What is IGAD’s priority on ARCISS’s revitalization plan: The innocent peoples’ lives or the politicians?

QUOTE: “Committing mistakes is something human and sometimes inevitable. However, not learning from mistakes may suggest that something is fundamentally amiss because it subjects the individual, group, country or society to perpetually commit the same mistakes.” Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba

By: Bol Khan, South Sudanese, MAY/30/2018, SSN;

What is IGAD’s imperative priority in South Sudan’s tedious peace mediation? Is IGAD aiming to bring about a peace accord that saves the lives of suffering ordinary people of South Sudan or a shaky peace deal that serves only the politicians’ interests?

The HLRF’s Round Two of Phase III that recently ended in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, without a signed deal was supposed to be the last round of South Sudan’s four years old Peace process.

The public thought that even if the delegates fail to reach a comprehensive deal by themselves, then IGAD was going to come up with a neutral and moderate proposal to narrow the gaps or differences between the negotiating parties.

This was what’s in the mind of every South Sudanese citizens. However, unexpectedly, when the IGAD’s “Bridging Proposal” was out, everybody including the author was dumbfounded.

I was surprised and bewildered because the IGAD’s proposal would appear like aiming to serve only the politicians’ interests.

Let us take for example, in the structure of governance branches, the IGAD proposed an additional position of Third Vice President, forty-two (42) ministers, fifteen (15) Deputy Ministers, four hundred and forty (440) members of Parliaments.

A transitional poor government with five hundred and-one (501) cabinet and parliament members excluding the Advisors, Councils of States’ members, bureaucrats at the various ministries, heads of commissions and Directors… name them all.

Just assume that the parties have had accepted and signed IGAD’s Bridging Proposal,” how big would such a government be?

Again, the IGAD also proposed a six (6) member Transition Facilitation Council (TFC), monetary rewards for all those would-be displaced persons from positions both in National and in the States governments.

“Where, as a consequence of the allocation of positions under this agreement, a post-holder is displaced from a post, the Transitional Government shall make every effort to find an alternative position for that person, including in the reconstituted boards and commissions as appropriate.”

The proposal said “the affected person may include: (a) A member of the Executive, (b) A Governor or other office holder in a State; and a member of TNL” (Transition National Legislature).

“In the event that a person cannot be accommodated in a suitable alternative position, the Transitional Government shall endeavor to make an appropriate ex-gratia payment or form of compensation to that person.”

Generally, looking at the nature of proposed governance and security sectors, IGAD did not only expose itself as a coalition that aims to create jobs or interests for politicians but also a regional alliance that is indirectly putting the lives of suffering South Sudanese ordinary citizens into greater and further danger.

“Benefits and Standing of Former leaders”

Furthermore, the IGAD also proposed that a revitalized Transitional Government would work to give the benefits, incentives and standing of former leaders.

“Within 30 days of the signing of this Agreement, Legislation shall be introduced in the TNLA to make adequate provision for the benefits, emoluments and standing of former leaders. Legislation shall provide for benefits of a former leader, including an office staff, protection and allocation of sufficient resource commensurate to their standing as leaders.”

This increasingly casts much doubt in IGAD’s precedence in South Sudan’s peace revitalization process. Yes, it is not dreadful idea to pay leaders benefits especially in stable countries where leaders correctly serve the nation’s interests.

However, in reality, what good thing have those leaders done so far and/or in the people of South Sudan’s interest, rather than these immense damages they have been causing in South Sudan since 2013?

They are not leaders of national stature. Therefore, the benefits that the IGAD “Bridging Proposal” proposed are all unnecessary.

Instead, the proposed resources should only be use to rebuild the nation and lives of the ordinary citizens who are suffering or to provide them better security, development and peace dividends in the country, South Sudan.

Are there elected and legitimate leaders in the Republic of South Sudan?

Who are the democratically elected Leaders in the Republic of South Sudan? In other words, who is a democratically elected President, Parliamentarian or Governor in the Republic of South Sudan today?

I think there is none, because there was neither Executive nor parliamentarian elections ever conducted in the Republic of South Sudan since 2011!

Hence, there is no legitimate leader today in the Republic of South Sudan who could claim that he/she is a democratically elected leader.

Since 9 July 2011 to 21 May 2018, South Sudan has been operating under two consecutive transitional rules of unelected governments.

The first transition, interim and constitutional (leaders) term in offices government (after independence) ended on 21 May 2015. Moreover, the second transition government that was provided by August 2015 Compromise Peace Agreement also ended on 17 May 2018.

This is the reason why the ordinary people of South Sudan have been calling on IGAD to impose a peace solution that is in the interest of South Sudanese ordinary citizens.


What is the interest of South Sudanese’s ordinary citizens?

The central interest of South Sudanese citizens is to have a better peace deal in South Sudan that addresses the root causes of the conflict.

A deal, that holds all perpetrators accountable for atrocities they have committed as stipulated in a revitalizing ARCISS.

The interest of the people is a peace agreement that does not reward politicians for atrocities they have had committed instead.

A deal, that installs a responsible, balanced and lean government to implement peace and security, restore deteriorated economic situation, a sincere honest government that will unconditionally organize free and fair general elections at the end of transitional period.

The people of South Sudan are interested not in a shaky peace deal that who’s aim is just to renew the lifespan of politicians in offices at the expense of innocent citizens’ lives.

What the people of South Sudan do not want is a precarious peace deal that shall be susceptible to people lives just like August 2015 Agreement.

In this regard, IGAD must first acknowledge publicly its practical and proven failure in solving South Sudan’s crisis or its complicity in all these enormous suffering the ordinary citizens of South Sudan are today facing in and around the country.

Therefore, IGAD must choose to implement one of the following two popular demands, forthwith:
— (a) Either assure and prioritize the ordinary citizens’ interest (not again politicians’ interest) by bringing peace back to South Sudan within one or two weeks, maximum;
— (b) Or hand over the South Sudan’s peace process to AU or UN, a global body.

This is what the people of South Sudan are greatly yearning for. “Committing mistakes is something human and sometimes inevitable. However, not learning from mistakes may suggest that something is fundamentally amiss because it subjects the individual, group, country or society to perpetually commit the same mistakes”.

IGAD or others should learn from lack of proper security arrangements, impunity and imbalanced power that impeded smooth and successful implementation of August 2015 Peace Agreement.

Where we have had transitional period which was agreed upon in 2015, become wasted three (3) years without any tangible change towards the lives of innocent South Sudanese people who are now suffering in South Sudan and in the neighboring countries.

The author, Bol Khan, is a South Sudanese Activist and Freelance Writer. He is reachable on khanrom8@gmail.com


  1. Mor-amook says:

    Dear Bol,
    it was the same IGAD that mediated CPA between Sudan government by then and the SPLM until peace was achieved. Which side were they favoring? Again mediated the signed 2015 agreement which is now being revitalized. Your problem is high expectations, you wish IGAD to dismiss Kiir and entire government, but that is wishful thinking. In any negotiation, you don’t expect all your wishes to be accepted.

    Let’s have African solution to our own problem, the UN will never bring peace, they would have brought it in Syria, Israel and Palatines, Ukraine…….etc. Unless, you are hoping America through UN will launch military campaign to change the government in Juba which is your wish.

    What wrong did IGAD do? Did they bring someone who is not Southerner to power? Remember all, Southerners need power including yourself that is why you are complaining because your expectations are not met.

  2. Bol Khan says:

    Mor Mook,

    They were favoring the citizens..That was why CPA of 2005 was successfully implemented. Yes, they mediated 2015 Peace. But was its implementation been successful? And Why? Mor Mook, which part in South Sudan are you living now? Or you are outside the country? Unlike 2013/2015, the sufferings as we speak are on every South Sudanese citizen regardless of ethnic group. You said “Let’s have African solution to our own problems”. Well, I agree with you, when are going to start solving our own problems practically? Innocent people even officials are dying Nigeria, DRC, Somalia,sufferings are everywhere in Africa compared to UK, USA, Australia, Canada.

    Mor Mok,
    Can you enjoy these quotes by the USA’s present President “See, for instance, what’s happening in Nigeria (a Country blessed with abundant resources), South Sudan, Malawi, DRC just to mention a few. This proves to anybody including a stupid fool that Africans do not know what they want. isn’t that plausible”? end quotes. Now, my question remains when are we going to solve our own problems? We sought helps from the West when we still fighting Khartoum. I think you’re one of “the yesterday victims who have become today perpetrators in South Sudan”. Aren’t you?

    Mor Mook,
    I have one last question for you to answer. Don’t you have any sympathy for these immense sufferings South Sudanese ordinary people are undergoing today?

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Bol Khan,
      I am in South Sudan not even in the neighboring country. Yes, I was the victim of 21 years of civil war. I witnessed how much south Sudanese suffered during that time in the hands of the so called Arab in Khartoum, hunger and diseases with no single or no enough humanitarian assistance from 1983 – 1998 when the first food aid dropping begun.

      You are moderate Nuer and I really agree with you on some points. Yes, people are suffering in South Sudan regardless of tribes, that is true. The economics is not that good and insecurity exacerbate suffering, because even clans are fighting themselves which resulted to slow down economics activities ordinary citizens can do such as cultivation to feed themselves.

      Dear my cousin Bol, a country with oil in Africa or underdevelopeded world is a cast country like Nigeria, DRC, Venezuela ….etc because with oil, big guys who pretend to be king of the world and second to God would want to loot it, unless you allow them to take it or control it. That is why you gave example of those African countries. Libyans were instigated to kill Gaddafi on the pretext of dictatorship, but the core reason in the nutshell was to get chance to loot Libyan oil which was being control by Gaddaffi and citizens were living comfortably then citizens in some western countries including USA.

      Imagine, every Libya citizen was benefitting from their oil such as free education, health, food…etc. What can an ordinary citizen want in the presidency if you are getting services. Yet, few stooges of the west were deceived in the name of democracy to destabilize their peaceful nation. The west is unable to solve Libyan problem now. This is the same thing in our case now. They have divided us not to understand or accept ourselves, believe it or not. I am not supporting the government, but I am against changing government through military means, which may continue to prolong the suffering of our people. As I write to you, all my cattle have been looted by forces of the famous unknown gunmen.

      Since we don’t trust ourselves, then we are inviting those jackals to confuse us further and to hate ourselves further. Even our AU is useless, it is being control by the west.

  3. GatCharwearbol says:

    Bol Khan,

    When it comes to reasoning, it is wise to reason with those who could reason. Reasoning with Mor Mook is like pulling teeth. These kinds of people do not understand the magnitude of what is taking place in our country and they will never come to realization. Once you made up your mind, it is hard to open up to see the wider angle of things as you have trained your vision to tunnel peep-sight. This is the case with our brother here. Kiir is only what he sees.

    The crux of the matter is, every situation cannot be solved using the same trick that work for the other. Our accord with Khartoum is far wide off mark to be compared with what is happening now. It is like comparing oranges with apples.

  4. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr Garcharwearbol,
    Good to confess having ever had accord with Khartoum. Why don’t u just crown the truth and call it sell out?
    U are Lucky to have a confused fool named Kiir.U owe your ass to him.But u will never get that chance again in the day the seuls of those u have betrayed set a trap on u.

  5. Dear: Mo-amook

    You know how to a pound a nail and a hammer at people,s heads.Bol Khan,is living inside the cave! Although,he is good in expressing,himself! Keep up! Take care!

    Sincere Building Trust!


    Kansas City,MO.USA

  6. Nuan-Kur says:

    Dear Mr. Bol Khan

    Your analysis is good in reminding us that the solution which outsiders always propose cannot meet the expectations of the ordinary people of South Sudan. I agree with you that IGAD’s recent proposal is a bit complicated and should be adjusted to make it relevant to the dire situation of our ordinary people.

    However, I am a bit confused on what motivated you to quote Prof. Aduok’s words? That quotation is backfiring to its author as self-judgment writing that is only good for reading purposes and not for inspiring purposes.

    Aduok’s phrase you just quoted is like Blacksmith error in hitting and hurting his finger when he wrote that phrase. Who never learned from the mistakes he/she had committed and still committing them apart from the author of that quote himself?
    Prof. Aduok’s committed mistakes in 1991 which he much blamed on innocent Dr. Riak Machar but he never learned from those mistakes hence still committing them again in 2013 or pushing Riak to commit the same.

    Didn’t you read what Aduok once wrote in his book that the only grave mistake he regrets to have committed in his life is that he collaborated with Dr, Riak Machar in 1991 coup. If you use that quote to teach IGAD then first use it to teach its own author.

    You ask whether“ IGAD aiming to bring about a peace accord that saves the lives of suffering ordinary people of South Sudan or a shaky peace deal that serves only the politicians’ interests? Yes IGAD is trying its best to bring something smelling like peace which will be acceptable to warring parties. I think IGAD is not interested in delivering shaky peace but it is (IGAD) trying to help South Sudanese people to bridge their own differences which they are unable to solve by themselves. Also you should bear in mind that in any peace deal, politicians are the first to get lion share in what is being shared.
    IGAD’s proposal must meet the needs of position-hungry politicians who subjected their people to bloody situation and are still using armed rebellion to terrorize innocent civilians on the basis of ethnicity in the name of toppling the government in Juba. Those politicians must be attracted by advertising many more positions in the upcoming transitional government otherwise there would be no peace.
    Even CPA was negotiated in that way by the same forum (IGAD). Politicians were accommodated first in the TGONU in Khartoum during CPA. There is nothing much IGAD can do apart from dividing little the cake it had on the table.

    Although I agree with you that the size of the government IGAD proposes is too huge like mountain that even the resources of the country will not sustain them but let us call it a solution by IGAD to bridge the gap”. South Sudan leaders have nothing on their mind my friend apart from positions. Denying them government position you are like dying them heavenly kingdom. Please give IGAD ample time to arrange their bridging of gap agreement and I think we will be fine!
    Also we should not forget that peace agreement is always for the interests of politicians. Not always on the interests of ordinary people. Those delegates of both sides who sit in the negotiating tables in Addis Ababa are 100% politicians and not ordinary citizens. IGAD mediators are also 100% politicians and not ordinary people. So what do we think and expect should have been the content of the agreement that excludes the interests of those who negotiated it?

    Unless we initiate home grown peace such as the National Dialogue which the President recently proposed, there will be no peace in South Sudan.

    You questioned the legitimacy of leaders in the Republic of South Sudan as none existence? Unless I don’t know what legitimacy means in your dictionary then I can agree with you as the main the problem?

    The root causes of South Sudan crisis is neither lack of elected leaders nor the existence of non-elected leaders but the root causes of the problem of South Sudan is deep and has nothing to do with non-elected illegitimacy.

    Let us sit down and try to iron out our issues and not relying much on outsiders’ solution. Crisis can still occur or erupt even if democratic elections are done or not.

    • Bol Khan says:

      Nuan Kur,

      Fortunately, I have seen where you are standing. I would have given you a witty reply however, FYI, I abstained myself talking to perpetrators. Thanks you for your time.

  7. Bol Khan says:

    Dear GatCharwearbol,

    Thanks you for your comment. Your advice is well taken and noted. I shall stop myself from debating with such people. However, what worries all of us is this huge humiliation they are smearing on all Africans. Look, he even disputes the idea of DEMOCRACY.
    Dear GatCharwearbol, thank once again for your advice.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Bol and GatCharwearbol,

      This is the meaning of intellectuality, people have different opinions on something. You don’t expect everybody in this website in particular to agree 100% to all your points. So, please learn to take into consideration others opinion on any matter for discussion. But, if you are frustrated because we have not supported your opinion straight away, then you are behaving like a dictator! A dictator could call a tree an animal and expect people to say “yes”

      Please learn to put out your opinion and allow others to express their opinions so that you can evaluate your article. My dear cousin, people disagree to agree. But when someone disagrees with you that is the beauty of democracy, but don’t level liberal minds as perpetrators. For your information, some of us have no link with current government believe or not, but the matter of nation should be debated freely my dear.

      Thanks Chief Abiko, I don’t hit nail on people’s head, that is your judgement and I respect it. But for me, I am liberal minded, I answer someone to the best of my own understanding regardless the party he/she supports, and I don’t assume that I am always right. How many times I criticize and insult in this websites by my friend Deng Hanbol, Tyson, Abiko…etc? But I never quit!

      Our problem is complex with a lot of interferences and backing regionally and internationally to both parties to the conflict. The only way out is for Kiir and Dr. Riak to surprise those jackals, put aside their difference and compromise for the sake of suffering south Sudanese to shake hands like Uhuru and Railla in the forth coming face to face meeting in west Africa and address the world that peace has returned to South Sudan. There is nothing difficult or impossible in this world. I really disgust suffering people are going through, especially insecurity.

      • Eastern says:

        Well and very well, the much hyped meeting will come and pass; it would probably be in Khartoum, the Sudan Republic.

        The issues affecting South Sudan and the South Sudanese people are much bigger than Kiir and Machar. Somebody lied to Troika that when you remove Dr. Machar out of the theatre of chaos in South Sudan all would be okay. That contraption was quickly bought and implemented. Nearly two years into that attempt, South Sudan is still on the nosedive, you don’t see the fallacy here!

        That famous handshake between Uhuru and Raila will simply address the subtle issues not the underlying issues which divide Kenyans during elections. The common wanainchi won’t feel the impact of this handshake during the next election.

        The much anticipated meeting between Kiir and Machar will likely lay the ground for the two and their followers revert to the situation predating the cabinet dissolution of 2013. Remember, by then, there were dissenting voices referring to the government as for the dinka and nuer. After the Khartoum meeting, there are still issues of contention.

      • Bol Khan says:


        Thanks 4 ur comment, however, being an intellectual does not mean you discuss endless nonsense just for the sake of an argument. An intellectual isn’t suppose to devote his/her precious time on oneself or group’s interest, rather on what will benefit the nation as a whole. It is not that we”frustrated because you have not supported our opinions straight away”. What we don’t want to carry forward is an indefinite discussion of nonsensical items. By default, and to me, Africans have had green lighted outsiders into their continent by creating endless and deadly instabilities among themselves. If you allowed yourself to fight (because of maladministration) with your wife in your own house and in the presence of your innocent children, then there will be a need from your neighbor to come and separate the fight. Or more importantly, the neighbor shall come to rescue the children who of course will be the most susceptible to that physical fight.

        Is it humane to say vulnerable children cannot be save ( by a successful & developed neighbor) from being killed by failed parents? Does it really hold water (or need more discussion) whether or not the current rampant instabilities in Africa are brought about by the West? Does it hold water for us to continue disusing whether “staying in power for life” is good in an INNOVATIVE world of DEMOCRACY or not? Does it hold an extra water or need more discussion for to know whether it is Mr. X or Mr. Y who has been South Sudan’s problem since 2013? Does it make one looks intellectual to discuss whether NATIONAL DIALOGUE is the only way out to peaceful country in South Sudan or not? Is really nationalistic or need more discussion whether or not leaders have right to create illogical legitimacy or to stay in Offices at the expense of suffering ordinary citizens? All these are nonsense!

  8. To My Dear:Mr.Mor-amook

    Feel free! Sleep always well! Let us edifying our fellow compatriots The South Sudanese ON TWO THINGS: GLOBAL POLITICS,AND WORLDVIEW POLITICS which base on WHO IS WHO! Many of them,are not getting the BRIGHT LIGHT VERY WELL inside the CAVE! They see nothing!

    Thanks! Let us wait and see in this coming summit between SPLM PARTY TWO LEADERS CHAIRMAN PRESIDENT SALVA KIRR AND HIS DEPUTY CHAIRMAN DR.RIAK MACHAR!Back to you in the forum! Stay Tune in this DEVELOPMENT!

    Sincere Building Trust!


    Kansas City, MO. USA


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