Was Abdullah Deng Nhial a victim of hostility or favoritism by the president?

By: Justin Ambago Ramba, UK, NOV/27/2013, SSN;

….”the MP’s beating has much to do with his tongue and nothing with his support for Abyei.” What a news I am hearing from Juba! My old friend sheikh Nhial chose to physically advice an MP and eventually lost his job! That was a drama!

Even in that volatile environment of Juba, this incident took everyone by surprise, I am told. Others wondered as to how a politician can revert to this kind of advice!

On the whole, it might not have been the right thing for Mr. Abdullah D Nhial to do. However his circumstances should also be taken into consideration. I happen to know this Sheikh from school days when we attended universities in Cairo.

He went to the most prestigious Al Azhar Islamic University, while I attended the Kasr Al Aini Medical School – Cairo University. We both once served in the historical SOSSA. He was a deputy secretary for students’ Affairs under my chairmanship. Since then I came to know him better.

What I will continue to remember him for is his strong views, opinions, positions and above all his being confrontational whenever faced by circumstances that forces him to do so. No wonder it is a typical Muslim Brotherhood’s trait ……El Kaizan!

He always knew what his political group has and has not. Would rather have and would rather not have. What they need and what they don’t need. Above all Abdullah D Nhial knows how, when and where to go for or about these things.

No wonder at all that in only two years’ time following the independence of south Sudan from Sudan, Sheikh Abdullah D Nhial, in spite of all odds was already rubbing shoulders with the former rebels of the SPLM/A and others who considered his Islamist ideology as a direct opposite to the core aspirations of the South Sudanese people who did everything to resist forced Islamisation, Arabicisation, and of course Arabisation.

Sheikh Deng Nhial’s political past was all about serving the Grande Maître of later days political Islam, Sheikh Hassan Abdullah Turabi in the realization of the so-called “Great Islamic Civilization Project” referred to in short as the “Civilization Project” المشروع الحضارى.

There is no any doubt in my mind at any moment that Sheikh Abdullah D. Nhial is still a strong believer in the ultimate realization of all the above mentioned three pillars of the Middle Eastern Neo-Colonialism being directed towards Africa in general and South Sudan in particular.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t at all difficult either for him to become a minister in Salva Kiir’s ever lean and reformation cabinet. He is also one of a few people to have been reshuffled in this cabinet from a ministry to another within a pace of two days.

After sharing my equally strong views with a friend working with the National Legislative Assembly in Juba about this most unfortunate incidence and its possible repercussions on the already bad publicity the new country has in the world media and how I view this outstanding South Sudanese politician as a man of an outstanding CV, my friend had this to say to me:

“No one can challenge your view on this particular case, It is a deep rooted habit with them Kaizan. But frankly speaking, I would have done the same to that MP if I was subjected to the same abuse. How can the MP call him a pimp?”

I took that to represent a position likely to be held by many others as well. In South Sudan people do of course value manners, but when it comes to personal dignity, don’t mess up with them!

In my humble assessment, Mr. Abdullah D. Nhial’s resort to the application of physical advice was in line with the first steps of the Islamic Sharia Law known as the “Prompt Justice” العدالة الناجزة! Now and here you settle the matter.

Otherwise, what did this Warrap MP expected when he was hailing all those sorts of insults and street words at Sheikh Abdullah D. Nhial, a person whose physical presence can never be ignored?

Again it can be argued rightly or wrongly that it was the right thing that the president relieved Abdullah Nhial from the cabinet job following that showdown and loss of temper.

However given the true sensitivity of the issues involved and the trend which it took as it unfolded and finally resolved, it will be the unsaid that will carry the weight of the true situation.

Yet at the end of the day, we are all human beings, prone to make mistakes. While the minister might have paid the price of his emotional reaction, let us also hope that our friends from Warrap who put pressure on the president to grant them their wish, there is also a lesson for them to learn. A rude word is no any better than a slap on the face!

So how could one really sum up this weird incidence that took many by surprise? Another equally concerning reaction came in response to the country’s president who preferred to sack the minister without due investigation or any disciplinary actions towards the MP in the centre of this brawl.

In a society like South Sudan where nepotism and tribalism is rife, this has undoubtedly prompted many to believe that the president was being partial in this case as this MP hails from the president’s backyard.

This Warrap MP’s beating has nothing to do with his support for Abyei as Abdullah D Nhial’s dismissal should have nothing to do with what he thinks of the issue. For if we go by official statements, any views on Abyei should be seen by president Salva Kiir Mayardit and his entire cabinet as outside the government’s officially declared position.

Was it not president Kiir who announced that the final solution to Abyei issues doesn’t lay in Juba anymore? “It is now up to the African Union to find that solution”. The president reiterated just a month ago.

While the MP from President Kiir’s backyard of Warrap could be right to show off his comradeship with his kinsmen of Abyei, still he could have done it in a civilized way. We expect our politicians to debate all kinds of issues that affect the country in a matured and cultivated manner.

However hurling insults and calling others names is a kind substandard to say the least.

Again what I fail to understand is that, how comes this particular MP had all the guts to hurl insults on Abdullah D. Nhial simply for holding a different view on Abyei, when his own man, the President, is now totally numb and dumb on the issue.

Was it not also this very president Salva Kiir Mayardit who the people of Bahr Ghazel are ready to worship, the one which came out openly to tell the whole world that the unilateral referendum that was held in Abyei, was an illegal action, hence null and void and to the best of it he has nothing to do with it?

Was he (President Salva Kiir) not the one who made it unequivocally blunt that the outcome of that referendum wouldn’t be binding for him? And what do we say about those Ngok Dinka in their thousands who not only insist to be Kordofanians, and hence citizens of Sudan as opposed to South Sudan. We know their leaders by names and who is someone like me to impose on them what they don’t want?

Fellow South Sudanese, despite my deeply rooted ideological differences with Sheikh Abdullah D. Nhial, a thing I know can never be rectified without a huge miracle taking place first; nevertheless today I don’t see him on the wrong to deserve being insulted in the public and be referred to as a pimp for saying what he politically thinks is right. This is democracy for you!

What can any South Sudanese citizen do on the issue of the Abyei disputed territory any better than the current president of the Republic of South Sudan, Pres. Salva Kiir Mayardit, and the many Dinka Ngok elites he has often decorated his foreign missions with? Let alone those previous good for nothing cabinets!

First, there is Dr. Francis Mading Deng who is now South Sudan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, then Dr. Chol Deng Alak, South Sudan’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation – the South Sudan Embassy in Moscow, and Mr. Arop Deng Kuol, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of South Sudan to the African Union in Addis Ababa..

Today in South Sudan, it is sadly true that we are still what we were in the Old Sudan. Under Khartoum we were all tribes and religious sects and denominations. Everyone served lip service to the true Sudanism that existed only in late Dr. John Garang’s lectures and probably his dreams.

When some of us thought of themselves as Arabs others were Africans, Muslims or Islamists, Jaalieen, Dinka, Nuer, Junubien, Nuba, Darfuri and yet others considered themselves the true and only Awlad Balad.

The irony today is that even in an independent South Sudan, unfortunately we remain far from embracing South Sudanism! Who didn’t know that Abdullah Deng Nhial was a minister of environment in a hostile environment!

We only know what we are not. And besides our tribes, unfortunately even after the five decades or so of the brutal wars and struggles, unfortunately we are still not what we want to be. Maybe it is that we actually do not know precisely what we want to be!

Author: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba. Reachable at: justinramba@doctors.net.uk


  1. Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

    Dector Al Kabir Ramba:
    First of, this is the first time I see/hear/listen to you engaging in what pastoral theology calls “oral writing.” I guarantee you, politicians like Obama have learned and embraced this trick from the likes of Jesse Jackson in Illinois but by also closely following and internalizing the experiences of the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and President John F. Kennedy’s oratory skills, whose skills were all based on oral writing philosophy. It is the most assured way to deliver a naked truth to the masses.
    What you have pointed out about Abdallah Deng Nhial cannot be disputed. Especially in the honesty and truth by which you have articulated it. Quote: “Fellow South Sudanese, despite my deeply rooted ideological differences with Sheikh Abdullah D. Nhial, a thing I know can never be rectified without a huge miracle taking place first; nevertheless today I don’t see him on the wrong to deserve being insulted in the public and be referred to as a pimp for saying what he politically thinks is right. This is democracy for you!”

    This is precisely what transpired and knowing where Deng Nhial and the other MP come from, this should not be a cause for a dismissal from a ministerial position. As such let me add one thing on this our democracy you are sarcastically talking about: Sheikh Abdallah Deng was, in my opinion not relieved because he physically taught a fellow politician a lesson.
    He was relieved mainly because he was one of the most transparent cabinet members in the Kiir regime! I was one of those who was massively disappointed at his appointment as a minister. My disappointment mostly stemmed from the fact that Nhial loyally served Khartoum to the end of the South Sudan’s independence, but for some reason he ended up being rewarded by Kiir with a ministerial position, whereas others who not only did not serve Khartoum but were in the bush were being either languishing in jails or left out in the cold for reasons known to Kiir.
    Worse yet some of them are categorized as unpatriotic and on some cases framed for starting rebellions.
    For this reason I believe that it is obvious that Nhial was removed because he was more accountable to the people than anybody else in Kiir’s successive cabinets. Kindly read his last revelations about Nhial’s revelations on how South Sudanese are being reintegrated into the north without their knowledge: http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article48795

  2. Michael Abu says:

    It is true that majority of South Sudanese do not know what they want to be, Dr. Ramba, as you put it. We need to start to let our people understand that when we went to war with the North, we went to war to be free and we need to encourage our people to protest against the way the president is running the country. The way the things are going on in South Sudan today is an indication of what will follow, if the gear is not changed sooner than later.
    If the gear is not reversed now, then the doom days are not far in South Sudan, given the way the country affairs are run by one man power who becomes the law of the land.
    When the president interferes in a matter that can be judged by the disciplinary department, it leaves many questions to be asked, whether Kiir is a president for all South Sudanese of every work of life, tribe and religion.
    What the president did in this case of Dr. Deng and the MP from his home state has shown the reality of what he stands for and his inability to appreciate what the people of South Sudan expected of him as a top man that represents them regardless of their tribes.
    It will be wonderful to see how the Bor youth or Greater Bor leadership will react to this development in our country. The Warrap youth leadership stands with their brother and their president listens to their demand by removing Dr. Deng Nhial to satisfy his clan interest before fact finding took place.
    Will Dr. Deng Nhial be a man without his people behind him as it happens before to other Bor members who are humiliated and no response from Bor community?
    Then be it and lets worship president Kiir and his clan mate who want to prey on everyone in South Sudan.
    Some of my critics will said that my analyses is encouraging tribalism, but the president started and his action can be used as the way he wants the country to be moving into.
    Where in the world, can the president interfere in a case that needs disciplinary action on both public figures that have violated their code of conduct?
    If there was a code of conduct that guided members of the government then it needs to be used on this case? Did both gentlemen disgrace themselves before the eyes of the public?
    Yes, they did and they need to be treated equally. You can’t let one go and leave the other one.
    If the president was fair, he should have not acted to meet only the demand of his clan. The president should have called both men and let them make reconciliation and later apologise to the public for their action. But remove one of them and let the other one bossing with his clanmates, that their demand is met by their president, will leda to the humiliation of the other man and his community.
    If the president acted this way, then what will the average citizen do? Will Bor Youth leadership be naïve and let the country take a wrong direction without responding to president action?
    Be a judge. Appreciate this great article from Dr. Ramba and wait to see what will be a response from the Bor Youth leadership as our government turns to be a tribal government rather than a public government.

    • Dan says:

      Michael Abu,

      When Abdalla D. Nhial was appointed, it was not Bor youths who recommended him. So your call for them (Bor youth) to react does not make any sense. The people from Bor may be one ethnic group with the ones in Gogrial, but that does not mean they behave in the same way. So I suggest you mobilise your own youths and leave them alone.

      • Dear Editor and Michael Abu:

        I sincerely respect your opinions and attempts to instigate the sectarian violence between the Youth of Dinka Bor and Dinka Warrap. However those Dinka sections, Bor and Warrap, are the most hated Dinka in South Sudan by my maternal Equatorian people, therefore I doubt they would be naive and stupid enough to take your advice to heart in order to strip themselves naked in front of their potential enemies because of Kiir and Abdallah Deng Nhial’s stupid actions. In fact, Brother Dan has said it all and I would end it there.

        Has anyone ever heard a Lion or Hyena advising Deers or Buffalos to engage in a brotherly fight while the Lion/Hyena could act like referees or sympathizers? What would happen to the winner of that fight? Would the Lion or Hyena praise them at the end of the fight for the job well done or eat them? I don’t think the Dinka Youth of Warrap and Bor/Jonglei Could be easily fooled into a sectarian war by the Fake Equatorian Sympathizers.

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

        • Dear Editor:

          I’m still shocked and bewildered about Kiir’s abrupt withdrawal from the Abyei Issue. I wonder if president Kiir and Bashir has a secret deal on Abyei or has he really traded the land of Ngok Dinka for the oil? If Abyei is truly traded for the oil, then Kiir would answer to the people of South Sudan and not the Ngok Dinka alone. In fact, the Ngok Dinka had been fighting alongside the people of South Sudan since the Anyanya1 movement. Why betraying and abandoning them now while we are in the position to help them?

          Yes, I totally agreed with you that the Ngok Dinka shouldn’t retain their positions in Kiir’s national government if he does not consider them as Dinka and South Sudanese anymore? Dr.Francis Mading Deng is another food lover like Dr.Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol. What is he doing in the United Nations if he could not persuade the UN Security Council to support and endorse the referendum of Abyei? Late Paramount Chief Kuol Deng Kuol (AKA Kuol Adol) was assassinated, trying to secure the freedom of his Ngok Dinka. However his older Brother, Dr. Francis Deng is a typical food lover who does not care about the suffering of his Ngok Dinka.

          Well, if the Ugandan Madi are claiming the possession of the South Sudan land, the land in which they have never shed a single drop of blood for it, what makes you think that we should kick General Pieng Deng Kuol, the overall commander of the SPLA Mobile Forces who fought everywhere in South Sudan? In reality, I would risk losing the Ugandan Madi, president Kiir Mayardit and Dr.Francis Mading Deng rather than giving up General Pieng Deng Kuol, Ngok Dinka and Abyei.

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

          • Eastern says:

            LGG, this is how dinka reason! Dinkas continue to believe that the land now forming South Sudan only came into existence after the 1983-2005 war; what a fallacy!

            You believe the so-called jebel dinka suburb of Juba where you leave came into existence after the CPA. That place has been there before the SPLA-led dinka government and the name was coined before the CPA.

            You are now going around announcing that Ugandan Ma’di are claiming possession of South Sudanese land. This shows that you do not know the tribes of this country. Soon you will begin sending away the Kuku, Kakwa, Lugbara, Acholi, Bira, Toposa, Toposa and Nyangatom and tribes at the peripheries casted out of South Sudan. What do you say of the Dinka of Abyei.

            Fellow Equatorians, especially the Eastern Equatorians, let’s open our eyes on this dinka strategy of routing indigenous people from their rightful places under the pretext of calling us foreigners. This is happening in Narus, Ikotos town, Chukudum and now Nimule. This dinka excesses must be brought to a complete halt!!!!

          • Bol Akuol. says:

            Dear Mr.Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

            Although we sometimes feel like strangling you for speaking up your mind openly on this forum, I would like to admit the fact that I sincerely admire your courage to tell the truth. Brother, I really appreciate the comment you made about the issue of Abyei and Ngok Dinka. Please continue to speak up for those who can not speak for themselves. You are a true voice for our martyrs and war disabled veterans. Please keep it up! You are fighting for a good cause.

      • Bol Akuol. says:


        You have said it all, Brother. In fact, the Youth of Warrap and Bor should not be fooled into the sectarian war because of the political blunder of president Kiir and Shiek Abdallah Deng Nhial. The Jalaba terms or political ideology known as Kill the slave with another slave might not work well against the Dinkas in the RSS in our life time.
        I greatly applauded your comment to Mr. Michael Abue and Editor in Chief. Please keep it up and remain vigilant!

        • Dan says:

          Bol Akuol,

          Thank you. I try to be as truthful as possible.

        • emmanuel, a true equatorian says:

          dear my country mates, any body who always reads this website can come with simple analysis, this website is being run by a group of disgruntled, tribalistic s.sudanese who are the agents of dr. traitor & living in foreign lands. for your sake, don’t ever dream that u’r traitor will rule this country, come sunshine or rain, true revolutionaries will continue ruling this country. long live pres. salva kiir, long live v/p j. w. igga.


    • Nyesi Ta says:

      this vehicle called South Sudan would not be reversed under the driver-ship of this president. In his first famous speech when he arrived Juba alongside Garang’s coffin, he vowed that his vehicle has no reverse gear and I am afraid it is going down fast the cliff and will crash sooner than later.
      As for the Sheikh, his remarks about Abyei was a direct slap at South Sudanese first before he resorted to physically abuse the poor in-disciplined MP, who should faced disciplinary action together with the violent Sheikh. It is better the Sheikh is out of the Council of Ministers, for I was afraid this violent Sheikh, in the name of Allah would one day be a suicide bomber in the premises housing the council of ministers itself.

  3. Major says:

    Hello Dr. Justin,

    Thanks for your time to sent this piece of writing to our screens. To be honest, the former minister, Mr. Deng Nhial, no doubt was a victim of both, the hostility and the favoritism of the president as the article articulated.
    It was very unfortunate that the former minister was not aware that the issue of Abyei has become a forbidden territory in Kiir’s administration. Fighting in the parliament is not something new, it’s there in all nations’ parliaments but could not go without some disciplinary measures against those emotional members, which in my view should be dealt with through relevant authority such as judiciary.
    When Mr. president trades in Abyei issue for his strategic economic and political interests with the North, and at the same time declaring its political activities as illegal in South Sudan, hence his native MPs have no choice rather than taking the lead by becoming hostile to defend Kiir position from those with different views.
    It’s therefore unclear though which terms are suitable to describe the situation of Abyei. Because you will face with hostility and fired if you chose the “gone case terms”. or you will look silly if you say Abyei is part of RSS. Because you wouldn’t find it on any discussions or on the table at the current leadership of Kiir. So which is which!!!


    • Major says:

      Dear Editor,

      You are absolutely right, only those corrupt or those who ignore vast tracts of evidence can fail to see that Abyei has been brutally betrayed by Kiir in exchange for his economic and political survival. I think the ball is now in the court of Ngok Dinka (Abyeian), whether to be submissive to Kirr regime and let their land be a done case to the North, or overthrow Kiir’s regime by all means.

  4. You said all, all of them deserved being sacked otherwise our president is obviously partial .

  5. Leader says:

    Dr. Ramba,
    Thanks you for this piece. All your analysis and views concerning the issue are correct.

    Coming to the president’s reaction, he was right to sack Abdullah D. Nhial however, he should have formed a committee to investigate what actually transpired and later take some disciplinary actions against both the adversaries.
    The president was lobbied and acted on the advice of his Warrap people who took it upon themselves to fight for the MP, forgetting that their man was also wrong because as a leader, he should have known how to address differences in opinions in a civilised way.
    The MP insulted the minister with a lot of bad words including calling him an Arab.
    The president should have also punished the MP if he wants to be seem creditable in the eyes of South Sudanese otherwise people will take it as simply siding with the MP and his Warrap people.

  6. Anok Maketh says:

    Kiir should have not blindly acted out of emotions or tribal pressure, both Nhial & Gogriel West MP were wrong for going extreme in public. Calling someone names is painfully insulting as much as slapping someone on the face. If there is someone who can understand the comparison well, that will be the President himself.


  7. Joe. Lo kadi says:

    First, Sheikh Nhial deserves to be relieved from his post because he held a constitutional post and is not above the law such that he can slap at will. Secondly, as a minister he is expected to demonstrate to the public what is meant by diplomacy and the essence of reasoning.

    By lacking the above two points in his mind and resorting to this primitive and cattle camp behaviors of disciplining people, he has killed all the rights he might have had to explain his argument to the chief justice, H.E president Kiir, his deputy Telar and the public.

    On the other hand, since the president himself is the chief justice and the speaker of the assembly, deputized by Telar Ring, then do not expect any investigation to the issue to establish who was right and wrong. What matters most is who is who in the current political landscape, indeed it reminds me of Dr. Adwok Nyaba’s article “The False friends and True enemies”.

  8. malith Alier says:

    The Sheik deserves it and may be the MP though there is immunity for MPs.
    This dismissal will deter folks like Kuol Manyang who had mistreated lots of people physically during bush years. Dejavu

  9. K.W. Ngor says:

    Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba,
    I understand your elaboration about this incident, but one thing you didn’t know or you know is that, the MP Machok Majong Jong is a wounded warrior of the SPLA disabled veteran with one arm amputated. And Adudalla Deng Nhial have two arms with hands, no disability. And if any disabled person from any tribe or area would be attacked by a physically fit person, I don’t know in any system or government or country if the attacker would get away with it? So, this the other side of the coin that I wanted you to know and you decide. Thanks.

    • Dear K.W. Ngor:

      Please tell your Warrap SPLA veterans or the wounded heroes/heroines that their hometown President is attempting to appease Bashir and Dr.Turabi by appointing their political allies/Loyalists such as Cheik Abdallah Deng Nhial and Dr. Riek Gai Kok into the ministerial positions in his national government. What would those wounded soldiers expect if Kiir could fire the diehard SPLA/M war Veterans such as Pagan Amum, Deng Alor and hired the Khartoum loyalists and Islamic Fundamentalist such as Dr.Riek Gai and Cheik Abdallah Deng Nhial? Also the Jalaba and Somalis Islamic Fundamentalists are allowed to control the business sectors in Juba. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Suicide Bombers and Sharia Islamic Laws being introduced in South Sudan very soon.

      Our vulnerable war heroes/heroines should be permitted to carry guns for their own protections if they are targeted by the Khartoum loyalists and Islamic fundamentalists in Juba. Those Islamic Fundamentalists and loyalists have no regard and sympathy for our war veterans, and president Kiir should not favour them more than those who participated in the liberation of South Sudan. What a Pity? Chiek Abdallah Deng Nhial is one of the opportunists and Khartoum loyalists, therefore he should not be allowed to verbally and physically abuse our disable, war veterans. The very people who sacrificed their lives and limbs to give him freedom and privilege of being a Minister in his own Country. President Kiir has done the right thing to fire him. He shouldn’t have been appointed minister in the national government in the first place.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  10. Dear Dr.Justin Ramba:

    It is very fortunate that your former colleague Shiek Abdallah Deng Nhial has not been gunned down by the Republican Guards of president Kiir Mayardit nor has he been wired alive to Khartoum or Kenya by Ahmed Deng Alor who was also educated in Egypt, for declaring the departure of Abyei to his former Boss Dr.Hassan El Turabi. Please advise your friend to keep his abusive, Islamic hands to himself when dealing with the Muonyjang of Warrap. Those thugs have no respect for the abusive, arrogant and educated fools of Egypt. I greatly applauded your analogy.

    “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  11. Joseph Okello says:

    Although the act of Abdullah Deng was primitive, I am very sure that he is now relieved and a happy man. if he did not punch the warrap MP’s head he would be living in shame.
    Abdullah, you did the right thing in the right time and place- next time the MP will not haul insult on anybody- It was bad action but it was very necessary.

  12. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Both officials are at fault. So sick of this president’s actions. It is easier for him to side with his clan and harder for him to consider the other. What a nepotist president? To where does this president want to drive this infant country? Kiir assumed all arms of government- He is the Executive, he is the legislature, he is the judiciary, he can not be accountable to citizens, he can not be questioned but every one is answerable to him, how horrible?
    Are there opposition parties and civil society groups in this country?Every body is taking a nap and sleeping including me, for letting kiir, his warrap boys and opportunists roaming freely, acting predatorily on every one in all corners of the country. What tough lessons to learn ahead of 2015 political storm?

    • Dear Daughter of Equatoria:

      Please calm down and take a deep breath in your campaign to eliminate Kiir and Dinka in South Sudan. Sister, You are tackling an issue which is bigger than yourself and your allies. Despite my disapproval of his leadership and the way he handles the corruption in our beloved Country, the Country in which he risked his own life for over 40 years, President Kiir Mayardit is indeed a Joshua of South Sudan. Believe it or not, you would hate and criticize this smart fool until you begin to like him again.

      Please remember the saying that What does not kill you, would make you stronger. If your hatred does not kill Kiir and Dinka, then it would make him and Dinka much stronger than ever in South Sudan. Please continue to hate Kiir and Dinka more than anything else in your life. Stay blessed and hateful!

      “The truth hates but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

      • Daughter of Equatoria says:

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

        You’re so irritating, you have all along acted destructively with all your controversial comments on media and backing your failed president. you’re being paranoid all along, you’re too nostalgic, stop singing outdated names and slogans, South Sudan today in the world is ranking number 173 out of 175 corrupt in public States affairs because of this failed president. how much is kiir paying you with the obvious tax payers fund to re-brand him (kiir) huh? From kiir to you Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang all “rotten to the core” shameful!

        • Dear Daughter of Equatoria:

          Please be advised that I’m not one of president Kiir’s paid agents online nor Am I in his government’s payroll. Don’t be misled by the previous accusations of my Nuer Cousins Bentiu Ramaran and GatCharwearbol that I’m a babysitter of president Kiir’s children. In fact, I’m a freedom fighter and truth telling and I don’t even know Kiir’s Children. I did not risk my life in war because of Kiir’s presidency and corruption. I went to war for you and I to be freed from the Jalaba’s slavery. Despite the Corruption and bad leadership, Are you and I freed from the Jalaba’s slavery now? If so, then that is why I always praise Kiir for taking arms to fight for our freedom. Yes, he is not running/ruling our Country the way we want it, however he will not rule our Country for ever. South Sudan is freed and it is ours(yours and mine) and it will remain ours for ever even when Kiir leaves. Can we at least thank Kiir for fighting to redeem us from Jalaba’s slavery for over Forty years of his life without a Pay?

          No matter how weak or corrupted is president Kiir, South Sudan is now freed and it belongs to all of us. Kiir had successfully fought for the liberation of South Sudan and he will never rule it for ever. South Sudan is freed and will be ours for ever, and this is the point that I want you and the likes to understand now and forever. If South Sudan is labelled as a failed State due to Kiir and Dinka’s corruption, How was it labelled when it was under the control and leadership of Jalaba for over Fifty(50) years?

          My Sister or Auntie, Please control your tongue when debating with people on this forum. You have been calling me and other people names on this forum. Personally, I don’t insult or quarrel with ladies, therefore I always let you get away with your big Mouth or unwarranted insults. Your attitudes has persuaded me that you are not really a true Equatorian/South Sudanese lady unless otherwise you were born and raised outside Equatoria,South Sudan. Please learn how to respectfully argue or put forward your political points or arguments without insulting your Uncles online. Where is the cultural respectfulness and intellectuality of an Equatorian/South Sudanese Women? Madam Anok Makieth is one of the Dinka ladies who doesn’t support President Kiir’s leadership and the way he is handling our natural resources. However, I greatly admire the way she puts forward her arguments and disapproval of president Kiir’s leadership on this very forum. Would you please adopt her personal values, approaches and attitudes if you did not learn anything at all from your own Mother?

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

          • Daughter of Equatoria says:

            Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang
            You are a controversial commentator when it comes to kiir’s criticism on media. At one point you’re heavily backing kiir at all cost and only after Abyei dilemma and Twic East incident you turned round to disapprove of kiir’s leadership. it makes me wonder what are really your dreams as far as democracy and good governance are concerned in South Sudan?
            Kiir did not fight alone neither did dinkas alone as you (dinkas) claim with your outdated slogans “we liberated you”.
            kiir is a professional soldier but because he groomed himself to be a politician he is landing as a mediocre, his greed for power plus looting of public wealth minus service delivery to the people equals to poor governance, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang.
            I am not an outsider, I am an original daughter of Equatoria above 18 years old and below 28 years old. You’re a die-hard supporter of kiir and an opportunist at the same time.
            Remove the dirt in your eye first, clean your own house first, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang and try as hard as possible to change for the better.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:
            Dear Cousin: Nothing will ever take our cousin-ship away. I wasn’t going to response to this comment of yours but an article I read today forces me to respond. This article ranked the most and least corrupted nations in the world and I learned that South Sudan is in 5th place of the list of the most corrupted nations. Sudan was right above us in 4th place with Somalia leading the race.

            I wholeheartedly respect your position with regard to Dr. Machar whom you attack at any given opportunity you got. It is no big deal. It shows that Dr. Machar is the most liken leader which is why people of your likes attack him at any opportunity the got despite the fact that he is not in the government of South Sudan anymore.

            Back to what I want to drive home, I fail to comprehend why you jump at Salva Kiir’s support notwithstanding the damage he is doing to our nation. Is this the nation you claim to have risked your life for? If so, is this the way you want it to be governed when you took up arm? What is the different between Sudan under Bashir and South Sudan under your much admire leader, Salva Kiir? Cousin, I have no personal issue with you nor your untouchable leader, Salva Kiir.
            I am just against how President Kiir is running our nation. We should think about our posterity instead of just being short-sighted and see only through the tips of our noses. It is the corruption President Kiir drove to maximum that put us in 5th place of the most corrupted nations. I hope you understand where I come from.

            Thank-you, Cousin.

  13. Ohi'de says:

    The president should have not interfered. The problem between the two men is relatively light compared to the corruption taking place in the GOSS of which he is less concerned with.

    • Dear Daughter of Equatoria:

      I’m not president Kiir’s diehard supporter and/or opportunist as you alleged in your recent comment. However I sometimes defend Kiir when Nyagats, traitors and Aliens who falsely claim themselves to be Equatorians attack Kiir and Dinka for no apparent reason. In your sound mind, Whom should I support, Kiir who spent 40 years of his life fighting for your freedom and mine or cowards who betrayed and attempted to sell your Country for a glass of wine/coffee?

      Yes, Kiir was not fighting alone, but he spent 40 years fighting for the liberation of our Country for more than anyone else in his government. What have you and the likes done for this Country aside from insulting president Kiir, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang and Dinka? I would rather support Kiir than those cowards and traitors who were hiding in Khartoum and Diaspora when Kiir was fighting with Jalaba in their Backyards.

      Thank you for your advice regarding the change of my behaviours online. Likewise I strongly advise you to stop insulting me, kiir and Dinka online.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

    • Dear Cousin, GatCharwearbol (AKA Midiit)

      I have a feeling that one day, you and I will be strong political allies when those corrupted and vision-less leaders, Kiir and Riek quits politics in South Sudan. It sames that we (you and I) have stuck with the support of those lunatics for now. In fact, I refused to give up my support for the president Kiir Mayardit who risked his own life to redeem me from the slavery of Jalaba for more than Forty(40) years. On the other hand, you stuck with the support of the traitor and murderer Dr.Riek Machar who massacred his own people and wanted to keep me in the slavery of Jalaba forever. Had your leader, the traitor who wanted to keep his people in slavery ever dreamed of being a president of the Republic of South Sudan when he was with his Jalaba allies in Khartoum?

      Cousin, You currently seem to be troubled by the world rating of South Sudan as a failed State. How was our Country rated when your leader, Riek Machar massacred our parents and joined President Bashir in Khartoum? To me, it does not matter how corrupted is my leader Kiir Mayardit or how low our Country is presently rated in the world. What matter to me and the likes is that we are a free people running and managing our own affairs in the world today. My leader Kiir Mayardit who doesn’t pay my computer fees to defend him online, can loot our natural resources with his Cousins and loyalists, but I’m sure that he will never massacre the Nuer of Bentiu and move to Khartoum and ally himself with the enemy in order to betray our freedom to Jalaba. We are free! Thank the almighty God We are finally free at last and forever Amen/Yenakan!

      The reason I support General Salva Kiir Mayardit, General Joseph Lagu and Dr.John Garang is that they had never massacred our people and fled into the slavery of Jalaba in Khartoum. They are my heroes and they will be my heroes forever. Yes, Salva Kiir Mayardit is corrupted and not running our Country the way we want it to be. However he has liberated you and I from the slavery of Jalaba and he will not rule my Country forever. Folks, I warn you not to nominate or elect Riek Machar to be a president of this Country. If elected president, Dr.Riek Machar will loot whatever little money left from Kiir’s mouth and use it to marry as many Kawaja women as he possibly can with sons. He will betray our freedom and take us back into slavery as he did in 1991. Dr.Riek Machar is not an alternative for the corrupted president Kiir Mayardit. We need somebody new and fresh, and it doesn’t matter whether that person hails from Nuer, Dinka, Equatoria or anywhere from South Sudan.

      If president Kiir Mayardit is corrupted to the core, How did the son of former VP Riek Machar become the richest young man in South Sudan? Where did the Son of Dr.Riek Machar, Lord Teny Riek Machar acquire his wealth? Was it from Khartoum or Juba? Cousin, GatCharwearbol, Can you tell me a very convincing reason why I should support a traitor and murderer, Doctor Good for nothing Riek Machar Teny Dhuor-jang? Please enjoy life playing and running around with Kawaja women,using our stolen money in Europe. You and your Lordship Teny Riek Machar would come home soon when you run out of our stolen money. Enjoy life and the goodness of our stolen money in Europe with your Kawaja women there. I wonder, Why the Teny family has to think of marrying a Kawaja woman whenever they betray South Sudan for money or steal money from South Sudan? I will ensure that there is no additional funds stolen and wired to Europe in 2015.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  14. Dear Dr.Justin Ambago Ramba:

    Yes to me! Sheik Abdullah Deng Nhial was a victim of PARTIALITY by President Salva Kirr because he was-supporting a MP from his state of Warrap without ever hearing both of them on what took place! The word pimp is not a good word to say to a man! If somebody call President Kirr a pimp, Will he be happy??!! He singled out Abdullah Deng Nhial from a MP, in Warrap.There are people men in life who can kill people on such bad words!

    Abyei, South Kordofan and Blue Nile, their cases are gone ALTOGETHER. There is nothing to be done for Abyei anymore at this point in front of God!

  15. The humiliation of Abdalla Deng Nhial Ayom is a shock to all of us and the way Mr. Kiir handled it is also bad.. Being a leader of nation need you to handled National issues carefully and therefore should not allow his Warrap wrong advisers to mislead him, this will not make us move forward.
    In conclusion, Dr. Abdalla Deng is capable to lead in the future basing on his merit of academic and not an opportunist of natural calamity.

  16. Dear commentators, my good Appreciation to all of you.

    Yeah, Mr Editor, How stupid are you? What is the connection of warrap state youth forum with the removable of Abdalla D. Nhial?
    Youth from warrap were calling for removable of warrap governor not Abdalla. Shame on you! Why do you like to divert the discussion? This issue is far from warrap youth. I am annoyed indeed. If am not right tell me the reason of connecting the warrap youth With issue of Abdalla Deng?

    • Dut says:

      Father South, Michaelson,

      Your message to the Editor is rubbish. How on earth would you insult the Editor for article and comments that have not been written by the Editor? This goes to show how Senegal refugees who settled in what is now called Warrap State think and behave. No wonder why South Sudan is a mess now.
      I swear in the name of Riak Machar, very soon we will escort you to Dakar in Senegal.
      If you are upset because this article has threatened to show that your father Salva Kiir has build 52 houses in warrap state using our oil money, be informed that South Sudanese are not only aware of it, they also know that he has constructed tarmac road to this cattle camp using the looted money from South Sudan account. Yu must apologize to the Editor immediately.


  17. Attention: Father South, Michaelson:

    Never attack the editor just for nothing!! The removal of Sheik Abduallah Deng, it came from Warrap Youth who’d written a petition to their father President Salva Kirr to expunge Mr. Sheik Abdullah Deng Nhial when he had hit a MP. It appeared in the Sudan Tribune news and the whole world.

    In your petition, you said it a big humiliation to people of Warrap in the constituency No: 9. Until Kirr came to remove him on his republican decrees. The youth were very much elated more than South Sudan independence on July 9, 20011. Nothing was mentioned of the governor of Warrap to be removed! We are now in the modern world! We are looking after the truth! Honesty Cures Anger!

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