Was President’s relief of Machar & ministers an opportunity or disaster for SPLM?

BY: Gabriel Bul Yak & John Deng Jok, AUSTRALIA, AUG/03/2013, SSN;

South Sudan’s President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit exercised his ultimate powers by removing deputy, Dr Riak Machar and relieving cabinet ministers. The move has sent different reactions to general public in South Sudan and around the world, and has triggered debate on whether the president’s decision presented an opportunity for government to come clean on many criticisms or it is just another recipe for political disaster for the SPLM party.

This article is intended to explore and analyse the opportunities and the threats of the president recent decision. In doing so, these words are opinions in which the writers choose to maintain impartiality by considering both sides of the argument.

1- Opportunity to revive the SPLM party

There are always two sides of the story, and if you are an academic thinker, you need to analyse both sides of the coin. In this regard, president Kiir decision to sack his deputy, relieving cabinet ministers, as well as downsizing the government could be perceived by analysts as significant political moves due to many scenarios:

First, Kiir and the SPLM party have been heavily criticised for losing the vision of the SPLM/SPLA and widespread corruption within the government, slow economic development, tribal conflicts and oil shut down crisis.

At the moment, there are mixed reactions from general public in South Sudan in which others has praised and welcomed the bold decision made by president as a way forward to bring an end to the continuous SPLM party ranking infighting, while others expressed their ultimate disappointment blaming president’s decision to remove his Vice as unjustified.

In contrast, relieving cabinet ministers through the dissolution of the government can break up the corruption circle that has bred within the country since the implementation of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) to date.

Regardless of who has been removed, this is an opportunity for SPLM to start over again, and re-energise taking all the criticisms and lessons learned over the years into account to improve the party’s image by appointing new talented ministers based on qualifications and credentials or technocrats as proposed by president early this year, but not based on ranks or favouritism. If Kiir can do this, then SPLM vision of liberation, prosperity and peace can be restored.

Secondly, the president’s decision to beg his cabinet’s members to return $4 billion in a letter leaked out by media last year has no doubt done considerable damage to the president’s reputation. However, his letter was received differently by the international communities which questioned Kiir ability to run the country effectively without harbouring corruptions, protecting loyalists or caring less about poor citizens of the country.

His recent moves to dissolve the government can be seen as redemption to clean up the party and improve his prospect for 2015 election. Though one can’t assumed all cabinets removed have corrupted, but the fact that no one knows who is corrupted and who is not, warrants the president decision to dismiss them all to give room for fresh start if that was the intention for the president to restore SPLM credibility to meet citizens’ expectations.

Thirdly, the fact that Dr Machar is more educated than Kiir can’t be denied but we should also remind ourselves that there are good number of PhD holders in South Sudan who are desperate to serve the country as vice president.

Since the government was formed, there have been increasing tensions between Machar and Kiir about the way the country should be run given the fact that each of them has different ideologies dating back during the struggle. These differences on ideological formulation are still creating divisions within the SPLM party.

In any democratic society, the vice president assists the President in running the country by liaising with Executives Committee. If there are identified differences between Kiir and his deputy, they should find ways to discuss their differences instead of vice president running his own campaign in different countries to derail his own boss while it is not even election time.

This justifies Kiir decision to dismiss his vice and appoint a new vice president. Hypothetically, the line-up without Machar as the vice would provides a better outcome for the party and gives Kiir confidence to remain hopeful that SPLM will again survive as it did when Machar defected during the revolution struggle.

If SPLM had survived without John Garang, one can hope that it can also survive without Riak and Pagan or Kiir himself in the government.

Fourth, Kiir decision to retire some generals within SPLA and police is also an opportunity for SPLM party to live up to the task of conventional army and restructuring SPLA to become young and strong to counter any challenges of 21th century.

It could also be due to fear of an Arab spring especially the military action in Egypt. This move could be viewed as precaution to reduce military power build up in South Sudan which might otherwise lead to unforeseen ripple effect of military coup in the future.

Fifth, relieving Dr Machar could be seen as an opportunity for Dr Machar to form his own party to hold the government accountable by revealing all mistakes the SPLM party has covered up since the formation of transitional government rule by the SPLM.

In most democratic countries, opposition parties keep governments in check and accountable. However, lack of a strong opposition party in South Sudan may lead to dictatorship in the near future if Dr Macher fails to quit the SPLM party.

Either he can decide to remain in the SPLM and shut up or forms his own party and hold the government accountable for its weakness and loss of Dr Garang’s vision which might also give him a shot of victory over Kiir in 2015 election.

Political disaster for SPLM party

Kiir decision has triggered many questions about the nature of South Sudan democratic system.

If “democracy is defined as a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under free electoral system,” (Dictionary), then why did the president remove governors who were elected by the people?

This is contradicting to those accusations spelled out in the presidential decree that there are some cabinet members that have abused their powers while the president did the same by removing elected governors.

In democratic system, the state can petition the governor and recalls new election should the petition approved by the state legislative assembly. As stipulated in Article 101 (r) that the president shall:
“Remove a state Governor and/or dissolve a state legislative assembly in the event of a crisis in the state that threatens national security and territorial integrity.”

However, this specific section and other parts of the constitution just to mention a few have raised a lot of criticism about the nature and the validation of the entire constitution.

To compare South Sudanese constitution with other modern constitutions around the world, in what country can a president has such powers to remove elected officials “without approval by a two-thirds majority of the National Legislative Assembly?”

In contrast, the constitution seems to reflect the reality of a one-party rule. If this action was justified by the South Sudan democratic constitution, then what’s the point of electing States Governors through democratic means in the first place?

The fact that South Sudan is a more polarizing society in Africa, any political decision made by one person can always result into tribal division. President Kiir decision to relieve Machar may refuel deep-rooted hatred between the Dinka and the Nuer.

To make matter worse, suspension of the SPLM secretary-general Pagum Amum who is from minority Shilluk (Chollo) tribe may reinforces the claim that Dinka, who are the majority, control the power in South Sudan.

In conjunction with Pagum statement on Facebook that “Dictatorship is in the making” clearly suggested that the majority tribes decide what to do. People of South Sudan may wonder if the status quo is true or the claim is being exaggerated by political opportunists.

Even if these people are replaced later on by bringing replacement from their own tribes, it may do great damage to an already sick nation that is on the edge of collapsing.

Furthermore, Kiir’s action may add to already existing criticism about the direction the country is heading toward. Recently South Sudan was ranked fourth after Congo, Sudan, and Somali in failed states index by Fund for Peace and Foreign Policy Magazine (2013).

Depending on how this decision will play out in the near future, it may add some weight on social, political and economic impact and this could push South Sudan further on to the top of the failed states index.

Since South Sudan transitional constitution failed to provide clear limit on presidential terms, there is possibility Kiir will follow the footsteps of some African leaders such as Muamur Gadhafi, Daniel Arop Moi and Yoweri Museveni, who have clinked to powers for so long periods of time.

In this regard, Kiir’s decision could be viewed as politically motivated to get rid of his political rivals and nominate new loyalists so that he can remain in power as long as he wants. If this is true, then democracy in South Sudan will take long time to materialise.

President Kiir was credited of his amnesty policy to reunite the whole South Sudan. A policy that was praised and welcomed by the international community and people of South Sudan after renegade militia general Paulino Matip joined the government and was followed by other rebel leaders.

Finally, the president recent decision may create more divisions within the party and in the country where democracy has not yet been fully put into practice. In reality, such decision may be misunderstood and could trigger more tribal insurgency in the country. On the other hand, Dr Machar has been praised for his quick confirmation on Facebook that they have chosen to handle this issue peacefully and urged people to remain calm. We hope he and the rest honour their words to avoid repeat of 1990s.

The authors of can be reach at bbcyak@yahoo.com & johnjok2012@gmail.com


  1. Michael Abu says:

    This is a kind of analysis we the South Sudanese want to post on the website. The analysis addresses all sides of South Sudan problems and both authors understand the ethics of professionalism. For South Sudan, to be a better country, we need good constitution where check and balance are well spelt out. But, if the power is left ion one man’s hand, then the process of democracy is a nightmare and the end results will be unimaginable as my colleague Bul Yak whom I know during our undergraduate at Penn State University put it.
    There are many things that are not going well with constitutional powers that are given to president Kiir and they can produce chaos at any time when they are not rectified soon. The framers of our interim constitution need to go back and recheck the powers that they gave to the president to avoid misinterpretation of the constitution and to give democracy a chance in South Sudan.
    However, some moves that the president have taken such as removing the elected governors which are not constitutionally sound, that need everyone who understands how the democracy works to pay attention and question the president’s intention. If this move by president is left without being challenged by parliament and the masses, then the need for elected representative will be useless and the interest of the people will not be represented.
    The beauty of the democracy is to elect someone that you think is good for the people and the party that represent the people’s interest. In 2015, it will be good for those who know that country is going in wrong direction under president Kiir to run against him so that they can promote democracy and create the constitution that will be a living document for all generations of South Sudanese to come.

    • Michael Abu,

      You are a real political analyst. Something is really wrong with our constitutions, but president Kiir supporters always hide this by reminding us about what occurred in 1991 instead of discussing about what happening right now.

      As you see the two writers were really not neutral, but their article is criticizing Dr. Machar and Pagan Amum for expression their concerns about what going on in the government. I believe if Dr. Machar is out for any reason, then president Kiir would be real king. Our country will be like North Korea, Uganda, and Zimbabwe that have been ruled by single men.

      • Ajok R, Ajok says:


        there are NO permanent leaders that can stay forever in power all over the world, leave about those who have been removed but some have died with unknown incidences and the political leadership is ever remaining as it is, for sure and repeatedly to claim basis on those who have lost their chances it is unfortunately reflecting your work performance and resulted to your appraisal negatively.

        let us not be defensive to our colleagues/brother/in-laws who are so corrupted to disunite South Sudan and linked with insurgents that perpetrate and hinder the developmental plans.

        Ajok R, Ajok

  2. Joe. Lo kadi says:

    Dear Gabriel and John,
    Splendid article. This is how the power of critical thinking and rational reasoning works. The president and the SPLM party has a lot of work to do to convince the masses that it is reforming before 2015. One way is to clean its house not by kicking out its members but through accepting democratically sound criticism within the party structures, if any structure is indeed existing and respected in the party.
    Attempting to kick out Pagan Amum and Riak Macher from the party has two outcomes. It might either result into political turmoil as witnessed in 1991 and what is currently going on in Jonglei (we hope not to repeat them) or split of SPLM.
    If the second option happened and a strong opposition party is formed with a clear agenda for the people, then Kirr and his remaining cohorts will find the road to the presidential palace in 2015 rough. After all most of these people in power do not represent any constituency and few who are there made it in a crooked way. This means that most of them may not come back and we can imagine how bad it will be for SPLM. Lets wait and see.

    • Joe Lo Kadi:

      I like your comment and analysis. The SPLM must reform and clean its’ holy house thoroughly and effectively before it asks us for our votes in 2015. The SPLM has to examine itself politically and define precisely which chicken is dropping poops on its’ political Bed and for what reason. The former US president Late Abraham Lincoln told his American politicians during their revolution and political turmoil that the house divided by itself could not stand.

      In fact, The SPLM and the government of South Sudan was so divided up between the Sons of Late Dr.John Garang such as (Pagan Amum,Deng Alor,Nhial Deng Nhial and Madam Rebecca Nyadengdit), President Kiir Mayardit and Dr.Riek Machar. Despite being under the SPLM’s political Umbrella, the three groups were truly functioning in the government of South Sudan and in the SPLM party just like the Palestinian politicians with their two distinct political parties namely Amahas and Fatah. They surely denied us services and treated us like culprits while they plundered and squandered the natural resources and wealth in our Country.

      Please tell me where on this earth do you find a successful government or party being run by three rival groups? To me, Riek, Pagan and Kiir were not really united and/or running a unified party or government. They were just hanging there, waiting to use the SPLM party for their own political advantages. Therefore they have been dividing up and holding the people of South Sudan, the national government and the SPLM party hostages. I’m extremely thrilled that the thieves have openly come out of their fake, political hiding and are now fighting and biting on their deaf ears in public.

      President Kiir has done the right thing to get rid of Pagan Amum and Riek Machar. Let them go and form their own independent political parties so that they can challenge Kiir in public. If president Kiir does not reform the SPLM and provides the essential services and infrastructure to the people of South Sudan, he and his SPLM party will certainly fall like an Elephant or rock in the next national election in 2015. The people of South Sudan need the transparency in the government, provision of essential services to the people, good governance and development in South Sudan more than a senseless political and tribal rivalry in Juba. Who cares if Kiir, Riek and Pagan becomes president in 2015?

  3. Nyangchuor says:

    The truth of the matter is that President Kiir wants to cling to power using all means at his disposal. it is as simple as that and nothing more.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      This is more like it. I am always wary of over-analyzing Kiir’s actions, which is like throwing gold to swines. The man does not know what he is doing. See, even his downsizing is now being reversed! At this rate, we might be back at 29 cabinet ministers within a month. They are so lazy in the prezy’s Office that they “Cut and Paste” ministry’s merger from Kenya (have you seen Nairobi Metropolitan Authority appearing in their merger documents?!) without even editing “Nairobi” out. God save South Sudan.

      • BigO says:

        Haha! Cut and paste nation. Couldn’t have said it better. When did galloping toward mediocrity (and lower) with swords brandished become our national aspiration? “Where is this house? How did I get here?”

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      This is what Pagan Amum said to be dictatorship in the making. In reality, your observation is the whole truth and nothing else. Kiir wants to stay in power for so long. In fact, he wants to be like Yoweri Museveni who recently becomes his personal advisors. Museveni does not want anything good to come out of south Sudan. He South Sudan to go down like his country. How pathetic can our President fallinto this easy to see political scheme of Yower Museveni?

      Interestingly enough, instead of us condemning the dictatorship Kiir has initiated, some of our online politicians are supporting Kiir and made him their sacred cow. Nobody is allow to criticized Kiir. What world are we in?

      • Well, You and your Uncle Riek Machar have been criticising president Kiir in and out. What have you accomplished with your criticisium so far? President Kiir has been a commander in the SPLA and Vice president of late Dr. John Garang for numerous of years and nobody had ever seemed to care about Dinka domination and leadership in the movement. Why are you asking president Kiir to Step down now? Is it because there is food in Juba?

        • diktor agarab says:

          G. Garang, I’m not surprised that you jump to your uncle Salva Kiir’s defence because you now find out that dinkocracy is under siege. Rest assured that in 2015 all tribes will rise up and replace the alcoholic and perennially drunk Salva Kiir with Dr. Riak Machar then you Dinkas will truly despair.

          • Jamus Chuol says:

            Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

            Sometimes you comment as a national; but on the other hand, you’re quick to turn out to be tribalistic, traumatized individual. President Kiir have to go home man. He doesn’t fit to be a president. He was in second command just to run the security sector of the Movement that’s all. He doesn’t know what is called policies and politics altogether.

            Look, our country has been labelled a failed state in less than two years as an independent state. What else do you want apart from being called a failure? Crazy you! Our nation has huge amounts of money from minerals still the ruling elites begging for foreign support? Do you think the other world is crazy to support these kinds of people when they keep looting country’s resources in broad day light?
            I personally don’t think so. Therefore, the only hope out this mess is to bring a new face in by election if your uncle would do the right thing and accept the country to go for an election. He will go home in peace with preserving a little dignity or he will end up like former Egyptian President or the one of Libya.


  4. Deng-Mabiei says:

    That was an acceptable analysis and of course the political nature of South Sudan has been dominated by tribalism and corruption. Authoritarian government and opposition within the same party and government can not govern the nation with honesty and compassion.

  5. BigO says:

    When people in the same party and in top positions air their version of ”dissent” on Facebook and other social media platforms, they’ve lost the plot. They are not teenagers. There is valid dissent and avenues for its expression and then there are cheap shots that SPLM top members are more and more wont to do. These come across as disingenuous attempts to ingratiate oneself to international actors once caught with ones hands in the cookie jar.
    Historically there have been plenty of dissenting voices in South Sudan, and I doubt whether Riak and Pagan represent them. The fire at the SPLM Offices (Pagan’s own) is one of the famous Juba combustions that led to the Council of Ministers approving funds for extravagantly priced ”fire-proof equipment.” The fire itself is suspect, despite the pretentious investigation. Also suspect is the missing millions on the SPLM Headquarters building that was supposed to be built across from UNICEF but five years later still sits in shambolic ruin. And then there’s the little issue of Vivacell….

    So, Pagan has a lot of ghosts and its not wise for the little people to mistake his social media expressions of dissatisfaction with the current discipline he is (finally) encountering with true, genuine, big-picture Dissent. Let’s let Riak and Pagan worm their own way out of the carcass they helped lay to waste.


    • BigO says:

      Editor, I wish someone would do a thorough analysis on Pagan’s shinanigans as well as Riak’s financial feasting as head of various committees -for instance those that involve July 9 celebrations, land acquisition, etc. Those alone are interesting. Dissent is a very healthy, powerful tool of civil society, and it shouldn’t be appropriated and tarnished by opportunists who do not wish their personal crimes to be investigated.
      As little people, let’s be clear about this and not fight those fights for them.
      I’d also like to ask both Pagan and Amum if they ever once filed a formal complaint about corruption with their own Anti-Corruption Commission and, if not, will they now? Facebook ain’t the forum, guys.

  6. Gabriel Bul Yak & John Deng Jok,

    Thank you for your analyses even thought it is not neutral enough. Your article is not an opinion but criticism. For example “Thirdly, the fact that Dr Machar is more educated than Kiir can’t be denied but we should also remind ourselves that there are good number of PhD holders in South Sudan who are desperate to serve the country as vice president”. Again, this sentence is not an opinion but criticism. Dr. machar is expressing his opinion. He never mention any degree or PhD in his argument. You need to keep your mouth shut about this part.

    You are one of many Nuer who are always used by others to poke Nuer right in a critical time. SPLM party is not a property of president Kiir and his family. Dr. Machar has right to criticize the president Kiir without even leaving the party if he does not listen to his advice.

    As you all know, president Kiir has been dismissing Dr. Machar’s friends from the jobs since 2005. Whoever has a good connection with the vice president is fired by the president.

    The members of SPLM party have right to criticize President Kiir under any circumstance. For example, President George W. Bush was criticized by republican party officials including secretary of states Collins Powell for the Iraq’s war but he did not fired any one of them.

    Wake up men. whom are you trying to fool. President Obama’s war on Libya was opposed by the vice president and so many democrats but he did not fire any one of the democrats officials. Every democracy government, a vice president can be dismissed by 2/3 of vote, did your King Abdullah Mayardit do that? Wake up and read more political books, do not just write your imaginations article in an attempt to cover up facts about the worst president we have.

    • WAU NAR says:

      it doesn’t concern me much this new cabinet as long as the majority of south sudanese knew that kiir is dictating because of DINKA kingdom, and the DINKA are so happy because kiir is from them, so we as other tribes, we have to apply kokora as the only means out.
      if not then we will be in problem….and this is reality. we MUST make sure machar is in the power and this needs unity and AK47…… this is DINKASIM it’s not about democracy or development, so for those who are apportunists, this is not the time you do so because it’s getting serious than ever…..freedom is not free, guys, let us stand up in numbers.

  7. Dojiok says:

    What we need to do is to suspend south Sudan constitution that gives president a power to dismiss democratic leaders elected and representing their people in south Sudan government.

  8. Strongtribe says:

    Bentiu ramaran and son you are really a true south sudanese.
    The authors did a very nice article but they are siding with the incompetent kiir, the coward cowboy who used to leave the capital city for Luri due to the fact that he’s afraid.
    anyway, we Cholo, unlike the rest, cannot just follow a primitive minded kiir who reversed the presidential decrees many times.

  9. Leerson says:

    This is the end of kiir s time. He cannot compete with the intellectuals.

  10. Oreto Nyare says:

    John Den Jok and you!

    Are all your bows and arrows aiming to target peace for the country set forward or just writing lots of meaningless article words for nothing? What will your words do? Whoever talks a lot always does little and by writing pages and pages you’re doing little to put up the country to hell! Yes you are!
    Who is Machar for the country? I do not look at him as a Nuer but as a betrayer who still wants Southerners to die. The Nuer community should undergo a therapy for putting aside nepotism. Why Machar? Are there no other educated Nuer? I think they are there just because the Nuer people do not think for a change that is why they are still taking Ngundeng words to life expectancy. Machar this time should not be left to slide away he should be confined behind bars for questioning and with whom (Nuer) under his coffee table.
    Nothing is important as coming together as one people that struggled to attain and live in a peaceful environment of joy and freedom.
    Pointing out about Libya is a stupid notion that we should not even talk about it, the United States have gone further into world issues not like South that is wrestling in between tribes that makes no sense. The South still is being served by U.S and has no interest yet into your matters, leave U.S alone.
    I love South Sudan! And may God bless us all. Go Kiir! Go SPLA/M!

  11. Mathew Riek says:

    This is a fair article. It has made attempts to see both sides of arguments. To make my comment, both kiir and riek are to be blamed and not to be blamed.
    both are to be blamed. Kiir, in his recent actions, has clearly shown that he wants to rule with an iron fist though he covers his radical actions with the transitional constitution. The one thing that is lacking is that Kiir, in order to win public favor, should do his actions diplomatically. One single advice from an advicer should not justify him taking immediate action by issuing a decree without consultations. We know article 105 (2) gives him authority to fire vice, but if he uparsed the other side of OR, parliament to vote 2/3, then he would help himself being seen as a better leader than worse.
    Dr. Riek, as a matter of fact, should not have come out early to want his boss stand down for party chairmanship and 2015. He should have waited till the party’s documents are rectified and convention to elect new chairman occur then during such convention announces his need to contest. I think his actions have been clearly seen as greed for power and has indeed caused unquiet uproar not only in the party but also the country.

    both are not to be blamed. During when the constitution was drafted and passed, the party leaders as well as the country could have vehemently opposed giving immense powers to one man. Today, even though Kiir uses them to advance his personal need for power control, he is not to be blamed. It is the splm party as a whole to be blamed since they allowed such to happened. Most splm leaders thought Kiir was going to let go of power easily and all who line up after him would have free entry into presidency after every five or ten years. To their amazements, the opposite has occurred. As I see it Kiir, if he succeeds in using power this way up to 2015, will rule till he himself relinquish power in 2020. The support that Kiir is getting so far is not based on merits that he has done a good job in the last eight or so years but it is a tribal support whose goal is to control power for himself and his region.
    Dr. Riek should not be blamed a lot since, he might have seen the unwillingness by others within the party to speak up. Riek is being followed by his ugly past and even though he could have resigned or follow proper channels to expose Kiir’s misuse of power still Kiir’s tribal supporters would still view his actions unfairly as those of “Nyagat.” He would still be seen as still wanting to rebel.
    Not until majority of our people judge things as the two gentlemen who wrote this article did in a fair manner, we will always be in tribal turmoil where almost everyone choose to point blames at their opponents.

    To be honest with you, Kiir should stand down or allow free contest within the party. Kiir is not to be evaluated base on how many terms he has spent in office but on the flights of the people during the last eight years. During the eight years past, Kiir has proven that he is not a good decision maker. Knowing very well that his government would defend solely on oil money, he could not have shut down the oil but sought ways to stop theft. Though closure of oil was seen as good, it resulted to shortages of money which led to austerity measures which lead to only senior leaders get paid and developmental suspensions, etc. Kiir as chief officer of the country led insecurity rampant in Jonglei and other areas but waited for too long to take actions and poor suffered raped, killings, homelessness, etc. Kiir has not known how to speak as the chief diplomat of the country. Even in front of international groups and media he would say things as crash the murle (go to youtube), would be on the side of the WBS’ governor to fight those who committed wrong doings instead of calming people down and speak of how he would bring the culprits into book. He recognized corruptions but still not take actions that produce results (the case of 75 ministers), he augumented his government by adding ministers who came from the sudan collition government into the south government which had been lean and now say no development money cause of salaries. there is more. Kiir has had his chance. We should led someone else come in 2015 and that person should not be necessary Riek. There are many others who can lead this country. Our re-electing Kiir in 2015 will be a disaster and a long suffering of the people of South Sudan.

    I warn everyone to not give politicians free passage through “honor of individual” who are only to fill their own stomachs. We must judge them based on their leadership competency and actions.

    • Mathew Riek,
      Bravo. We must be fair minded like you in judging political events. Kiir dismissed Riek to clear his way to 2015. How comes criticizing President has become a crime? How do we go ahead? Both Kiir, Riek or Pagan combined together are thieves and nothing can come out of them whether on earth or Mars. But, though it is normal to dismiss, Riek’s dismissal is not tribalistic in nature but a sign that Kiir is not ready to shoulder democracy and criticism.
      SPLM is a product for all South Sudanese and whoever tries to own it the way Kiir is planning must be removed because that will caused tribalism. I am of view that tribalism is no more strong like those days. But Kiir is capable of instigating it. Machar should not leave that party at all. And even if he is blocked he should run as independent candidate. In 2010 national elections Equatorians voted for all Independent candidates except Kiir. Dinkas should not rejoice Riek’s dismissal because that will attract those who are unhappy with SPLM=Dinka to Riek. Remember he already declared war verbally on Naath FM. Whatever consequence that will result Dinkas and Non Dinkas will equally suffer.
      It is therefore prudent to Condemn what Kiir is planning even if we do not like Riek as 2015 President. A real fair minded Dinka or South Sudanese should worry about our destination as Kiir steers the wheel. There very many good Dinkas outside there to lead this Country but sometimes I wonder why Dinkas support Kiir?

  12. Nhial says:

    Kiir will never stop messing up, but i can not blame him because education wise, he is an illiterate person who can not reason. he is reading constitution but does not understand the meaning. so let him use irrelevant articles to confuse people with it.

  13. Ramiraan ke nei tinaath says:

    I think they should just eliminate the law that gives the president the power to sack any official leader from power without any clear documents of misbehaving in the government because it is the route of all the tribalism conflicts and disunity in our country.

  14. Bhanyker says:

    My message to the people of South Sudan is to observe the situation befor reacting. Reading almost every article concerning the latest news about what is going on there, some people reacted as if they live on Mars. talking about kiir job well done by reducing the number of ministers to 18 and after to 19 , believing that he meant what he did. But some days later the number of ministers is increased to 21. Just wait a bit the numbers will keep increasing until you understand the reasons behind his previous action.

  15. CD says:

    Please South Sudanese people; it is the time for us to stand up for our rights. I did post this simple comment because we all have enough to be led and oppressed by dictator leaders starting from the inception of the old Sudan. In my opinion, I would like to advice all peace and democratic lovers in our young country South Sudan to organized our self and make rallies in the form of peaceful demonstrations whether in South Sudan or aboard so that our voice be heard and that, this killer transitional constitution be amended to the more correct and inclusive constitution that will serve the interest of all South Sudanese’s regardless of our tribes.
    Otherwise the blood of our martyrs who were killed and still being killed in action would be lost in vain. To be fair, I would like to say that Dr. Machar has done his best to save this country from those who want United Sudan for their personal gain. But thankfully, our almighty God stood with the people of South Sudan and Dr. Machar vision.

    Because of Dr. Machar vision, we are now able to fully attain the self-determination and thus the independence of South Sudan. Since Dr. Machar vision brought us this country in a golden plate, I would like to assure all of South Sudanese that Dr. Machar has done his part. Whether this will be his political end or not, from now forward, it will be up to us, the people of South Sudan to decide whether we will allow dictatorship in the making right in our own eyes or fight it hard till we get our rights back from the opportunists whose political ambitions are to enrich themselves by looting all public funds in our country.

    Believe me or not, brothers and sisters, the political dictatorship that is in the making in our country will not affect Dr. Machar alone as some South Sudanese’s perceive it, it will affect all of us regardless of our tribes or our political affiliation for the generation to come. Please, compatriot, it’s the time for us to act now rather than later.

  16. In fact your analysis is touching the truth in both scenarios that might have prompted the President to take such bold decisions, to me I think it is healthy to make changes always, we have to rid from the menaces of tribalism and nepotism and look into things from a scientific angle.
    The President has been long criticized of inaction since he assumed power in south Sudan, the President, VP and the whole cabinet must always work as a team, otherwise change is always an imminent relief from un cooperative team of government which could not deliver services to people.

  17. James says:

    Good website, but please put up the correct map of South Sudan in relation to the Kenyan border in your logo.


  18. Oreto Nyare says:

    This blog is a Nuer clique group and there supporters I think because people talk of tribalism only that can not help the country! All your heads who write on this site are nothing but losers! Big Shame!

    • diktor agarab says:

      it’s only a Dinka tribalist like you who think that we’re all tribalists. I don’t see anything Nuer here. What I see is South Sudanese rising up against dinkocracy.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Oreto Nyare,

      Every time a concerned citizen posted comment with truth in it, you rush to conclude that it is Nuer against Dinka. This nation does not belong to Nuer neither to any particular tribe. We, the concerned citizens are blaming the system under your Uncle Kiir and nothing more. We want the house of Republic to be cleaned once and for all and to at least mitigate the rampant corruption. So, stop your smear campaign against Nuer and the other tribes.

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