Where SPLM ends, South Sudan’s future is set to begin!

BY: Justin Ambago Ramba, UK, JUN/20/2013, SSN,

In the new country of South Sudan politics never seems to satisfy the peoples’ unlimited appetite to know exactly how their country is run. But never be disappointed or be bored when this politics turns to endless talks about corrupt officials right from the office of the president, to the ministers and down to the different levels of the government’s officials, for this is the rebels turn rulers’ style of governance.

The latest development in what seems like an endless drama is the president’s move to suspend two of his most senior federal ministers over corruption. Aware of how long these two have served with president Kiir since the bush days, and throughout the rough era of the partnership in the so-called Government of National Unity (GoNU) with the northern National Congress Party (NCP) of Omer al Bashir, one is tempted to say that the working relationship between the trio must have taken a turn for the worse.

And no one should be fooled into believing that President Salva is any different than his fellow comrades when it comes to corruption, tribalism or nepotism. If not for the persistent pressure from the international community neither Kiir nor any of the SPLM big shots are prepared to give any damn about corruption or money going missing from the government’s coffers since they became the rulers in South Sudan.

Examples are in abundance to support this argument for its now ages since the public learned of the missing $4 billion dollars, and although the culprits – 75 of them [current and former ministers and senior officials], are all known to the president, yet he is unable to bring them to the book.

Not too long ago, an amount of money initially report to be over $6 million dollars went missing from the president’s office in Juba. Those accused in this act of theft turned out to be the president’s own kinsmen whom he had appointed to work in his office, in line with the institutionalized nepotism practiced the nationwide. In short, operations ‘signal left and turn right’!

This theft case which only became of a concern to the president after having been exposed by the media, has now reached a dead end. The anti-corruption committee in its post investigation report, made it clear that the investigation into the case was not any easy nor straight forward as people in power kept interfering with the evidences.

Finally it is now concluded that the theft in the president’s office was a work of an insider, maybe the president himself colluding in it, is what we are yet to be told.

Salva Kiir’s latest fall off with two of his top ministers, has only increased the streets appetite for more probes to be carried out in this corruption infested country. People would like to hear and see people like the deputy minister of interior Lt. General Salva Mathok Gengdit relieved of their positions and immunities as well, and to face questioning in the suspicious murder of a 25 year old traffic policeman, Banyjioth Mathoat Tap from the Bul Nuer community, whose body was found under Mathok’s house on 30 March. [ST http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?page=imprimable&id_article=46547]

Besides that there was that infamous CID senior officer by the name of Major General Marial Nour Jok, who was arrested on the order of the president himself over the disappearance of a young survey engineer John Luis Silvino.

All circumstantial evidences pointed to the fact that it was this CID murderer who summoned the missing engineer to his office, before finally going missing. As you read these lines, this ruthless murderer is now on the loose after the president knowingly allowed him to be smuggled out of the country where he is claimed to be receiving treatment in the neighbouring Kenya for over a year now.

My personal take here is in fact to encourage President Cmdr. Kiir Mayardit in his latest campaign even if it means that he will end up losing the SPLM chairmanship in the illusive party convention. For he has for a long time now deafened people by his “much talk but little do” so-called ‘zero tolerance’ or the other equally empty slogan of so-called “no reverse gear”.

As the author of this humble article I have no much to gain by going into the other speculations as to why the president acted differently this time around, nonetheless the street is already saturated with all kinds of stories to justify the his action.

Be reminded that in places like South Sudan where true information is easily rumoured in the market places or drinking joints, whatever is rumoured in “Konyo-Konyo” Market, is nothing but the sole true.

So according to the “Konyo-Konyo” Candour, the president’s action against the finance minister could have resulted from the minister’s recent order in which he reshuffled a number of senior staff within the ministry of finance. The staff in question had threatened the minister and reportedly forwarded their petition to the president asking him to force the minister to reverse his decision.

Another mouth–piece for the unhappy members of staff in the ministry of finance, who are resisting the ministerial orders on internal reshuffle, has already labelled the minister’s action as tribalistic, since the three staff members in the centre of this controversy happen to his kinsmen, and not from the same tribe as the minister.

Of course in a community that wakes on tribalism, spends the whole day in activities meant to promote and entrench tribalism and only go to sleep and wake up to another similar day, every one’s misfortune can be labelled as a tribal motivated incident planned by another rivalry tribe.

In other words, it means for a promotion or demotion, transfer or even internal reshuffles to go down well with South Sudanese officials or workers alike, such authorization must come from one’s own kinsmen; otherwise it is right away considered as an act of tribalism! What a society to live in?

While in the case of Deng Alor Kuol – Minister for Cabinet Affairs, others speculate that he might be a victim of the ongoing SPLM party’s inner fights. Like millions of other people in this unfortunate country, he too is seen to have withdrawn his support from the president, in favour of the more charismatic SPLM Secretary General, Pa’gan Amum Akeich, rumoured to be preparing to challenge the incumbent chairman come the convention.

Whichever way the current scenarios heads to, for the average South Sudanese in the towns, villages, luaks, and those in the diaspora, it has long been concluded that neither President Salva Kiir Mayardit nor his ‘rotten to the core’ SPLM party has any salvation to provide for this fast sinking country.

While we encourage them to finish each other, we look forward to a better South Sudan without any of them.

Author: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba. Secretary General –United South Sudan Party (USSP). He can be reached at: justinramba@doctors.net.uk


  1. Choromke Jas says:

    Slaves, I am told are optimistic lot. When one of them is killed by the owner and buried, the surviving ones think that such horrible treatment will not be meted to them. And so, they continue to stay put like chicken whose legs are untied but continue to stand still as if they are still in bondage.

    Wani Iga, when are you leaving this slave colony called SPLM? Anna Ito, you think you are different? Magaya, Lomuro and other “outsiders”, what are you still waiting for? Bolt for your dignity and lives. Your time is rapidly approaching.

    Who would have thought Kosti would be run over by this slave killer bus? He was the darling of the slavers until yesterday. Wani Iga, you have led our people to carry the baby ogre from forest to our homes. Now, the Ogre has shown its claws and bloody teeth and is eating our children. What do you have to say? Must all of you die slaves? You were warned long time ago by the “prophets”, but you chose not to believe. We live in interesting times.

  2. Malou says:

    SPLM will never end; and the beginners of new South Sudan will never be without SPLM! That’s a fact and the facts are never far from the truths!
    Malou, AKA; SALA

    • Daniel says:

      I will not bet that. Lookout for the parties of revolution in Africa and see how much they are disappearing into thin air. Look just over your shoulders and see where is KANU in Kenya. It goes “the same forest, different Monkeys”

      • Majongdit says:

        KANU rules Kenya today. TNA/URP are grandchildren of KANU. Doubt this? Then ask yourself who brought up and nurtured the political lives of both Uhuru and Ruto. It’s Moi! Where is Moi from? KANU! Political roads for Uhuru and Ruto began in KANU and they ended up in KANU incarnated.
        Likewise, SPLM will live on and on and on!

  3. James SSNTL says:

    Well Said Justin. Action speaks louder than words. I think somehow Kirr is making a right move by showing citizens that all those responsible for stealing the country’s most needed development funds must be brought to justice.

    If he is making it happen by proving them guilty in court of law and have the money returned, the natives of South Sudan might see a glimmer of hope on prosecution of all 75 robbers of the people of South Sudan.

    Kirr and his government body must arrange to re-elect all ministries to replace all the suspects as they get suspended awaiting trial and all $4 Billion Dollars must be returned. If not in form of cash all together, possession and their Banks accounts must be frozen and have them all sent to jail for decades.

    This will be the only way that will allow the second government of the second generation to run smoothly with a fear that, once you mess up with people’s (citizen’s) money, you will face the consequences. Either it being a dime or a Million dollars, you will face rough humiliation on the face of the South Sudanese Natives.

    My president Mr. Kirr, You fought and stayed as a hero for the Nation during Arab times. You showed your courage and for me and millions I can influence, please bring all those 75 Suspects to face justice in front of your citizens and by all means I will vote for you the coming 2015. Please reroute the oil field to Lamu Port or Eritrea whichever is easier than being mocked by Totalitarian Northern Regime. They already stole 68% of our Nation and they are still bully on our own God given wealth.

    Please diminish Tribalism, nepotism, not forgetting racism including religious discrimination for our Nation to be one of the 21st Century Developed Nation in our Land. Feed the Nation with our rich Fertile Land with Agricultural asset for the Economic growth to all and am sure it will decline raiding and chaos we all witness.

    Please work hard on taking those top leaders who can kill innocent civilians at their will without just cause like they are immune to the rule of law. Make the second generation be proud of you for what you’re doing. Don’t just go up down alone but you can come down up as well by prosecuting MPS, Commissioners who abuse locals development fund.

    We the people of South Sudan are tired of complaining without action taken. Your making a right move and please make it rough and rigorous. It is too shameful for a Rich Nation to be dusty — Full of Dirt— While the few are Millionaires in the suffering of the Veterans who died and crippled by the long decades of War to liberate ourselves. I feel ashamed and I know you do the same as well.

    Do something for your country and a young Generation Mr. President by making sure that all 75 thugs government official stealing public money brought to justice and must return money in full leave alone interest the money would’ve made.

    Thank you,


    A National.

    • Dear James SSNTL:

      If president Kiir has this kind of criticism or people like you on his presidential advisory team, he would have been a great President and we wouldn’t be murdering ourselves,starving to death and begging for the UN assistance. We would have been financially and politically well off by now. However President Kiir has mistakenly surrounded himself with all the vicious thieves and corrupted politicians who have no respect or regards for the Country and the people they falsely claim to be serving.

      There are some South Sudanese self claimed politicians out there who have been campaigning, criticizing and throwing their political punches on President Kiir and his failing government on this forum. I have a feeling that those SSN politicians could even be worse than president Kiir if they are elected to lead this Country in the future. I have been reading, digesting and analyzing their political platforms and debates yet I haven’t found anything appealing to my heart like your comment, criticism or advice to president Kiir.. Honestly, you have said what is needed to be addressed or communicated the President. If President Kiir has eyes to see and read, ears to listen and understand, he should be paying a special attention to your comment. This is a brilliant comment based on factual information and advice which could help President Kiir to take a decisive political actions to steer his government to the right direction.

      Your comment could bring those tribalists and warlord politicians to their knees. This is the kind of criticism and advice which I have been longing to see or hear from our online politicians for so long. Brother, You made my day and I feel like a real South Sudanese again.

      • I am delighted to read this comment of yours Mr. Garang, this is the meaning of this website. Your name comes from Three regions. Ambago is a true politician just like Wankomo the editor general. But, wait they are our political assets with time. We need them for straight politics because it has become true that not every soldier is a good politician.

        Why on earth kiir leaves other big MISTAKES and zeros down his long time proclaimed zero tolerance on 7 millions?
        My advice to SPLM IS THEY MUST REFORM BEFORE THEY ARE DEFORMED. how do leave 4 billions and run after 7 millon? Why didn’t Kiir start with those nephews of his who refused Kosti’s internal transfers order?…the audit report….dura saga….

  4. Dau-network says:

    Did you understand that that Kenyans alerted Bank Of South Sudan about money has been wired into their Bank? brother we need at least trials when we have sufficient evidence like this to be example so that some thieves on way to steal will scare from consequences .
    This case was nearly reported last year by one of staff in finance ministry who came from western Country when Kosti Ngai ordered him to transfer money but the guy tried to decline in that without proper document signed by minister, then he received a warning. after that he used signed them that “A REASON KNOWN TO BOSS OR MINISTER ONLY” THAT WHY THIS MONEY HAS BEEN TRANSFERED TO THAT ACCOUNT !!
    Any thief must face their crimes whether you are from God’s tribe or not except the president because he can not investigate himself but next regimes will investigate him.

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      Dr Ramba.
      You elevated the most important issues that we silently read which you can not raise your voice as a citizen in the Republic of South Sudan to criticize the government; you will be endangering your own life this is what we’re experiencing in Juba .yes we can say Mr President Kiir seems to be serious by these days as I read his Republican order against the two national Ministers. if Mr President takes such an active role against corruption we will say thanks and where were you before?

      So for those who’re saying Mr Deng Alor Kuol is the victim of this criminal act I can say they are wrong in this case, Mr Kosti Manibe Ngai will be the victim of this on going criminal offence when the investigation team comes out with their finding. so Mr Kosti Manibe just for giving him a little as commission for facilitating the business of Deng Alor Kuol and unknown person may be named latter. let ‘s wait . people should know this Deng Alor has been using the President power to intimidated the others weak Ministers as he is so close to the President.

      Second thing, Justice John Gatwich Lul will be the another victim in the long run, his good reputation as being having high profile in Sudan Judiciary as well as in South Sudan Judiciary. I fear there will be damage as being assigned as chairperson of Anti Corruption to lead any investigation on the corruption cases and he will never prosecute any single person, believe me guys. I am not against Justice John Gatwich I love Justice John Gatwich to remain good as before as has been clean person .so the people of South Sudan are watching his team so closely expecting that they may do something regarding this chronic corruption.

  5. Tyson says:

    A rotten institution will not survive for long. SPLM under the current leadership is dead from the top and it is a matter of time when the whole body will be disposed to the garbage.
    It is better late than never that the SPLM overhauls itself to be a true party not bandwagon or club of thieves, killers and land grabbers, among others. At the moment, SPLM is a total disgrace and shame.

    • Tyson:

      I agreed with you that the SPLM is 100 percent dead. However I want you to acknowledge and understand the fact that our beloved Country, South Sudan was stolen back by that rotten SPLM from the Arabs who looted all our national resources and enslaved us for more than 50 years. Of course, they will indeed be disposed into the garbage Bin as thieves and liberators of the Republic of South Sudan. Please remember that the SPLA/M itself is not a thief nor rotten, however the people who are leading it now are rotten, thieves, disgraceful and shameful. Understand the fact and stay blessed!

  6. Tyson says:


    • Tyson:
      Your mind is always and mostly fixated with the SPLM, Dinka and corruption. However you are not seeing and acknowledging the other positive aspect of that corrupted institution. What I have been attempting to convey to you and your likes is that the SPLM Institution had liberated South Sudan and this Country is ours to stay with us forever. If the SPLM Institution is too deformed to be reformed, then Why are you wasting your time criticizing it instead of forming your own viable institution or political party to replace it?

      • Mr. Gatkuoth Garang,

        Sometimes you talk like a real leader and sometimes you are not. Maybe you get upset when someone mentions the name “Dinka” and I understand that anyone must defends their social identity. You are absolutely right about advising those of SPLM party oppositions to create their own parties to compete with the SPLM party. However, remember that not every Dinka supports SPLM party, not every Dinka benefits from the SPLM party, not every Dinka involves in corruption, not every Dinka is happy with the existing Mr. Kiir administration, and not all Dinka should be blamed for corruption that are taking place in South Sudan either.

        Remember that many of SPLM party oppositions are SPLM/A as a movement strong supporters but lost hope in SPLM ruling party members. On the other hand, not all Nuer nor all Equatorians, or other tribes oppose SPLM party either. In fact, there are so many Nuer, Shilluk, and Equatorians who benefit a lot from this current Mr. Kiir Mayardit administration and these individuals will not be happy either when changes are made no matter what tribes they are from. I believe everyone in the federal government office is corrupt and involved in stealing of money and killings.

        For example, If we have to do a 360 degree surveys on states governors who were or were not take part in corruptions, I believe we will find so many states governors who are not Dinka but involved deeply in stealing of money and killings or in corruption. In order to find out whether Dinka are corrupt or not corrupt maybe we should ask ourselves that; are states that are held by Non-Dinka governors doing much better than the states that are held by governors who are Dinka? Are states that are led by governors who are from Dinka tribes more corrupt than the states that are led by non-Dinka governors?

        I am not happy with Mr. Kiir administration, I should not blame it on Dinka. I am not Dinka but I am strongly support the points you have made.

        • Dear Bentiu Ramraan:

          Thank you for your kind words or compliment. In fact, I’m not here to defend Dinka tribe nor the SPLM rather however I’m attempting to redirect the political criticism to the right channel. What annoys me the most is that some of our non-Dinka online politicians accuse and insult the entire Dinka tribe for any thievery or mistakes committed by a single Dinka politician or thief in Juba. Why not calling that Dinka thief by his/her own name instead of generalizing the entire Dinka tribe?

          Holding the entire Dinka tribe or Nuer accountable for a thievery of one person would encourage those thieves to commit more crimes or thievery if they know the entire tribe is getting blame for their own thievery. There was a song sang in Khartoum by one of the Dinka singers during the SPLA liberation war. The song was meant to discourage the war between the SPLA, Nyagats and Militia forces which were fighting each other in South Sudan. The theme and the purpose of the song was to encourage the ending of the fight among the South Sudanese people. The song says that the South Sudanese have allowed the Arabs to eat the meat by themselves while they are furiously fighting over the bones.

          The fact of the matter is that you, Mr. Elhag Paul and I are accusing and holding Dinka, Nuer,Shiluk and Equatorians accountable for the personal thievery of president Kiir, Deng Alor, Riek Machar, Justice John Gatwech Lul, Pagan Amum, Wani Igga Mama Rebeccadit Garang DeMabior and Kosti Manibe Ngai. Would this kind of behaviour change any thing with those corrupted politicians in Juba? My argument is that Let us all call those corrupted politicians by their own names and hold them accountable for their own political individuality, weakness and thievery.

          Raanmidit, Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not here fighting for my own political ambitions. I’m here to speak and fight for those who can not speak or fight for themselves. In fact, I have some political ambitions of leading this heart broken Nation in the future, however, it would not be in 2015. I have to get rid of those corrupted politicians in Juba as well those Nyagats, tribalists and Kokora warlords on the SSN Forum before I declare my intention to run for the presidency of the Republic of South Sudan. Also I have to form my own political party in order to challenge the SPLM, USSP and SPLM-Donkey for Change. My government will be the best government you ever have in South Sudan because I will still be reading and getting valuable advice from you and the rest of my political foes here. I will have Mr. Elhag Paul and all the SSN Editors on my presidential advisory Committee.

          All my beloved South Sudanese from Northern Upper Nile to Nimule, From Northern Bhar El Ghazal to Chukudum and from Pibor to Raja would enjoy their full liberty and freedom of speech. Everyone would be served and treated with respect and dignity. I will bury the tribalism, nepotism, corruption and Kokora politics. Please keep your hope for the good governance alive and stick around little longer to witness and enjoy Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang’s next government.

  7. Jim Kal says:

    It’s very unfair when this website is targeting some individuals by deleting their comments. I hope this forum is part of the campaign to promote that awareness on the issues that matter most. For example, government mishandling of public affair which is including the freedom of speak. I have lost two comments in this article. So where are they?

    Jim Kal can be reach @: jkal59@rocketmail.com

    Mr. Jim Kal,


  8. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Dear Dau-network
    Excuse me; although this really has nothing with the theme of my article, but you kind of puzzle me, when you asked, I quote:

    “Did you understand that Kenyans alerted Bank of South Sudan about money has been wired into their Bank”?

    Well I don’t know of that Mr. Network. However I find it weird and bewildering that it was a foreign bank that alerted the Bank of South Sudan about something that they should have already be known. For how on earth did the wiring take place without the approval, and thus the knowledge of the boss of Bank of South Sudan?

    Otherwise I am for the wedding process to even burn like wild fire for there are many others, and more lethal elements within the government and especially those in the president’s inner circles who still need to be named, shamed and made to throw up all that they have swallowed illegally.

  9. No where SPLM can go. It will remain a ruling party in south sudan forever

  10. rizik says:


  11. Manyok R. says:

    Folks, we got to stop tribal names calling. It won’t help us deal with the most pressing issues of our nation. Learn to separate Dinka from exclusive club messing things up in the nation. The problem to be exact is top leadership comprised of many tribes. The majority of Dinkas are suffering like other tribes though the president is from Dinka.
    If we are serious to identify our problem and solve it with right solutions, we must stop including a certain tribe as a problem. This is because it often leads to ethnic cleansing by trying to get rid of people as solution to problem solving. No one or group could ever solve South Sudan’s problem by going against one tribe deemed the problem. Our problem is simply former top military commanders who considered themselves heroes who did most on the battlefields during war times. After our independence, they rejected liberal democratic principals or ideals because it restrains them from looting nation’s resources. They come from all our tribes and formed political bond our masses will not break to change them.
    Don’t you guys see how they protected themselves within the system? The few guys who fall out of their code of secret rules are isolated and exposed to public in order to fool us as reasons to show themselves working for democratic rule of law.

  12. Majongdit says:

    As SPLM and South Sudan continue to move on, Justin Ambago Rambo and the likes just go the opposite…ever nearing to an eventual end!!!

  13. Jacob,

    SPLM party can rule forever no problem, but we need laws that will protect our money from going out to private accounts, law that protect us from criminals that shoot us on the streets randomly because criminals will kill you too even though you are a strong supporter of SPM party.
    Ultimately, we need good laws that will protect our businessmen and women properties because a country without businesses become as useless as a tree without branches and leaves.

  14. s t Dhal says:

    Dear fellows, this a misinformation, the relief of those two individuals ministers is politically motivated. First of all according to Minister of justice, John Luk Jock, the money were prepared for the firs set of all governmental offices since the year 2012 and the authority was given to the two nationals minister to execute.
    the mean reason of their termination was that, at the time president Kiir went to Japan, Minister of Finance and economic planning did make some reshuffle within the minister. There were numbers of officials from Dinka of Kiir who had be randomly employed were stealing money and they wrote letter to Kiir to reverse the reshuffle of the minister. President Kiir had requested the Minister many times to reverse his reshuffling and the minster refused.
    two, of the issue of Deng Alor, he did disagree with Kiir and he has withdrawn his support from Kiir for his beat for 2015 election.
    As a result Salva decided to take a bold decision to discharge those two Keys ministers and label the issues of the money that was approved by the cabinet ministers. by doing so, it clearly appears that, Salva Kiir tactic was to intimidate those who are in opposition to support him.
    this behavior would not be tolerated in our young nation, because this will definitely increase the tribal tension that has already filled the tension of our population.

    • Dear St.Dhal:

      Are you a member of the Anti corruption committee or team? If not, then I will advise you to wait patiently for the final finding and report of the anti corruption investigations. I totally agreed with you that there must be some political implications in the matter, however it would be wise to wait for the official report from the Anti Corruption Team. There is a saying that if a thief accuses another thief for a thievery, it would be wise for the police or Judge to be patient and take a note of what they are saying as one of the thieves might be telling the truth. Therefore one of those thieves such as Kiir, Deng Alor and Kosti Manibe Ngi might be telling us the truth about their thievery. Why are you holding up their throats while they are attempting to spit out the truth and to reveal the nature of their long overdue corruption in Juba?

      I have been silent since the report of thievery as I don’t want to throw my support behind any of those thieves before the finding and final reports of the Anti Corruption Team. I have a feeling that the Anti Corruption Boss, Justice John Gatwech Lul is not doing his job well. He has done numerous investigations on thievery/corruptions and nobody has ever been found guilty and convicted for the thievery or corruptions. What was the outcome of his investigations for the Presidential Palace thievery? Has anyone ever been indicted and convicted for the thievery in the Presidential Palace? Or Did the money walk out by itself from the Presidential Palace? And Why the money was kept there in the first place since there is a National Bank of South Sudan in Juba?

      If the Anti Corruption Boss, Mr. Justice John Gatwech Lul can not find anyone guilty of all those allegations of thievery and corruptions at all, he himself must be investigated for bribery and cowardice? Perhaps, he is either afraid of convicting those corrupted politicians in fear of losing his own job or life or they are bribing him to let them out of the hook. GatMallen/Cousin, Justice John Gatwech Lul, Please be assured that the people of South Sudan are behind you 100 percent and therefore we want you to do your job to the best of your ability Unless otherwise we will start the corruption war with you. Please stay in the fight and fight well even if you ought to indict and throw Kiir and Riek in Jail. Goodluck, GatMallen/Cousin!

  15. Raamiran says:

    The coming 2015 election nuers are going to win on.

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