What PDM stands for after R-ARCSS: Ending the Tribal Hegemony

For Immediate release – November 5th, 2018, SSN;

The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), has an obligation to set out in our people’s and the public’s right to know, what it stands for, and reiterate once again, its lack of leaps of good faith in the latest IGAD iteration of the failed ARCSS, the R-ARCSS[1] 2018.

The public needs to know that, our being defined solely by opposition to R-ARCSS in its current form, is an understatement of what PDM stands for. There are fundamental structural deficits in the R-ARCSS, which makes this agreement inoperable as a negotiated and inclusive political resolution to the conflict in South Sudan.

Far from it, the R-ARCSS was not negotiated by all the parties in the HLRF process, rather on account of many participants in the process, it was imposed by the Sudan and Uganda who coerced the opposition into signing the agreement under undue influences in Khartoum, to reward the incumbent President, and serve Sudan and Uganda’s economic and political interests.

A just peace after all is what the people want, and what PDM stands for, is certainly not R-ARCSS in its current shape and form.

The elites and R-ARCSS signatories stood to be the first to benefit, from the desire of our people for peace in their country.

This agreement concentrated power-sharing in the hands of the elites from the incumbent Government, from SPLM-IO, SSOA and other political parties inside the country, in the shape of IGAD sponsored, unprecedentedly bloated R-TGONU for South Sudan in the making.

The sole purpose of which is to give another lease of legitimacy to the incumbent President to rule with impunity and unfettered corruption, which serves the conflicted interests of some IGAD countries.

To make this palatable to the international community, the Entebbe deal of R-ARCSS brokered by Sudan and Uganda, was designed to pacify SPLM-IO by creating a role for Dr. Riek Machar, as First Vice President.

Apart from the position of the incumbent President and revitalized Dr. Machar as FVP with whom power is shared, the R-ARCSS took no notice of power sharing fairly and equitably between the people of South Sudan in their three former autonomous regions of Upper Nile, Equatoria, and Bahr al Ghazal.

This IGAD’s elites-centric design is unforgivable sin, which entrusted continued rule of corrupt elites, with impunity, over our people and country.

PDM stands for an inclusive, and people-centric political resolution of the conflict in South Sudan.

The current R-ARCSS does not meet with that required threshold by the people to reach a political settlement, one that is for the people and not for the elites as it is the case in the current form of R-ARCSS which does not address the root causes of the conflict.

As it stands in its current form:

  • The R-ARCSS which was signed under duress by the signatory opposition groups, and undue influences of Khartoum Oil Agreement 2018, commands no legitimacy and authority of the people of South Sudan who had no significant role in negotiating it.
  • The R-ARCSS approves of direct infringement upon the sovereignty and economic resources of our country by ceding to the vested and conflicted sandwiched interests of Sudan and Uganda governments as guarantors. The two countries dictated the terms of R-ARCSS and its implementation modalities in the oil, economic and security sectors to serve their own interests.
  • R-ARCSS does not meet the minimum threshold required by the people for addressing the root causes of the conflict in our country
  • R-ARCSS celebration is occurring while the incumbent President is carrying on with violation of CoHA[2], refusing to lift the state of emergency, blocking the release of some abducted political detainees and prisoners of war, specifically Agrey Idri and Samuel Dong who were kidnapped from Nairobi and whose fate still remain unknown

The way forward is people-centric in NADAFA of the country by all the people from endemic corruption:

While we stand for peace in our country, PDM is convinced that the people hold the key to their emancipation from the ruling and oppressive SPLM elites policies, who are held responsible for the atrocious civil war in our country, destroyed the social fabric, squandered the country’s wealth and opportunities, economic and natural resources in unfettered corruption for the personal benefits of the elites and their families, without accountability of any of them for economic crimes, human rights violations and abuses, and a genocidal war on the people.

This state of affairs under the current elites is unlikely to be changed by the celebrated R-ARCSS in its current form.

Media[3] reports and revelations of corruption in South Sudan by investigative journalists and the Sentry[4], including untendered huge oil sector deals, illicit financial transactions by well-connected Government leaders, politicians, army generals and merchants, facilitated by profiteering banking institutions in the region, have littered the media outlets[5] across regional and international capitals[6], carrying a statement of government failure in South Sudan under the watch and current rule of the SPLM elites in Juba.

How does the country hope to break loose from the tight grip of corruption and impunity of the elites in which it is currently wallowing without fundamental changes of leadership and system of governance?

The SPLM leaders under whom all this corruption has festered on unchecked since 2011, conveniently fostered no-system and no-questions asked for years, are to be entrusted yet again with the flawed R-ARCSS implementation to deliver fundamental reforms a second or third chance in vein!

The people seem to have no escape from the grip of the elites tyranny or its imposition by another celebrated R-ARCSS in Juba a few days ago.

The people must find the confidence and capacity to reject R-ARCSS elites and demand to exercise their rights over affairs of their governance and existence in their country, without the dictatorship of the SPLM elites, and break their monopoly once and for all over the country’s resources and pillage by oil merchants in government, with their illicit financial networks.

What the country urgently needs is a rebirth of a new political struggle to cleanse our country from filth of unfettered corruption, impunity and looting of state financial resources for the personal benefit of few elites at public expense, which has destroyed the country’s future and with it that of future posterity.

The incumbent President and his would be FVP partner in R-ARCSS, with other four Vice-Presidential minions, are not competent and credible to transform South Sudan after their pillage, and failure to govern in the public interest.

The country should not be held hostage to their leadership, both are discredited, and both should voluntarily step aside from the R-TGONU and let the people pick up the shattered pieces of their country in peace to move away from their legacy.

This however, will not come about without mass political action, in new wind of change to transform South Sudan.

This political struggle, PDM believes and advocates for, is now urgent at all levels of society.

It needs to take shape in action for freedom and social justice by the thousands of masses of our people both at home and in Diaspora to pick up the shattered pieces of our country from the elites who destroyed it, and to stitch the social fabric back together.

This is our maiden call for the birth of a new National Alliance for Democracy And Freedom Action – NADAFA – in our country, and by the masses of our people.

It is our strong conviction that the elites alone, suffer a high deficit of incentive to bring decisive and fundamental change to transform South Sudan without the people driving the transformation mindset, and move the country out of where it is reeling now in tribal hegemony, endemic and systemic corruption of the elites to maintain political power and control in their hands over the new nation.

This endemic corruption, driven and enabled by tribal hegemony in which our country is reeling under, is what urgently needs #NADAFA, the time of which is now.

The people are possessive of the incentive to be free from Corruption

NADAFA is nothing short of your social justice and democratic political movement for the masses of our people in Equatoria, Upper Nile, and Bahr al Ghazal to take back democratic control of their country, and clean up the system, clean up endemic impunity, clean up the country and its shattered image to regain our dignity and control from the hands of corrupt elites, from the hands of unfettered waste of our country’s natural and economic resources away from tribal hegemonic elites to benefit the public and raise standards of living and service delivery for all our population equitably and fairly.

NADAFA needs to end the parasitic existence of oil merchants in the supply chain of our vital economic and natural resources, which deprives the people of their birth right to development and equitable access to share in the country’s wealth and prosperity.

Across South Sudan, mothers often woke up day in, day out, to clean their homes routinely from dirt and of mess of the other day.

We all know how they do it in routine #NADAFA and we all have the incentive to be free from dirt, who isn’t, and from corruption that has run our country dry without social services, but impunity of the tribal SPLM leaders.

That has to change, that has to stop, and you the people have the power to stop it, not the elites sharing power at the expense of the people without accountability.

PDM is hopeful and optimistic of the message of change that the people can drive, in a new social and political movement of NADAFA in our country. If there is peace, there must be NADAFA for there to be a just and permanent peace, which has to start now with NADAFA of our streets in Juba by the youth to whom the future belongs, in concert with Anna Taban, Anna Mozloom voices of our people.

The NADAFA mission and journey to transform our country, South Sudan, lay in your hands the people. PDM members, our well-wishers, and supporters are obligated to the people to advocate for and to bring about a just and inclusive peace for all. Join in our #NADAFA of the country together and transform South Sudan.

Dr. Hakim Dario,

Chair, People’s Democratic Movement (PDM)

[1] Revitalized-Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan, signed on 12th September 2018

[2] Ceasation of Hostilities Agreement signed on 21st December 2017.

[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCpLfNiMhx8

[4] War crimes shouldn’t pay – https://thesentry.org/

[5] The Profiteers – http://africauncensored.net/the-profiteers/

[6] https://citizentv.co.ke/news/the-profiteers-kenyans-to-protest-alleged-south-sudan-looting-214619/


  1. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Dr. Hakim, come back to Juba, register PDM as non-violent political party. You can get support. But anyone who wants to continue violence this time will see ugly faces looking at him.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Mr Mor-Amook
      You seem to be confident about Khartoum agreement, I am sure you are the private secretary for Kiir and he had advised you that, he has changed and can work with Riek, he is for real peace. Please let us know if you had secret meeting with Kiir or Riek about their commitment to Khartoum agreement. Mor-Amook, these two leaders had signed agreement in Addis Abba in 2015 and the implementation has failed gloriously and president Kiir made it clear to citizens and internationally that he can’t work with Riek. He appointed Taban Deng Gai as his replacement, how do you expect these two to change overnight, these are people who can’t be influence by others opinion, they believe in their tribal power. You mentioned that anyone who entertain violent would be looked with ugly face, that is great; it should apply event to government army who are terrorising civilian in Equatoria, Unity state as they involved in clashes with armed oppositions. Everyone of us want peace, but a lasting peace not temporary peace where the elite divides power among themselves continue to loot our resource for their personal benefit. I am sure you would regrade when these men failed to live up to their words.

  2. Tyson says:

    Keep the fire burning!
    The crooked government of evil doers and their midwives in crimes will crumble shortly.
    Nobody should pretend to threaten you. The time to sweep these cockroaches out of power is closer at hand.

  3. Lotim Koroma says:

    I am not happy to see killers given another chance to continue kill, displace and rape our mothers, sisters at will but their ugly moment will come because every killer has a forty day.

  4. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Taban,
    I like and respect your opinion. In the name of God, I have never worked with government since its formation in 2005. My direct contribution was from 1985 to 2005. After that time, I choose private sector. I don’t even live in Juba and I don’t like to stay in Juba. I go Juba once a year and at times more than that time. I don’t even know Kiir’s office. I see J1 palace only when I pass-by like others. Whether you believe it or not, that is it. But please respect and allow others foolish opinion in believing in peace. Apparently, you want everybody to have the same opinion like you do. No, it’s not true, we can’t think the same.

    If these guys, Kiir and Dr. Riak fail this peace again, then I am not the only one in South Sudan who was made to believe that there will be peace. Both said during celebration that they are ready to take this country forward in attendance mass South Sudanese in addition to regional and international leaders. Thus, if they fail their promise for the second time, even IGAD peace guarantors will be blame and will become a laughing stock.

    I agree with you, Kiir has been saying throughout peace process that he doesn’t want to work with Riak again. But the question is, what made him to sign agreement with Riak being 1st vice president. According to him (Kiir) in his speech, which I watch on 31 Oct, he made some compromises for the sake of peace for South Sudanese to have peace. So, let’s see if they will work together or not!

    Nevertheless, I am aware that no country exist without opposition. Whoever comes to top job of the country anywhere in the world will face opposition, this is nature of human-beings. Even if we get new person in today like Dr. Hakim, Cirillo……etc, will still face opposition. Thus, it is up to you to be pessimistic and it’s up to me to optimistic.

    Your pessimism may keep parties awake to live up to their promise of having signed peace and promised to implement it. But please don’t encourage or support voices calling for continuation of violent in South Sudan. The tone of author of this article is purely mobilization of youth to oppose this peace using any means including violent from within cities in the country because it is not a really peace according to him and you

    So please let’s give them chance to implement it or fail. Your analysis are theories, wait to prove them.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      This is a very surprising comment/response from you to Mr. Taban. If only another half a million jieng have your sentiments and ardent belief in this country called South Sudan, I believe peace would come easily and we all can proudly stand up as fellow South Sudanese.
      For those of us of my generation who lived through the heroic efforts of our first freedom fighters who initiated the 1955 Torit Revolution, and then through the patriotic sacrifices of the Anya Nya fighters in the sixties, which, incidentally was a truly nationalistic movement encompassing all tribes with the minimal antagonistic nativism/tribalism among the fighters and leaders, I wish to assure you that we can all live and have a peaceful, progressive and equitable country called South Sudan Nation.
      In fact, when I first set up this website in 2003 and called it ‘South Sudan Nation,’ I wanted to tell the world that the liberation struggle was all about creating a new country of that name, not keep hiding the prefix word ‘South’ as John Garang and his comrades wanted.
      I was a pioneer in projecting this name, “South Sudan nation” to the world inspite of SPLM/A muted fear of loudly asserting that the liberation was for South Sudan independence. Of course, we accepted that but someone else had to cry out loud…and that’s what this website did on behalf of the people until this killer Kiir destroyed all hopes.
      Let president Kiir and the jieng be true nationalists and peace will surely come sooner.

      • Taban Alimasi says:

        Mor-Amook and Editor,
        I uphold the patriotisms you have both projected in the commentary, is a clear indication how passionate both of you are for our nation “South Sudan”. These should be the norms of our discussion in the forum, let us leave human ego and emotions and discuss with passion for the betterment of our country.
        I believe the current generation of South Sudanese are tired of war, born in war, grew in war and now getting old in war. Though Khartoum agreement doesn’t have tangible reform agenda, let us hope this is one step toward for peace building and reform.
        I hope one day South Sudanese will realise lasting peace and live together as people, no one would be charged by his/her tribe but on their character and the employment would be on merit.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Taban Alimasi,
          For my generation who have been traumatized since 1955 by the three great wars, the hope is that peace is a necessity that must supercede the mischief now being carelessly demonstrated by these jieng terrorists in Juba. They are the problem.

  5. mading says:

    Lotim Koroma, and Tyson. What are going to do ? You Tyson,you like to talk about keeping fire burning, who will keep it burning when you are living far a way from it ? Stop your internet war and help our leaders with the message of peace. LOTIM, your forty days are long passed, try to find something to do.

    • Tyson says:

      South Sudan is weighed down with uncertainities and seriously marred with chaos, anarchy, nepotism, corruption, killing, looting and raping committed by the Jieng led Kraal govermnent and evil JCE & SPLA/M sycophants. There is social, moral, political and economic decay caused by the Jieng mafia.
      The doomed peace MOU between Kiir-Machar-Bashir and Museveni is to loot South Sudan and kill Machar.
      This is no secret about it—— However, the forces of justice, freedown and peace loving South Sudanese will sweep the Jieng cockroaches out of power. History will be done bacuse mighty Goliath was able to die with a simple Caterpol. The self-proclaimed Jieng will not need weapons or tanks to remove them. They will be removed by PEACE, LOVE, JUSTICE and EQUALITY. The blood of the innocent souls will a verge their brutal killings

  6. Tyson says:

    Making and your cohorts
    God should forgive you because you don’t know what the right to live, peace and justice. South Sudan is weighed down by uncertainties as well as political, social and economic chaos because of you the Jieng.
    Stop pretending to be angels and that your so called peace driven by the chief devil Lucifer will survive. The plan is to get the fool, Machar and slaughter him. This is not a secret any more.

  7. Attention:Guys Mading &Tyson

    Stop on talking on deragotory languages!The country is on peace! Let us give a peace a chance to go way forward! Let us give ordinary people security at home so that they live without anymore fear of killing raping lynching, discrimination,marginalization,and many more untell! What took place in the past,let us bury them down in the ground in the graveyard!

    Thank you! Well,the peace signed in Khartoum,THERE ARE LOOPHOLES STILL REMAIN IN IT because it was not done very well!.But,let us forget for the benefit of our people who are suffering bad in the this SENSELESS CIVIL WAR AT HOME IN THE SOUTH SUDAN! Back to you!

    Virtue save lives of human beings!



    • Tyson says:


      You sit and enjoy the comfort of the Americans because their grand parents fought for liberty, equality and justice. You are enjoying what you never fought for. None of these criminals in Juba can hold public office by American standards. This is because a single life lost is precious to the country and to all true American citizens. All leaders are held to account for whatever crimes they have committed against the state and its citizens. I am sure this is strange to you being a product of the cruel game in South Sudan.
      Absolving these killers in Juba for so called failed or limping peace MoU orchestrated to loot South Sudan is not something to embrace. It is a mockery by all standards of civility. The precious lives of our country men, women and children killed by the JCE led kraal government and their comrades in crime cannot be abandoned. Those innocent souls deserve justice. There will be NO peace until PEACE, JUSTICE, RULE OF LAW, EQUALITY, RESPECT, ACCOUNTABILITY and FREEDOM are truly handed to the people of South Sudan. This will happen when these criminals are swept our of power or they are arrested and persecuted for their crimes.
      I will continue to pursue whatever means to drag these fools to the Hague. The destruction caused by the dysfunctional SPLM/A against the people and state of South Sudan is massive and cannot be taken lightly..


  8. It’s so funny, some brainless Equatorians still can’t differentiate Dinka/Jieng tribe from the ruling elites and the Party, what a shame!

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