WBGS Fertit unite to unplug Kiir in 2015: Message to Wau people

BY: Peter Utenmando, WAU, Western Bahr el Ghazel, JUN/28/2013, SSN;

Let me start by saluting and the people of Wau city, for always acting peacefully to express their thoughts, and showing the courage against the aggression that they are facing since Salva Kiir`s term begun until now. People of Wau have shown in civilized way that they are capable of dealing with difficulties and challenges in their State with courage and dignity.

Unfortunately, as long as Kiir is in power, the people of Wau will never live in peace, they will remain under pressure from the government and suffer further more.

All may recall the massacre of peaceful demonstrators that took place on December 8th and 9th 2012 in Wau city, where unarmed protesters were killed by the SPLA, which is a clear violation of freedom of peaceful expression.

To cover this crime, Governor Zachariah Rizik, created tension among the WBGS tribes, launched out media campaign against the Fertit accusing them of being robbing banks, looting, and refused to admit that unarmed protesters were killed by the SPLA. The accusation was proven false, when Al Jazeera English news channel showed video of SPLA soldiers shooting peaceful protesters.

The whole story was quickly covered by another accusation from the Governor claiming that the Fertit tribes have killed forty nine (49) Dinka civilians in Farajala, although six (6) bodies has been found died, they are probably brought to this area from Warrap state, where there was fighting going on at the same time.

On 7th June 2013, the Governor continues to cover his crime by putting eleven (11) people to death penalty, after accusing them of participating in the Farajalla events. We believe that the court and the local authorities has been under pressure from the Government of South Sudan GOSS to suppress our people in Wau.

The whole process was politically motivated, and it targeted only specific ethnic group of Fertit, to pressure them to be silent. It is true that this discrimination against the Fertit people has been planning by Salva Kiir and his advisors. The government is targeting and prosecuting only those people from Fertit side.

The court exempted those who shot the peaceful protesters, burned Fertit houses, and killed people in the Wau city, exempted them from the prosecution, and went further to compensate only the Dinka, whom came in large number from Warrap state to kill people in Wau and to destabilize the city.

We fully blame the governor for creating tension between Fertit and Dinkas, and he will be held accountable for his behavior.

We are appealing to the human rights office, especially, in South Sudan to save those who are sentenced to death by the governor and the GOSS. We do not have any place to go to seek justice and help for our innocent people.

We have lost the confidence in Salva Kiir and his government, we do not trust that our people have found or will find the fair justice or protection from the GOSS.

All the action taken by the GOSS in South Sudan is based on tribalism, as the president is from Dinka Twig tribe, he is exempting his own people from the justice and protecting them.

Fifty (50) of the seventy three (73) whom Salva Kiir identified as the most corrupt officers, and the Deputy Interior Minister (Salva Matuk) who has been orchestrated and implemented the kidnapping and killing of the innocent people in South Sudan, are from Dinka Twig, where Salva Kiir is coming, they are protected by Salva Kiir.

South Sudan has been pulling into a dark future by Salva Kiir and his government policies, Salva Kiir’s policies are worst than what Arabs in North have been doing to the South Sudanese people.

The GOSS has no agenda for the country, all they care is only to corrupt and steal the country`s sources, they even do not have any future plan for country, but to beg the government of Sudan to allow oil to flow, so that they can corrupt and steal more money.

I am calling upon the South Sudanese nation to stand up and speak, not to be afraid of being tortured. We need another John Garang to liberate us from Salva Kiir`s corrupt administration, we need a good leaders to lead our beautiful country of South Sudan to prosperity.

I call upon our brothers and sisters to speak loudly with one voice and say no for the killing of our people, no for the shooting of innocent people, no for stealing our resources, no for the kidnapping of our young people to be tortured for only expressing their views.

I call, especially, the people of Fertit to unite with other tribes in South Sudan and unplug Salva Kiir from the power, because Gov. Rizik Zachariah would never kill and torture our people if Salva Kiir was not supporting him. What Zachariah Risik is doing to our people is directly from Salva Kiir.

If we want our country to be peaceful one, if we want to end corruption in South Sudan, if we want to live in peace in our Wau, let us support the right person to stand against Salva Kiir. If we remove Zachariah Risik only, Salva Kiir will bring someone else that’s worst than him to kill us again.

Actually, it is easier to unplug Salva Kiir than Zachariah Risik if we unite with other tribes in South Sudan.

Let us teach Salva Kiir a lesson that what he did and what he said against our people in his last visit to Wau, were mistakes he will regret for encouraging the governor to torture and kill our people.

Whether we pretend that we support him or not, he will never like us. Let us unite with all our brothers and sister in South Sudan to remove Salva Kiir from the power, so that our country will find peace and grow a strong economy.

As long as Salva Kiir is in the power, corruption will never end. Our great late leader John Garang once said, “A Fish starts to stink from its head.”

What do you expect from the GOSS and Salva Kiir is the head of the government, and he is the most corrupted one?

As long as he is in power the killing of our young people will continue, the suppression of our people to be silent will continue. Therefore, let us put all our efforts together and make sure that Salva Kiir is no longer in the power after 2015, and I believe people of South Sudan can do that.

I am optimistic that South Sudan will see the bright future soon, we just need to pick the right guy to lead our country into the right direction, and that right guy is absolutely not Salva Kiir, because he has more than eight years now and we have seen nothing but corruption and killing of our people.


  1. Tyson says:

    We share the pain of the senseless killing of innocent people in Wau. It is unfortunate that poor people were killed to maneuver political scores. The Kangaroo court added another dimension of injustice and hatred.
    To remove Kiir led despotic government of looters, killers, land grabbers and cattle rustlers requires commitment from all the masses at least in 75% of our States.
    Unfortunately, the hungry politicians in Greater Bahr el Ghazal have started fooling Kiir by endorsing him as the SPLM candidate for 2015. Remember, it is the oppressed people who will vote and decide.
    Secondly, opinion writers have already made suggestions for Kiir and his clique to be pushed to the ICC for all their crimes.
    It is sooner than later that the masses, army and other organized forces will stand up against Kiir led government. People are not paid their meager salaries on time yet other vagabonds sit and siphon millions or billions of dollars with impunity.

    • Ajak Makuach says:

      Com’on, you guys were Dinka wanted for long time. Realization in the last minute can only give little help to your situation, please deal with them and that is pride of your choice. Conversion has impacts and that is daily bread.

  2. Dan says:

    Peter utenmando,
    Kiir is not from Twic Dinka. So go back to your school of conspiracies to learn about what Dinka clan he is from. You both are supposed to be from Greater Bargazel and a man from Jonglei should not be compelled to educate you about things that you should know better.

    • Peter says:

      Thanks for correction brother Dan. I appreciate that.

    • Dan:

      Educating a fool or person full of tribal hatred is rewarding. It is very unfortunate and disheartening that Peter doesn’t know his Dinka neighbours in Bhar El Ghazal. Peter should have known that President Kiir is from Rek Dinka, Awen section. His home town is Akon. Awen has a border with Dinka Twic Mayardit and Dinka Malual.

      • Peter says:

        Thank you for the clarification, Mr. Lukudu. I will be very happy to hear your opinion about the topic.

        • Dear Peter Utenmando:

          I would also like to clarify that General Salva Mathok Gengdit is not from Twic as you stated in your article. He is from Rek Dinka from Apuk ( Puk Giir Thiik) Gogrial section. Also Twic is spelt as T.W.I.C and not Twig. The word Twic in Dinka means swallow in English and there two different kinds of Twic in South Sudan. There is Twic Mayardit of Warrap State which gave birth to Late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol. Late General Dominic Dim Deng, Late Dr.Justin Yac Arop, Late General Martin Manyiel Ayuel, Late Elia Duang Arop, Mr. Bona Malual Madut Ring and so on.

          The other Twic we have in South Sudan is Twic East, Twic of Jonglei State which gave birth to Late Dr. John Garang, Late General Arok Thon Arok, Late Mading De Garang, Late Akuot Atem, Mr. Elijah Malok Aleeng, Dr.Lual Acuiek, Dr.Majak De Agoot, Atem Garang, Mr. Atem Yaak Atem, Mr.Deng Dau Deng. Brg.General Malaak Ayuen Ajok, Late Isaiah Abaraham known locally as Chan Diing Awuol and so on. The two Twics used to be one but they split when the Twic Dinka of Kerubino Kuanyin Bol immigrated to the Greater Bhar El Ghazal Region many Centuries ago. Despite the tremendous contributions of both Twics in the SPLA movement, they only have one Minister in Kiir Mayardit’s government and that is Hon.Deng Dau Deng. Dinka Bor has only one cabinet Minister Hon.Makuei Lueth, Dinka Malual of AWeil has only one Cabinet Minister, Dinka Agaar of Lakes States has only one Cabinet Minister and Dinka Padang has two Cabinet Ministers. The rest of the Dinka Cabinet Ministers are from Kiir’s Clan, Red Dinka. Is this a Dinka government or Red Dinka government?

          Regarding my personal opinion about the article, I disagreed with some of your political views and opinions about the incidence of Wau. I strongly refuted the claim that dead Dinka bodies were sent to Frajalah from Warrap State. This claim is very untrue and bias. Why would dead Dinka bodies be sent to Fertit land in Farajah? Are you aware that the Western Bhar El Ghazal State is comprised of Fertit, Jur-chol(Luo) and Dinka? If so, then Why would the dead Dinka bodies had to be imported from Warrap State to Frajalah? and for What? In additions, Fertit was armed and encouraged to exterminate the Dinka population in Wau by the Arabs Army in 1987. As a result, the war broke out between the Dinka Police and Armed Fertit Militias,backed by the Sudanese Army. This was indeed the first time Dinka and Fertit tribes fought in Wau. Was that war instigated by Salva Kiir Mayardit? Was Kiir President of South Sudan in 1987?

          Peter, If you mobilize tribes to unite and vote out the government of President Kiir Mayardit in 2015, you will certainly generate more political supports and votes from Dinka itself. However, if your call is to unite and gang up against Dinka tribe, then you (Fertit) will not be able to live peacefully in Western Bhar El Ghazal at all. Please think carefully and wisely before you write this kind of articles. Don’t be misled online by Anti Dinka such as Elhag Paul and the likes. Those people are living in the realm of dreams and wishes and they would never accomplish their dreams or goal of getting rid of Dinka in South Sudan. How did Fertit live with Dinka in Wau before 1987 and beyond?

          FROM EDITOR:

          • ROSS4life says:

            agree or disagree with this article, that’s your own business. We will continue to speak our truth and we will stay in peace in wau with all south Sudanese regardless their tribes, and it will also happen at your presence and at your absence (post your death). Please Keep your history to yourself, no one is interested. This article is about something that happened less than a year ago. No one is anti-Dinka in here (and even if it was, so what??, it’s many individual Dinkas attitudes and selfishness and poor leadership system, respect to self and others that make other tribe dislike Dinkas), Dr John Garang was dinka, everyone and every tribe in south sudan loves him.
            This article is anti-government of current, so please go and check the article again before posting a comment. Don’t play smart, and don’t push it.

          • ROSS4life says:

            I meant lack of respect to self and others

  3. Manyok R. says:

    I’m with you brothers and sisters in WBGS. We shared your grievances. There is no suffering without end. Someday things will change for the better. Almost 8 States’ populations don’t support this president Kiir. Only his states of NBGS and Warrap are the two supporting him. But intellectuals are splitted in their support to pres. Kiir.
    Lakes’s state people are also victims of his dictatorship. He violated our interim constitution and forcefully removed democratic elected governor and replaced him with his like ruthless dictator who came in to abuse innocent civilians. I don’t think they will vote for him comes 2015.
    To be fair, it is not only pres. Kiir who is incompetently failing our nation. It is all of those exclusive club members most of whom were military commanders. All of them who had been ministers and governors under pres. Kiir must be sent to their respective homes.

    • Kenyi says:

      My thumps up for you. SPLM Started poorly in 2010 elections in equatoria although they used Party list, Women list, parliamentarian appointed by the president to dominate the parliament, I strongly believe 2015 will be different for them.

    • ROSS4life:

      You are entitled to your opinion and I dont’ give a damn whether you are interested in my history or not. Your Fertit, Militia man asked me if I could share my personal opinion about his article. Therefore I had to express my opinion about the article. What do you mean by lack of respect to self and others? What did Dinka do to you(Fertit) when you allowed the Arabs to arm you and commanded you to attack and kill Dinkas in Wau in 1987? Why did you attack Dinka when the Fertit Governor ordered your County to be relocated Bagari? Why did you round up innocent Dinka civilians and murdered them in cold blood in Frajalah in December, 2012?

      Sir/Madam: You have contradicted yourself by saying that I quoted” no body is anti Dinka in here and even if it was, so What? ” this is precisely the attitude that provokes Dinka to kick your Butts. That attitude of so what was what making you sought protection and shelter in the UN compound in Wau in December, 2012. Dinka doesn’t put up with that kind of attitude and personality. I thought you have had learned good lesson from Dinka in Wau in 1987. Anyhow, thank you for acknowledging the contributions made by late Dr. John Garang in the liberation of our Country. In fact, it was very fortunate that he liberated the Country and died too soon otherwise he would have been hated by the anti Dinka just like any other living Dinka in South Sudan. Take it easy and continue to hate Dinka if it would console you and make you good about yourself!

  4. Kong Puok Tong - Filand says:

    Mr. Utenmando
    I Would like to tell you about what happened in Wau. It’s totally unacceptable. Our pre. Salva Kiir was in Juba when the incidence occurred and governor Mr, Zachariah Rizik was in wau during an accident. The insecurity, tribalism, corruption scandals, wide spread banditry, cattle looting and other tensions these obviously epidemic accidents in our whole country. I am not from Dinka, but I like the truth, I should hate my tribe before I hate others. Comrade, Salva Kiir, we elected him for this term until 2015. First, are you the SPLM’s member? Because we the comrades and SPLM’s members will have secret language to show a green light to those whom will succeed the presidency.

    Finally, my brother we are united as one nation, there is no room for tribalism and that’s why we had obtained our country’s independence, law over all, don’t panic. Cde. Salva Kiir will not be knocked out as a ball but logically would be done according to constitutional requirements, and he himself needs his personal good legacy, reputation and democratic function for our nation.

  5. AW Joseph says:

    We share the pain and the suffering of our fellow citizens in Wau. What else can we do when we are being ruled by people who don’t bury their dead, people that mourn the loss of a cow, what value do they place on fellow humans???!!!!! Think about that.

    While growing up in the 80’S we used to listen to Radio SPLM/A revolutionary songs and its propagandas with love and pride. Some of the lyrics of the revolutionary songs were sung like this in Juba ARABIC: ”Tahaarir kulu Dinka Junuub Garang Junuub Sudan…….” OR ” Nahii naa saabi wole Ishtawaahia……” Just to mention a few of the revolutionary lyrics that I heard as an innocent child without fully understanding what it means. Now I as a grown up person I do really know the motive for those songs.

    Well Brothers, Sisters and any other concerned citizens, if you want to know the truth about GOSS, the Dinka have monopoly over every thing. They believe that Equatorians and other minorities have no rights since from the time of the formation of the movement through their songs and speeches on record. The current President arrogantly told Equatorians in Yei in 2004 to shut up and stop complaining about been marginalised because SPLM/A belongs to Dinka. This is why KING SALVA kept promoting people who are unqualified to key and sensitive position simply because they are his relatives, tribesmates and family friends.

    One thing for sure, we South Sudanese have been taken for fools for 30 years. We had been promised that we will have the following when the war is over (A) Democracy, (B) Freedom of Speech, (C) Security, (D) Jobs (E) Justice (F) Education (G) Medical Care (H) Equality (I) Peace (J) Human rights (K) Liberty. But what did we get from what was promised———-Nothing.

    It is perhaps time to start up a debate about whether the liberation war was truly worth for us in South Sudanese. Let us stand up and look ourselves in the face and ask the following Questions:—

    (A) Would the Dinka have gone to the Bush if the Equatorians had not chased them from Juba as a result of the KOKORA?

    (B) Would SUDAN have been a better country at the moment, had the so-called freedom fighters not gone to the bush, and If DINKA had stayed in Juba and played their part politically through dialogue and political debate for the restoration of the Southern Executive Council?

    (C) Are the LIBERATORS (SPLM/A) not the ones causing a lot of insecurity, hunger, deaths and carnage now all over the country, especially in Lakes state, Juba, Wau and Pibor where the fighting is taking place?

    (D) During the government of National Unity every thing was blamed on the Jalaba (ARABS). Now that we are independent who is responsible for the mess? Once again we are stuck with a plundering dictatorship in its 8 year running which is worse than the dictators in Khartoum, was it really worth going to the bush to come out worse off?

    (E) Do SPLM/A leaders think that we South Sudanese are going to forget the disappearances and the hard handedness on those who attempt to speak up on behalf of the people notably among them Isiah Abraham?

    (F) Are the SPLM/A and DINKA really the war heroes that brought liberty to our country, or war mongers that created the chaos to take leadership for personal gain? It is beginning to look very likely given what the naked eye can see now.

  6. Nhial says:

    South Sudan, as an independent state needs people with national agenda.The current leadership had committed heinous crimes against its own people for so long, what happened in Wau last year was a absolutely against human rights; it is an act terrorism, killing people indiscriminately for the people are protesting peacefully to demand their rights through peaceful means. Pres Kiir will not make through in the next election because he is enjoying the suffering of the innocent people who voted for him in 2010.

    Enough is enough, he should go home whether he likes it or not, through the power and unity of south Sudanese who suffered under his leadership will let him know that power is people. He is dodging the process of SPLM national convention to be held because he knew that he lost ground and failure to hold the convention will lead to the split of the party from the members who don’t like dictatorship to continue ruling SS with hook and crook. insecurity is everywhere in south sudan, massing killing is happen to be inside Juba.

    Rampant corruption becomes the order of the day. What will help us from this corrupt system? our help will come from our Almighty power or popular uprising if no election at all.

  7. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Peter Utenmando,
    I am moved by your article and the noble appeal for all the other ethnic groups to come together to end this Jieng regime of terror. The abuse of power by the Jieng started in 1983 with SPLM/SPLA. All of the other ethnic groups have suffered more than enough under the Jieng. The truth now must be spoken so that Jieng abuse and terror are adequately addressed.

    First the SPLM must be removed from politics of South Sudan. Believe you me, even the international community is fed up of Jieng governance of the country. Therefore your appeal for unity of the others as a solution to the terrorists in Juba is the right approach. Count me in with you on this one. Alluta continua!

  8. Fundimawe says:

    Let Awan chan man go home before or after election, we so distressed from his term.
    may God help the innocent citizens of south Sudan who face confrontation day and night in the country.

  9. There is no war against Dinka as a tribe and those perpetuating hatred should not be rewarded or appreciated. We need democracy and the rule of law not messes of lawless people and tribalism.

  10. Manyok R. says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Thank you, man, for finishing two paragraphs above without referring to “SPLM OYEE MACHINE”. You are a great man through your words. When you write, your opinions usually stir up all south Sudanese to debate on the subject matter. In your writing, just remove the petty silly little things like tribal names calling and SPLM OYEE mockery. I’m sure you would be liked and supported.

    In fact, I like to be your political fan except that when you make fun of our military soldiers and my tribe. Yes, I must agree with you that Jieng got a lion’s share of mess in our country. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is all Dinka who are doing everything wrong. it is only few political immoral leaders who are causing problems not people.

    No matter hard you try to pin it down on Jieng alone, I’m 100% sure some of your tribal men are involved too, one way or another. Don’t unite the rest of tribes and preach hatred to identify Jieng and SPLM/A as a main problem to be eradicated. That is a dangerous way to go about it. We agree SPLM party is immorally bankrupted and has lost right authority to run our nation. And this is what we should unite on and work together to achieve.

    • Peter says:

      Yes brother Manyak, I absolutely agree with you that we should not generalize all tribes and pain them with bad image for bad behavior from view, and make sure that I did not mean that all Dinka were involved with Kiir. The most people that are suffering from Kiir regime are Dinkas, just watch in South Sudan and you can see that most of poor people are from Kiir`s area. As you know, Dr. John Garang is from Dinka and all South Sudan, Sudan, Africa, in fact, the entire world know the man and love him.

      Not all SPLA are abusing the power, they were SPLA in Wau city during the unrest, but they did not use force, the governor brought those SPLA, whom shot the peaceful protestors, from Mabel army base. After the accident, I discussed with friends of mine from all tribes, including Dinka, they all talked against the unnecessary use of force by the governor.
      Thank you for your opinion that is the spirit of new Sudan we should have.

  11. kikisik says:

    I think it a promising sign seeing people of different tribes talking about what is going on in the country that we all love, it is first of its kind. It is also unfortunate that there is the generalization of one tribe-Dinka, but believe me if the current government was controlled by Equatorians including the presidency, people would be talking the same thing, brothers and sisters, this is the nature of all human beings. Look at how our brothers from Dinka and other tribes like Shulluk, Nuer, always says! Intum nasi Equatorians, means you Equatorian! as if Equatorains is a tribe for example, if there is a situation involving even one person from Ma’di or Bari.

    So, in conclusion, let us not dwell on these individuals expressions, instead let us concentrate on the debate to how we can see our country shining, free from corruption, insecurity, nepotism, hunger, human rights violation, but democracy, rule of law and freedom of speech that will prevail. This will happen ONLY if we elect a leader not based on tribalism, but a leader whose first duty is to look to all widows, orphans, the hungry, the venerable, and the poor army who fought the war of liberation, our heroes and heroines and the martyrs of history who were not fools to give their lives for this new nation.

    The people of South Sudan and says! I understand your poblems and I am here for you not for my tribe, but for this new nation.
    Good Bless you all and God Bless South Sudan

    • Kikisik:

      Welcome back to our SSN online Parliament. It has been a while since I heard from you. Thank you for your comment and advice. It is true that our tone of tribal hatred has softened slightly after we all discovered that nobody is going to score a knockout punch at anybody’s tribe. There is a saying that what goes up must come down. In fact we had gone up to the SKy with our tribal hatred and arguments, however we realize that it is time to come down and behave like human being again. Could you invite Mr.Elhag Paul and peter Utenmando for a coffee and tell them that Mr.Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang will never roll down Red Carpet for you to walk over the Dinkas. Tell them that they are unintentionally forcing Dinkas to give another chance to Kiir and his Cousins/Loyalists to rule for another 5 years. Stay blessed!

  12. Elhag Paul says:

    Lukudu, why will you ‘not roll down the red carpet’ to your uncles? I thought you are more Equatorian than Jieng. So you do not know yourself. Now, I must take my duties as your uncle seriously by explaining to you who you are. Please read carefully.

    Lukudu! You’re the son of Gatkouth. Your mother is Equatorian and she gave you the name Lukudu because your father is weak to give you a traditional name. The mother of you father Gatkouth is a Nuer and she gave your father the name Gatkouth because his Jieng father is weak to give your father a traditional name. But as we in South Sudan are a patrilineal society your father (Gathkouth) is a Jieng because his father is Garang, a pure Jieng from Kongor.

    Sequentially, you Lukudu descent from Garang and therefore you are a very diluted Jieng. Let me tell you the details now. First Garang blood wise is 100 percent Jieng. His son Gatkouth who is your father is 50 percent Nuer and 50 percent Jieng. You Lukudu, the son of Gatkouth are 50 percent Equatorian because of your mother, 25 percent Nuer and 25 percent Jieng. Logically and biologically, you Lukudu should have more affinity to your uncles in Equatoria. So, I expect you to have a reasonable upbringing imbued with pleasant behaviour.

    But I am not sure whether you, the Lukudu Gatkouth Garang, we know is anything close to the expected one. Why are you behaving crudely unlike a diluted version of Jieng? Why are you a self-hater since you are 50 percent Equatorian? Can you explain why you do not want to roll the red carpet to your uncles? Did your mother, our sister not tell you that you will be cursed? Now, I know why you are an outcast in Equatoria. Redeem yourself before it is too late.

  13. Dan says:

    Elhag Paul:
    your knowlege of South Sudanese is as questionable as that one of your disciples who become hysterical about nothing. You make alot of assumptions in every piece of writing. How did you know Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang is from Kongor? Just because the late Diing Chan Awuol was from Kongor makes everyone that questions empty writings to be from that part of Dinka?
    My own understanding of the names Gatkuoth and Garang, both have something to do with gods . I do not know what Lukudu means in Bari language. So it could be that the gentleman’s name is Garang , but because he loves his country and his people he translates his name in couple of other languages. Anyway I do not speak for him. He is more than qualified to explain himself. But for the sake of humanity , I am urging you to stop misleading innocent South Sudanese on line.

  14. Awomdit says:

    How lovely to read the minds of young Southerners at least for once arguing positively. It’s the path we must take surely. No Dinka, Nuer or Equatorian with conscience would celebrate the deaths of Wau’s December violence. These are irresponsible political decisions we must hold individuals or parties accountable for; not a tribe

  15. Hakim says:

    Dear Commentators,

    You must all think of the suffering that our people have just came out from in the last 9 years after the CPA. We are tired of tribal differences and political instigation that cause sufferings and death to the only hope left after war.

    I see you as potential leaders of this nascent country. As with this role upon us, we are supposed to be uniting factor to our communities to restore their lost hopes and build a strong and powerful nation, SOUTH SUDAN.

    Kindly please, I beg you to give constructive criticism for further improvement of the situation, rather than putting blames on a particular tribe.

    Please God, change the minds of these future leaders to that one of love, unity and peace for the betterment of this Country you have given us, Amen.

    God bless you all.

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