Western Bahr-el-Ghazel-IO demands Federal system in South Sudan

Press Release:

The Government of Wau Federal State in Opposition, would like to make it clear to the public that, major issues, which let the people of Western Bahar Ghazal WBG to take guns and raise against the government in Juba, are land and the marginalization issues. The below are the demands that considered to be fundamental to the people of the Wau Federal State. The demands that they are fighting in order to achieve and there shouldn’t be comprises on any one of them.

The demands are as follow:

1. A federal system of governance should be implemented in the Republic of South Sudan, by creating states’ own executive, legislative, judicial, and security organs.
2. Wau to be a separate and an independent federal state with its border as it stood on January 1, 1956.
3. The soil of Wau Federal State to be consist of six counties, Bagari, Bessilia, Kpaile, Kuajina, Udici and Wau county, in their boundaries as they stood on January 1, 1956.
4. Wau should be both a county and a capital of the federal state
5. All the grabbed lands, the public lands in particular, which have been illegally distributed to the government officials, especially to non-citizens of Wau state, particularly during the period of the former Governor Rizik Zachariah Hassan, should be backtrack to their lawful ownership.
6. The cattle grazing in the state should be restricted, organized and regulated, to avoid the destruction of the agricultural farms.
7. The state natural resources should be placed under the authority of the government of Wau Federal State
8. The interest of the indigenous tribes of Wau Federal State should be safeguarded and here the indigenous tribes are identified as the Fertit of Wau and Lou of Wau.
9. The indigenous tribes of Wau Federal State should take the lead in any allocation of the public office and local business opportunities.

The government of Wau Federal State in Opposition would like to reaffirm its position of standing behind Dr Riek Machar Deny, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/A-IO to fight, in order to achieve the above mentioned demands and further to realize democracy, rule of law, accountability, and lasting peace in the Republic of South Sudan

Hon. Dominic Ukelo
Governor of Wau Federal State in Opposition
October 4, 2017


  1. Mr. Governor, Hon. Dominic Ukelo:
    Thanks a lot for sharing the position of the Government of Wau in Opposition with the public. There are several issue with the posting:

    (1) to whom is it addressed? (The authorities involved are the IGAD mediating team, the UNO, AU, TROIKA and other crucial stake holders. These are the authorities that would influence the outcome of the forthcoming “Revitalization” peace process of ARCSS, they cannot be ignored.)

    (2) most of the issues presented can be dealt with under State and local considerations under the Federal Constitution and/or State Constitution; eg. the grazing issue should be restricted, by whom? Local authorities or Federal authority?

    (3) important national issues have been conspicuously left out by your demands; take the issue of the “National Army” which has been “dinkanized” and is the very problem we are now facing. The military, cantonment, and other security arrangements should include Western Bahr El Ghazal because it is now a formidable opposition front that should be included in the security arrangements and hence the building of an all inclusive national army.

    (4) the issue of power sharing should not be left to chance, but must be included in the federal arrangements so that Western Bahr El Ghazal have its proportional share in the national and State governments. This is important so that we have proportionally balanced national inclusive government of national unity.

    (5) the issue of non-interference of the federal government in the State’s local issues is important to circumvent the authoritarian powers of the national government over the state and hence disrupting the smooth symbiotic working relations between the state and the federal government. These are some of the few critical issues which you left out in your demands and this requires all people to sit down and discuss the demands before presenting them for consideration.

    Mr. Governor, thanks a lot for bringing this issue to the public, it now remains the involvement of the public so that we have a truly democratic practice to deal with our state political issues. Thanks a lot.

    Your faithfully,

    Prof. Elias Nyamlell Wakoson
    Concerned Citizen of Western Bahr El Ghazal.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Dear Prof. Nyamlel Wakoson,
      In as much as Gov. Dominic Ukello has plentifully and eloquently enumerated the stand of Western Bahr el Ghazal compatriots, the problem is now clearly in the playground of politicians like you to take it up with the so-called international mediators.
      As has happened repeatedly and catastrophically, our so-called politicians have the temerity of betraying the real fighting men and women who sadly become terribly marginalized and starved out when the cake is put on the table.
      Let’s just re-examine what happened in 2015 in the Kiir versus Machar Agreement; the Machar’s IO literally rushed into a agreement almost blindfolded and hence miserably failed to see the hopelessness of that Agreement. Of course, not only Machar but our learned intellectuals hurriedly jumped into the frying pan!
      One seriously wonders why Machar and his horde of learned intellectuals miserably and unforgivably failed to see the disaster awaiting them!!!
      The primary (elementary school) three Kiir, cleverly and fatally outwitted Machar and his horde of techno-politicians.
      Finally, I totally concur with you on the issue of federalism and absolute involvement of the public, specifically, all those regions and peoples currently marginalized by ‘jieng imperialism’ in the country now called South Sudan.
      Let’s have federal states first with complete and comprehensive devolution of powers to those states, and a much constrained so-called National Government somewhere other than Juba.

  2. Dear Editor:
    I got your point. I will respond to your message at a later date. Thanks for taking time to talk to me. Nyamlell.

  3. Dominic Ukelo says:

    Pro. Elias Wakoson, thank you for your feedback.
    To clarify some issues, I would like to go through your feedback as it is numbered..
    1. In the past, we the Western Bahar Ghazal people, have failed to explain to the world why we are fighting. Our failure to make our case is the reason why the regime in Juba was ignoring our concerns and sometimes calling our troops bandits. We should not repeat the same mistake again. That is why the Government of Wau Federal State in Opposition from the first beginning continued to raise our people’s issues. We encourage all concerned citizens of Western Bahar Ghazal to do so and tell our history louder.
    2. The government of Wau Federal State in Opposition will address the IGAD, concerning our demands, through our chairman, Dr. Riek Machar Teny. The aim of posting these few points is to enlighten our people and the world on our demands and position.
    3. The grazing issue should be restricted by local government in power
    4. The government of Wau Federal State have divided our demands into two papers. The paper above is mostly intended to present our concerns on the long term after the Transitional Government of National Unity. The second paper, which the Government of Wau Federal State is debating now, before forwarding it to be discussed by our intellectuals, is our demands during the Transitional Period. And its include power sharing in the State Council of Minister, Power sharing in State Legislation Assembly, Governor or/and Deputy Governor position, and Cantonment areas to our army.
    5. We will include your point of National Army in the above demands. However, it will be addressed in the national level.
    6. We demand the Dual Federal System to be implemented in the Republic of South Sudan, to prevent the interference of the federal government in state affairs.
    The government of Wau Federal State in Opposition has finalized consultations on the above issues and came up with full structure of our concerns. We will forward it to our intellectuals, including yourself, to be debated before handing it to our chairman Dr Riek Machar Teny.
    God bless you and the people of WBG

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Why dare to rely on Dr Riek Machar than carrying your cross alone?
    Bon Dieu!You will be disappointed.

  5. loberito says:


    Marginalization and land grabbing has created great impact in our Society, particularly in Equatoria region. We didn’t fight Arabs in order for us to marginalize and grab each other’s land. No, we fought for freedom and equal opportunity for all the citizens in South Sudan. But only few are enjoying the lives while the rest children, women, Youth, and elderly persons are suffering in South Sudan. In addition, most South Sudanese families are suffering outside their homes in their refugee camps.

    However, the issues you have raised are significantly important. These are fundamental issues that created crisis in our society. The case in point is that the people of Equatoria have raised such issues before, but other communities didn’t listen to them. If the people of Wau are demanding for Federal government, then Equatorians who have been echoing Federal government must also do the same. Instead of letting the thugs to continue looting our sources and killing our people, why not to divide the country into piece. Those who wish to fight each other in their states should do so and let others go their own way to rebuild their States. There is no point of killing one another for no apparent reason. Equatoria must go and Wau must also go!

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