We’ll neither improve nor forget under the SPLM Oyee regime

BY: Akic Adwok Lwaldeng, RSS, MAR/07/2013, SSN;

It has been the toughest year since we become free from Jallaba, more people are struggling to cope with rising situation in our beloved country, many are feeling the pain and disappointed about the incompetent Government in Juba. At a time when some of our citizens are travelling back to neighboring countries for safety, our country has been ruined by our selfish SPLM Oyee leaders, eight out of ten people say they are worried about the soon-to-be unstable country.

Everyone knows that shutting the oil down was wrong and a madness, no plan B, just hoping instead that Sudan Government will collapse. Hitherto, the oil revenues were spent unwisely, and some revenues went to individual bank accounts. It is a disgrace by the SPLM ruling party to misuse the power for their selfish ends.

I do not know any country in this world where stealing is as cool as in our country. In the a couple of years coming, if we’re still under this corrupted regime, we will have probably the highest density of thieves in the whole East Africa, maybe Africa.

Today there are more thieves in this government including some MPs in the National Assembly (JUBA) than before in the times of General Joseph Lagu and Justice Abel Alier, if I am not mistaken.

Stealing and deceiving or cheating are the most vices committed in South Sudan among the awful things in the human history and it’s a sin. However, I was brought up in the tribe where they consider that any acts leading in dishonesty are prohibited, eventually, you and your family will be denounced as evil in the community.

Even people will create a song in your family`s name and not that alone but no one will marry from your family, nevertheless, nowadays you can find some of my fellow tribes-people in this government are collaborating with dark hands from other communities where stealing and other evil acts are legitimate.

What is the source of this moral decadence that has permeated our society? Take a look at the top leadership of the nation, we have a president and vice president who are never letting any opportunity go by, they are reminding us that they are there to destroy our National wealth, in which both are the champions of corruption. And a null leadership character.

How we define corruption in this dispensation, I do not know. But the international community has put us at the extreme point of corruption index in the world. Forget World Bank and IMF, that the same organizations have found that the overwhelming percentage of this corruption takes place in our country is unbelievable. However, corruption, according to the presidency definition, is only when money is transferred to personal accounts.

Remember, allegedly that the President and some of his friends bought houses outside of our country at over over Millions of dollars. Assuming that he/she did not spend a penny of his salary since he started earning a living, there is no way he/she could has saved such money those days, even taking into consideration the alleged bank loans. How have those loans been repaid?

Think back, a former Finance minister, he is a closed friend of our president. He embezzled close to a billion dollars with his cohorts. This money was money meant for infrastructures and paying local and national services in the country.

He was arrested before he escaped the prison, yet our President did not fire or discipline him. Not only that, but last year 75 ministers and officials of SPLM/A stole our public funds with no shame. And he allegedly instructed that they will be tried in the future, nothing happened until the present.

We know that our president has been as silent as a lamb. These fellow thieves will be quietly investing their looted money on the properties outside of the country.

As South Sudan continues its bleeding, an overwhelming percentage of the best brains in the land are abroad. There are more intellectuals living overseas than are in South Sudan.

At home, half-baked and semi-illiterates are ruling us and ruining the country and they do not have any clue in the international politics and economy.

Given our resources, we should plan on launching satellites, instead our leaders go to shrines to swear to alien deities. I know some of them go for black magic that convinces them that he/she can hold up their positions if she/he can kill and harm their fellow human beings. Yet, we are not discriminating enough to ask ourselves why he/she lives in such squalid poverty and ill-health.

South Sudan may be one of (depending on which information you choose) the greatest oil producer in our continent (Africa), yet South Sudan is listed as one of the poorest country on earth. But individual South Sudanese are among the richest people in East Africa according to the BBC reports.

In short, this current government’s concept has destroyed our society; therefore, we all as a community should say with loud voice that enough is enough, we can’t go further.

Or we will start honoring the corrupt and the thieves with various titles, each title dotted with specified amounts. The only qualification for such honors is nothing other the bank accounts of their own and-or their children. Rather, such honor should go to the humble heroes’ widows and widowers, who work hard daily to barely scrape a living.

Missing from such lists are hard working honest people whose only disqualification is their bank account.

Finally, I am certain we will not give-up or dampen the spirit of our unity that will help us to discover the true meaning of the country. As the wise man says, the greatest gift which you can give to your people is unity and solidarity and it cost nothing.

But all that will not come through if the current thieves, SPLM Oyee regime, is still ruling us.

Akic Adwok Lwaldeng


  1. DUKU says:

    Brother Adwok,
    thanks for your comprehensive observation about that imposed looming vice into our nation. The dependence is always shaped in saying “we are a new nation, we are staring from scratch.” this i think is to forcefully make the public believe they are still in our war era style, God forbid. This can reflect to any politician or statesman if there is anyone assumed they can do whatsoever they want regardless of the public interest.

  2. Haran Ahmed says:

    (It has been the toughest year since we become free from Jallaba). Jallaba had educated you, taught you how to clothe, how to eat and even how to utilize your natural resources and become civilized, yet you want to feel inferior and this is your big complex and sign of your disloyalty which is part of your genes.
    Each one of you is thinking that by attacking the people of Sudan you become a hero. Who are you without them? Without them you are nothing more than other insects in the SS. Please shut up your…….and be civilized, if you claim that you are educated.

    • Alfred Atem says:

      Dear Haran Ahmed,
      Your words exactly pictured the type of a coloniser who sat in Khartoum in the name of governing Sudan. What was the reason for separation? was it not because of the discrimination practice of the ruling jalaba in Khartoum against the people of South Sudan?
      I beg your so-called services rendered to us (Southerners) by jalaba. What if you could say that, because of clear discriminatory tendencies adopted by jalaba were the very reasons for the South to go free?
      You feel inferior to accept the fact and accuse Southerners for fighting for their freedom from u. Bashir himself acknowledged that, who r u to challenge us?
      Kindly deal with your continuous colonisation of Darfurians and the people of Blue Nile and Nuba, who r now following the suit to free themselves from your bad governance. Be mindful u may be the minority and things may not be the same again. Look for slaves else where, not the South anymore.

    • Martin. L says:

      Brother Ahmed,
      if you will allow me to call you brother, calm down! There is no need for name calling. Now if you want to debate as (civilized people do) I wouldn’t mind doing so. Alas, it seems you are the one with inferior complex! Why are you so mad for mentioning Jallaba.. Sudan history is full of bitter facts, and where in your history books that Jallaba gave food and cloth to South Sudanese other than killing and destruction!!

  3. Toney Toney says:

    Akic or whatever you call yourself,
    the SPLM you hate brought you to the present day because you were in darkness. SPLM had open the eyes of those who were sleeping and taught them of how to dig their rights. if it was not SPLM where will you get a voice to loud your little knowledge in the media?
    Shilluk are a minority in Sudan and if we were to be still one Sudan, i think you would still be fishing in the Nile or hunting hippos; that is your qualification.
    Praise Splm for bringing you out of the Darkness to light.

  4. Joseph says:

    Toney Toney,
    why do dinkas in general hate anyone who pointed the weakness of splm? no wonder people always say it is either dinka party or government. please, learn to style up, my friend, because there is time for everything, time for dinka to rule, splm to rule, kiir to rule and the revise can not be denied.



  5. Mohamed Hussein says:

    Dear Southern Brothers:
    Please don’t pay attention to the terrible words of Haran ahmed. He represents that minority of Northerners who are full of ignorance of their own origins and listen to the hateful propaganda of the repressive regimes in Khartoum. Before he talks about the South he should look at his own rump of what is left as Sudan. Northern thieves are worse than the southern ones. Actually they taught them to be thieves. The ruin in all of Sudan North and South is the doing of the corrupt elites both northern and southern who couldn’t think beyond their selfish and greed.

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