that Dr Riak lacks leadership capabilities despite the support from a substantial numbers of South Sudanese after 13 December 2013. Unfortunately, he failed to translate that huge support into inclusive movement with clear political objectives to remove the fascist regime of Salva Kirr in Juba. Instead he relied on rag tag White army to remove Kirr from power in Juba which demonstrated the lack of sound judgement.
    Second, the events of 6 June 2016 in Juba was a typical example that Dr Riak lacks of sound judgement and seriousness about issues pertaining to life and dead. He succumbed to the pressure from Triok and in particular to Obama’s administration to return to Juba with light weapons despite the fact the Kirr’s regime have moved big arsenal to Juba in anticipation of final showdown with SPLA-IO. We all know what had transpired on 6 June 2016 at JA in Juba.
    In conclusion Dr Riak hasn’t learned a lesson and as you have said he took his fellow Nuer and the rest of South Sudanese for granted.

  3. Deng Monymor says:

    “The US administration sanctioned us because we acted nuerly.” Acting nuerly! Of course, nyigatization and nuerly thinking is the core strategy of your rebellion since day one, Dr. Nyaba. The problem is that you don’t understand things from the genesis of things. Is this not the man you have been proclaiming as The Coming Messiah of South Sudan? Since when did you realize that “his ambition for power is completely detached from any ideology linked to the socio-economic and cultural underdevelopment of South Sudan and its people? Let Deng Monymor tell this: Dr. Riek never has any clear objective of anything since his coming to the Movement; he only jumps onto popular idea without studying its feasibility and practicality. In 2103/2014, he thought that The 1884-5 Berlin Conference on South Sudan (Troika) would easily bring him to power and so did you. So, nothing about him is new for us, only you who seem to never understand his political mentality. Now you cry! when are you going to grow up, old man?

    Please, don’t make Gatdarwich and Hoiloom spill his beer on their lazy-boy couch; this will make them hopeless as the only sky they know turns equatorian on them………I hope I’m not acting nuerly here.

  4. loberito says:

    Dr. Peter,

    Thanks for your bravery. You always speak out your mind. An egoism is the enemy of South Sudanese people. most leaders are stacked in their own egos while thinking to lead. They will never lead, but they will always confuse their followers. Dr. Riek is not far from that!

  5. Eastern says:

    Dear Dr. Nyaba,

    This is piece is borne of what is called political maturity. Kiir has his sets of RESERVATIONS which led to him abrogating the ARCSS 2015 and Dr. Machar is now courting his DIFFERENCES with others fighting/opposing the ethnocentric regime in Juba. In all these, the ordinary South Sudan is held hostage. Sad.

    The Eastern Rock

  6. Bol Abokdit says:

    This is not the first time Dr Riak Machar shown his appetite in power . Riak rebelled so many time just to capture power. Now it is up to Opposition Alliance whether they will go to operate without main Oppsition party “SPLM/IO of Dr Riak, or just look for another modality that would certified Dr Riak and his cohorts
    Our suffering in the Republic southern Sudan is caused by power wrestling and ego of enriching oneself and his family rather than helping and serving the nation

  7. Bismark says:

    This is a guy who stands tall in integrity. He is a liberal, statesman, wise and intelligent. I like his openness in discussing public issues that the so-called leaders of SPLA/IO and SPLA/IG think are their personal matter. All I can say is let almighty God give you long life and good health so that you can continue to dig out the dirt these leaders have plunged the country into. God bless you.

  8. Defender says:

    Dr. Nyaba,

    As always, astute, current, reliable, fearless and most of all intellectual. These attributes, we read about them of other leaders from around the world and never see them in our own. As such, seeing you write with such clarity and objectivity, even against your own movement, speaks of the true leadership that we lack in our country.

    SPLM-IO squandering the goodwill it had and acting by “nuerly” is sad but a reality that we have reckoned with for sometime. The establishment of SSOA is crucial not just for the IO but for an effective counter to the government’s assertion that there is no one with substance to negotiate with, hence their position continues to be, give the opposition positions and all will melt away. That is the mindset government came with to HLRF. And the government rightly believes that their position will hold true in the short and long term–give the opposition positions–and power will remain with Kiir for as long as he wishes to stay in power.

    Having the coalition (SSOA) brings to the table a different calculus for the government. It clearly suggest that the coalition is more interested in substantive issues relating to governance and not position distribution as the line Kiir’s regime has pushed so far, such as increasing the number of seats at the TNLA and executive, inline with IGAD’s position.

    It is high time that SPLM-IO join the coalition and bring the focus on institutional and governance reform that are badly needed in our country. Anything short of this reality is insistence in prolonging the suffering of the people.

  9. Hoiloom says:

    Deng Mony-liel

    Dr. Machar is a public figure who deserves criticism when and if warrant. Every organization has its shortcomings, therefore I won’t spill my beer over this article, which by the way I don’t even drink alcohol. I also have a great respect for Dr. Adwok Nyaba as a war hero during our struggle for nationhood. It’s my sincere hope the opposition will find ways to unite its ranks and files to get rid of JCE monster once and for all.


  10. GatCharwearbol says:


    As much as I admire Dr. Nyaba’s line of thinking, I can’t detached him from SPLM/A’s mess. In the current movement (SPLM-IO) whom I am a big supporter, I don’t see the different between him and Dr. Machar. They’re very same in my eyes as the movement is unravelling in their very watch.

    In reality, the common citizens or the oppressed have them to blame. Now, Dr. Machar had been under arrest for a while. Shouldn’t it be time for people in Nyaba’s caliber to take the lead?

    At its stand, Dr. Machar is a prisoner whose position is open to any member of SPLM-IO hence it is safe to assume that Dr. Nyaba is using Dr. Machar as a sacrificial lamb for their communal failure to get rid of Kiir. It is also true for their 1991 split. To me, “A pot cannot call kettle black”. To blame him while he is in prison is irrelevant. Mr. Nyaba needs to man up and accept his failure instead of brushing it onto Dr. Machar.

    I also become very suspicious of Nyaba because it seems he is heading to Kiir’s camp very soon. This is a trend known to many. When you want to go back to your vomit, just blame Dr. Machar for it and a position with no pay will be waiting for you in Juba. My opinion!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      If you allow to me to briefly interject at this point, it’s not exactly that Dr. Machar is completely incarcerated and denied any outside contact. Insiders to his situation reveal that Machar is allowed unfettered visits and complete access to the whole world, including the use of electronic gadgets. So, in brief, he is in complete control of his SPLM/A-IO.
      In this modern technological age, one can control things from millions of miles away. That’s why Dr. Nyaba rightly exposes the apparent stranglehold of Machar on his SPLM/O-IO, obviously assisted by his wife, Angelina, who’s free to move anywhere. So, she is a personification of Machar in the SPLM/A-IO meetings and executive.
      Her presence and word are Machar’s. That’s the tyranny of the Machar’s dynasty.
      As Prof. Nyaba has exposed, it’s Machar still dictating at these meetings from his South Africa paradise, not a prison in any shape, form or outlook.

      • Mor-amook says:

        Dr. Adwok, thanks for your openness to educate Hoiloom and the likes who have been defending Dr. Riak to get power. Even a cattle keeper or a famer in the villages of South Sudan and the whole world know that, Riak is only looking for power. He doesn’t care who will suffer. And he doesn’t want somebody above him.

        For example, he declared coup de tat against Dr. Garang in 1991, and he presided the breakaway faction. How do you declare coup on non- institutional organization? In January 2002, when he met Dr. Garang in Nairobi he accepted to re-join SPLM/A without mediation. This was because he knew he would get 2nd vice chairmanship kicking off James Wani, and indeed, it happened.

        He accepted 2015 agreement because of being 1st vice president plus pressure from international community. The cause of J1 was pompousness, Dr. Riak was running a parallel government in Juba since he had a separate army command purely Nuer in Juba. At times, he could call for a meeting with his ministers by then. However, peace agreement is a cooperation and understanding between peace partners.

        If Kiir had managed the CPA or behave like the way Riak had managed 2015 agreement in Juba, Bashir would have abrogated the agreement. If Riak is offered back the position of first vice president, he would sign the agreement. The SPLM/A IO will not join SSOA unless it is chaired by Riak. Therefore, the victim for his ambition to power are the poor white army of Lou Nuer in particular.
        I guess Dr. Hoiloom, Gatwich, Editor and the likes are mourning striking words from Dr. Nyaba, and may called him a traitor.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          You guessed badly and wrongly. Please re-read my comment and it explicitly is in sync with the ever nationalistic Dr. Peter Nyaba.
          I won’t ever call this great nationalist a traitor under any circumstance or time.
          In brief, Dr. Nyaba is a prophet when you look deeply in his very long dedication and physical as well as intellectual participation in the long and checkered history of our liberation struggle since the Anya-nya great war.
          Never ever will I call Dr. Nyaba that nomenclature.

  11. Beek says:

    Our brother Dr.Riek Machar has been DEFEATED. RIP SPL-IO.

  12. Deng Monymor says:


    Those who think Dr. Machar is in prison are fooling themselves. Machar is in bad shape; he can’t walk properly and he can’t see clear, and so his controllers, The 1884-5 Berlin Conference on South Sudan (Troika) don’t want the public to know this because it will shatter their dream of future control of our resources, which they see happening only under Machar.

    Stupidly, thinking Machar is fighting to bring reform to South Sudan political confusion is like not knowing who brought Barack Obama and whose benefit. Black people or Africans have been played fools and still being played. 1884-5 Berlin on South Sudan is real and Machar is a big fool for that game. Please, stop self-fooling yourself that he is in prison.

    Cousin, Hoiloom,
    yes, I am familiar with an Amharic word for Nyigat. In fact, it means a businessman/woman who can sell his or her soul if doing so would guarantee them wealth. The word did not originate from corporate lexicon as you tried to convince me with, but it originated from Kebra Negast, the Ethiopian Bible.
    If you don’t believe this, go to Arat Kilo where a lot your people are found and call an Ethiopian businessman or businesswoman nyigat ( or Negate as call it) and see how they would react to you. I promise you won’t like what you will get.
    Therefore, Machar is a nyigat because he tried to sell us out many times in our history for power ambition. Is that not like Judas selling Jesus for few silver coins, from which we get the word nyigat according to Kebra Negast? He will sell Dr. Nyaba very soon, mark my words.

  13. Deng Hanbol says:

    Foes and friends,
    Over the last two years, our foes namely the JCE, think that the IO would be crumpled in the face of their homicidal attacks. However, not only have we not succumbed, we have emerged victorious in the body and in spirit.
    The secret of our success is found not only in the toughness of our generals but in us. GatCharwearbol, with regards to Dr. Peter Nyaba, I have full confidence in him that he would not abandon the peoples movement.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      Deng Hanbol,

      What success are you talking about here……….thinking and acting nuerly? From analytical perspective, it looks promising that the loud-mouth by the name of Dr. Nyaba has absolutely exposed your behind in front of my innocent eyes. Please get off my face!!
      In the beginning of things, according to Dr. Nyaba, you promised 1884-5 Berlin Conference on South Sudan (Troika) that you could be successful in coup against the government in 2013 because you had more than 75% of the army from your tribe. Unfortunately, you failed them and that is why they sanctioned you. This is his assertion, if you don’t understand coup makings. I am telling you, Cousin, it is over with Dr. Machar because he had failed many, including 1884-5 Berlin Conference Groups on South Sudan.

      By the way, Dr. Nyaba himself is a mystery that no one among you know him the best except Dr. Okuk. Nyaba is a typical political prostitute our liberation struggle has ever produced. He jumps ship like a monkey on trees.

  14. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Dr. Peter Nyaba,

    The opposition alliance including your SPLM/A-IO demanded that Murderer Kiir step a side for peace to prevail in South Sudan, but you reject the call for this dictator to leave office. You gave an interview to one of the media outlet, and object to the removal of killer Kiir from power. Any reasonable person would not advocate for a dictator to stay in power. This is just a bizarre behavior. It appears you speak from both sides of your mouth.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Thank you, Roberto Kasongo. If Dr. Nyaba wants to retain Mr. Kiir, then we don’t know where our prolific writer is heading. My prediction remains standing.

    • Bismark says:

      Kasongo (Mwana Equatoria)

      I think you should have understood the position of Dr Nyaba on the subject of getting Kiir out of interim government after peace agreement. He was very clear on this issue and I logically stand with him. He said for Kiir to be got out of power in a short time, he should be militarily kicked out otherwise the other option that will get him out of power is by negotiation in which he is part of it and then elections definitely would be our Kiir exit strategy. This is the way we are taking right now and should be handled properly so that all loop holes that will allow him to manipulate elections Kenyan or Ugandan style to the his advantage is sealed off. This is the feasible way of ensuring his Bye Bye can become real by involving him otherwise negotiating with him to leave power right now is like telling him to tell us to go to the battle field and sort it out, a thing that the international community seems to have got fed up with. Dr Nyaba is hereby suggesting evolutionary change style. I think that is what the world would be comfortable with if done with wisdom. My opinion says he is not trying to give Kiir’s presidency oxygen for life to continue with his life presidency project. He is only injecting sense to the negotiating team to handle this delicate affair with caution.

      • Roberto Kasongo says:

        Mbote Bismart,

        Boni yo ? Nakanisi ozali malamu. Killer Kiir made it abundantly clear that a peace agreement is not a Bible that it can be changed any time. This dictator was part of the 2015 peace deal. Because the agreement dose not favor him, he abandoned it and made an arrangement with slave Taban Gai. The point is even if a new peace agreement is successfully negotiated, I do not see this agreement being implemented. This murderer has ambition to be a president for life. It will be sadly mistake to think that elections would be free and fair under his leadership. The Kenyan and Ugandan style of elections have been planted in South Sudan already. Kiir is thinking of holding the election in 2018. There will be no peace in South Sudan in the nearest future. Peace comes to the country when dictator Kiir being removed form office.

        Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  15. False Millionaire says:

    The most strange particularity about americanism is grinding good meet with filth,half baking the mixture and then serving it with an overdose of ketch-up sauce so that it’s consumed without being detected as a poison.That’s exactly the aweful sore substance that’s being represented by the opposition alliance for which Dr Nyaba is after Dr Riek Machar to force him to swallow it.
    The blind nuer cousins among whom is Hoiloom see nothing than another good food to eat inorder to survive for another day to be able to fight on inorder to achieve ngundeng’s misinterpreted prophesy of a naath nation when in reality the likes of Nyaba only need nuer for war fire woods and in the process bury the notion of naathism one good time for all.
    We were all here throughout the events of 1991,2013 and those of J1.Who is so foolish here to think that the events of J1 weren’t easy to predict before they happened?
    Equatorians led by the editor now upeat in support of Nyaba are taking every one for a fool.Why was it that it were nuers only who faced the show down in J1 when the rest of the oppositions the majority of whom were equatorians were geared up in the media like SSN for the event?
    Dr Riek got his tailed cut.It’s more than wise for him to take rest and to try to play wisely with such ideas as how to come back to rehabilitatate the naath masses from the aweful drama they have gone through.
    After the roof collapsed on nuer IOs during the events of J1,our fellow equatorians turned around,set up road blocks and murdered every innocent jaang they got a hand on.Dr Nyaba cheered up in an apparent appreciation of the death of the innocent and campaigned for more as testified by his articles published here on the forum.That is the same Nyaba now on the drive for opposition alliance.NO.Just a big no.That’s not serious.But still by merit of freedom of expression,let them fool around.Yet at the end of the day,the time will still prove to them that they are just wasting time and effort without Garang’s leadership qualities that can give birth to a meaningful alliance where every citizen can find his place and therefore sees alliance as a tool for a genuine change.

  16. Bol says:

    Should we expect Dr Nyaba resigning from Dr Reik’s family enterprise? brothers Gat…bol and Hoiloom, don’t you guys think it’s time to change course?

  17. Bol A says:

    Another long article from another useless man, Mr Adwok Nyaba. Only God will judge you for all the suffering you people have caused. You are like Machar, Mr Nyaba. You people want to remove Kiir just to loot. All of you were in the government but you did nothing to help the poor, only enriching yourself by building villas in foreign Countries.

  18. Hoiloom says:

    Dear all!

    I guess this article makes the JCE cheerleaders very excited and happy but make no mistake IO is still right here in South Sudan. Dr. Nyaba has his own opinion and should be respected as such, however that does not mean everything that is stated in the article is a fact. Freedom of expression is part and parcel of IO reform agenda.

    Bol, good to see you around. How is STD peace progressing? I told you last year STD and Lol would never bring peace to South Sudan even if they kidnap IO officials from neighboring countries. Don’t make a mistake by writing off Teny Dhurgon from the political scene of RSS.


    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear cousin Hoiloom and the others.
      The article is not to make Jeng happy, sorry my brother. You are so sick to extinct Jieng, but it will never happened. You hatred has reach 1 millions percent. The important point in this article to me is that, Dr. Riak did not give chance to SPLM/A -IO PB members to deliberate on whether the IO should join the opposition alliance or not? Dr. Riak had discussed it with his poor Deputy who has no voice, powers or influence to make decision.

      This is the point you should worry for somebody who always campaign for democracy. Dr. Riak did not manage his small organization of IO. There were split and defection of Generals and politicians just between 2014 – 2016. How can he manages the whole nation as a president? So, this article is for the benefit of nation to know more about our leaders. Please don’t accused Dr. Nyaba for anything, he is comparing Dr. Riak and Kiir and could not see different, therefore he is mourning.

  19. thondit says:

    Bravo Dr. Adwok , you are always open in your writings, i read your book titles ” Politics of liberation ” where you really expose Lam and Riek leadership style . A rebellion in most cases must have objectives , and those objectives must be connected to the public concerns or issues affecting them . Most people assume that IO would come up with leadership style that will not only transform their leadership in the bush but also transform the whole country when peace comes .concentrating on Nuer will never help Riek in any way , he will not rule for that matter , even if he is a rebel he should portray some leadership skills that are comprehensive enough to win the people’s heart . Riek main objective is just power nothing else , however , he has no blue print of what he will do with that power . Remember that Dr. Garang had a vision through new Sudan in which he envisioned what a new Sudan would look like once achieved . But for Riek , he is concerned with using Nuer to just fight with out elaborating to general public what his rebellion will bring to the table .My advice is that , Just resign and join the government .

  20. Okuc says:

    False Millionaire
    The current mess in South Sudan is due to the way Dr Grange led the movement.who thought the likes of Kirr will become a president of SouthSudan amon many able and educated including Jienge for that matter.
    I think you want mislead young generations were born during the war in 1983-1990s. These generations don’t much about SouthSudan politics prior to the war and they had been indoctrinated by SPLA/ SPLM propaganda through radio which defunct regime of dictator Mengisto allowed access.
    To imply that Dr Garang is the only man would have mobilsed to SouthSudanese people as he did in 1990s is fallacy because the period and the current challeges are different. 1990s, South Sudanese were fighting against deferent regime and for emancipation from Northerner Sudanese oppression. But the current struggle is against a tribal which is using state machinary to suppress the rest of ethnic groups with brutal force in the pursunit of establishing Jieng Republic in South Sudan.
    Dr Adwok Nyaba is not responsible nor can be held for targeting Jieng on Numali -Juba road by gun men were and are operating along that high way. The only one responsible for killing in South Sudan is Kirr who has initiated mass killing of Nuer in Dec 2013 in Juba on false claim of coup which didn’t take place.
    Don’t blame Dr Nyaba nor Dr Riak for the ethnic killing in South Sudan, your fellow Jeing are responsible for the mess and failure of regime because they misled themselves by taking ownership for independence of South Sudan and excluding the rest of their participation and sacrifice during the war. The phrase ” we liberated SouthSudan”. Is in every utterance of educated and layman whenever they are challenged about their responsibility in current conflict.
    My friend stop blaming those whose are stained with the blood of innocent SouthSudanese instead focus on how to remove kirr from power to salcage the little that remain otherwise SouthSudan is on path of distergation and those claimed to be liberates are the ones to bla me.

  21. mading says:

    Deng Hanbol. The word winning is something you Nuer like, but it is not there. White army is done, some put down their guns and went back to cattle camps, and some ran to refuges camps in Ethiopia. So nuers winning is on this web only.

    • Deng Monymor says:


      What most of you rebel supporters don’t understand is that not all Jieng are supporters of Kiir’s government. In everyone’s expectation, Kiir is not doing what everybody expects of him as a leader but the way the opposition to the government has been created and operated is neither helping yourselves nor the nation. Many of you began in blaming the failure of Kiir government on the entire Jieng community and consequently started targeting Jieng indiscriminately regardless of whether they oppose him or not. Here in Equatoria, the Rebels whom you gentlemen are hailing as your coming liberators have never attacked government’s positions directly, but they go around looking for Jieng they could find and kill them inhumanely. The same thing is going on in your area, the Chilluk land. It is here where the comparison between Dr. Garang and your leaders comes in. Garang could had been wrong in some areas but his political calculation and operation was superior to all leaders in our country, including Sudan itself. This is a fact, not a fantasy support out of tribal lovers in any measure. until you gentlemen understand this, nothing will change no matter much noise you make.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Okuc,
      There is nothing wrong Mr. False Millionaire said in his comments above. A tribalist like you cannot understand his comments. You only wish to have chemical weapons to drop it in all Jieng areas in South Sudan to extinct. You don’t differentiate between innocent jieng like what False said and Salva Kiir. False we right to say that innocent Jieng were inhumanely killed along the roads in Equatoria. i.e. Juba Yei, Juba Nimuli, Juba Torit and Juba Bor.

      You don’t want to understand that those killed are not Kiir’s children or wives, some of them do not even know Kiir in person. e.g 7 months baby Juba Yei road. Therefore, any unarmed civilian killed by any armed group like you or government should be condemned regardless of tribe he/she comes from. To be honest, even some of Nuer civilians who were killed in Juba in December 2013 is/was not like by all Jieng. It was an act of few individual in the army, and must be condemned by all. Nevertheless, if there are equatorians civilian killed it must be condemned too. Civilians are civilians and are innocent wherever they come from in South Sudan This is the only way to come together.

      However, if you really want to kill Jieng, please mobilize yourselves in thousands and go to their land in Bhar el Gazal or Upper Nile to attack, you will meet the Jieng youth (the Gelweng or tit weng) who are prepared for that. No one will blame you if you attack them. But do not set roadblocks to kill poor and unarmed Jieng civilians in the name of revenge. You have never heard of any Equatorian killed on the road in Bhar el Gazal or Upper Nile. Tell me!

      Hence, you have clearly illustrated that you are a militia platoon commander who kills people on Juba Nimuli, Juba Yei road calling Jieng MTN, banned goods…..etc. These are act of cowards. We Jieng are not afraid of anyone, we know how to face foes. This is why we did not kill any unarmed civilian innocent Equatorians on the road despite consistent killing of Jineg on the roads, not because they don’t move, but I assure you we will never do that.

      • Eastern says:


        You are peddling the same lie over and over with the hope that it will change the narrative.

        It’s a now fact that the Mathiang Anyoor militia outfit, 100% Dinka attacked Mundri in Western Equatoria, killed, maimed and displaced thousands.

        It’s on record that the aforementioned forces terrorised civilians in the greater Yei area, killing, maiming and displacing hundreds of thousands into DR Congo and Uganda – leading to the opening of the Bidi Bidi refugees camp in Yumbe district of Uganda.

        Last year, a force predominantly dinka, attacked and ravaged Pajok, a town of farming community in Eastern Equatoria, killing, maiming and displacing hundreds of thousands into Uganda, leading to the opening of the Palabek refugees camp in Lamwo district of northern Uganda.

        Recently when Kiir went to lay a wreath on the grave of his departed wife, he attempted what you, Mor-amook and many a dinka people do: pretend that there was no programme of targeting of the non-dinka in this war. Starting just after Obama, across river Nyolo, shells of houses met the eyes of those in Kiir’s entourage: roofing sheets, door shutters and frames ripped off by regime tribal militias and cattle keepers.

        I am documenting all these which I share with colleagues in the international community. When the day of reckoning comes, these materials will be handy.

        Regime spin doctors stand warned!

        • Mor-amook says:


          It is you the rebels who are taking this war as tribal. How many Equatorians working in jieng land in UN, INGOs..etc? the same things, if you go to Rumbek, Wau, Aweil you will find Nuer there living comfortably. This is not a tribal war my brother, understand it like that. It is only who cannot allow a single unarmed Jieng civilian to stay in your rebels control areas.

          The army is a mixed of all tribes not Jieng alone. I you say Jieng are majority in the army, that is the fact that they were majority since the beginning of liberation. During that time, no single tribe complaint that why Dinka are majority because people were fight. You Easter ran to Uganda and Okuc ran to Khartoum during those dark days and you were not active on websites like to day.

          Please stop website war. You have nothing to convince us to support your tribalistic malitias.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            You’re so unfortunately and sadly fixated on an antiquated thinking that predates the kokora era and even pre-SPLM/A liberation. One just wonders who’s the active and potent tribalist here.
            By perpetually preponderating and proclaiming the jieng as the majority with that absolute right to do whatever they want to do, you’re nothing but a true tribalist, not the others who’re simply challenging the current status quo prevailing in the country that’s unfairly dominated by your so-called ‘majority.’
            I would sincerely hope that for once, you will quietly accept the ‘sins’ egregiously committed by the jieng since the time of traitor William Deng, who the Arab had to kill, to the jellaba slave, Abel Alier and up to the mass murderer, Kiir the killer.
            Let’s hope that you’ll quietly then put to rest your vitriolic jabs against other ‘countrymen’ and concentrate on how we all can salvage our dear nation.
            Just remember this, the Equatorians like Chief Lado Lolik started in the 1947 Juba Conference the demand for a separate South Sudan.

          • Eastern says:


            I lived among the Dinka people and a very good understanding of their way of life.

            That being said, I am getting some population figures from the RRC here in Juba to get the net per-capita beneficiaries of the much hyped 11 billion USD in South Sudan, my current figure points to the Dinka people as the most beneficiaries.

            It’s an open secret that the Dinka youth, after being advised by their elders in government, to coerce the UN agencies, NGOs, etc, to expel Equatorians working in their areas so that the net economic benefits remain home!

            I don’t talk of AN ARMY in South Sudan. Just to correct you, I have never been to Uganda and I don’t know Okuc.

            There’s no website war just to begin with, the war is against the tribal regime in Juba backed by cattle camp champions.

  22. False Millionaire says:

    Your mindset is just as the same as Okuc’s and the rest of the likes.It appears so hard for you to get the point.That the jieng are the majority tribe by nature in RSS,that they were majority during the struggle under Garang and that they are majority now in the army and the government is the fact no one can dispute.But it would have been more than wise if we limited ourselves to the causes of grievances.Are the ordinary jieng satisfied by the fact of having kins as majority in the government?the answer is always no.With that being no,changing the government with one that would meet jieng needs isn’t an unacceptable objective to the majority of ordinary jieng.But instead of integrating this threat of the line into your thinking to be able to accommodate those jieng in your political actions,be it peaceful or violent,you turn around and make them the first target on the road to change the jieng majority government in Juba.Why do you refuse to admit that it’s the same you who have pushed them into the same camp with the government?
    Okuc is doing everything to stigmatize universality of Garang’s leadership.But look how the great shilluk intellectual named Dr Nyab has reduced himself into an MTN apologist.Dr Lam Akol has been active leading an armed rebellion,which line of politics that’s akin to Garang’s is he following than a sheer buldouzing that’s meant to crush jieng on the road to the helm in Juba?
    They haven’t learned a single lesson from Dr Riek Machar’s downfall.
    At this very hour,every one with minimum degree of intelligence can never fail to see that impossible objectives have been set and that will never yield anything different than blood,tears and misery.But the true truth is,if worse ever come to be worst at the end,jieng will still hold many cards to play.And you?Nothing other than blind sellout.
    The americans and the british among the TROIKA states have tested jieng to the limit and the revitalization is their last card.If it failed,the next crown prince that will let them take the oil will be a jaang.But that will not happen before having them sign Abyei as a universally recognized RSS’ entity.See to youselves now if you aren’t big losers already.

  23. Mor-amook says:

    Dear Editor,
    Thanks for your comments, I totally agree with you on the statement, I quote,”concentrate on how we all can salvage our dear nation.’ This is one of nationalistic phrase, and it’s first time for you to say this! It indicates that you have come back to the right path. It is important to understand that building a nation required everyone. Therefore, don’t keep talking of Jieng, let’s unite and build a free nation for all of us. South Sudan is not for Jieng alone, but you have to acknowledge Jieng contributions in struggle. The problem is that you deny it. So, if you are denied, you speak it out. I know all tribes participated, but there were others who suffered most, and we have to accept that facts. e.g. Jieng & Nuer at some point.

    My brother, don’t disgrace William Deng, he was not a traitor he would not have been killed by the same Jalaba if he had allied with them. With common sense, a simple villager who never gone to school can understand, not you who opens dictionary while writing, looking for words not relevant in order to justify that you are highly educated. Please, do more research to understand the circumstances that led to killing of hero William Deng Nhial.

    Your uncle Joseph Lagu negotiated peace agreement with Jalaba in less than a month and signed Addis ababa agreement in 1972, compare it with peace that was negotiated from 2003 – 2005. I welcome criticism not like you who is short temper and always negative and discriminatory.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Well, it seems we’re almost converging into some concordance, however, once again, you still persist in this divisive culture of characterization, e.g. ‘your uncle Joseph Lagu’ and other innuendos.
      Anyway, moving forwards, today, almost every tribe is a casualty of Kiir’s diabolical and failed leadership which has unfortunately impelled many jieng people to wrongly put the whole blame on other tribes deemed to be against Kiir. Seriously, all tribes have been traumatized by Kiir’s tyranny as witnessed by the conflagration of all the tribes now in the refugee camps in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and the Sudan.
      It’s time the jieng youth also started joining their compatriots in SPLM/O-IO, the NAS and other groups so that together, we expeditiously boot out and terminate the Kiir tyranny.
      Otherwise, the nation will helplessly and hopelessly persist in this abominable state of suspension, as we all suffer, economically, socially and politically.
      After all, Equatorians like Oboto Mamur and Thomas Cirillo willingly joining Garang’s SPLA to fight Khartoum, why don’t we see the jieng youth join these anti-Kiir groups to ‘liberate’ the country, again?

  24. Beek says:

    I don’t understand US sanctions on South Sudan, while Riek Machar was flirting everybody in S.Sudan with USA Hacking machines.

  25. Okuc says:

    Dear false Millionaire

    I thought you are PHD holder and therefore you should know the meaning of majority. If you don’t, you can look for its meaning in Dictionary.
    Don’t take your frustration on Dr Nyaba and Dr Lam because these gentlemen their hands are not stained with the blood of innocent South Sudanese. The period when Dr Lam vilified by SPLA/ SPLM propaganda machine is over and no one pay attention any more to your lies and blackmailing because the people of South Sudan have known your true colours after many years of intoxications with your leaderships.
    I know you are one of late Dr John Garang diehard and whoever criticise him is not immune from your venom because Garang is idol to be worship, but there are people who disagree with your veneration of Dr Garang. That being said, Dr Garang will be remembered as one of South Sudanese leaders who understood the geopolitics of cold war and hence was able to establish SPLA/ SPLM in 1990’s to fight for Sudan’s transformation from exclusive to inclusive governed society.
    I for one, will not buy your notion of majority because Jieng or Dinka are the largest ethnic group in South Sudan and because you are a typical product of your environment whereby facts are being twisted to suit your psyche and the rest of your fellow Jieng. The innocent Nuer were killed in 13 Dec 2013 and you are a minister of Defence why you didn’t intervene to stop the massacre?
    You said about Dr lam rebellion and you are well aware that he was forced to quit the SPLA/M by some of your colleagues whom I don’t want to disclose their names because they are heirs of Dr John Garang. But what happened when he left SPLA/M and established his own party and yet you continued to accused him of rebellion as a pretext for supplying arms to your fellow Dinka’s padang to annex and drive Chollo/ Shilluks out from their ancestral land in Chollo kingdom. Despite these facts you are yet in denial and don’t want to admit that the government run by Jieng is responsible for all the mess, policy of land grabbing of none Jieng lands and current civil war in which thousands of innocent lives have destroyed by ethnocentric regime led your fellow Jieng in Juba.
    Don’t assumed that the government run by your fellow Jieng is going to last for many years in power irrespective of the outcome of revitalization of failed peace agreement of 2015. The power base of Jieng has to be dismantle for good if South Sudan is to survive otherwise to let’s tear it apart. Your sheer numbers are not a vehicles for your domination over the majority of none Jieng and you have prove beyond any doubt that Jieng don’t have any clue about how to rule.
    Bragging about an other Jieng will be a president in case the revitalization fail is complete nonsense and a wishful thinking.

  26. Hoiloom says:

    Eastern & Okuc,

    Great input indeed. Until the Dinka treat us all as equal stakeholders in this country peace will never prevail. Jang would never replace Jalab as our new master, period. You can see their leadership failure by running back to the same Arab we just ran away from…pathetic and desperate fools.


    • Mor-amook says:

      Mr. False Millionaires, you have exactly hit the point in your comments above even more than Dr. Nyaba himself who wrote this article for debate. Kiir is not feeding all Jieng wherever they are, Jieng are dying of hunger, diseases and likes. They are suffering like others, some of Jieng are in the refugees camps, economics migrants.

      But the guys who want to change Kiir have set wrong steps. It’s started with revenge for alleged massacre of Nuer in 2013 in Juba, but that was not Jieng who murdered the Nuer. They were soldiers of the current government those of Okuc and Eastern want to change. You have really understood where rebels/oppositions and their leaders have gone wrong. You are the only educated guy among those who waste their times on this websites. You are analyst !!

      They don’t know how to mobilize other disgruntles, that is why I see their education to have no value. Imagine how did Garang vision of New Sudan for all helped us to get support from other disgruntle regions/people in the Sudan by then. If we had fought for separation of South Sudan, we would not have achieved it, up to today we could have been still in the bush, we would have been fighting the whole Sudan.
      So, all Jieng whether disgruntle or supporters are pushed to the wall to fear and define rebellion as tribal rebellion. Jieng have remained with only option of self defense and support the government. “An angle you don’t know is better than the devil you know.”

  27. False Millionaire says:

    “The power base of jieng has to be dismantle”.
    But Mr Okuc,are u in the sky to not know that Dr Riek was targeting that objective since 1991 but ended up dumping nuer kins into hell without one single achievement?
    Padang jieng are at the edge of your homeland.Better go start your onslaught there if you aren’t burning the woods with empty rhetoric.
    Time deserves to be wasted to straighten up your narrow concept of the language.The majority tribe means one with more members according to the national census as oppose to the members of other tribes like nuer for example which comes second.You should make use of Nyaba’s great scolastic qualities to verify the validity of the phrase you have misconstrued.You need good english language to be able to record your experiences for a history book.The hell you are threatening to unlish on the internet isn’t like drawning with a cup of whisky and then getting better the next day.

  28. Okuc says:

    False Millionaire

    let me quote you.” The majority tribe means one with more members according to the national census as oppose to the members of other tribes like Nuer for example which comes second”.
    Is this your definition of Majority and what census you are talking about?
    The ex-duty minister of Defence and scholar can’t define the word majority in the context of population of his ethnic group in South Sudan. Second, I don’t need good English nor Dr Nyaba scholastic capabilities as long as you understand what I have written. Third, who told you I want to be an historian and I am going to write a book?
    You kept mentioning the name of Dr Riak in your discussion and his unsuccessful attempt to take leadership of SPLA/M from you people in 1991 and alleged attempt in 2013. But do you think the rest of South Sudanese are like Riak? if Riak failed to dismantle your power base do you think the rest of South Sudanese will fail?
    Honourable minister, with my humble knowledge and poor English language as you said it; your power base is dependent on state apparatus and once that state is done with you will be vulnerable and naked. I don’t want to lecture the PHD holder whom I assumed is much educated and knowledgeable.
    About Padang jieng whom you supply with weapons to destabilise Chollo kingdom using state resources in pursuit of grand Jieng agenda will not succeed. In the end they will realise the Jieng kingdom they were promised by people like you and the rest Jieng council of elders (JCE) is not going to materialise no matter gun power supplied to them by your tribal regime in Juba. So I am not worried because you are going to lose and this is not internet rhetoric nor I am intoxicated with whisky.

  29. Deng Monymor says:

    “since the time of traitor William Deng, who the Arab had to kill.”
    Editor, having been mixing coffee with alcohol during your free time lately? If William Deng was a traitor to South Sudan’s cause as you seem to be suggesting, the Arab could not had killed him. You see, it is this kind of thinking that got you stare at your own vomits, wondering why someone else hasn’t come to clean for you. A kid can see how intoxicated you have become lately. Please stop frequenting Tim Horton and Liquor store at the same time with the same speed. We still need your lost brilliant mind, keep it free from that confusion and intoxication.

    William Deng was hero who had gone into our memories through our songs and veneration. The man was a smart politician who introduced the politics of inclusion which Dr. Garang picked up through his New Sudan Vision. This is call a politics of smart kinds. I know many narrow minded of your groups don’t understand the important of this politics, but I can’t blame you, only to notice why your leaders got stuck in Addis Ababa, despite being revitalized. They are the victims of their own narrow thinking. Have you wondered how Philip Kabush of Nuba mountain got into politics in the first place? if you know, Deng Nhial is the kind of leader you gentlemen need to get you out of your mess.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Deng Monymor,
      Pushing your innuendos aside, William Deng was an absolute political aberration, he simply could not fit neither into the political matrix of the Anya Nya Movement nor could he compete and relate with the other pioneers of the South Sudan Liberation movement of the late 1950’s.
      His was an assistant inspector in Kapoeta when he falsely claimed that he had run away with ‘very highly sensitive government documents.’ He died with those documents without ever divulging those so-called ‘top secrets’ to his fellow South Sudanese.
      Anyway, this story of being in possession of those ‘top secrets’ made him, William Deng, gain temporarily some status and position in the new liberation movement but the story of those document was just fake.
      Anyway, eventually he was pushed out of the liberation movement and in December of 1964, he surrendered to the jellaba Arabs in Kampala and was flown to Juba on his way to Khartoum. I was there when the jellaba Arab administration organized a rally for him to address in Juba. I still remember how William Deng was booed and shouted down as he tried to address the Juba citizens then, as they simply cursed him as a ‘traitor to the jellaba.’
      His Khartoum jellaba masters eventually had to get rid of him. Those elections he was standing for were broadly boycotted by most South Sudanese politicians except those traitors who were pro-Arabs.
      William Deng could not compete with Aggrey Jaden, the first South Sudanese graduate of University of Khartoum, who was chosen to lead the liberation struggle then. It was not surprising when Abel Alier, president of the South Sudan government in 1972, denied all recognition and privileges to the true liberation hero, Aggrey Jaden, the first chairman of the Anya Nya liberation along with General Joseph Lagu.

      • Deng Monymor says:


        With your apparent knowledge of Anya Nya and its leaders, have it crossed your mind one day as to why Joseph Lagu rushed into signing premature peace agreement in 1972 in the first place? Such lack of analysis sometimes deems one to be a victim of denied ignorance. It could be true Aggrey Jaden was the first South Sudanese University graduate but that doesn’t make any difference if one doesn’t have generational analysis of the problem he or she is trying to solve. Apparent knowledge without practical application is not knowledge at all, but stupidity disguised in reading and writing. In this, South Sudan history currently talks more about William Deng than it talks about Aggrey Jaden. Are you aware of that? Or is it another Jieng conspiracy, too? Anyway, understanding William Deng is like trying to understand Dr. John’s political engineering; it will take many generations for your kind to get of a piece of its practical application.

        You also need to know how Joseph Lagu ended up being a leader of the Movement when in fact he came late while Aggrey Jaden was already a leader of it. There was a shit that went on at that period which many of you don’t know despite being present when history was making itself in our country. With a wealth of knowledge you have, I have a feeling that you will disappoint me and my generation if something is done in saving you from this confusion.

        Stay blessed, good health to you and your family.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Deng Monymor,
          Like I said earlier, abuses don’t resolve anything but since your generational misfortune in being brought tribally misinformed, I would rather end any dialogue with your elk.
          Truly, anybody who grew up in the SPLA/M era is terribly inflicted and brain-damaged by the one-tribe propaganda as explicitly manifested by your reasoning. It’s really unfortunate for South Sudan as it will remain for a long time a nation heading into the darkness.
          Keep up with your beliefs and I will only mourn for South Sudan. We are going to see chaos for a long, long time.
          I only pray that your Kiir would sooner emulate what Kenyatta of Kenya has done, in the reconciliation with his Luo rival Raila Odinga.
          Best regards, as I won’t discourse with you again.

  30. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear Okac and Eastern,
    The root is the consequence of Jaang misrule. South Sudan civil war is a result of Dinka legacy in which 30 thousand Nuer civilians were murdered in a cold blood by the JCE and Salva Kiir. Also, the root cause of this destructive war is a result of Dinka legacy in which favor their ethnic group.
    Dinka peoples are responsible for South Sudan’s political burden. Since 2005, They (Jaang) have been grabbing Equatrians ancestral lands, likewise the lands of Chollo. Because land is so important. You can not stay in your country without having your own land. Therefore, Chollo and Equatrians are fighting over the land. Naath, civilians were massacred, Feritits innocent civilians were also killed by the Dinka regime. For this reason, the four allies are determined to topple Dinka regime through military means. My cousins, just as a reminder, the war between 4 allies, namely, Naath, Equatrians, Chollo and Feritits on hand and Dinka, SPLA-N, and Darfuran on the other is a liquidation war.

    It is worth to mention here that, others roots cause of the war. For example, in depicting Dinka themselves as liberators, Equatrians as cowards peoples, the latter becomes TNT; in describing Nuer as irrational the latter becomes rational; in fashioning Murle as evil, the latter becomes good…etc.

    • Eastern says:

      Deng Hanbol,

      The regime in Juba is now toying with fire! Over the weekend, pushed by the naturally inborn KLEPTOMANIA, predominantly Dinka herders from Kit and Pageri area crossed the river Nile and raided hundreds of heads of cattle from the peaceful Madi and Kuku people settled among the Madi in Metu sub-county in Moyo district.

      The foregoing discussion was on SPLM-IO faltering from its course. Now the regime in Juba is at the verge of souring relations with Uganda, its main alley. The support the regime gets from Uganda in terms of boots on the ground in moments of need, like in January 2014, comes in the form of UPDF soldiers, predominately people from northern Uganda and the West Nile sub-region. Now their livelihoods is being stolen and one of their sons in the uniforms has become the latest casualty in the recent cattle rustling.

      That being said, the border areas between South Sudan and Uganda is about to witness local skirmishes which could have devastating effects. Just watch this space!

      • Roberto Kasongo says:


        The support of Uganda government to murderer Kiir is coming to an end and that is why he applied to join the Arab League so that the Arabs can protect him. It has been reported that his application is being rejected. I thought Kiir and his tribesmen hate Arabs.

        Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

      • Mor-amook says:

        Dear Deng Hanbol and Eastern,

        I just realized that I have been talking to drunkards and intoxicated people. This is because a drunkard always doesn’t give chance to listen to others, a drunkard always have mindset of what he/she says is right. All south Sudanese are calling for peace. In this website, many of us want to give peace a chance, but oppositely you call for allies and war to dismantle and annihilate Dinka as you clearly illustrate it above.

        You are now saying the current fighting between allies against Dinka tribe is to destroy Jieng in South Sudan. I have been foolishly thinking that your objective was a regime change to bring about good governance for the interest of all south Sudanese. But now, bottle of whisky has opened your mind to spell out secret in the nutshell.

        Please remember, your plan to get rid of Dinka in South Sudan will be expensive. It will cost your lives, materials and time to extinct the whole tribe, so be prepare for that! Please just begin with puppets on your side like Nyandeng and her son….etc. From this point, I withdraw my statements yesterday above of calling for peace and I leave you to continue with your plan. Furthermore, I will cease my frequent participation, because I don’t drink and the drunkards do not know anything then to keep the same statement over and over, so I feel I should not waste my time after all you will do nothing. So bark and the camel will just be going!!!

        • Deng Hanbol says:

          Cousins Mor-amook, Deng Monymor, and False Mafia,
          After you committed genocide against Naath civilians,you’re really going to be paying the consequences.
          Luckily I’m neither a drinker nor do I smoke cigarettes.

          The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.
          Friedrich Nietzsche

        • Eastern says:


          Just stop being pretentious and peddling the same narrative with the hope of getting a differnt view.

          From day one, my of what Kiir leads is a tribal regime: a Dinka dominated ruling gunclass.

          Now if Nyandeng and her son are puppet, I don’t know whose, is your business. I suppose because they are outside the Dinka regime, hence the reference.

          Most good things are expensive, breaking up this Dinka dominated regime shouldn’t be an exception. Case closed!

  31. False Millionnaire says:

    Yes yes Mr More Love.
    Exactly u got the point.They are in for an alliance of convenience which would hurriedly go up in a smoke if anything like food to eat come their way.God works mysteriously.They are watering jieng fortunes without knowing.They will never know that until they get deep to the neck in the mud.

  32. Mading says:

    Deng Hanbol. Okuc, Hoiloom. keep lying internet warriors, but your liars will never do you any good. The first person who ran to jalaba Hoiloom was Riek Machar when he was chased away in Juba in 2013.

  33. Samuel Yoyo says:

    Are they (IO) struggling to replace an already ethnocentric government in Juba by another one, and if this is the case what is the point of preaching reform. I had long been saying this war is about power, positions for the loyalist and puppets, and good enough a person by name of Dr Peter Nyaba is speaking his mind without fear.

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