Where next for Machar: Ethiopia closes door on him & Khartoum wants him gone?



Dr Machar — who is currently in Khartoum after fleeing Juba on July 11— has been denied asylum in Ethiopia where he had hoped to take refuge after completing treatment in the Sudanese capital.
In Khartoum, Machar has been restricted from engaging in political activities, with Sudan saying he is only welcomed on “humanitarian” grounds.

In Juba, Dr Machar has since been replaced as the vice-president by his former lead negotiator, Taban Deng Gai.

South Sudanese ousted vice president, Dr Riek Machar, is increasingly becoming a pariah in the region with Ethiopia now declining to give him asylum, while Sudan is restricting his political activities.

Dr Machar — who is currently in Khartoum after fleeing Juba on July 11— has been denied asylum in Ethiopia where he had hoped to take refuge after completing treatment in the Sudanese capital.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, in a media interview on the sideline of the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York this week, said that Addis Ababa “does not need someone who is leading an armed struggle on its soil.”

After the civil war broke out in Juba in December 2013, Ethiopia had hosted Dr Machar for most of the two-and-a-half years of the peace negotiations led by the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad). But Addis Ababa is now bowing to pressure from Juba and the dynamics of the deployment of the UN-backed regional protection force.

Ethiopia was supposed to provide the bulk of the 4,000 troops and this was going to complicate their participation if the country gave asylum to Dr Machar.

In Juba, Dr Machar has since been replaced as the vice-president by his former lead negotiator, Taban Deng Gai.

No political activities

Dr Machar suffered another blow on Thursday when the Sudanese government stopped him from holding a press conference in Khartoum after holding a week-long SPLM-IO leadership meeting to discuss the ongoing political crisis in South Sudan.

Information Minister and government spokesperson, Ahmed Bilal Osman, announced that Dr Machar was in Khartoum for treatment only and is therefore not allowed to conduct political activities. Mr Bilal said that Khartoum was waiting for the implementation of the security arrangements so that Dr Machar could return to South Sudan.

However, Dr Machar maintains that he can only return to Juba after the deployment of the regional protection force, which Juba appears to be reluctant to have more troops join the current 12,000 under the UN Mission in South Sudan.

According to the UN Security Council Resolution, the protection force is supposed to act as a buffer between President Salva Kiir’s soldiers and those of Dr Machar, and to secure humanitarian supply lines and key installations.

The government of South Sudan had protested to Sudan for hosting Dr Machar but Khartoum has maintained that they are hosting the ousted leader —who arrived in Khartoum in August from northeastern DR Congo — on “humanitarian” grounds.


  1. abai okwahu says:

    machar is toast. he should not have left his headquarters in pagak hurriedly to take up his position of fvp in the interim govt of national unity. i hope he learned his lesson now.

    • Steve John says:

      Abai Okwahu,

      If you’re non South Sudanese, then either your completely ignorant of the political events leading to Machar’s return from Pangak or if you’re a South Sudanese then you must be foolish and naive. The IGAD, UN, Troika all pressured him to come to Juba and ensure that the peace was implemented. Had he refused, they would have accused him for dragging his feet. He agreed and was allowed to bring small arms and a handful of bodyguards. He out of good faith walked into a deathtrap. Evil men and devils then planned the final kill and only idiots believed that this was a coup. Riak has to run for his life. The peace is done and all SPLM-IO ministers have been dismissed according to the resolutions of their meeting in Khartoum. Taban Gai, Ezekiel Lol, Ladu Gore, Richard Mulla etc. are now free birds. They can join Kiir and the JMEC can pack and go home. South Sudanese must be prepared to live under the jaangs for another 200 years or take refuge for the rest of their lives. Riak is the most challenging to the jaangs arrogance and limitless greed for power and that’s why they want him dead. The only viable alternative for South Sudan is a complete destruction of the rotten and hopeless jaang system, only then can a vibrant South be born again. South Sudan is already another Somalia with each group gradually taking care of itself. Kiir’s authority is now limited to around the big towns.

  2. Abel Magok says:

    Ethiopia was seen closer allay country beside Sudan for Dr. Riek Machar, on his disastrous ways to become a leader of South Sudan, and this Ethiopian U turn by rejecting or denied Machar’s asylum is the beginning to an end of Machar’s ambitious for acquisitive the leadership. He has been a disastrous for Nuer and the whole South Sudan since 1991, until now just for one thing, being a leader though he had a chance from 2005-2013 as second powerful person in the country and did nothing. Taban Deng has little time in Riek’s position but is indeed performing much better than him, so he should be given a chance Riek has for eight years as Vice president.
    Riek thinks for himself better person all Nuer should follow or die for him if not become a leader of South Sudan, though Nuer now become much more educated in South Sudan and finding a leader among them in any corner of their areas is not difficult, why is one person. To be a leader, a person need to extend his/her thinking to other tribe of South Sudan not only your ethnic and Dr. Rie doesn’t need others as he believes in Nguondeng’s prophesy that he will be a president of South Sudan though he never met him.

    • GatNor says:

      Abel Magok,
      In South Sudan and the world at large, it is true that one can believe in whatever or whoever he/she gladly chose to believe in when it come to prophets as long as it doesn’t offend you and I or anyone for that matter. To discourage such practice would be religiously and faithfully wrong I would think. According to David Matiop Gai who recently alleviated a former South Sudanese rebel fighter of splm/a to the level of Prophets. Apparently [his] “prophet” made it to the lists of Prophets and the only distinction I noticed is that the word Prophet is not spelled with a capital letter as I had hoped.. I wonder why that is so. In this case one should throw stone at others so called Prophets as if his or hers is the only credible amongst the rest. And please don’t say you are a Christian because Christianity itself has its own flaws and nor is it a traditional South Sudanese religion to boast about or should one use it as justification to condemned and judge others.
      the link is below…


  3. False Millionaire says:

    He should hang himself one good time for all.
    After provoking the lose of countless numbers of human lives and inflicting immeasurable degree of destruction since 1991,he has nothing to learn on earth that can pay back what he has destroyed.

  4. Toria says:

    False M and the happy campers
    Riek Machar doesn’t need Ethiopia, SS is all bush, you can choose any destination and live and fight. You can not overthrow rebels who have no houses or one place to stay, but you can attack or overthrow government targets because they have headquarters and houses to sleep in. These neighboring countries have been bribed and they are blinded by the false promises of offers of contracts to exploit minerals and our resources. But how will they come to do business if there is still rebellions and no security all over the country? Riek Machar is not the only enemy of SPLA IG so long as the issue of 28 illegal states is not resolved and no reforms don’t dream of peace. It’s going to get even worst.

  5. Eli says:

    Dear Country People and Compatriots

    Judge the situation in our youngest nation for yourselves and be wise. Don’t be deceived by False Pretext of peace implementations in South Sudan. Peace Talks has collapsed, the Government in Juba is anti-peace.

    Nothing left but 100% Full Scale War. This time we will not be naïve to the songs and pretence of peaceful solutions from International Communities, they are part and parcel of our challenges. Every time our women get rapped, children dying from starvations and curable diseases, innocent civilians are getting killed and horrendous crimes are committed by the Rogue Regime in Juba, even attempted assassination of Dr. Riek Machar, the international Communities are silent but instead they enable the Regime by bogus statements and invitation to New York in UN headquarters, they allow the genocidal regime to sit in front of world leaders without shame and lying through their teeth.

    Well said compatriot Steve John,
    “The only viable alternative for South Sudan is a complete destruction of the rotten and hopeless jaang system, only then can a vibrant South be born again. South Sudan is already another Somalia with each group gradually taking care of itself. Kiir’s authority is now limited to around the big towns.”

    Let only The Guns Speak. No more wasting time No peace but WAR

    Now is the time for all REVOLUTIONISTS to unite for one purpose only, to unseat this evil regime in Juba. The fronts must be re-activated in every corner Upper Nile, Bahr Ghazal and Equatoria all simultaneously.

    As we speak war is raging on in Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria, Upper Nile (Bentiu and surrounding). We the new breeds of revolutionists are ready to take this worthless government out at all cost.
    Let us go and deliver our people from the PIT OF HELL in Juba and the rest of the country.

    Long Live South Sudan
    Long Live Freedom Fighters
    Long Live Untied Fronts

    Eli Wani

  6. Peacemaker says:

    Mr.Eli Wani has succinctly said it all. The regime in Juba is not the sort of government that can put pressure on other countries. Because This bunch of thugs have nothing to give them in return than to make them shoulder the burden of the fleeing refugees.South Sudan’s neigbours know pretty well that the government started the war in an attempt to crash the opposition and kill the peace agreement. They(IGAD) and the international community are now convinced that their effort to resuscitate peace under the current regime is not a good idea. They know that the government is earnestly waging an all out war not only against the opposition but against all other tribes of South Sudan.It’s wise for these countries therefore, to distance themselves lest they will be accused of supporting the opposition whenever they decide to go for war.So the author should know that with Dr. Riek as the leader of the armed opposition or without him nothing will stop the freedom fighters from ousting the tribal regime.

  7. Gatdarwich says:

    The Ethiopian government can’t possibly risk being used by the traitorous Dinka given the fact that all the patriotic armed forces–SPLA-IO, cobra, and others are determined, well armed, and united to overthrow killer nyankiir’s regime soon . This report is unauthenticated period.

  8. mading says:

    Gatdarwich. Don’t jumped on cobra is moving truck ,you don’t know where it is going, they always come with nothing. nyigaats like you are talking very louds. but that is all you can do.

  9. Eli says:

    Dear Compartriots
    The Americans should not play a double standard in our nation, they cannot be talking of peace and ending suffering in the nation but yet they failed to mention about their own citizens suffered in the hands of this rogue regime in Juba.

    “We find it inexcusable that he would continue to promote armed resistance,” said Kirby, adding “It indicates a lack of concern for the well-being of the South Sudanese people, many of whom continue to struggle just to survive and just as much want to see peace.”https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1221822824525650&set=a.115940915113852.6192.100000938326114&type=3&theater

    It is a hypocritical move from the side of the Americans to blame the Armed Resistance while on the same side American owned private mercenaries Black Water is operating on the side of the regime in Juba, no doubt that the Americans are the ones profiting from our sufferings.

    Our People are suffering in the hands of SPLA-IG, and there is no EXCUSE for that.
    To you the Americans we in the Armed Resistance find it inexcusable that you would continue to promote and protect a dictator like President Salva Kirr and his cliques and letting them punish our people on their ethnic bases, our people have been killed for speaking out, their lands and property stolen, the 28 illegal States, etc.

    Dear Americans;

    Do not play the Referee’s role but yet you favor one side of the coin like dictatorship in Juba Regime.

    What you need to do is to protect the lives of BLACK People in your country and face your own challenges, we condemned the killings of innocent African Americans by the Police. You failed to address about your own citizens suffered in the hands of your Police forces.

    Long Live South Sudan
    Long Live Freedom Fighters
    Long Live Untied Fronts

    Eli Wani

  10. mading says:

    Eli.Do not blame Americans for your stupidity that you want to put devil Riek Machar to power by using violence in South Sudan,what did Americans do ?Did they send troops to South Sudan to start war? It is Riek with his dumb followers who do not see that Riek wants to be president of So Sudan that is all, that is why he took country to war when he was fired as vice president, so do not blame others for your fault.

  11. Toria says:

    Prepare to FLEE. It’s going to get even worst for your likes. Back to the fronts.

  12. Kokora II says:

    Stupid coward Kirr, disappoints JCE again?

  13. mirabeau says:

    Look at ur stupid thinking in terms of hatred? Tell me the government that operates without opposition party on this earth. If am not mistaken you lack single knowledge concerning revolution and the reasobes Y the government is formed by its opposition party All over the world? Do you think, the people who opposition any Kind of leadership is a bad man? for the case of American they only need lunative person for them to success their political interest. All African leaders who have vision re gone. You should not be happy that America is supporting u guys. Nothing comes for free. Mading u must not be thinking that way. Imagine if u re a leader and u don’t have opposition party? U will face it next time. People don’t revolt because they want it but due to some unbearable conditions.

  14. mading says:

    Yes Tori, I will flee on the internet but not on the ground.

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