Where is ‘Dinkocracy’ in the Constitution of South Sudan?

BY: Deng Mangok Ayuel, South Sudanese, JAN/10/2013, SSN;

I believe and I have to inform you that one tribalist in the country can transform 8 millions of men and women from different tribes to be tribalists. I beg my God and everyone who talks ill about Dinka to hear me because I am in peace with them and their writings. Jieng is not one man but large tribe with good and bad people. When talking about large tribe, it doesn’t mean that Dinka is the biggest in South Sudan neither do I mostly wanted to say that Jieng is targeted by some opinion writers.

I am not a tribal opinion writer, but what is Dinkacracy? Is it the Dinka man in power who’s politically, socially and mentally considered as whole Dinka?

The leadership of South Sudan seems to be hated by individuals who have wished to get hot coins in the government through windows but found themselves nowhere since 2005. That is why many of them have been writing about Dinka because of frustration in their souls. On the other hand, the leadership of South Sudan is supposed to be criticized in isolation of Dinka as there are Dinka members who are still crying for what to fry in the current leadership’s hands. In politics, everyone is regarded as member of party than tribe. Is Dinka a party?

I am not burning a fire or telling story to disappoint anyone but those who keep pointing fingers at Jieng instead of one person (Kiir) as their leader are naturally tribalists and politically confused. Kiir is an SPLM and the president of South Sudan but a Dinka in the village of his own payam in Bahr el-Ghazal. Besides, some of the Dinka opinion writers who may think that they are everything everywhere in South Sudan are kidding. South Sudan is for everyone! I am not in position to list the names of the people who had criticized the Jieng in the name of President Kiir.

Therefore, be informed that there is no anti-Dinka but ‘political tribalists’ in politics with Dinka man in power. God forbid, I am not fighting with myself or rioting by writing! Last week, someone wrote on my Facebook’s wall that ‘Dinkacracy is the government of Dinka by the Dinka and for the Dinka.’

Finally, I recognized this friend as a kid in mind. Why did he define Dinkacracy to me since I am not even working with the government of the Republic of South Sudan to be a Dinkacrat? Is it because I am a Dinka? I didn’t discuss anything connected to tribe with him before. Why are people so wild for nothing?

Wherever you go in this world, there are good and bad people in the society. In humble sense, I shouldn’t stop saying that many Equatorians are kokoratists and Nuer are tribalists if you call me ‘Dinka’ for Dinkacracy. Yes, I am a Dinka but Jieng should not be generalized when talking about one person or few people in Dinka. The Dinka you hate is the Dinka I may hate because of approaches, particularities and leadership styles.

I am not a tribalist but why are social characters mixed with politics in South Sudan? Never ever reflect social aspects of a tribe with political situation in the country – you will get infected with ‘politivirus’ before your Madicracy and Nueracracy because we are not in Rwanda. Our tribes can’t be mistaken. You and I can make mistakes.

The reason for writing this piece is to congratulate Mr. El Hag Paul for deserting his tribalistic ways of addressing affairs through what he calls Dinkacracy and SPLM Oyee. He wrote that he is not against Jieng. So what? Once I googled his pen’s name, it was amusing to find a man talking about Dinka like a movie actor in his writings. I do agree with him in many points in his writings but why should he keep wasting time writing about Jieng. Well, I don’t want him to fiddle while thinking that Rome is burning.

He (El Hag) believes that Jieng has been misleading and misbehaving since 1983. So, were you (EL Hag) in the bush during the civil war where millions of lives were lost? I can’t judge but I mentally guess that you are the Lost Boy of 1980s. In your writings, and in my own analysis, your Western mind of 1980s is the denial and hatred you have in soul. I guess you might be at early 40s to 50s or more in age as my political thermometer reads it.

Mr. El Hag is a real tribalist or kokoratist. According to him, and in his own words as I quoted, “those who do not give any feedback to Jieng about how they behave in power are their real enemies.” The behavior of Jieng in power, especially with abuse of power for 30 years now since 1983 is creating for them serious problems throughout the country, (January 5, 2013 (SSNA).

I realized that El Hag is not anti-Dinka but got something to say about Dinka to promote himself. However, his criticism is the part of a voice as South Sudanese if he has been doing it in plain ways of horsing the nature of what he has been addressing.

Still, he is confused. South Sudan as a country has constitution, the legislature and the cabinet. There are James Wani Igga from Bari, Dr. Riak Machar from Nuer and Pagan Amum from Chollo tribes. Where are Baricracy, Chollocracy and Nueracracy? He (El Hag) might have thoughts that tittle-tattle about Dinka through writing will charm his political football, give him a seat in his own village or make him an elephant in Juba, God knows!

In his reply to Kuir e Garang as I quoted, ‘therefore if I am being called a tribalist for stating the truth, so be it.’ The truth must be spelt out as it is. I do not have to forge friendship with the Jieng people based on burying the abuses and atrocities of the Jieng. Doing this would be tantamount to a lie and appeasement. Sorry I do not do either. I will tell it as it is.

The burden of addressing Jieng tribalism first and foremost is a Jieng problem (04 September 2012, SSNA). At this juncture, I would like to encourage him to hate few people and make friendship with many of them but hatred is bliss.

Surprisingly, in his article titled, ‘Is there anti-Dinka school of thought in South Sudan as claimed by Joseph Deng Garang?,’ he (El Hag) definitely disagreed with Joseph that Dr. John Garang de Mabior is not the father of nation because of being unionist. However, history will judge your thoughts and notations. Dr. Garang is the father of nation.

He (El Hag) ascertained that Mabior Garang de Mabior, the son of Dr. John believes that his father wanted unified country with all ethnic groups equal and an end to marginalization. But the SPLA has failed.

He (El Hag) also added that Mabior Garang de Mabior understands his father as unionist and that nobody can dispute it because Mr. Mabior knows his father than anyone else. So El Hag got it wrongly.

The son of the late Dr. Garang was only a son to his father and that Dr. John had people like Lual Diing Wol, James Wani and Salva Kiir who know him more than his son. If Mr. Mabior Garang de Mabior disputed that he knows his father more than anyone, there is an intention and why should it be? Believe me! If your judgment is based on what’s being said and other failed allegations on Dr. Garang, then let’s call a spade a spade.

I know Dr. Garang was unionist but he had a will for South Sudanese to choose their destiny. I know the whys and the wherefores of Dr. Garang as the father of nation. He (Dr.John) is the father of nation. All in all, El Hag Paul is really a heavyweight but not for writing about Jieng.

Deng Mangok Ayuel lives in Aweil, South Sudan. He can be reached at: mangokson@gmail.com


  1. Malek Cook says:

    Healthy debate will shape and produce a good results on how to manage our country’s affairs. South Sudan belongs to all tribes. No single tribe could claim to forge the entire country for her own benefit, at all let’s work hard to promote democracy for the welfare of all!

    Malek Cook
    Unity State.

  2. Duma Lokiden says:

    Brother Mangok Ayuel, your staying in Aweil and you don’t know what is going on in Juba. Kindly accept ElHag opinion. He is not writing out of the blue but his writings are based on facts and experience. I think if Juba or Equatoria were to be a Dinka land, believe me South Sudan might be in a full gear fighting. But because Equatorians are uncreative, law abiding and they don’t retaliate, what is being done to the natives of Juba has not happened in any of the South Sudan ten States.
    Abuse of power, supporting a relative even if he or she is wrong, no accountability, no justice, plots grabbing by senior Dinkas both in uniform and the executive, renaming of Mere lo tor (Red mountain) to Jebel Dinka in Central Equatoria, intimidation of citizens, robbery under gun point….
    98% of these cases now present in the High court are carried out by Dinkas, killing of Equatorians as in the case of the following list:-
    1. The Equatorian police officers in Yambio carried out by Dinkas,
    2. The killing of our brother who was a medical Doctor in Yei by the same people
    3. The killing of a whole family members in Yei by the same poeple
    4. The killing of innocent people at their homes in Kameru Village some 6 to 8 kilometers out of Juba town and the bodies were taken up to the National Legislative Assembly which cost division in the Assembly, was done by Dinkas
    5. The killing of our survey engineer by head of National Security who is a Dinka and later dismissed detain by President to blindfold us and later released.
    Suppose that you’re an Equatorian, what can you really do? how will you feel?
    I had worked with WFP in Awiel and I just quit my job because I was not secure, I was always intimidated by people working with me just because of telling them that this is wrong and I don’t need it or by giving a lot of assignment.
    Please, you need to accept the bad things you people are practicing and correcting them. We still hope that there is a room for change of attitudes and behavior so long as we live as brothers and sisters in this country, otherwise a federal system of governance is to be introduced and any person goes to his or her own state, so we as don’t finger point and blame Dinkas.

  3. Dinka land says:

    Duma, Nonsense, you better appreciate Dinkas for liberating you from Arab.

  4. You are right, Dinka land 100%

  5. Lewi A. Mursale says:

    From the beginning let me say, as southerners, our past did not guarantee us a space to know ourselves better. 1972 peace deal we southerners had our heads beaten together by a single man, late president Nimeri, and we all collapsed unconscious without resistance.
    We all know that from the start the “Liberation of South Sudan” is an Equatorian Project. Anyanya One was a mechanism to achieve it. Understand?
    The Kokora happened because Nimeri was using Abel Alier to block Equatoria from finishing its ABCD’s of the liberation without knowing it. For him it was position, inclusion and power! Got it?
    Later Addis Ababa was neither the Bible nor Quran! because of a shallow element allowed to interfere without knowing the direction.
    Ask me why Equatorians refused to fully participate in SPLA? Because whatever it is, the goal is being achieved. Indeed the goal now is achieved – Bravo.
    But Bravo to whom? Here we have the problem of understanding! This liberation thought initiated by Equatoria was the RIGHT recipe for South Sudanese. For example we do travel from A to Z with vehicles but we do not mind whether the car is made in Japan, Britain or America… end of it… we reach where we want to be? Is it something to insult a fellow brother for?

  6. Dinka land says:

    Lewi, what do you want to tell us about these coward Equartorians who resurrendered their wives to Arab commanders who were commanding SAF forces during the war. You are a food lover and Ugandan.

    • Joseph says:

      Dinka…, if Equatorians are Ugandans why do you still depend on the food, medicine, education and accommodation from Ugandans. Remember Juba was a free land, it came under control of SPLA through CPA, so please respect Juba or quit it and go to why you claim to have liberated period.

    • JJA says:

      Hey, Mr Dinka land,
      you need to be told that the war in South Sudan was neither fought by South Sudanese nor Dinka alone. It was combined effort which we who are not Sudanese kindly gave support when you are in times of need.
      I am a Ugandan and i loss a family member in your bloody war and victory now you claim your own. You also need to know that we Ugandans hosted you, gave you education and perhaps “CIVILIZE YOU” and you still calling us names— what a shame!
      I am disappointed because the language you use to describe your fellow Sudanese…… if you can use such language to describe your fellow Sudanese, what does that tell about you and your hell-hole country?
      You bloody Dinka move freely without harassment in our towns and cities not because we are cowards or stupid, but we treat you as brothers and sisters, yet you treat my fellow citizens with contempt in your country.

  7. 2moro says:

    Guys stop this shit for goodness sake! Why do we always divert from topic and opt to tribalism? We shouldn’t be praising or glorifying one’s tribe here for no reason! All of us are equal in South Sudan when it comes to liberation. There is no Dinkocracy here in South Sudan nor do we have Nuerocracy or Baricracy as author puts it but rather have democracy. We are the ones who voted him (Kiir) into office and we have all the rights to vote him out come 2015!
    So my advise to ElHag, Dumo, Lewi, Okuk and the likes is that get prepared as early as possible to face H.E Dr Kiir Mayardit at the ballot in 2015. And be reminded that, don’t decline it because that is the only way you can kick out Dinkocracy if at all it exists! I know you are good at leadership like Joseph Lagu and Lam Akol who like confusing situations! I will be proud of that country you rule exclusive of Dinka!

    To Dinka Land, Madut and the likes, I don’t see any concrete reasons of denying facts. All the crimes committed in South Sudan 40% are by Dinkas, 30% by Murles, 20% by Nuers 8% by Equatorians and 2% by East Africans just analyzing from crimes on daily basis. if you preview the current state of South Sudan, you will hate yourself of being Dinkas. Let’s do away with tribalism and learn giving credit where it is due!

  8. Lewi A. Mursale says:

    Hahahaha, you impressed me Dinka Land, I can not insult you my friend – you know why? I am a Christian. Though you are my brother but you are trying to be Ignorant – please go to Warrap, Aweil and see 1000000 of our Dinka sisters who willingly produced for the Arabs even after the CPA, the communities rejected them and their red children. We went there to help the communities stop discrimination against these women.
    Though they are Dinka women but they are my sisters at same time. Go research if am wrong come and collect a 1000 SSP from me. It seems reality do not click in your brain. I am not telling you this for an insult but to humble yourself before the reality – tell me you are going to kill them because they produced for the Arabs – can I now call a coward because a Dinka lady gave herself to Arabs?
    I hope you’ll not tell me they were abducted and raped because if will them you’ll prove yourself a real coward because you could not save your sister!!!!!

  9. Lewi A. Mursale says:

    2moro, thanks for quoting facts and been honest if your quotation is officially documented, I think honesty is the corner stone for understanding each other as Southerners after which we look for ways forward. I do not believe there is a Dinkocracy as such because there is no one day Dinkas did every thing alone for South Sudan. It is only that the dominant attitude among marginal members of the Dinka community feel intimidated and in-secure at the presence of others as well as their UN-nationalistic hate to their ancestral lands.

    Much more thank you for assimilating me to Joseph Lagu and Lam Akol one of whom I had disagreed on Referendum issues – I guess you know the rest. I think here you are not being honest, you do not know me yet maybe you heard.

    Leadership is not a job but it is a “Trust” – people can choose any, even people who after being elected cry and say it wasn’t their calling they were just sacrificing their time!

    I am still a leader to my family, of my community, stepped on county and state party politics and people still have a long way to discover me whether I am like Lam or Lagu do your home work do discover I have some original colors: among them nationalism, honesty, brotherliness, accountability and later you’ll agree with me when I finally lead this country inclusive Dinka!!! Halleluia?

  10. Mr 2morrow, I agree with you but most of us don’t understand. They don’t know what they are doing. But Lewi, you come and show those sisters what you talk about.

    • South Mole says:

      You’re one ignorant Dinka. The Dinkas are the uncles of the Arabs. Go to Um Dom and you’ll see your sisters, aunts, niecies and grandmothers taken as wives by Arabs. Why deny something that is happening? Among southerners, no group has intermarried with the Arabs like Dinkas.

  11. Yak Yak Bol says:

    Dear all,
    it is unfortunate that you, educated people and leaders of tomorrow are advocating our south Sudanese on tribalism, am sorry for that narrow mental focus on wrong things and not finding the way to address the real issues facing our new country. Let us stop all these forms of disintegration and tribal mind setting and try find the common values and peaceful coexistence of our beloved tribes be it jieng, chollo or bari or mundari.

  12. Lewi A. Mursale says:

    Mr. Lual,
    I would rather listen to Yak’s suggestion and stop here, and focus on real issues. But for satisfaction please go to Kuajok – Warrap State and meet with Mr. Adiang who was/is the state Peace Commissioner; he will fill you in with information more than what I just narrated. I suggest after you confirm please call me and lets do something about “Discrimination Against Women” whether from here or there remember THESE ARE OUR SISTERS!

  13. King of Nyamlel says:

    Tribalists who left the country burning and ran to Europe to appease Europeans in order to get education and food are causing headache to South Sudanese.

    • South Mole says:

      Tribalists are those who escaped to Kakuma during the war and are now strutting around in Juba that they liberated the country when all they were doing was depending on relief and feeding their bellies instead of their minds.

  14. umoja says:

    Dinka land,
    You are a naive man, how many Dinkas are enslaved with arabs and are being used as house maids as well as for arab young men for practicing sex. Go to Eldaiin, Babanusa, Khartoum, Medani etc and until now to Sudan (north Sudan) and see how misriya are using dinkas against themselves. You better accept facts.
    Today why do you think most dinkas are influxing into Equatoria. You better understand, I particularly have many dinks friends and they are telling me they feel safe in Equatoria. I know many dinkas even refusing to go to their states in fear of being killed.

    Please accept the facts, if you don’t change, a second Kokora will come, understand it whether you like it or not. Most dinkas need to behave like human beings otherwise you will be hated all over the world.


  15. King of Nyamlel says:

    the case is not about enslavement. It is about Dinkapobia by tribalists like you who wish to milk South Sudan at daylight SHAAAAAMMMEEE on you.

  16. You, my brother, you should accept what is going on now in ROSS. Dinka wanted to be everywhere in south. TOP of official in ROSS.. are they NS, CID, MIS e.t.c. As southerners, we are not going to give up.

  17. King of Nyamlel says:

    Sorry my brother! Go and ask your mother how much blood Dinkas have lost and she will tell you to leave Dinkas alone my dear!!!!

  18. Truly African, South Sudan is a beloved Land which belongs to all the inhabitants of the South regardless of their backgrounds. Whoever claims to be the legitimate owner has every very right when only he or she is a true patriot believer of nationalism. It seems many of you were so young then and might had not witnessed the ordeals that loomed on the entire people of this New-born country during liberation struggle. those days the people of south Sudan and marginalized areas together with the Region combined, and without segregation, heroically fought the oppressors to this end. you should bee building harmony, peaceful co-existence, and nationalism, development and prosperity as well as inheritance among yourselves and not indulgence in hatred, segregation, and the worst, tribalism. this would lead you nowhere than treason and blackmailing.

    which tribe, smaller or bigger that have not paid a price in its equivalence for this Republic to what it is now, from a pride to upholding? here in South sudan incitement is an unwanted product which Youth should dare not either to buy at any lesser price or for free. It is good that we are free at last, but yet there should be a concern or or little to worry about how you will continue to build this nation with great abandons. Step aside from perpetrating and begin propagating nationalism, or otherwise remain pretending. you might be confused today but conscious when the dust has settled later. You have to reconsider your perceptual and conceptual approaches towards issues that concern national integrity. Respect your God, Love your country, love your people and love yourselves as equal living beings. Will Almighty annoint your hearts into a solidity, by accepting each other as brothers and sisters.

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