What’d be the Final Upshot of the Untouchable Oligarchic Mafias in SPLM?

By: Tong Kot Kuocnin, South Sudan, MAY/25/2014, SSN;

As has succinctly been fueled by the current conflict of interests in the country, the long time oligarchs operating in the shadow of the heavyweight ruling and/or governing party, the SPLM, came to a foreseeable frenzy within the foxholes of the SPLM.

The fractious distinguished long-time members of this braved party who assumed having inherited from the founding father of the movement some ingenious charismatic insignia and gained favor for themselves, began to behave so inimically under the pretexts that they are everything and nobody can either tell them to correct their wrongs or to respect other leaders.

Not even the chairperson of the SPLM and president of the Republic can tell them to cease from doing such illusive unaccustomed actions undauntedly.

These unethical and un-procedural reckless, quirky mismanagement of almost all the resources of the state misguided by the assumption of being the leaders of SPLM led to the malfunction of all the state institutions headed by these cadres which are vital in the sustainability of the socio-economic stability of the state.

This malfeasance conduct by these untouchable oligarchic mafias in the party led to the standstill and dysfunctionality of all organs of the party, hence relegating those organs scrupulously assigned to a particular class or sphere intended to lessen the scrutinization of the performances of the weak, incapable and corrupt officials who acted in proxies typically in the shoes of their political masters in the Party.

These Mafiosi are untouchable because they are in the ears of the big animals in the party.

Bizarrely, these Mafioso or mafias became so much bigoted when they see as a threat to them any other south Sudanese competent, capable, energetic and quite patriotic enough to deliver most direly needed services to the paupers.

They fear that they would be outweighted because SPLM is something entitled to them by birth and therefore whatever they do and say is paramount even if it’s wrong, misleading and not in the interests of the people.

These people are treacherous and quite ominous, they are disloyal and dangerous to the people of south Sudan.

This has been evidently manifested by the current enraging crisis in the country which ensued simply because they are no longer stakeholders in misdirecting and embezzling of the public funds meant for development and service delivery to our poor who are dying of Malaria and hunger everyday and who sleeps with only one meal per a day, or some even don’t secure one meal in a day.

These long-time obnoxious self-centered mafias are the ones now undauntedly and with no remorse and shame, seditiously setting afire the little we have gained in our own struggle just to survive on the chaotic shambles.

What could be the final upshot of the then untouchable oligarchic mafias in the SPLM?

Obviously, their final upshot is on the stake now in the sight of all south Sudanese people except their families who might be upset for the very reason that their mouths have been pulled out of the cow-teat where milk was flowing.

Otherwise no any prudent man and woman who loves and wants to see south Sudanese live in peace and harmony, and prosper and progress decently, wish to put our own lives in danger.

They have thrust themselves out. Their final end would be determined by the people of south Sudan who have, for bloody eight years entrusted these selfish politicians to run all the affairs of the country in which that trust that only became a disaster to them.

The people of south Sudan became victims of their trust and confidence they bestowed on these useless, greedy and selfish leaders.

They have debilitated and defaced their good decorum in the sight and hearts of the people of south Sudan.

Their debility and deceitful debauch as leaders from the ruling and governing party, have severely become a disaster deplored and detested by all the people of good will in south Sudan and around the world.

Acting without ordinary courtesy, these oligarchs, with their rude and vulgar, unconstitutionally and extremely agitated such unbearable conditions at a time when our people should have been allowed a chance to taste the dividends and fruits of peace and development.

The group runs amok of all the mechanisms of solving the internal misunderstandings within the party and they decided to launch uncivilized means of addressing issues at party level.

Gone are the days, not only in South Sudan but even in Africa and other parts of the world at large when power is sought to be taken by use of force contrarily to the established legal and constitutional rules in the country.

These so-called SPLM inner-circles became now outer-circles by their own greedy and indelicate making inconceivable to comprehend of how the hell did this happen.

And because of the trust bestowed on them by the very people they have led down in the shadow for bloody eight years as ministers and governors both in the regional and national governments.

All the credits and veneration they have earned first as fighters in the bush and in the government as lead ministers have been qualmed by sudden feelings of doubts, distrusts and uneasiness both in the sights and hearts of the people of south Sudan.

It would thoroughly be a high time for the party to restructure itself and posit those competent, capable, energetic, committed and patriotic youth not picked in the shadow of any leader in the party as it used to be.

It will be incumbent on such departments in the party to reshape and win the lost confidence of our masses back to the party.

Should we continue the same mechanisms which were employed and used by those failed and corrupt leaders, I think our party would lose all its little left credit.

It is high time to serve this little credit left scrambling. It is utmost time to restore the lost trust back to its’ usual place.

Never allow those inimical oligarchs to infest our dearest party and reign higher.

Never allow those mafias to head high at the expense of our people.

Never let these Mafiosi consume ravenously for they will deviously crown themselves and detract us back time and again.

Tong Kot is a Member of SPLM and a Practicing Legal Counsel at Deng & Co. Advocates and could be reached at: tong_kkk@ymail.com


  1. Beek says:

    SPLM can not survive with medicines as they did in the past,but they hided in order to protected themselves only.

  2. monychol says:

    Beek, you have started to open your mind and see what is happening in our party.
    Something is seriously wrong in our party.The thugs have overtaken the party a nd are steering the party and the country towards great disaster and already we are in deep mess.
    NCP converts are destroying the SPLM legacy from with in.
    We must throw out these disloyal ingrate bastards such as Gbandi and Makuei Lueth.

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