What went wrong that should’ve gone right: Holes the TGONU should seal

BY: Kon Joseph Leek, MAY/04/2016, SSN;

‘They shouldn’t have been sworn-in with bibles!’ a young man jokingly said while watching the swearing-in of the cabinet on SSTV last Friday, ‘how do you expect God not to run away from those who consult witch-doctors to help them remain in the cabinet?’ he asked.

He believed that for corruption to subsidize from those old faces is to make them traditionally sworn-in, for instance, by making them jump over an ax or something because for traditional things are always conditional and for this, they would fear. There is no way you can mix up two powers (Devil for lobbying for a position on one side and God for swearing-in on the other side), and expect good performance!

But to me, I have no problem at all, whether to be sworn-in with the Bible or ax doesn’t make any different to me. All we wanted in the first place is this; their unity was all we yearned for.

Getting reunited and getting back to their feet with their cunning and conning us once again because this is what fate has subjected us to, a new form of punishment; your own mother whipping you with barbed wire, scorpion and fire!

It is not news to me and to some of us, for I expected it, seeing the same faces in the system getting back to their usual business of looting the Country with their pistols in their right hands and looting with their left hands!

But we are happy with the fact that their reunion will silence the guns [I hope forever]. We don’t want to lose anybody again, not even an old man to poverty or young man to criminality.

What we, the governed [ruled] need especially from the top leadership made up of the three [president, first vice president and the vice president] is to stop living spiritually in this country; I am simply telling them to start living physically here.

I wholly agree with Achebe’s statement that many presidents especially Third World presidents do not live in their countries, one of the penalties is loneliness. Harnessed to the trappings of protocols and blockaded by a buffer of grinning courtiers and psychopaths, even a good and intelligent leader will gradually begin to forget what the real world looks like.

When our president set to see things for himself, say in Gudelle, what does he see? Highways temporarily cleared of lunatics and beggars, Juba Town Council doing its best of watering the roads for time-being in order to keep the dust down, the president sped on his destination in order not to have enough time to see the happenings of the area with his own naked eyes.

And if he is attending a party, the party is strictly controlled about 1000 meters away attended by the deserving type! In short, the president is only made to see such scenes of contented citizenry but history tells us of wise rulers at different times and places who achieved rare leadership by their blunt and who simply refused to be fooled by guided tours of their own Country, Chinua advised.

In antiquity we read that, for example, Haroun al Rashid, an eighth-century caliph of Baghdad who frequently disguised himself and went unaccompanied into the streets of his city by day or night and saw the life of his subjects in its unvarnished and uncensored reality.

What many fear and dread here is simply corruption, corruption in our state has reached its fatal stage. It is corruption that leads to poverty and other violent crises like robbery, demonstrations etc….

I sometimes in the past said that if you could corrupt and open up factories and companies then you can create employment opportunities for the unemployed but where you steal the money and keep it under your beds or you run to another country and buy houses or marry more wives then you are just a damned devil!

Corruption is already chronic in our blood, it is the blood that moves in our veins – but can’t we really reduce it like ARVs against AIDs?

South Sudanese have been and still are corrupt because the system under which they live today makes corruption easy and profitable; they will cease to be corrupt when corruption is made difficult and inconvenient.

To eat is when you are hungry, and to corrupt is when you make other(s) hungry, isn’t it? For some of our leaders, they believe that liberating this country was to eat it, but they don’t even know that they are malnourishing their best country. They are sucking it so bad!

Who can blame someone who swallows little saliva that comes out of the sweet he was told to keep in his mouth? Children make big people do that. Corruption is when you swallow that very sweet.

Doesn’t a goat eat where it is grazed? Who can blame or stop someone from taking the milk of the cows he keeps? Isn’t corruption killing those cows and eating it all alone? It is service delivery that we need this time, security, roads, electricity, hospitals name them all.

You all need to bend to work this time, we shall not endure more anarchic system based on egotistic competition among the leaders instead of competition for service delivery to the destitute populace of your beloved country.

Anarchic nature of the system is the cause of most conflict around the globe, and for this, we should all cooperate for common interest in order to achieve mutual benefits of lifting this state up from the ashes of 2013 destruction. Your joint task now is to work with the assumption that other countries will not help you unless it is their own interest.

What increases tribalism and corruption now is the assumption of some of our leaders of putting their interest above the country and its citizens. The state is a possession of its citizen rather than the leaders.

We the citizens cannot be too nationalistic when we are not guaranteed a right to be. Nationalism starts with the belief of statehood. In order to insert nationalism into the citizen, it is to insert the idea that the state is the property of its citizens. This is the key element of nationalism. If the state is the agent of the people, then the people should decide what policies the state should pursue.

Some of my friends criticize the current cabinet citing the claim on what they will do what they did not do in their previous tenure, and what level of trust can be put on the same people who messed up this country in 2013 that they will not do it again. H

ow do we trust the people whose hands are tainted with blood?

To me, it is all politics; Max Webber (1864-1920) said that the decisive means for politics is violence. Anyone who fails to see this is a political infant, he added. Whether one considers war as a tale of tragedy or a saga of heroism, the fact is that, force and the threat of force is ever present.

What I have just said above is attributed to “when control eases, chaos occurs.” “Control” is all about not making the law of the land too compromising to make the devils loose to hunt and cause havoc, it is not about making the laws of the land too ceremonial to act, and it is not also about taking the laws of the land for granted.

“Control” is about putting the rope of the law on the neck of every native and tethering its notch to a very strong stick that whoever wants to loosen it stubbornly gets hanged.

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  1. Beek says:

    The so-called SPLM-IO in general and particularly Riek Machar were Hijack by people of Nuer when they decided to hide themselves at UN-MISS across South Sudan.It is now about positions and money,but they should be ashamed of themselves for letting down their own people to become so poor. Did you heard any shouting since they were sworn in? Dr.Riek Machar,Mabior Garang and his mum are nightmare. Look at Riek in Uniform,look at that picture of April 21, he
    looks so primitive and very poor although he got lot of money. Vladimir Lenin is not like that because Lenin at least left infrastructures. A walk of Shame.

  2. Bro Ajani says:

    You said it all bro

  3. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Leek,
    Your views are excellent.But the problem is,your good wishes are about elites who are morally too deformed to make a u turn for better.Such context alone renders it impossible to hope in any slightest way that,”their reunion will silence the guns”.
    In fact they are gathered now in a reduced radius.It’s a mistake to think that they aren’t already consipring to undo each other before the transitional government has even taken the root.Their objective is to position one’s self on a spot that can permit one to grab fat fortunes.From this stand point,u can never fail to predict that it will be a matter of time before violence in the likewise of 2013 events occurs.
    By nature,leadrship qualities are born with human beings and then later developed and perfected by way of long life learning.It’s never the wind that can blue spirtual formula and then have it enter into some body’s body in a non sceintific mysterious way to transform him into a leader.There was something akin to leadership in Garang.But I find it impossible to see some body like him among RSS political elites now gathered in the transitional cabinet.
    50 years of good leadership has brought Singapore from severe poiverty to a higly developed wealthy nation on Earth.That’s one good lesson to appreciate.Rwanda and Uganda have set solid footing in the path of progress and development.That’s another.But I don’t believe we will witness anything of such miracles in RSS any sooner.

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