Wau Federal State-IO dismisses Kiir’s isolation of Dr. Machar

Statement by Government of Wau Federal State-IO

JUN/17/2017; The Government of Wau Federal State in Opposition would like to dismiss the attempted moves, by the Government of Salva Kiir Mayardit, to isolate the SPLM-IO Chairman, Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhorgan, and to deny the leadership of SPLM-IO to participate in the process of searching for lasting peace in the Republic of South Sudan.

We would rather welcome the position of IGAD head of the states, in their communiqué of the 31st Extra-Ordinary Summit on South Sudan, in which the IGAD head of the states illustrated on important of convening high level of Revitalization Forum of ARCSS including estranged groups to the agreement.

The government of Wau Federal State in Opposition and its citizen are united behind the leadership of SPLM-IO, under Command of Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhorgan

We, in Wau Federa State, are fully in support of SPLM-IO Chairman, Dr Riek Machar Teny, to represent us in any peace process with regime in Juba.

We would like to re-assure our position of no peace in the South Sudan without Dr Riek Machar Teny, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/A-IO.

Hon. Dominic Ukelo

Governor of Wau Federal State in Opposition


  1. Alex says:

    I think you people have problem with understanding English
    The statement was very clear even though some of you want to twist it.
    Rick must denounce violence before being included. If he is not willing UP is not Riack Machar only. He can send other people who love peace. Now the whole international community is asking one simple thing to do. They should declare a cecfire and enter a political settlement. So do not capitalise on bonuse
    Nonsense. The problem is you UP Riack Machar group are not honest and you have a hidden plan but a plan without a vision is difficult to release. If you love the people of this country, you would not insist in prolonging the suffering of the people but what we now see is UP is only interested on its members and their supporters. Every moment somebody talks, that person will be alleged to have been briefed by the government. This a dangerous mentality aimed at sliancing those who want to oppose the way UP does thing. It is worse dictatorship of all kind. It is difficult to work with liars and people who are not honest. So Riack is not refused to take part in the ND if he denounce violence. So you have a choices to make brothers

  2. Bismark says:

    What has ARCISS has not covered that national dialogue will? It must be noted that that agreement come about after a lengthy deliberation by all South Sudanese of different political persuasion on finding a set of rules that is supposed to make a foundation on which the nation-state South Sudan would be built on justice and freedom. Now national dialogue has come to our our political horizon just not for sake of it but to derail a noble peace agreement that must be implemented without reservations because I believe that is the only way a real, just peace can be achieved in the country. Other propositions from neighboring countries just to enable extend their clout to exploit our resources over our poverty must be viewed with envy that must be confronted. It is clear as it stands now our resources have become the reason we are perishing because the incompetent government of the country went with a loud mouth inviting Chapati makers to invest in the country and declaring what we have underground to the world without silently and strategically work out means of exploiting ithem for the benefit of the country. To me real national dialogue can be done after implementation of ARCISS as signed in 2015 and so it should be.

  3. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear: Alex

    if you want Riak Machar to denounce violence,but let President Salva Kirr to forego the power of his presidency at once! Stop siding only on way of your best interest alone! Both Kirr and Riak,are the one who are making the South to suffer very much!

    Sincere Bring peace!



  4. james Mulbah says:

    How can Reik Marcher who came to Juba to implement the 2015 signed peace document and was attacked renounce violence and come for a national dialogue? This is nonsense. If the international signed peace could not protect and prevent an attacked on Reik Marcher, is the local dialogue capable of protecting him?
    This can only happen in East Africa. And we in West Africa, including Liberia did not allow ECOWAS to resolved our crisis like the dictator club you have called IGAD is trying to do in South Sudan.
    Why do IGAD leaders hate Marcher at this time? Thank God he is from South Sudan and can only represent the people of South Sudan. Otherwise, I would have love him coming to Liberia to stand in our 2017 presidential elections to enjoy the fruit of his labor fighting for multi-party democracy.

  5. james Mulbah says:

    Do south Sudanese political leaders believe that Museveni can help solve the crisis in South Sudan? A peaceful and democratic South Sudan is a threat to Museveni in Uganda and IGAD leaders in the sub- region.And a democratic South Sudan will prevent Museveni from ruling Uganda for life and installing his children as presidents of Uganda to continue looting the resources of Uganda. You have to stop running to Museveni for solutions to the crisis in South Sudan.
    He is not going to help you. And will use your crisis to hang unto power forever.

  6. james mulbah says:

    Reik Marcher, in my opinion, is not a violent man. He is a peaceful man, and loves South Sudan. And there is a good reason why Silva Kir and the IGAD leaders are afraid of him.
    He loves freedom and democracy while Kir and IGAD leaders do not love democracy.
    And for a man who was not protected by a fake IGAD peace process to be called to denounce violence and join a local dialogue without foreign protection is a recipe for Kir to finally kill him.
    Museveni wants to kill him and Kir loyalists are also out to kill him. And any peace initiative taken by Museveni for South Sudan is meant to get rid of Marcher completely.
    Museveni wants to tell Ugandans that without him, Uganda politicians will turn Uganda into South Sudan, and any peace initiative from him is fake.
    Stop Museveni now! He is a problem, not a solution.

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