What the people of Equatoria need to understand about the current war

By: David Deng Chapath, Kampala, Uganda, FEB/21/2017, SSN;

The present civil war broke in 2013 in Juba. The war began within the SPLM party and later spread like a wild fire to the Upper Nile Region. After several attempts to end the war, the peace was signed in 2015 which led to the coming back of Riek Machar in April 2015.

When Riek came there was a lot of hope that at last peace was at all the corners of South Sudan. However, due to the reckless and chaotic character of Riek Machar the conflict was resumed from where it was left and continued up to date.

As pointed out in the above paragraph, after the war broke out in Juba in July 2016, it spread over all South Sudan and ended killing more people. The war at this point has become complicated as it has taken tribal dimension.

For instance, the people of Equatoria have pushed the conflict to a greater height as they target members of Dinka Community along the major roads in Equatoria Region. Such targeted killings have led to the death of hundreds of Dinka people, which included children, women and elders.

However, Dinka community has been ignoring the action of the people of Equatoria not because they are scared or afraid but because they wanted the people of Equatoria to understand one thing about the present war.

What the people from Equatoria need to understand the current war is that the war is not about tribes but between the government and those who are planning to remove the government by force. Therefore, the people from Equatoria need to understand this fact.

In addition, why the Dinka people ignore the actions of the people of Equatoria though they keep on targeting their members is because they are interested in peace and national unity and to avoid creating more refugees and displaced persons from Equatoria region as many have already fled the conflict.

As I have pointed out above, the Dinka people deliberately ignore the actions of some people from Equatoria because what they are concerned with is how to maintain stability in South Sudan.

However, many youth from Equatoria including the former governor of former Western Equatoria, Hon. Bakasoro, have declared the war on Dinka. This declaration took place on Tuesday 12, January, 2017 as reported by the Dawn Newspaper on 24 January, 2017.

According to that declaration, all Dinkas are to leave Equatoria land, Kiir Mayardit should resign from being the president of South Sudan, overhaul of the constitution, reform of the army and security system and many demands contained in that declaration.

Nonetheless, what I wanted to tell the people who made the above declaration is that they are unrealistic specially the point that all Dinka must leave Equatoria. Whereas it is important that the government returns the land to the people of Equatoria as matter of their right, the demand that Dinka people should leave Equatoria is unrealistic and unattainable.

It is unrealistic because we are in one country which means one people. At the same time, Dinka people will never be forced to leave Equatoria by force unless they decide to do so voluntarily. Thus, those who are making noises that Dinka people must leave Equatoria are dreaming unrealistic dream.

When it comes to the other allegations as to who fought the liberation war, we cannot argue about it as God and the land of Equatoria know it as to whose blood was poured down there. Because of that there is no point of argument since we do not argue facts which are capable of proving themselves.

In summary, what I wanted to tell brothers and sisters from Equatoria is that the issues of South Sudan will never be finished through conflict but only through dialogue. This is because those who live by the sword will die of sword.

I am concluding this article by appealing to the people of Equatoria that let us embrace peace and sit down to discuss our issues in peace because conflict does not provide way forward.

NB//: the author is the South Sudanese student residing in Kampala and can be reached through dengchapath66@gmail.com


  1. John yugu modi says:

    Mr Deng,
    By the way ! What peace are you talking about? Riak came to Juba for peace. Implantation unfortunately your president and.the mathiang anyoors tribal militias destroyed and buried the signed peace
    You can’t lecture the people of Equatoria about this current war! I for one don’t buy into an idea of having peace with this current Dinka led goverment..
    How do you’ expect a ttibe which has never known peacefully coexistence with other tribes to embrace pearce.?
    Dinka as a tribe is violent to itself… See.the daily revenge killing taking places in Dinka states you can’t hear about this brutality and cruelty in none dinka states.before Kiir and his people.imposed this current war on none dinka…
    please this war is not only in Equatoria as you Dinka would like to belittled,,. Upper nile is burning, tWestern Bahr Bahr Ghazal is on fire…
    The economy has collapsed… What next..???Famine.is now all over.?

    John Yugu

    • J. Mena says:

      Please do understand that the war was imposed, to the people of Equatoria. When your tribe men systemically start to hunt, and kill civilians in Central Equatoria, Wester Equatoria, and Eastern Equatoria, burning homes, ransacking shops and local government institutions and depopulated entire villages in Sept 2015. On a radio interview Minister of information, Michael Makuei who is a Dinka opening said, “Wonduruba must be cleaned up.” The peace which you’re enjoining now did not come easy. The people of Greater Equatoria have contributed very dearly to the liberation of this beloved nation, and no tribe should be proud of itself as the liberator by occupying all Government Institutions, ransacking and stealing government money.
      Please do not act like a mad cow marching to the company of hungry Lions. Yes you have the government, but we have the will of the people, the “Anya Nya”

      • Nikalongo says:

        David Deng,
        You are talking with so much “lueth” in your mouth. Arab North did not think for a moment that they could one time be thrown out of South Sudan. Where are they today? That is the same stupidity Dinka Kiir and the rest of the pack like you think about yourselves.
        The inevitable will happen sooner than you think. The elite Dinka and their progenies like you know this and are well prepared (houses and looted wealth in foreign countries). What about the ordinary Jieng freeloaders and herdsmen roaming the bushes and countrysides in Equatoria? What will happen to them?
        Unknown to blind regime and Jieng apologists like you, Kiir and elite Jiengs are a liability to the Jieng Nation. Kiir and his gang of elders have created an insurmountable hatred toward the Jieng in general.
        The only thing keeping Jieng and Kiir standing is Museveni. How long will that last because efforts are being made to assure Museveni that Equatoria is not a threat to his leadership? Wake up Deng, wake up. In politics, nothing lasts forever.
        For now you can beat your chest but take this from me, should Kiir and Jieng forcibly loose power every living Jieng will be driven out of Equatoria. Uganda that you think is Jieng heaven, is not. You are sitting ducks.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Brother Nikalongo,
          You have hit the nail squarely on the head but regrettably, our so-called rulers don’t get the lesson. I lived long enough in Uganda in that era to witness how tribal dynasties that aggressively imposed themselves on the nation fall like leaves during the dry season.
          First, the Obote dynasty, where the Luo believed in their invincibility, they completely and totally monopolized all sectors of security. You know what happened……Amin heroically marched in and Obote’s Luo empire collapsed.
          Then it was Idi Amin’s turn to come and he speedily ran away leaving many of his supporters to be slaughtered.
          The inevitability of history is starkly looming around the corner for the jieng kleptocracy and the inevitability of the collapse of Kiir’s jieng empire, now palpably and severely detested by most South Sudanese, is around the corner.
          As you correctly said, ‘nothing lasts forever.’

          • johnjerry says:

            Mr.Editor, I squarely concur with you there is nothing under the Sun that will last for ever.Unfortunately our brothers do not see far enough the example you have given Uganda and Rwanda to single out precisely. Who though Idi Amin will one day abandoned his beloved Army the Uganda Army with its office operating from Bulange building the former “Lukiko”of the Buganda Kingdom that Amin help dismantle during Apolo Milton Obote’s time.

            Idi Amin was everything and everything was Idi Amin. Idi Amin was the President of Uganda, King of the Beast on Land and in the Sea, a man who fears no one but God ,Conqueror of the British Empire, al haji a man who was not afraid of Death and president for life. Where is he and his counterpart Gadaffi that he claimed are the strongest African leaders that can not be approached by the weak secretary of state Henry Kissinger because they were tough African Leaders .

            What happened in Rwanda between the Tutsi and the Hutu it is only history that will tell and here we are in South Sudan trying to make a History that will go down in history as the worst history for its kind in Africa as some citizens are not Jeing enough to be called south Sudanese because 63 other tribes is just a number. We have got to learn a lot from here.Museveni is not immortal he did what he did, helped us in the cause of our freedom and also showed us his ugly side. Do not forget when you are going up the ladder you will meet those down the Ladder on your way down..

  2. Steve John says:

    David D. Chapath,
    If anything to go by, one thing comes out very clear from your authored article; namely jaangs will NOT leave Equatoria voluntarily unless compelled to do so, because they literally “poured” their blood during the liberation struggle. It is incumbent upon any jaang to rightly think so, suggesting that Equatoria is more or less a war booty and should be possesed. Let me also voluntarily take upon myself the role of the spokeperson for the “Equatorian People” just as you have done for the jaangs. I am not going to be very analytical, because much on the issue has already been exhausted in other similar internet fora.
    Your attitude follows a simple hunter´s logic; the one who kills the antelope just takes the lion´s share.or the winner takes it all. Going by that, the you could arguably say, the jaang should and must “own” the South Sudan because they “got it” reducing the significance and roles of other ethnicities during the struggle to that of “food and bullet carriers” or purely to that of spectators and onlookers. Such therefore, is a dysfunctional relationship. Your logic tells me, Equatoria will attain or be given peace at the mercy of jaang because they own it, Furthermore, you allude if the jaang choose to be forced out of Equatoria, then it is a choice the Equatorians have to pay because honestly, jaangs will “voluntarily” not quit. Even Brothers of the same father and mother once as grown ups go separate ways with each founding a family of his own. What is it that is difficult to understand that jaangs cant live in their states without necessarily being in Equatoria? What innately drives them to the point of vagrancy and obssession to live and die in Equatoria? Why have Equatorians not madly felt to move and live in jaangstates? I live it to you.
    It is therefore clear, that the jaang obssession not to leave Equatoria voluntarily leaves the Equatorians with a choice of one; fight for their ancestral lands and this is ongoing. Today, we´ve reached a point of no-return and no jaangs can freely live among most Equatorian communities and visa-vis, given the current political impasse and that will not change soon either. You will admit, that you may have no Equatorian friends rather more Ugandan ones, that is sad but real.
    As a final remark, Equatoria wants peace but not at the behest of the jaangs. It must be real peace were each retreats to his place and political cards mixed a new. Equatorians did not brag themselves because the Equatorian Corps in 1955 started Anyanya 1 in Torit when most jaangs where either oblivious or sided with the jellaba to the point Abel Alier was sent to negotiate the Addis Abeba Agreement on their behalf. No Equatorian ever told jaangs, look “we fought while you nakedly went after your cows in the luak”. So why would jaangs tell Equatorians that now?
    So Mr. David D. Chapath, the choice is yours; choose to live side by side with Equatorians as equals or expect a fight. This time around it is not going to be “business as usual”. Moreover, your insistence to live in Equatoria at all cost will not make you an Equatorian either, like in our old saying; “a lizard that soaks itself in water for ages cant turn into a crocodile”. I remain here.

  3. Malouda says:

    Chapath, you hit a point but our brothers( Equatorians) do not understand the current war as power struggle between SPLA party ,targeting of Dinkas is not new as is starting after the events of 2013 where they use to ambush cars along the main roads lead to Juba and screen Dinkas out and killed them as they name them MTN because MTN network is everywhere we ignore up to day and Equatorians do not advice themselves , there are many Equatorians at Dinka lands working as traders,UN and NGOS officials and no one think about them also their recent defected General Cirilo was received by Dinkas soldiers in 1992 around Juba when he first defected from SAF, if those soldiers who are they named today non national army kill their general by that time would it will be general they are talking about today, yes God and this land are the once know our role in this country. Killing our selves will not take us a head.

  4. tit4tat says:

    David Deng Chapath or Mr Chapatti
    Its funny you renamed yourself chapatti meaning a flat bread made out of wheat or rice flour fried with oil on a pan mostly eaten by Ugandans. You enjoy the chapatti in Uganda and don’t dream of coming back to Equatoria, and on you way back to the luaks take a plane or go around but never through Equatoria. Its over my friend, you jenges ARE NOT WELCOME IN EQUATORIA.

    (It is unrealistic because we are in one country which means one people. At the same time, Dinka people will never be forced to leave Equatoria by force unless they decide to do so voluntarily. Thus, those who are making noises that Dinka people must leave Equatoria are dreaming unrealistic dream.)

    It is unrealistic and stupid for jenges to dream that they have future in Equatoria, so go and start developing your swamps and relocate before too late for mtns or kiss M7 feet until he dies.

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      David Deng,
      Anyone who follows the horrific event in South Sudan knows Kiir and his tribe-men started a tribal war against non Dinka. These low life criminals and murderers killed over 50 thousands innocent civilians including women, girls, men, boys and elders. The claim that innocent Dinka have been killed on Equatoria region roads is false and utterly idiotic. Kiir militias cowardly dressed in civilians cloths and travelled among civilians but our brave freedom fighters managed to identified them. When lies were spread that Dinka were killed on equatorial roads, UN Peace Keepers were dispatched to investigate the alleged killings of Dinka, but they were blocked by kiir forces and turned back. If Dinka civilians were targeted, why did not SPLA allow the NU Peace Keepers to verify the alleged killings of innocent Dinka ? Do not take my word forward. Just go to UN Website and you will find this information. The objective of your tribal war against us is to promote Dinka supremacy and dominance. Now if you think we ( Bana Equatoria ) are going to sit by and not put a fight, you must be an animal. For now, you enjoy the protection of Museveni. We just want to remind you that his protection will not last forever. At some point, he will cut you loose. The pressure is mounting on Museveni from Logo , Ubangi and Ki tuba Speakers. They asked Museveni to cease his support for the pathological Kiir and his Elites.

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  5. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Deng Chapat,

    We South Sudanese non Dinka came to realization that the Dinka community is full of fool. Dinka dominated all sectors of government institutions, yet they do not respect those behind them who do not even seek positions from them. Dinka’s leadership is always a disaster. Dinka always do care about their leadership but care less about the country. Dinka community is brainless community full of war criminals.

  6. arabbmoi says:

    Mr. Chapatti,
    May be loitering downtown Kampala eating Chapatti. All Jeing have no brainers to reason. In east Africa, people dislike them as identifying as violence people. In Kampala people gossiping them at their leisure time as bad coconuts. In kenya they term them as Giants. Toposa nickname them as Nagira koo. We better advice our people Jeing to behave like the rest of us, but not cause a fight everywhere they go. Entire Equatorian tribes do not like them at all and the rest other tribes in South Sudan as well.

  7. David Deng Chapati
    Those who are killing people along the roads, are not Equatorian people, they are rebels of various groups and with different objectives. The Government of JCE should fight them. The current war is SPLM/A disagreements. Kiir didn’t want democracy and wanted to rule the decree, as seen by his provoking the 2013 crisis. A precious chance came up for him through the peace agreement of 2015, however, to confirm that his reservations to that agreement he made on 26.8.2015, were valid, he plotted the fighting in J1, wrongly advised that Dr. Riek Machar was a problem. That was a miscalculated move. He forgot that South Sudan does not need dictatorship, we have good forests and bushes, where we can resist dictatorship by pouring bullets onto Anyoor’s chest. This war is a national issue. South Sudanese, want liberation from Bahr el Ghazal hegemony. Letting it to Nuer alone, will not solve problems, so we have nationalized it and just a matter of time, your regime may collapse. David must know, that wars, have many methods. Ambushes are part and parcel of successful wars. Avoid traveling and spare your life. Ambushes were even there in SPL/M wars. You are stupid to think that 2.5 millions lives lost between 1983-2005, were diseases. Those who died of ambushes are many as those who died in raids on villages and starvation in towns coz SPLA blocked supply roads. Equatoria is the seat of liberation of South Sudan. No Town, like Bor, Malakal, Bentiu, Aweil, Wau etc failed into the hand of SPLA. Attempts to capture them failed because many citizens (Dinka and JCE) were siding with Arabs and could not allow rebels to penetrate!. Our people of Equatoria provided food, land and their sons in which SPLA based established itself and thus, we did better than Jienges. Stupidly, enough, the JCE started undermining the democracy, by refusing to transform SPLM and this brought messes. So, David, any attempt to carry out all round massacre in towns, in Equatoria, will be regrettable but Dinka will pay heavily after an-all round uprising from Equatoria. Even, you will not expect anyone to be in Government, that marks the end of South Sudan. You will be primitive to think that those establishments that are States, Counties, Payams, etc, will continue to run under Kiir, while their people are being killed. That can never happen! Again, we will pursue up to Warrap and Aweil.These two areas of Kiir and Malong are the one messing up the country. Thanks the boys as they now die as Jienge alone. Stay warned!

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