We, the people of South Sudan, are the majority

From: Alex , Germany, OCT/18/2015, SSN;

At this juncture where our nation State of Affairs has been hijacked by the devilish Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) who are capitalizing on our country’s present status quo to remain the way as it is without peace and stability, because peace meaning for them accountability and sharing power with others the twosome most detested by them.

Now, it is up to US the South Sudan ‘Silent Majority’ who are all yearning for peace to let the JCE and their affiliates to continue subverting our beloved county or tell them… hey guys… your time of playing liberators has elapsed, besides, you have wasted the chances South Sudanese have been giving to you for that matter, so enough is enough.

Moreover, I would like to call upon all those who are naively up to date continuing to give the benefit of the doubt to the president Kiir particularly, after the issuing of the scandalous Establishment Order of creating 28 states and unrighteously annexing the Fertit land to the Dinka to deliberately demonstrate to the “unnamed Fertits ethnicities“ that they are a citizenry unworthy of their ancestral land!

I want to tell those peace loving people that it is the time for them to rethink and reevaluate their allegiance to president Kiir because, he the president Kiir is not like before, he has turned himself into a committed Dinka leader who would do anything in his power for the sake of his Dinka people.

He has demonstrated it by grabbing other people’s land, giving a deaf ear to the international body who are calling for peace in our country, dishonoring any promises he has made or even derailing the CPA.

President Kiir now has two bosses whom he must take orders from them, one, Uncle Museveni of Uganda and two, the fiend JCE.

It is a we thing, that is why I am appealing to all those who have South Sudan People at their hearts… Jiengs included, to step out of their comfort zones and recognize that our oneness must remain intact.

This is because the integrity of all the 64 tribes of South Sudan is our most powerful tool to emancipate ourselves from the grip and wickedness of the president Kiir and his felonious Jieng Council of Elders, Darfuri mercenaries and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda because they are the true enemies of the South Sudan People.

Let it be known that all the above aforementioned complicit entities are perishable but the tribes of South Sudan must coexist and cohere harmoniously with each other in a peaceful South Sudan.

It is time to move on and walk the walk.

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