Western Bahr el Ghazal SPLO-IO Commander, Gen. Faiz Fatur resigns & joins Gen. Cirillo’s NSF

Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In-Opposition
Western Bahr ElGhazal Front
Sector Commander

Comradeship, Dr/ Riek Machar Teng Dhur-Goon
Chairman SPLM-IO, C-in-C SPLA-IO

Know of: Simon Garwech Dual
Chief of General Staff, SPLO-IO

From: Faiz Ismail Fatur Boy
Military High Command, Member
Former Sector Commander

Resignation from SPLM/A-IO
His Comradeship, Dr. Riek Machar,
Accept my revolutionary Salutations!

Allow me through you, to extend my greetings to all comrades who tirelessly took arms against the dictatorial regime in Juba, namely Awelek, The Arrow Boys, Cobra and the gallant Fertit Lions. I do not fail to extend my salutations to our beloved people who patiently await change.

This letter is intended to serve as my official resignation as a member of the SPLM-IO. The resignation comes into effect this Tuesday, falling March 9th 2017.

As you are cognizant, the political mess, insecurity and the dire economic cart are rapidly ingesting and swallowing the innocent people of South Sudan whose hopes and aspirations for change are placed upon us. It’s now five years since we started resistance, albeit little is being done towards realization thereof.

The revolution is ripe beyond doubt to topple the fragile regime in Juba, however, this change can only be arrived at through proper organization, well articulated vision and proactive leadership.

We have, in so many occasions, deliberated on such issues and often given untrue promises to my shame.

I have been here at the GHQs as per your directives to settle the issues related to logistics, unfortunately, the promises remained on your mouth and never seen any light into action.

I forewarned against un-necessary promotions which you often do without proper consultation. Now, the Army is curtailed by officers without assignments, shamefully at some places you find a brigadier leading a squad. How are we different from Kiir then?!

The velocity of incidents in the region and the world is unbearable if things are not diplomatically worked out in favour of our people. All in all, you could have assigned any PB members some of your duties in your abstention.

Cde. Chairman, be reminded that we lost so many precious souls when we could have avoided so, just because of improper planning. I sometimes wonder whether we really want change of the regime or reforms.

Given these reasons, it is unforgiving to idly stay in the SPLM/O-IO. I therefore disengage any political and military commitment with IO, hence announcing my allegiance and full support to the National Salvation Front under the leadership of General Thomas Cirillo Swaka.

In the end, I call upon all South Sudanese who aspire for a total change to rally behind the National Salvation Front, particularly the People of Western Bahr el Ghazal.

Long Live South Sudan
Long live the oppressed
Long live the National Salvation Front

Gen. Fauz Usnauk Fatur Boybushes, , South
March 2017
Military High Command, Member
Former Sector Commander


  1. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Gen. Fauz fatur,
    I would like to congratulate you on joining the National Salvation Front under the leadership of Gen. Thomas Cirillo. sitting idle is not an option. We must move to free our people form the oppressive regime in Juba. I expect independent rebels groups to join the National Salvation Front. I wish you the best in your new role.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  2. mading says:

    Internet war started here, and stops here. Evils war lovers like you like want to see other people to fight it out for you, and you be the preachers of it. You are congratulating Gen Fatur who has been moving around collecting ranks without use. Now he learnt that Riek’s rebellion has stopped dead, so he started looking for an other movements to get more useless ranks.

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