What does independence mean for the people of South Sudan?

BY: Akech Marol Nun, RSS, Juba, DEC/18/2012, SSN;

South Sudan attained her independence last year on the 9th of July 2011 through the referendum process which granted South Sudanese peoples a diligent right and golden chance to determines their fate through the ballot box in which the 98 % of South Sudanese peoples overwhelmingly voted in the favor of independent Country of their own which championed the birth of the newest nation in the Africa.

The author is hereby featuring this article opinion with the aim of questioning the population of South Sudan whether the just attained independence means anything to them. Moreover, there are numerous questions to be answered by South Sudanese people who voluntarily cast their votes for the separation of South Sudan from the then republic of Sudan plus the forgotten 2.5 million people who died for the course of liberation.

The simple answer is that all of the efforts being put forward by the peoples of South Sudan to achieve independent nation of their own ended up as a nonentity. So independence means nothing to the local population of South Sudan, it was good when the Arabs were the ones mistreating black South Sudan than the current unexpected U-turn whereby a small linage hold the entire power of oppression within the country whereby everybody suffers from!

The peoples of South Sudan has been in mysterious suffering from the then Sudan which was owned by the Northern Sudanese who defined it and ruled it at their will, the suffering was incurred in many forms, for example, lack of political and democratic freedom, oppression of freedom of speech, regional and economical imbalance, Arabization and tribalism plus divide-and-rule politics of Khartoum and the list is long.

Today the Sudan peoples liberation movement (SPLM) which is the major and leading political figure in the country is making the opposite by killing its own cadres like the assassination of brilliant opinion writer, late ISAIAH ABRAHAM, the fingers are pointing and still pointing at government because nobody else is responsible for that death of the late writer.

By the way, the government of South Sudan has been taken over by the region whereby the plan for duos and elimination of the people who hail from the other regions. Is this the meaning of being independent?

The question to be answered by whoever believes that the independence of South Sudan has the full meaning is why did we take up arms against the Arabs rule since 1955 up to independence in 2011?

Whatever atrocities being committed today by the SPLM own government plus its small regional lineages were the same practices done to South Sudanese by the Khartoum Arab government. These atrocities are being done to the citizens of South Sudan by the so-called government. I personally doubt whether the independence is being enjoyed in South Sudan.

In fact, the so-called independence of South Sudan is nothing and a nonentity to its citizens who’d voluntarily voted for it. If government cannot offer security protection to its citizens, why do we proudly call the failed tribal rule and ethnic ideological country an independent nation?

The eight million population of South Sudan voted for Separation to enjoy the fruits of independence, citizens of South Sudan need to be fully protected from militias, night robbers, tribal fighters, and the unforgettable the national security which is responsible for the killing the citizens.

South Sudanese should have a country which offers a free environment whereby the citizens can express their views without being threatened or killed. Therefore there is no meaning for South Sudan being called an independent country.

This country is not totally independent because it has a mafia-type practice of criminality which is fostered by regional interests than patriotism.

Where is the freedom of expression in South Sudan if Journalists and writers are killed? Where is the right of being a citizen? Does Mr President with his regional advisers and tribes-mates work for the second separation of this country into three more countries or for the disunity of this great nation?

The country where president is advised by his own regional peoples, state, tribe and clan, what do you think they can advise him about? Simply he can be advised about killing and elimination of the peoples who hail from the other regions or tribes; about nepotism, corruption and discrimination.

If children, orphans, widows and war-wounded are dying due to starvation and also in the hands of the national security and militias, what does independence mean to us the people of South Sudan?

If the blind government of the stupid majority can kill nationalists, the strong SPLM party cadres who act as the die-hearted of SPLM/A, then what does independence mean?

The daily deaths of South Sudanese people are the result of the national government being vision-less and taken in by the stupid and narrow angles of the region or tribe.

However, it could be viewed as the national property of all South Sudanese without being ruled with the internal intention of tribes.

South Sudan can accommodates all its citizens without fear and favor.

In conclusion, government should act separately as the peoples ruler without the regional or tribal influence, it could serve the protection of citizens from the external and internal attacks, and it can reflect the positive meaningful independence of South Sudan.

(The views expressed in this column belong to the writer and the author can be reaches for comment at akech.marol@yahoo.com)


  1. sengar says:

    You got it, the 2% who voted for united Sudan were right. DR. Lam Akol opposed south Sudan independence; he predicted the status quo of south Sudan. May be some flocks will be angry from what I said but for them what they can do?
    We have competent people to do the job but who will allow them to steer? Any question brings other complicated questions. Some people see 2015 election could end our suffering but I see it as a disaster. For example, all rebels movements now came as a result of 2010 election, the same could happen in next elections.

  2. Mr Akech. Don’t abuse the tribes; this is how president react and by using the word ‘stupid’ meaning you have wasted your time in writing this article while you do know what you are doing. This country needs to change through good explanation. And to abuse I cannot say that you are writing to change this nation meaning you are in the list of tribalism promoters.
    The stupid majority you are abusing have contributed their blood also to this nation. Like who? Like me I’m the last born in our family. We were four boys but three have lost their lives to this nation and also me I have made my part also and I don’t talk like the way you talk. Please, you change your language, brother……

  3. Anyangaliec says:

    Manut Lual, The author of above article is precisely right to point a finger at the authority. Because, the current government of your uncle, cousin, nephew, brother, region man or whatever your relation is, is fully responsible for dire state of things in our Country. And it doesn’t matter who was who during our days in the bush! We all suffered!
    What matters now is how he’s governing? And that’s where we should start and not looking back. Otherwise, we don’t need to be told how things were then. Because we all know how they were then. So today is a different time and things must be done differently. On that note, it’s clear you who don’t get it, but not him, the author. Since the current government has failed to meet its primary responsibilities among others to be regarded as a credible government. Then, it’s our duty as Citizens of this Country to hold him or them fully to account. And we shouldn’t be dictated for doing exactly that! Know that Tribal barons like yourself are not doing us a favor but are really helping this authoritative government to ruin our future. Period!

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