Western Bhar El Ghazal in South Sudan: Current Brutality

BY: N. Bringi, Canada, AUG/29/2014, SSN;

All that is happening in Western Bhar El Ghazal State now is major harassment, intimidation and arrests. It is not a surprise and I am sure there is more to arise in the next few days.

Since the time the Governor of Western Bhar El Ghazal received a copy of the memorandum submitted by the people of Western Bhar El Ghazal to the IGAD committee who came to investigate the December 15, 2013 incident, his reaction assumes that there is more conflict to come.

The people of Western Bhar El Ghazal request the implementation of the Federal System. As for the Governor of Western Bhar El Ghazal, calling for a federal system is a lethal crime, whoever calls for it will face capital punishment.

Rezik commented previously to the media stating that the people of Western Bhar El Ghazal are for the present governing system, the central system; he has turned to be a liar based on the general consensus of people of Western Bhar El Ghazal. The people are for federalism; his latter statement was of his own personal view.

The second memo is regarding the transfer of the Capital of South Sudan to Wau. People of Western Bhar El Ghazal categorically reject the proposal because there was no consultation; the idea was food put into the mouth of Rezik by Pres. Salva Kiir to vomit to the media, a pretext to keep the Equatorians quiet from asking for the removal of the capital from Juba.

Salva Kiir, take the capital to Riamchel or Gorgrial, Awiel or Rumbek.

Now Salva Kiir and his security organs have alleviated the threat to people of Wau to a lethal level. The order of arrest has been on those who are accused to be pro-Riak Machar.

In this case if any one of them is found guilty, they can be sentenced to death; they had fabricated the same punishment to the Faragalla people in 2012.

Dead bodies were brought in sacks in the middle of the night from the inter-tribal conflict in Chewabet and disposed in Faragalla. They then accused the people of Faragalla of murdering people of the Dinka ethnic group.

Not only that, but the coup plot of December 15, 2013 has been created in order to eliminate some of the SPLM party members after disagreement in the party conference regarding who should be the nominee of the SPLM party in the 2015 election.

The government of Kiir depends completely on lying, fabrication and threat to others.

Salva Kiir and his shoe-lickers believe they are powerful by killing innocent South Sudanese brothers and sisters. This is an expanding civil war in South Sudan where women and children have been targeted, men have been recruited to fight for a cause they cannot seem to verbalize yet internalize.

For some of us who have read history, there are a few questions I would like to ask:
Where is the Roman Empire today?
Where is Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania today?
Where is Muammar Al Gaddafi of Libya today?
Where is Saddam Hussein today?

If you enjoy torturing, harassing and killing your people, your day will come sooner than later, this is what all dictators on the planet should understand.

You are not immune to what you are doing to others, what goes around, comes around.

Nicola Bringi, CANADA


  1. Eli says:

    Mr Bringi,
    I concur with you and I share in with the grieving families in the midst of the carnages taking place under the totalitarian regime of Salva Kirr in our beloved nation. Thank you for putting the words out there, south Sudanese deserve better treatment than this.
    We must never relent or surrender our rights but to continue putting pressure on this murderous regime in Juba until we achieve justice, freedom, and pursuit of liberty and happiness for all of our peoples.
    Eli Wani

  2. pitya lo tongun says:

    Bro bringi the evil can triumph if the goodman cease to do anything.

  3. Bismark says:

    Those who use the sword to kill innocent people will eventually die by the sword. It is important to use the power of intellect to sort out public issues in a civilised manner rather than otherwise. As a person who lived and worked in Wau for a long period of time, I am saddened and shocked at what is going on in Bahr el ghazal and its wonderful, peaceful people. What I can say is that what is going on is an illogical pay back by those in power now for the occurrences that took place right in 1987 through useless sons of Fertit people who are hungry for power that is forcefully imposed on the poor people in the name of pseudo-democracy.

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