What are the Alternatives to Pres. Salva Kiir?

BY: Apioth Mayom Apioth, DEC/10/2017, SSN;

By the looks of things, Kiir Mayardit has no intention of steering the nation into the daylight. He has been the leading figure in the South Sudanese politics for twelve unimpressive years. He has become “Mr. Let’s wait and see how this problem is going to take care of itself.” His love of the leadership has blinded his conscientious self.

In ancient Africa, Kings or chiefs wielded enormous power and with this juggernaut of power came novelty. In most cases, they were principally wealthy and gave away their wealth to the downtrodden populace. For this, Kiir Mayar is trying to emulate how the traditional leaders had an open door policy and being all ears to countless number of people all at one go. He just sits there on his presumed throne and families of all kinds come to demand whatever they long for their livelihoods.

Even before his ascendancy to the upper echelon of the South Sudanese politics, his laid-back approach to everything cost many soldiers to lose their lives during our days in the bush. The first task of a leader is to be an initiator. The first to take the first step out. Salva Kiir sleeps on his duties. An influential leader cultivates trust. How does trust come about?

He/she is a selfless being that goes out of her comfort zone to make sure the lives of all individuals are secure from harm. Once the people are secure from danger, then what comes next is trust and a willingness for the general populace to heed his call for commandeering. Trust is garnered through three hard-earned steps.

First, the character of the leader must be put under the microscopic lenses for all to scrutinize. Integrity reigns supreme here. He/she is accountable and must follow through on his/her promises. Up next is competence. Is the leader in question qualified to lead the institution that he/she is vying for? Last, but not the least, is authority.

As things stand today, no one in his right mind would delegate any powers to Kiir Mayar so he can determine the fate of our nation. People began to lose trust in Kiir soon after he took over after the demise of Dr. John. Corruption became the name of the game. Insecurity was rampant and thus making everyone to fend for himself. Money was being carted away in boxes.

For someone that is this inept and incapable of taking care of his duties; one may wonder how he survived the leadership upheaval under Dr. John. What did John Garang see in him that made him stand out from the crowd?

Salva Kiir is a quiet person by nature and by the same token, he hideously swallowed his true corrupt nature so he could feed that monstrous character once the power came his way. According to the United Nations, some 2 million people are taking refuge in our neighboring countries. Another 2 million people are internally displaced.

South Sudanese who first began the refugee life in 1987 have now spent thirty years in those makeshift camps. Thirty years more and they are in their sixties, still living the hard life of a refugee. These South Sudanese nationalities are not entitled to land rights, agricultural subsidies for farming, and low taxes in their host nations; they consistently live on the hand-outs from the United Nations where the daily meal is beans.

What are the alternatives to our current quagmire?

South Sudan as a nation has not fully healed from the traumas we put ourselves through during the liberation era. From the early eighties to the early nineties, SPLA was holding the high ground in our struggle for justice; major swathes of South Sudan was liberated with the exception of few major towns that comprised of Juba, Wau, and Malakal.

After the splintering of SPLA/M into SPLA/M-Torit/Mainstream and SPLA/M-Nasir, respectively, we began to turn on ourselves and chaos started to confuse our national identity. Our adversaries in Khartoum began to buy our loyalties with the simple words of mouth. We began to switch sides to Khartoum, thinking that we can find greener pastures on that side yonder.

No tribe was invincible to the manipulative machinations of Khartoum’s age-old doctrine of divide and conquer. Our leaders ranging from Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, Arok Thon Arok, Joseph Oduho, Riek Machar Teny, Lam Akol Ajawin and even to a certain extent, William Nyuon Bany, all decided to abandon our major struggle for an unknown promise from those we were fighting against.

We were stronger when we were one collective and united force, however, after the 1991’s splintering, Khartoum regime under Omar el Bashir started to push us back into a rabbit hole. Efforts were made to create a reconciliation project and the December of 2013 crisis has shown that the reconciliation efforts were ineffective at best.

Our best bet would be for the group of South Sudan Young Leaders Forum (SSYLM), which includes the likes of Peter Biar Ajak and Manasseh Mathiang to take over the mantle of leadership in the land. This group comprises of 70 bright young South Sudanese leaders who were drawn from all the tribes in the nation.

South Sudan is a highly conservative nation; a year ago, Kenyan girls were harassed in Wau for wearing skinny jeans. Our older generation would easily dismiss the likes of SSYLM members as mere children and thus incapable of taking over the reins from Salva Kiir.

What our people fail to grasp these days, is that our young and upcoming generation lives in two competitive cultures at the same time. They live in the Western culture of iPhone and popular culture, and traditional culture where they still pay the bride price for their betrothed brides. They are the ones that are good at juggling modernity and the old way of life, whereas the older cohorts could easily be manipulated to succumb to old tribal cliches.

The older generation wants to main the status quo and the old way of life, whereby an Azande traditional dance would be deemed inappropriate by Toposa people. The Toposa would see it as an impure custom, infringing on their pure cultured way of dance. The 34 years we have spent in the diaspora since after the eruption of second Sudanese civil war, have taught this young generation to be more tolerant of their differences. Some of them have lived their entire lives outside of South Sudan, coming only for a short family visit after the signing of the CPA.

In case the upper echelon of South Sudanese politics refuse to relinquish the leadership to SSYLM, then they can bequeath the reins to Pagan Amum. Why of all people Pagan Amum? Pagan Amum is neither a Dinka nor a Nuer. He is not an Equatorian indigene, too.

After the eruption of the crisis in December of 2013, it has been the Dinka vs Equatorians vs Nuer ever since. Many would complain again of the Nuer dominance in the government if we relinquish the leadership to Taban Deng Gai or Riek Machar. The same would be the case if we hand it to James Wani Igga or Thomas Cirilo Swaka, or Joseph Bakosoro.

Our situation is quite different from the one the Rwandans face after the 1994 genocide. Paul Kagame is a Tutsi and Rwanda has only two other tribes, namely of Hutu and Twa. The majority of the army that took down the Hutu-led government were collectively Tutsi by ethnicity. As one homogeneous ethnic group, the Tutsi easily understood each other and fought for justice as one collective unit.

After Liberia plunged into two successive civil wars, they elected Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who was regarded as a nontraditional leader, because she is a female. Mrs. Johnson defeated the former World Footballer of the Year, George Weah in the general elections and Liberia has been stable ever since.

The Dinka, Nuer, and Azande are the three largest tribes of South Sudan. By choosing Pagan Amum, we would be choosing a nontraditional leader who would stitch together the scattered parts of our nation into a wholesome and cohesive unit. For our people to continue to turn on ourselves for trivial matters as the competition for leadership is truly unfathomable.

We had it worse under successive Khartoum regimes and yet we haven’t learned a thing about how to live together as a nation. History has it that when a people went through a protracted suffering, they rise up from the ashes and used their tragic past to build better communal relations for their betterment.

Our people continue to flock to the SPLA-IO and National Salvation Front to continue to wage a non-victorious war against the inept regime of Salva Kiir. Why do we continue to lure our youth into the lion’s dent when we know better that Salva Kiir won’t budge one bit?

Even though we are one of the poorest people on earth, we should just let our youth rot in the refugee camps in our neighboring countries so they could at least live half-decently on daily meals of beans. Oh! being a refugee is way better than being dead and all bones in the coffin.


  1. Deng Hanbol says:

    Deng Hanbol: to Dinka Elites Play Time is over
    Mr. Apioth Mayom,
    As Henry Wallaces said during the first death anniversary of Roosevelt: “The source of all our mistakes is fear.”There is no doubt that Dinka elites fear Naath- Equatoria miltiary action. The simple question is, why Dinka elites so afraid of Nath and Equatoira people? Specifically, why they fear Equatoria to death? As a rightly said that cowards dare others to do what they themselves do not dare to do. We all understand that Dinka are not courageous or they do not do the task according to their gut and will powers. Not surprisingly the Jinege choose to be on the safer side meanwhile making their nasty game easier not facing any difficult situation. In other word, the Dinka always do not face their enemy face to face. For example in 2013 Nuer massacred,, president Saliva Kiir and his JCE asked Uganda, the SPLA-N, JEM to Dr. Riek Machar’s forces on their behave. Nuer people on the other hand, are full of legendary honorable people who make confidence with the work they performed. Finally, every one remembers Saliver Kiir for his role in 12/15-18. the Nuer Massacred. He’s a coward for he always asks M7 to fight Dr. Machar’s forces on his behalf. Hitherto Saliva Kiir stays in Juba hiding from Dr. Machar’s forces for more than 3 years. However, Equatrioa, and Nath people have already surrounded Juba and poised to topple the tribal regime of Dinka. Mr, Apioth for your information, 63 ethnic groups are keen to divide south Sudan into confederation.

  2. bavan bavana says:

    Impressive psce of work yes l have to agree with you that south sudan in an essential need of an traditional leader but I dlnt think pagan amom is the appropriate one because even though he doesn’t belong to the biggist tribes he involved in the apolitical crisis and I think the best choice is the honourable judge james alala deng

  3. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Editor: I just wish to make a point of clarification.There are some grammatical points in my comment above!
    What I mean here is that cowardly Jaang leaders make excuses, hide their heads in the Sand, basically protecting themselves by begging foreign leaders to fight for them(Dinka). For instance, when Saliva Kirr, Koul Manang, and Paul
    Malong realized that Dr. Machar’s troops were 100 miles away from Juba, they asked M7 to protect Dinka kingdom that is the fact.There is no any other leader in the world can do that except Dinka leader. For example, Muammar Gaddafi refused to runaway from Libya because he did not want to bring shame on his tribe Houara and also that would be a shame on Libya history. Likewise, Saddam Hussein prepared to face death for the dignity of his tribe Tikirt. Dear Dr. Peter, another sentence is grammatically not correct. The reason is that I didn’t reread my comment before posting on South Sudan Nation.com. Sorry for inconvenience anyway.

  4. loberito says:

    Well done! Let us hope that the Young people will rise up to bring change which every body will benefit in South Sudan. Our diversity is our strength but not the weakenest. One day, one time, the Young people will rise up to bring change! South Sudanese will not continue to suffer. God didn’t create us to suffer, but things will change from bad to good! Our people had engaged into conflict with Khartoum for many years. After prolonged suffering, we finally got our independence. One day, one time, South Sudanese people will choose the right leaders that will leader them. That will happen when South Sudanese say enough is enough! Those who rule now by fist will regret for the rest of their lives and they will be rotten in “Hell”

    • info@southsudannation says:

      I vividly and sadly recall the same message being told to us when we were young then, but unfortunately, that message didn’t resonate with this generation that today encompasses the people now destroying and killing in the name of SPLM/A.
      My generation, the young boys and girls of the sixties, who were supposed to lead the nation one day, now unfortunately in power, have totally and inexcusably destroyed the nation.

      The problem, if we are serious, goes long way back to Dr. John Garang’s failed ideology of so-called ‘New Sudan,’ his abominable record of gross human rights abuses, in addition to SPLM/A reckless misbehavior that encouraged and tolerated the stealing, murdering and lawlessness during the liberation days.

      Kiir was admittedly a good and clever student of Garang and these ‘commanders’ now in Juba were never ever made to account for their murdering of innocent people and theft of public property from the bush up to to Juba.

      In truth, thieves and murderers and rapists came marching into Juba in 2005 as so-called ‘heroes.’

      That’s is the problem in brief. South Sudan will ceaselessly bleed and moan and die until and unless these SPLM/A ‘leaders’ are eliminated and terminated from the center.


  5. mading says:

    Deng Handbol. When you are a liar, it is always hard to make appoint, that is why what you are trying to say here is not coming out in the way you want it. Because it is a lied, your so called Riek troops are village boys white army who don’t have any single military training that can move them to 100 miles of Juba. They other lied that “Dinka elites are so afraid of Nath and Equatoria people” My question to you Deng is this, when Garang and evil Riek fought over SPLM-SPLA in 1991-1996, who ran to Khartoum ? It was your Riek with your so called brave Nath. militias, and there was no Ugandans troops at that time as you know it. That is why I said before talking very loud all the time does not mean that you are all the time, it mean you have a big loud mouth. Nath are living in my home town now as refugees, so proof it to your friends how Dinkas are afraid of Nath ?.

  6. Deng Hanbol says:

    The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!
    Tennessee Williams
    Payinjiar county, is now a sanctuary for more than 27,000 Dinka from lakes state who have fled their homes due to famine and vicious inter clans war. Who is the liar now? Please read this story. http://www.eastafrikadaily.com/2017/12/south-sudan-how-a-rebel-held-town-has-become-a-model-peace-community/

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Deng Hanbol,

      I read the link and disagree. The reality is that Mary Adeng not Deng maybe marriage to a Nuer in Ganyiel. How can she moved away from Yirol or Rumbek to rebel area because of hunger? Secondly, 2700 Dinka in Ganyiel is a white lie and a propaganda of media. Please remember media is not independent, it is tune to the dancer interest.

      How can Nuer leave a Dinka man in Nuer area and especially rebel control areas? I can’t believe that even if Jesus said it. Yes, it is Nuer and Equatorians who can stay in Dinka villages if they wish. Because the Dinka do not hate Nuer and Equatorians the way they hate Dinka. From 1991 to 2002, fighting for liberation was left to Dinka majority, maybe few from Nuer and Equatoria, Riak was with Arabs in Khartoum until 2002.

      Deng, Do you really know Bhar el Gazal? I guess you know it from the map. You always talk of Nuer/naath as brave. Where did they drive Dinka to from 1991 to 2002 when Riak came back alone from Khartoum and surrender to Dr. Garang in Nairobi? You have been crying of mathiang anyor which were very few volunteers from Aweil township who were recruited into the army, but unfortunately war broke out in 2013. These guys were recruited as a result of Panthou/Hegilig war in 2012 with Sudan not against Nuer or any tribe. they were volunteers who accepted to defend the country from aggressors or invaders in the north.

      The former lakes state alone can produce more than 100,000 armed youth not 25000 of white army from lou-Nuer and Gaijak in 2014. Every time you invade Bor you think you have defeated Dinka. My friend, the Dinka Bor and Duk are minority sections of the Dinka, just like drop in the ocean. In BeG new states Dinka/Jieng are in 9 states with population of about 95% in those states, then also in Wau state. This is brief information to you to analyze.

      Let us leave this fight to politicians and distance civilians from it. There is no need to kill ourselves for nothing. Nuer and Equatorian will one day rule this country and I don’t think that president will disown Dinka or exclude them from his/her cabinet. Please use common sense for reality not just talking nonsense without looking into future.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Dear Mor-amonk,
        To highlight what I am going to say, by quoting one of your sentences, “Deng, Do you really know Bhar el Gazal? I guess you know it from the map. You always talk of Nuer/naath as brave.”
        This spurious reasoning result in nonsense. I mean your argument is superficial and some time false. Yes I do. Actually I am Nuer from Western Nuer or Unity state.
        Mr. Mor-amonk, it seems that you have only the most ostensible knowledge of homeland Nuer. By the way, which territories from Western Nuer did Dinka of Bar el-ghzal invade?
        If you are not aware that many areas from Lakes and Warrap states were occupied by Western Nuer warriors and this is a list of territories occupied or annexed by Nuer of Unity state:
        –Ador /capital Gandyiel occupied from Atot Dinka sub-clan by Nuong Nuer sub-clan in 1927,
        –Madol annexed in 1919 by Kuoi sub-clan of Mayiended from Agar Dinka , and many areas including Mankin from wrap state were captured by Gok sub-clan of Bul Nuer. ”
        The Western Nuer likewise persistently raided all the Dinka tribes that border them, and particularly those to the south and west, obtained a moral ascendancy over them, and compelled them to withdraw farther and farther from their boundaries (Pritchard p.127).”
        Don’t forget that Nuer of Unity state are over one million and they have capacity to invade the while of Bar el-Ghzal in less than one week. Bull and Leek Nuer alone can capture Aweil city in less than 4 days.
        My cousin, you are really lucky. The war would have ended in 2014 if Bull Nuer did not betray us. I concur with you, civilians must not be involved in this conflict and have right to move or go to any place they wish.

  7. mading says:

    Editor, and Deng Handbol.
    As long as you have big loud mouth for nothing with little work, nothing will get done. Where were you during liberation time Mr. Editor? What did you contribute to our struggle ? Bad talk, criticism and that is all. Those in Juba are not “so called heroes.” They are real heroes. May be you are jealous because you are not part of them. Deng live as Nuer as you are.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      I was amongst the other millions of jieng who didn’t pick up the gun, if that can allay your anger. The main point is what are the other options and alternatives to get rid of your president, Kiir, from Juba by any means necessary.
      You should worry about the jieng-jieng genocide taking place currently in Lakes, your social and tribal fabrics have been irreparably damaged by Kiir’s unfortunate presidency, he is and should be your main worry.
      As the wise saying goes, ‘Charity begins at home,’ take care of yourselves first and be in peace with your people, brother.
      Merry Christmas, and try to spread peace among your suffering brethren in this season of holiness.

  8. Dear:Editor

    i very much like the way you responding to comrade Mading! Mading despising people who did not joined the war in the bush in the movement! People,who did not carry the guns,they are the very persons who brought CPA and independence of South Sudan,on September 9, 2011.For example,they wrote letters to UN,OAU,Arab League,and Religious people when telling them to talk to Canadian Oil Drilling Company Talishman in Alberta,Calgary to stop doing oil in the South Sudan in Unity State Bentiu in which it made President Omer El Beshir to acquire more military ware and oil revnues such as China,and Russia.They raised money when they were supporting the war in the bush in the movementSPLM/SPLA.Whereby the movement was in big trouble and was on slow motion! He should understand that without other avenues,the movement,would have been DEAD FOR GOOD!

    Okay.I now came to the issue of Rumbek.I am chiding President Salva Kirr for it! Kirr keeping the governor Matur. People do not like him totally! He should recall him! He should appoint somebody else! What is going on in Rumbek,in the South Sudan,is not good at all! Remember that after the death of the Late Chairman Dr.John Garang De Mabior,Rumbek became a bloodbathe! Take care! Back to you to the audience in the forum(ssn) Discussion Board!

    Sincere Stopping Revenge!



  9. Okuc says:

    The so called Mor- amook,
    Your wishful thinking that states created by your King and his mentors JCE are going to last. The intent behind
    the creation of these states is to inflate the numbers of Jieng or Dinka to look like they are majority in South Sudan.
    Bear in mind Kirr has any constitutional powers to establish these states because Land in South Sudan belongs to it’s original inhabitants or ancestral people and not settlers who are occupying the grabbed lands because the tribal president hails from them.
    Once the bloody regime is overthrown or forced to relinquish power these states will disappear eventually and therefore Jieng will have their original states which they have been living in for as much as recorded history is concerned.

  10. mading says:

    Yes, what is going on in Lakes region will stop soon, but that will not take a way your Muonygaang hatred.
    So if “you were amongst millions Jieng who did not pick up guns,” then treat those heroes with respect like the way other citizens who did not pick up guns treated them during liberation time.
    Live in peace, Editor.

  11. mading says:

    Okuc. Dinkas are majority whether you like it or not, even if Kiir leave power. You will not step in Muonygangdit foot.

    • Mor-amook says:


      that is why I say you know Bhar el Gazal by map. Your western Nile Nuer will have to penetrate so many clans for more than two weeks just walking but not fighting to reach Aweil. The people of Aweil resisted Masseryia, Rezikat tribes of South Darfur, what is with Nuer. I told you, other clans in Dinka have not seen Nuer to-date e.g. Gok state citizens, Tonj state people….etc. Unless, person who met Nuer in towns like Wau.

      From 1991 to 2002, why did Nuer not invade the whole of Bhar el Gazal? Let me incite one famous fight. In 1997 Dr. Machar mobilized thousands of Nuer malitias in Panyjiar, Ganylel, Leer and Mayendit with intention to invade Dinka Agar land, take all the cattle and collaborate with Sudan Armed Force in Rumbek at the time. Indeed, on 20th March 1997, those malitias attacked cattle camps of Payaak, Adol, Awai….etc, but miserably defeated. I don’t know how many returned? Please ask Nuer from the mentioned place since you seem not to come from there. They will tell you what happened that day, even Riak Machar knows that date. The armed youths in Ciec, Aliap, Atuot, Agar, Gok, Luacjang, 12 clans of Rek in Riang-nhom, Lou in Marial-lou, Tonj, Apuk, Aguok, Twic, and the 3 states of Aweil can formed 2-3 millions.

      The Bul Nuer did not betray you, but they are thinkers not dull like some of you.

      And to the so call Editor, there is no doubt, the Dinka are the majority in South Sudan. It is known to the whole world except you. This is because you did not visit Bhar el Gazal, Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity region. Please check Sudan population census of 1977. The Dinka was the second largest tribe in Sudan.

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      Your ethnic group is the largest but it is not the majority. You put this simple fact in your head.

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  12. Okuc says:

    If you don’t know meaning majority can look it up in dictionary. For you information you numbers are meaningless and I am not buying your baseless presumption of born to lead.

  13. Thondit says:

    Dear Apioth,

    It is unwise to campaign for Mr. Pagan to the succeed Mr. Kiir , they say ,” if you can be trusted with small things , you can be trusted with bigger things too”, Pagan was given a task of leading SPLM as SG , tell me his achievements apart from beingon the list of top corrupt 75 People ? . I do not see any leadership skills in Pagan, i can rather support any new person whose vision is connected to people’s problems in terms of finding the solution to problems that our nation is facing such as corruption , civil war, under development , Nepotism , Youth unemployment , domination of NGOS sector by one region ( Equatoria ), high inflation, high bride pride , prostitution that has recently been joined by our South Sudanese girls, poor road network, random killing on the ways where some tribe is named as MTN,, poor health system, poor education system, and food insecurity . if pagan can not manage SPLM well , do you think he can handle the above problems as patriotic citizen that looks at every one as one people regardless of the tribes? where will his corrupt tendency go ? in short, stop yapping about pagan . As per who should seceed kir , South Sudan can not run out of possible leaders , When Idi Amin was in Power , Uganda was a hopeless nation, no one by that time could imagine it to reach the level it is now, our nation will be great nation once this regime is gone .

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