We know the Truth by the efforts others try to hide it: The Dinka Master Plan

BY: Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, OCT/29/2016, SSN;

“Tell no lies … Claim no easy victories.” Amilcar Cabral
Josef Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist, famed for turning a lie into truth through repetition. These days, a falsehood, simulating Goebbels methodology, is being engineered to become some kind of truth in future. It all began with the US tour by Ustaz Bona Malual in 2015. On 16 May 2016, Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk found the thirty-second anniversary of the formation of the SPLM/SPLA an occasion to resonate Bona Malual’s message that only the Dinka fought and died in large numbers in the liberation of South Sudan.

While addressing an induction seminar for the so-called states SPLM interim Chairperson, President Salva Kiir seemed to push the point home.

The Dinka is the single largest nationality in South Sudan, and the Aja in Western Bahr el Ghazal could be the smallest nationality and there is no qualms about that. It also goes without saying that all the sixty-four nationalities inhabiting South Sudan in one-way or the other participated in the war of national liberation.

In the social and political engineering calculus of South Sudan, liberation was an ‘integrating’ process leading to the fusion of these nationalities into one South Sudan nation. However, with their statements, some Dinka leaders are now attempting to ‘differentiate’ the SPLA combatants and martyrs as well as South Sudanese people based on their respective nationalities.

The claims, therefore, that Dinka alone fought in the war of national liberation is not only dangerously fallacious but also a betrayal of all other nationalities, including the Nuba and the Funj, whose bones litter different parts of South Sudan. It comes in the context of this differentiation, not integrating with others, to justify the monopoly of power and wealth by a tiny clique in the name of Dinka nationality.

While it is imperative and of strategic significance to combat this falsehood as earlier as possible, it is equally necessary to understand the process of ‘differentiation’ as opposed to ‘integration’ vide which Dinka nationality or sections it came to dominate at the different stages of the SPLM/A life.

Going by the numbers, the Dinka and for that matter the Bahr el Ghazal without question would be the largest single group in the SPLA. The Nuer, the Azande, the Chollo, Otuho, Toposa, etc. would follow the Dinka in succession. What mattered here would be their integration and fusion into South Sudan nation based on freedom, justice, fraternity and democracy.

However, this did not occur as anticipated in the morale songs of the SPLA combatants as they passed out from training in their numerous divisions. Many people including myself are witnesses to some funny happenings in the training camps, which reflect almost mirror images of the happenings nowadays.

As Thomas Sankara once said, “without a patriotic political education a rebel (my addition) soldier is only a potential criminal.”

We may also add, without ideological education and orientation a liberation movement is only a bourgeois petit Trojan horse in a people’s stock shade. Its so-called national liberation become a tool for supplanting the oppressor without transforming his methods.

With the peace agreement, the combatants and leaders recoiled back to their status ante; the gears disengage and the SPLM/SPLA beats a retreat to the ethnic cocoons and old ways of differentiating people according their ethnic configurations.

Those who were fugitives of Sudan justice system went back to their trade after the war. The local feuds and conflicts fudged by the exigencies of the war of national liberation resurfaced and insecurity became ubiquitous throughout South Sudan.

Eleven years into peace with Khartoum, President Salva Kiir and Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk can only reminisce, of all whom they commanded, only those hailing from their Dinka nationality. The Nuers, who were second in term of numbers, degenerated into ‘tribal militias.’

This policy differentiation must have started much earlier but as subtleties. It explains why the SPLA officers ‘pensioned off’ in 1992/3 hailed essentially from one locality, which in hindsight suggests it was an intelligent scheme for ‘preservation’ consequent to a devastation of that locality that occurred a year earlier.

Did we ask ourselves why the so-called lost boys; transported to US at the dying days of the war, hailed from one nationality? Did it ever occur to any one that it was an investment? In this case, the use of ‘lost boys’ is a deceptive misnomer.

That the Dinka alone constitutes the SPLA, as it apparently is, was not because the other nationalities, especially the Equatorians, have refused to join as President Salva Kiir explicitly alleged. It is not that they do not possess warrior’s traits as wrongly perceived by some people, but simply because of this differentiation practices in the distribution of ranks and deployment process and assignment of duties, arrogant and condescending behaviours of the dominant authorities in the SPLA.

This prompted massive defection among SPLA combatants and the retreat to their home areas, inadvertently leading to inordinately huge sedimentation of the Dinka and Nuer in the SPLA. The Dinka particularly the Bor dominating the officer’s corps while the Nuer the foot soldiers. It could have been deliberate policy to justify such binary thrash as the ‘liberators’ and the ‘liberated’ or the ‘born to rule’ and the ‘ruled’.

I recall a sad incident among the SPLA Nasir forces somewhere in Eastern Equatoria. The combatants demoralized due to repeated defeats so the level of discipline dropped to the lowest. The commander (Nuer) decided to have one soldier (a Nuer) executed by firing squad. When his clans heard this they rose up in arms against the commander forcing him to rescind the order and instead got an innocent Equatorian, who had nobody to stand up for him, to be executed instead – a travesty of justice. May his soul rest in peace.

Another incident involved another innocent Murle soldier, bodyguard of a Murle commander then holidaying in Narus, executed by SPLA to appease heavily armed Toposa youth who wanted to attack Narus to avenge one of them murdered by some Bor SPLA soldiers. The SPLA commander was a Bor and this led to the rebellion of the Murle SPLA commander.

I brought up these unfortunate examples to prove the point I made above about the SPLA shunning of political and ideological education but also to protest the murdering of innocent unarmed civilians especially those Dinka travelling on roads or Shilluk fishing on the Nile. These wanton acts of inhumanity do not compensate socially or psychologically for the crimes by those people in power.

Why is the civil war stirring up such animosities, and why are the stakes being heightened as to prompt the president of the republic to declare publicly that he would go to command war in Yei against those killing his tribesmen?

Why didn’t the massacre of twenty thousand ethnic Nuer in Juba (December 2013) or the massacre of unarmed demonstrators in Wau (December 2012) raise in the president such a rancour?

Does it mean to President Salva Kiir that his people are only Dinka and not all South Sudanese over whom he has ruled for eleven years? This is exactly what I meant by differentiation process. It proves the unconstitutionality of President Salva Kiir. He has voluntarily delegitimized himself.

There is, however, something poignant to this entire stratagem. President Salva Kiir is presiding over the construction of a falsehood that may become a truth in a few years to come. After ten years from now the small nationality groups – enormously called fertit, may become extinct; why? Because the strategy of annexing Raga to Awiel is to overwhelm and submerge the Fertit with the Malual Dinka.

Similarly, the case of East Bank Chollo Kingdom is being pushed in a manner that Chollo children born in displaced people’s camps will never know the truth after ten years from now. In the same vein, Narus, Heiman –New Kush, Nimule, Laboni. Kaya, Yei, Maridi, Yambio and Tambura are progressively being Dinkanized and pastoralized.

This socio-demographic transformation occurring in South Sudan, driven by the civil war, works in favour of the Dinka that in twenty-five years or even less the Dinka will be socially, economically and politically dominant in every corner of South Sudan.

This will even accelerate if the Salva Kiir and the JCE win this war by maintaining the status quo through ARCISS or a renegotiated peace agreement. The apathy the IGAD region has shown following the outbreak of violence in July encourages President Salva Kiir to pursue the dictates of the JCE, who are now engineering the formation of other councils of elders like the recently agreement with the so-called Jubek State Council of Elders, which include Dinka elders domicile in the Juba.

This is a dangerous scheme camouflaged as Establishment Order 36/2015. Recognizing and writing against its architects – the JCE and some think tank consultants, in any way does not make me anti-Dinka.

It is incumbent on me and other intellectuals and political thinkers and activists including Dinka compatriots, to say that consequent to implementation of policies emanating from this fascist ideology pits Dinka people against other nationalities. It does not augur well for the Dinka nor for South Sudan.

That is why the JCE and we must expose the think tank consultants; demystify, delegitimize and disempower President Salva Kiir Mayardit. He has let down the people of South Sudan.

Peter Adwok Nyaba
28 October 2016


  1. Ishakho says:

    Dear Editor,

    I vividly recalled when you excommunicated Comrade Yen Mathews from this weep(web)site for only talking about his dream of the death of certain Equatorian. You believed it was a hate kind of speech! well some worse things have been sworn since by your (i think) educated colleagues.

    What the professor is insinuating is a total rubbish. If you want any Dinka to join this war against Salva, then you should acknowledge that Dinka contributed a handsome number of MARTYRES during the liberation(even referundum!) most of Chollo, Fertit,Kresh etc voted for unity.

    Please dear editor tell Adwok to be a man of “pen” not a man of “tribe of discord”.

    Am utterly disappointed by you and this professor of “Dinka Victimization”. imagine three articles in only one month against only one community by a former minister(PhD). where is your stand, and where is YEN MATHEWS?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      First, Yien Mathews was writing comments that were degenerating into a nuisance.
      Now, in all fairness, you cannot equate the comments of the professor to those of Yien Mathews by any scale of comparison.

      What the professor writes or comments on, are on a higher level and truly deserve some critical level of analysis and comprehension before someone can hurriedly rush into labeling any accusation. Besides, as a war veteran and perhaps, the most outstanding ‘intellectual’ of the SPLM/A movement, Dr. Peter Adwok’s comments should also deservedly be closely read and assessed as he’s a historical encyclopedia of the liberation struggle, whether you agree or not. Who else has so candidly dissected and analysed the good, the bad and the ugly of the liberation war than Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba?

      In comparison, those of Dr. Lual Deng and others come second, although Dr. Lual Deng deserved some praise for his candid comment about pres. Kiir not deserving to be the leader after Dr. John Garang’s death. Dr. Lual Deng’s comment is painfully true as all can see the misfortune of having Kiir as leader.

      Finally, I do understand some of the jieng’s uneasiness and discomfort when the bitter truth of the liberation war (1983 to 2005) are being so candidly exposed by a fearless insider like Dr. Peter Adwok but it’s the hidden truth of the injustice and death unfairly inflicted by a dominant majority on the hapless minority. Just think of the case Dr. Adwok quoted about the injustice of SPLM/A bush courtmartial, by killing the innocent and not the real culprits.

      As they say, the truth is always bitter and perhaps some of you are not willing to swallow that bitterness.


    • Eastern says:


      Just another person writing using nome de guerre like me, let me remind you to focus on the message but not the messenger!

      Yes, Dr Garang, helped by some Dinka Bor fellows “brainwashed” IOM, JVI (Joint Voluntary Imigration) and some agencies in Nairobi and the West to help “invest” in some the children who were sent out of Itang, Dima [Jima], Asosa (families of officers), etc by taking them to “America”. This mostly benefited children from the greater Bor area. This is a fact! There were numerous “Nuba” boys who were the same age with those now called the last boys but didn’t benefit from this; most of the Nuba boys were sent down south to Pageri and Kerepi near the headquarters of commander William Nyuon Bany, many of them died there due to hunger.

      Most of the “lost boys” became useless people in the US and Canada because of the cultural shock and lack of parental guidance during their formative years. SPLA is to blame for this. A few benefited from this Dinka investment in human capital by becoming resource persons, some of whom have helped the country and their original areas of abode in a way or another.

      Dinka elders working through the JCE, fed by their western educated sons working under the cover of “think thanks” in the two infamous institutions The Ebony Center and the SUDD Institute all continue to portray to their western funders that the Dinka way of viewing and shopping South Sudan must be the correct one. Recently, one of the prominant sons of the Dinka community, Dr Jok Madut Jok, of the the SUDD Institute came to the realisation that, Kiir the man he’s all along held as a capable leader is a waste of time.

      Over to you folks,

      The Eastern Rock

      • Ishakho says:

        Joint Voluntary Agency(JVA) was as a result of the visit of the American Congressmen to Pochalla in 1991. those kids were of Dinka origin because Riek Machar had already taken his Nuer kids to PAGAK. Get this to your thick skull because Hon. Adwok was there in Nasser. So the name lost boys was for all of us, ask Hon. William Nyuon Bany, Gen. James Koang Chuol , Gen Pieng Deng , Gen Bior Ajang, Gen Isaac Mamur, Kennedy Gaiyin etc,. i respect only Mondari, Lotuho, in Equatoria because they donated children to Polotaka, Kerepi, Borongolei, and Moli. Under Commander Sebit William Garang Dut. you weren’t there you fool! all the teachers and instructors were Dinkas from NGOK and BOR. Where were you?

        • Eastern says:


          Calm down; don’t become emotional. If I was not there to witness all these lack of equity, the hallmark of Dr Garang’s leadership style, where did I get these details from? Do you want me to write a book on the same like what Dr Nyaba has already done?

  2. Nyoat Gatwec says:

    Dear Professor Adwok

    I always find ur writings informative and educative.I had the chance to read the revised edition of the “South Sudan”;The State we aspire”.To hell with those who get you wrong or who think you may be against the Dinka.God will bless and keep you in good health so that you continue to teach us.Kiir has made it public in his incitement speech that he is indeed a Dinka tribal chief.What you said that he has no capacity to lead SPLM and South Sudan is true.Most of his speeches do not favour the South Sudanese but only his tribesmen.His tribal group, the ailing JCE are messing the country.It is a fallacy that it was only the dinka who fought.Kiir may be suferring from unexplained complexes.He needs a psychiatrist.

  3. Bismark says:

    It is sad that the truth is now coming out from people who observed the injustice permeated to South Sudanese during liberation war. These people should be encouraged to come out and speak the truth. We, South Sudanese should find scribes to pen down all these occurrences for future. However person like Isakho should be ostracized from the community of writers who jot down issues of concern to us. It will do us good if this man does not use this platform to air his senseless ideas again. Human resources of the country comes above everything. So this idea of majority over minority is just a foolish talk.

  4. Dr. Peter Kopling says:

    Truly you have shown once more our country is in a mess not because we do not have People with brains or capable leaders but rather because we have some evil schemes that overtook unsuspecting nation! You are a great south Sudanese, a truly intellectual and more importantly a Patriot and I am very proud to call you My Brother.

    Some of us have been trying to bring to light in many words what you have said in this one article. This article will save south Sudan if my fellow countrymen including the Patriot Dinkas read it carefully and act on it. This is a master piece on South Sudan and the international community must understand. The JCE, Ebony and Sudd institute are of the same flag. They intentionally promote that the issue in south Sudan is Dr. Riek Machar Power Struggle with Kiir, That Kiir has lost control over his forces. These are critical tools to #1 hide the JCE move to Dinkanize south Sudan, while his foot soldier ethnically cleanse other nationalities with impunity for it is not Kiir doing it, he has lost control over them.

    Why do they hate Dr. Riek Machar with utter gut? It is because as it stands, he is the only South Sudanese with enough manpower, brain and political following to halt the grand scheme of this Dinka Master plan. Any other leader will take years to garner all nationalities in south Sudan together to reach at the momentum where Machar is, by then, the 10 years you talk about is upon us. Thus Dr. Machar must be silenced, dead or alive…By Kiir, JCE, Ebony and Sudd institute.. now you all know why.

    Thanks you for coming out bright, clear, and profound! Only fools and the intellectually bankrupt will not see the depth of your message.

    May God save our nation

  5. Ishakho says:

    There is somebody called GAT-DARWIC. This is a lonely guy without a clue about history, he is probably an Ethiopian. He will only support anything that is ANTI-DINKA. well he will meet a shock and devastating end because South Sudanese are people of determination, he lack the basics of English mannerism. He qualifies to be called names.Please remain in hell like your uncles Elijah Hon Tap, Timothy Tot, Manyiel Kueth, Kuac Kuac Kang etc.

  6. Aguer says:

    I think there is misunderstanding here in what Adok article talks about. This need some

    In my view what Adwok was saying Jieng master plan. First of all there is no something call Jieng master plan in South Sudan politics. Adok should be clear about his wording and also the context of the text. I think this thinking is coming from Shilluk idea. We in Jieng does not have such master plan. We never thing about it. What we do is respect any person regardless of his or her tribes or religions or believe. Adwok forgets one thing is his life. Democratic and domcracy is only found in Jieng. Freedom and appreciation is only from also. Now if you look at your tribe call Shilluk, no one should acknowledged you. But now you have been give many higher positions in the government and that was because of Jieng . You become rich because of Jieng. Because of negative attitude against your lord, you will die Outside country you will come back not alive to South Sudan again. You are done.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Duplicitous and dangerous tribal or racial master plans are not usually exposed to the other citizens by those belligerents in power like the jieng in South Sudan or the Banyankole of Museveni in Uganda or the Tigreans in Ethiopia. Adolf Hitler has an evil master plan and he exterminated the Jews because they were an obstacle to his Arian master plan.

      A racial or tribal master plan is an insidious policy secretly conceived and insidiously executed by those in power like what the jieng are executing today in South Sudan.

      As an example, they occupy all important government and military positions, they massively migrate and occupy other peoples land, forcefully and illegally as seen today in Juba (Bari land), in Nimule (Madi), Kapoeta, Fertit land and Shilluk land. Forced marriage is a collateral manifestation of this jieng master plan.

      Of course, the poor jieng recruited into the army or other forces or the poor cattle herders brought to look after the master planners cows in Lobonok or Nimule are all the small bits of this grand master plan.

      Finally, those of Professor Peter Adwok are the sincere eyes and ears of the majority of the deprived and depraved citizens who have stood up to send the alarm to the others, be they his Shilluk people, the Fertit, the Bari, the Fajulu, the Madi and others, that here, watch out, the jieng Master plan is in full manifestation.

      Please, note that Dr. Peter Adwok, as a combatant and war hero, deservedly earned all those higher appointments you intimated. You people hate him simply because he has more eyes than other people to see and a voice to speak out loudly about your master plan. Bravo, Professor, you will outlast the ill wishes of your enemies.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Your view reinforce the fact outlined by Dr. Nyaba in this article. First of all, Dr. Nyaba is South Sudanese by nationality. Higher position you claimed to be given to Nyaba by Jieng is plain nonsense. The position belongs to all South Sudanese (Nyaba included) and doesn’t need to be given to anybody by certain person or ethnicity. You exposed to us your grand mater plan unknowingly. A cursory look into what happened and continue to happen is so telling of your master plan. If hidding it is what you are trying to do, don’t waste your time; it is already in the open.

  7. Duach R. Mach says:

    Refusing to listen and accept facts that would lead to tear this youngest nation apart before it reaches her sixth or seventh or eighth anniversaries. If there are two or more people have or share the same knowledge like Dr. Peter Nyaba, South Sudan would remain the same as a one nation, other than that I am very worried.

  8. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr Duac,
    U aren’t too wrong. So better begin from the beginning. Put a red cross mark on Riek Machar and Lam Akol and then hire a witch doctor to exorcise Dr Nyaba into becoming a solitary human bull.
    He has such a nature of seeming as a dependent electron to others’ nuclei from 1991 to this very day.
    That’s Why one can kick a most savage Johnny cup without ever losing the head to put one’s eggs in the same basket with him because u can never be sure of not jumping into a crocodile’s lagoon without any due.

    • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

      You are truly false. Indeed it seems to me you are Joshua Diu Dau (one of the heads the Madusa, the Jieng Council of Devils) or the belligerent Michale Makuei. Curse be unto you whichever of this you are.You talk of 1991, that is Dinka Issue, neither was it a national issues. Your arses were wiped by the White army. If you cry over 1991, what about 2013, an elected government killing her citizens? You hypocrite. Rick Machar was not a government but a rebel just as was Garang, but now a government with constitutional obligations to protest its citizen killed them in Juba yet you are silent about it.
      You are a pure tribalist and head of the Jeng master plan. Curse be unto you.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      This one also skirts around the subject matter like you!


  9. tit4tat says:

    the only way is equatorians to fight and separate from this hopelessness, hear this my equatorian people, we will never progress with dinka in our land. we must fight dinkas and get them out now

  10. Eli Wani says:

    Dear Elder Dr. Nyaba;
    You have narrated the core issues in this article. Thank you for being there as the true South Sudanese Elder. In the first place SPLA from it’s inception was the work of coup d’état against Anyanya two which was hijacked by the breed of Dinkas today calling themselves JCE, they used Dr. Garang as a young and American educated son he was the perfect bait for the season. Besides it’s other objectives one of the primary goals of SPLA was to retaliate Kokora, the Dinkas lost heavily after 1972 agreement and so they resorted in dirty politics, as soon as they got the opportunity their plans to take over started from then, they killed all visionary leaders and in particular the Nuer and Equatorians took the most losses due to their upfront confrontational style they became primary targets. This was the thing Dinka leaders tried to avoid by all means, they know once they start war with Equatorians it’s going to the end, as you can see how much noise Dinkas from every corner of the world now talking, to be honest they are afraid deep down to the core.

    Those days in 80s and 90s everyone was busy focusing on then the number one enemy was Khartoum not realising the master plan aka grand-scheme of the Dinkas-centric, off course with the exceptions of few like yourself and Dr. Machar who escape assassinations because of you uncovered their plans, some people who joined SPLA then were fighting with the believe that “we are fighting for South Sudan”, but contrary to JCE, they are thinking “those Non-dinkas are fighting for us”. They used and fooled the rest of the masses but of all of the people I pity most are Nubas, the rest of us still have chance to take back our rightful places by guns or other means, but Nubas are still fighting for liberation, unlike us we are now fighting each other for respect, integrities and dignities or to at least find someone that fits to lead with brain and not guns. But JCE’s plans to rise to the power was initiated from very early days. However, some of us wanted to get the independence of South Sudan first and solve our problems later and you may not believe it the plan is working.
    This is the time for South Sudanese to know who is who and after this war we will emerge with distinct identities hopefully not ethnically but rather as political parties. Like it or not this war is important and it must take place, and there is no fear of extinctions of minority tribes because Dinkas by nature are like Berber tribes of north Africa who only come to make noise, to rob and loot causing chaos and soon they will disappear into the crowd after they get worn out.
    It is about time that every minority tribe rise up and unite to defeat dinkocracy just a we did to Arabs, who knows the next group who would want to dominate will think twice of what will happen to them if they don’t behave themselves.

    The question to ask is how long can the marginalized tribes remain in the resistance movement until the victory comes? We need more leaders who can galvanize the minority but this time everyone must be represented regardless of number or power should be given to the people. The example of Angola whereby they have over a hundred tribes with each running their own local government while the federal government is doing its part to unite the rest peacefully coexisting without subjugations, but that came as a result of a long civil war in Angola, now they are respecting each other. My massage to all is that ‘Let us keep the heat on and victory over Dinka-domination is around the corner. This is not time to sit and cry but rather the future is brighter for all.
    God bless South Sudan

  11. TO: Our Dear Contributor Fellow Member Dr.Peter Adwok Nyaba

    I read your new article you wrote very well! I found two things that you explaining your position POLITICS AND PROPAGANDA! I distant myself from it!

    In politics,you criticisizing Dinka leadership in Administration of wrong matters that are happening in the government of South Sudan in the country.

    In Propaganda,Base what to what have said,for me,they are very true! But some,they are not very true all! For example, LIBERATION ISSUE OF DINKA LIBERATION OF SOUTH SUDAN! LIBERATING SOUTH SUDAN FROM WHOM PRECISELY???!!!!! Let us face the truth alone! No time for lying!

    In fact, Dinka military officer Commander Kerbino Kwanyin Bol,rebelled in Bor Province in Upper Nile Region in 1983.His causes for his contumacy,they were UNKNOWN! Him, by himself,he did not have name of his movement! The same problem with Commander William Nyuon Bany in Ayod Garrison.He rebelled,but the causes of his rebellion,they are UNKNOWN.He did not have a name of his movement! That was done before Dr.John Garang De Mabior,joined them in the bush in the movement.

    SPLM/SPLA,was formed in Ethiopia by other South Sudnese those of Dr.Patrick Mena from Pajulu Tribe in Central Equatoria.They gave it to Dr.John Garang De Mabiour to have! The war of whole Sudan,it was made in the north by northerners politicians those Dr.Mansour Khalid when became Dr.John Garang Adviser for the Movement.He have Dr.John Garang for unity of one Sudan so that marinalized communities in the Sudanese Society must have an opportunity to include them in Sudan government in central in north in Khartoum for POLITICAL EQUAL POWER!

    That was the reason why other people in the north Sudan,in central government in Khartoum,had joined in the war in army struggle such Yousif Kwa Meki,NORTHERN DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE(NDA) and others as well in general

    Liberation Of South Sudan: The South Sudan,has not yet been COMPLETED LIBERATED in whole by SPLM/SPLA! The South Sudan,got the Independence from the rest of Sudanese Societies from the government of Sudan Based in North in Central in Khartoum,simple because of PEACE ACCORD! Otherwise,it would not been POSSIBLE! because it would have been IMPOSSIBLE AT THIS POINT! Let us wait and see in second SPLM-North war in Khartoum! If they will achieve the goal very successfully!

    Thank you! Feel Free! All South Sudanese nationalities,have been in the army in Struggled.But,only Dinka Nationality alone!

    Dinkazed Issue. I do not agree with for that sir totally! Are people in those places you metioned,are they doing things to themselves according to in Dinka way of life such,teaching Dinka language in schools,christening children in Dinka names.Doing cermonies in Dinka custom,culture,tradition,Marrying with a hefty cattle in doweries of a hundred head of cows.Praying things in Dinka language?

    Sincere Killing Lying!



  12. mading says:

    Adwok. Keep anti Dinka up, but it will not help you rebels.

  13. Eli says:

    Are you extremely drunk?

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Abiko is never drunk as you put it. In fact, he is the one with sounds mind. He knows better than the rest. And I always agree with him. And I believe that, there will be no South Sudan nation without Dinka! It doesn’t matter who comes to power in South Sudan, Dinka people are always going to be there regardless. It is the facts believe or not. You will live with it. And killing children and women would not change anything if one was looking for the changes in the government.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Kiirendeazele,
    Your name is very impressive and provocative.Could it be that u were fathered by a jaang man who ran away when u were still nursing so that it was a generous equatorian who brought u up?
    Is that the cause of the generalized blind bitterness against jieng so much so that even though u know who Dau Diu is,what he represents and what the JCE is u still shoot in the dark on the shadow of an internet blogger becouse for u Diu who isn’t the internet blogger and the internet blogger who isn’t Diu are one and the same symbolizing your father’s michancity that was the cause of your childhood’s suffering?
    If u couldn’t separate things my friend,we will all dwell deep in the mud for a very long time.That’s why u should make an extra effort to comprehend things before reacting.
    That Dr Nyaba is a ground shaking universal intellectual figure,there isn’t any single doubt about it.
    That his heart is full of love for RSS and it’s masses as testified by the foot he has lost while fighting for our independence is another fact no one can refute.
    In all the two things I have mentioned,neither Riek Machar nor Lam Akol or any other pretending intellectual from the midst of our masses can ever dare to stand next to him without lowering his eyes in shame.
    But ever since,did he need to be under Garang as a revolutionary inorder to help the cause of our masses?
    During the Nasir Declaration,did he need to be lead by Riek Machar and Lam Akol inorder to correct what he might have seen to be wrong in the SPLM/A under Garang?
    Consider the universality of his intellectual status,who doesn’t learn something from him among us every time he writes anything?

    What I am saying mon chèr ami,he is of great value to our needs,a human bull that can quickly become a shephard of a human flock very quickly if he detaches himself free from the blood thirsty and stigmatizing elements like Riek Machar,Lam Akol and many others.
    One can only regret the natural fact of human life’s expictancy being too short.But better to be late doing something than never.
    The truth of what will happen will never change.The Sky and Earth can come crushing against each other but that will never remove dinka tribe away from south sudan.It will never do any harm to try to comprehend that,the objective of the struggle that will characterize our era will be one of justice,equality and progress for all.
    Go waste your time listening to MTN hunting songs but u will still come back to the reality at the end of the day.

  15. Chol Deng says:

    Great piece of work Dr. Nyaba,
    What I know very well is the current leadership in Juba is government of con men since the inception of the liberation, they failed to acknowledge Anya anya 1 and 2, denied the participation of other tribes in the liberation war as if all jieng are dull in mats of proportionality.
    Folks conning has been the business of some leadership in Juba, let me just refresh our minds, We conned the World that we have lost boys, we got conned of some money supposedly to buy anti Antova in 1998- 1999, we got conned of whole budget of Southern Sudan between2005 and 2007 until when Mr. Bashir split the beans of 60 M USD to the movement but disappeared without as trace
    Recent conning tactics, treasury bills sold to commercial banks, banks must carry cash to central bank to buy USD, despite the fact that banks had enough deposit with the central bank. Some of the issues raised here are things that will affect you now as it’s evident in Juba, where banks now impose cash control and companies are allowed to withdraw only 50,000 SSP
    I have reads a few comments and I think some of our comments here are coming from very naïve jieng siblings

  16. Dear: Eli Wani

    No drunkard for me sir! I am not drinking! I stopped drinking ! I am keeping my head clear!because I want to set you free from the hands of ENEMIES OF DEMOCRACY!

    Well,you will be told soon or late in the CAVE in the mountain where you were now in!

    Thanks for you! Action will impart! No animosity for me for me for freedom human speech!




  17. Steve John says:

    Honestly, accrediting jaangs as people worthy of developing such a meticulous racial master plan, reminiscent of the Nazi one, is extremely exaggerated. The jaangs lack a highly cognitive and complex socio-economic and political order that would put them at par with such highly developed colonial systems we learnt in history. Furthermore, the jaangs do not have a long coherent history as a people like that of perhaps the Collo, Azande or Bari, rather they represent decentralized, disorganized systems that is more a collection of subjugated peoples and chiefdoms (jaangdoms) coming together than a one-people that has common history. Questions arise, when did the jaang ever exist as a vaible historical entity? Do they have a common written or oral history, and if, how far back and how well documented? Can we see any transormative adiminstrative traits that have been passed down to the current ruling generation? Colonialists impacted on subjected communities through their culture, socio-political systems of administration etc. The jaangs would need one, that is evidenced elsewhere in South Sudan, so to speak a positive imprint of “jaangism”. On the contrary, there is nothing that can be attributed as highly developmental and can be seen even in their own societal Settings (see 14 out of 28 states) The poor human development index even for South Sudanese standards is witness to this glaring disparity. Today, and after years of apparent “rule or msirule” by jaang master planners, no reasonable development, a product of highly intelligent, skilled and compenent persons can be seen in jaangland. Jaangs are literally on the move and run from their own home areas and have comfortably settled in other urban centres like Juba, Torit, Yei etc, in what one describes as “urban vagrants and vagabonds”. What went or is wrong? Civilizations like those in Egypt, Persia, China have traces today, a manifest of old glory, do the jaangs have one? No. Sad as it sounds, the architects of this jaang master plan do exhibit a “psychology of the oppressed” as Prof. Adwok has alluded in his article. It is a desperate attempt to expound oneself, when actually one is a cultural or social non-entity. Similar historical parallels can be seen in Liberia and Sierra Leone, both countries formerly destined for freed slaves from the US. Many slave descendants (former Presidents Tubman, Tolbert of Liberia) behaved like their slave masters to the native Africans. They had been “Europeanized”, uplifted so-to-speak visavis the native African. Could it be also that, the jaangs as most jellaba slave descandants feel this way visavis the other Junubin? I leave it to you

  18. Mackoi Mayen says:

    To those Dinkas who think they can prevent the dogs from barking; how could you? A day comes when the monkeys will realize that we are truly the masters of this country. The wild animals want to be part of history now yet they did nothing about it. Suzanne Jambo said this country belongs to us. What do you want from crying babies again? The bottom line is; let the barking dogs bark! Period

  19. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Mackoi Mayen,

    Suzanne Jambo isn’t God to give you that right. If she is your God, sorry, her recognition is in your Luak only. Make yourself feels good with your lies. Time is the arbiter. Let us wait and see.

  20. abai okwahu says:

    Folks, the so-called ‘master plan’ is working, Dr. Nyaba is right. Most Dinka towns and villages have been devastated by this current crisis, forcing families to migrate south to Equatoria with their cattle and few belongings. The bulk of the army (SPLA) and militias allied to the Kiir regime are DInka, they will ensure that policies promoting the master plan are enforced. Welcome to Dinka Hegemony.

  21. GatCharwearbol says:

    Abai Okwahu,

    Seriously…….. Let me hope you’re a minor; not a grown up adult who has been in South Sudan for his adult’s life. Our countrymen, the Jieng’s plan, has since been to exist in all regions so as to remain dominate. Influx of their people to Equatoria shouldn’t be a surprise to grown up Equatorians. Only hiccup to Dinka hegemony is Nuer. Now that they are bribing the East Africa, the Naath are in dangerous situation. But the chances for them subduing the Nuer are very slim.

    • abai okwahu says:

      Dinkaism is the new religion being propagated by its high priest, the Most Reverend Kiir Mayardit, and laymen JCE! You of course heard what happened to James Gatdet, now several others who oppose the junta might soon find themselves huddled in the dungeons of Mathiang Anyoor somewhere in Juba. You have to believe that the junta is now on the offensive and is being aided by Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and come lately Kenya. These neighbours are competing for a piece of the pie and each of their leaders wants to be Kiir’s bff (best friend forever). Sorry buddy, the Nuer and the rest of us are doomed, the Jiangs are the new masters.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Abai Okwahu & others,
        Don’t surrender, compatriots, as they say, “every dog has its day.’ I personally lived through the tyrannical regimes of Obote and then Idi Amin in Uganda, I grew up in the tyranny of jellaba Ibrahim Abboud, where as kids we were forcedly made to sing his praises and finally I worked and survived Numeiry’s junta and Abel Alier’s precursory jieng tyranny (now reincarnated by Kiir) in the 70’s and 80’s.
        Although I have neither personally lived under Omer Bashir’s dictatorship nor Salva Kiir’s tribal junta (God forbid!) in Juba, the fates of these evil rulers always naturally end up the same. They will dishonorably go down, by fate or fatality.
        All those tyrants mentioned above committed and commissioned horrendous crimes of humanity and human rights violations and other egregious crimes committed by their tribal securities just as evil Kiir is doing now with his Mathiang vagabonds but one day sooner than later, they will dishonorably be booted out and the jce empire and imperialism will just absolutely collapse!!!!
        Don’t give up, they will go into the dustbins and darkness of history sooner than later, in spite of all the Israeli-supplied armaments.

  22. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Nyaba,

    The traitorous jenges-dinka are hell bent to dominant political power in south sudan for life. They will, and shall enslaved the 63 tribes in South sudan through divide and rule strategies indefinitely, unless the currently declared armed resistant struggle prevailed and violantly ousted killer nyankiir and the nuer’s nephew, Hassan Taban from power soon

    • Bol says:

      So sad to detect the tune of helplessness in your comments. Mood is shifting from certain victory in matter of days to wishful thinking of (unless we prevail). The painful reality is sinking in! Tears in my eyes.

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