WE’LL RULE FOREVER: Declares the Jieng “Popular Movement Party of Dinka”— Press Release

NOV/13/2018, SSN;

This is an unsigned and nameless Political Statement purportedly written and circulated by a jieng group calling themselves as The Popular Movement Party of Dinka, and here below is the statement.

“It’s known that we were the Dinka who fought in wartime from 1983 tp 2005 when we signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

And then the leadership of South Sudan receives the team of Salva Kiir.

We see that we, as the Dinka, received the team of Salva Kiir.

We see that we as the Dinka, we have the right to rule South Sudan as long as we paid 99% of the price of freedom and independeance in Southern Sudan and have the power and resources, weapons and power, army, police and militia.

“Our Political Project:”

Rule South Sudan and control it completely.

“Our Vision:”

Unification of the Dinka in Southern Sudan and beyond.


1/ Stop the rebellion of Dr. Riak Machar in South Sudan and everyone who begs for himself.

2/ Create a strong relationship between the Dinka in South Sudan and in other countries.

3/ Provide the necessary efforts to be the next president of the Dinka.

4/ Marriage from other tribes.

5/ Find a mechanism to contain the other tribes in one culture, that’s the Dinka.

6/ The extension of the Dinka language as the official language in South Sudan.

7/ Make the city of Wau as capital of Bahr el Ghazal major and all the Dinka the right to own residential land with the possible change.

8/ Creating an environment that is not suitable for security in the places where the Fertit and Jur tribes are located, so that they can hope where they come from.

9/ Use their children against them.

10/ Non recognition of the opposition in Western Bahr el Ghazel and Western Equatoria and must be dealt with by other names.

11/ Making the peace agreement impossible to implement.

12/ All the Army, Police and Militia must be members of the Dinka and must coordinate with the judicial system not to hold them accountable no matter what they did.

13/ Attack and destruction of areas of the presence of the opposition and the distance from the area of Bazia and Nksa and Bagari and the city of Wau from each Fertit.

14/ All managers in Wau must be regular troops from the Dinka tribe.

15/ Do not give regular forces and staff in the ministries salaries at all time.

16/ Annexing the Raja lawl area and creating different policies to displace them from their land.

17/ To dispose of the sons of the Fertits and the absence of their entry, whether that by night or by day, and the lootiong of their vehicles and other properties.

Our Achievements:

1/ The flag of the State of South Sudan is the SPLM wing of the Dinka.

2/ The image of Dr. John Garang is in the currency.

3/ The partition of South Sudan into 32 states.

4/ Changing the car plates of the names of the states (sso).

5/ More than 70% of the Jur and Fertit areas are currently inhabited by Dinka, starting from Mboro city, Raja, even Farajallah in Wau. END


The Editor cannot verify the authenticity of this press release)





  1. false Millionaire says:

    Don’t you have any role to edit news feeds like this rubbish?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      This so-called Dinka release was sent by a reliable source and as such, it was imperative to publish it for general public.
      The onus is on the alleged author to acknowledge or refute all.

  2. mading says:

    Lied, lie ,lie. What a rubbish, those who want to keep this country divided are those who failed in life who want to see South Sudan to fail like them. Shame on person who wrote this rubbish.

  3. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear: Editor

    The person who sent to you this,he or she,they are INSANE AND LUNATICS! Him and her,thet are FOMENTING VIOLENCE ONTO PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRYWIDE! STOP POSTING IN THE FORUM! Just trash out! or delete because they are eyesores! Back to you! Happy Holidays Seasons!

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