Was Machar, his group and Nuer military generals’ combined lack of intelligence responsible for Dec. 15, 2013 Juba Massacre?

Now that the long-awaited African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan (AUCISS) Report has been made public, the most outstanding revelation now exposed is that Dr. Riek Machar and those now with him in the SPLM-IO had absolutely ZERO intelligence on the cooking Jieng master plan of genocide against the Nuer on December 15, 2013.

How could President Salva Kiir and his closest Jieng advisers as far way back as 2009 conceive, prepare and execute their murderous scheme in full public view, using the national resources that incorporated the national military personnel and facilities without anybody in Dr. Machar’s camp not having the slightest intelligence info?

Seriously, how could Machar as the next powerful person in government and an Army Lt.general, for that matter, not have his own people in the intelligence agencies and even as insiders in president Kiir’s camp since the two top leaders were mortally antagonistic against each other?

Moreover, Machar’s own Nuer tribes-people were so predominant in the army, police and national security services, that surely they could have easily spied on president Kiir’s and Jieng’s nefarious maneuvers at the behest of Machar and their self preservation.

Plainly, reading the Obasanjo-led AUCISS Report, it was shamefully and embarrassingly clear the Dr. Riek Machar, ex-governor Taban Deng, Pagan Amum, Dr. Majak Agot, Oyai Deng Ajak, Alfred Lado Gore, John Luk and the many so-called high-ranking Nuer generals, and also including those of Dr. Lam Akol and opposition politicians, all fatally missed the warning signs of the impending massacre.

On the genesis of the conflict, this is what the AUCISS reported:

49. From its consultations with leaders and other sections of South Sudanese society, the Commission learnt that prior to the outbreak of violence on December 15, 2013, there were indications as early as 2009 that all was not well, and that differences within the party portended violence. The Commission heard that conflicts emerged within the SPLM in 2009 as Southern Sudan prepared to hold elections in 2010. At the time, differences between the President and Pagan Amum, the then Secretary General of the SPLM had threatened to derail progress towards elections. The differences were eventually resolved, with many urging for unity of purpose as the elections and the eventual referendum approached.

50. The other dimension to these developments was the relationship between the President and his Vice President. The Commission established that long before the 2010 elections, the relationship between the two leaders was already strained, and that these differences were overlooked for the sake of unity within the party during the Interim Period (2005-2011). It is was suggested that the SPLM split in 1991, and the reordering of the SPLM leadership to accommodate Riek Machar on his return were partly to blame for the frosty relationship that carried on into government after independence. In 2010, the two leaders are said to have supported rival candidates in a number of key electoral positions, particularly the governorships of several states.

Now, the most serious question supporters of the opposition might query is, how much competent and qualified are those of Machar and his group to aspire for the country’s leadership when the reality now exposed shows their utter incompetence even to safeguard themselves leave alone millions of other South Sudanese citizens?

Once again, the AUCISS revealed that:

Article 52. Perhaps the strongest signal that the situation could deteriorate into violent confrontation was the developments in political circles. The dismissal of the Cabinet in July 2013, heightened tensions and fostered a sense of exclusion in sections of South Sudanese society. The Commission heard from many respondents that following this event, and in the lead up to the SPLM meetings held in December, there were rumours around Juba ‘that the Dinka and Nuer are going to fight’, pointing to deteriorating security situation around the capital.

Clearly, for any normal and even lesser intelligent person than these Ph.D. holders-cum-leaders in Machar’s and Lam Akol’s camps, the impending predicament was inevitable; it was going to be either Kiir or Machar being extinguished, as there was no mutual co-habitation anymore between the these two.

The question is: how much was Machar and his ‘co-conspirators’ prepared for this eventuality since they had publicly vowed their opposition to president Kiir?

Once again, the AUCISS clearly revealed in the following two paragraphs that:

62. With the frosty relationship between the President and Vice President as a background, the Vice President’s declared ambitions to contest for the position of party chairman (and subsequently the Presidency in 2015) coupled with his criticism of the government further politicised the discussions within the party relating to the adoption of the party constitution, manifesto and rules and regulations in preparation for its registration under the new Political Parties Act, 2012. It is in this context of souring relations within the party, that the President is said to have acted, reportedly stripping the Vice President of his executive powers in May 2013.
63. Eventually, President Kiir would dismiss, on 23 July 2013, the Vice-President along with the entire Cabinet (with the exception of 4 ministers) and suspended SPLM Secretary General, Pagan Amum for alleged corruption.

Obviously, as revealed by the AUCISS, Machar and supporters seemingly had ample time to prepare themselves for the D-Day, since now it was publicly as plain as sunlight that Machar and Kiir were on collusion course as unrepentant and deadly rivals. One of them was surely going to be hurt, and very badly!

The AUCISS Report had this to say:

51. Respondents described to the Commission a difficult working relationship, and that throughout the interim period and after independence, there had been no direct communication between the Office of the President and that of the Vice President, with each cultivating other relationships and working directly with other government officials. Based on the remarks of a senior government official who served with both leaders that ‘there was no file moving from (Office of President) OP to VP’s Office and vice versa’, it appears that for sometime, there were two parallel governments, and that the political differences within the SPLM merely accentuated the factionalism revolving around the two leaders. In this regard, one respondent narrated as follows:
I recall it every time especially when we had this transitional period of the CPA of the six years. The evidence made me know that one day something will happen is that there are two governments. You know if you are a civil servant, you know what is going on in the system. The President was there busy with his own goal to reach the referendum and the Vice President was given all the powers but he was setting [working with] his own people who were affiliated to him … in all ministries and we can see the soundness [implications] of what was going on.

Now, from the above developments explicitly exposed by the AUCISS, most of which were no secret to most ordinary South Sudanese citizens in Juba, it was just a matter of time before something catastrophic would occur.

Moreover, the Nuer of Machar and his other allies had people in the top positions of the national security (second in command was and still is a Nuer), the SPLA chief of staff was a Nuer and the national security minister, Oyai Deng was Machar’s co-collaborator.

Isn’t it really mind boggling that Machar and his allies missed the “intelligence” about the impending massacre?

These developments below were very foreboding and should have been of great and serious concern to Riek Machar and his group, plus those Nuer military generals and the politicians.

Once again, the AUCISS revealed the following:

53. Respondents also noted that the recruitment exercise carried out by the army added to the suspicion and tension that was building up in political circles. On this issue, the Commission was unable to establish the exact number of those recruited, as we received conflicting information. Figures ranged from 7,500 to 15,000. The Commission heard further that the recruitment was conducted mainly from Bahr el Ghazal by the then Governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal Paul Malong as a response to the build up of tensions with Sudan over Heglig. The President confirmed that 7500 were recruited. A majority of the newly trained soldiers were not regularly integrated into the SPLA. According to officials, between 330 and 700 of these soldiers were eventually integrated into the Tiger Unit (Presidential Guard) following a commissioning ceremony attended by President. It was not clear, from the Commission’s consultations, what happened to the rest of the newly trained recruits. However, the Commission heard that some of these were deployed around Juba disguised as ‘street cleaners’ in the weeks leading up to December 15.


59. Although most senior political leaders are not in the factionalism that marks the political terrain, particularly within the SPLM finds expression in the military and, in the end, sections of the military identify with particular political leaders because of the lack of cohesion within the SPLA, which many respondents described as a ‘collection of ethnic militia.’

187. The third concern that was raised by many respondents is the lack of diversity and reported Nuer dominance of the SPLA. The Commission established that by December 15, 2013, 65-70 per cent of the SPLA was of Nuer ethnic extraction. This imbalance is said to be in part a product of amnesty and integration policy that brought several militia into the SPLA. In this regard, one witness informed the Commission that ‘what brought the ethnic people, Nuer, the majority in the army was because they were a majority in the militia, and they were integrated to the Army’. The concentration of militias within the SPLA, and the dominance of one ethnic community is seen as part of the factors that created the current crisis in the SPLA (its lack of a national character). In this regard, a senior SPLM official stated that:
[b]y December 15th. 70% of the National Army was made up of militias all from Upper Nile and from one ethnic group. Isn’t that a problem and militias? 70% people who were not loyal to the government not loyal to the command and illiterate and people who were at one time fighting the same Army they absorbed in. That is a problem.

Inevitably, it was clear that president Kiir’s recruitment of his own Jieng of Bahr el Ghazal was an expeditiously evil and counteractive attempt to offset the numerical superiority of and dominance of the SPLA by Machar’s Nuer tribesmen.

Once more, the AUCISS has proven that president Kiir’s Jienge soldiers made the preemptive assault and the fatal beginning of sequence of ethnic cleansing:

387. All reports indicate that when fighting broke out within the Presidential Guards in Juba, Dinka members of the Presidential guard and other security forces targeted Nuer soldiers and civilians. Violence spread to various neighbourhoods in Juba i.e Munuki 107, New Site, Eden, Gudele, Khor William, Mangaten, Mia Saba, Jebel and Lologo as Dinka soldiers, members of Presidential guard and other security forces conducted house-to-house searches, killing Nuer soldiers and civilians in and near their homes. It is reported that some were arrested and killed elsewhere. Police stations and security installations were alleged to be sites of killings. Some were allegedly suffocated in containers, survivors were shot. Mass burial sites are said to exist.

Politically, it’s time that Riek Machar and his group expeditiously come to the reality: this monstrosity called the SPLM/A is frozen in time, it has demonstrated the “inability of the party to resolve the political conflict that spiraled into the current crisis which is partly because of lack of internal democracy, and the failure to institutionalize good governance:
the SPLM has been having problems may be since its inception as a result of just one single factor of lack of organization and absence of institutions of internal governance. So always when contradictions got out they easily translate into violence and military confrontation.”

313. Most respondents and commentators agree that the current conflict grew out of the ruling party’s inability to resolve conflicts internally. The Commission found that conflicts surrounding leadership contests seem to be a common feature of the recent history of the party. Examples cited include the 1991 split and the 2004 crisis arising out of the differences between Dr John Garang and his deputy Salva Kiir in 2004.

251 It is the Commission’s view that these party conflicts are due, for the most part, to lack of institutionalization. Indeed, one commentator suggests that the 2013 conflict (relating to the choice of new party officials) was expected, given that in 2008, the party resolved not to elect new officials following disputes over certain candidates. It thus seems evident that ‘the political upheavals within the SPLM follow a cyclical pattern that habitually surfaces before SPLM conventions.’

In the final analysis, the SPLM/A has proven again and again that it’s a failed institution and those of Machar and SPLM-IO collaborators should by now have painfully come to the stark realization that their possible reintegration into the SPLM won’t be a joyous event since they are an unwanted butch of “traitors.”

So long as the Jieng of Kiir enjoy their predatory advantage, this SPLM/A as it is, will never change, it keeps killing its supposedly own citizens without compunction or accountability or justice.

Today, in Machar’s own backyard of Unity State, president Kiir has wickedly ‘hired’ the same Bul Nuer of Machar’s ethnicity to ‘cleanse’ all supporters and other innocents Nuer citizens at Kiir’s Jieng behest. Shamefully, it’s no longer the rival Jieng raping and killing the Nuer but Nuer ethnic cleansing itself.

Finally, if the truth be exposed and said openly, Dr. Machar the leader of the SPLM-IO and many now with him, like Generals Gadet, Tanginye, Gatkouth, Kenyi, or others like Dr. Mulla, Alfred Lado, Taban Gai and many others, had once defected, abandoned or rebelled and fought against this same monstrosity called the SPLM/A under Garang and the same president Kiir.

Separately or en mass, they were simply forgiven and reinstated and many of them sufficiently accommodated as ministers, and thus in collusion with the same president Kiir they looted and messed up the country.

Mr. Luk, for instance, a Nuer, as legal affairs minister abetted in drawing up the current so-called national constitution that basically empowered president Kiir to become a dictatorial president.

Those of Oyai Deng and Dr. Majak de Agoot were in ministerial positions with president Kiir when Mr. Isaiah Abraham was brutally killed by government security agents and till now they said or did nothing.

Dr. Riak Machar himself and others now in SPLM-IO were there with president Kiir when the list of the 75 top looters in government was exposed and still till now Machar and group has said nothing further.

Anyway, whilst those of Machar and co-collaborators who in their previous political lives happily colluded with the same Kiir to mess up the nation, are now preparing to go back to another round of sharing power with Kiir again, however, millions of Nuer tribes-people, the Wonduruba citizens, the Western Equatoria and Western Bahr el Ghazal citizens and others have apparently died in vain and without recompense or recognition.

Will there ever be real justice for those innocent citizens that are being killed and are dying, and will there be real justice against those perpetuating, perpetrating and persecuting the killings of thousands of innocent citizens across the nation? Oh! Cry the Beloved Country!


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    What you are doing is blaming the victims! Arriving shortly we can see, the Jieng’s attitude in all this is, they look at the rest of the tribes worse than we look at the Arabs. Arriving shortly you can see, for the Nuer, this was differences between brothers. You do not fight in the family Arriving shortly you fight outsiders. Kiir brought mercenaries who used cluster bombs on Nuer. So if the Nuer made any mistake, it was and still is thinking the Jiengs are brothers but they are not and worse than the ARABS!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Elijah Samuel,
      How do you logically explain this new development where the Bul Nuer of governor Dr. Monytil and his brother are ruthlessly carrying out genocide of the other sects of their Nuer brothers and sisters?

  2. Okuc says:


    The only option left for people of South Sudan to free themselves from this fascist regime of Kirr and his so called council of Jieng is to rise up against the ruthless minority who has inflicted horrendous crimes People South Sudan have never seen even during the war with the North.
    You remember I commented on this website on the wake of Juba’s event in 2013 that I have never seen stupid people like Dr Riak and his Co who have learnt nothing in 2 decades they were in bush. The build up of tension was obvious for every one with minimum political consciousness after Riak dismissal and his campaign for SPLM chairmanship and government reforms.
    The only way forward is the unity of oppressed people to take up arms and bring an end this Jieng -dominated regime otherwise, majority of people will die before demise of evil regime imposed on South Sudanese by corrupt and incompetent SPLM/A.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      While concurring with you about bringing an end to the jieng misrule, the most important thing is that the people should be discouraged from joining the SPLM and Machar and company must stand up and set up a party that is the opposite of the SPLM.
      Look at Lam Akol, surely he would have won votes from many people disgruntled by the SPLM.
      Why can’t Lam or Machar not create parties completely devoid of the S,P,L and M alphabets?

      • Gatnuer says:

        You’re absolutely right Mr. Editor. It would have been an excellent choice and equal balance of power had Riak and his group thought of forming their own party to challenge Mr Kiir. Unfortunately, Machar is always interested in violence because to him Nuer is the most powerful tribe to defeat everybody else !. I completely agree with your points. I was even one day proposed the name of their new party to be National Democratic Party (NDP). Wasn’t it cool if it had happened that way. But Dr. Riak Machar is a nuer anyway!

      • Southdn says:

        I wanted to let everyone knows in his daily life he who think that Dr. Riek Machar and the Nuer people at large didn’t know the Dinka are planning to kill Nuer since back from 2005-2013. This absolutely wrong, to what I know Nuer are very aware that Dinka are planning provoke Nuer to a war that would make the referendum fail. since 2008 Dinka are well prepared to cary out a war against Nuer so that international community would put blame on Nuer people had the referendum fail, despite the Nuer knowledge about Dinka malicious plan they throw the Boll to the Dinka firstly to kick, it good now for that they managed to make Dinka looks stupid in the eyes of international community.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        It is very good idea for Dr. Machar to form his own party and leave this garbage call SPLM alone. But forming another party is not a solution by itself. it is just the beginning of the whole process to get rid of it. With all the power and resources left in the hand of SPLM looters, the other parties are there for nothing to change the system, but for sake of forming a party. People of South Sudan need to rise up as Okuc said to do away with SPLM of Jiengee. Otherwise, my cousins Jiengee will ride on all of us for the unforseeable future. So forming a different party is not solution; the solution is voices of South Sudanese rising up with their will not with word of mouth.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          A few days ago, veteran SPLM/A member and Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), Daniel Awet plainly reiterated the point that the problem is the SPLM party. Many of its important members have volubly said the SPLM is the problem and yet they all keep jumping into its sweet tasting mud (who doesn’t like the millions that are on offer to loot….????).
          Why, because being inside its mess, each and every one hopes and struggles to loot as much as she or he can. Machar was there and he allegedly looted enough and yet he is looking forward to re-entering this kingdom of doom and sin, perhaps to continue looting, like those who steadfastly stood with Kiir and had the privilege to take more while Machar was ‘on holidays’ in Pagak.
          My point is, you can’t remove this monstrosity by rejoining it especially in the now debilitated position Machar is in.
          When Oginga Odinga left as KANU vice president of Jomo Kenyatta, he went and formed his own party and probably died as a proud hero to his supporters.
          Even Museveni who was a die-hard student supporter of Uganda’s president Obote, abandoned and rebelled against the UPC while he was MINISTER OF DEFENSE after the ‘liberation’ of Uganda from Idi Amin, and went on to fight and finally overthrow Obote. Museveni formed his NRM and never once ever thought of rejoining the UPC, a party that he was a member since as a student…many…many years.
          Those are examples of leadership which unfortunately Machar and all those with him including their cousins in the SPLM-FD who themselves sadly lack any integrity.
          GatCharwearbol, surely many of Riek Machar’s admirers and supporters want to see Machar bringing a real and palpable change in the country, not coming back as a toothless bulldog who will be just licking and sniffing whatever Kiir exudes from behind daily, he Machar desperately trying to find each and every tiny fault and mistake Kiir makes.
          Seriously, I am worried that the next cycle of power struggle will come earlier than we think, only this time Machar might most probably NOT have a third life left to live…(first-life in 1991, second in 2013)…..and come back again.
          Take care,

    • alex says:

      Ocku try your senseless was. You will be taught a matured intellectual
      politics. You will go to Omer El Bashirs the criminal
      .We know you are one of his jihadist movement but this time we say no to his islamazation polices using traitors like you. All the saying you are fighting for democracy is just a cover up for your evil plans of destroying our nation. You got all what you want from IGAD, Troika and international community . What else do you people want. The peace was in your favour what else om earth do you people want
      Any body who want to start another senseless est will be taught a lesson that you will not forget. If the government was dictatorial I do not believe would tolerate a rebel like you to room the streets of Juba freely.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        If Okuc will be going to “Omer El Bashir, the criminal”, it is safe to assume that ALEX will go to Museveni, the other criminal on the other side of the fence. So, no need to accuse Okuc of what you are also known of.

  3. john Deng says:

    one big question remain un ANSWER by the above mention report. how can 20 % of the arms started the war against 70% of the national army? why was the vice presidents work against the president. The Nuers got theirs answers they were looking for since the beginning of war. IT is now clear and obvious that theirs son Riek Machar was looking for trouble since 2008 at the time the president KIIR was busy building the unity of south sudan people by bring NUER MILITIAS TO TAKE OVER THE ARMY. It was a good move by the president but the war lord misunderstood as weakness from the president.

  4. Gatdarwich says:

    Dear Editor, SPLA under the incompetent, power-hungry-greedy, tribal warlord, traitorous, killer Kiir, is a national disaster. Since it inception, in May 1983, SPLA was, will, and shall, forever be a Dinka’s killing machine and oppression tool. Dr. Riek, General Lado, General Taban, and others key leaders in the SPLA-IO, are hell wrong in attempting to modify the SPLA’s main goal-consolidating Dinka domination over others tribes in South Sudan period. Dr. Machar and others Nuer seniors leaders in the SPLA could not possibly prevent any Dinka evil plans against them or others because, Dinka in the SPLA secretly and tightly manage SPLA/South Sudan affairs in all avenues. Unfortunately, all the Military Generals(Mabuto Mamur, Louis Lobong, Wani Igga, Kong Nyuon, Duoth Guet, and many others) hailed from none-tribe, are serving and implementing Dinka’s master plans with pride! Indisputable reality!

  5. Gatdarwich says:

    Like Hitler’s Nazi that was destroyed and erased from existence in Germany. Dinka’s killing and oppression machine-tool, SPLA, must, will, and shall be eminently destroyed and erased from existence. All Dinka none-tribe in South Sudan will and shall never have peace until SPLA is trashed into a dumpster period

    • Gatnuer says:

      Really Mr. Gatdarwich. It seems like you wrote your comment while drunk. Are you going to get rid of the SPLA? How you are going to do it and how long will it take to erase the SPLA. What I know is that the name SPLA will disappear someday but change it is a little far off my friend.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Gatdarwich do not drink. But, I think I got you lost. Not my false pal, If you can’t comprehend the derivatives this deadly war will and shall eminently bring to the initiators. I know, It is actually hard or impossible to teach a six-old-child how to learn all the variables in calculus.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        You are either one of the Nuer weu or A jienge practicing his or her confusion tactic. Either way, listen to yourself before you call people names.

  6. Ghol Chot says:

    Equatorians people, you have been informed all along that the current war against South Sudan and the South Sudanese is nothing, but the evil corporate America, English, their so-called arabs of North Sudan and their evil juus to crawl their evil selves into South Sudan.

    You Equatorians, as usual just followed with the current like the Nile current; little do you fellows know that our country is being coveted by the evil white American, English, arabs and their evil juus.

    The Dinka/Jieng is considered as an obstacle in South Sudan for the evil corporate America, Europe, arabs and their evil juus to take over South Sudan and the Africans countries.

    Good luck fellows. South Sudanese people are going wipe the evil corporate America, English, their arab pay masters and their evil juus out of the map.

    Be very very careful fellows South Sudanese people have taken back their country..

  7. Eastern says:

    Dear Editor,

    Such are the situations that befall folks who don’t think beyond today!

    Much as the nuers were said to be the majority in the ‘organised’ forces, their presence there seems to thrive on their sheer number; nothing more. They though there wouldn’t be any change to the status quo: there would always be food, drinks and women in abundance. No need to sniff around for any danger lurking in their midst.

    In Sudan (now copied in South Sudan) the ‘organised’ forces thrive in instilling fear and awe in the civilians rather than doing their work. Unknown to many in the security circles, some of the highly classified government information is in the hands of the civilians! It only takes a civiliised engagement with the civilians to have your back covered!

    If the nuers given their numbers did not indulge more in feasting in Kiir’s kitchen, it would have been difficult for the uncalled for murders of December 2013 to ever take place.

    Just pay a visit to Rwanda then you will come to appreciate what I am talking about. Rwandese security people are calm and try very much not be spotted among people while doing their work.

    There is this copy-and-paste from Sudan in the name of “national security” fully clothed in combat camouflaged army fatigue, duh!!! National security operatives fully known, how they gather the information they are looking for? There are many silly things with the way security people do their things in South Sudan: they end up missing important security information they are supposed to gather!!

    • Editor and Eastern,

      Your comments are really big placing challenges on Nuers. There was no doubt that Nuer were more in the army, but their leaders were totally brainwashed and did not have any sort of understanding among themselves. For example, there was no any sort of communication among Nuer leaders when they were in the government. For instance, James Hoth had a problem with Riek, Matip, and John Luk.. On the hand John Luk had a problem with Matip, Riek, John Koang, James Hoth. Taban Deng had a big problem with Riek and Kun Poch governor of Upper Nile had a big with Riek. Peter Gatdet had a problem with Taban, Gathoth Gakuoth had a problem with Kun poch. General Duoth Guet was an agent of Salva Kiir who takes information from Nuers leaders to Dinka council of Elders.

      General James Koang Chuol was sent to Unity State to disarm Taban Deng Gai, and after James Koang Chuol disarming Taban Deng Gai, then General Karlo Kuol was sent by Salva to disarm General Koang Chuol Ranley, but James Koang refused to be disarmed.

      The Nuer who refused to be used against other Nuer like General Gatwech Dual, Gabriel Tanginye, and Mabor Dhol were arrested kept in jail. After the Salva Kiir and Jieng Council of Elders learned Nuer leaders did not have common understanding among themselves, they started crashing them one by one followed by big Massacre.

      In 1992, Peter Gatdet was in death row in Isoke and transferred with 17 other Nuers to Kampoeta for execution, but luckily before Kuol Manyang arrived to Kapoeta to order the execution of Peter Gatdet, the Arabs captured Kapoeta from SPLA in May 1992 while Pater Gatdet was in jail. The Sudanese government released Pater Gatdet from jail and that time he was captain. This is how Gatdet joined Riek Rebellion in 1992.

      Editor, I agreed with you that Dr. Riek, Dr. Adwok Nyaba, Dr. Lado Gore, Dr. Mulla, General Kenyi, General Taban Deng, General Gatwech Dual etc were all leaders of 1991 rebellion and they are the leaders of 2013 rebellion. I personally thought they had learned from the mistakes they had made in 1991. I always thought they would correct the mistakes they had made in 1991 and bring change to South Sudan, but now they fail to correct those mistakes.

      Whether you believe it or not, there would be no accountability when the aforementioned leaders come to Juba. They are coming to Juba to surrender themselves to Kiir, but they are not coming to Juba to implement peace. If they are really working for change, then they should come to Juba only when there is no war anywhere in South Sudan. Dr. Riek will come to Juba, but the Juba government will continue attacking his forces. What will he say?

      About all, Mr. Editor and Mr. Eastern, thank you for sharing sympathy with Nuer and the people of Western Equatoria and Western Bar el Gazal.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Mr. Bentiu Ramaran,
        Thanks for your beautiful appreciation and also accepting the fact that the serious division among the Nuer leaders was a major factor in their fatal inability to anticipate the Jieng devious plan and prepare themselves for the fatal eventuality.
        You are absolutely right about Machar coming to Juba to secure jobs for himself and company but my heart always misses a beat when I imagine what might be awaiting Machar in Juba.
        Also, I don’t understand why must Machar and company always think that they have to come back and unite the SPLM? Even Uhuru Kenyatta didn’t revive his father’s party, the KANU which in spite of fighting for and getting kenya’s independence, it’s disappeared.
        What is special about this SPLM where every politician also gravitates towards it even when they condemn it and call it dysfunctional?
        When I see these PhD guys stupidly repeating the bad and tragic history again and again, I feel the greatest empathy for their political short-sightedness.
        Finally, and I am really pained and frustrated to say it but, by God, let’s admit that this stupid Kiir is sometimes much smarter than we always think.
        Hope things will be better, anyway. best regards.

      • Eastern says:

        Thank you Bentiu Ramaran for your appreciation and the information you have shared.

        Very much appreciated.


      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Bentiu Ramaran:

        How about the curse of Ngundeng on the Nuer people? Your stupid majority in the army wiI’ll never mean anything as long as the curse is still effective. According to the curse, you will always be divided, fight among yourselves and then ereturn to Mighty Jang. I have been away from the sssn forum for a while. Are you and your Brother Gatcharwearbol still supporting Riek Machar or Are you with Peter Gatdet and Gathoth Gatkuoth? If still with Riek Machar, Do you approve his coming to Juba under the leadership of president Kiir Mayardit?

        Rumored are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots!

  8. Choromke Jas says:

    Someone knowledgeable once told me that most of the people who were in the SPLA have one overriding characteristic: lack of self criticism. From this attitude you get false sense of security because they think that their comrades cannot dare harm them. The evil nature of the Jieng Council of Elders were already evident to some South Sudanese as far back as 1980s. Yet, no counter measures were undertaken by those likely to be victims of the machination by JCE. The lessons from the 2013 pogrom are now clear and should be learnt by everybody. I am even appalled by lack of reference to the 28-state order as a deceleration of war. To me the JCE has declared war again by making this order. Yet, we are only being legalistic in our opposition to the order. Riek, Oyai, etc should have confronted Kiir when he recruited the private army; the purpose of which was to kill other tribes in Juba.

    Should Kiir fail to rescind this order of the 28 states, we must be ready to fight him and his JCE. That is our Plan B. Do not later complain that no one alerted you. The Editor has sounded an unmistakable bell. The bell tolls for you, me, Riek and others.

    • alex says:

      Chromomke jas
      Your foreign policy has suffered humiliation when Rice turned down to meet Riack
      plan B is now dead. Either Riack have to come to Juba or he have to renegade. If you watch SSTV you can see how happy people are. Anybody who tamper to work against it will risk to commit election suicide. So for those who are planning plan B if it fails do mot run to UNMIS or to civilian areas. The gallant SPLA forces are ready to face any traitors. The world is now clear Riack have plan B so should anything happen they should not be surprised. Secondly Jas do not bark in Canada you should come to Juba so that you hear whether people are interested in war. SPLM and people of S.Sudan are peace lovers but should war be imposed on them they are ready to defend the territorial integrity of our country.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Absolutely, war has indeed been declared on other tribes by Jieng. With no doubt, this creation of 28 states will bring another war which Nuer will be the first to confront while the other cheer on Nuer. If we want to dismantle the Jieng dominant, the other tribes need to contribute in manpower not just by words of mouth. Rise up and take your position. If many thing it is Nuer problem, it will one day be your problem as well. Gladly, the Nuer nation has produced very bright young men and women contrary to our old folks who were just sitting and sipping tea while old folks of Jieng were planning their massacre. We will not let this happen again. Thank you.

  9. alex says:

    These are the most primitive commentators who have selfish
    hidden agenda I have ever seen. Instead of learning from what happened and begin to write peace building confidence to
    unite his people he is back writing things which will tear the people of this nation

    when will we people learn to work for peace. If we are not careful we are heading to the most difficult stages of bringing peace to our nation and journalist and peace loving people should think of writing things that concern unity. If we put our interest above our nation let us not be surprised that another violent war will break out and out vulnerable people will continue to suffer instead of us working to avoid the repeat of the same mistake

  10. Bol says:

    This report didn’t explain the crucial question:- How did the violence break out? It is all about EARLY INDICATIONS….MISSED SIGNS ……TARGETING, RASING TENSION…….WHO ACTUALLY STARTED IT?

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Please read the report again. The answer you are looking for is there. It is the Presidential Guards who ignited the war.

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Editor,
    U have dominstrated beyond any doubt that you are the ray of light in our grave circumstances of darkness.
    According to brother Alhag Paul,”truth hurts but it is allso liberating”.Your great sense of impartiality in analyzing the report is allready a resounding good argument that may save many people with comon sense from temptations of joining the camps of the irresponsible leaders on the pure basis of being one’s fellow tribesmen than on the basis of principles of common good for all.
    Such impartiality puts u in the spotlight of a universal big man,a model to follow and imitate by young intelectuals without the risk of going astray.

    But personally as far as I am concerned,I am interested to know what you have done to the request our fellow blogger named Bol has made some time back asking u to file a demand for funds to finance your website.
    I dare to insist becouse your on line newspaper is only one among a very few devoted media oulets serving our masses numbering millions.You will have sacrificed so much if u ever give in to unjstified sense of pride and refuse Mr Bol’s advise!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      Thanks very much for your support and spirit of generosity.
      Indeed, there are times I am financially constrained but with some much corruption among South Sudanese, I am quite nervous to do something that would taint me and cynically associate me with the very people and deeds that we strenuously condemn on this website.
      Anyway, I will try to explore your advice and take up the offer.
      In fact, if I had the extra money, I would be able to pay some reporters in Juba and parts of South Sudan who would send fresh news direct from Juba and the country, just like Sudan Tribune.
      Thanks once again.

  12. Hard Target says:

    this report doesn’t matter anymore, there are lots of twists and turns in our nation
    The painful truth, the regime in Juba must know is that;
    The 90% of Equatorians have accepted the challenge, it’s just a matter of time when the REAL WAR will begin. With Mundri taken, Yei-Juba road and Kajo Keji Juba road in high level of insecurity and UNPF half way out of the equation, Juba will soon feel the heat. There is no peace, never. there will be fragmentation of the nation to enclaves,

    The JCC desire to rule the country for ever is going to back fire, it gonna be ugly.

    It’s just a matter of time!!!

    • alex says:

      Only fools can be deceived. Even those equations whom jumped to follow Lodu Gore are now
      fighting among themselves about positions. Richard Mula camp want Lodu Gore to be replaced.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Hard Target,
      You are not smart enough and unknowingly be supporting a war without capabilities of winning eventually. Where in the world would people win the war in hiding places? Well, for your information, those people who are claiming rebellion in the names of Equatorians are purely looters without relevant causes of what they do. Where would you go when Dinkas and Nuers are getting ready for their normal business? And why did you fail to join Nuers in frontline and chose to fight in the backyard?

  13. jok lual says:

    we need our gov. to be quick for its decision to name the 28 governers, no way to waste your time, mr president

  14. Deng Monymor says:


    Good analysis. It looks like you really understood the Report although it is void of many answers. You also shown some professional standing in analyzing the subject. However, your putting Jieng Council of Elders into one basket with SPLM is a concern we might look into in future analyzes.

    Although I have concern over the Report’s lack of outside forces, especially US and UK, the quoted Quotations you provided shown that there was a plan of Coup Attempt. I know many will not believe this but critical readers could understand from the conclusion that there was.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      Deng Monymor,
      Thanks for the nice compliment, however, the AU Commission came out completely and without any shred of doubt that there was not coup attempt.
      The puzzle is, how could people who planned a military coup be so quickly and absolutely overwhelmed and massacred without any resistance?

      • Beek says:

        I would like to thank our EDITOR for job well done.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Me. Editor,
        They were unable to resist for they were being outnumbered by the Dinka. I hope I have answered your question. And the proof of coup attempt was a reality for the fact that Riek and his Nuers general were preaching Nuers that they had 75% of South Sudan army. Well, to me, that was misleading base on miscalculation. And if they really were, then they were stupid majority in the army anyway.

  15. Gatdarwich says:

    Dear Editor,

    These Dinka warlords, Killer Kiir, Malong Awan, Marial Chinuong, Salva Mathok, Garang Mabir, Bol Akot, Mabek Lang Bilkuey, are our heroes who happened to be evil-spirits possessed. So, it is our national and patriotic duty to perform the following surgical operations on them;

    (1) trephination(cutting/drilling holes in their brains)
    (2) castration
    (3) cremation
    The treatment can also be applied to the Bul-Nuer warlords, Bapiny Minytuil, Nguen Minytuil, and Puljang.
    These treacherous individuals needs immediate cure or else the evil-spirits which possessed them will and shall eminently possess their associates period

  16. Kurtong says:

    The AU Commission report has revealed president Kiir’s grand plan to exterminate the Nuer tribe and other south Sudanese tribes.It also shows that SPLA is not a national army.Therefore,the non-Jieng south Sudanese people must protect their women,children and land from a dishonest president and his council of conspirators.

  17. jok lual says:

    gatdarwich brother change your language Dinka is a south sudan without Dinka you can not been in Juba so you have to thank god who create Dinka in south sudan we are they peaceful nation

  18. Defender says:

    Excellent analysis, editor! The questions you posed truly exposed the mental incapacitation that was going on during the murky days and months prior to the fateful days in December 2013. The telltale signs and the overt recruitments that Kirr and cohort were carrying, to his admission follow the fake coup, that the auxiliary forces, trained and fed by public funds, from his kins and kith, did save his bottom from early grave. This reality, which is on record, should by itself send him to the slammer as the main culprit for planning, organizing, delegating, paying for the recruitment and deployment of the marauding killers that rampaged Juba and killed as many Nuers as the could lay their hands on. This aside from your clear recrimination of the Nuer who were within the system for falling asleep at the switch while Kiir was planning for their mass murder, under their noses.

    One thing could explain this tragedy: most of those who were in position of power or were supposed to be in the know were consumed by the insatiable need to steal that their lives were being exposed to danger but has completely failed to realize it coming. This reality is continuing to happen in South Sudan today as we speak. Many who are in the government today from other tribes are doing the same thing as did the Nuers. They know that the system is corrupted beyond repair but they are clinging to it with hope against all hope, not want to let go of the dwindling purse that they are sucking from, to see that their hands will be caught and cut off, without seeing the danger lurking in plain sight.

    The moral decay of our people has reached unprecedented level of incapacitation that nothing will morally guide our public official from seeking to see beyond their personal gains. This is the challenge that we will continue to face as this peace implemented. For, without real international assistance, the opportunity to bring the current culprit to book and account for their callous mistakes, we will continue to see the same situation that transpired since the signing of the CPA.

  19. Dr Andy says:

    Dear Editor,
    Justice is in Africa where Demcoarcy is dead is only lamentation which I have tried to hurriedly jot it down in the Crying and Wailing of Democracy in Africa.

    Democracy Crying and Wailing in Africa

    Oh Africa the land of the dark,
    Why sacrifice me on the altar
    The alter of the idols and the kings.
    And the emperor and the life President palaces
    Are my burial and resting castle

    Is it the Security Council,
    Or is it the African Union
    Oh No, could it be the European Union,
    That taught you coup and killing

    Oh, Africa
    Should I go back to the UN
    Will I survive there, Oh Africa
    Veto power by five only
    Permanent members only to five
    And you ask me to go there

    Have you forgotten that the USA
    Only limit of terms to president
    No Congressional terms limit
    No Ministerial term Limits
    Why do you let me cry , weep and wail Oh Africa,
    I am going back from Africa
    To Change veto Power
    Rotate permanent Members
    Impose term limits in Congress
    Impose Ministerial term limits

    Then will come to Africa
    Not to weep, wail and cry
    Not to find a burial ground
    But to a flourishing Ground

  20. jok lual says:

    Gatdarwich you and those who follow you are zero Dinka and Bul Nuer are keeping eyes to you and your Kawaja we what you doing with USA and UK SO Bul Nuer will show you Bul NUER OYeeeeeee

  21. Gatdarwich says:

    Jok Lual,

    I can not think of anything better than performing trephination, castration, and cremation on the. The Incompetent, tribal chief, power-hungry-greedy, traitorous, Killer Kiir, and the Dinka warlords, Kuol Manyany, Manyany, Malong Awan, Marial Chinuong, Salva Mathok, Bol Akot, Garang Mabir, Bona Malual, Ambrose Riiny, Makuei Liar, plus the cohorts(Minytuil sons-Bapiny, and Nguen, and PulJang). These treacherous individuals are evil-spirits possessed, and must be surgically cured for the betterment of South Sudan period. Impossible, you might think, but I can firmly assured you that you don’t need tanks, helicopter gunships, and artilleries to accomplished the impossible mission. Gadhafi would had laughed at you if foretold him that one day Libyans people would dragged his dead body on the street and danced over it with great jubilation. Saddam too, would had literally hanged you, If warned him that, Iraqis people would one day bring down his statue and excitingly danced over it.

  22. survior says:

    as muh as we would like to analyses and come forth with the answers the carnage. it needs to be noted that the situation in South Sudan is rather complicated. nothing is as it seemed. while there are two parties to the conflict. the traditional classification of good versus bad does not apply in this regards.
    to go back to the question of whether the lack of intelligence from Riek and co was the reason for the massacre in Juba! the quick answer is, they were fully aware of everything the went on. they even worked to participate the events of December 15th.
    the fact is, leading up to that tragic date of December 15th, the specter of war was in the air, everyone was aware of the inevitable show down between the two strong men. US intelligence predicted of the looming crisis and the potential for ethnic cleansing. as such, Riek and Nuer officers were fully aware of the developments and for one reason or another, they were confident that the inevitable was going to work out in their favor.
    this misguided believe was based on the fact that SPLA at the time was dominated by Nuer; it is believed that 75 percent of army was Nuer. additionally, Jesh Mabor numbering over 100 thousand strong was assembled and ready march are Riek’s commanded.
    Again, the developments leading to the tragic date will all but indicates that this war was carefully planned by both parties, it just so happened that Kiir sides militarily destroyed Riek’s side.
    indeed, the massacre in Juba and the continued murdering of innocent people by the government operates is appalling, despicable and should be condemned in the strongest terms; it also needs to be understood that the other sides also committed atrocities of similar proportion, In Bor, Malaka, Bentiu and Akobo tens of thousands were massacred, home destroyed.
    while we question and condemn government atrocities, the other sides also needs to be scrutinized for the crimes they commuted, for the hypocritical positions they hold.
    again, there is no good or bad, for, both sides are horrific when it comes to polices and human rights violations. Both men are equally responsible for the lack of establishment of structure and the armies which they command have committed some of the worst human rights violations known to man.

  23. Gatdarwich says:

    Dear Editor,

    Your analysis of Dr. Machar’s and Nuer Generals’ failure to halt the Jiengs’ or Kiir’s conspiracy to killed Nuer women, children, and elderly or defenseless civilians in Juba is short sighted because you seems to suggest that the Nuer in the government weren’t aware or clueless about the Dinka’s evil plans against them. Nuer were fully aware of it, but didn’t anticipated that Nuer children, women, and elderly, or civilians, would be the prime targets of the coward Jiengs(slaves). Otherwise, General Gathoth won’t had sweet talked Nuer soldiers out of Bilpam, and General Dual Guet won’t had disarmed Nuer soldiers-Dr. Riek’s body guards, and also Dr. Riek, General Taban, General Gatwech Dual, and General Tanginye, won’t had left Juba with thousands of Nuer soldiers leaving behind defenseless kinsmen in the mercy of Jiengs/Dinka. Yes, it was a catastrophic mistake what the above figures did, but we learned our lesson, and will and shall act accordingly or catastrophically if the avoidable massacre of the innocent Nuer in December 2013, occurs in the future. God forbid, what happened to the Nuer children, women, and elderly in the hand of Killer Kiir, Malong Awan, Marial Chinuong, Garang Mabir, Salva Mathok, Kuol Manyany, Bol Akot, and kinsmen, happens to any citizen of our beloved country, South Sudan again !

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Gatdarwich,
      The essence of my analysis is that Machar and company betrayed the Nuer and other supporters who fell victims because of the lack of intelligence on his part.
      If those so called Nuer generals you mentioned above had indeed the intelligence of the massacre, they would not disarm fellow Nuers but instead prudently and expertly set up an equal resistance and then aggressively fight as a block.
      Secondly, how and why would Machar, Taban and the others simply run away and leave behind thousands of Nuers including childrn and women to be mercilessly slaughtered by the jienge?
      Finally, those Nuer generals in Kiir’s army you mentioned who disarmed your Nuer soldiers must be simply naive or militarily stupid to do that and then helplessly watch fellow Nuer being killed. Where in the world do you find such irresponsibility?

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Most Nuer Generals or senior officials in the government had some intelligence regarding the eminent war. But, I believe the timing and collective counterplans were lacking. Yes, Dr. Riek’s smothering and appeasement nature/policy played an undeniable role in the Nuer massacre in Juba because Dinka Bor(especially, Makuei Lueth/ Liar, Dr. Majak Agoot, and Nyadeng Garang), literally misled him(Dr. Riek Machar) in all avenues. Even, the December 4th, 2013, SPLA/SPLM meeting, which was the recipe for the massacre, was in fact, arranged, planned, and called by none rather than, the trio, Dr. Majak, Makuei Lueth, Nyadeng Garang. I wouldn’t say the military Generals(General Duoth Guet and Gathok Mai) are “military stupid” just because they didn’t prevent Nuer massacre in Juba or (saved them all-Nuer massacred) because they did their part(saved thousands of Nuer lives in Juba) after they realized the Jiengs’ plans. In short, most of the Nuer Generals and senior government officials with Kiir now, are the most radical ones toward the Jiengs/Dinka compares to Dr. Riek. indisputably fact, my friend !

  24. jok lual says:

    good nwes Riek machar will come to Juba to work under general Kiir not over him like when he think with is follows now the qustion what RIEK gain for is rebel go and come

  25. Raankan says:

    Always like to fight and rewarded by positions, shame to our Leaders who are coming back to Juba.

  26. Alier Gai says:

    Take peace and let not look away. We blame, we act anwe fail. Nothing is going to the situation other than peace.

  27. Gai Gabriel says:

    Beek go back to learn more coz u r illiterate

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